Book 9 - The Mist in the Darkness - Chapter 32: Alone

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The reason for the break in posting was because I was getting my barn cleaned out for my family to host a college graduation ceremony/party for me and a classmate.  Took the last solid week from last Friday to get it all cleaned out.  I had been writing during that time, just not typing things in.  But now, things should be back to normal.

These next several chapters are going to be an interesting dynamic for a lot of characters, areas where I have not explored before.

I hope you enjoy how this will go!


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The Mist in the Darkness


Chapter 32



Annabeth's Point of View


         Skygge directed we fly back to his ship he had offshore, he on Glint and me on Anora.  His other vikings stayed on Auction Island to see how everything played out.  A bit towards the west, there is a small collection of sea stacks and small island, depending on the tide the island could be covered.  There is a few shacks and a place where smaller ships can dock.  Skygge went off to go talk to a small group of vikings he stationed there.  He is definitely working with someone, but every viking I have seen has had different gear, so maybe Skygge has merely hired vikings.  Knowing we will be flying off soon, Skygge said I should better change for the flight.

         As I did in getting ready for tonight, I brought my gear to one of the shacks.  At one point, long ago, it seems like someone lived here.  There is a bedroom, living room, and kitchen.  There are papers on the floor everywhere, as if there was a fight.

         Ten minutes later, I find myself back by my Razorwhip, just finishing up packing my gear I had brought with me as well as the package of my dress.  The last tug on the saddle ropes, a shine from my left hand catches my eye.  As I look, my mind goes blank with only one thought…

         I remember.

         I stare at my wedding ring with its gold plating and rubies on it.  Jarl’s favorite color was always red.  Rubies are not usually on wedding rings, but he wanted to give me something unique as he said I was to him.

         “Oh Jarl,” I think it finally starts to sink in as tears start flowing down my cheeks.

         Never thought there would be a world without Jarl in it.  As much as I saw it before my very eyes, my Heart just cannot believe that it is true, regardless of what my eyes and mind are telling me.

         “Annabeth,” Skygge’s voice strikes the moment, startling me.  “Mount up.  We ride.”

         Skygge has me go first while he follows behind me.  Our direction is south.

         Flying in this brisk yet calm night air flowing past us is quite a contrast to what I am now thinking.  Over and over, I repeatedly see in my mind Skygge hitting Jarl.  The more I think of it, the more my anger boils inside of me.  So much, that I devise a way to rid myself of the ties Skygge is binding me with.

         After a couple of hours of flying, we are on the outskirts of Berserker waters.  Besides the reason of the rate at which we are traveling to be near Berserker Island anyway, Anora has tugged a few times to fly home out of habit.  With the anger inside of me, it is demanding I do something.

         Seeing my chance, I lean down to Anora, whispering in her ear, “Fly home girl.  Fly home.”

         Her eyes look back at me.  As I sit back in my saddle, I motion with my right hand in front of me so Skygge could not see, pointing to my left where home is.

         Sitting up straight in my saddle, I close my eyes, letting every feeling go in my body, I let gravity take me off my dragon, though I push off at the last second.  Anora darts to the left, I fall to the right.  Angling myself to dive faster, I try to prolong my dive for as much as I can before Glint stops me from hitting the surface of the ocean.

         Extremely mad, Skygge declares, “What are you doing?!”

         “I’m freeing myself from you ever using anything against me!” I answer.  “With Jarl gone as well as Anora flying back towards an at-ready Berserker Island, I have no more ties with which you can bind me!”

         There was a sea stack nearby, which he landed on.  Glint practically threw me on there.  Out of control, I roll a few times before recovering to stand up.

         Skygge fuming, he has something he wanted to say, I top him in anger to tell him off, “If you think that I am going to do anything more for you, until you tell me why I am so important, kill me now!”

         With the tables turned, I take Skygge’s knife, put it in his hand, and reach it out to my chest.  Like how he offered to me to kill him, I reverse it on myself.

         He mocks, “Seriously, after losing Jarl, you’re this quick to forget about your future?”

         He looks down.  In the moment, I did forget about my future and the plans Jarl and I have- had.  I am not as so confident as I was mere minutes ago.

         I sigh, realizing, knowing I still have two to live for, I reply though still just as angry as I started, “It does not change the fact that until you tell me why I am so important, I will never help you.”

         In all Skygge’s fury he had shown now and before, suddenly his expression almost turns to regret.  I am shocked to see he could even feel such a thing.

         His tone even changed to a friendlier voice, “Truth is, I don’t know why you are important.”

         “You don’t know wh-,” I start but cannot believe what I just heard.

         “I kept saying that to you guys in hopes you would figure that out for me,” Skygge admitted.  “Like I’ve done with most of the things I’ve said to you guys.  Why do all the work when you can get someone else to do it for you?  Then swoop in and take the prize.  Jarl had a way with finding a clue even in something which was so little and tiny most would scratch their heads with what in the world he saw.  I admired that in him, to be honest.  I…  I could never get past what I could see with my own eyes.”  Skygge’s look then spaced out into a void, “Seeing a ray of sunshine hide-in my arms- a darkness so thick came into my life which would not let me forget what left this world.”

         Calmed down myself, I question, “But you said when you paralyzed us on the Northern Island, my old home, that you knew the truth.  Was that a lie too?”

         He shook his head, “I know who attack my island, or at least put up Griselda the Grisly to attack your island.  The mix up in what island was because faulty information given by someone on your island.  The more I thought about it, the more I wondered if Griselda was hired to go find something.  Because after laying siege to both our islands, nothing was missing.  Why attack two islands and go out of your way to try and thoroughly complete the job you were hired to do yet never take anything?”

         “Growing up as a kid, I would often visit my Uncle on your Northern Island, yet it did not progress more than a greeting.  Though I was distant because of losing my parents, he was the only father figure I had.  While I wanted to be independent to show Uskyld she had someone protecting her, he was the one who taught me how to be a viking.  I would watch him work and carry himself.  I think he knew I watched him but never let on to me that he knew.  Based on whatever I was watching him do, he would somehow have a lesson in it that would in turn teach me.  I remember seeing you a few times, but we never did much anything together.  He would use you a lot of times to teach something to you yet would be teaching us both something.  You were little at the time because it was soon after the time you left Oswald.”

         “Everything was normal for a while until one day something drastically changed.  Grimwald just stopped doing anything for me.  I know I’m probably not the best viking to be around, but Grimwald would at least visit me and my sister to check up on us.  It grew to the point as though he found something, he wanted more than to have me as a son.  He had you for a daughter.  But it was the one time after he found you again under the island, waiting for Star Scream to hatch.  The day Star Scream hatched, Grimwald came out a different man.  As if he had seen his worst nightmare come to life.  I could never figure out why.  But after that, he practically forgot about me and solely focused on you and even started training you for something, preparing you for something.”

         “I tried to find out for myself what it might be, so I snuck down and started to explore the underground pools.  I forget where I was or what I was doing, all I can remember is being picked off my feet and dragged away, blacking out, and then waking up to see Grimwald standing over me.  He forbade me from every going in there and to stay away from you.  The way he treated me after that was as if I was the Scourge of Odin.  Which was fine with me, I only wanted to try and learn.  With most of my life, I guessed I’d do that by myself too.  From then on, we basically despised the each other.”

         I ask him, “What did you see down there?”

         “The only thing I can remember seeing was something on the walls.  An image of a black dragon casting an enormous shadow over many people.  After a while, I then decided that was why Grimwald changed yet was never able to follow up on it because the attacks came.  Putting the rest of the puzzle together, I figured there was something on the Northern Island which Grimwald found but others knew about.  Enemies.  So, in an attempt at claiming it for their own, they came to take it for themselves.  After spending the time attacking my Southern Island, they became disjointed trying to attack the Northern Island.  Grimwald put up quite a fight, so Griselda gave up and just left.”

         Skygge finishes but with a renewed hatred towards me, “With such a needless attempt at taking whatever Grimwald was hiding and what happened during the attacks, I wanted to make him pay with what he did.  Hearing Grimwald say many times that you would be the savior to the island, by protecting what he found it lured others to try and take what it was.  Because of Grimwald’s selfish desire to keep you and the island protected, he basically encouraged an attack.  It was Grimwald’s fault that my little sister Uskyld died in the attack.  And to find out that our island was mostly still intact while your island was decimated but you made it out and a complete innocent in the matter did not…,” he then shoves his hand into my shoulder with each word, “You don’t deserve to be here!”

         I do not flinch.  Shaking my head, I add, “If only your sister could see you know.  She would be thoroughly disappointed in you.”

         Anticipating he would try to backhand me, I block with my left, sucker punch with my right, and swing into a right-side kick, knocking him to the ground.

         I reach my arm around his neck picking him up, “And you don’t deserve to be alive after what you did to Jarl!”

         Proceeding to squeeze, Skygge however smacked his head into mine while grapping my arm to flip me head over heels, slamming onto the ground.

         “I didn’t mean to kill him!” he answers out of frustration, but then calms down, throwing his hands up, and running his hands through his hair, pacing.  “Everything is so messed up right now.  The mysterious figure was my only clue to possibly finding where Griselda the Grisly might be.  But now with Jarl gone, we’re on our own to solve this mystery.  I actually wanted you to go to your home and get the Book of Deondre you found.”

         I am amazed he found out, he continues, “If you haven’t figured it out by now, Throst knows more than he lets on.  I planted him as a spy in both your ranks and Stormheart’s since he is close to Harald.  One of the reasons why I can get around so quickly is because Throst has taught me the basics of dragon riding.  I think the only reason Glint will put up with me is because of Throst.  Glint really doesn’t like me, and the feeling is mutual.  Throst would not dare set foot on Berserker Island for obvious reasons, so the only way to get the Book of Deondre was to use you as leverage.  But I guess that won’t work anymore.”

         “What if I have other ideas of just using Berserker Island to make you pay?”

         “Again,” Skygge reminds.  “If I don’t return to my crew, they will signal the fleet I hired to attack Berserker Island.  Ready or not, it sounds like they even have it out for Berserker Island.  So, if I were you, I would keep your presence a secret.  Unless you want Berserker Island to have a war on their hands just like what happen to your first island because it sounds like these people mean business.”

         Sitting between a Screaming Death and a Catastrophic Quaken, I still do not know what to do.  If only I had confided in Jarl.  Whatever Skygge would have done, Jarl would have known what to do to prevent anything horrible to happen.

         “I’ll do it,” I begrudgingly mount Glint.

         Skygge paused for a moment, “Don’t test me or I will make you pay.  When all is said and done, I would not care if you lived or died.  Both would serve me well.  My justice was to make you feel when I lost my family.  I will make you wish you would have died with the rest of your island.  Though it wasn’t how I planned it, I see it did what I wanted.  It doesn’t feel good, does it?  Well get used to it.  Because that hole in your Heart will only grow.”

         He got on Glint and flew us to Berserker Island.  Even though I saw Jarl hidein front of my own eyes, for some odd reason, I feel no hole in my Heart.  Is this what the state of denial feels like?

         Had Skygge clued me in sooner, I could have kept Anora.  Though her flying back could create a distraction for me to slip into the house and get the notebook.

         Flying on the same dragon as Skygge, reeks of everything I am against.  But with Skygge’s ability to sneak up on anyone with his gas bombs, leaving them helpless, no one is safe until we can figure out how to stop Skygge.  The cost at which we are biding our time may be to high.  But after Skygge has his revenge, what will stop him from taking things further?

         Twenty minutes later, Berserker Island is on the Horizon.  Glint cloaks a dark blue to shield us from below.  Skygge needs no direction to find our house, yet I point out the small forest area where he can set down and I can go get the book.

         “Don’t get any ideas.”

         Rolling my eyes after hearing this for the millionth time, “If you don’t get back or I try to signal my friends, you will attack the island, ready or not.”

         I leave without even looking at him.  Swiftly running to the rear of the house, I decide I should just climb up.  While I could have easily run and jumped up some of the crates in a single motion to vault up to the windowsill, I must avoid detection.  Besides, I do need to be aware of how I am using my body because of who I am carrying.

         At the back of the house, having my hands on the wall, I hesitate for a moment.  I realize what I nearly did a little bit ago.  I was so caught up with not caring that I live in a world without Jarl, I did not give the same choice to my two little ones.  I cannot make that choice of taking my life when two individuals depend on me to see their first light of day.  They must be able to make their own choice and decide for themselves.  Just…

         Just as Jarl, a Berkian, made the choice to stand with a Berserker even when they were an enemy at the time.  He may have been ridiculed behind his back or looked down upon, but he never flinched.  He made the choice that no matter who the other person is, the right thing to do is to is the right thing to do.

         Kind of reminds me of the lesson I learned during “On the Edge of Mystery.”  Every individual has the free will to choose.  I cannot make that choice for anyone including my own children.  There will always be those who choose evil in this world over everything else, but the truth will always be there too.  There was something Jarl felt was worthy of dying for.  Seeing and feeling our own future inside of me, I promise never to forget what Jarl did.

         Snapping back to reality, I scale the crates and then reach up to the windowsill.  I need a little jump to take hold, pulling myself up and through.  Though I know the room like the back of my hand, entering this way, I feel like a stranger, seeing things in my own home as if for the first time.

         Jarl’s desk did not have the Notebook of Deondre on it, to my surprise.  This was the last place I saw it, granted I left right after everyone else did last night.  Knowing Jarl’s parents are here with Elsa to watch the other dragons, I dare to go downstairs.  Thankfully, no one is in the house.  With the front door open, I heard some voices outside along with my Anora’s purr greeting those home.

         Easing my way to the door, the voice distinguishes now as Sigvald’s, mid-sentence, “…came on her own.  Annabeth may have let her go for there are no signs of a struggle.  With the gear backed on the saddle, Annabeth did what she wanted at the banquet, leaving early for some reason.”

         I lean my head on the back of the wall, closing my eyes, trying to hold back the urge to run out.

         Listening, Svana wonders, “I want to believe she let her dragon go in hopes of keeping her safe.  But how will Annabeth get home without her?”  Svana sighs, waiting for a moment.  “I hope she plans on coming home.”

         “What the yak, guys, come on.  This is Jarl and Annabeth we are talking about,” Elsa pipes in.  Jarl told us he had a plan to get her back, but we have to trust him.  I trust him and Annabeth.  They may be in a difficult place with all the burdens of needing to protect the island but also stop the threats which want to cause trouble for us and others.  If Jarl and Annabeth cannot count on us to trust them in the choices they make for the good of their home, where would they be?”

         “Well said,” Svana no doubt smiled.

         “Don’t cry,” Sigvald chuckles.  His quip even made me lighten up.  “Just hope Jarl knows what he is doing.  With Deondre’s notebook stolen, all he has left is his journal with all the notes he has collected in the mystery.  He never really talks about it much, but after every mystery, he writes the adventures down.  Knowing what you did in the past can help serve you future.  He’s figured out a lot this past week.  I just hope his hunch pays off.”

         Their voices stop as I hear them all walk away.  Peeking out the doorway, they are taking Anora into the stables.

         As I go back upstairs, my thoughts focus on what Sigvald said, “If the notebook is stolen, what will Skygge do when I tell him?  At least I can take the journal.  But Skygge’s deal with me was only for the notebook.  I don’t want to do any extra favors for Skygge if I can help it.  Maybe,” I pause as I pick up Jarl’s journal, blaming the dust for my eyes watering.  “He can help me stop Skygge.”

         Returning to Skygge, I tell him the notebook was stolen.

         “This night just keeps getting better.  The Mysterious Figure wants the Shadow Dragon.  Grimwald has an interest in this because of you.  Griselda the Grisly somehow has a stake in this, besides my own of making her pay for what she did.  If there is another side to this that knows how the notebooks fit into this and knew you guys had one, then someone is a few steps ahead of us.”

         Actually, happy to see Skygge frustrated, I retort with no remorse, “Now you know how we feel sometimes.  It won’t get any easier, but we move forward anyway.”