Book 8 - Conquest for the Truth - Chapter 18 - Where Do We Go From Here?

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I was feeling down the whole time I was writing this chapter.  It is one thing to feel sad about the previous chapter, it is another thing that even that would effect me.  I know my writing surprises me sometimes, but realizing what I did last chapter, I'm like, "Did I seriously just do that?"


Well, this chapter will begin to deal with what happen.  The next chapter will help answer some questions too.


I hope you enjoy this chapter!


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Don't kill me for what I wrote last chapter. >.<

For the start, here is the music mix:

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Conquest for the Truth


Chapter 18

Where Do We Go From Here?


         I watch the ships sail off in the distance and disappear.  Standing on the eastern shores of Izar with only Fredrick and Anora beside me, I stand by myself, staring off into the distance.

         While I saw Annabeth alive, who is to say Einar will just let me believe it now and not come back with her?  The times before where Annabeth left or was taken away, I always felt her in my heart she was okay.  Now… Nothing.

         “Not one feeling one way or the other about Annabeth.  Maybe it is because of what happened…,” I do not let myself finish the thought.

         How did this happen?

         Why did this happen?

         What am I supposed to do?

         I failed my friends.

         I failed my family.

         I failed my… Sister.


         “Jarl?” Dawn’s voice softly comes from behind me.

         Her voice makes me look around with my eyes; it is getting dark.  I wonder how long I have been standing here?

         “Jarl, I know I may be last viking you would think would talk to you at a time like this,” Dawn states, then gives a dry chuckle.  “Not to mention this is usually the exact opposite of what I normally do.”  She pauses for a moment, “But I know Annabeth had said this many a time and we amongst ourselves while coming over here and even once we were here.  We knew what we were signing up for.”

         I sigh, tilt my head slightly, still looking forward.

         “We came into a war we hardly knew anything about with the hopes of ending it before any shed blood.”  She continues, “We all knew the stakes.  But did you really think we would get out of this without something happening?”

         I want to react in my anger, but I merely slump to the ground, sitting, and leaning forward, wrapping my arms around me knees.

         Taking in a deep breath, I answer, “I don’t know what I thought.  I…  Knew this was a possibility.  I… I just thought I could keep everyone safe.  I know you all are capable fighters and warriors in your own right, but maybe I am just not cut out to lead.  Right about now…”  I trail off not knowing what else to say.

         Dawn walks to my right and sits next me in a similar fashion, “When I came to the Edge of Mystery, was not thinking of much.  In fact, I only thought of myself.  Even after reunited with Annabeth and rescuing Fire Song, I still only thought of myself.  The time I have spent with you, your family, and your friends, it has been some of the best years of my life.  Though after a rough childhood, anything might be better than that.  But you know what?”  She waits for a moment, “You may not think you are a good leader now… You never were a good leader.”

         I look at her as if to say, “Thank you?”  Then I look forward again.

         “Hear me out,” Dawn counters.  “The reason why I say this is because you, as a viking, you’re just a normal viking.  What makes you the leader we all look up to is your actions.  You lead by example.  If you aren’t willing to do it first, you won’t let any of us do it.  You’ll always take on the danger first.  You’ll always take the first step.  You might not think you are a leader because we never really voted or came together to pick a leader.  Some of us came later and I didn’t care at the start, but learning about how this all got started, your kind of just fell into the leadership role.  But the reason it was easier for you to be a leader is because you never looked at us as anything but equals.  Through the years and the training before getting here to Izar, you trained us to be a leader at any given moment.”

         “What I’m trying to say and may be taking the long way around to say it,” Dawn finishes.  “You’re not a leader in the sense that you are the only one on top calling the shots, you are a leader who would rather follow yet listens carefully to everyone around them.  If they have a better idea than you, you let them take the lead.  Being the only one that calls the shots doesn’t make someone a leader.  Listening to your support, valuing your family and friends, and letting your actions speak for you, that is what makes you a great leader.”

         Dawn adds, “This isn’t over.  We still have a lot to do.  I know you’re thinking about Annabeth, but if she were here next to us, she’d say,” Dawn stands up, “Get off your butt and start getting to work!”

         For the first time in a while, I crack a smile, and stand up.

         “She’d also do this,” Dawn spreads her arms out.  “Well don’t just stand there, I want to give you hug before I change my mind.”

         Dawn gives me a hug.  We just stand there.

         I finally say, “My sister can’t be gone.  Can she?”

         Dawn lets go and wipes away some tears, “Dusty today, isn’t it?  Allergies can be a pain sometimes.”

         Knowing why she said it, I agree, “Yes, they can be.”

         “Oh,” Dawn remembers.  “Lyra and the dragons of Izar have returned.  They’re on there way in.  However, still no Bewilderbeast.”

         Dawn goes on, but as I mount Fredrick, Anora hesitates and looks out to the east before looking back at me.  She gives a quiet whine and then lifts into the air.  Fredrick flies into the air and we all go back to meetup with Lyra and the dragons.

         They are not difficult to miss.  One single Scauldron, Wavedancer, leading the whole flock.  A flock, hundreds and hundreds of dragons start to go back across the islands seemingly to their old habitats and homes.  But most of the dragons stay on Aurum.  The typical dragons I have seen before, the new ones I have encountered on our adventures, and brand-new ones I had never seen.

         Lyra landed her dragon on the southern shores of Aurum and we went there too, meeting up with the some of my crew.  Others had gone back to the base, including the rest of my family, Heather, Dagur, Cazi, and Dawn.

         Lyra’s look is a simple one.  A dark blue outfit of both shed dark blue Scauldron scales and colored leather.  Long sleeves, pants, with a skirt.  Hair is back in a single braid.  She is wearing a square shawl around her neck, draping across her shoulders.  The shawl’s points lay down her front and her back with the other two on the sides of her arm.  There are tassels of dark blue colored leather lining the edges of her gear.  Lyra also holds a staff similar to Saga’s.  It looks like both women use it in conjunction with the dragons they are around.  I bet to be able to control large groups of dragons, they were trained to respond to signals and gestures using the staff.  Both of their staffs have ornate pieces of carved wood which looks like the wave of the sea.  Inside these carved pieces are rattles which seem to gather the attention of the dragons around who then respond to whatever motion or direction the viking using the staff dictates.

         Lyra’s first words were, “Glad to see Izar in one piece.”

         She was probably expecting a better welcome, but after what just happened, she quickly caught on.  None of my crew could say anything, so Sif got Lyra back up to speed.

         “I’m very sorry for your loss,” Lyra consoles.  “But we still have work to do.  By the sounds of things, you are well on your way to solving the mystery.  But we need to figure out this mystery before Einar returns.  He will be back.  And I figure he will return with his Bewilderbeast.  If Kaya does not arrive before Einar does come back, Valhalla help us all.  We tried once before to defeat Einar’s Bewilderbeast with only dragons and our forces.  Had it fully worked; we wouldn’t be standing where we are today.”

         Not wanting to think of the fact all of today could have been avoided had only a few things gone different either now or before, I change the subject and ask Lyra, “How did you get past the blockade?”

         “Blockade?” she echoes.  “I was going to ask you all a similar question.  Why is there over a hundred empty ships surrounding all of the islands?”

         Now I echo, “Empty ships?”  Then I realize, “Einar thinks of everything.  In the time within the last twenty-four hours, he had already moved his forces out of the area and back to the east where ever he is going.  Einar wants us to solve the mystery for him, giving us every opportunity to do so… Being so gracious to remove all of his forces from the islands so we are not distracted by him.”  Note rhetorical sarcasm.

         We hear a dragon coming in from the south.  It is Riptide.

         “I may be able to help in that department,” Garth declares as he jumps off his dragon.  “I think I figured out Iskyn’s puzzle.  It was not a puzzle but more one had to know what to look for.  What made it a puzzle is the library is in shambles, so just getting to the place took all day and into the night.  Then I spent the rest of the night trying to figure out what I found meant.  Long story short, there is something in the heart of Izar.  Still don’t know what it is, but if it is supercharged with an electric blast, then it will explode to reveal something underneath.  From what I can gather, it is a hidden vault.  But a specific word in what I found from several Dragon Eye lenses and projects is ‘Heart.’  It kept referring to something buried in the heart of Izar.”

         I want to ask him why he left without our help, though I also want to get my mind off of what has happen, I let Garth go on, “Yet if there needs to be an explosion of an electric blast, the only weapon I know of that I can do such a deed is the Iskyn Superweapon.  As I said before, Tholme and I were the last to fire it and after we did, the rail broke.  But what gets me, is the railing Cazi and the others found is the exact size we would need to replace the rail in the Superweapon.  How can this be if Tholme and I were the last ones to use the railgun and broke the gold railing, how did it find itself apart of The Mystery of Shadow Mountain that is supposedly connected to a three-hundred-year-old prophecy?”

         Thinking for a moment, I suggest, “Maybe someone either from Izar or one of those who came to find this power saw it should not fall in the wrong hands and so, helped hide the secret in The Mystery of Shadow Mountain.”

         Valkarik adds, “Could we further speculate that the original way to unlock the vault was from shear brute firepower of the Skrill?  Because if vikings from Izar and from all over have been coming here to try to find and use the power for themselves, then there would have to have been a way to create the explosion before the Iskyn Superweapon was built.  Would this further indicate someone else not only saw what this power could do, but also solve the mystery before?  This would answer why The Mystery of Shadow Mountain and The Prophecy go hand in hand.”

         I continue the line of thinking, “What was once one single mystery, someone covered up their tracks by creating a whole other mystery just to make it harder for someone to find this power.”

         Ali wonders, “But who would try to cover up this mystery only to make it harder yet still be able to solve?”

         As soon as Ali said it, she realized the answer; my friends did as well and all looked to me, I declare, “Osvald the Agreeable and Harrek Haukson’s father.  They both worked on The Mystery of Shadow Mountain, leaving clues for Osvald’s children to find.  Could it be that even Osvald and Harrek’s dad both worked on The Prophecy to even hide that?”

         Ideas start running through my head of the possibility of Osvald and or Harrek’s dad, Leif Haukson, coming to Izar.  Voicing it to the group, Garth explains that the record of any and every person ever to set foot on Izar is the Sentinel Camp, deep in the mountains.

         “In some areas, it has more information than the Izarian Archives on Iskyn,” Garth inputs.  “But since Ishtar is the last puzzle to solve before Izar, the camp would be a great place to start looking because with the rest of the island devoted more to being a land where the wild animals and dragons could roam, I doubt there would be any viking made puzzle anywhere else.  There are still secrets in the Sentinel Camp that I don’t even know about, so maybe we will find something useful.”

         It is at this point which Garth’s asks what happened with us.  Upon telling him the brief summary, he was completely taken aback and was sorry he was not there to help.

         For some reason, I felt like getting mad, but I merely let it go, “But you’re here now.  And like Lyra said, we do have a lot of work to do.”

         Garth knew exactly where to go.  With the idea of Osvald possibly being here, I told Valkarik to go get Heather and Dagur.  Because if he did come here, this could be some more insight into their father’s life he led.

         Lyra and Saga have things to attend to with the dragons while some others just want to rest.  So, it is just me and Garth going for the time being.

         Mounting Fredrick, I follow behind Garth and Riptide.  We entering a wilderness and fly past a meadow full of flowers, with some wild boars and a clearing to the far right, small family of three Typhoomerangs landing as if to pick up where they left off.

         Flying up next to Garth, he remarks, “This whole time being back here has brought back so many memories.  Some good, some bad.  Sometimes it is difficult to keep focused on what is important.”

         I only look down, thinking of Asvord.

         “Look,” Garth adds.  “I know this has been tough for you and your family, but as you know, you know I know what you are going through.”

         I chuckle, “Three knows.  It is still spreading.”

         Garth shakes his head as if to deny the contagious disease which Ali and Valkarik have warned about since we got here.

         As we fly up through the high mountains of Ishtar, going deeper into the ranges, I tell Garth, “When you came back, I wanted to snap at you to ask, ‘Why did you leave and not come back when we needed you?’  But thinking on it, I am trying to find something to blame.  As the saying goes, ‘Don’t blame yourself.’  How can I not blame myself?  Everything that has gone bad has been directly connected to me in either a decision or an action I did.”

         Flying up a bit more and landing on a ledge in front of a clearing which looks like a deserted camp, Garth says still seated on his dragon, “Do you remember how long it took for me to get compressed air cartridges for the first grappling hook?  Making compressed air for an air supply for my underwater saddle is one thing.  Trying to make the cartridges both efficient and effective took a very long time, pretty much up until we found the Gronckle Iron formula.  Many times, did I fail at the experiments, have accidents, or just up and explode my shop a few times.  But there is a good friend of mine you might now that has taught me one thing which has never left me, ‘It isn’t about the number of times you fail.  It is about the number of times you try again until success.’”

         I take in a deep breath, as I understand what he means.  Yes, I said that to him and others many times, but it is also for the fact that I can hear Asvord saying it right now.  She would not want me to quit just because she is not here.  She is probably looking down right now, “Would you just get up you idiot.  Solve this mystery, beat Einar, and get back to Mystery so we can start another mystery.”

         Dismounting our dragons and following a path down to the camp, we walk through the camp towards the entrance to a cave.  Garth stops short of the cave and stands still, waiting for something.

         When I am about to ask what it is, we are waiting for, I hear a voice from inside the cave, “Wondered when you’d finally find time to come.  Took you long enough.”

         From the shadows strolls a young man about our age, a bit shorter than us, stocky build, kind of reminds me of Snotlout, though Grunt has larger muscles than Snotlout.  Just the look of Grunt, he could hold his own in a fight.

         Grunt goes on, “If I hadn’t recognized Garth here, I would have let Bloodmoon freeze you all.  I may just let him do it.  He isn’t like most typical Flightmares.  Not only does he eat algae, he doesn’t back down from eating a hearty boar too.”

         From the shadows comes a Flightmare, mainly black with red glowing highlights and trim.

         Grunt asks, “So who’s this?  I assume because he is with you, he is friendly.”

         “Yes Grunt,” Garth states.  “This is my friend Jarl Everson.”

         Some quick introductions are made and Grunt is informed on our quest for the puzzle of Ishtar.

         “Oh, that thing,” Grunt down plays.  “Never thought The Prophecy would ever amount to much, but from what you say, that must be what we are guarding.  Though, never was much for solving puzzles.  I just use my head and break down barriers.”

         I thought to myself, “Yep, definitely like Snotlout.”

         Grunt reveals, “All that this so-called puzzle points to is back to a place in Izar.  But it is no good without the other puzzles or something.”

         I request, “May we see what you are talking about.”

         Grunt waves us to follow as it looks like some Sentinels come out to take care of our dragons.  At first, Fredrick is uneasy about it, but I assure him.  So, the Sentinels take care of our dragons, including Bloodmoon, Grunt’s red Flightmare.

         Entering the cave, not much can be seen until our eyes get accustomed to the dim light and darkness.  But once we are able to see better, we are greeted by an entire cave system which looks like a library.  Multiple levels of hundreds and hundreds of books, yet by both Garth’s and Grunt’s description just now, the library extends into the mountains for untold amounts of knowledge and secrets.

         Grunt explains, “There are books of records kept on literally everything which as ever happened Izar.  Or, so I am told.”

         Garth waits for anyone else who is coming to start searching for any records on Osvald or Leif Haukson.  Grunt leads me to an office like room where a few Sentinels are eating their supper.  While I should probably eat something, I am not hungry.

         Grunt shows me a book and says, “This is the book that talks about.  Don’t know what else it says.”

         Opening it up, I see I will have to translate the book.  Thankfully, it is in the same language most of The Mystery of Shadow Mountain clues and such were in.  But still, some of it is Izarian, so this will take some time.

         Getting a start on it, twenty minutes later, the ones coming from our crew arrives, but I hear them asking for me.

         When Valkarik enters, she is a bit out of breath, “You’ll… Never guess what happened.”

         “Catch your breath.”

         Valkarik takes a moment as Dagur, Heather, Ali, Dawn, and Cazi come up behind.

         Valkarik answers, “Theo has escaped with Skygge.  Not only that, they took the four herbs!”

         I sigh, lean back in my chair, and fold my arms, “Well, I guess we will have to wait for Einar.”