Book 8 - Conquest for the Truth - Chapter 23 - United Together

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I got the climax to this book figured out, now I just need to get the story to that point and then write it.  I talk about the end of this book, but we still have some work to do to get there.  But the 3rd act has started.


I hope you enjoy this chapter!


I didn't get to the point I wanted in this chapter.  So, I will be starting to work on the next chapter right away, so hopefully i will get it done by tomorrow night and can post it then.


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Here is the mix for this chapter:

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Conquest for the Truth

Chapter 23


United Together


Jarl's Point of View


         After the meeting was over, a few went off to get a head start on their tasks, but the rest of us went to go get some sleep.  In my hand, I hold My Heart’s.  No words are spoken.  No words are needed.  We walk outside to the western side of the Hall where Fredrick is at.  He is happy to see Annabeth though is standing still.  Annabeth starts to go and mount my Thunderdrum, but I take her arm and pull her back towards me.

         I look into My Heart’s eyes… Closing my own…


         I am knocked back to the ground.  Opening my eyes up, I see one Black Razorwhip who just tackled one Annabeth Everson.  Anora is licking and hugging her rider.  While Annabeth tells her dragon to get off, she puts little effort in making her do so for I know Annabeth is loving every second of it.  Though, once Annabeth is able to stand up, Fredrick moves, revealing the Thunderwhips… Who tackle Annabeth.

         “Oh seriously?” Annabeth smiles, standing back up.  “Ow, not the hair, Klap.  You too Katie?  Ouch, those are called fingers!  I’d like to keep them, Karl, if you don’t mind.”  Annabeth begins to stagger.

         The fourth Thunderwhip brings up the rear and creeps towards Annabeth, “No, Kyle,” she pleads with him.  With one chewing on her air, another with a hold of arm, and the third curling around Annabeth’s feet, “Kyle… Come on now… Don’t think of it…”

         He did think of it…

         The Thunderwhips are still young, but they are much larger now than they were a few years ago.  Large enough to knock one young, nearly full-grown viking woman over.  Annabeth concedes and learns back on her arms.  Fredrick gives a short purr which all the Thunderwhips listen to, therefore letting Annabeth be.

         “What are you smiling at?” Annabeth huffs, blowing some hair out of her face.

         Being one step ahead of her next question, I offer my hand to her.

         Helping her up, she comments, “I’m a bit slobbery from Mrs. Anora over there.  But a lot of help you were.”

         “Oh, don’t give me that.  You loved every moment of it,” I tell her.  “Anyway-.”

         Softly grabbing her chin, I kiss her.

         Easing back a slight distance, I open my hand in which she leans her head into.

         Looking into My Heart, I whisper, “I thought I lost you.”

         She sighs, also saying in a whisper, “I thought I lost you too… Again.”

         I chuckle.

         As we embrace in a hug, the welled-up tears finally let go.

         Holding my wife, I plainly state, “I don’t want to let go…  Ever again!

         “But,” I stand back, holding her hands in front of me.  “We have a job to do.  One we both have to do.  I know you believe the following:  We won’t let evil win for we will stand our ground and defend what the right thing to do is.”

         Annabeth gives a nod, confidently affirming, “And I will support you every step of the way.  Unless you are about to jump off a cliff, which I will cordially remind you of the abrupt halt at the end especially if there are sharp rocks at the bottom.”

         I laugh, “I’d say, ‘Bring it on.  I trust you would either come after me or Fredrick would save me first.”

         Getting on our dragons, Annabeth retorts, “On the other hand, if you do another cliffhanger…  You’re on your own.”

         We head back to Garth’s house.  Arriving, we bed down our dragons, then go over to the house, head in, and prepare for the night.  Stoking the fire to keep us warm, I kiss Annabeth goodnight before we get in bed.  Pulling the blankets over us, I put my arms around Annabeth as we lay on our left, side by side with her back in front of me.

         Part of me never thought I would be able to hold my wife in my arms again.  There are moments in life you never try to take for granted.  But when you realize you could have done it for the last time yesterday, today and tomorrow become as dark as a world as if the moon was never created.

         My eyes are closed, yet I am not sleepy.  The crackle of the fire strikes the midnight silence of the air.  There is so much still left to do.

         But I am cherishing this moment.

         Some amount of time passes, it could have been hours yet it is quite possibly only ten minutes.


         “Yes, my love.”

         “Guess you answered that question, ‘Are you asleep?’”

         “For once, no I am not asleep at this time.”

         There is a pause before Annabeth asks, turning around to look at me, “Had Einar actually followed through with what he had originally said… What… What would you have done?”

         “Looking back on it now, I can say I would have still done the right thing, but that doesn’t answer your question.”  I take a deep breath.  “In a way, I kind of hate to think what I might have done.  Although, after seeing what I thought was the death of my sister right in front of me, it was as if I was feeling every polar opposite emotion there is.  Anger to sadness.  Rage to helplessness.  Einar needed to protect his retreat, so it wouldn’t have made sense to have done what you say.  Yet, if I am going to be upfront with you, I feel as though I would have retaliated with reckless abandon.  But if I ever got the chance to take his life after all that he has done…  I don’t know if I could bring myself to finish the job.”

         Annabeth responds, “There are occupational hazards with being a viking, especially the tribe you are from.  But there are also the things that make us who we are.  Knowing you would do the right thing in the end even given every reason not to do it, that is who you are, Jarl Everson.”

         Sighing, I lean my head on hers, “That’s comforting to know.”

         Annabeth interjects, “But?”

         “But… Will doing what I do best put those I care about the most in harm’s way?”

         “You know, it is nice to always hear how much you care,” she smiles.  “There will come a time when you will have to rise up and prove to every one: Evil never wins.  The Spirit of Good will always triumph.  With or without us, The Truth will win.”

         After hearing something so wise…  My comeback: “I knew I married you for more than your good looks and great personality.”

         She makes a face at me and proceeds to jab me in the side, “Go to sleep, you idiot.”

         Emphatically turning back around the way, she was in response to my remark, she does however grab my arm and curl up next to me.

         I roll my eyes.

         “Don’t you roll your eyes at me.”


         She rolls to her back to look at me, “I actually say something profound and all you have is a nearly epic comeback?”

         “Nearly epic?  I thought it was pretty good.”

         “I’ll have you know I am a Berserkian viking woman.  I-.”

         I interject, “The three worst things to have in combination.”

         Her mouth drops open but no words come out.  Leaving her speechless, all she does is huff, almost jumps in the bed violently rolling back to her original position.

         Holding in the laughter, I lay still.

         “Well don’t just lie there like a mutton head,” Annabeth waves her hands.  “Put your arms around me.”

         While I smile and do so, I tell her, “Don’t start with me.  I know you are smiling now, so don’t deny it.  Now we are even.”

         “Yeah well, the competition goes on,” Annabeth replies.  “Goodnight my mutton head.”

         “Well, at least you’re living up to the name,” I pull my wife to me.  “Goodnight my Berserk wife.”

         Annabeth mumbles a few statements I cannot make out and then wraps her arms around mine, “Yeah, yeah.  Goodnight.”


         The next morning goes by in a normal way, for once.  It has felt like ages since having a normal start to the day.  Well, normal for the day in the life of a Mystery Conqueror and crew.

         When going out to check on our dragons, we see a package left at the front door with Asvord’s name on it addressed to Annabeth and me.  Inside are fresh, clean clothes.  Although, why they were made to look exactly like the ones we have been wearing is beyond me.

         “You are not a morning viking,” Annabeth comments.  “These are our old clothes, nitwit.  I requested Asvord come to our house last night.  When you were getting ready, I took our clothes we wear, put them in this box, and gave them for Asvord to wash as well as our armor.”

         “I know,” I comment, sarcastically sighing.  “It has taken me years to be this good in the morning.”

         “Jokes in the morning:  Speech one hundred,” Annabeth answers.  “Observation skills in the morning…  Eh, not so much.”

         After that destruction, we take care of our dragons, feed them, and then we go back in and feed ourselves.  After breakfast, my wife and I head over to the Hall to meet our friends inside.

         The four I asked to meet us here are already here, plus Garth.

         I greet them all, then question, “Didn’t expect to see you here, Garth.”

         “With you gunning for the Iskyn Superweapon,” he clears his throat after the pun.  “I needed to come along.  I’m your best expert on anything Izarian.  Not to mention it would be faster than writing down everything you need to know about how to get the weapon.”

         Heather wonders, “We don’t just walk up and find it?”

         Annabeth goes over to her sister and leans on her shoulder, “I know you are a Dragon Rider, but some things are not as easy doing what a Berserker does best.  Cheer up sister, you’ll learn.”

         “I just thought you would have other things to work on,” I tell Garth.  “Like the fabric and helping out with the others.”

         “Oh, they are better off with me out of the way,” Garth waves off.  “I was up most of the night figuring out the fabric and making more of it.  I gave the material to your mother and sister who sewed it into the clothes you are wearing.”

         Annabeth comments, “I wonder why they felt a bit different, as if I was wearing a couple of layers, not that I’m complaining in this cold.”

         Asking Garth, “What is the fabric for?” I said.

         “I don’t know that,” he responds.  “But I do know some of what the fabric can do.  It is resistant to all the experiments which Vixxen, Asvord, and I replicated, even adding a few myself out of curiosity.  What benefit does the fabric have or what is it for, the remains to be seen.  Asvord was pretty adamant about the fabric being made for you two.  Not sure why exactly.  She wasn’t sure either.  But she had a feeling she couldn’t describe what was telling her this needed to be done.  She thinks it has to do with something she remembered from either Einar or Vixxen saying something in front of her, but that is all she can remember.”

         “Well, if we need it, I’m sure we’ll both be glad we have it.  But I hope we don’t have to test it to see what the fabric can do,” I say.  “Anyway, the main thing for today is to find the Iskyn Superweapon.”

         Garth gives a dry chuckle, “Yeah.”

         Heather wonders, “Why the laugh?”

         “The Iskyn Superweapon, granted was once fired by yours truly, but the whole lore behind hiding the weapon before that time I and Tholme fired it, was meant to keep the weapon hidden.  Somehow, people in the Izarian hierarchy knew where it was and could get it out quickly if needed.  Otherwise, I don’t know where it was nor does anyone else.  Even if Osvald did have the knowledge of how to use it, from what we can gather from the Sentinel Camp, those who knew where the weapon was, perished in the Dragon War before the separation began.  All that is left to us is the clues to where it is.  The reason why I laugh is because it something was purposefully hidden for three hundred years and we will find it in a day.”

         Annabeth smiles and folds her arms, “With our crew around, something hidden for twice that long isn’t safe.”

         Garth nods, “True.  But let’s hope it is still in working condition.  For if we need to fire it at least once, hopefully more, it will be the first time it has truly been used in three hundred years.  Yes, Tholme and I used it, but only after one use did it break.  Technically it fired, but physical, more harm was done to it than good.”

         Moving to the table we were at last night, Garth begins to lay down the clues he has on the table, first a drawing of the railgun, “Some of this you all have already discovered, but I’ll start from the top.  They Iskyn Superweapon is a massive Lightning Cannon or Railgun around one hundred meters long.  And the range of this cannon can reach one hundred kilometers past Niori if the gun is fired on the opposite side of the archipelago.  The cannon could shoot down multiple titan wings with ease.  Now remember, this cannon was designed for the events of Ragnarok in a time when dragons were considered the enemy.  Needless to say, the potential destruction to anything in the cannon’s path is catastrophic let alone the fact it can defend all of the islands with its range.  It requires the strength of five Skrills and their unified firepower to achieve maximum effectiveness when using it.  I think this is why Tholme and I failed where we can succeed now.  Legends say it is housed in the basement of the Iskyn Libraries and requires seven keys to access the room which the railgun is housed in.  However, the Iskyn Libraries are grown from the crystal such as the bottom of the floor is made out of.  These crystals grow in towers.  If I were to compare it to something, these crystal towers are similar to the rock formations from on the island where the track Gronckle Run is for Dragon Racing, just on a much grander scale and with crystal not rock.  Each section on the floor is a pool of salt water to form each tower as they ‘grow’ upwards.  Thus, the Iskyn Libraries do not have a basement.  This weapon is real, because I once tried to use it.  But when it became apparent, we couldn’t use it, Tholme and I went about doing other things.  Yet, I always wondered what happened to the gun because digging back through the history of where it is located, it went right back to where it was before.”

         Annabeth interjected, “Someone else in the ranks of the Izarian leadership knew where it was and where to put it back.”

         “Yes,” Garth agrees.  “But the gun is a fixed instillation.  Which is odd and a mystery to figure out at a later date.  Because, if the Iskyn Superweapon is a fixed gun, then how were we -Tholme and I- able to try and use it when it wasn’t even on Iskyn?  Then again, on the other hand, during the time of the Dragon War and The Scattering, those memories I have tried hard not to remember.  So, details not written down in my journals, may be different than what actually transpired.”

         “Anyway, the weapon is real we just need to find it.  What Jarl has discovered in the Sentinel Camp Records, Osvald helped some of the leadership of Izar cover up some of Izar’s most powerful items.  While there have been multiple places engineered to hide or hold something across the Isles of Izar, the place may have been repurposed for something else.  The thought of Iskyn not having a basement may have been developed and spread in rumor, myth, and legend, to hid the fact there is a basement.”

         “Moving on,” Garth then shows a picture of what looks like a cave wall.  “Once the location of the Superweapon is found, there is a door which requires seven keys to access seen here in this picture.  These seven keys are named after each island and separate from the puzzle pieces you have found on each island before.  Some of the keys I know what and where they are, the others I cannot figure out.  The Key to Mjolnir is a hammer which can hold a large crystal in the face and a small hole coming out the back.  The hammer was being used by Tholme but he and the rest of Izar’s dragons came in this morning to complete the Izarian ship.  He’s busy helping to coordinate all the fleets in preparation for the battle ahead.  The large crystal in the hammer I’ll get to in a second.  The Key of Iskyn is a hexagonal crystal with inlay of gold in several runic patters in six distinct sections with a hole in the center surrounded by a six-way split ring of gold.  Then there is The Key of Aurum which I have some clues to, but need help to find it.”

         “Once these three keys have been found and inserted into the door, then The Keys of Iskyn and Aurum must be pushed in both at the same time.  This will unlock the Jotun Hanger.  We can talk more about that when we get there, but the Hanger houses many of the old powerful items which were used by generations long ago.  For the time being, there is a Crystal Door at the other end of the Hanger.  On the other side of the Crystal Door, is The Control Room.  This is a circular room with a crystal throne at its center.  In front of the throne, on the ground, is a hexagonal depression where the Key of Iskyn fits right in.  While the picture here shows slots for the seven keys, once the Hanger is open, these keys can be removed for other uses.  All The Keys of the Isles of Izar become more apparent once in the Control Room.  So, we can hold off on that other details for the cannon for now.”

         Cazi sums up what we need to do, “So, all we need to do is find all the keys and we’re home free?”  Garth nods.  Cazi plainly questions, “Alright.  What keys do we have and what keys do we need?”

         Garth hesitates for a moment in which Cazi slows down in her excitement questions, “Something wrong?”

         “Not really,” Garth replies.  “It is just with everything that has been going on, in the back of my mind I thought none of this would ever get done.  I thought I was hoping against hope that we could win this war.  But in typical fashion, Cazi, you make something so simple and plain that I cannot but think to that maybe we can actually figure all this out.”

         Heather walks up to comfort Garth, “While I may be more of a Dragon Rider than I am a solver of mysteries, when you have the support of your family and friends to help in a time of need, nothing will stand in our way.  We will get the job done and we will give it our best at every turn.  And as Jarl has shown to me as he has a great many vikings, together we will fight against anyone who dares to wrong a viking or a dragon.  We will fight for the truth and we will win.”

         “Well,” Garth takes a deep breath.  “Especially after putting it that way, how can we lose?”