Bugs since Thawfest started (and other stuff)

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I guess I just want to report some stuff:


1) At first the red Thawfest sheep needed one sheep food to give me medals and now it asks for two. Also, I read in another thread that it changed how many medals it gives (that I don't know 'cause I didn't pay attention to that but I wanna know if it was an intentional change).


2) I've noticed that battles are now every hour and that's great! I hope it's something permanent but, lately around the time for it I can't see anything. I don't get the in-game notification that it's about to start, the timer (another great addition!) disappears, I can't see the ship AND I can't see anybody. At all. It's like it's only me playing and I highly doubt it.


3) Now that we're talking about battles: Am I supposed to not get a chest anymore? Only medals and exp? I hope that's an only-during-Thawfest thing. And btw, why the heck did you lower the exp from battles so much? If I managed to do a lot of damage I could get like 750 of exp for my dragon and now I get like 325. Battles were the one last thing we could get a pretty good amount of exp and now it's gone. PLEASE tell me it's not permanent.


4) In the mobile version I can watch an ad to double the exp from battles. If I got 325 exp and watch an ad I GET LIKE 100 LESS EXP. If I got like 250 from a battle and watch an ad, I get like 300. In short, I never get double of what I initially received now.


5) Using numbers reminded me of something else. I don't use the chat in the game 'cause when I write something, it doesn't show in it, but like a week ago I visited a friend in the game and they talked to me and greeted me 'cause it's been like 4 years since I last played and I wanted to tell them that and the chat was like "!!!!!!!!!! DON'T !!!!!!!! SAY THAT !!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!" and didn't let me keep on chatting and like ??? What is it? I can't say "years"? I can't say numbers? Even with letters? Why the heck not????


6) Also, the daily rewards are now all chests. Okay. But the Thawfest one didn't show in my backpack? I got the first yesterday and tomorrow I'm supposed to get the second one. Am I supposed to look for them somewhere else?


7) Also 2, since you took away the daily gems, could you AT LEAST bring back the dragon quests that gave you gems already????? The game is like "Explore everywhere to find Thawfest chests to get more medals! :D" and they all cost gems????? How am I supposed to open them if I currently have no way to gain more gems than watching three ads a day??? And that's only in the mobile version. Not everybody's phone can support the game. And not everybody can (or wants, because we shouldn't feel obligated to) pay actual money for gems. You know, if you want this game to be fully pay-to-play just announce it already. Save us all this crap.


8) And it used to say Thawfest will end in like 27 days and now it says 31.


I guess that's all for now. Thank you.


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1. Yes originally red sheep

1. Yes originally red sheep gave 1 medal for 1 feed every 15 mins.  They did intentionally change it so all colors now give 5 medals for 2 feed every hour.  A good change.

2.  Make sure MMO is off.  You might be in solo mode. I've done that accidently before and wondered where the battle was.  If you are not in solo mode, reinstall. If that doesn't work, contact admins for help.

3.  No battle chests during events, only event currency (medals) for now.  It's always gone back to chests after event is over, so hopefully they won't change that.  As far as exp, it's sad to see that change.  I like to battle to age up new dragons too so it will take a longer now.

4. I don't battle on mobile so don't know.

5.Chat has been that way for years. No numbers or anything to do with numbers/age (years), body parts, emoticons and a million other normal words that it bans but it shouldn't. Most of which make no sense.  Makes conversations extremely difficult. Most people do numbers like: won, too, tree, for, hive, fix, etc. or precede words with "x" or "q".  Things like that to get around the ridiculousness.

6. I do know we don't get the daily reward thawfest chest in inventory.  I'm thinking it might just add the medals inside to our total medals.  I haven't verified this yet but I will try to tonight when I get my next one.

7. They always take away gem jobs during events. Probably will never change. :(  They do need to make money or they can't keep the game available so I can't really fault them for wanting people to buy more. I make sure to do as many battles and gem stable jobs as I can and collect the daily reward every day to build up my gem supply between events. I also invested in a couple more vikings (back when each viking was able to earn daily reward instead of just one as it is now), so they do stable gem jobs too.  Plus I do all the mobile gem videos (7) for the 38 gems/day: daily reward bonus(2), 3 videos under watch ads (2 ea.), and the 3 videos, 1 hour apart (10 ea.).  I'm just glad that they still allow people to play without having to pay.  We just have to work harder and put in more time to earn gems.

8. Changing from 27 days to 31 days.  That's a good thing. Gives you longer to earn.

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Not eveybody regularly has

Not eveybody regularly has all the time in the world to be all day in the game (and you shouldn't) so if the best and practically only way to get relevant in-game stuff like gems or exp is to pay actual money for them, it is pay-to-play. So again, if that's what they need to do just announce it already so we don't waste time.


Thank you for your answer. Can't believe the game has been around all these years and yet has so many stupid mistakes that apparently have been there since the beggining thou.