Book 7 - The Crimson Storm - Chapters 4: Axe in Hand, Worth Two in the Face

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I finally had some time earlier in a week to get a start on the chapter.  I have been making it a point to get better at doing things ahead of time, even with homework.


The ideal time I would like to post on Friday Nights would be 8pm EST.


I still didn't get to what I wanted to write for the early part of the story.  So, today I have been working on Chapter 5.  If I am able to start the chapter for the week earlier in the week, doing two chapters a week I think would be awesome.  You guys get to read more, and I get to my ideas I want to do with the story a lot faster before I lose any part of what I want to do.  Doing 2 chapters a week might not always happen, but for the near future, it can.


Regardless, I will do my best to do one chapter per week, posting on Friday Nights, ideally at 8pm EST.


I hope you guys enjoy the chapter!


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The Crimson Storm


Chapter 4

Axe in Hand, Worth Two in the Face


         After our overnight stay, we arrived at Dragon’s Edge early the next morning.  Real early, like nearly lunch early.  By now, I am just waking up.

         We land in front of their stables.  Dismounting, we take our cats and wolf pup out of their special carry bags on our saddle.  The three are set on the ground and follow behind us.  Pebbles is with me, Titan with Annabeth, and Rogue with Dawn.  We walk down the paths leading to the Clubhouse.  Tuffnut nearly bowls us over as he leaps his way out of the Clubhouse.

         “What the-?” Dawn declares.

         Cazi, though surprised too, merely waves it off, “Eh, that’s just Tuffnut and his Changewing migration thing.”

         “O-K…” Dawn widens her eyes as she remembers the craziness of the Twins.  “Forgot about a certain pair of Thorstons being crazy as crazy can get.”

         Alerted by the blow of a horn for an arrival of some kind, we come to the front of the Clubhouse; Hiccup asks from inside, “Are we expecting visitors today?”

         Just as he finishes, Annabeth, Dawn, Cazi, and I cross the opening.

         “Well,” I said.  “We were not expected though when you called us and even don’t consider us ‘visitors’, then we will just leave.”

         Sarcastically going, “Hmph,” I turn my back from Hiccup.

         He quickly rescinds his statement, “No, no.  I mean un-expected visitors.  Someone we were not counting on coming.”

         Following Hiccup and Astrid down to the Docks, accompanied by Fishlegs, my group stops on the last platform level before the main docks near where a ship can come into port.

         We all stand behind as Hiccup takes care of his island.

         Annabeth wonders out loud, “Why is Throk here?”

         Throk’s boat comes into port as Hiccup starts, “Throk.  Uh, did we have plans?”

         Throk immediately answers, “I am on your shores today to fulfill a mission that is most personal and of the utmost importance.”

         Unsure, Hiccup responds, “Okay.  How can we help?”

         Throk requests as he ties his boat to docks, “You can point me in the direction of the fragrant savior of this man’s very life:  Ruffnut Thorston.  I am here to lift her off her feet.”

         “Um,” Hiccup said confused.  He helps Throk up to the docks and corrects the saying, “Do you mean, ‘Sweep her off her feet.’?”

         “No,” Throk affirms to the opposite.  “I will lift her from her feet, put her over my shoulder, and return with her to my island, where she will live out her days as my trustworthy wife.”

         Astrid exclaims, “What?”

         Dawn, who had been disinterested, wakes up and comments, “He’s going to do what now?”

         “Oh boy,” I sigh.

         Annabeth stands with her mouth and eyes wide open in disbelief.

         Fishlegs inquires, carefully, “Um, does she know about this?”

         Amazed by his question, Throk asks, “Is that important?”

         Astrid says something and walks towards Throk with some other intent in mind and Hiccup stops her.  Annabeth also tries to step forward, but Anora reaches her neck, from above, and puts her neck in front of Annabeth to stop her.  But what adds to the puzzle of the situation is the next voice I hear, “Is what important?”

         “Dagur?” I turn around and see both him and his sister, Heather, jump down the two yards to our level from the ramp just above.

         Wanting to ask why they are doing here, Annabeth informs her siblings what is going on, “Throk, a Defender of the Wing, just said he is going to take Ruffnut to be his wife.”

         “Huh,” Dagur replied.  “Didn’t know someone would be interested in the girl.  If he is crazy enough to think she is pretty, no offense to her, then he is perfect for her.  Enough crazy to go around.”

         “No, Dagur,” Cazi explains.  “What you don’t understand is Throk wants to forcibly take Ruffnut without even getting consent from Ruffnut if she like him or not.”
         Dagur changes his tone, “Is this serious?”

         Cazi punches her right fist into her other hand, “It’s about to be.”

         We listen back in to hear Throk mid-sentence, “…have gone soft over the years.  Losing the club has made the retrieval of the bride much more of a struggle,” Throk then raises both his arms to show his muscles to emphasis what he said.

         Just when I thought it quieted down…

         “Arrragh!” taking her axe from her back, Astrid tries to charge Throk.

         Impeding her path is Hiccup doing his best to keep Astrid back; Astrid struggles to get past him.  But that is only Astrid.  Annabeth tries to do the same thing, but I catch Annabeth with one arm.  Before she can jump down the next level, I wrap my left arm around Annabeth.  Sparklebolt picks up Cazi by using her neck to flip her up into the saddle.  Then Dawn just stands there.  I think I see steam coming off her head.  And Heather, though just to the scene, also tries to step forward, but Dagur holds her back similar to me holding Annabeth back.

         “Calm down,” Dagur says.

         “Calm down,” Annabeth replies.  “Calm down?!  Why should I calm down?”

         I add, “Because Throk doesn’t understand.”

         Saying that caused everyone to calm down.

         Dawn had just taken her own axe out to rush Throk too, but she instead said, “Okay.  Okay, I am calm.  I’m calm.”

         Dawn takes a few deep breaths.

         “Dawn,” Dagur observes, “Don’t you think you should drop your axe too.”

         She does so and questions, “I dropped the axe… Now let’s knock that guy’s block off.”

         Now Hiccup brings Astrid over at the moment Dawn tries to charge; Hiccup calls back to Throk, “Can’t wait to hear what you guys decide…,” Astrid was facing away from Hiccup, but she turns back to go against Hiccup.

         Dawn also charges forward, picking up the axe with her left and as Astrid yells again, Dawn winds up a right cross to go through… Hiccup yells, “Oh, no, no, no, no,” trying to talk Dawn down.  Astrid dodges the punch.  Hiccup, on the other hand… Well, let us just say that is a different story…


         “Aw… No!  Oh!” Hiccup stumbles back and falls into some crates, which break on impact.  Thinking this was all, Hiccup sees Dawn swinging her axe in her right hand from right to left…


         The axe was not aimed at him, but acting quickly, Hiccup jabbed at Dawn’s wrist to disarm her of the axe.

         “Watch it,” Hiccup calls out Dawn.

         But the axe he disarmed Dawn of, goes flying up and lodges into the bottom of the deck above… Directly in front of Pebbles…


         Pebbles screams and runs away.  Rogue and Titan were also nearby and are also startled by the sudden axe tip appearing in front of them.  These two also run away.

         Laughing rhetorically, I return to Hiccup, helping him up with my right hand, “Watch where your opponent is aiming before you disarm someone.  There could be collateral damage if you are not careful.  The axe did go straight up and would not have hit them from your angle even if you tried to do it, but could have been a little more careful.”

         “I wouldn’t have to do this if certain vikings were not so triggered by every little thing…,” Hiccup replies.  “Even if their reasoning is correct.”

         Dawn did not bother helping Hiccup up, but wanting to lunge forward again, “I dropped the axe, now let me at him!”

         Dagur stretches out his right arm to grab her should, “The guy probably doesn’t understand.”

         I give Hiccup a hand up as he says, “Thank you.”

         Dagur continues, “I will make him understand myself.”

         “No, no… NO!” demands Hiccup as everyone but me starts to walk towards Hiccup.  “Fishlegs will take care of it, we have more important stuff to attend to.”

         They keep coming.  So, I keep Annabeth back and Hiccup takes Astrid on.

         “Could you guys stop already?” Hiccup frustratingly says.

         Cazi is finally able to jump down from her dragon and joins in on the “fun” too, Hiccup shrugs his shoulder and head, “Not you too Cazi.”

         Fishlegs and Throk walk by at this exact moment… And Throk adds salt to the wound, “This is why losing the club has been a chore to find a fit woman.”

         Everyone explodes.

         Hiccup struggles to stop Astrid, I keep Annabeth back in a similar way, keeping myself between her and her target, and Dagur with one arm keeps Dawn in place and with the left keeps

Cazi at bay.

         Hiccup strongly suggests to Fishlegs, “I really can’t wait to see what you guys learn.”

         Fishlegs then hurries Throk off to where they were going.  Hiccup, Dagur, and I soon get the girls calmed down.

         Dagur comments, “He isn’t even worth the punch or axe to the knee.”  This elevates some tension.

         Annabeth gets a little upset at me, “You of all vikings should know he needs to understand.”

         Defending my stance, I then say but with the understanding of where she is coming from, “Reacting the way that you did justified Throk’s thinking he needs a club to rein a woman in.”  I then got some menacing looks from them all, except Annabeth who looks to be trying to listening.  “As the doer trying to teach someone about listening to a different point of view, saying or doing one thing may tear down the listener while doing or saying something else may build up.  Especially when something is believing one thing… Like you girls are doing this moment about Throk… Wanting to beat the snot out of him for treating a potential wife like this, is not the best way to build him up to understand the better way of handling things.  I completely agree with all of you.  I want to punch him just as much as you do.  However, to what Dagur just alluded to -even if I don’t think you realized, Dagur- punching Throk because of this is not worth the punch.  Not because Throk is less of a viking for thinking a man literally takes a woman to be his wife, but because Throk doesn’t know any better way.”

         “Keep in mind,” I continue.  “Throk comes from a civilization that has completely different beliefs and traditions than Berk does.  This something that I am still figuring out.  But what meeting Fira in the situation that I did and then learning from her, when someone else believes something contrary to what you believe, if you show them the light, the truth of the matter, this will give them the opportunity to understand what you do.”

         “Long story short,” I finish up.  “If you truly want Throk to understand without throwing a single punch, then you do the opposite of what he expects.  If he expects to have to use club to get someone, bring no shield, come disarmed, and say, ‘No.’  Show him that we do things differently.  Talk to him, explaining there is a better way.  But then live with the fact that if he still does not want to change, he will now know how to better treat those around him.  Someone may need a punch to see the light, or the lack there of, someone else may need an explanation.  Not everything can be solved with a punch.”

         Once I finish, it became quiet for a moment.

         “Alright,” Dawn said disappointed but then perked up.  “Now, let’s go punch him.”

         Sighing and shaking my head, I facepalm.

         Looking up, I see Hiccup about to say something, I jump in instead, “That’s Dawn’s way of saying she understands.  Because if she intended of punching someone… They would be on the ground by now.”

         “Jarl’s right,” Cazi says.

         Appreciative, I reply, “Thank you.”

         “Go punch Snotlout.  He’s always worthy of a punch,” Cazi adds.

         “Ooo.  You’re right,” Dawn smiles.

         I slowly blink once and fluttery my eyelids to look at Dawn and Cazi.

         To segway why we are here, I straighten up and mention to Hiccup, “Maybe you should invite us here so much.  For one thing we are not considered visitors and another, you may be down one rider than you were before we got here.”

         Now Hiccup sighs but also laughs, shaking his head.

         Cazi then asks Astrid, “How can you stand it?  Seeing that… That face… That nicely… punch-able face and not giving it what for.”

         She folds her arms and smiles, “It is a daily struggle that has trained me to let him have it when he deserves it.”

         “Alright,” Hiccup picks up on my que.  “The reason why you are here and Dagur and Heather are here is something I wanted to say in person.”

         Now intrigued, Dawn inquires, “What is it?”

         “Remember your report a while ago that included this new material Terbsten?” Hiccup asks.  I nod.  He continues and leads the way back to the Clubhouse, “Well, we got a tip from Trader Johann that several minor Dragon Hunter leaders got wind of this and has set up a meeting Viggo and a couple other Dragon Hunter commanders about this material to discuss details of this.  Trader Johann also mentioned this meeting is going to take place relatively close to Dragon’s Edge.  Fearing maybe even an attack on Dragon’s Edge, Johann told us this.  Two things I called you guys from Mystery and Dagur and Heather.  Jarl and his friends have the best infiltrating and sleuthing skills of us all.  The other players present at the meeting, Dagur has past history with, even recent history.  But Johann was not sure if Viggo will show or not, which is why he was thinking that Viggo may try to attack Dragon’s Edge being so close.”

         Astrid then comes in, “Why Hiccup was so vague on his message to you and Dagur and Heather was because the security at this meeting will be so big that a large group of riders will be spotted, especially if those dragon riders are the Dragon Riders.  We need to see what this meeting is about, but we could not get close enough for an attack by dragon even if we wanted to.”

         Hiccup continues and then finishes as we enter the Clubhouse, “For three or for major Dragon Hunters to meet like this and make such a big deal to keep any dragon rider out, there has got to be something very important they are discussing.  Johann mentioned Terbsten but that is only one of the topics.  The information we can gain from attending this meeting is invaluable.  Going in dragons blazing, all this information will be lost.”

         Dawn off-handily jests, “So, you want us to walk into the front door?”

         Hiccup looks at her, “Yeah… Pretty much.”

         Dawn rolls her eyes, “The crazy from the Twins must be contagious.  What have you guys been eating lately?”

         Hiccup goes on, “When a stealthy mission is presenting itself, who better to call on than the master sleuths themselves?”

         Annabeth and I smile, Cazi and Dawn nod their heads.

         Hiccup brings us to the back of the Clubhouse to a table set up with model ships and sea stacks.

         Spreading out around the table, Hiccup begins to relay the plan, “First off, Johann is our man on the inside.  Johann, with his trading contacts, has gotten a way in for us: Trader Johann is bringing in outside help to help with his supply to trade.  Jarl, Annabeth, Cazi, and Dawn are Johann’s help.  Earlier, Johann gave us gear for you guys to use.  Up front, guys, you will not have any weapons.  However, there will be plenty of weapons there, hence the items you will be trading.”

         Heather questions, “Where do we come in?”

         Astrid answers, “You and Dagur will be Jarl and his crew’s backup, along with their dragons they ride out there on.  While there is no way we can fight them all head on, extracting Jarl’s crew out of there might be an issue because the meeting is going to take place on ships.”

         “Right,” Hiccup continues.  “The meeting is going to take place northwest of Dragon’s Edge, just east of the Swamplands.  All of the players involved will be arriving with a small band of their vikings and soldiers.  Viggo is footing the security for this meeting since he was ‘gracious’ enough to let news spread about the Terbsten.”

         Hiccup concludes, “All of you will fly out to the Swamplands today where the thick of the swamp forest will be your staging grounds.  We are not sure how they are going to set up their ships, but they will be anchored somehow because that water is pretty choppy, even in calm weather.  The current will be moving, so with stationary ships, Heather and Dagur and swoop in and get you guys out of there.”

         Cazi asks, “Why not just pick them off?  Stationary targets are the best kind.”

         Annabeth instead responds, “Hiccup is right.  The intel we gain from this meeting is invaluable.  If we stop them here, then we do not know who they are working for, what are their plans, or anything of that nature.  This isn’t the time for the final showdown, but it is very near.  I doubt any of them will ever work together for anything, so there probably isn’t going to be a team of some sort.  However, if they find a mutual benefit like the Terbsten rumored to be Gronckle Iron proof or at least more resistant than anything they have now, then stopping their supply of this metal is crucial to anything against them.  And about the escaping part, Jarl has a Tidal Class dragon.  A Thunderdrum can slip in unnoticed, especially if Dagur and Heather distract them above ground.  In the chaos, we all can jump ship, hold on to Fredrick, and escape before anyone notices we were there.”

         “Great idea,” Hiccup thanks.  “You all can leave whenever you are ready.  We have your outfits right here for you to go ahead and put on.  Are there any questions?”

         Cazi asks, “Where’s Snotlout?”
         Hiccup chuckles, “I mean, relating to the plan?”

         “Oh,” Cazi says.  “Nah, just so long as I’ll get to punch something eventually.”

         The girls and I take the gear.  I go to Hiccup’s hut and the girls go to Astrid’s hut to try on the gear.  Meeting back at the Clubhouse to see how we all look, we comment on each other’s gear.

         See us all in costume, they are all very similar; all black, all leather, long pants, long sleeve shirt, loose fitting hood that can reach past our eye level, and even a mask.  Reminds me a lot of what Asvord’s outfit looked like, way back when; Asvord still has the mask.  Although with the girls’ outfits, they have a skirt, and it is black too.  One thing I did keep with me from my own gear, is my Hidden Blade bracer, on my left arm.  I have a plain matching bracer to put on my other arm.  Annabeth did the same with hers.  Our grappling hook is pretty exclusive to me and my crew.  Our foes may not know it, but it is even more exclusive to just Annabeth and me.

         Annabeth remarks, “Black is very sliming on me, don’t you think?”

         Knowing from what my sisters have hammered into my brain:  When a girl asks this a question, quickly answer.  Do not hesitate and do not be blunt.  Be honest, obviously, but with fewer words.

         I answer, “It looks great on you.  Couldn’t agree more.”
         “Uh-huh,” Annabeth looks at me as she realized what predicament her question put me in.

         “It is a bit constricting in the shoulders, if you ask me,” Dawn critically observed.  “I need to be able to fight, if given the chance to.”

         Cazi adds, “We’ll improvise.  I mean, that is like the majority of Jarl’s plans, right?”  Cazi mimics my voice, or at least tries to: deep undertones and she sticks out her stomach to over emphasis where my voice is coming from, “I’ll take Annabeth with me, you girls go punch some things and when we get in trouble, come bail us out.”

         “First off,” I point my finger at her.  “I do not sound like that, though I do have a deep voice.  Secondly, not all my plans go like that.”

         Dawn retorts, “Yeah, like once every twenty or so.”

         I roll my eyes.

         Hiccup comes in, “I see it all fits.  Good.  One last thing, Trader Johann will meet you guys at the eastern shores of the Swamplands, just after sundown.  You all ready?”

         The girls and I nod, Heather and Dagur come in and agree.  We mount our dragons near the Stables.

         As we say our goodbyes, I jest to Hiccup, “I wish you success with your Twin problem.”

         Hiccup shakes his head as my crew lifts into the air, “That’s a never-ending battle.”

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Wow! You are so talented at writing! These are amazing stories and chapters! I can't wait for the rest! Thanks for sharing!



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Stonegrinder - Male Whispering Death

Guardianspirit - Male Elder Sentinel

Tidal Class

Wraithster - Male Sand Wraith

Thundergem - Female Thunderdrum (Older sister to Tidalgem)

Tidalgem - Male Thunderdrum (Younger brother to Thundergem)

Oceanshadow - Female Scauldron - TITAN!

Shockwave - Female Shockjaw

Strike Class

Nightstrike - Male Triple Stryke (Sunstrike's twin)

Sunstrike - Female Triple Stryke (Nightstrike's twin)

Elektra - Female Skrill

Sparkangel - Female Skrill

Mystery Class

Zip & Zap - Male Hideous Zippleback

Sparkle & Dazzle - Female Hideous Zippleback

Nightglow - Female Flightmare

Firework - Male Flightmare

Siren - Female Deathsong



In-Game Info!

Name: xXStormxRiderXx (Stormy for short! :D)

Title: Senior Nadder Whisperer

Clan: Warzone

Occupation: Dragon trainer, Huntress (for food, not dragons! XD)

Trophy amount: 3300+

UDT Score: 400,000! (MAX)

Stars: 1 Gronckle Iron Star! (MAX)

Viking Level: 48

Dragons: 32

Friend Code: FNNUWE

Favourite pass-times: Flying, training, battling and of course playing with my dragons!



Art done by others! Thanks so much!

Stormy as a Draconian by TosiLohi! Thanks sooo much!!


Shimmering Snow by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Stormshear by Andrea!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!


An awesome picture of me and Stormshear done by the even more awesome Hillevij! Thank you!!


Springflower my Crimson Goregutter done by the amazing Embala!! Thanks!! 


Firewing!! Done by the awesome Lissa!! Thanks so much!!! :D


Zip & Zap and Nightstrike & Sunstrike by the awesome RedHoodJason! Thanks!!!


Wraithster by the awesome SangoMichiko! Thanks!


Stormy in a beautiful Nadder-themed dress! Thanks so much TosiLohi! :D



Stormy by the awesome ParakeetAndine!! The one on the left is in normal clothing, on the right is in her flightsuit with Stormshear!! Thanks so much!!!!!



Oceanshadow done by the amazing Root! Thanks!



Stormy and my Light Fury, Aurora, as a hatchling! Thanks so much to Purpy!!!!


Stormy and Stormshear (again) done by the awesome RedHoodJason! Thanks so much!!


Lightshard and Starlight my Razorwhips! By Sango! Thanks!




Firework, Elektra, Bliss and Stormshear!! All by the amazing PURPY!!!! THANKS!!


Stormshear and me done by the awesome TosiLohi! Thank you so much!


nice day here NOBG by bottomlessBOX

Stormshear and me (again! XD) done by the awesome Tosi Lohi! I couldn't resist so I put the non-background one in too! Thanks so much!!



Here be Stormy! 


Stormshear by the awesome SangoMichiko! Thanks!


Stormshear by Purpy!! Thankies! 


Stormshear done by Silverraven! Thanks! :D


Stormshear done by the amazing nathanviking!! Thanks so much!!!

Me and Stormshear done by the awesome Katerina Pettrova! Thanks!!!!


Hawk by demonguitars1214

Hawk Sokolov my OC! Done by the awesome DyliehIdol1214!! Thanks so much! :D


Firework done by the amazing nathanviking!! Thanks so much!!!!





Pheonix, Wraithster, Rosethorn, Oceanshadow, Stormy, Puddletwirler, and Stormshear! 

All by the awesome Purpy! Thanks so much!!


Wraithster and Puddletwirler!! Done by the always awesome Zikta!!! Thank you!! 


Stormshear, Stormy and Wraithster done by the awesome LilyStark!! Thanks! 


 Razorwhip Banner Scuttleclaw Banner

Smothering Smokebreath Banner

Changewing Banner

All banners by Dragonriders Fury! Thanks! :D 




My Adoptables!!!


Aurora and Blaze! By the awesome Celine!! Thank you so so so much!! :D


Aurora and Blaze!! Done by the awesome Lissa!!! Thanks!!!!!!!


Blaze | For CZNZ Dragon Rider by HypnoTheSerpentLordAurora | For CZNZ Dragon Rider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Blaze and Aurora both done by Andrea!! Thanks!!!!


Aurora | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Aurora (again XD) by the awesome Andrea!!!! Thanks so much!!!!

Blaze my Night Fury, and Aurora my Light Fury! Thanks so much Embala for drawing them!!!


Cuddles | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLordDeigh | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Misletoe | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord  +  


Cuddles and Deigh my Deathgrippers; Dreambolt my Deadly Claw; Skythorn and Stormshear my Curly Nadders; Mistletoe my Christmas Wreath, Crispin my Summer Wreath and their baby, Rustle; and Gruntshine my Tingecutter!! All by the awesome Andrea! Thanks so so so much!!! 


Brightstorm my Shinglescale and Duskflyer my Shinglespike!! By Rider Jyharri! Thanks!!!

Blossom my beautiful Nightsealer! By the awesome Chameishida! Thanks! :D


Behold the amazing... Frillfire! By Lissa! Thanks so much! :D


Aurora by the great Zesty!!! Thanks!!


Battleshine my Fighting Claw by the awesome Belubel! Thanks! 


Galaxy my Giarogia! (Sub-species of Spyrogia!) By the awesome Shelya! Thanks!


Princess, my moody Mood Dragon! Done by the (as always) awesome Lissa!!  Thanks!!!!!


Waterdevil my Tidereaper by the awesome Goldenwolfmidna! Thanks!


Firedemon my baby Coalskin!! Done by the awesome Chameishida!! Thank you!!!

Autumn and Roux, my Harvest Hunters! By the awesome Embala!!! Thanks!!


Aphrodite and Ares my Plume Tails by Embala! Thanks!!!


My Crytter and Bookwyrm, by Flitt! Thanks!


Alaska my Pykacynd! Done by the awesome Sheyla!!! Thanks!!!


Skyburner my Neckblaze! Done by the awesome Sheyla!!! Thanks so much!

Paco my Rainforest Griffin!! Made by the amazing Lissa!



Favourite Quotes!


- I wouldn't kill him because he looked as frightened as I was. I looked at him, and I saw myself. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Well, you know what I always say. When in doubt, take it out! - Dagur RTTE

- Oh I'm hurt! I am very much hurt!!! - Tuffnut HTTYD

- Excuse me, barmaid! I'm afraid you brought me the wrong offspring! I ordered an extra-large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side. This here, this is a talking fish-bone! - Hiccup HTTYD

- The chicken is not amused. - Tuffnut RTTE

- Everything we know about you guys, is wrong. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Some of us were just born different. - Valka HTTYD 2

- Oh my... Me likey! - Ruffnut HTTYD 2

- Please, you... are my best friend, bud. My best friend. - Hiccup HTTYD 2

- Atta boy! That's it! - Hiccup HTTYD 2


Screenshots Of My Fantastic Dragons!!! (I will be adding more soon!)

Firework - Male Flightmare


Nightglow - Female Flightmare


Oceanshadow - Female Scauldron


Wraithster - Male Sand Wraith


Firedancer - Female Singetail


Firewing - Male Monstrous Nightmare


Frostwing - Male Groncicle


Thundergem - Female Thunderdrum


Tidalgem - Male Thunderdrum


Elektra - Female Skrill


Nightstrike - Male Triple Styke


Sunstrike - Female Triple Stryke


Zip and Zap - Male Hideous Zippleback


Sparkle and Dazzle (Spark and Dazz for short!) - Female Hideous Zippleback


Skypiercer - Male Deadly Nadder


Pheonix - Male Typhoomerang


Lightshard - Male Razorwhip


Starlight - Female Razorwhip


Mudslide - Male Mudraker


Shockwave - Female Shockjaw


Did you make it to the end??? Stormshear and I say... "Congratulations!!!"


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The thing about Dreadfall is I dread the falling temperatures XD

Thank you very much.


How much of my series have you read?


You are quite welcome, glad you enjoy them. :D

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Happy Dreadfall!

I have only just started reading them, but they are so awesome!!

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Drums R Round. Pi R Cubed... Because the volume of pi is so good

This is Book 7.  I have six other books.  All the links to all my books are in my signature.  All the books are in chronological order.


Thank you very much for reading!  Glad you like them.


If there is any suggestions you come across that you can think of, feel free to suggest them.


And even a character you would like to see or your own original character (OC) to be in my story, feel free to suggest them too.  They don't have to be apart of Jarl's crew.  They can be another protagonist, villain/villainess, a character that shows up now and then, they can be netural, or just a character the crew meets once.  Any character you want, I'll listen to it.

If you want details on what I am looking for (such details as hair color, height, age, weapon of choice, personality, etc.) I can tell what I want from you about your character so you can fill it out.


Thank you again for reading.  :D