Book 8 - Conquest for the Truth - Chapter 27 - The Storm is Here

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What happens in the tail end of this chapter, one specific part, I have had in mind since before I started writing the first chapter of this book.  So much has led up to this book, so much has been put into this book, so I hope it is paying off.


I hope you all enjoy this chapter!


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The music mix for this chapter is this:

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About the 2 hour mark of this mix, doesn't match what I wanted for the chapter, but from the start of it to this mark, it does.  I have jumped around from mix to mix, trying to find one I like.  This one I finally decided on, so you may stop at 2 hours and then put it at the beginning to play over if you like.


Towards the end of the chapter, there is a specific song I would like playing as you read.  The link will be when I want you to play it.


Conquest for the Truth


Chapter 27

The Storm is Here


Jarl's Point of View


         Flying away from the battles going on makes me want to go help them.  But seeing Einar’s tactics, his ships are not trying to advance.  They are only trying to occupy our ships and hold their ground, or water for that matter.  If we stop Einar then the rest of his forces will have no leader, no direction, and hopefully no reason to continue.  Surrender is what I am banking on.

         The Heart of Izar.  Where is it?  Well, Garth and I had been talking and the place in all the isles he knows no one has ever searched for what we want is Perun Peak, the highest point on Izar.  The peak is like a spire of rock shooting up from the central mountain.  It looks small, but the closer one gets to it the larger it becomes.  Not only this, but we see a blue Titan Rumblehorn, Einar’s dragon.  Rarely have I seen him use a dragon, but from what I hear, he can be just as dangerous on a dragon as in person.

         Throughout the inner parts of Izar’s island, there is an enormous catacomb of caves, caverns, tunnels, and shafts, some of which make up The Sanctuary where The Alpha used to call home.  Because of this there were areas where no one explored after The Alpha settled in the island.  But some knew of their ancestors scratching the surface of exploring these areas when trying to figure out certain things right before and during The Unification of all the islands.  All things point to Perun Peak as having something.  If all those tunnels and shafts are of the same vast ones of The Sanctuary, I would have to bet these would go into the heart of the island.  Pun intended literally.  Perun Peak leads to the Heart of Izar.  However, no records say anything about what is inside.  All pretty typical things found in history books.  But that is just it.

         With the course of this mystery, anything that does not answer our question of what is inside compared to similar questions on other things that it does, it begs the question, “What are they hiding?”  The Izarian Records are thorough especially with the added information from the Sentinel records.  With such much insight on the history of Izar even about The Prophecy, some about The Lightning Cannon, and records of every citizen of Izar, then why is there nothing more on Perun Peak?

         Knowing now there is the knowledge and power to become a Dragon Mage, vikings took strides to hide and protect it.  But in trying to cover it up, the gaps they left were only visible to someone looking for them.  Looking at the records, as I said, pretty typical stuff.  For vikings like me, Vixxen, and Einar -never thought I would include myself in the same breath as him- but even he has proven to be smart when it comes to mystery. 

         Those hungry for power, those who want to be a Dragon Mage in the way Einar is trying, will always find a way.  Therefore, I have chosen to stop vikings or dragons or anything else which would dare stand against the right and truth in this world.  Anyone can see the truth if they stop, think, and open their eyes, like Vixxen.  Vixxen is more versed in the aspect of mysteries than Einar, because she goes beyond what she wants for herself.  She always had this, though she was misguided and blinded as to how to do it.  Now, she clearly does see now.

         Do I see Einar changing?  No.  I am not fooling myself, but this will not stop me for the truth will find its own way with or without a viking’s help.  Right will prevail.  And something becoming ever clearer to me:  Right will prevail with or without me.  While I draw breath, I will stand before men like Einar and show them a better way.  The way I try my best to live by no matter what I face.

         “Well, I am glad you two could join me,” Einar greets us while we land on a small, flat area just before the entrance of Perun Peak.  While mounting his Rumblehorn, he says and holds out his hand, “Shall we proceed?”

         Annabeth and I just look at him.  He merely chuckles and has his dragon fly into the entrance.  I would not for any reason have Einar behind me, let alone Annabeth.  We follow Einar into Perun’s Peak.

         Though flying straight down, we have our dragons float down so we can maneuver if we must.  Each dragon has their wings fully spread out, catching as much air as they can, but still we are pointing down gradually spiraling down the shaft.  Einar has his Rumblehorn light a fire in the dragon’s mouth so we can see where we are going.  With me behind Einar, Anora behind me does the same.  This gives us enough light to see we do not fly into any unwanted obstacles.  The further we go, the ever so slightly wider the shaft becomes.

         Down, down, down we go.  Even if we are trying to go as slow as we can, because this shaft is so long, our dragons cannot help but start to fly at cruising speed.  Had we actually been diving down we would probably be going twice as fast as we are now.  As we go, I notice on the outer rim of the shaft, what looks like a ledge also spiraling down.  It is as if there is a way to walk down yet it would take an extremely long time before reaching the bottom.  One other thing I notice about the shaft is gray, shiny veins running throughout the shaft.  If I had to guess what it might be, I would have to say silver.  And there is not just a little bit, there are huge veins which make up most of the walls.

         As I am thinking nothing more could make this interesting, a blue glow starts to fill the scene.  The further we go, the more intense it gets.  This place reminds me of the one small tunnel my crew and I had been in which had the Flightmare Algae, but also veins of the algae too.

         It is difficult to judge how far we have gone, but ten minutes later, we arrive at the bottom… to a large pool blue, glowing algae in water at the bottom of the shaft.  Best guess of how far we have come, nearly a half a mile.  With this said, we are for sure in the center of Izar, beneath its surface.  There is a what might be considered a shore surrounding the pool of water.  The pool is probably thirty yards in diameter; adding the shore, the diameter is forty.  Einar lands on what I believe is the west side of the pool.  There are large boulders everywhere, he takes his dragon behind one and next to the wall.

         “You won’t be needing your dragons.”

         About to protest we would be the judge of that, Einar gives some hand motions to both Fredrick and Anora before grabbing a horn on Fredrick and pinching the underside of Anora’s neck… They both collapse and pass out!

         Both drawing our weapons, Annabeth and I charge Einar who lets us tackle him, Annabeth demanding, “What did you do to our dragons?”

         Annabeth proceeds to put the top end of her axe to Einar’s neck, Einar chuckles, “You kill me now, you won’t know how to get your dragons back.  Unless you become a Dragon Mage in the moment after, would you mind getting off me?”

         Annabeth hesitates yet does step back; I do too.

         Now with a perturbed Annabeth, me disgusted at Einar, and him the only one happy, Einar stands up, dusting himself off, “Thank you.  Even if you don’t believe anything I say, your dragons are fine.  For one, it isn’t their time.  Two, where we are going is no place for a dragon.”

         Dryly laughing, I quip, “So, what makes you think it would be okay for us?”

         He does not answer but asks, “Do you have the other herb?”

         Annabeth grabs her saddlebag from Anora.

         “If you don’t mind, I’ll hang on to this for now,” Annabeth tells Einar.

         “Suit yourself.”

         If anger could give off red light, Annabeth’s expression alone could light this whole area to where we would need protection from her.  Of course, this is not accounting for my own.

         Einar starts walking to the north side of the pool, which it looks like there is a tunnel leading out from there.

         I go over to Annabeth’s left side, reach to take her hand.  Her expression changes from anger to worry.  She cracks a smile, but it does not last.

         Following where Einar went, when get there we see him waiting for us.  He holds out what looks like a torch.  We exchange looks.  Then I take the torch and hold it against the wall.  With a Zipple Gas Bomb, I let out a little bit.  Einar hands me a rock from the floor which I take to then strike against the wall to create a spark.  This ignites the torch.  Einar has in his possession another torch which he lights and walks off, leaving me with this one.  In this tunnel, the Flightmare Algae veins continue, still giving off some light.

         Einar begins to talk, “I’m sure you have studied up on the history of Izar and with your mystery you have been diligently trying to solve, you have no doubt found out more than what the history books say.  I would like to clear up some things about myself.  Annabeth knows some of this as she overheard my conversation with Grimmel.”

         “I have seen what you think of dragons.  It is a noble notion, but with toxic implications.  Dragons who won’t submit to vikings as the dominate species should be eradicated.  The threat of dragons to the world is as old as the world itself.  I became a Dragon Hunter to protect my island from the dragon threat.  Through my skill and love of my people, years later I was made leader of the honorable Sun Warriors.  We were a group of elite Hunters wearing shining gold armor with our clan crest on our shoulder pauldrons.  A red sun with eight points emblazoned on our armor was the pride of all Sunset Isle, my home.  Once leader, became bolder with my tactics to finish the war with the dragons.  Following clues to where certain nest might be at, I came upon a rumor which would drive me for the next several years.  Ever heard of the ‘King of Dragons?’”

         I answer, “It has been mentioned a time or two in our adventures.”

         “I’m sure it has.  I hear some who meet a King will meet a cold end.  A certain trader found that out firsthand,” Einar goes on.  “The Sun Warriors and I dedicated our lives to protect Sunset Isle from faraway threats.  After an unsuccessful expedition to locate -at the time- rumored ‘King of Dragons’ and eliminate the dragons in the area once and for all…  My fleet was followed back to Sunset Isle.”

         Annabeth retorts, “Your fleet wouldn’t be difficult to follow.”

         Einar stops in his tracks aggressively comes up to Annabeth.

         I leap between him and Annabeth as he in nearly a full rage declares, “How would you like it if a group of dragons torched your island bare?  Leaving nothing beyond but ash and rubble?”

         Keeping Annabeth behind him, I commend him, “Back off!!”

         Waving his hand at us, he walks a few steps away before turning around, “The Sun Warriors and I tried to fend off the attack, but the dragons burnt everything to the ground.  The only ones left who could flee were some in my fleet.  Had I not delayed in returning home.  I too would have been in the brunt of the first wave of the attack.  After days of the ongoing battle, watching all my brothers and sisters in arms go down one by one, I knew I had to escape.  The dragons’ numbers were overwhelmingly numerous.  Simply put, there was no choice but to flee or die.  Thinking all was lost, I found the only thing left in this world I still love.  My niece, Saga Verodfellar.  Seeing what dragons did to her family and mine, it was then I realized the value of power over honor.  A lot of good honor and valor it did my brothers and sisters.  With only Saga with me, I take a small ship and sail on an east going current.  The wind carried us for many weeks until we reached a collection of isles known as Izar.  They welcomed us and took care of us, showed us around their island.  The distraction from what had just happen was what Saga needed, but I just could not let go of what happened.  When their leaders then showed me their Alpha, everything changed.  What I had searched for years was right here all along.  The only dragon which could control any dragon regardless of the dragon’s strength of will.  The King of Dragons’ power could send dragons out for anything it pleased.  I swore an oath that day to avenge my island which I failed to protect and defeat the Alpha.  When I went in the night we arrived, I found the Alpha.  Before I could do anything, I was spotted.  I was careless then which cost me the best chance I ever had at defeating the King of Dragons.  I fought with the guards before they could take me, and I escaped.  From there, The Dragon War began.  All of that has led up to this.  The mystery you dubbed, ‘The Mystery of Shadow Mountain,’ The Prophecy, the very history of how and why Izar was founded to when vikings first sailed here, destiny has led everyone involved to this moment.  This power is waiting for someone to use it.  And I will fulfill that destiny.”

         A few moments later we enter a dome like chamber, roughly twenty yards across.

         I remark, “With my experience with mysteries, Mr. Verodfellar, that looks like a puzzle in the center.”

         Einar ignores me and walks down the few steps into the center of the dome.  I shrug my shoulders.  The guy knows more about this than either of Annabeth or me.

         Annabeth then calls out from some place else, “Hey Jarl.  Come here.”

         Looking around, I follow the sound of her voice.  Walking back into the tunnel, she calls out again.  So, I turn to the left and find her in a small room through a cutout crack of the tunnel wall.  Upon entering, I see a small office, no more than ten feet by twenty feet.  A desk, a couple chairs, a cot in the corner, and a workstation.  Annabeth is reading a book from a collection of books from the desk.

         In a lower voice, Annabeth says, “Look at this.”

         Opening the book up to me, I hold the torch up and study the picture.

         It is depicting four herbs in a diamond shape!

         “Get this,” in a whisper, I read the journal part.  “These four herbs have special properties.  Studying the herbs and were they could be found.  It seems they originate from certain resting places for dragons when they leave their home.  It is from dragons, once they pass, the ground because fertile.  Growth on these islands is like anything else.  None of the Vanaheims I have been to have any such herbs.”

         Annabeth and I instantly look at each other at the mention of a certain island.  No doubt we are thinking the same thing, “There’s more than one?”

         Continuing, “Therefore these herbs are from a land I may never see.  From my dealings with the Alpha, he has shown me powerful things in some trials which paired with the correct elements after drinking water could give off various results to any dragon nearby.  The trials were done in this dome.  None of them harmful, but the dragons I saw changed drastically from what they were before.  Timid dragons became bold.  Bold dragons became wise.  Weak dragons became strong.  Somehow these dragons then became revered by other dragons after the trials.  It is as if these trials bestowed upon the dragon gifts of some kind.  I could only fear what it might do to a viking.  Now being the Alpha’s Hand I feel as if I have a bond to the King of Dragons.  It is difficult to explain, but I feel as though whatever he feels I feel.  Whatever mood I was in before coming into see the Alpha, it seemingly always changes.”

         I turn the page.  It goes into several things of which we already know about the Alpha’s Hand from Izar’s history books and from the current example of Kaya.

         Turning to the end of the book, on the last page, it reads, “This will be my last entry as the Alpha’s Hand.  Years of dedication to the magnificent beast has come to the end.  But in those years, I have put into motion a plan to protect the beast’s power.  He has approved, so the next generation will have to take over.  I am old and worn but as my last labor of love I leave this riddle, ‘At the…,’” I trail off before looking at Annabeth, “The Prophecy.

         Reading the familiar saying one more time, “At the proper time, all will come to pass, all will be made clear.  The Heart of a storm will rise with the winds of the sky and the depths of the ocean will return to its origin.  The power that waits to be held, can punish, corrupt, or be the savior to a land that was once lost.  A land which is home to healing, to wisdom, to strength, to immortality.  Only the storm will survive.  A storm is coming.  A storm is here.”  Reading the signature of the final entry, “Camilla ‘The Curious’ Vixxen!”

         Many things are beginning to become clearer now, but before either of us could react to anything, Einar’s voice startles us as he leans in, “What is this?  What did you find out?”

         I respond, “I’m sure you have heard of the Alpha’s hand.  Well, it looks like from this journal this was her workshop where she would regularly come to study her notes on the Alpha or other things she has found out.”

         “Like what?” Einar pressed.

         “A lot of the things we already know,” I answered folding my arms, then realized I still had a hold of the torch.  “You know I wouldn’t lie, even to you.”

         “That is apparent, I know,” Einar agrees.  “But whatever you were reading it seemed like you were really captivated with it because I startled both of you.”

         Annabeth folded her arms and snapped back, “What would you do if someone out of the starkness of quiet and darkness leaned their head in and said something when we did not know you were there?”

         “Fair point,” Einar stated.  “What I came here to do was to ask you for the fourth herb.”

         “We will be out,” I answer.  “Just move out of the way.”


>>>Top Epic Music: "Divebomb" | by End Of Silence<<<


         Einar leads back into the dome.  By the look of things, he has already solved the puzzle.  Though now looking at it myself, it is not so much of a puzzle as it is a contraption of sorts.  The herbs in a diamond formation in holders of their cases they came with, dripping down into a basin on the floor some of the glowing algae they possess and most likely the herbs properties.  The holders are on separate gears which would only be in a diamond formation if rotated into the correct position from their attachment from adjacent pillars next to each one.

         Einar places the last herb into place, “I must hand it to you Jarl, you are a foe worthy to fight against.  I had doubted you the whole way, starting from the first time I met you when I knelt over and told you, ‘A storm is coming.’  I thought you were a mere kid in over his head trying to solve something too big for himself, trying to escape the adventure.  All the while you were looking for the adventure.  Many things about you, Jarl Mollerson, is admirable:  Your strength of will, your dedication to moral principles, your passion for helping vikings in need, your love of your family, your friends, and your dragons.”

         I interject, “But.”

         He chuckles, “But, there is still one thing you lack.”

         “And that is?”

         “The realization you cannot win.  As we speak Thorgunna Vixxen has taken over the Lightning Cannon.  Our little act of me betraying her just to think you could win her over has proven your biggest downfall,” Einar pauses as we hear what sounds like an explosion in the distance with a rumbling growing louder and a vibration shaking the ground.  “You think there is another way to winning in battle from honor from fighting for your life or merely solving a mystery.  The only way to truly get what you want is to command the power to take it.  Honor and valor are no match for power.  My home is a testament to that.  Your thought of helping others in their fight will never work.  Only the storm of power can overwhelm anything in its way.  Including you.”

         The ground is now violently shaking, and the thunderous rumble grows even louder.  Einar takes cover behind a pillar, then my gut wrenches inside of me.  Reacting on impulse I reach to push Annabeth only to find she is reaching to push me.  We knock each other back, shield our face, and…


         A bright light appears as the shockwave of blast throws me back several feet.  The sound immediately following, and I know it from anywhere…  The shot blast of a Skrill, though like it is multiplied several times over.

         Dazed, ears ringing, I crawl back over to where I was.  Reaching out my hand, I feel her hand then clasp over mine.  By pulling each other up with our arms, I look at Annabeth… Amazed at the sight.

         Skrill bolts arcing off her!

         Looking at myself, they are arcing off me!  Then looking around, the bolts are arcing off the walls!!

         Each bolt appearing for a few moments before suddenly leaving and another bolt arcing off another spot.  This whole place is conducting the bolts and keeping them going.  Abruptly as it left, my hearing comes back.

         Together, Annabeth and I turn to face Einar, standing before us.  The expression on his face is fear, for a moment.

         He then calls out, “You cannot withstand the storm!”

         As one, Annabeth and I declare…

         “We are the storm!”