Bugged/Glitched battles

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I have been experiencing this common problem sice the Thawfest Event. Each battles ends with "1" damage and doenst show any prize or this "Victory!". Its verry annoying because this is happening ftom Thawfest Event. Players who play on mobile version doesnt have this issue but me that I play on PC I have this (I dunno other ppl have this on PC). I just want to be fixed. 
If this cant be fixed then Ill find a way to fix it by my own!

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Yeah its annoying but how can you fix it on your own?



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I dont know Ill try to fix it

I dont know Ill try to fix it unpluginhg the Wi-Fi  while the battle is in TG

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I don't think this is something we can fix ourselves. This is probably a server side problem so it's up to whoever is in charge of that. I wouldn't unplug my WiFi router if I were you or you'll just get kicked out the game and have no chance of winning.



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Actually mobile players do experience this cause I am one of them. It seems that I can only do one battle event per day as all the other times I try it glitches out in 2 different ways, no reward glitch or the ships being invincible. It's a bug in game that only the developers can fix.



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