Book 9 - The Mist in the Darkness - Chapter 7: Old Friend

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Sorry it has been so long since I have last posted a chapter.  I was focused on getting all of my finals done and any other school things I needed to take care of.  Then after that, I spent the time writing.  So much so, that I ended up writing the next 3 chapters.  XD


Without any further delay, I hope you all enjoy the chapter!


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Here is the mix for this chapter:

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The Mist in the Darkness

Chapter 7


Old Friend


Jarl's Point of View


         Going back to the Training Grounds, we ask around to see if any student had seen Throst’s blue Changewing uncloak at any point.  At first, no success, but then someone did say they did saw the dragon fly back around to The Lookout.  Following the lead, we soon round the island and search The Lookout again.

         Thinking he would be long gone by now; we actually see him and his dragon on a one of the higher sea stack ledges overlooking the Greenhouse.

         I thought he might try to escape as we fly up to him, but he let us all dismount and walk up.

         Ashley states, “Throst Thorkinson.  You are under suspicion of setting up an attack against the School of Dragons.  You need to come with us.”

         “Come with you?”  Throst resists.  “Why should I?  I haven’t done anything wrong.”

         I get irritated at his act, “You can drop it now.  We have two eyewitnesses that saw you gas the Triple Stryke which proceeded to attack the School of Dragons.”

         “But I didn’t gas the dragon,” Throst pleads as Ashley tries to take Throst, his dragon had other ideas.  But before the Changewing could come to his defense, Throst raised his arms and corralled his Changewing’s head and told it to calm down.

         Still amazed as to why dragons would ever want to be subject to vikings like Throst, “The evidence says otherwise,” I tell him.  “Even if you didn’t do it, if you have nothing to hide, why are you resisting.”

         “I’m just sick and tired of people thinking I still work for the bad guys, as if I’m some sort of spy,” Throst reveals.  “Have you actually looked at the crime scene?”

         Not having an answer, Throst continues, “I thought so.  You’ve had it out for me ever since we crossed paths today.  You just don’t want to see good in me.  You want me to be a bad guy so that you have someone to blame.”

         Ashley takes Throst away on her dragon with Throst’s Changewing following.  Annabeth and I are left to take our next step.

         Annabeth folds her arms, “I know that look.  What is it?”

         “Am I just being too cynical?” I ask her.

         “You think Throst is telling the truth?”

         I merely look at her and sigh.

         “He is the prime suspect.  Based on everything he has done, he has the motive too,” she shakes her head.  “But, come on.   Let’s go see about this crime scene.”

         Returning to the school, we start canvasing the campus grounds to see where the crime scene is.  The ground is fairly dusty which do not give away any distinguishable tracks.  However, going back to the entrance of the Training Grounds, we retrace the flight path of the Triple Stryke.  Where we think she started from about the area where Hiccup usually lands.  Going there I start looking over the ground while Annabeth questions the students around if they saw anything.

         There was not much I could find on the ground.  Although, I did find some small shards which might be part of a broken container.  Annabeth came back then to inform me of her findings.

         “I am getting conflicting statements.  Some say it looked like he did it, where others say he didn’t.  But the common thread is they could not see how the Triple Stryke started lashing out.”

         A familiar female voice sounded from above us, “I might be able to help with that.”

         Turning around, I see a Gronckle land, “Elsa.  Surprised to see you here.”

         “I do go to this school you know,” my little sister quips.  I say little because it is how I have seen her for the longest time, but she is only two inches shorter than me; not to mention she is older too.

         I nod, “But I thought you’d be on Berk because you are on break.”

         “I am on break,” as she jumps off Meatballs, her double, interlocking brunette braids fall in front of her, so she flips them back.  Also, one might think she is getting ready for battle as she has her crossbow on her back, her whip at her right side, and a short sword on the other side.  “But I’m also part of the security for the school,” Elsa reminded.

         Annabeth comments, “I didn’t know the school had its own dedicated security team.”

         “The first rule of our security is that there is no security,” Elsa says.  “Which doesn’t seem very secure saying that out loud.”

         I go back to what she first said, “What did you see?”

         “Well, for starters,” Elsa begins.  “That student had nothing to do with the dragon attack.  The Triple Stryke flew in from the outside like that.  From a sentry point on the top ridge around the school, I saw the Triple Stryke fly overhead.  I noticed it had some weird mist coming from its mouth.  When it landed, that student had bravely stepped up to try and calm it down.  When the dragon lashed out, he ducked before getting hit.  The student then started getting some of the nearby students to safety while the dragon started firing over by the lab.  When I saw you two taking charge of the situation, a few thoughts came to mind which brought about a hunch.”

         Elsa continues, “I took Meatballs in the opposite direction of where the Triple Stryke came in.  My hunch was, ‘If the dragon was drugged similarly to how the Dragon Riders’ dragons lashed out when they tried to take that one vacation, this dragon could be similarly affected.  That being said, no island in the area has any of those leach type things.  So, for the dragon to have been affected by them, it would have had to have been given remotely from a ship.  No dragon in that state would have flown this far to ‘pecifically attack SoD.  Therefore, if the dragon was made to do it remotely, whoever did it was likely still in the area and on their ship.’”

         “Playing this hunch, Meatballs and I flew out to sea.  We did spot in the distance a ship or maybe a small group of ships right next to each other.  However, they were too fast for us to chase down.  Seeing the sea below us, the water was very bubbly and choppy.  The ship or ships had to have been using more power than just wind and oars.  The only other power like that I have seen is Izar’s two main carriers, otherwise known as dragon power.  Yet the power was still different.  To sum everything up,” Elsa concludes.  “That student didn’t do it, even some of those glass pieces you are looking at came off the dragon.  When the Triple Strike lashed out, some came off the dragon which the student glanced at before going off to help the other students.  The dragon was made to do the attack because of whoever is on those ships.”

         I sigh, “That’s a nice bit of detective and deductive work.”

         “I mean, I have a master detective for a brother,” Elsa complimented.  “But you sound disappointed.”

         I grab her for a brief one-armed hug, congratulating her that is not what I am disappointed with, “Not about you, but about who is at fault.”  I look up and fold my arms, “I shouldn’t feel this way, but I do.”

         “Wait,” realizes Elsa.  “You know who the student is.”

         “Yeah,” I sigh again.  “It’s Throst Thorkinson.”

         Elsa’s mouth dropped about as far as a Gronckle stepping foot into a rock garden, “But,” she stuttered.  “I thought he was one of the bad guys.”

         “People change,” I remind.

         Annabeth counters, “That remains to be seen with Throst.”

         I further think out loud, “Maybe I was too focused on him being the obvious choice because of our past experience with him I didn’t stop to think he might be good.”

         Annabeth puts her hands up in front of her, “Now hold on there.  We only know he did not put the Triple Stryke up to this attack.” Annabeth then emphatically emphasizes, “But he did attack you and me!” pointing to herself.

         I am about to say something in reply, yet Elsa jumps in, “Whether he was directly or indirectly involved in any of this, he is involved somehow.”  Elsa rubs her hands together, saying excited, “We got ourselves a mystery, boys.”

         Elsa then mentioned Annabeth and I are invited back home to eat supper with them tonight with my parents.  Annabeth and I gladly accept.

         Annabeth and I know we have to go tell Hiccup that we cannot hold Throst for something that witnesses say he did not start but even tried to help stop multiple times.  Reliable witness, for that matter, who would not jump at the first thought of what they think they are seeing.  Using the Twins in the first place, they said what we wanted to hear, but it was not necessarily the truth.  In addition to what Elsa told us, even Annabeth and I would have to admit Throst tried to train the Triple Stryke.  Although, I think Annabeth would have a harder time saying, for obvious reasons, he did not do it.  However, is she not seeing things correctly because of her bias?  Then again to the contrary, am I not seeing what is as obvious to Annabeth?

         When we finally arrived on Berk, we went straight to The Great Hall.  Upon entering, we found Throst talking to Hiccup.

         “Look there he is now,” Throst points me out.

         Hiccup turns to see us, he greets us, but in his serious tone of voice, “Hello, Jarl and Annabeth.  Always good to see you two.”

         I give a half smile because Hiccup’s look is also telling me he knows what I am about to say, “I have something I would like to say…  To Throst.”

         Throst folds his arms as I continue, “After reviewing the evidence on the scene and the eyewitness testimonies, from all accounts, Throst had nothing to do with attack today on The School.”

         “See, I told you,” Throst snaps back.  “Everyone is out to get me just because I used to work with Einar and Harald.  From what I heard of the rumors of the The Dragon War: The Final Battle, one Thorgunna Vixxen changed.  Is it exclusively to everyone else but me?”

         I start to take a step towards Throst and then Throst towards me, but Hiccup puts his hand on Throst’s shoulder, “Why don’t you go see if the Headmaster needs anything done?”

         “Fine,” Throst states as he leaves and intentionally runs into my shoulder.

         I again begin to go after Throst, but this time Hiccup puts his hand on my shoulder.

         Once Throst is out of earshot, Hiccup then speaks to me, “I know your history with Throst, who he has been in league with, and what he has done.  But you cannot just go around accusing vikings without just cause…  Without looking at the clues.  You of all vikings should know this.”  Hiccup looked a bit disappointed but then changed the subject, “Well, I can get into the best of arguments with pretty much anybody.  I will let this go.  But if you cause any more trouble, then it might not just be Throst that gets mad.”

         Annabeth took offense to it and was about to say something before I stepped in, “I over stepped and assumed things before looking at the facts.”

         Annabeth said anyway, “Well, Jarl, you’ll see good in just about anyone to rationalize what they are doing,” she turned walked away with purpose.

         Hiccup adds, “Maybe I didn’t say what I said in the right way.  I meant-.”

         I interrupt him, “I knew what you meant.  If Throst were to bring a charge against me for aggressively making his life miserable, if Throst were to get witnesses to testify to it, then I would be in a world of hurt.  Not just from Throst, but quite possibly from two tribes.”

         Hiccup replies, “Well, Throst isn’t helping himself either.  Jarl, you’re more even tempered whereas Annabeth, if one were to grind the right gears against a Berserker, there is no telling what a Berserker might do, regardless of who they are.”

         I chuckle, “Not to mention being a sibling to one Dagur the Deranged.  I trust Annabeth.  After everything we have been through and everything that we are, I cannot help but trust her.”

         “I wish you the best with Annabeth,” Hiccup stuck his hand out.

         I shook it and answered, “Thanks.”

         Thinking I would just have to watch her, the moment I step foot out of The Great Hall, guess what I see?

         Annabeth with her hidden blade out against a pinned Throst!

         Immediately I run to left where they are and start pulling Annabeth back by pinning her arms behind her, as she protests, “What are you doing?!  Let me at him!  I’ll show him not to mess with a Berserker!”

         I struggle to keep her back, she even breaks free for a moment, “Annabeth!” I demand.  “Stop it right now!”  Throst is about to say something, but I snap at him, “Keep your mouth shut or I might let her go.”  This comment actually made Annabeth ease up in my grasp.

         Also calming down myself after restraining my wife, I ask her, “What did he say?”

         “What I said before I was so rudely interrupted,” Throst rubs his neck a couple of times.  “I was asked to arrange a meeting with a man who has an extensive history with Hiccup and you all.  Some of the history maybe be checkered.  However, as I have been trying to do here since I got here, my contact came to me in good faith.  But he knew if he had shown his face, he would have gotten similar treatment to what Annabeth just gave me.”

         Annabeth lightly shrugs me off, as she retorts, “Just wait until you hear who it is.”

         Half of me does not want to hear who it is, but Throst replies anyway, “It’s Harald Forkbeard.”

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Greetings!  Great to be reading your series once more!


So far, this has been a really interesting story.  It is definitely keeping me guessing.  However, simply put, this book went from a 6 to an 8 once Jarl had the fight with Throst.  (Ha!  You thought that, because I used the word “However”, I was about to say something negative.  I just pulled a sneaky on ya).  Like, I've always really liked Throst, but he has been down right legendary in this book.  I just love his attitude with all the situations.  And I love how Jarl keeps on trying to pin stuff on Throst, but Throst just keeps dodging everything.  That’s just gold!


I'm gonna take a wild guess here (and I have no clue what the answer is), but I bet Throst will turn out to be a bad guy by the end of this story.  However, there’s a huge part of me who hopes I'm wrong.  You've had a few redemption stories in your series, but never a truly sassy redemption story, which it appears Throst would do.  A redemption story where, at the end, the enemy turns good, but he or she is still just like, “I still hate you and wish to k.ill you, but I'mma good now.  But I'mma still gonna glare at you from the corner and make you feel uncomfortable.”


I also love how Jarl is having to second guess his actions throughout this story.   Moral ambiguity (Tuffnut approves).  I like how the answers are not clear for Jarl.  It gives him an opportunity for character growth and a wider understanding of the world (not saying he needs it, but one can never argue with more character growth).  


The only thing that has bugged me in the story so far is Annabeth.  She seems...very grumpy and controlling.  Admittedly, it probably has something to do with being attacked in her own home and then dealing with Throst, but still.  Like, she's beating up Jarl for sharing his opinion, she challenges Gothi's medical opinion, and then pulls a knife on Throst even after they were proven wrong about him twice.  In the wise words of Aragorn, “Take a chill pill, lady!”


Before I go, there is one last thing I want to complement you on.  You do a good job with the Twins.  Like, it is always hard to work with pre-established characters since everyone is already used to how they act, but you do a great job with the twins.  They act exactly like how I would imagine they would act.


With all that being said, I look forward to what happens next.  Until next time.


-Lack Lunason








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Now I have my own memes for my story.  :D


Yes you did pull one over on me.


This story was also because of a previous comment you made about wanting Jarl to be wrong more.  While maybe still isn't wrong, he isn't so sure what is right.  Having more personal conflict with himself is something you wanted to happen.  I did it a little bit in Book 8, but after the book I thought I could have done more.


You are picking up exactly the mood I was going for.   But is it the mood you think or the mood I was writing?  Keep reading and find out how exact you are.
*Thus I again answer a question without really answering the question, or you questioning my answer*


As I said above, same goes for Annabeth.


Maybe its because I understand the Twins and relate to them to an extent.  Also, they are my favorite part of Race to the Edge.


Thank you for commenting and things are just getting started in this book!