Book 8 - Conquest for the Truth - Chapter 4 - Love on the Battlefield

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Oh, I can't wait to write more.  I will probably write some more once this is posted.


Without any delay...


I hope you enjoy the chapter!


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Conquest for the Truth


Chapter 4

Love on the Battlefield


Jarl's Point of View


         Cazi then questions, “Does this mean that the Gale Heart is coming back?”

         I shrug my shoulders, “I don’t know.  It could also have something to do with the prophecy.  All of the Masked Vikings know of the prophecy and know of the saying, ‘A storm is coming.’ Yet they do not know what it means.”

         Annabeth inputs, “Who’s to say that Einar does not know about this.  If he did, wouldn’t he already be at Izar, taking whatever, he wants.”

         Dawn suggests, “Maybe he does know but there is still something that needs to be figured out.”

         I sigh, “And that is where we come in.  If he does know about something on Izar that none of us know about, then he wants us to get to Izar first, retake the islands, and figure the mystery out before he gets there so then he could have the opportunity to take whatever is at the end of the trail for himself.”

         Dawn folds her arms, “And we are going to do exactly this?  Play right into his plan?”

         I nod, “Yep.”

         Dawn rolls her eyes, “Figures.”

         “I need to go study this for a while,” Garth states.  “There is a lot here that I am unsure of.  But it definitely has something to do with your notes on Shadow Mountain.”

         “Before you go, I need to finish up what the plan will be once we get to Izar,” I come back to the table.  “The teams of four is as follows:  Annabeth, Dawn, Cazi, and myself.  Cullan, Jack, Pat, and Thoreous.  Ali, Valkarik, Fira, and Meen.  Asvord, Elsa, Hattori, Hannah, and Abbie.  Garth, Ashley, Samantha, and Aiyana.  Hyith, Tory, Navaro, and Sapphire.  Explod, Angie, Repteil, and Faith.  I just realized, I cannot count.  There will be one team of five, the rest four.  Each team will take a fort.  Knockout everyone in the forts as quietly and as stealthily as possible.  Once you have the fort cleared, put out any lights to signal that the fort is done, stay put, keep an eye on the vikings until help arrives.  A squadron of our forces will reach you shortly.  Mother, father, Mala, Atali, Lilah, Dagur, and Heather.  Keep an eye on things from above.  Once you see a fort location is out, come back to the fleet and bring with you on a small ship the necessary forces needed to secure the fort.  Once you go back, stay with those who cleared the fort.  When the last fort is cleared, Lilah will go and light the Signal Beacon atop Izar’s mountain.  This will be the signal to Alvin to send in the rest of Lilah’s forces.  They will land, round up all the enemy vikings, and retake Izar, securing the lands.”

         I pause, putting both my hands down on the table, sighing, “This isn’t what we ever thought we would ever be doing, but someone has called for our help.  We are answering that call.  The foes we are going up against will stop at nothing to get whatever they want.  That is also why we are coming to figure out what they want.  They will stop you with any means necessary.  But I pray that we will not have to sacrifice what we believe to defend against the attacks of our enemies.  This is a capture mission.  If we stick to the plan, remember our training we have had for the last year and even years past, we can do this.  I trust each and every one of you explicitly with my life.  I trust you feel the same for everyone here.  We are in this together and we will get Izar back.”

         Annabeth comes over to my side and grabs my left arm, “As we have said time and time again, we are with you every step of the way.”

         We then finalized which team would have what fort, then we went over the plan again just to be sure, and then we wait.

         The whole crew then has supper, not much is said.  Shortly there after we go out on a flight to stretch our dragons and also to get away.  Still, not much is said.  Returning to the fleet, we all depart ways to bed down for the night.

         After getting ready for bed, I am sitting on the left edge of the bed on my side, staring down.  I am not sure how long I am doing this, but Annabeth comes to my right side puts her arm around my back.

         “Are you okay?” she asks.  “Is the ring itchy?”

         “Hmm?” I ask, then I realize I was rotating my ring around my finger again.  “Oh.  No.  Just thinking.”

         “You’re thinking it is itchy?  It either is or it isn’t,” Annabeth smiles.

         I sigh as I put my forehead on hers and smile, “Now, you are knowing what to say to me.”

         “I learned from the best,” Annabeth returns.

         We kiss each other goodnight and lay down.

         “Annabeth?” I ask before closing my eyes.

         “Yes, Jarl?” She answers.

         I say, “I am anxious, worried, excited, and scared.  We have done so much prep work for this that I hope everything goes right.”

         Annabeth rolls over to hug me, “Even if things don’t go as planned, that has never stopped us before.  If Einar thinks he can knock us down with a bolt of lightning, we will get up together and show him just what a storm is.”


         The next day is still more waiting.

         Garth sees a few landmarks to know that we are getting close, still nothing is on the horizon.  One of the clues to Garth showing we are close is a steady eastern wind.  Garth says that the wind always comes from the east.  With the wind factored into our arrival time now, it will be dark before the time we wanted to take off with our forces.  If a ship sails directly north with an eastern wind, the ship will be off course from its target the further it goes.  We are still sailing north, but under the command of Dagur and my father, all of the ship captains turn their ships into the wind.  Technically, we are sailing to the northeast, but with the steady eastern wind, it is pushing us along to stay on course.  All of this slows down our progress by at least a quarter of our speed before, if not half our speed.  So, the message is sent along that we will launch the mission ahead of schedule.

         While I thought it would take forever to wait, before I knew it, it was sunset again.  By now, we could just barely see something on the horizon.

         Another hour goes by and the sun sets and darkness falls.

         As each team preps to take off, Garth visits, “I know we are about to take off, but once the islands are secure, meet me at Izar’s Great Hall.  You will know what it is when you see it.”

         “Did you find something out about the Dragon Eye lens?” I wonder.

         “I am not sure,” Garth shakes his head.  “Until I am able to check some our history books, that are hopefully still in the library in The Great Hall.”

         “Would Iskyn have anything else to help?” I suggest.

         “Probably,” Garth agrees but says.  “The libraries are vast and could take a while to find what I am looking for.  The small library in The Great Hall is a lot of general history as well as several maps from different eras.  Once I find what I am looking there, I will know exactly what to look for on Iskyn.”

         I nod as Garth departs.

         Dawn comments, “I get the distinct feeling that Garth already knows something, he just isn’t telling us.”

         Cazi counters, “This is a lot for the guy to take in, coming back to his home under these circumstances.  Maybe he just wants to be absolutely sure of whatever he found before we spend time on something we don’t have too.”

         “Yeah well,” Dawn adds.  “We are flying into a bunch of unknowns here and I don’t like it.  Who’s to say Garth isn’t hiding something?  It wouldn’t be the first time.”

         Annabeth exclaims, “Dawn!  I know that is something you would say, but you don’t have to say it out loud.”

         “Sorry,” Dawn shrugs her shoulders.  “But that is how I feel.  I do and say what I feel.”

         “Well,” I stop the conversation and refocus all of us.  “We won’t know what it is unless we clear out these forts.  Are you all ready?”

         “Yes,” the three girls respond.

         Looking at all the other squads are ready too, I announce, “Let’s go!”

         All of the dragons launch into the air.  We fly into formation behind Garth’s team, climbing into the air until the fleet is a small clump of dots.  Izar is still several miles away, but coming in from straight above will allow us to land undetected; not to mention the fact none of the Dragon Conquerors are expecting us.  So, these vikings will not be looking for us either, giving us even more latitude to land undetected.  Still, better to be safe than sorry.

         The closer we get, the bigger the islands become.  Now coming up to Iyer, some of these islands are as big or bigger than even Shadow Mountain.  No wonder Garth calls this a “mini” archipelago.

         From even a mile or two in the air at this vantage point, we are able to spot the forts we are to raid.  We all break formation and find a landing spot near the forts.

         The fort on Iyer is near the edge of a tall cliff face over looking the harbor of Iyer.  There is a large street in between the fort and the cliff.  Garth suggested that we come up to the fort from the north as to fly into the forest from the other side of the hill that the fort is on.  There is not a whole lot of vikings in those areas from Aiyana’s report, but she did say be wary of traps.  Because of that, we will stick to the trees once we find a safe place to land.

         Diving straight down, Fredrick and I lead Annabeth, Cazi, and Dawn and their dragons.  Pulling up just above the forest in the middle of the large island, we then fly through the forest until we reach a small clearing, which Garth had picked the best place to land at.  While Garth has not been home in years, his knowledge of his home is quite impressive.  Yet, at the same time, the knowledge of one’s home is quite extensive anyway.  But with the size of each of these islands, the varying characteristics, and so many details, Garth has definitely thought many things through to get us to this point.  Now, I am wondering if Garth is starting to figure out our mystery too?

         Staying near the trees, we land near them so we can test the clearing for traps.  We find none.  If we had found some, we would leave them alone because if we were to set them off, then the enemy would come looking.

         Grabbing our weapons and checking out gear, Annabeth and I then leave our dragons with Cazi and Dawn before my wife and I continue on foot… Well… Jumping and swinging from one tree to the next.

         Traversing through the trees for the next five minutes, we finally come upon the fort.  Perched high above in the trees, we are at a spot where we can view the entire fort.

         I take in a deep breath and sigh.

         Annabeth whispers, “How are you doing?”

         “Couldn’t be better,” I quietly answer.  “Now that I am here, I feel as calm as ever.  Still, I am thinking about a bunch of things.  But now being on the ground… Well…,” I look down out of the tree; we are up about seventy-five feet.  “You know what I mean… I finally back in my element.”

         “Beating up the bad guys?” Annabeth questions.

         “Yeah,” then I think.  “We are sounding like Cazi.”

         Annabeth nods, “And this is where the fun begins.”

         Over the last year, we have trained for this moment and the moments to come.  To raid a fort, we will do it all from the shadows.  The first step is to scan the fort and look of all inhabitants, look for any patrols, study their movements, and then go in taking each viking out, hiding the bodies, and clearing the fort.  Both Annabeth and I take notes.

         The fort walls and corner guard towers are made of stone.  The fort is about fifty yards long going west and east, thirty yards wide going north and south, a catwalk surrounding the fort wall, guard towers at the corners, various tents in the fort, and a few buildings in the center with catwalks joining them to the fort wall.  There is only one building that is three stories tall and is more of a square tower, while the other three are one story.  By the looks of things, the one building that is on the far side wall is a stable and the rest of the two buildings are barracks.

         Annabeth comments, “This place is just begging to be infiltrated.”  Annabeth points, “Look at all the tethers connecting to the towers and other wooden guard towers.”

         I counter, “Look at the growth growing up around the outside.  Bushes and grass tall enough to be hidden in.”

         “You ready?” Annabeth asks.

         I smile, hold out my right arm for her to grab, “Thought you would never ask.”

         We take a few steps forward and jump out of the tree, aiming for the catwalk… Just so happens we land on two unsuspecting vikings that we had seen from the start.  We both take them out together.

         Annabeth then quips, “I guess we really do everything together.”

         On the catwalk, there is a fully boarded rail which covers us if we crouch while walking.  With Annabeth covering my back, all I have to worry about is what is in front of us.

         We continue to move to the east to the next guard tower, there is a guard on top.  Instead of taking the ladder, we simply climb up the side of the tower.  Peaking over the top, we see the guard doing his duty, looking out over the forest land in front of him.  Opportunity usually comes when one least expects it.  I kick in the guys knee, forcing up to the ground, while instantaneously grabbing the guy’s mouth.  He struggles for a few moments, before he passes out cold.

         Next, we drop down from the tower and move onto the next tower.  This time, the guard is patrolling in from the other side.  Annabeth and I stay on either side of the door.  We expect him to take the ladder until… We see him appear beside us!

         Annabeth declares, “Hi.”

         He turns his head to look at her.  Before I could do anything from behind, the guy then slumps to the floor.

         I see Annabeth with her right arm outstretched, “Nice right cross.”

         “It got the job done,” Annabeth replies as she shakes her hand a little bit.  “But I didn’t mean to hit him that hard.”

         Annabeth and I continue on to the third and fourth corner guard towers and subdue both guards on standing on top.  We then complete the circle and come back around to the catwalk which bridges to the center building.

         Once there, we see the door open.  Standing by each side of the doorway, we wait for a moment before peaking inside.  Easing our way in, we are greeted by a giant chest.

         I joke, “If a sign saying, ‘Move along.  Nothing is here.  No valuable loot here,’ wasn’t enough, I’d say there is something in this chest.”

         Opening it, we see inside gear that looks like it would belong to a commander.  Glancing at the desk, we see several papers spread across it.  To bad we do not speak Izarian’s dialect of Norse, because neither of us can read this.

         Annabeth whispers, “Seems like these Dragon Conquerors are truly making themselves at home, even adopting the Izarian’s own language as their own.”

         “We will definitely come back here with Garth,” I declare.

         Suddenly, we hear a groan from below.  We both freeze.

         Around behind the chest is a stairwell.  From the top, I lay down on my stomach to then lower my head to see what is below.  Holding onto the floor, I steady myself.

         It is the commander himself, fast asleep in his nice-looking bed.

         Standing up, Annabeth looks at me with intrigue.

         I down play and wave off, “It’s only the commander himself, or at least he looks important enough to be the commander.”

         Annabeth takes a peek as well, then stands up to tell me, “Yeah, I don’t think a subordinate would dare try and sleep in their commanders’ bed or put on his gear when he is here.”

         Annabeth then starts walking out, though I stop her, “Don’t we-.”

         She interrupts, “I already did.”  Annabeth holds up her right arm to show me she had used her preloaded mini arrow from her mini bow caster.  She smiles and tells me, “I don’t know why you didn’t do it when you were down there.”

         I comeback, “I thought we were going to do it together.”

         Annabeth rolls her eyes, “Nice try.  But good comeback.”

         Crouch walking over to the edge of the catwalk, we look below to see one viking leaning up against the wall directly below us.  I jump down and knock him out on impact.

         I hear a hoarse whisper, “Jarl!”

         Looking at my surroundings, I see a guy ten yards to my right coming this way.  He is lighting a torch near the entrance of a building.  Thinking he might wonder why no guard is standing here, I lift the guy back up to his leaning position but he is propped up by me.

         As the other guard starts walking past, I salute him by taking my guy’s arm up to his own head.  The guard walking by merely groans.

         I whisper but loud enough for the guy to hear, “I hate your mother’s cooking.”

         He pauses in his tracks, turns right around, and comes up to me… Well, the guy I am propping up.”

         “What did you say to me?” the other guy demands.

         Before my guy could answer, the other guy had a flying Annabeth land on top of him.  The impact also knocked him out cold.  The torch lands in the walkway.

         I comment, “Though you might get the reference.”

         “Very funny,” Annabeth then grabs for a Zipple Bomb.  “Ready for the barracks?  You drop yours at this end, where we saw the guy light the torch.  I’ll go to the other end.”

         “I was going to be nice and let you do the nearest one,” I tell her.  “You beat me to it.”

         “Fine, how ‘bout this,” Annabeth changes.  “I’ll go to the other end and you can stay here.”

         “Dat’s better,” I chuckle.  “I knew you were going to say that.”

         “So,” Annabeth asks.  “You got it?”

         “Yep,” and I turn towards the other end and start walking.

         I glance back to see Annabeth throw up her hands, but I say back to her, “Don’t slap your hands with the bomb.”

         Her hands stop halfway down.

         When I get down to the other end, standing in the doorway, I wave back to Annabeth.  Pulling the pin, I roll the bomb across the floor.  There is a small amount of compressed air in the bomb to delay the gas from coming out and gassing the user.  After finding Garth passed out in his own workshop, he figured there might need to be a bit of a delay so the user could aim and throw.

         I hear from one of the bunk beds, a guy mumbling in his sleep, “Wish we would finally get some action around here.”

         I tell myself, “Careful what you wish for.”

         Checking all over the fort, we find that there are no more vikings left to be sent to bed, so, we then put out all the lights.  Cazi and Dawn come join us and help collecting all the bodies that we had knocked out into one nice pile.

         While we did that, Dawn comments, “Do you guys even have to be so lovey dovey on the battlefield too?”

         I question, “Don’t you ever wish to find a guy to marry?”

         Dawn hesitates for a moment before snapping back -normal for Dawn- saying, “Sometimes, but who would want to put up with me.  The guy will have to not care as much as I do, but if he doesn’t care for me… Oh, you better believe he will wish he never would have known me.”

         Cazi retorts, “May you have mercy on his soul, at least.”

         “We’ll see,” Dawn cracks a smile.

         Collecting the bodies took fifteen minutes, by then, Heather and her squadron arrives to fully secure the fort.  The Dragon Conquerors are tied up and kept in the barracks until further notice.

         Heather comes over to the four of us and asks, “Did Annabeth and Jarl kiss any?”

         Cazi answers, as Annabeth and I roll our eyes but grin, “Actually, no.”

         Heather winks at us, “Really?  Do you two feel alright?  Do you need to see a doctor?  Have plus five speed?”

         “Do you honestly think that is all we do?” I ask.

         Dawn admits, “Well, if they have to do everything together, at least they are good at sweeping out the dirt in this fort.  Though, they took their sweet time doing it.  Surprised the beacon hadn’t been lit yet after waiting for them to take forever.”

         Annabeth and I shake our heads.

         Now we wait.  Fifteen minutes later, the Signal Beacon is now lit.

         Heather looks up at and declares, “We did it.”

         I tilt my head, “We ain’t done yet.”