Book 7 - The Crimson Storm - Chapters 3: Up to Date Now

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Hope guys have had a great week.


This chapter will be more of an update on all my characters to this point.  And when I mean all, I mean basically every character in my series.  I have not done an update on characters this extensive and most of them I haven't done a detailed update on in a long time.  So, I thought I would do that here.


Knowing that this is basically a filler chapter with not much relating to the story, depending on how Saturday goes, I may Chapter 4 up Saturday Night.  Because Chapter 4, which was going to be Chapter 3 but the update literally took the whole chapter, I wanted to write what I was going to do.


I hope you guys enjoy the new chapter!


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The Crimson Storm


Chapter 3

Up to Date Now


         That night we received a Terror Mail from Hiccup said he would like some of us to stop by the next chance we get.  Hiccup seemed a bit cryptic by not saying what it was about, but, it did not seem too major.  Astrid has been dying to see our cats, Titan -Annabeth’s cat-, Rogue -Dawn’s wolf pup-, and Pearls -my cat- for quite a while.  We are bringing them along for the trip too.

         So, this morning, I selected a few of my friends to go with me to Dragon’s Edge: Annabeth, Dawn, and Cazi.  I offered for Fira and Valkarik to go, but both declined; Fira more politely than Valkarik though.  Yet, Valkarik does not mean anything by it.  Or, at least I think she does not.  Fira is content with staying in one place and Valkarik wants to scout out our island to see what is on it.  I feel that Valkarik still does not fully trust us, wanting to see if we are hiding anything.

         Picking Annabeth, Dawn, Cazi, and Asvord did come with a slight backlash against from Hannah.  She joked about how I always pick Annabeth to come with me where ever I go.  But it seems like Hannah is more serious than joking.  Cazi told me to pay her no mind and not to let it get to me.  Yet with me and my mystery connecting the dots mind, the way Hannah said made me think something else.  I do take Annabeth with me, but is it not obvious why?  Maybe that is the point Hannah was trying to make.  I do not know, maybe I am grasping at straws.  Without having a mystery to think about, I seem to make everything more than it should be; ant hill into a mole hill kind of thing.

         Anyway, right after breakfast, the five of us saddle up our dragons and fly to the east.  Going from one side of the archipelago to the next is a long, but relaxing trip.  Even by dragon, it takes two days to get there.  We stop about halfway on Slephir Island.  One thing about stopping here.  Cannot use fire… Unless you want to have an explosive stay.

         While we travel, I think over what my friends have been up to.


         Those who have been with me, obviously I know what they have been up to.  They have been solving mysteries with me.  Annabeth and I have been spending quite a bit of time together.  Our relationship has gotten very serious, so we are hashing things out and talking about the things we think we should be talking about.  It is not all what we will become, but the here and now too.  We still need to enjoy and have fun today.  That said we compete in races with our dragons, complete parkour challenges, spar, and continue to teach the other the art of their choice of weapon.  I teach bow and arrow, she teaches me the axe.  Although Annabeth has somewhat bounced around between what weapon she liked most, she has found it in an axe.  The only area where she is not at least average is the bow and arrow.

         With the arrival of the newborn Thunderwhips, that is all Elsa will ever do anymore.  Elsa will spend nearly every waking minute with them.  Asvord is improving her cooking while teaching Cazi what she knows.  Though Cazi has made it known on several occasions when we had been captured she did not like doing jobs, she has made it known that it has made her realize that she can do a lot more to help out around the outpost.  She did fine before, but now she is expanding her skill set that does not include figuring out a new way to punch Snotlout in the face.  Cazi’s younger sisters, Hannah and Abbie, have been, well, Cazi’s sisters.  Being the older sibling, Cazi is taking on more responsibilities.  Hannah and Abbie on the other hand our like our own version of the Twins.  Not to the same degree, but they get into mischief all the same.

         Garth is Garth.  One might hear the occasional explosion crack the silence of an average day on Mystery’s Edge, but living here a few years with this, it is now just background noise.  If we do not hear a, “I’m alright,” about five minutes after, then we know to investigate.  Riptide, his Tide Glider, is also good for putting out fires too with her healing saliva.  A thing of note, though, is Garth is quiet.  Quieter than usual, that is.  He also seems more preoccupied than normal too.  Yet, Garth down plays anything wrong with him as usual.  I am not sure if something is wrong, as Garth has always been like this, but something is a bit off.

         Explod is also Explod.  Of the two vikings on Mystery’s Edge, Garth and Explod are two of the most consistent.  Garth is Garth, Explod is Explod.  Explod is always creating new ways to use his catchphrase with his Not-Hideous Zippleback, Hazor and Sparko.  Explod can also be heard narrating himself as he saves me from being captured by a band of a thousand Dragon Hunters.  I have also heard him humming a tune often as he role plays, as if he has his own theme music.  But, that is Explod.

         Hyrith is probably the most content I have ever seen him to be.  After worrying for so long about The Golden Isles, his original home and birthplace, having his past finally being able to stay buried has been the best thing for me.  He says there will always be some things that he still wants to solve, some “loose ends” he says.  For now, he is committed to whenever I need of him if a battle or mystery arises.

         Angie is pleasant surprise of recent.  Most of my friends will do the jobs I tell them to do, but do not come asking for more to do.  That is what Angie has done.  She is the one that got our Speed Stingers, native to Mystery’s Edge, trained to the point where they do not attack us and serve as pretty good guard dragons.  Now, Angie is taking the position to maintain the population, keep their food reserves stocked, care for them, and even train them to be even better protectors of the island.  Angie will continue to ask me to give her more things to do, but she has enough to do.  Besides, I am running out of things to do if she keeps asking, I think with a sigh and a shake of the head.

         Ali Clar, now there is a character all her own.  While she has not been the most active in solving mysteries, battles, or the like.  The in between days and days without a mystery, she is the life of the day.  Quirky and fun, are two words that come to mind to describe her.  Oddly enough, she and Valkarik have it hit it off quite well.  While Valkarik tries to gauge where she is among our group, Ali Clar was the first to just talk to her as your average, ordinary viking.  Valkarik took a figurative step back to look at the crew we have, Valkarik stepped right back next to Ali Clar.

         Although they have two opposite personalities, one dark the other light -just describing in the most basic of terms-, they both seem to find themselves in the background looking at everything from afar.  This to Ali Clar is a chance to suggest things that most of us would not think of, coming at things from an unorthodox way of thinking.  Valkarik, on the other hand, standing back from the situation is more fearful than anything, to Valkarik I think.  I am pretty sure she is the oldest viking here and has been the first to truly see the real world.  Knowing the dangerous of the real world and who she has had to deal with -Koll and Vixxen alike- Valkarik is apprehensive for something to be good.  It is like it has to go wrong somehow and Valkarik is planning her escape to save herself and her dragon.

         Back to Ali Clar, she has mentioned to me that her one friend Michia should have been back by now.  Michia comes and comes, not liking to stay in one place more than a couple days, he always come back through here or Berk at some point.  But it has been a couple weeks he has been at neither.  Ali does not know why she looks at this as a personal issue, but she does.

         To help stay positive, she joked the last time we spoke, “Maybe the next encounter with Dawn has scared Michia off.”

         While that may be true, knowing Dawn, Dawn is not all that bad.  She may argue with you all the way to Valhalla, she is not mean.  Well… Let me put it this way, once one understands where Dawn is coming from, Dawn is not mean.

         Speaking of Dawn, by now, being an “adopted sister” is the last thought that occurs to Dawn, even Cazi though that came a long time ago.  But Dawn considers Cazi a sister on the same level as Annabeth and treats both as if they were her own blood… Even sheds some of it once in a while.  As the older sister to Annabeth, she has been trying to give her advice when dealing with me.  Annabeth tries to take her seriously and not laugh, but some of the advice Dawn has given her... I hope Annabeth does not take her literally.

         For example, Dawn has told Annabeth, “If he ever argues with you, cracking a few ribs will get him to see the light of day.”  Or, “If he ever gets out of line, throwing his shoulder out of alignment will tell him to snap too.”  Dawn’s analogies always include violence of some form.  There is the violence that Astrid will often use to show she cares.  Then there is Dawn’s violence that show she does not care.  But if she does not care about you, then in our terms, she does care about you.  Because if she treats her friends like this, a viking does not want Dawn to care about you because they would regret ever getting Dawn’s attention.

         Fira has settled in and gotten to know all of us.  Living on one island or just the near area of that island her whole life, or from when she can remember, she has a lot to learn about the world.  Do not discount her though.  Her knowledge of medicine practices and even dragons is off the charts.  She and Fishlegs could have a convention and sell tickets to showcase their knowledge; we would be there for a week and still not get all the knowledge Fira knows.  Hannah and Abbie have thought of the idea of making a convention to sell tickets, but after saying a stern, “No,” and explaining that their pricing was way too steep, Hannah and Abbie have back down… For now.

         One other thing about Fira is straight forward with everything.  She spells it out, but only once.  After that, one had better remember what she just said.  Also, listening to what she believes in about spirits and whatnot, is interesting.  When she found out the truth about Shadow Mountain, she has done some deep thinking and figured it worth some thought to look into what we believe.  I have not encountered very often thinking and believing one way only for what I thought I know to be completely false.  Then dealing with that and trying to pick of the pieces would be very difficult.  That got me thinking of what would happen if I were in that position with something I belief in.

         The last addition to our crew for the near future is an old friend.  Well, not that old, but as the saying goes.  They have not done much with us in the mystery department in a long time, but have decided that they wanted some adventure back in their lives.  Though I have not said a name, just saying the word “pans” and everyone knows exactly who I am talking about.

         Meen.  Meen and her pans are infamous in Berk and will do down in history with a legacy that will live for eternity.  If one does not know about her pans, they soon will.  While Meen is superb cooking anything with just her two iron pans, she can do wonders in battle with them.  I wanted to see how well she can do battle now.

         I sweated a lot more than I thought I would have.  Meen has improved greatly.  Meen’s fighting style with her pans is much like Cazi is with her two daggers.  However, using two five pound solid, iron pans as weapons, no matter what an opponent’s weapon is made out of, they better have a firm grim.  The force Meen applies feels like a boulder launched from a catapult and exploding with every strike or blow Meen does.  Meen has to be more defensive than anything because using pans leaves her vulnerable to offensive attacks.  But an iron pan nine times out of ten only needs one opportunity to do its job.  Meen bides her time and waits to strike.

         Meen’s contagious attitude and outlook has been missed.  While others in the crew have positive attitudes and an outlook of victory or success, going over memories of past mysteries, Meen can flip the script on any situation creating an opportunity for success.

         She says, “If success or victory keeps alluding you, make your own success, create your own opportunity, and victory will come knocking.  All you got to do is open the door and welcome it in.”

         Meen’s female Deadly Nadder, Spined, has not changed a bit.  While Spined will stop at nothing to protect Meen, Spined is an exact replica of Meen in every category.  Perhaps, Spined is even more than a replica and goes further in the categories than Meen.  From what I remember and what Meen has said that they can do now together as a team, this is quite true.

         With Meen’s addition, she brings back news from the rest of our friends.  Hattori is now an officer in the Berk Guard and on the ranks up to become a commander.  He may very well be the youngest commander to be in Berk’s ranks.  Even if he takes the next ten years to do it, Hattori will still shatter the record.

         Cullan is also in the Berk Guard.  While he is skilled himself, is content with just being a solider.  However, he has made it clear he will never go out on another fishing trip.  When we all were kids, Cullan, Jack, and Pat were always picked as a team, by Gobber, to go out and fish.  Cullan was always bored out of his mind.  Cullan would always look for a way to get out of it, but Gobber would always catch.  That was until one day, Gobber off handily mention that if he was in the Berk Guard, Cullan would not have to go fishing any more… Cullan signed up that very hour.  While both Jack and Pat did not mind fishing, in a way even liked it, if they too did not have to go fishing, they would take the opportunity.  So, Jack and Pat joined with Cullan and being a part of the Berk Guard.  While it is still difficult to even join the Berk Guard, the three of them are among an elite group of recruits.  How?  They are the first to ace the final training test.  The physical part was not problem.  The written part… Eh, that is a different story.  Cullan had zero problem with either and passed with ease.  Jack and Pat did complete the physical in the same ease, but the written part, they were sweating Gronckles studying for that thing.  Yet, that is what you get for not taking notes, not paying attention, and cramming for the final.

         On the subject of schooling in general, Repteil and Faith applied for School of Dragons and take every class they can to know more about dragons.  They are also posting some of the top times in Flight Club.  More about the School of Dragons in a minute.  Repteil and Faith are doing well.  While their calling may be the next dragon trainers how Hiccup and the gang started out, they do not really have a mind to go out on any adventures… Yet.  Dragons open up a whole new world.  Those two will probably start their own journey to make their presence known.

         Getting back to the School of Dragons, Ashley is an instructor there about anything Deadly Nadders.  She uses Megan to demonstrate anything from grooming a Nadder to the food they eat to the best battle tactics to use a Nadder for.  Ashley always seemed like she would be a good teacher as she wanted to make sure the next generation could step up to the plate as she had to.  Having someone there to teach and prepare for the next step is the role Ashley wants to have.  It keeps her quite busy.  While she does miss going out on mysteries with us, teaching is what is truly wants to do.

         Sapphire has become more of a free spirit as she now travels the archipelago merely seeing what it has to offer.  Navaro is in an apprenticeship to become a trader.  Despite the fact that Sapphire just wants to explore, she does report to Navaro any findings about the latest goods and market prices for a wide variety of items.  This helps Navaro gauge what she should be trading for.  Very recently, we have seen Navaro around these parts.  She has stopped a couple of times to say hi and trade some of her items for some of our stuff.  Navaro mainly comes up this far for the Northern Markets, obviously, but Mystery’s Edge is always a stop if she is up this way.

         Thoreous is probably the quietest viking I have ever known.  Yet, when he says something, it is always very few words but has a very profound way of saying it.  Now, that may be in the form of a profound joke that is both funny and has some wisdom behind it for a moral lesson.  He has become more of a scholar, but not your average scholar.  Thoreous does read quite a bit, but he is the first to goof off, joke, or cause mischief whenever he can.  Often, he will mess with his instructors with wadded up paper or other means to distract.  When they call him on something they just said when they think he is not listening, Thoreous surprises them answer their question and then elaborating.  So much so that he could probably teach a lot of the classes he is in and the teachers should be learning from him.

         And that is the thing about Thoreous.  He is always a surprise. Whether that is to try and find him to talk to and he suddenly shows up when looking for him or trying to surprise him for his birthday and he surprises the surprise party.  It seems like he does make any noise and just appears, but often he walks by and I do not know he walked by, then wonder how I did not notice.  I have asked him to come with me as he would be great at being sneaky and stealthy, but politely declines as he would much rather learn more about everything else.

         “You have plenty of friends that are great at being sneaky and stealthy,” he told me last time he was on Mystery to protect it.  “I would just get in the way and probably end up not doing anything, even if you never intend to do it.  You are pretty good at trying to include everyone, but everyone else is also good at fighting.  I might be good at sneaking into some place, but if something were to happen, I do know what I would do.  I know how to fight some, but to do it in the heat of the moment… Only if it were life and death would I probably be able to react accordingly.  I would much rather just learn and teach others how to do what you all do.”

         Tory wanted to plot her own path.  She has become a sailor.  Because of this, I barely see her anymore.  Other than for the fact that when we call on our friends to help us out to protect Mystery, we see them, otherwise Tory as well as the others have their own responsibilities, dreams, and adventures all their own.

         One viking that would probably be the last viking, on Berk, that someone might think I would consider talking to let alone considering them a friend is Ohmarr.  We both had some bad history together.  But in fewer words and less complicated explanation, our friendship got off on the wrong foot.  At the start it was all because of pride and revenge that we were bitter rivals.  But once things got straightened out, certain people learned their lesson, Ohmarr is a changed person now.  To right his wrongs in the place where he started, he is now the head assistant to the Chief Coordinator of Dragon Racing.  Who would have thought?  While the Chief Coordinator keeps things organized, Ohmarr’s job is to get racers lined up, registered, and scheduled for races.  Ohmarr is also in charge of creating the race tracks.  He is the go between the racers and the officials of Dragon Racing.  If we as the racers want something added, changed, or taken away, then we ask Ohmarr to submit a request.  Ohmarr’s the middleman, but in a good way now.  The biggest part of his job he takes good pride in taking seriously is safety.  After what happened with my saddle during the finals of Dragon Racing Season One and Ohmarr paid his dues, he takes all the time and precautions to make sure every racer is prepped correctly, the gear is appropriate to league specs, and if anything happens during a race that response teams are in position.  There has hardly been any need for the response teams, which is good, but when there is the occasional flying into a wall or mid-air collision, response teams are there in seconds.

         Thinking about Ohmarr reminds me I need to speak with him about signing up for the upcoming season.  It is only a few months away.  Ohmarr says that riders from a few different tribes are interested in joining our league and making this archipelago wide.

         Other figures of note are my parents, the Thorvalds, and Dagmar.  My mother is the Chieftess Seamstress.  She is trying to figure out a slogan to use the similar ending words in, but always fails.  Well, fails in trying to be humorous.  They are so bad, I do not even want to repeat them.  Probably more because she is my mother and the parent trying to embarrass their children every chance they get kind of a deal, but I love her nonetheless.

         My father has found himself a role in Berk’s Navy, for good reason.  His experience sailing the seas, avoiding an enemy all the while disrupting their plans, and even knocking them back even without facing them, my father has improved Berk’s water tactics and strategies immensely.  My father still sails the seas, but he is good at spending more time home with mother.  Being away for so many years I guess showed him a different perspective to be even better than he was before.

         Dagmar has been a big help ever since the first encounter with Thorgunna Vixxen.  Seeing how Dagmar has Snowball, her Snoggletog Wraith, Dagmar has red hair, and has a fighting style all her own, she a great way to practice battle against when in preparation for Vixxen both on the ground and in the air on her dragon.

         Dagmar is more than just help in fighting, she is family.  Dagmar has officially moved in the guest room in our home.  She has been staying there since she got here.  But she never treated it like home.  Dagmar never thought Berk could be her home because of her past.  That is just it, the past.  Dagmar has done a decent job of moving on, but does pretty good.

         She is an assistant under my mother, but would much rather be with my father out on the water.  While my father is busy with duties of his own both for Berk and other things, Dagmar helps lead a volunteer group of vikings on Berk to help defend their home.  Dagmar is also sweet on Adam Thorvald.  Since coming to Berk, Adam was one of the first to defend Dagmar, though he knew nothing about her and had no reason to trust her.  He did.  Dagmar and Adam have been seeing each other since then.

         The Thorvalds seem like cousins that have always been around.  Annett, Adam, and Vemund.  It might also be because they are a part of my first mystery.  Though our friendship got off to a uniquely rocky start, all three siblings are close friends of the family.  Annett is also a seamstress helping my mother, Adam is Geologist, specializing in gems and precious stones, and amateur Archeologist, and Vemund is in housewares creating anything from art to decorate or furniture to use.

         Between the Mollersons and the Thorvalds, many Berkians have dubbed us, “Your one-stop shop for all your needs.  Whether you are in need of mended left foot socks to the reason why you only have right ones, come see the Mollersons and Thorvalds.  They lead you through life.”

         Every time someone hears that in Berk and I am on Berk and then someone asks me about it, “Yes, that is a very corny tag line.  It is not brought up by yours truly but my mother, I do approve.  It may be a little rough on the ears for it references both my first mystery and what my friends and I do.  But rest assured that we have everything in stalk at all times.  Whether you are a retired Kernel looking to find a silky couch or wondering about the mystery of your re-seeding hairline, Mollersons and Thorvalds have you covered from root to tassel.”

         I said this again, out loud to my friends as we traveled to run both taglines by them.

         The first one goes over most viking’s heads, my response does not.

         I announce to the group, “I think I started a Mollerson family tradition.  I have a legacy now.”  Then with an “Awe inspiring” and “epic” sounding voice, I declare, “I have planted the seeds for future generations to come.  The seeds will line rows of Valhalla’s fields.”

         I all got blank stares.

         “Too much?” I asked.  “Aw, shucks.  You can stop with you scorning looks now.  I wish I had a corner to hide in now to get away from you vikings not appreciating the pun-derful root of my legacy.  This is the very cornerstone of who I am.”

         Annabeth finally facepalms rather forcefully.

         “Don’t get too corn-cerned about this.  I will stop now.”

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HOLY COW! A 7th book? And I’m

HOLY COW! A 7th book? And I’m still on the fifth one. (I haven’t had much time to read I will tho. Soon. Promise!)



This is a Signature, and I am Angie.


Hi i'm Angie! You might remember me if you are also a "veteran" lol, I started playing SOD back in early 2014 so I remember the old glitches and I remember when there was just Berk and the main SOD island. I don't play SOD all that often anymore but I won't forget the memories and experiences I had playing it. I don't regularly visit the forum either, I just kinda moved on from that stage of my life lol.

Anyway, heres where you'll find me these days:



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my charecter by the amazing PIXEL!!!!!!!

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Yep.  All the links to all chapters are in my signature.  I am going to keep writing as long as you guys keep reading.  :D

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Oh good! I’ll read when ever

Oh good! I’ll read when ever I have time, which surprisingly is hard to come by these days. XD

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My reply.

To sum this chapter up in one gif...


This was an awesome chapter and I can't thank you enough for catching us up to speed.  As the gif shows, you really hit me with a ton of feels.  Your characters have come so far.  Thank you also for bringing up some of the older characters and some lesser known characters.  You put some depth on the characters as well, like showing (I think) Alie welcoming Valk to the island and the play on their differences.  Explod creating his own theme music is great, though it really doesn't surprise me, he seems like the type.


You finally mentioned S.O.D. in this chapter!  Of course, you had put tiny hints here or there, but you never truly mentioned it. (You could actually make a whole new mystery book based on this. Here's the idea: Jarl and crew try to find out if S.O.D. is in a cursed triangle of water where, to those that enter, deadly amounts of lag appear.  Along the way, Jarl has to battle spy students working for Vixxen in a secret project code named "Hakérs".)


I look forward to reading more.  Keep it up, HTTYYD! 








(I figure you've probably already figured that out, but I thought I'd play it safe.)


    Hi, I'm Lack Lunason. I'm called that because I lack many things, and I'm a lunatic. I just put son on the end to make it sound more like a viking name. I'm also a Christ follower.


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     I've been around SoD for a long time. I think I was one of the first thousand to leave Berk and sail to the school. I'm happily part of the bold clan known as POTATO BROTHERS. I have over four-thousand trouphies, although, I don't like racing much. On the other hand, I'm a Master Farmer.  (Don't you dare ask me how fishing is going!  We don't speak of that!)


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The Green Death, How To Train Your Dragon: book 1. Cressida Cowell.



Stoick The Vast. How To Train Your Dragon: Book 5. Creessida Cowell.


"I sailed so far to be a King, but the time was never right.....

I lost my way on a stormy past, got wrecked in starless night....

But let my heart be wrecked by hurricanes and my ship by stormy weather....

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A Hero.....Fights.....FOREVER!

The hero cares not for a wild winter's storm.....

For it carries him swift on the back of the wave.....

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Wait, you're still here?

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You are very welcome.  I did not want it to take up the whole chapter but seeing how I had not done a detailed update in a very long time.  So I thought I would just take my time and do it right.


You are quite welcome.  :D


Its Ali without the e.  And that is exactly who I was thinking about when said Explod does his own theme music.  xD  Explod does his own sound effects too and narrations.


I think I mentioned Flight Club very early on, but not School of Dragons outright.  I have used Harold Forkbeard and I believe the archeologist.  I have even used Icestorm Island as a big part of a mystery.


You are like a story suggestion-ing machine.  >.<


I won't be able to get a chapter written up tonight and I have to work on homework the next couple of days.


I try my best and thanks for reading!

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     First off, I'm happy

     First off, I'm happy that I was able to identify that Explod was doing something inspired by ENG.  Also, sorry about misspelling Ali's name.  Whoops.


     I knew you had used some stuff from SOD, but I didn't realize you made it canon to your story.  Flight Club was originally from the show, so I thought nothing of that.  I originally thought you used Harold just as a pre-established character, and I thought similar about Icestorm Island.  But it all makes sense now that you truly tied in SOD.


     My 'suggestion' about an SOD story was me just joking.  Even though I like this game, I can't help but make fun of it from time to time.  I wasn't really suggesting you to make them go to the school. 


    So I have one quick question.  You mentioned that you have tied Hyrith's story into this one, and I think you said similar with Garth's.  Are there any other Fan-fics that tie into your series, or is that it?


     Good luck with college!  



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With a lot of my books, I do references to other movies every so often, especially the funny parts of other movies.  It is alright.  Was the sun in your eyes or something?  ;)


What I have done with SoD and my series is that the actual School of Dragons, as seen in-game, is not yet established.  There are schools on Berk that do teach what SoD teaches, but to officially call it the School of Dragons, I had not done so previously.  But SoD will be a different take in my series than what it is in-game, and will also not be too much of a point of interest.  I will from time to time mention it.


As I have learned in college, and it makes sense now, no idea is a bad idea when one is brainstorming ideas for something new.  Because even if the idea is wild and crazy, it might give way to a realistic idea or have elements that could be used, just tuned down.  That's what I thought of your suggestion, but it was really funny too.


Any submitted character by my readers that have a backstory already flushed out, I include.  But to have a character's story be apart of my story, only Hyrith, Garth, and Annabeth have been so in a big way.  Others, in a smaller way, would include Cazi's and Dawn's introduction to the series.  But Hyrith's story is the only true other fan-fiction I referenced here on the forum.  The rest have all been from what the readers had suggested.  The reader that created Hyrith did not suggest the idea for doing somewhat of a crossover, I had that idea instead because it fit like a glove with what I wanted to do with the next book's plot.





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Oh, and this isn't the first time I have referenced ENG:

(Both quotes from my books are from On the Edge of Mystery)


Then trying to act like he got something out of me, “Who… Who said anything about a plan?  Did you say plan?” I pointed at the guard I was just talking to.

         He shrugged his shoulders, but Harold demanded my attention, “You talk to me!  Not him.  Now tell me your plan!”

         “Okay, okay,” I said putting up my friends.  “No need to shout or get your skivvies in a bunch.  I guess you just said plan.  So, do you want me to tell you my plan or not?”

         “Yes, yes,” Harold smiled, though still irritated, yet got excited.

         I looked around as if someone was around watching, “Come closer,” waving at him to come closer.

         “A little more,” I whispered until Harold bent down to hear my whisper, but I instead shouted at the top of my lungs.  “I don’t make deals… with peasants!” "


A little further on I even referenced Iron Man 3, the part where Tony Stark is handcuffed to the spring bed and is waiting for his suit to come barreling through and the guards thinks he is crazy:

       Harold then mocked, “What is your plan… Mystery Conqueror?”

         “My plan.  You want… to know… my plan,” I paused.  “Now, what is my plan again?” I said asking myself.  “Oh yes, that plan.”

         “Just say it!” demanded Harold.

         I quickly stated, “Okay fine…  Your answer will come through that gate,” I pointed with my right hand back towards the south entrance of the arena.  “On the wings of a dragon.  It will come fast and should be quite a shock.”

         “What… are you talking about?” asked Harold.

         “You wanted to know my plan, you’re going to know my plan, up and personal,” I responded.  “Wait for it… Wait for it.  Any moment now…  And… Wait fo-.”

         I was interrupted by a shot blast of lightning flying between me and Harold.  A second, smaller shot hit Harold knocking him almost into the center of the large arena.

         I quipped, calmly, “Okay, well that came quicker than expected.”

         Harold was obviously dazed, but I was expecting that shot… sort of.  The first one was more of a surprise; the hairs on my arms are still standing up.

         “What were you thinking of going off by yourself,” came a friendly voice atop a dragon.  “Without telling me and Electic?”

         With the sight of a Skrill coming out of the shadows, the Berserkers around me became scared and retreated.

         “Well,” I said.  “I couldn’t wait.” "


When I reference other movies or shows like this, I try to put my own spin on it while still making it somewhat obvious to what I am referencing, though only if you have seen the thing I am referencing.