Book 8 - Conquest for the Truth - Chapter 13 - The Opposite End of the Spectrum

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We will be changing it up a bit and this chapter will be from Cazi's perspective.  A lot is going to start happening, this is just the teaser for what action we are building to.


Hope you all enjoy the chapter!


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Conquest for the Truth


Chapter 13

The Opposite End of the Spectrum


Cazi's Point of View


         Startling myself awake, I yell, “Sparklebolt, Electic!”

         I then grab my head as it feels as if a boulder hit it, though I haver never been hit with a boulder, so I could not say from experience.

         “Now, just lay back down,” a vaguely familiar voice says.  “You need to rest, Miss Olson.”

         Getting my bearings, I look around the room I am in.  Looks to be an Izarian room, more like a workshop of some kind.  I am sitting on a long bench.  Seeing where I had been laying, I was provided with a pillow and blanket is on the floor, probably from me sitting up.

         “How do you know my name?” I ask the mysterious man.

         “I know it has been a while, but,” he turns around and I recognize him.  “My name is Klarp.”

         “What do you want?” I fold my arms.

         “Same thing you want.”

         I chuckle, “I wouldn’t want to punch myself in the face, though to each their own.”

         “No, that’s not what I was referring to,” Klarp also chuckles.  “I’m referring to the fact that you will escape the moment the right opportunity arises.”

         “So?” I state, as I am surprised that he is smart enough to think of that, wary of what he might do.

         “How are you feeling?” Klarp asks.


         “Good, please come to the door,” Klarp suggests.  “Your opportunity for escape is almost here.”

         Intrigued, I hurry to the door.  Looking out I see it is still the light of day.  Observing the landscape, I see what look like holes in the ground and a wide variety of rocks scattered about.  I believe I am on Niori.

         “What do you mean my escape is almost here?”

         Klarp answers as he closes the door, “I mean just that.  I also mean I am going to help you get your friends out too.”

         “Friends?” I echo, now concerned, remembering what just happened.

         “I believe them to be Sapphire, Explod, and your older sister Hannah,” Klarp informs.

         “Younger, thank goodness younger,” I correct, but am wary of him.  “Why are you trying to help me and my friends?”

         Klarp takes a step back from the door and tells me, “When everyone is in the know, new opportunities arise that were otherwise buried.  I said that to Jarl a year or two back, and I mean it again now.  You may not trust me.  You may never trust me.  But seeing what Einar can do, Vixxen has told me he shouldn’t have what’s at the end of this mystery.”

         “But she should?”

         “Yes, but not in the way you think,” Klarp corrects.  “The only thing Vixxen has been after all this time is to heal the wounds that Izar has felt since the Dragon War and Einar’s return to Izar.  She knows Einar is the last viking anyone should trust, but sometimes an evil must be used to get a better outcome.”

         “I beg to differ, but continue,” I interject.

         “Vixxen has been working so much just to get back to the islands, now that she is here, she has changed, for the good.”

         I counter, “Oh really?  Taking Jarl’s dragon was her way of being good?  I liked her better when she was just plain bad.”

         “She stopped Einar from finishing the job when Jarl and Annabeth were down for the count,” Klarp defended.

         “You really believe that Einar let someone else tell him what to do?  You’re more naïve than I thought you were.”

         While Klarp did not like hearing that, I believe he also believes Einar stopped because he wanted to, as he hesitating on continuing, “Vixxen truly wants to see Izar returned to what it once was.  The only way we are going to be able to do that is if you get your friends out of here and set up a counter attack against Einar.  If we solve this mystery before Einar can even sit down, we will be able to write him out of the equation.”

         Breathing in deep, I think to myself, “Klarp is in denial of what will the crew came here to stop:  Einar winning and finally defeating Izar once and for all.  Einar will stop at nothing to get what he wants; he has already shown it.  He is manipulating all who think they can best Einar and think they can double cross Einar.  This is just begging for a showdown between Vixxen and Einar, if what Klarp says is true.  Probably isn’t and I am walking into a trap.  From whom, that remains to be seen.  Guess it wouldn’t be fun if it was not complicated.”  Sighing, I reply, “Alright.  What do you need me to do?”

         “I specifically set up camp here because of the Whispering Death holes,” Klarp goes back to the door and opens it up for me to see.  “I talked Vixxen into making one of the camps here to possibly catch some of them and use them.”

         I look at him as his true intentions are revealed.

         “But, because we also were bringing with us some of the captured, it would be able to create a diversion for you guys to escape,” Klarp stated.  “Look, Miss Olson.  We may have differing ways of doing things, and I am starting to see it.  Believe me or not, trust me or not, but I may be on the wrong side.  Coming back here, coming back here to my home…,” he sighs.  “I forgot how beautiful this place is.  And in the time Vixxen and I have been away, I think we have also lost our way, forgetting truly what it meant to be a Dragon Hun- Protector…  An Izarian Sentinel.”

         Klarp proceeds to point out where my friends are at.  Hannah, Sapphire, and Explod are located in a tent on the other side of area of Whispering Death holes, fifty yards away.  They still have not been able to secure our dragons more than just muzzling them keeping them under watch.  If something were able to censored them, then they may be able to escape on their own.  The workshop I am in makes more sense now being on Niori.  He wishes me success and then…

         Whispering Deaths come screaming out of their holes and attacking everything in sight!

         “Go!” Klarp exclaims as he swings the door open.

         I was thinking this was going to be stealthy trip over.  It is anything but.  Whispering Deaths flying everywhere, shooting, screaming, debris of small chunks of the ground flying everywhere, and I am shielding my face with my arms from said debris from coming into my face.  Oh, and there is still a bunch of snow on the ground too.

         About halfway over, a Whisper launches out of a hole right next to me, nearly knocking me over, but I continue on.

         Rushing into the tent, the guard is startled by me then realizes who I am.  He reaches for his sword to draw it, but when he tries to come at me, Hannah sticks out her foot to trip the guy.  I duck out of the way, grab a nearby stool, and break it over the Hunter’s helmet.  He is dazed, though I think he will come to soon.

         “Thanks sis,” I tell my sister.

         “Keys are over there,” she points to nearby desk.

         Rushing to them, I hurriedly unlock Hannah’s sockets then Sapphire’s and Explod’s.  As they take off their chains and then collect their gear, I return to the desk and look at it.

         I mumble to myself, “I knew it.”

         “Cazi,” Hannah urges.  “We need to get out of here.”

         “Just a second,” I tell her as I continue to study a map of the surrounding area.

         “We only have a minute or two before we can get out of here,” the guy on the floor is starting to come to before Explod takes another stool and breaks it over the guy’s head.  Hannah adds, “Like I said, we only have five minutes before we can get out of here.”

         See what I wanted to see, I comply and we race out of the tent, right into some guards trying to go for cover in the tent.  Sweeping their legs, we knock them all down and run to our left to go for our dragons.  Getting the muzzles off our dragons, we hopped on and I led the group.  Hannah’s Nadder, Winter; Sapphire’s Nadder, Seabreez; Explod’s Zippleback, Hazor and Sparko; and myself on Sparklebolt.  Electic and Ultra Violet, Annabeth’s Skrill, are in the back, protecting our rear as we fly in a “V” formation.  I guess they thought they would just keep all the Skrills together.  Little did they know this would backfire on them.

         With our combined fire power, we assisted the Whispering Deaths with knocking out some of the catapults and net launchers the Dragon Hunters had set up.  Once we had done so, the Whispering Deaths started going after the Dragon Hunters.  This gives us an opportunity to take something I think Klarp wanted me to see, but never said.  Whether he was being genuine about wanting to change, I still felt like he was hiding something.

         I signal to the group to line up single file… And follow me into the Whispering Death Tunnels.

         As we gained some altitude to make our approach easier, Hannah spoke up in disagreement, to put it mildly, “You want us to go into the Whispering Death tunnels, the very dragon who does not care who or what gets in its way?  Are you crazy?”

         “No,” I chuckle.  “I’m Cazi.”

         Because Klarp had alluded to the fact the Whispers had come up a few times before, but never in full force, this looked to be pretty much a full force defense of their territory.  The Dragon Hunters could not have been here long, judging on where the sun was before the battle started with Einar’s forces.  The sun has only moved slightly in the sky, so the battle was only a couple of hours ago.  And, the Dragon Hunters’ camp could not have been here for more than hour before the Whispers could tell someone was encroaching on their territory.

         Thinking about the battle, my thoughts briefly go to hoping everyone else is alright.  Now I see the value of Jarl going through helping us all be able to lead even if he is not here.  While I know Jarl considers me and Annabeth to be his first two picks for a leadership position if the group needs to split up, truly being in a situation where we are on our own makes stepping up to be the leader all the more important.  I always thought we could have Jarl around to lead us.  But as the good leader he is, he prepared us all to be able to step up and lead if he could not.

         The four of us plus the two Skrills line up and dive into the same Whisper hole.  Not more than a few moments later, do we enter a large cavern, probably spanning the entirety of the island.  There are huge columns of rock making cavern have “rooms with no doors” but the cavern is still quite large.

         Not wasting any time, I take the group over to the northeast side of the cavern.  Slowing the dragons down to a glide, I enter into a large tunnel on this side.  About thirty yards later, we enter a somewhat small room -Well, small to fit six dragons in- where I saw was marked on the map on the desk in the tent.  From what I remember from learning about how to traverse each island on a dragon and on foot, the map had a place marked on top of the elevation of the island.  What I could tell from flying above, the Hunter camp is -or now was- on the southwest corner of the island.  This room is about the center of the island.

         Dismounting to investigate the room, Explod wonders, “Could here be another clue similar to what was in Iyer and Mjolnir?”

         I answer, “Let’s find out.  But those Whispers will be back anytime.”

         Getting off our dragons, we spread out and search the thirty-yard room, kind of the shape of a circle, but it is a natural cave so it can only be so close to a circle.

         Five minutes later, Sapphire comes across something in the center of the room:  A large rock with small traces of gold left in it, on it, and around it… With a Norse rune message inside the crater of the rock where the gold had been mined out of it.  The message is not entirely Izarian as I recognize it to be of the similar type which Jarl taught some of us to read, after seeing so much of it in the last couple of mysteries.

         It reads, as I speak out loud, “A precious metal is only valuable to man after it has been beaten into a form.  A railing cry from the thunder of a storm will split the skies and reveal the in the depths… A storm is here!

         Explod whistles, “This is a major clue.”

         “You’re telling me,” I comment.  “And this clue is pointing to something to open something.  I wouldn’t think it could literally part the skies, so we shouldn’t take this too literally.”

         Sapphire suggests, “Maybe it is talking about the journey it took to get to this point.  I mean, it could be complimenting us for distracting the Whispering Deaths so we even get here to be able to read this.  Though, with what we had to deal with today could also apply, though I don’t think this message could have foreseen Einar coming.”

         Sapp gets me thinking, saying it out loud, “I think you are on to something.  If the first sentence is describing, taking this logic to the next sentence…,” I trail off as I read the second part a few times before I submit my idea, “The railing cry of a storm is its thunder, but that is just sound.  While Thunderdrums and other dragons can use sound to make objects explode, sound alone could not split the sky… But the lightning would!” I exclaim as I think we solved it.  “When lightning strikes the sky, it is abrupt and is a visible line dividing the sky.  Is this message trying to tell us we need capture the power of lightning to open up the door which leads to the end of this mystery?”

         The others nod in agreement, Hannah quips, “We have walking and flying thunderstorms at our command, so would a Skrill have something to do with this?  Because I have heard of a whaling cry, not a railing cry.”

         What my sister says snaps an idea to my head, “Hannah, you’re a genius.”

         For a moment she stands there proud, “I know I am.”

         Then realizing she is not sure what she is a genius about, I tell her and the others, “Remember way back when Berk made those statues to appease Thor when the lightning storm struck Berk… Oh my, maybe the puns are actually catchy.  Anyway, as we all know, lightning is attracted to metal.  The metal dragon perches and statues directed the lightning.  Lightning rods can direct lightning.  Maybe the Izarian version of a lightning rod is a lightning rail.  In the message, otherwise known as the railing cry of a storm:  The lightning!”

         “That’s exactly what I was thinking,” touts Hannah.

         We all know, including her, she did not think that at first, but she did help solve the riddle.

         Explod halts the excitement for a moment, “But where’s the rail?”

         Looking around we did not see anything, however, all the Skrills are congregating around the center of the room

         “Skrills are attracted to metal,” I repeat.  “Come on.”

         We all rush to the center of the room to see the Skrills staring at a bunch of rocks with small veins of gold still in them, sitting on a storage slab, ready to be taken somewhere.

         “Wait a second,” I say.  Bending down and dusting off the storage slab, I reveal… A gold surface!

         Signaling the dragons to pull or push off the large rocks on the slab, it reveals to us interlocking small rails of gold on the outside of a square rock slab.  Sometimes the best clues to a mystery are hidden in plain sight.

         “Not sure what the rails are supposed to be for,” I remark as we start to take them apart.  “But they must be important for something.”

         There are eight rails and we each take two of them, tying them to the back of our saddles, out of the way and no hinderance to the dragon.  Each rail is about eight feet long and maybe six inches in diameter.

         Mounting our dragons, we run out of the cave and then they jump into flight to reach one of the holes to exit the cavern.

         Upon exiting the hole, Sparklebolt is hit by something and we are sent sprawling out on to the ground; I manage to stay on my Skrill who skidded on the ground.  Sparklebolt gets back up and I see my friends exit safely.

         But as I am about to ask what hit us, I see exactly what hit us.

         “Nice of you to join the party, Vixxen,” I announce as she is riding her Snow Wraith.

         Vixxen comes back, “What were you doing in there?  Better yet, what are you doing out in the first place?”

         “Wouldn’t you like to know,” Sapphire says.

         “Oh, I intend to find out,” Vixxen states as she readies Ragnorak to pounce.  “Just after I stop all you all.”

         I whisper to my friends, “You all get out of here.”

         Hannah is having none of it, “What?  And leave you-?”

         “I don’t intend on staying,” I tell my sister.  “You all know where we are supposed to meet up with Jarl if things had gone south.  Well, they obviously have.  I’ll buy you some time, lead them away, lose them, then meet up with you.”

         Hannah hesitates and looks at me, I assure her, “I’ll be fine.  Now, get out of here stupid.  Take the other two Skrills with you.”

         While Vixxen is here, the rest of her Dragon Hunters seem to be scattered all around Niori trying to run away from the Whispering Deaths.

         Vixxen laughs as my friends fly off, “What are you thinking, sending your back-up away?”

         “Back-up?” I echo.  “I’m riding a Skrill, am I not?  They don’t call me Cazi the Conqueror for nothing!”

         “We don’t have to fight,” Vixxen states.

         “Oh, so now you say that,” I tell her.  “After what you did to my friends and our dragons, now you are going to say you can help us too.  Save your words, I think we are past talking this out.”

         “So be it,” Vixxen answers.

         Ragnorak fires his blast but Sparklebolt fires back at the same time, the two fire types collide, and explode in a crackling boom!

         “Never faced a Skrill, eh?” I taunt.  “Come and get me!”

         I egg her on for me to chase me, so I can then -hopefully- lose her in the snow, plus get a few punches and jabs in never hurt either..