Broken Quests?

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I currently have 2 quests to do: History of Vikings Contraptions and The Fog Rolled In.


On History of Vikings Contraptions I have to talk to Eret located on the School Sea beach but when I click the bubble to start the interaction, nothing happens but when I check the jounal, the Talk to Eret action is green and ticked.


On The Fog Rolled In I have to complete a Flight Club course, I complete one and exit, nothing happens. I go to the Journal and the quest is green and ticked.


When I log out and log in back, the quests in the journal go back showing that I havent done them.

To fix this :

Tried clearing everything on my browser, nothing.

Have uninstalled and installed the game again, nothing.

Have started the game as administrator, nothing.

What else can I do?


Accout name: VinterSvart

Character name: Krivalsa


Any help would be welcome. Thank you!