[Bug] Flight Club Courses Losing Level Records (Also cheating reports)

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Dear Admin: 


I've been recenting grinding up various dragons in the flight club courses, which I find quite useful & entertaining. 


However, there has been a repeating bug


Level score records would DISAPPEAR randomly, maybe some sort of data overflow or such? 




Device: Apple iPhone 8 Plus, 256GB, Model Number MQ8Q2VC/A (common sim-free edition found in North America)


Operating system: iOS ver. 12.2


SoD software version: latest APP store update & latest in-game update, as of or just prior to 23:00 ET, Jun. 7, 2019


What were you doing when the bug occurred? 

-Nothing special as I could think of. Just loading into the Flight Club and browsing through the courses. Also do common things like stable missions, feeding/playing with dragons, doing battle events and such. Usually they are more spaced out in terms of timing. Also farming, and aging up dragons. 

As I have leveled up a fair bit, I no longer do any quests nor do I fish during the period. 


When did the error happen?

-At least 3+ times with various dragons, the most recent one just before 23:13 ET, Jun. 7. 


-4 in total, as attached. Quite a few levels were missing the score/record (A-/A+/B+ and such). However, the following levels are completed, and this should never happen if the previous level was never completed. 


P.S.: potential cheating complaints & personal suggestions with flight club

-In IMG_5013, a few players have scored extremely high (4333, 4265, 2791 for 1st-3rd while for 4th-10th the score ranges from 2230-2224, an extremely close match). 

WIthout magic methods, this would most likely be an act of cheating/exploit and we'd love to see such actions punished & the improper scores erased for the real hard-working players.

Btw there also seem to be hacking tutorials on Youtube with various aspects of the game, offering things not even gems, money and hard work could buy... maybe not a too encouraging trend for non-hacking players... 


-Fly club rewards does not scale at all with character / dragon level, and becomes economically pointless in late game. Maybe a bit of tweaking with the economy?


-Certain fly club lessons seem to have extreme difficulties for achieving an A+ or even A- in a few cases. 

If your staff are interested with re-balancing the difficulty levels, which shouldn't take long, I would more than happen to offer my person experiences in great detail. I should be a fairly good example, as I have reached lv 40 with my character, but only semi-competent in terms of flying. I gets A+ on most training levels, but a few of them appear very challenging. 


Many thanks & wish you a nice weekend!






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