Book 8 - Conquest for the Truth - Chapter 29 - A Traitor's Legacy

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This chapter is a bit over due in my opinion, but thank college for that.  Priorities are priorities, but sometimes it takes staying up to get things done that you couldn't sleep until you get done.


With regards to the music mix for this chapter, there are two.  Same deal as before, I will tell you went to stop and then switch to the next mix.  But this time, there is something different.  The second mix is one I created myself.  I collected some of my favorite epic battle music from YouTube and made my own mix.

While searching for a second mix for this chapter, the mixes I liked, the first couple songs were really good but then didn't keep with the same mood, tone, or feel I wanted to maintain throughout the mix.  So I was like, "Fine... I'll do it myself."


*Insert Thanos Meme*


We are very near to the end.  What will happen?  Read the start of the end here.

I hope you all enjoy this new chapter.

I hope you all enjoy this new chapter.


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Formatting looks fine while typing until it posts

Here is the first mix:

2-Hours Epic Music | THE POWER OF EPIC MUSIC - Best Of Collection - Vol.5 - 2019


Conquest for the Truth


Chapter 29

A Traitor's Legacy


Jarl's Point of View


         Everyone seemed encouraged by what I said as they walk back with purpose.  Although I can see the skeptics.  But I look forward to stare down the seemingly insurmountable odds looming in the distance.  I stand alone simply asking one question for its answer…


         Only a few moments pass before I am no longer standing by myself.

         With the upmost tone of care and concern, my heart steps to my right side, “Jarl?”

         Annabeth does not need to say it specifically, she is asking me the same question which I am seeking the answer.  How?

         In the answer to her, I feel probably the calmest I have been in a while, “You look to me for the answer and the guidance, as should a wife to her husband, to figure out what to do.  But…”

         “But,” I turn to look into her eyes.  “I don’t know what to do.  I…  My heart wants to stay and fight, but my mind is telling me we should just get out of here.”

         Annabeth replies, “Escape the danger?  Or are you thinking about our plus one?”

         I smile, “I want our child to be able to take in the world around us.  I love you two so much, I don’t want you here.  I want to protect you from all harm.  I know you, Annabeth, can take care of yourself.  But if we stay here, we may not live to see tomorrow.”

         Annabeth challenges, “Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring.  We may get sick and die.  We may fall off a cliff and die.  We may live to see our old age and die.  For we are but a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.  If He wills, we will see the rest of today and then tomorrow.  As it is, Einar boasts in his arrogance, in his evil ways.  If we both know what the right thing to do is and we fail to do it…,” she trails off as she gets a bit choked up.  “There has not been a moment where I have not thought of the child I am carrying.  Praying nothing would happen to them, me, or you.  But the thing which keeps me going is what you have taught me.  We do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.  We stand for the truth.  If we don’t know what to do, we will know what needs to be done when the time comes.  There come times like these we need to let go of the things we have no control over and trust the things we can do.  Whatever happens, we will do it together.  And that is a bond which will never break.”

         “‘My mouth shall speak wisdom; the meditation of my heart shall be my understanding,’” I quote.  “You have always been one of the things in my life which drives me to be who I am supposed to be.  I’ll often refer to you as ‘my heart’ because that is what I have given to you.  I may not know how we will win, but with you at my side, I will have every opportunity to win.  As you so wisely put, if we do it together then we have our opportunity to win.”

         Annabeth smiles and comments, “Back in the dome when I saw the sphere… Were you going to do something?”

         “Let’s see,” I smile.

         Gently lifting her chin in my hand, I then kiss her.

         “Did you mean when I was so rudely interrupted?” I quip.

         A swift jab in the side is my reward.

         “Don’t press your chances, mister,” Annabeth cannot keep an annoyed expression for long as she grins.  “You’ll still have to live with me after this.”

         Annabeth and I mount our dragons to fly back to the command post.  I was going to call everyone to meetup, but I find them all there anyway.

         Dawn is leaning in from the outside and off handily says, “So, how are we going to win this thing?”

         “I’m still thinking.  In the meantime,” I turn to Vixxen.  “How is Einar going to attack us?”

         Vixxen responds, “In his eyes, he wants this to be done right.  He will wait until we are ready.  Everything he has done before now, everything he has said is out the window.  Einar has done everything in his life since the raid to lead up to this moment.  If you are not sure what Einar is capable of and every tactic, he hasn’t fully unleashed, you will see it all on display here.  In his eyes, he does not care what is in his way, just so long as he gets what he wants.”

         “Then we give him what he wants,” I say.  “If he wants a fight, he will get one.”

         Dawn smiles, “While I do like the sound of that, do you also got a good ‘ol Jarl plan?”

         “You might say that,” I chuckle.  “It may be crazy enough to work.  But I need everyone’s help on this.  Do you trust me?”

         Everyone stands up straighter, some putting their fist in their other hand, stretching, securing their weapon on them…  From this, they give me their answer.

         Vixxen walks over, laying a hand on my shoulder, “We are all behind you.  Whatever you need.  From what I know about you all previously and what I now see, I think I can say this for everyone:  You tell us what to hit and we’ll hit it.”

         “Alright,” I smile.  “Here’s the plan.”


>>>Stop the first mix and pause.  Seeing if I can time something out again.<<<


         Many hands make light work.  Thirty minutes later, a small group of my friends and I stand alone on the southern shores of Izar.  We start to see Einar and his ships sail in from either side of Iyer.  Reason why we are on Izar is there are more defensible positions on and around Izar than Iyer alone.  Annabeth, Cazi, Dawn, Garth, Hattori, Ashley, Tory, Cullan, and I are standing to face the enemy who takes another thirty minutes to line up all their ships.  Einar’s main ship is less than a hundred yards from our position.

         Dawn mentions, “You do know this plan is crazy.”

         “Yeah, well, you’re standing out here too.”

         “I knew I was crazy,” Dawn adds.  “I thought you were the one supposed to be the sane viking here to keep the rest of us in line.”

         “That’s just it,” I reply.  “If we are going to do this, we are going to have to do this our way, on our terms, together, just like it has always been.”

         Hattori asks, “Is that why you asked me, Cullan, Ashley, and Tory to join with you?”

         “Yes,” I answer.  “It started with you all and this will end with you all.”

         Once the sea settles, the air is as still as could be.  No birds chirping.  No wind or breeze of any king can be felt.

         Einar’s voice booms as a Skrill blast striking the air, “I thought you had a fighting spirit.  Didn’t think you would just sacrifice yourselves.”

         He waits for an answer from us.  I do not answer, nor does any of us.

>>>Start my music mix<<<

Heart of a Warrior, Soul of a Legend - Chapter 29 - Epic Music Mix (Conquest for the Truth)

         “Thought you would be the one who would fight with honor in battle.  You would probably wait for me to fire the first shot, but I didn’t think you would just give up.”

         He waits for a reply.  We still give no reply.

         “Are you just going to stand there?”

         Waits for a response, there is still no response.

         He pauses then talks to his archers.  He tells them to take aim.  We stand our ground.  They fire at us.  We do not flinch as all the arrows land around us.

         Einar pauses again for us to say something, but he looks surprised that we still do not answer.

         “You may not flinch now, but you might when the full might of the Bewilderbeast is upon you!”


         Einar’s Bewilderbeast makes his presence known.  We are not phased.  It rises up from behind Iyer as it starts climbing to the top of the island.  Another earth-shattering roar blares from the giant dragon as it perches on top of Iyer.

         “Last chance, Jarl,” Einar states, raising his right arm holding what looks like a spear straight up into the air.

         None of us budge.

         Einar drops his arm…  Pointing the spear at us!

         The Bewilderbeast leaps into the air, flying over the ships…

         But the Alpha dragon is caught off guard by another Alpha dragon, Izar’s Alpha, diving up from the depths of the ocean from the left side, meeting the other Bewilderbeast mid-flight.  They both crash into the water to the north, taking a few smaller ships of Einar with them.

         This is Vixxen’s sign to lead our dragons to us.  Now we answer by mounting our dragons and fly into the air.  Before Einar could realize the quick turn of events, he is bombarded from catapults on the back side of Iyer.

         I lead the group to hit and run targets on the rear of the ships, trying to force them forward.  It does not take the ships long to try and get out of range of the catapults and us, but since they set up so close to the shores of Izar anyway, they have no choice but to go ahead with their landing plans.  But as they go, we think we can pick the rest of the big targets off, yet the dragons Einar had used before with Theodor leading them, sends them at us.  In a seemingly simultaneous fashion, the ground forces and dragon forces on both sides clash.

         We must break formation and fend for ourselves.  A lot of my other friends join in on their dragons as what looks like a cloud of bees flying in the air.

         Facing the dilemma Hiccup once had to deal with, “How do you fight dragons and dragons with dragon riders without hurting the dragons?”

         Of all the dragons to be chasing me, Theo and his Grim Gnasher, Arken is chasing me.  He has his Grim Gnasher fire its teeth at me.  At the speed we are going, they do little good as Fredrick simple evades them.  Both the Grim Gnasher and the Thunderdrum are more defensive dragons than offensive, so it leans itself more to the skill of the rider to get the upper hand.

         Now wanting to lose the guy, I start climbing into the air in a spiral as Theo follows.  Climbing for a couple hundred yards, I arc backwards to dive to the western side of Einar’s fleet.  I level Fredrick out as we race over the ships.  When I near the center of the fleet, I aim my grappling hook for the center mast of the ship.  It catches and I lock it, so it takes me out of my saddle, swinging around…  By which I knock Theo clear off his dragon.  He flails his arms as he falls to the ship’s deck below.  Fredrick had circled around the opposite way I had swung so a few moments after I knocked Theo off his dragon, Fredrick picked me back up as I detached the grappling line.  I have a brief moment to take in what is happening.

         The ground forces are only trying to occupy Einar’s forces and inviting them to come further onto Izar.  Our viking forces engage the enemy then Cazi leads the Skrills in a bombing run to separate the two sides as our forces retreat a bit before reengaging.  Every other available dragon rider is keeping Einar’s dragon fleet occupied.  Keeping both sides occupied, Einar keeps sending in more and more reinforcements.  Waiting a few more rounds and assisting my friends to get a few dragons off their tails, I see Einar has no more reinforcements to send in.  I tap Fredrick on the side of his head to get his attention, then use my first finger and rotate it in a circle.  Fredrick understands the signal and lets out his own roar.  Those who were with me before, form up on me again as I lead them down to Einar’s flag ship.

         Landing on the stern, my friends and I dismount along with Vixxen.  We all unsheathe our weapons as the “welcoming committing” steps out to greet us.  Neither side takes the first move yet.  We are definitely outnumbered, viking to viking.

         “Well, well, well,” Einar turns around from the lookout point at the bow, clapping his hands.  “I must say I am very impressed.  Everything you have down to this point has countered everything I have done.”

         I answer, “So you must know what we have come for.”

         “Yes, I do,” Einar states.

         From a hold opening near the center of the ship, out emerges a viking with Klarp.

         “Now how do you suppose you get him?” Einar questions.

         “I have my ways,” I tell him.  “Guys, fight to disarm, not to kill.”

         My friends’ step to my sides with Vixxen behind, ready for a fight.

         “By all means try,” Einar chuckles.  “My men, on the other hand…  Kill them all.”

         Before anything else happens, I feel something in my back.

         “Don’t turn around, Jarl,” Vixxen says.

         Annabeth demands, “What are you doing?”

         “Doing whatever it takes,” Vixxen explains.  “Don’t challenge me or I will run him through.”

         Feeling betrayed, I simply ask, “Why?”

         “I have wanted for so long to return to Izar and defend the land I once called my own.  But that day has long since fled from me and there is no way I can ever get anyone from Izar to think of me of anyone other than the traitor,” she answers.  “If I am the traitor, then I will do it for my own gain.  Einar?”

         “Yes, Vixxen,” Einar proudly smiles.

         “I know you still want to conqueror Jarl, his friends, and these islands.  If I don’t stand in your way, would you exchange Jarl here for Klarp?”

         “I could just kill you all and that would be the end of it.”

         Vixxen reminds, “That wasn’t the plan, Einar.  You all played your role quite well, though getting shot in the back with an arrow was playing a little too realistic.”

         I quip, “Getting something in the back.  Hmm.  Wonder how that feels like?”

         “It wasn’t my idea,” Einar says.  “But I approve.  After all which has transpired, I really thought you had fallen for Jarl’s smooth talk.  He has a way with words to make anyone feel like they are in the wrong.  Sure, we had our contingency plan of you trying to win their favor just to betray them later.  But I knew you were still wanting to save your land and would return the favor of betraying to me.  With Skygge’s suggestion, he became my own contingency plan.”

         Ashley calls out, “I’m disgusted with you Vixxen.  After all we have done for you.”

         Tory comments, “Jarl saved your life.”

         Garth spits on the deck, “And you said you wanted to finally do something right for once.  Once a traitor, always a traitor.”

         Annabeth adds, “He could have left you to hideor finished you off for that matter.  And this is how you repay us?”

         “I would be more than happy to banter back and forth, but Einar has something of mine.  He is not the kind of viking to keep waiting,” Vixxen walks me forward past Einar.  He motions to the viking to let Klarp go.

         Klarp and Vixxen exchange questions, asking if the other is alright.

         “I must say Vixxen,” Einar sounds pleased.  “I didn’t think you had this in you.  You were always so adamant about being the warrior for Izar you had always dreamed about.  You’ve lived your whole life for this moment.  You are giving that up.  What are you gaining?”

         Vixxen looks at Klarp and grabs his forearm, “A life.”

         “Pfft,” Einar rolls his eyes.  “It is always love, isn’t it, Jarl?”  Einar walks over to Annabeth and tries to grab her chin.  Annabeth shies away.  Einar stops but says, “I hadn’t realized it until now but…  You remind me of my own daughter…  Shame you have to die.”

         “If we hidetoday, the truth of today will live on.  And-.”

         Einar interrupts Annabeth, “Yes, yes, and there will be others who will stand in my way.  But as I once told you, I will tell you all again now.  Every time someone who stands in my way and says to me, ‘I will not get away with my deeds.’  I yet again still stand before you now with them the same result.  All the foes I have ever faced are nowhere in sight.  It won’t end with you all because your truth and righteousness are stubborn things.  They just won’t die.  But at least you won’t live to see what comes next.”

         Vixxen retorts, “You wanna bet?”

         Einar stops and turns to look at her.

         “Sapling… Hide!!!”

         Fira’s voice yells out the command which is also our cue to smash our Smoke Bombs on the deck, creating a cloud as thick as a Smokebreath’s cloud unless you are standing right next to someone.  Sapling, Fira’s blind Changewing envelopes Klarp and flies off.  At the abruptness of the misdirection, the rest of Einar’s men engages my friends.

         Immediately, I charge Einar, swinging my sword.


         Einar had drawn his sword and met mine, “Why, Jarl?  Are you trying to strike me down?  I thought you don’t kill.”

         “With you,” I look at him, remembering the last time I was in this position.  “I could make an exception.”

         Einar swiftly brings his sword back to him, causing me to take a step forward because of the pressure I was applying.  He finishes his swing, but I fling myself back to dodge.  So much so, I fall back on the deck.

         “As much as I would like to see you test your morals,” Einar stands up.  “It isn’t our time and I have an archipelago to conqueror.”

         Realizing what he means, I am quick to my feet and lunge at him.  He deflects my attack as he disappears from the smoke.  I rush to the edge of the ship only to see Einar’s blue Rumblehorn whisk him away.

         Turning around, I see the smoke quickly subsiding because of the Rumblehorn flying through.  I also see more reinforcements appearing from the holds of the ship.


         Fredrick rears and calls out.  My eyes shoot to the right.  Thinking he is in trouble instead I see a different sight.  Ragnarok swoops down firing shots at the reinforcements.  This in turn sends the rest of our dragons into rescue us.  Heeding the one portion of Einar’s statement of this is not our time, we regroup in the air with Fira joining Vixxen on Ragnarok.

         As we fly on to the next part of our plan, I whisper to myself, “Now the real fight begins.”