Book 8 - Conquest for the Truth - Chapter 26 - A True Warrior

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When you wanted to get something done two days ago but other things kept getting in the way that needed to get done and you can't sleep until you get the thing you wanted done, done...


Welcome to this chapter.  XD


The joys of being in a creative hobby or field, sometimes you just have to get something done or it may be a while before it gets done.


Hope you all enjoy the new chapter!


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Conquest for the Truth


Chapter 26

A True Warrior


Heather's Point of View


         My sister and I mount our Razorwhips, flying off towards the northeast.  Dawn jumps on her Triple Stryke, Fawn, to follow us.  By the time we get over to the other battlefront, the fight is in full force.  The way the plan of defense is taking place here, it is nearly identical to the defense of Iyer.  It is just the Vikings involved are different.

         Dagur’s First Officer, Ulf the Unrivaled, is commanding The Armada to support the Retribution and the rest of the Izarian Fleet.  Commanding the Izarian Fleet from the Retribution is Val of the Firefly Tribe.  When positions were being picked, one of Garth’s friends, Val, said it would be her honor to command the Izarian Fleet.  For most of the time since The Scattering, she had been protecting her tribe.  But with the importance of this battle, if Izar falls, who is to say Einar will not go further with his conquest?  From what I read in some of Garth’s books, Val gained a shoulder brooch which came from her mentor and former battle master of the Firefly Tribe when he sacrificed himself to destroy a quarter of Einar’s fleet during the raid to retrieve the stolen egg.  Seeing Einar’s fleet now, I would hate to have seen that quarter now because Einar’s fleet is still impressive.  Even still, he has left some of his fleet a few miles off shore.  Einar is waiting for something and we know what.

         Valkarik’s older sister, Marth, is the Supervisor commanding the two ships of The Fifth Fleet.  Their special weapon from using the Sea Shockers, after a little bit of training and help from Lyra, they are freely helping us now.  Now, they are giving it all they can which was more power than what they were doing before.

         Svana, Jarl’s mother, is commanding the Berkian Fleet here.  Before Einar came, seeing Sigvald and Svana take care of preparations for the fleet, I would not think they would be able to take charge of so many ships at once.  But seeing Svana in action, it is like she and her husband have always done it and never stopped being a sailor of the seas.

         Lilah has the ground forces ready if Einar breaks through.  Hopefully, we will not have to use them.

         Ulf calls out a mark for us to attack.  As we go, the three of us have to bob and weave through fire on either side.  The decision to use dragons as hit and run squads is a good decision.  While our dragons can take on any ship, the maneuvering space is so helpful.  Though out matched as a smaller squad, we are only trying to make the rest of our ships’ jobs easier to finish the defense.

         Our target is the main weapon installment on Einar’s battleship.  The weapon consists of three ballistae, two catapults, two net launchers, and two grappling hooks.  Those bring back some bad memories, though, they eventually turned up good.  All of the weapons are attached to a single structure which can swivel and rotate.

         I ask Annabeth, “How are we going to get down without it looking too obvious?”

         “Just stay close.  I’ll take care of it.”

         When a Berserker does not answer the question directly, you know something is up.

         We fly once over the ship to draw their fire.  Ashley’s squad follows in behind us drawing the secondary fire while the main guns reload.  This distracts the Hunters enough that Annabeth, Dawn, and me circle around to the right.  As we go, we do what we can to damage both the ship and any weapons.  Annabeth then banks up to a climb, climbing for a hundred feet.

         “Now, Dawn!”  Annabeth exclaims.  “Heather.  Let go of Windshear just as they start their dive down!”

         Most vikings may think she is crazy, especially for me just finding out about her plan.  But not me.  The more berserk the better.

         Letting go of my dragon, when they start to dive, our upward momentum carries me out of the saddle.  Then something knocks me out of the sky…  With a set of arms around me.

         I declare, looking behind me, “What do you think you are doing?”

         Annabeth replies, “Getting us to the ship without it looking too obvious.”

         “No, we wouldn’t want that,” I quip.  “Falling to our deaths would be something they’d never expect.”

         Okay, now it is maybe a little too berserk.

         After tackling me mid-air, Annabeth tells me, “If you don’t want to do the second most epic and lethal of cannonballs into the ocean, I’d suggest you grab on to me.”

         Reaching around her waist, I see her reach her arms down to her knees before spreading her arms out…  We abruptly stop our fall but angled to the ship now.

         “When did you get a flight suit?” I question.

         “When plummeting in the air became cool and stylish,” Annabeth answers.  “I’m going to let you go.  Do a summersault on the landing.”

         A few moments later as we reach the rear deck of the ship, we do roll on landing and instantly go for cover behind a wrecked ballista.  No one is back here as they are all paying attention to Dawn’s distraction she is creating with Fawn, Anora, and Windshear.

         In a whisper, I ask, “How are we going to get inside the ship without drawing attention to ourselves?”

         Annabeth merely waves her hand to follow her.  She climbs over the railing of the ship, using the planks and decorative elements of the ship to climb down.  I have the feeling we are going to be spotted doing this, but with the chaos of battle everyone else should have better things to worry about.  Annabeth’s direction is taking us towards the openings of where the oars would come out from the ship.  Sure enough, she climbs in the window where one would come out.  The window is sufficient size for us to crouch through.

         Once we are both on this level, Annabeth whispering back, “While in battle, I have not seen any of Einar’s major ships have any of their oars out.  Since they also have Tidal power, they don’t need oars.  More men to fight or man other areas to control such a vast ship.”

         All of Jarl’s crew are extremely good at adapting to ever changing situations.  They take note of things the rest of us would just gloss over.  Then they would take what they learned to use it to their advantage.

         Catching on, I add, “With the battle going on, most if not everyone will be on the top two levels, leaving none in the lower levels.”

         “Exactly,” Annabeth smiles as we go to some stairs, heading deeper into the ship’s hold.

         Lower and lower, three more levels, we reach an eerie part of the ship.  The lighting is dark, only a few torches which go nicely with the muffled sounds of the battle.

         I comment, “Could it be any weirder?”

         As we enter the next room, Annabeth answers, “Ask and you shall receive.  Maybe we should have doubted that it could be weirder and maybe it would have been a bright and cheerful room.”

         I note her sarcasm, but she is right.  I did get what I asked for.  This place does not even make you think to start looking over your shoulder.  The room looks to be a trophy room for Einar.  Artifacts and items are arranged on tables lining the walls, which must have some bearing on his previous endeavors.

         While walking and looking at the tables, I run into Annabeth.  She holds up her hand, then brings her finger to her mouth.  She also signals for me to stay put.

         There is another door on the other side of the room, which we walk over to.  I stay put on this side of the door while Annabeth enters.  She leaves the door open, which swings open to give me a hiding spot on this side.  Through the space between the door and the door frame, I see inside the next room.

         A room only lighted by one blue tinted thing in the room surrounded by other similarly colored algae…  One of the four Herbs!

         The Herb is sitting in a small pool of water with the Flightmare Algae in with it.  The algae in nearby pools as well, which give off this most light for the room.

         Annabeth walks up to the Herb and grabs a hold of the pot it is in.

         Walking backwards halfway to the door, Annabeth then states, “You gonna come out Einar or are you going to wait until I turn my back?”

         From the shadows of the back of the room, Einar does walk out, clapping his hands slowly for a few times, talking in a weird but calming voice, “Very well done.  You are learning.  I knew you would try and come back for the Herbs.  From what I hear of a Berserker, if you best one in any situation, you can bet on them wanting a rematch.  Well,” Einar’s tone changes drastically to a very serious tone, “Here I am.”

         Einar starts walking towards Annabeth who walks out the door she just came through.

         Following her into the middle of the next room, Einar stops and Annabeth says, “We won’t let you wipe out Einar.”

         He chuckles, “As I have said before, some have tried but see where that has got them?  Do you see any of them?”

         Annabeth answers, “Plenty.  You think just because you get a rid of a few opponents here and there that no one will stand up to you.  The Truth and Right in this world will always stand up to the evil also in this world.  And there is still a group of islands full of vikings who have fought you before and will fight you again.”

         “That will soon be rectified,” he sighs.  “Now what are you going to do?  Last time you tried to take something of mine, you got caught.  Actually, very similarly to what we are doing now, just one level up.  I was gracious enough to let you live before.  You come back again and you try to take something of mine, alone.”

         “That’s the thing, Einar, I am learning,” Annabeth laughs.  “I was crazy enough to do alone before…”

         I stand up and finish the saying, using my axe to close the door, “…but we will be berserk enough to do it again, together.”

         “Ah, an old Berserkian proverb,” Einar points out.  “If you can call it that.  So,” Einar draws his sword, “We going to fight or not?”

         I jump in, swinging down, but Einar blocks me and then shoves his shoulder into me, knocking me back.  Annabeth retaliates with a swing down of her axe.  Einar steps to the side and tries to slice her.  Annabeth ducks while I jump back in and sweep Einar’s legs.  As he is falling down, I fold my axe up over his sword, ripping it out of his hands, with Annabeth holding her axe just about his chest.

         Waiting for him to do his next move… He does nothing, “Seems I have been disarmed.”

         I demand, “Why aren’t you putting up a fight?”

         “Why should I?  Now isn’t the time,” Einar says.

         I strongly counter, “What if we say it is?”

         “Look at your situation, as your sister is now realizing,” I glance at Annabeth who is looking to the side and thinking about something.  “Do you see something wrong with your situation?”

         Annabeth responds, “The other Herbs.  They’re not here, are they?”

         “No,” he simply states.  “And you won’t kill an unarmed viking, now will you?”

         Annabeth breathes in and then says, “No,” and backs away, letting Einar stand up, dusting himself off.

         “What are you doing?” I question my sister.

         “As Einar put it, this isn’t the time,” Annabeth replies.  “Einar knew we would try to get the Herbs, so he entices us with one while he moves the rest somewhere else.  The other three are probably halfway to The Heart of Izar by now.  Einar cannot get what he wants without all four Herbs, so by giving us this one to momentarily stop Einar, if we want to fully stop Einar we have to let him go.  Because if we were to try and capture Einar now, he would for sure put up a fight.  We are not in a position to fight Einar now on his terms, on his ship.  Too many things can go wrong.”

         I finish again, “And you don’t want it to happen again.”

         Ein comments, “I think the word you are looking for is ‘fail.’  That you don’t want to fail again.”

         “Shut up, Einar,” Annabeth retorts.  “Just be glad you had this figured out because there will be a time where you wish you had finished the job here or even on the beach.”

         Einar commends, “You are learning.  Now if you would excuse me, I have somewhere I need to be.  I’ll expect you and Jarl soon.”

         Oddly enough, Einar leads us out of the ship’s hold and up to the top deck.  Einar walks off as we wave to signal Dawn who is flying by.  Then we get the attention of our dragons who then fly by and we hop on.

         “Did I see that right and see Einar escort you up from the ship and just let you two go?”

         Annabeth answers, “Don’t question it, Dawn.  Trying to figure out what Einar does hasn’t worked out to this point.  We just need to figure out what we need to do and do what we can.  Let’s get this Herb back to Jarl and go from there.”

         Flying over the battle now, it is still raging on.  The dragon squads have done their part but now it looks as though there is a band of wild dragons distracting them from more hit and runs while ships from both sides are locked in a stalemate.

         We manage to escape without any of the wild dragons seeing us, so we fly back to Iyer.  Ten minutes later, we come to the command post, expecting not to see anyone.  Instead, we are greeted with a sight I thought I would never see.

         Vixxen lying on a bed and Jarl and Fira tending to her, with Aiyana nearby!  Something must have happened to Vixxen.  But why is Jarl helping her?!  Her of all vikings?!

         Jarl sees us coming and comes to meet us, hugging Annabeth, “So glad you are alright.  I see you have the Herbs.”

         Jarl takes the one and immediately hands it off to Fira who goes to work making something.

         “Well, one of them,” Annabeth answers the explains what happened.

         “Figures,” Jarl says.

         After a couple moments of no talking, Dawn questions, “Not to ask about the yak in the room, but what is Vixxen doing here?”

         When Jarl then goes over what happened between him and Vixxen, I did not know how to think

         Jarl thinks out loud, “I don’t know what to think either.  I mean, I want to help everyone, but can Vixxen really change?  But in the moment, seeing the arrow in her back… All that she did just did not mean anything.  Did I start to walk away?  Yes, but something she said is sticking with me, ‘Rise above the best a prove yourself, your spirit never dies.’  And then going on to say basically that she wished she would have had the chance to make things right… Maybe…,” Jarl turns to look at Vixxen barely moving on the cot.  “Maybe… I am her opportunity.  For once in Vixxen’s life, she had to trust and lean on someone else for help.”

         Annabeth asks, “What is Fira doing with the Herb?”

         “Hopefully, making the antidote.”

         I echo, “Antidote?”

         “Yeah,” Jarl describes.  “The sudden change in Vixxen’s state from being hit with the arrow, shouldn’t have been from a simple wound of an arrow.  Investigating the arrow which struck her, the arrowhead was coated with something, similar to the Dragon Root arrows we see, but this coating something altogether different.  Thinking about what I have seen or heard about what Vixxen acted like after being struck, I only knew of one place that sounded anything like it.”

         Dawn answers first, “Aiyana and her grandfather.  The Herbs.  You’re hoping to extract an antidote from the Herb.”

         “Yes, there were a few other ingredients which Aiyana brought to us.”

         “But,” Annabeth jumps in as he paused.

         “But we don’t know if it will be enough.  Aiyana is going on her memory but some of the ingredients Fira had to substitute something similar for it.  We really just don’t know if this will work,” he sighs again.  “I always wanted an opportunity to try and change Vixxen’s mind about a lot of things, but I never thought it would go so far as to have her life swing in the balance.  I fully believed that we would win this war, but I never even wanted to think about the possibility of someone not making it out of this alive.”

         Fira, from her make ship work station, goes over to Vixxen slowly gives her the solution which Fira had just made.

         Aiyana then says, “The poisons are strong stuff.  Like I said before, it could bring any dragons to its knees, but depending on how it was administered to the subject, they should recover quickly if the antidote…,” Vixxen opens her eyes.  Aiyana then finishes, “Works.”

         “Vixxen,” Jarl says and kneels next to her.

         Vixxen in a weak voice tells Jarl, “I thought I told you to leave me.  Einar… He…”

         “Just take it easy,” Jarl assures Vixxen.  “Einar cannot get what he wants without all four Herbs, which Annabeth and Heather just returned with one.  And from it, Fira concocted the antidote.”

         Vixxen replies, “Antidote… You mean…?”

         “Yes,” Jarl confirms.  “I said I was stubborn, but I must say, you’re pretty stubborn yourself.”

         Vixxen sits up, instantly grabbing for her head.  Jarl tries to tell her to lay back down, but Vixxen says she will be fine.

         “Except for the poison, I’ve had worse injuries,” her voice sounding stronger now.  Her head looks up as if she remembers something, “Jarl.  You must go stop Einar.  Even if he doesn’t have the Herbs, I heard Einar saying that he can get Izar’s power no matter what anyone or anything does.  At this point, I would believe Einar.”

         “Then we stop Einar,” Jarl slaps his sides.

         Dawn protests, “You make it sound so easier.  Look around you brother, does this look like anything easy?”

         Getting caught up in the moment, there is still a fierce battle going on.

         “No,” Jarl replies while grabbing the Herb and handing it back to Annabeth.  “But is doing the right thing always easy?  Come on, Annabeth.”

         “Jarl!” Vixxen calls out, standing up.  Words are not coming out until she finally says, “Thank you.”

         “Don’t thank me yet,” Jarl shakes his head.  “This ain’t over yet.  Our stubbornness can still prevail.”

         “Well?” Jarl adds after a moment of us just standing.  He then smiles, “Dawn’s right, there is a war still going on.  Go make yourselves useful.  Vixxen?”

         “Yes, Jarl,” she responds.

         “I seem to have kept you from going to the Cannon,” Jarl says.  “I know you have your reasons, so maybe you can be of use there?”

         “I’ll see what I can do,” Vixxen nods.  “While you did delay me…  I think the detour was well worth.”

         Jarl adds, “You may be thinking otherwise when this thing is all over.”

         Annabeth then slaps the back of Jarl’s head, “Would you just let Vixxen be positive for once?  She’s on our side, what more do you want?  I thought you were supposed to be the positive one, not the negative one.  There’s realistic and then there’s… You.”

         “But you just-,” Jarl begins.

         “Yeah, yeah, we know,” Annabeth interrupts.  “Let’s not keep the big man Einar waiting.”

         Those two, mount their dragons and fly towards Izar.  The rest of us are left looking at Vixxen.

         “This is a bit new to me, but I think we best heed Jarl’s advice,” Vixxen states.  “Well, this is like when a frog stumbled upon a treasure, ‘This came out of the green.’”

         Silence, then Dawn squints her eyes, “Don’t you mean, ‘This came out of the blue.’?”

         Vixxen answers, “The frog was color blind.”

         Dawn stares for a moment before just walking away before yelling, “Einar…  Just…  Just take me now!”

         I fold my arms and nudge Annabeth, “Maybe this proves that Jarl’s puns really do rub off on others, that it is contagious.”

         Vixxen had turned to walk out, then stopped after I said it.  She started to turn her head but stopped halfway.

         She adds, “That isn’t the only thing of Jarl that is contagious.  Seeing what is right in front of your face that you were too blind to see before and having the guts to do the right thing no matter what you think is stacked against you.  Just simply do it!”

         Vixxen runs off and mounts Ragnorak while me, Dawn, Aiyana, and Fira squad up to help the fight here at Iyer.

         As we take off, I cannot help but think, “If Vixxen is now on our side, does this mean that Jarl and Annabeth really can end this war once and for all?