Book 9 - The Mist in the Darkness - Chapters 29 and 30: "Worst Fear" and "A Step in the Darkness"

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These two chapter along with the next chapter I will get done in the next few days have been extremely interesting and fun to write.  Things in these three chapters have elements I have never tried before.  Writing something new has been the fun part, but the most interesting part was creating the drama.  Chapters 29-31 is the sequence I thought about before I started writing this book and has been the driving force behind the whole tone of the book, not to mention the title too.


I hope you all enjoy the chapters!


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For these two chapters and the next chapter, I wanted to have a focus on the content and what is happening.  So there will be no music.  If you want, you can search for ambient sounds apropriate for the scene you are reading.  Otherwise, I wanted to really bring out the emotions in my writing.  Hope you like it.


The Mist in the Darkness


Chapter 29

Worst Fear


Jarl's Point of View


         Being slow to return to the group, they were worried something had happened.  I was just thinking on the way back.  Of course, they wanted to know what Stormheart said.  The only thing I mentioned is how when we go to the banquet, she warned that if we tried to do anything against her or anyone else, out in the open, she would have no other choice but to attack us.  I did not address the yak in the room.  This is not the place, nor the time.  I do not know if I even believe Stormheart.

         “We need to regroup,” Hiccup suggested.  “When we’re home, we can figure out how we can handle this.  This is a big power shift in the archipelago…  But there’s nothing more we can do right now.”

         We flew back to Berk at our own pace and fairly spread out.

         Astrid flew back next to me while Hiccup and the others were out in front, “This is bad.  This is really  Stormheart is setting up a base of operations to prepare to grab for more power.  This headache won’t go away on its own.  We’re going to have to figure out how we can stand up to Stormheart.”

         She pauses and must see my face, “I’ve seen that look before.  Hiccup has used that face many times.  You and he must be worried about this situation as much as I am.”

         Hiccup must have heard the tail end because he falls back to our position, “I’m not worried.”

         Astrid glares at him.

         “No, really.  I’m not,” Hiccup defends, but the glare remains.  “Listen, Stormheart threw everything she had at us this time and we still stopped her.  We stopped her from ruining Vanaheim.  We protected the islands around the archipelago.  We defended Berk.  I’ll admit that she won a small victory by taking Auction Island, but we’ll make sure she won’t get another foothold into the rest of the archipelago.  Stormheart will strike again…  But we’ll stop her.  Together.”

         That word.  It suddenly has a new sound.  It echoes as though passing through something hollowed out by darkness.

         Man, my thoughts are scattered.

         With so much on my mind, before I knew Annabeth and I are home.  We hardly stopped at Berk more than just passing by before heading straight back to Berserker Island.  By the looks of our home, no attack came, though all the preparations remain though with an added number of lookouts than normal.

         Bedding down the dragons as Annabeth goes in the house, a review of the day’s events run through my head.  The supposed attack planned against our home.  The attacks across the archipelago.  Bold attack on Berk.  The takeover of Auction Island.  The Twins making a trade agreement with a few of the merchants; they also got some random trinkets.  The meeting with Stormheart.

         And the giant pit in my gut right now.

         Entering the house, Dagur had been waiting for us.  Annabeth already catching him up to speed while preparing a short supper.  If he was not annoyed before, he is more now considering how, in his own words, “Stormheart played us like a second-rate yak herder.  And to have the gull as to not invite me, the Berserker Chief to this party thing…”

         Dagur realizing he answered his own question, played it off as not wanting to go anyway.

         Annabeth finished the food and asked if Dagur would want to stay.  Saying he had already eaten, he left me alone with Annabeth.

         Staring at my food for a good five minutes, Annabeth takes notice, “Something not done?”

         “No, it’s not that,” I sigh.  “After today, you’d think I’d be hungry.  But…”  Looking up to see Annabeth.

         For a brief moment, the most detestable thought popped into my head, “Can I really trust Annabeth?”  And in that moment, I hesitated.  I told myself I could but doubted if I meant it.

         Watching Annabeth act as if nothing is wrong, should have been a red herring that things are.  However, it did the exact opposite.  Seeing Annabeth like this gives me confidence that everything is fine.

         “Jarl,” she addresses, nearly startling me.  “Are you okay?  What’s on your mind?”

         “You,” which is true, but not for what she thinks.

         “Me?” she echoes yet becomes nervous.

         Her becoming nervous then makes me doubt again.  But maybe Stormheart is right in this aspect:  I am not seeing clearly.  Things I thought I used to know seem so different in the dark.

         “What Hiccup said.  We will get through this together.  This last week has been packed full of tense, life altering moments for both of us.  Yet, we’re still here.  Our trust in our allies, our trust in our friends, our trust in each other…  Everything is lying upon it to see how much stress it can put on it before it either breaks or shoots it into the sky.”

         “Well, you and Hiccup are right on that,” she leans back.  “Things have happened I thought would never happen.  Me seeing my parents again, my island, coming to grips with my past.  Then with this mystery, the serious danger of it all seems more than what we faced at Izar.  There, at least, we knew what we were up against and could fight it face to face.  With Skygge and everything else, we are fighting in the dark.  We don’t know what we see, nor where we are going.  All we have is each other in protecting each other.”

         “Couldn’t have said it better myself.”

         Annabeth’s words got me off of dwelling on everything and focusing on the here and now.  Though still thinking about it, I try to focus on the fact I have a loving wife.  Whatever she might be going through, she keeps coming back to me.  I do not feel I can put any faith in what I know, but maybe that is the point.  I have to put all of my faith in Annabeth she knows what she is doing.

         She will tell me when she is ready.

         For all the times I have recently pushed the issue, I do not now.  Lately I have been going with either my instinct or my first thought.  Maybe that is why I do not want to believe my first thought:  Annabeth working with Skygge.  I do not want it to be true, I will put into question our trust.  And that is the one thing I do not want.


         The next day is full of High Berserker Elder council meetings in the morning and into the afternoon.  The unrest on the island from preparing for the attack and now worrying about if there is another and when it might be…  But also, should we have even gotten ready in the first place?  Was Annabeth mistaken?

         So many things are coming up I did not think was possible.  The unrest is real and is causing some to question my abilities.  Then to add to it, Annabeth is getting snide looks.  While I am disappointed in how the Berserkers are acting, contrasting with who I am as a Berserker to how I was a Berkian, I am stilling learning things.  The Berserkers are a good people, but it is more, “What are you doing for me?” then, “What have you done for me lately?”

         If you see the log in your neighbor’s eye, do you see the speck in your own?

         I am disappointed in myself for what I am thinking of Annabeth.

         Remember something from the meditation I did with the Twins:  Maybe I am asking the wrong questions…  Maybe I am thinking the wrong things.  Meaning there has got to be more to this.  Just like there has got to be more to this mystery then I know.  It might be staring me right in the face and I just cannot see it.

         On another front, the Dragon Hunter raids on islands have all stopped, even their shipments.  Hiccup thinks it is because of this banquet that Stormheart is putting on.  Everyone is saving up their best stuff to see what opportunities might befall them if they link up with the right vikings at the banquet.  If this is true, then the danger to this banquet is through the roof, especially if we are spotted trying to “cause trouble” by trying to bring in any of those attending.

         In other news, Vixxen has partnered with Fira and Aiyana to pool their notes together to see if they can crack any of the formulas.  If Vixxen can cross reference them with the experiments she did when under Einar’s ranks, maybe we can use some to our own advantage.  Vixxen did study the fog she collected the night we spent in Ondott’s camp.  Her initial findings proved that there are some herb extracts in it.  Which ones and how much she does not know.  But, the herbs used are also used in the notebook Aiyana is translating.

         That notebook is hiding something, but for the time being, we need to get a leg up on Skygge in the gas department.  With these formulas, there are also some antidotes, so maybe we can counteract the gas and it have less of a paralyzing effect on us.

         This keeps them occupied for the next few days.  As soon as my parents found out about the banquet, Astrid and Annabeth asked if my mother could make them a dress.  My mother gladly accepted, though strongly voiced her concern for us basically marching into the lion’s den.

         Because of that, I started studying the layout of Auction Island.  The Twins even offered the progressing intel of the Banquet Hall.  No one would even suspect the Twins of anything.  Everyone would not know they are being fooled because they are too busy laughing at the fools.  And with the Twins, they are both fools, yet it is their strongest attribute.  Instead of changing, they own it, and use it to their advantage.

         They were able to gain some valuable intel on the hall itself.  Entry and exit points.  The rooms on the first and second floor.  The purpose for the rooms.  And some other useful information.  On a side note, Auction Island is no booming with activity.  It was always pretty quiet as no one ever stayed long on the island, Dragon Rider and Dragon Hunter alike.  Now with everyone welcome and Stormheart in charge, the commerce going through the island is a night and day difference.  No one at odds with anyone, which is odd in it of itself.  However, with Stormheart bearing down over everything, no one dares defy her on her island.  And Stormheart rewards everyone with unique goods, textiles, materials -fabric and building-, foods, plants, farming supplies, and of course weapons and armor.  Berk, Berserker Island, Defenders of the Wing, Wingmaiden Island…  The whole archipelago is benefiting from Stormheart occupying Auction Island.

         The worst part is it is like everyone is forgetting what Stormheart did to get the place.  Yet, they are stilling blaming me and my crew for putting Berserker Island in a continual state of readiness of an attack.

         With each day and nothing happening, my crew is spending less time on Berserker Island, specifically Annabeth.  Four days since Stormheart’s take over and Annabeth is gone nearly all afternoon, getting back only in time to prepare supper.  She says she has been checking up on some of our allies, also wanting to see how the dresses are coming.  The allegations Stormheart has against Annabeth, I did check up on where Annabeth has been.  It all checks out, except there is a period of time after breakfast and before the middle of the afternoon where no one knows where Annabeth is.  Every bone in my body wants to ask where Annabeth is going, but something is telling me to wait and be patient.  The thoughts I am thinking are saying I should give her the benefit of the doubt because she knows what she is doing.

         On the other hand, with no concrete clues or action anywhere in the archipelago, we are all pretty much bored.  The last few days before the banquet, Asvord, Elsa, Cazi, Meen, Samantha, Ohmarr, and Explod start setting up some races on a few different islands in preparation for the next Dragon Racing season, which is very soon.  While we have other important things to focus on, the Dragon Hunters pay close attention to the races because if Berk is seen as if everything is normal, then they will go about their business.  But not because everything needs a reason to do it, Dragon Racing is fun too.  The distraction is relaxing to go full try hard mode in a competition, especially if it involves my sisters.

         Once it is over, the thoughts rush back.  Annabeth has been different all week.  Quiet, both in actions and in words.  Never talks about where she has been other than the normal places I have already said.  I feel like she is distancing herself from me.  She has not been cold towards me, but rather indifferent.  It is like she wants to spend as little time possible with me.  And the biggest thing standing out is Annabeth’s hair.  She stopped dying it and let her natural hair have its day again.  It has been a while since she has had only her natural black hair.  Nice change of pace.  However, this change is like the last week in a nutshell of how Annabeth has been.

         Then I start wondering, “Did Stormheart do this on purpose as to get me paranoid?  What could she gain by doing this?”

         The night before the banquet, a lot of my crew is over at my house along with Hiccup and the gang.  Eret and Valka as well as my parents are there.  My father wanted to have a meeting to lay down a solid game plan as to how we are going to handle the banquet and any repercussions by our actions while at the banquet.  Right after supper, we already took care of this and had a plan of action.  The girls also try on the dresses my mother made.  While my mother was at it, she even did a dress for Asvord.  A week is pretty short notice, so the dresses have a simple look to them, but the beauty is in the details.


(Annabeth's Dress)


         Annabeth’s dress is a long sleeve, V-neck top free flowing down to the floor.  There is a dark gray trim around the edge of the dress near the floor, around the waist in the shape of a “V”, and then around the collar.  From far away, it looks like a simple black dress, yet up close, there are several black embroidered embellishments on the front, back, belt area, bracer area, and near the floor just above the trim.  Mother pays attention to the details for the designs have both Annabeth’s wedding designs, then old and current gear designs, along with a few new ones.  Because the banquet is at night and could get cold, mother also made a matching shawl of Black Vulture feathers.  Mother said she had been saving the feathers for something unique, for Black Vulture feathers are quite rare and can only be obtained through traders who frequent the seas and lands far from our archipelago.

         I am not dress designer, so the girls could probably explain things better than I ever could, but I describe what I see.


(General look of Astrid's Dress)


         Astrid’s is a long sleeve, circle neck, free flowing dress down to the floor.  It is two-toned color with the sleeves and sides Stormfly light blue with the front and back a sandy color.  There is a belt and bracers to go along with it.  Center of the dress at the bottom is Hooligan Tribal seal, one of Hiccup’s new designs of Toothless for something official.  Though Astrid is still unmarried, the way mother made the dress and decorated it, she clearly signified the wearer to be of royalty as if mother already has her married off to Hiccup.  Astrid also has a red fox fur shawl.  Both she and Annabeth have matching gloves if they so choose to wear them.

         The bracer she made for the dress go under the sleeves and being the concerned mother, she is, she incorporated my design of a hidden blade into each bracer.  Annabeth has her own already, she just has the bare minimum of the bracer without the armor on top, so as to have it fit inside the dress sleeve.  The bracers remain concealed, yet both can defend themselves at a moment’s notice.  Astrid is a bit unfamiliar with the design and the mechanics involved in retracting the blade in and out.  However, she is quick to learn.

(General look of Asvord's Dress)


         Asvord’s dress is a forest green with purple trim, long sleeve, somewhat V-neck just over the shoulders.  The long sleeve theme is to hide the hidden blades in the bracers because one never knows what will happen at a banquet, or how Asvord put it, “Never know when you have to slice the chicken.”  Not sure if she was talking about the animal or someone else.  Her dress had sleeve cuffs just above her elbows and the sleeves themselves flared out a bit at the ends.  There is a secondary sleeve underneath which goes over the bracers.  Her dress lies flat against her as it falls to the floor.  Mother did this in a day, so it is pretty simple to begin with.  Asvord has a dark brown, cloth cape with fur trim.  She could envelope herself just with cape if she wanted to.

         Hiccup’s wardrobe and mine somewhat match the girls, though we did not get anything specially made for us.  Because one thing the Twins did find out that most of the men in attendance will be wearing their own battle gear.  Most likely to show to everyone there their power and dominance.  So, Hiccup and I dressed as if preparing for battle, but the combination of clothing choices is new specifically to match the dresses.  Regardless of what gear we put on, mother along with Valka insisted that the wardrobe has to match the girls’ dresses.  Mother had my father scour all the available markets in the archipelago to find items that would match.  Hiccup’s was a dark sea blue with sand like coloring.  Mine was all black and similar to what I already wear.  Polishing the gear took more time than when we would to prepare for a battle, but all the girls wanted it to look shiny, so we did.

         While the Astrid and Annabeth are showing off the dresses, I found myself apart from the group leaning in the doorway of the front entrance staring off into empty space.

         “Jarl,” Annabeth calls out to me, noticing my position.  “What do you think?”

         I heard her but did not react.  She repeats it, now with the whole room quiet.  Walking over to her, she spins, the dress fanning out with her motion, before asking again.  My only reply is, “It looks nice,” which causes her to ask me what is wrong.

         She further says, “You have been quieting all week and distancing yourself from me too.”

         I mumble out loud, without meaning to be heard, “I could say the same about you.”

         Realizing what I did, Annabeth looks at me, stilling wanting to know what is wrong, but stopped raising her hand to reach out.

         A few moments we stare into each other’s eyes before I in the end question, “Where have you been all week?”

         “Well, I have been several places.  Berk, The Wing, the School, The Wingmaidens, even stopped by Dragon’s Edge and Mystery a few times.”

         “I’m not talking about those times.  All that checks out.  I’m talking about early afternoon.”

         “Checks out?” her tone has a drastic change.  “Have you been checking up on me?”

         “No one knows where you have gone during the time after breakfast and before the middle of the afternoon.  With everything going on, I worry about you.”

         “While I thank you for worrying about me, did you ever give it a second thought that asking others to try and follow me is quite literally going behind my back?” she folds her arms and wonders.  “So, what is the real question you want to ask me?”

         Of all the thoughts of fearing someone or something would take Annabeth away from me, I never thought I could be the one to drive her away from me.

         “Who did you talk to on that island, after Grimwald let you go?”

         Without looking away, her stance relaxes, and she takes a breath, yet does not answer.

         “So, it’s true.  Who did you talk to?”

         Calmly but just audible, she answers, “Skygge.”

         Everyone is shocked…  But me.

         Some were trying to figure out what to say, Dagur asks the question I am thinking, “What made you talk to him without running him through?”

         “The thing is,” she then paced around, trying to find the words to explain this to everyone.  “I had just wanted to stop at the small island to catch my breath and try to make sense of what I just heard and witnessed from my parents.  It still does not make sense what they are doing even now.  I had dismounted my dragon and was leaning up against a boulder when out of the stillness of the night, Skygge’s voice rang out, ‘Funny how time changes people.’  Only startled for a moment, I charged him.  Surprised he did not resist, he let me tackle him and put a knife to his back.  I demanded, ‘Why shouldn’t I just end it right now?’  He didn’t answer me for a moment.  The second I relaxed slightly to adjust my stance over him, he then instantly flipped me over, head over heels.  Now he had me pinned, but had the knife to my throat, pulling back on my hair.  Anora tried to fire, but I called her off because he may have taken me with him.  Thinking he’d try and do something to counter Anora, he merely took the knife from my throat and threw it away.  Then…  Then he offered his hand to help me up.  Both me and Anora were dumbfounded.  Seeing I wouldn’t take it, he then walked around, ‘I don’t want to kill you.’  Turns out he has other plans.  He went on a spiel about securing his revenge on the killers who attacked our islands.  Says I deserve the same chance to seek revenge after what they did to my life.  His offer:  If I help him find and defeat their leader, he will stay out of our lives forever.  He then picked up my knife and reached his hand out to give it back, ‘But if you want, you can end it right here, right now.  If you kill me, all your problems are solved.’  Because I did not take the knife, he tossed it at my feet saying, ‘I’ll see you soon.’”

         Vixxen stood up and came to Annabeth, telling her, “Honey, you can’t be considering this.  It’s a fool’s errand to try and do this.  Skygge will justify anything just to get his way.  You can’t believe he will keep his word.  Don’t…  Don’t go down the same road I tried.  Turn back before it is too late.”

         “But if we can find out who this mysterious figure is and use Skygge for a change to get at this guy, we can beat Skygge to the finish line and double cross him for once.  Skygge mentioned he knows who the attackers are that night which changed both our lives, but he does not know where they are for, he says they are constantly on the move.  Skygge has reason to believe this mysterious guy has had dealings with the attackers.  Skygge would drop that an army of mercenaries are tracking the attackers and are closing in.  If the attackers were warned to fall back to a safe location, such as the mysterious figure’s homebase, then we could act accordingly.”

         Some are saying it might work but everyone is still surprised Annabeth, of all vikings, would even think to trust of trusting Skygge let alone willy to work with him.

         Annabeth turns to look at me as if saying, “Does this satisfy you?”

         I remind her, “What happened to despising the rotted core of a human being Skygge is for attacking you in our own home, daring to step foot in the one place a viking is supposed to feel safe?  The pain he has brought to us and many others suddenly means nothing?  Come on Annabeth, you’re not thinking clearly!  Are you simply going to take his word that he will leave us alone?  Need I remind you that he said he needed you for something.  He was not going to stop until he got what he wanted and warned us to stay out of his way.  Skygge does not want to get his revenge anymore, or at least that isn’t what is driving him anymore.  He said he learned the truth of the matter and is instead going to make us pay for the life he always wanted but never got because the attackers attacked the wrong island.  Skygge is using you, Annabeth!”

         She did not answer.  That was all I needed to know and turned away.

         She grabs my arm to whirl me back to face her, “I don’t like what you just assumed.”

         “Oh, so now I’m the bad guy?!”  What am I supposed to think about this?  Huh?!”  Annabeth still does not answer.  “Our archrival who has plagued our lives since playing us for fools to call him a friend and help him.  You are sudden going to play nice with him, after all he’s done to you, threatening you, causing you knife me in the side?  All that aside, you would dare to even let the thought, of working with him, have a moment to dwell after he threatened our future?!”  I look down at her stomach.  “Have you forgotten everything we are building for?!!” I argue.

         Still no answer.

         “I thought we were a team and worked together, no matter what.  I know you know how certain things mean to our crew.  The moment Skygge mentioned he is going after the Shadow Dragon, that had to have raised a red flag or something.  Why didn’t you-.”

         She interrupted me about to defend herself, yet stopped after hearing what I said, “Wait, he’s after the Shadow Dragon?”

         “Why is that a surprise to you?  He said it to you on that island.”

         “How would you know that?!” she became defensive.  “So, you followed me there too?!  I am not lying to you, Jarl!  Why would I keep secrets from you?  Now, you are following me as I deal with my own private business when I thought you trusted me.”

         “I didn’t follow you.  Harald did.  After finding out about Skygge, Stormheart had him tracked.  Harald saw and heard the whole conversation between you and Skygge.”

         Annabeth could not believe the words I just said.  Her expression is now of complete dismay and anger as she steps directly in front of me and in my face, “You have the gull to tell me I cannot work with Skygge, yet you are trusting Stormheart’s word let alone Harald’s?!  Has the thought ever entered your mind at how insincere and hypocritical that is, Jarl?!!”


         I shout, grabbing and shaking her, “THEN TELL ME THIS ISN’T TRUE, ANNABETH!!!”


          Instantly, I feel how tightly I squeezed her arms and violently shook her.  I have seen fear in her eyes before but…  But never because of anything I did to her.

         Letting her go, my voice cannot speak any words.  She stumbles back a step, rubbing her right arm, and cannot find any words either.  After what I just did, I cannot blame her.  The horrified look and tears in her eyes are answer enough.  She turns and goes directly upstairs to our room.

         Stepping back, I forget all my family and friends saw that.  Briefly glancing at them, they all look confused and shook.  They look to me to wait for how to take the next step.

         I state loud enough for Annabeth to hear me, “Change in plans.  Annabeth stays home, away from Skygge.  If Skygge really needs Annabeth, then he can come and get her.  Skygge might be planning on Annabeth taking a while to make a decision.  If that is the case, her not being there tomorrow night won’t make that much of a difference.  Hopefully, Skygge will still try to meet this mysterious viking.  We’ll find another way to play Skygge for the fool.  There is always another choice.”

         Once everyone downstairs agrees with the new plan, I could not bring myself to go up stairs and face Annabeth.  Not because what she has been up to, but because of how I treated her.  The way she looked at me, she needs her own space right now.  As I make my decision to go outside, out of the corner of my eye, I see my mother try to take a step towards me.  My father stops her as I exit the house.  Just as I am my own person, so is Annabeth.  We all have to live with the choices we make, no matter how hard or difficult they may be to hear.  But once the present choice is past, we must push on to the future.  Yet how to get there, I need to think about what my present has become.  Not taking the time to saddle Fredrick, I lead him out and fly out somewhere.

         “Fredrick, your choice, buddy.”

         He flies me to Annabeth’s spot, on Berserker Island.  It is the northern most area on the island facing Berk and her old home on the Northern Island.

         “Is it that easy to tell what is one my mind?” I ask him.  He snorts.  “You could probably hear me all the way out in the stables.”  Fredrick shakes his head and sends the shiver through the rest of his body.  “Yeah,” I sigh.  “Didn’t know I could shout that loud…,” I trail off as I barely say, “At Annabeth.”

         There, sitting on my dragon, looking up at the stars and the moon, a million thoughts go through my mind.  But I cannot focus on any of them.  It is like the mist in the darkness.  I can feel the mist’s presence, like any clue in this mystery.  But the mist is ever shifting and moving, like every clue is not what I think it is or hope it to be.  The darkness is drowning out everything I thought I knew.  When the light finally reveals the clue, like me thinking we are finally getting somewhere, what I see is unrecognizable from what I thought it was.  Annabeth is not Annabeth.  Who am I kidding?  I am not even myself right now.  To think Annabeth is not the woman I fell in love with, I just cannot see my future without her.  Being in the dark of what to do next, I must be more trusting in the vikings and things around me.  But when my own Heart is keeping something from me, what do I do?

         While I look up, I say a prayer.  There will always be One I can put all my trust in.

         I do not know how long I stayed away, but by the time I get back to the house, everyone has left…  And Annabeth is gone.  I try to get some sleep, but it is a lost cause.  Now, I can only think of Annabeth.


         The next day, Annabeth is still not back yet, and we are hours away from going to the banquet.  So, we revise our plan by using all the clues and resources available to nail down what we will do.  With Annabeth not going, Asvord will go instead.  Everything else remains the same:  Scout to see who is there, gather any information on our mysterious figure, see if Stormheart has anything else up her sleeves, and Asvord adds, “And have some fun.  Afterall, it isn’t every day there is a formal banquet in the viking lands.”

         Nightfall slowly fell after a cloudless afternoon.  This brought forth a bright, starry lit sky.  We arrive at Auction Island by dusk.  Surrounding the entire island are ships from all around the archipelago.  It finally sinks in for everyone in the group we are doing this.

         Before landing, I make mention, “Though we are going to walk through the valley of death, we will fear no evil,” I paraphrase.  “We will do this…  Together.”

         I was planning on saying this to the group since the start of the week.  But this has lost part of the impact I thought it would.  That last word means less to me without Annabeth here.

         Asvord put her fist in her other palm, bowing, “Game on!”



Chapter 30

A Step in the Darkness


Jarl's Point of View


         Stormheart herself is out to personally greet us at the to p of the docks.  She is wearing a similar dress as she has before, but this time it is satin with a shimmer sparkle to it, while wearing more adornments and jewelry on her wrists, neck, and in her hair.  Furthermore, she is wearing enough armor to be formidable in battle.  This combination of style and protection clearly indicates to everyone not to mess with Stormheart.

         “Welcome to Auction Island to celebrate the return of its rightful ruler.  You are free to explore the island at your choosing from this time going forth.  Most everyone is in the banquet hall enjoying the finer things this life has to offer.  It goes without saying, while you are on the island tonight, if any one person or group dares to defy me, they will receive my full wrath.”  She then pauses, noticing who is in my crew, or the lack of one here.  “I see that Annabeth is not with you.  I hope nothing is wrong.”

         Responding, I say, “She is pre-occupied tonight with several personal…  Issues.  But my oldest sibling Miss Asvord Mollerson has come instead.”

         “Please to officially make your acquaintance,” Stormheart nods.  “The respect of the Mollerson name proceeds you as well as the strength which so obviously runs in your family.”

         Asvord is a bit fluster with the remark, stuttering for a moment, “Oh, uh…  Thank you.”

         “If you will excuse me,” she concludes.  “I have a matter to attend to, but I will be joining you shortly.  Harald will show you to the hall as well as to my private throne room.  I would like to request Jarl’s personal experience to help me in a matter of a smaller mystery I desire to solve.  Good evening.”

         She went on her way while Hiccup, Astrid, Asvord, and I follow Harald.  Dagur and Heather remain with the dragons, but also to keep their eyes and ears open from anything out of the ordinary.  If anything comes up, Heather will come tell us.

         The banquet hall is on the east side of the island, set off in the forest.  Its styling and structure appear to have been built to match the island with part of the building extending into the rock faces, stretching over the natural cliffs on the land, as well as blending in with the forest.

         As we go, Asvord declares, “All of these formal remarks are kind of intimidating.  Not to mention my own brother calling me ‘Miss’ is freaking me out.  He’s never been that nice to me just for the sake of being nice.  It was always for our banter he would even use it.”

         I chuckle, “Yet you are still able to indirectly point it out through in banter.”

         “One of us freaking out is bad enough,” she jests.  “One of us will need to keep their cool and it looks like it has to be you.”

         Her face is that of a sibling jest but also of sibling concern.  Not only can she poke fun at both of us, she can give advice as a caring sister to keep us both focused.  Though in some cases, “caring sister” might be taking things too far.  I will settle for having a dependable objective voice who is willing to rebuke me for a wrong and encourage me for a right.

         Once in front of the large double door entrance, Harald opens the left one for us, offering to Asvord first, “After you.”

         She sarcastically replies with a bow, “Thank you good sir,” before opening the right door for the rest of us to enter.  When she walks in, she swishes her cape at Harald close enough that it barely brushes his face with the fur trim.  So, that is why she requested a cape.

         We are in a hallway leading to another set of double doors ten yards away.  I wait for Asvord, offering my right arm to lead her.  She takes it with a big smile feeling good after one upping the subtle show of gracious shade to Harald that he tried to show her.

         He then went ahead of us four to open the next doors.  They open into the large banquet room spanning thirty yards to left and right.  There is a grand staircase leading down a flight onto the banquet floor, fanning out with each proceeding step.  High archway ceiling with chandeliers of old sea fairing wheels with lamps lighting the entire place.  There are torches on each supporting column as well as a large fireplace on the far-left wall.

         As we step to the head of the stairs, Harald takes a step down before calling for attention and announcing, “May I present to you, Chief Haddock the Third of the Hooligan tribe on Berk, Dragon Rider and victor over the Great Red Death, with Lady Hofferson.  Also, may I introduce Master Jarl Everson, Mystery Conqueror, and victor over the great Dragon Wars on the Isle of Izar, husband to the heir of the Berserker Throne, accompanied by his eldest sister, Lady Asvord Mollerson.”

         From the crow, some glanced at us, some looked, others could care less.

         Walking down the flight of stairs, I whisper to Harald, “Thanks for painting a target on our backs.”

         “You’re welcome,” he replies.  “Go ahead and take the stairs on the opposite side on the right wall to the balcony.  Stormheart’s private throne room is the only door up there.  Have a good evening.”

         Harald left and entered the massive crowd.  I would say there has to be well over a hundred individuals here, men and women of either dressed in their leadership attire or showing their ranks of being second in command.

         Hiccup suggests, “Harald probably has done this with everyone here.  Remembering the stories my dad used to tell of other archipelago spanning banquets or conferences, this is the last place any tribe or nation leader would dare start a confrontation let alone a war.  The announcing of all major titles and accolades introduce the parties in question to the group in attendance.  Tell them who must not be trifled with and who should be feared.  Power can either attract similar power for strength or attract others to take it away.  But I agree,” he sighed.  “With the choices we have made compared to our current company’s, we most definitely have a target on our backs.  You go wait for Stormheart.  We’ll see if we can learn anything down here.”

         Asvord quips, “They may learn just how much I am a Lady of Berk if they try anything.”

         Astrid concurs, “I second that.”

         Hiccup fold his arms and is about to scold them, I interrupt him, “Asvord…  Astrid…  You better make sure…  And keep Hiccup out of trouble.”

         “Yes- Wait, who me?” he pointed to himself.  “The girls just got through saying…  Why would I be the one to get in trouble in a crowd like this?”

         In unison, we all three glare at him as if it was a rhetorical question; Hiccup digresses, admitting, “You’re right.  Anyone saying anything against Berk or our dragons…  We’ll be careful.”

         I depart and move across the floor, weaving in and out between various vikings.  The width of the banquet floor is around twenty yards.  The balcony has a few vikings overlooking the view below.  I continue and enter the only door from a short but wide hallway.

         The throne room is first thing which greets me.  The main court is twenty yards wide and ten to the wall opposite me.  There is Stormheart’s main chair from which she probably judges from with two chairs flanking her.  One of them probably for Harald.  And I wonder who the other chair is for?  To my left is a conference room ten yards wide and thirty yards long.  And to the right is a workshop.  Another ten yards wide but twenty yards long.  The workshop is complete with a large desk to the left in the near corner, in the center a twenty foot by ten foot map of the whole archipelago, a fire place on the far wall with a small forging station to the left in the corner, and another desk on the right with a small library of books three shelves about ten feet long and books on both sides.  The second desk looks to be a place to run experiments of various kinds as it has a wide variety of tools, testing tubes, and magnifying glasses.  It does not look like it has been used yet, though this building was only completed yesterday as per the Twins report.  However, a crate next to the desk has the contents of something I recognize:  Her weaponized Grimora.

         Given the context of Stormheart’s request, I wait in the workshop.

         As I look around, I see on the first desk, the heirloom she took.  Not only that…

         A notebook of Deondre!

         The heirloom is sitting on top of the notebook.  On the desk next to them is a smaller book, also written in Greek, and has drawings of the heirloom in it.  Just by picking up this small book and flipping through the pages, I concluded from the drawings in it that the heirloom has something specifically unique to it.  Moveable parts to it and points of interest on multiple sides of the heirloom.  These features have some importance to Deondre.  With Stormheart laying it on top of Deondre’s notebook, I deduce the small book is describing how to use the heirloom to find certain words on a page.

         Aiyana’s work in studying the notebook that Valkarik, Ali, and Michia found, she has been teaching some of us how to read Greek and translate it into our northern runic language.  My knowledge of Greek is severely limited including my vocabulary of it.  However, I can sound out words and can pick up on a few words here and there.  I just do not know what the Greek means in our runic language yet even if I can read Greek.  I look through both books and at the heirloom for several minutes.

         “I see you have found it already,” a female voice startles me.

         “Oh, Stormheart.  I didn’t-.”

         She puts her hand up, “Not to worry.  This is the very thing I asked you here to look at.”

         She walks over and picks up Deondre’s notebook, “The reason I wanted you to look at this notebook is I understand you are following this mystery too, if at least aspects of it.  Aiyana is your crew’s only natural born Greek.  Don’t be too surprised at what I know about your crew for I make it a habit to learn as much as I can for anyone I might meet or do business with.  Piecing together the things your crew has done around the archipelago, I wanted to ask you what you thought of this,” she starts reading excerpts from a few of the pages.  “In context, Deondre is talking about some plant life on a certain island in the archipelago, but no known landmark is mentioned to be able to find this island except for the plant life, ‘Being found markings cave of system.  Images ancient ones are found.  Appears Dragon of Shadow was protector.  However, others viewed protector as a god.  Other signs are being found.  I will be writing more in next book.’  Since I was not born here, I am unfamiliar with local legends.  But by the accounts told by my great-grandfather to me as a child, he had mentioned this ‘Dragon of Shadow’ a few times.  A few years ago, you solved a mystery of the Shade Fury.”  I looked at her wondering how she found out.  “Like I said, I have my ways of finding out.  Though this was a bit harder.  Sightings of dragon riders flying towards an unknown group of islands.  Going there myself and searching their records, they are The Golden Isles.  This legend of the Shade Fury was quiet the tail.  From your experience then, what do you know of this ‘Dragon of Shadow’ or how The Golden Isles called it, the Shadow Dragon?”

         Because of my hesitation, Stormheart goes on, “I don’t intend on using this Shadow Dragon for my own power.  Quite the contrary.  I want to stop anyone else in trying to rival my own.”  Seeing my reluctancy to speak, she states one last thing, “Look Jarl, we may have very different ideals and principals.  We may have very different thoughts of how the archipelago should look.  But even I understand when something is too powerful for one or a group of individuals to control.  If a fraction of the legend is true, if this dragon exists and is used by the wrong vikings, it might just bring about what my great-grandfather would say about the Shadow Dragon being Ragnarök in dragon form.  If all of this is true, our mutual disagreement will be the least of either of our problems.  In fact, I might be the first someone with the power of the Shadow Dragon in their control that they would go after.”

         I let out a deep sigh and tell her the abbreviated account of “Thoughts of Guilt.”

         Stormheart then went into a deep thought, raising her hand to her chin, “Great-grandfather somehow knew of the Shade Fury, its abilities, and some things about the Shadow Dragon.  Everyone thought he was senile, but he didn’t care.  Accounts of mythical weapons able to change form into another weapon as well as being keys to unlock some ultimate power through the power of lightning further added to the image of the crazy old Stormheart.  Now, knowing how these mythical like weapons triggered the event, he wasn’t so crazy after all.  Because weapons triggering the event which sent electricity through your dragons, you, and your friends, do you feel any residual effects along the lines of special abilities?”

         I chuckle a bit at such an idea, but it is short lived as Stormheart is serious, “Oh…  None so far and as you said it was years ago.”

         “Just being around the Shade Fury great-granddad would say you’d start seeing things, as if time itself stood still.  No one believed him.  Honestly, I’m not sure I believe him now.  The fact of the matter is we must stop the Shadow Dragon from falling into the wrong hands.”

         Her words sound sincere, yet I still do not know which part I can trust, but she is also right about that last thing.  So, I divulge we have another notebook of Deondre but are at a loss with how to make sense of what it is other than a cookbook for strong, physical medicinal pain relievers and their antidotes.

         “And if I may ask,” I inquire pointing at the heirloom.  “Does that have anything to do with translating Deondre’s book?”

         “Indeed, it does.  Lining up the different spokes on the wheel will point to different words.  By the way Deondre talks about it, he found this one right where I… Elsa found it.  Once Deondre was done with it, he put it back where he found it to keep it safe as well as the information he found about the Shadow Dragon safe.  The heirloom intrigued him.  To me and my ancestors it is a symbol of our lasting power through the handing down from one leader to the next, for it is our link to our past.  However, it went missing, supposedly stolen, six generations ago.  But Deondre used it as a cryptic key.  Each book is supposedly different and needs different combinations of the heirloom and its moveable parts from the one I have.  I cannot give you the heirloom to take and test on your notebook of Deondre.  However, if you bring the notebook to me, I will help you decipher the book as well as give you my resources to solve this forgotten legend.  Think it over, but time is not on our side.”

         Stormheart walks out leaving me alone.  The thought of swiping the heirloom crosses my mind, yet this is an unexpected clue.  Further study of Stormheart’s notebook of Deondre could shed light on ours.  Staying in her good graces for now is paramount.  If I were to swipe it, where would I go in a place like this with agents of hers everywhere and not get caught?  Anything we do against a trigger happy Stormheart and our night is ruined to find the mysterious figure and stop him and Skygge.

         I return to my friends, finding them at the drink bar directly underneath the balcony.  They just finish up talking with the tavern keeper.  All they got are their drinks when I came back:  A ginger ale for Hiccup, elderberry juice for Astrid, and apple juice for Asvord.

         “Complements of Stormheart,” the tavern keeper taps me on the shoulder…

         It is a tall mug of milk.

         My report on my meeting with Stormheart makes them agree with me it is cause for concern just how much she knows of The Golden Isles, the Shade Fury, and the Shadow Dragon.  But her stake in wanting to stop anyone else from having the dragon because of it being a threat to her power does make sense.

         Hiccup declares, “Let’s just hope she doesn’t have anything else planned and for once we are on the same step.”

         Asvord jumps in, “It’s pretty cool about that cryptic key thing.  Will we bring back our notebook to get some more clues?”

         “I don’t think we need to,” I reply.  “The staff Valkarik brought back is very similar if not identical to the heirloom of Stormheart’s family.  With Deondre using multiple books to keep records of things, he could have also used different keys to encrypt the hidden messages.”

         “That might be why he put the one back because he had others he could use,” Astrid adds.  “The more we can do on our own the less we have to trust someone who shouldn’t even have our respect.”

         “Here, here,” Asvord takes a drink.

         “The only other bit of information we could get out of anyone was overheard conversations,” Hiccup sets his drink down and leans on the bar.  “There will be a meeting of a few unknown guests in the upstairs conference room.  It is supposed to start soon.  The others involved are just waiting on the last parities to arrive.”

         Just then Harald’s voice rang out, “May I present to you Mrs. Everson, heir to the Berserker Throne and the Harbinger’s dyad for the Shadow Dragon.”

         The four of us had been in a relaxed stance but bolt up straight upon hearing that.  Between Harald’s way of announcing Annabeth -who should not even be here- and the crowd’s oo’s and ah’s upon seeing her entrance, my shock is blown up and fully stunned by Harald’s way he mentioned the Shadow Dragon.  To make matters worse…  Skygge is her escort.

         Harald announced Skygge’s name, but I could care less.

         Asvord came over to me, laying her right hand gently on my shoulder, “What are you going to do?”

         Each passing second, my Heart feels hollower than before.

         Taking a deep breath to rein in my emotions to stay focused, “Be a good husband and say hello to my wife.”

         Asvord steps in front to look at me, “Don’t do anything too stupid.  Skygge is the most unpredictable viking I have ever seen, worse than Harald and that’s saying something.  Be careful around him.”

         “He’s not the one I’m worried about, but we stick to the plan,” I tell her and look back to the others.  “At least we know without a doubt what Skygge is after and how Annabeth…  Why Skygge needs her.”

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  Yo, dude!  I just


Yo, dude!  I just finished reading these two chapters, and just had to comment.  Like, these were really good chapters. 


I love the conflict between Jarl and Annabreth when they were in their house.  Like, the lack of trust, and the unease just makes that scene pop.  I specially gotta point out the hypocrisy of Jarl, and how well that was handled.  The argument between the two felt genuine, and both had great points.  (Plus, you can feel how awkward it is for everyone else in the room, who is forced to stand there and watch).


I'm really interested in where this story will go.  On the PDF I made (by copying/pasting your story over into a Pages document), I have 66 pages left, I believe.  I probably won't finish it this week, but hopefully by the end of next week.


Anyway, that's all for now.




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Drums R Round. Pi R Squared.

If I had to pick a single chapter that is my favorite in the entire series, it would be Chapter 29 of The Mist in the Darkness.  I will let you know that even before writing one word in this book, I wanted to have this scene play out somehow.  So, for 28 chapters, I was building up to this point.  Quite possibly the longest I have built up to a certain moment in any book.  Annabeth and Jarl has always been on good terms and always agree with each other.  I wanted to see what would happen when the two didn't agree, but not only that when they thought they were on two opposing sides.  So much to the point, they nearly forgot they are husband and wife.


Writing something that feels real while portraying the awkwardness was some parts difficult and challenging to use the right words to describe the scene, but at the same time, nearly everyone has been in difficult, challenging, and awkward situations.  I worked really censored this book to bring more natural realism to the story.  Not just in the threats Jarl and the crew have to deal with, but the inner workings of the crew down to even just Annabeth and Jarl.

I often say, "If something feels like is going too well in your story, make a volcano explode."  This is in reference to the one Race to the Edge episode where I thought everything was fine, but then the volcano on Dragon's Edge exploded.  That kind of out of the blue moment stuck with me.

And with people you, I, and everyone deals with, there are trying times that it can be hard to put up with people and arguments happen, even with best friends up to family members.  This is something that rarely has happened in the series to this point.  I don't think it ever really happened with my core characters of Jarl's family.  This book overall is one of the best I have ever written and developed, which made it a blast to write.

If I had to pick a single story arc (something that spans multiple chapters), this story arc might very well be my number one.  There are a great many others, but this story arc is at least instantly Top 5 for me, even Top 3.

The question moving forward with this arc, is the bond Annabeth and Jarl share the thing that might tear them apart?


You wonder where the story will go from here?  We are just getting started!

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  That is awesome, and I


That is awesome, and I can really see why you would choose this as your favorite chapter.  Gotta say, even though you play it as them being on two different teams, I appreciate how you don't make it that Jarl is on the "correct" team.  They are both on equally bad teams, with equally flawed and human logic.  Really makes it feel that much more real.


I have definitly noticed a more natural approach to a few things (I'll meantion that more in my review at the end), and I have definitly appreciated that, especailly when it comes to the interactions between characters.  I won't give too much of my review away now, but all of my favorite scenes from this book (so far) have centered around when characters just play off one another, and it highlights their stregnths and weaknesses.


That volcano scene in RTTE caught me so off guard.  Like, I remember rewinding it three or four times, not believing my eyes.  Seemed so unexpected.


Unfortunately, I have made no progress with your story since I last posted (because Life), and I am about to get really busy with work, so I may not be able to finish your story for another 3 weeks.  That being said, I'm hoping to read a chapter or two tonight, just to keep some forward progress.


I hope you are doing well, and I look forward to chatting more in the future.



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Drums R Round. Pi R Squared.

Just wait for the next chapter.  This single chapter is great, but this whole arc...  You'll see.


The natural side of things is something I continually strive to impliment.  Stuff that I see as I go about the day, one of the thoughts I always think is, "How can I do this in my books?"


Do people nowadays even appreciate and understand the pain of physically rewinding something on VHS?  Once a movie was done, fast forwarding to the end and allowing the VHS player to rewind all the way to the beginning to help perserve the tape.


I guess I can blame my ability to write good chapters that people want to read them in one sitting...  I eagarly but patiently await your review!


Hopefully you were able to read 2 tonight, because the next two would be a good stopping point before the final push before the end of the book.


I am doing well.  Could probably use a bit more sleep, but don't we all.

Same here.