Book Dragons that Aren't In School of Dragons (+ My thoughts on them)

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This list contains my own thoughts on adaption possibilities in brackets. Feel free to add your thoughts on what these dragons could be adapted into (if at any point School of Dragons decides to start adapting Book Dragons again!)


Cave Dragons:

Brainpicker (Boneknapper x Whispering Death)

Burrowing Slitherfang (Slitherwing x Cavern Crasher)

Driller Dragon (Origional Species)

Eight Legged Nadder (Chimeragon- Deathly Galeslash x Fireworm)

Electricsticky (Flamewhipper x Skrill)

Flamehuffer (Chimeragon of at least 3 dragons that spit different types of fire)

Glow Worm (Flightmare x Deathgripper?)

Mocker (Dramillion x Death Song)

Monstrous Strangulator (Changewing x Deathgripper)

Octodangle (Origional Species)

Red Hot Itchyworm (Fireworm x Slumberjack)

Riproarer (Chimeragon- Cavern Crasher x Abomibumble)

Skullion (Origional Species)

Slugbulb (Chimeragon- Dreadstrider x Cavern Crasher)

Stickyworm (Silkspanner x Flamewhipper)


Tree Dragons:

Breathquencher (Slitherwing x Changewing)

Bullingdozer (Chimeragon- Buffalord x Thunderbottom)

Cuckoo Dragon (RR Songwing x Death Song)

Dreamserpent (Slithersong x Featherhide)

Firestarter (Chimeragon of at least 3 different Stoker Class Dragons)

Giant Bee Eater (Origional Species)

Lesser Spotted Squirrelserpent (Shortwing Squirrelserpent variant)

Poison Darter (Origional Species)

Red Tiger (Origional Species)

Scarer (Chimeragon- Skrillknapper x Bonestormer, Skrillknapper x Dreadstrider, or Dreadstrider x Bonestormer)

Shortwing Squirrelserpent (Terrible Terror x Smothering Smokebreath)

Vampire Dragon (Origional Species)

Vampire Spydragon (Vampire Dragon x Wooly Howl)

Wolf Fang (Vampire Dragon x Lycanwing)


Bog Dragons:

Arsenic Adderwing (Slitherwing variant)

Basic Brown (Origional species)

Big Spotted Gormless (Crimson Goregutter variant)

Common/Garden Dragon (Terrible Terror variant)

Eight Legged Battlegore (Origional Species)

Flashfang (Chimeragon- Vampire Spydragon x Night Fury)

Flying Gator (Origional species)

Fernwinder (Slitherwing Variant)

Hypnomunk (Changewing x Smothering Smokebreath)

Long Eared Caretaker Dragon (Featherhide variant)

Marsh Tiger (Red Tiger variant)

Poisonous Piffleworm (Smothering Smokebreath variant)

Rhinoback (Rumblehorn Variant)

Sidewinder (Slitherwing variant)

Squealer (Death Song Variant)

Stink Dragon (Stinkwing x Flamewhipper)

Toxic Nightshade (Razorwhip variant)

Venomous Vorpent (Chimeragon- Speed Stinger x Stickyworm)



Centidile (Origional Species)

Drowsy Tipped Dragonmouse (Origional Species)

Electricsquirm (Origional Species)

Emporer Beetleboog Bolderbug (Origional Species)

Flutterfire (Origional Species)

Long Eared Flutterfire (Flutterfire variant)

Plankenteenie (Origional species)

Tidly Nip Tickbotherer (Origional species)


Mountain Dragons:

Bullguard Slavedragon (Origional species)

Bullpuff (Bullfalord variant)

Deadly Shadow (Deathgripper x Night Fury)

Exterminator (Deathgripper x Light Fury)

Gloomer (Origional Species)

Grimler (Chimeragon- Vampire Spydragon x Sand Wraith)

Hellseether (Monstrous Nightmare x Night Fury)

Hogfly (Origional Species)

Mood Dragon (Changewing variant)

Puggle (Origional Species)

Raptortongue (Speed Stinger x Cavern Crasher)

Razorwing (Razorwhip x Silver Phantom)

Sniffer Dragon (Deadly Nadder x Rumblehorn)

Snub Nosed Hellseether (Chimeragon- Stormcutter x Hellseether)

Specklehound (Origional species)

Stealth Dragon (Changewing Variant)

Tonguetwister (Origional species)


Sky Dragons:

Bullrougher (Buffalord Variant)

Chickenpoxer (Origional species)

Hurricane (Stormcutter x Scauldron)

Rageblast (Deathgripper x Monstrous Nightmare)

Ravenhunter (Origional Species)

Rocket Ripper (Devilish Dhervish x Light Fury)

Tornado (Chimeragon- Deathly Galeslash x Silver Phantom)

Two Headed Gormatron (Hideous Zippleback x Deathgripper)

White Dragon (Light Fury variant)

Zebramount (Red Tiger x Light Fury)


Sea Dragons:

Brainless Leg Remover (Origional species)

Darkbreather (Origional species)

Doomfang (Darkbreather x Leviathorgian)

Dreader (Darkbreather x Deathgripper)

Golphin (Seashocker x Floodfang)

Gorgenghast (Origional species)

Horrors (origional Species)

Lesser Black Backed Seadragon (Fathomfang variant)

Leviathorgian (Origional Species)

Monster of the Amber Slavelands (Sandbuster Variant)

Polar Serpent (Wooly Howl x Sand Wraith)

Sabre Toothled Driver Dragon (Wooly Howl x Night Fury)

Sandshark (Sand Wraith x Night Fury)

Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus (Bewilderbeast variant)

Sharkworm (Floodfang x Seashocker)

Thors Thunderer (Night Fury variant)

Thunderer (Skrill Variant)

Winterflesher (Origional Species)

Wodens Nightmare (Monstrous Mightmare x Sand Wraith)



Bloody Crocoraptor (Speedstinger x Flying Gator)

Blubberfang (Origional Species)

Carrier Dragon (Origional species)

Catterbillar (Origional Species)

Deadly Nightshade (Toxic Nightshade x Deathgripper)

Deepest Purple Fleshfang (Origional Species)

Dimbruiser (Rumblehorn Variant)

Doldrum (Buffalord Variant)

Eaglefly (Silver Phantom Variant)

Fire Dragon (Typhoomerang x Monstrous Nightmare)

Giant Deathwatch (Green Death Variant)

Goreblaster (Origional Species)

Gorebluffer (Goreblaster variant)

Goredragon (Goreblaster x Grim Gnasher)

Goreslingus Rex (Grim Gnasher x Deathgripper)

Greater Pricklepine (Prickleboggle x Crimson Goregutter)

Grimwing (Grim Gnasher x Sentinel)

Guardian Dragon (Sentinel x Eruptodon)

Lackwit (Gronkle x Hotburple)

Lightwing (Light Fury x Night Light)

Loafer Dragon (Hotburple x Thunderdum)

Piranha Hermit Dragon (origional species)

Popdragon (Buffalord x Bubblehorn)

Pricklepine (Prickeboggle x Razorwhip)

Puff Nadder (Buffalord x Deadly Nadder)

Repto (???)

Rocket Rage (Chimeragon- Rocket Ripper x Rage Blaster)

Rottdragon (Grim Gnasher x Sentinel)

Sand Rattler (Sand Wraith x Armorwing)

Sandrazor (Sand Wraith x Razorwhip)

Screech Dragon (Chimeragon- Mocker x Squealer)

Serpent Tongue (Slitherwing x Tongue Twister)

Shooter (???)

Sky Dragon (???)

Slitherfang (Slithersong x Speed Stinger)

Slitherhawk (Chimeragon- Slitherfang x Night Fury)

Snare Dragon (Silkspanner x Sandbuster)

Sticky Stealer (Flamewhipper x Smothering Smokebreath)

Storm Dragon (Stormcutter x Skrill)

Swiftglider (Origional Species)

Terrorfang (Chimeragon- Skrillknapper x Dreadstrider, Skrillknapper x Bonestormer, or Dreadstrider x Bonestormer)

Terrorwing (Chimeragon- Skrillknapper x Dreadstrider, Skrillknapper x Bonestormer, or Dreadstrider x Bonestormer)

Tigerbreath (???)

Toothless Daydream (???)

Trotterdragon (???)

Underground Tail Hunter (Whispering Death Variant)

Vampire Ghouldeath (Vampire Dragon x Deathgripper)

Vultureclaw (Vampire dragon x Grim Gnasher)

Water Dragon (???)

X dragon (???)

Yellow Vampire (Vampire Dragon variant)



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