Book 7 - The Crimson Storm - Chapter 28: Back at It

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I was wanting to get this done and posted Monday, but with the last part of the chapter, I did not want to rush it and you will see why.


What is so special about Monday is that is the 5-Year anniversary of my posting my first chapter!


5 years... Time sure does fly by.  As much as it seems like it has been a long time with now towards the end of my 7th book, it does not seem like it is that long.


I want to say to each and every one of you that are reading my stories... From the bottom of my heart and everywhere in between... Thank you!


It has been an awesome ride and we so much more to look forward to.  I will continue to write these stories as long as you continue to read them.  I do not see myself ever stopping to write because I love this series so much and I love all of your comments, suggestions, criticism, and just you simply reading my stories.


I hope you enjoy the new chapter!


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Did I say thank you yet? :D

The Crimson Storm


Chapter 28

Back at It


         Lilah states, “We need to find out what we are up against.”

         I ask, “What are you suggesting?”

         Lilah replies, “We need to send a recon team to verify this lead and if true, scout their defenses.”

         Speaking for my friends, I say, “We have all had a rough couple of days and after tonight, thought it was brief, we need to time to heal and regroup.”

         Lilah, becoming very serious, “Annabeth.  I know that Jarl means a lot to you, but with all do respect, he is just one dragon rider.  We need to act know.”

         Understanding what she is saying, but I counter, “While Jarl is only one dragon rider, he is much more than that.  I don’t say that because we are betrothed, I say that because he is the crew’s leader and the one that keeps us all together.  None of us would be where we are today without him.  We wait for him.”

         Though Lilah looks like she wants to insist on it, but she looks around and sees she is out numbered.

         She reluctantly lets it be and says, “Then contact me the moment when you are ready.  I’ll see if I can use some of my own resources to get some intel.”  Lilah goes over to Dawn, gives her a hug, and a kiss, “Love you.”

         Dawn replies the same way.  Lilah comes over to me and I give her a hug.  Lilah then bids us goodbye and mounts Adonis to fly away.

         Atali extends her hospitality to wait until Jarl was better before going back home.  We do so and spend the night.  Every minute, I spent by Jarl’s bedside.


         “Jarl… Jarl…  Wake up.”

         I start stirring and begin to wake up.

         Asvord then suggests, “Should I go get a bucket of water?”

         Dawn adds, from the back of my room near the door; she is leaning against the wall with her arms crossed, “I’ll get it.”

         Annabeth chuckles, “That may just knock him out and make him go back to sleep.”

         Sitting up, I swing my legs off the edge of my bed and comment, “That probably would.”

         I notice I have a slight headache, so I start rubbing the back of my neck.

         Annabeth kneels down in front of me and asks, rather seriously, “How are you feeling?”

         “Except for a slight headache,” I answer.  “I feel fine.  I do feel like I have no energy, but that is me every morning.”

         My mother asks, “What’s the last thing you remember?”

         That statement sparks the realization of where I am.  I am in my room, back on Mystery.

         “How did I get here?” my eyes widen and then I answer the question.  “Last thing I remember is letting those dragons out.”

         Annabeth went on to explain all that had happened between me the time I got shot in the back, which is actually starting to come back to me now, to the point of finding where the Masked Vikings homebase of operation is located.

         After fifteen minutes of letting those here chime in, I joke, “Maybe I should go back to sleep and you will have the whole mystery solved.”

         I lean back as if to do so, but then Annabeth remarks, “Asvord, go get that bucket.”

         I then quickly stand up and quickly say, “Okay.  I’m up.”  I add, “I am surprised you didn’t go do some recon yet.”

         “If we wait and they are expecting us to come, therefore setting a trap for us, they may become complacent giving us an opportunity to sneak in,” Annabeth then smiles.  “Besides, we wanted to wait for you.”

         I nod my head, “Okay, okay.  I get it.  The decision was totally based on strategy.  I was only an afterthought.”

         Annabeth raises her fist as if to punch me, but all she remarks is, “We’re glad you’re back.  It wasn’t the same without you.”

         I smile.

         Dawn grunts, “Okay, I’m done.”

         We all laugh and start walking out.

         “What time is it?” I inquire.

         Father responds, “It is middle of the afternoon.”

         Shocked, but not surprised, I say, “This may be the one rare occasion that I say this, but I am tired of sleeping so much.  I want some action.”

         “Well,” father states.  “You will probably get that here sooner than later.  When do you think you want to try scouting first?”

         “Let’s get in contact with Lilah and see what she has found out first,” I reply.  “Once we do, then we will decide then.  I have a plan churning and I want to figure out some of the details first.  We can discuss it over supper.  Otherwise, in the meantime, inform everyone to prepare for a possible battle and a long trip.”

         My father acknowledges and everyone else starts to walk outside.  I join them and take in the bright sunshine, clear blue sky, and breathe in deep while stretching.  Annabeth comes up behind to stand at my right side.  She smiles and then starts to walk away.  I reach out for her hand and bring her back.

         Looking at her, at her eyes, and say, “Thank you.”

         I kiss her.

         A moment passes, I then say, “I love you.”

         She hugs me and tells me, “I missed you.”

         After a couple minutes, I quip, “I wish something else missed me.”

         Annabeth chuckles, “I miss your jokes too.”

         My girl keeps me company as I go check on my dragon with Anora and the Thunderwhips.  Both of them are elated to see me up and around, but more so Fredrick; even the Thunderwhips recognize me.  We play with them for a while.

         Annabeth and I go out on a flight together until supper.  Anora is tending to her babies, so I take Annabeth out on Fredrick.  I think it is an excuse to be able to hold on to me.

         Hardly a word was spoken during the flight, we just cruised around the island a little bit before returning to the Clubhouse.

         Once we got back, mother had fixed some sandwiches of what fish we had left, so we all got to pick our favorites.  Mother also scrounged up what leftovers we could find.  Mother then made note to go back to Berk to get some supplies to restock.

         We all discussed what we might do.  There were a lot of ideas shared, but at this point, I still wanted to think about what to do.  I have a few ideas of my own, but I want to wait until Lilah sends back any of her own intel.

         “While we do wait,” I announce.  “I think we should prepare more than just our gear.”

         Annabeth asks, “What do you have in mind?”

         “A tournament,” I state.  “What else?”

         I explain that I want to make sure we are up and ready to go in any situation that comes our way.  So, to have something to play for, create a competition.  When things are at stake, even if it is just bragging rights, then one will actually put up a fight.  We make a bracket and rank each other based on how much we think the other is skilled.

         Now the ranking is a bit subject, any given day it could be different.  The ranking goes as follows from best and downward:  Father, mother, Dagmar, me, Annabeth, Dawn, Valkarik, Cazi, Samantha, Asvord, Explod, Fira, Hyrith, Angie, Garth, Ali Clar, Meen, Hannah, Abbie, and Elsa.

         Here are the matchups: Father verses Elsa.  Mother verses Abbie.  Dagmar verses Hannah.  Me verses Meen.  Annabeth verses Ali Clar.  Dawn verses Garth.  Valkarik verses Angie.  Cazi verses Hyrith.  Samantha verses Fira.  Asvord verses Explod.

         We set the tournament up in the Dragon Dome.  It is the best of one and to win a bout, one must land three blows to the opponent or disarm their opponent and put them in a position where they would have to yield.  So, if one does get disarmed, they are still in it until the other can get the needed blows are in a position where a blow would fatal.  We are all using wooden weapons with no threat of injury.

         The first match up is my father and my little sister then my mother and Abbie.  While both bouts are pretty much all but already over, my parents took the opportunity to teach my little sister and Abbie different techniques they could use in battle, how to battle someone twice their size, and use their own strength against them.  With being the Number One and Number Two overall seeds, One plays Eighteen and Two Plays Seventeen.

         Elsa’s weapons include a bullwhip, two smaller crossbows, and a sword.  Elsa is getting better at a sword, but if she were to go up against someone like my father for real, using the bullwhip to disarm while using her crossbows to keep her opponent at a distance.  Suffice to say that she needs to always be close to one of us.  Same goes for Abbie.  She also uses a sword, mother gave her similar tips.  Mother adds that because they are smaller and younger, they will be underestimated.  They need to use that to their advantage.  To her suggestion, if both of them take on an opponent, then they could take even my father down.

         “What?!” he laughs.

         “See,” mother smiles.  “He’s already underestimated you.”

         Just for fun, father agreed to let both of the girls go against him.  At the start, father took it easy on both of them.  But now equipped with a better understanding of how to fight, even more than I had thought to teach them, Elsa and Abbie bonded together and made my father actually put effort into the fight.

         At one point, Elsa annoyed him with her bullwhip.  She was able to latch the whip around father’s right hand which made him unable to swing his sword.  Abbie was able to get in a blow to father’s knee.  Father made his knee buckle, which would be realistic.  Both girls celebrated their accomplishment, but forgot one thing

         Father reached with his left hand, dropped his sword to use his right hand, and pulled Elsa through the air, picking her up and aiming her at Abbie while saying, “I would throw you into Abbie, knocking you both out, and I would win.”

         While dejected from their lack of focus, he commended them because he had to work for that.

         “Never assume in battle.  Always check to be sure, because you never know when they might come back,” my father sets Elsa down.  Then he looks at mother, “Isn’t that right, Svana?”

         She gives him a look as if to say, “You did not just go there?” referring to her assuming he was dead when in reality he was not.  “How was I supposed to check?”

         “I’m only teasing,” he states.  Then he chuckles, “When I play hard to get, I really commit.”

         Mother rolls her eyes and walks away for a few steps before turning back around.  The rest of us laugh, though all my friends shoot glances at me and Annabeth.

         Only one look and Annabeth looks like she knows what I am going to say, so she shakes her head as I comment, “Look what we have to look forward to.”

         Being the Number One rank and also because there is an odd number of brackets, the odd ranks One through Seven and their match ups will get a bye the first round and ranks Two and Four will also get a bye the first round.  However, they will still have a match up, but these ranks and their matchups will only have to win three bouts to get to the final.  Whereas ranks Six, Eight, Nine, and Ten with their matchups will have to win four bouts to get to the final.

         With my parents moving on, I have an interesting predicament.  If I win my bout with Meen, then I will go against my mother.

         The next matchup is Dagmar verses Hannah.  While Hannah does hold her own against Dagmar, Dagmar’s patience and technique out last Hannah’s.  Dagmar gets three tags and Hannah loses.

         Then it is my turn.   Me and Meen.  I am wondering how Meen is going to use her pans but not hurt anyone.

         “You wood have these pans too, wouldn’t you?” I announce.  No one gets it.  “You wood… Her pans.”

         A collective grunt from everyone is heard.

         In the arena, we have also strewn about random objects that we can use as a representation of an environment, but most everyone has stayed in the open to fight.

         Fighting someone with pans, is always a bit awkward because I am not quite sure how to address the situation.  It is one thing to watch Meen in combat, it is something different entirely to go up against her.  At the start, I play defensively to see what Meen will do.  But what I quickly find out is that Meen’s tendency is to do longer, reaching attacks, followed but a quick fury of attacks.

         After three rotations of these patterns, her next reaching attack is more or less a lunge with a swing to the right.  I duck and sweep my right leg taking out both of hers.  I quickly stand up and point my sword at her neck.

         Tapping her shoulders three times before she could react, I inquire, “Yield?”

         Sighing she responds, “Yield.”

         Though she just lost, she joins in on the excitement of me going against my mother in the next round.

         Annabeth gets back at me by saying, “What, are you like O and Two going against her?”

         Everyone laughs, I say, “Very funny.”

         Though joining with the fun, mother did defend me, “The first one was an accident as I did not hear him come up before I kicked him in the face.  Though, maybe you need to dodge quicker.  The second time was kind of an accident too, but more or less that I didn’t mean for that to happen because I was hypnotized.”

         A thought just occurred, I say to myself, “I have not practiced with my mother since that fateful night.  Had my father not been there… I mean I probably could have dodged quicker then too, but I could have been injured.  I wonder how mother will treat this, let alone handle this.

         The other matchup that is interesting is father verses Dagmar.  That will probably bring back some memories for those two.  Father taught Dagmar all she knows, but Dagmar has since learned some of her own tricks.  I should know… I speak from past experience.

         Annabeth and Ali Clar are up next.  The fight is over fairly quick, but that is because the pace was quick.  Though blind, it definitely shows that Ali Clar has been practicing.  While losing three to one on touches, Ali Clar put up quite a fight.  All of Annabeth’s touch attacks came off of a parry to Ali Clar’s attacks.  That is also how Ali got her one touch, but Annabeth made sure not to leave an opportunity for her to comeback yet she had to work for it.

         Dawn verses Garth.  If there is a talk about stark opposite, Dawn and Garth could not be more opposite of each other.  It also shows in fighting style.  While it felt like Garth was overwhelmed by Dawn’s sheer force and brute attacks, Dawn only won by one: Three to Two.  Going up to an early Two – O lead, that made Dawn mad to actually put more effort into the fight that she riddled off three straight attack touches to win the bout.

         Then there is Samantha and Fira.  In fighting styles, they are also opposites, but in personality, not much different.  Still, two very different people because of the values they have and the different beliefs Fira has.  Fira is almost solely defensive while Samantha is quite aggressive.  Samantha comments that she wishes she did not have to use her ax because she thinks she is better at close combat without it.  But going against someone that has a weapon, it made sense to keep it; so, she did.

         Samantha wins three to zero.  While Fira can dodge practically any attack, she could only keep it up for so long.  The only way to win was to attack, but in attacking, Samantha got the attack touches and won the game.  Fira admits that she is much better with a bow and arrow.  I can attest to that and also add that she excels at the support or defensive role, but is lacking in attacking.  Not that she does not practice, she just does not believe in fighting all that much.  Her views on violence has changed since meeting us.  Before, she was practically all against it.  But through seeing what my friends and I can do, she saw that sometimes attacking those who would attack others as well as dragons, they need to be dealt with.  And the only language that some enemies understand is violence.  We go in hoping to solve the problem and resolve peacefully, but it does not end like that all the time.  Therefore, action is needed to attack and defend.

         Up next is Cazi verses Hyrith.  These two were very evenly matched and took quite a while to find a winner.  Cazi wins three to zero, but the score does not tell the story.  No one had scored for nearly ten minutes.  Cazi slowly lured Hyrith to where we set up the obstacles.  She used them to her advantage and was able to force Hyrith to over extend his attacks, thus opening the door for being attacked.

         The last bout of the first round, Asvord and Explod, also proved to be a fun bout to watch.  Both were evenly matched and were tied two to two for quite a while.  Asvord ultimately won.

         The first bout of the second round is Father and Dagmar.

         “You ready?” Father asks.

         “You kidding me?” Dagmar chuckles as the two of them start to slowly circle each other.  “I love getting to beat you.”

         These two were the first to do “on guard” with crisscrossing their swords.  At first, the bout was very evenly matched with each attack being parried the counter attacks being parried as well.  At one point, father lowers his guard a little.  Dagmar takes advantage, but to her dismay, father wanted her to do that.  He defends upward and runs into Dagmar, pushing her to the ground, which she loses her sword on impact, and father kneels and puts his sword across her shoulder.

         “Yield?” he smiles.

         Sighing, she responds, “I yield.”

         Now it is time for myself and my mother.  She looks nervous, but is ready.  Mother and I raise our swords.  Mother starts out with a simple lunge where I block and parry.  I swing out and she blocks it and returns to a normal stance.  Mother’s face then turns to a smile.  Mother then rattles off a flurry of attacks which I frantically defend.

         I tactically retreat to the environments, a collection of barrels set up with some crate slabs on top, we had set up which mother then comments, “I got you on the run now.”

         “I think you are having fun right now,” I smile.

         “I am,” mother says.

         “But this is a competition,” I state.  “And you know how competitive I am.”

         “I kn-,” she started to answer but I threw one of the crates into her and then put my hands on the left side of the barrel, jumped over, swinging my legs up and over, right into mother’s stomach, knocking her back.

         Though she stumbles, she rolls back and collects herself.  Without giving her too much of a chance to recover, I rush her.  I see her slightly shift her weight to the right, so when I get near her, I duck into a slide.  She swings her right leg up and around, aiming for my head, but I instead knock her other leg out from under her.  Because she was swinging her leg to the left and I ran into her other leg, the momentum she built up carried her into a twist that she then landed on her back.  I scramble to my feet and run to my mother.

         She is trying to pick herself back up, but I arrive to lower my sword down on her shoulder, I state, “Yield?”

         “Good job,” she sighs yet relieved.  “I yield.”

         I offer my right hand and help her stand up.  She stands up and rubs her left hand over my hair.  The look on her face is that of relief, love, and a bit of disappointment.  I am as competitive or more so than the next two people.  The next two happen to be my father and mother.

         After congratulations on a well fought battle, Annabeth and Valkarik came up.  With two styles of unknown, it is a slow start to the bout.  Each one seeing what the other will do.  Annabeth all of a sudden started to swing her axe in rapid succession of attacks and Valkarik was not ready for it.  I see what Annabeth is trying to do.  While Valkarik was feeling out how to fight Annabeth, Annabeth took advantage and put Valkarik on the defensive.  Now that Valkarik had to react, she is much more assertive.  But in the end, Annabeth wins three to two.

         Next up, Cazi and Dawn go at it.

         Cazi chuckles, “Now that I had some practice with my sisters the other day and kicking some Dragon Hunter butt the other night, I think I am ready to take on the one and only Dawn.”

         Dawn is straight faced with no emotion what so ever.

         “Okay,” Cazi becomes serious.  “No banter?  Then I’ll just kick your butt too.”

         Both came with intensity of the fight, but very little emotion.  Though Cazi had a determination about her and Dawn was just Dawn.  One of the faster fights, even though from the outside it may look like a mismatch.  Not from skill, but from weapon choice.  Cazi with her daggers and Dawn with her sword.  Cazi has to be very close to land her hits whereas Dawn can be at some length.  Cazi got the first touch by pinning Dawn’s sword up, twirling out of the stance, and grazing one of her draggers across Dawn’s back as Cazi went past her.  Dawn came back and was able to tag Cazi’s right arm after a missed parry by Cazi.  Back and forth, back and forth was the entire match.  But because Cazi got the first touch, Dawn had to play catch up the entire time.  As soon as Dawn tied it, Cazi then went ahead.  Cazi won three to two, but it was really whoever got the last touch.  If it was first to ten, the final score would have been ten to nine.  Also, if Dawn had gotten the first touch, I think it would be the opposite story.  But, Cazi won.

         Samantha and Asvord are the last two to go in this round.  It started off pretty normal.  Bunch of parries and attacks, both getting one touch in.  Then Asvord baited Samantha into a compromising position where Asvord was able to disarm Samantha.  As said before, an opponent may want Samantha with a weapon in hand, because she may be more dangerous without one.  While Asvord thought the rest would be in the bag, Samantha went over to the environment that we had set up.  Samantha used that to her advantage.  Samantha grabbed a crate to defend against attacks.  This time, Samantha baited my sister.  Samantha wanted Asvord to come at her with everything she had to try and break the crate with her wooden sword.  When Asvord got a little frustrated, she swung her sword so hard that it splintered and got stuck in the wood.  Asvord was stunned and therefore loosened her grip.  Samantha took the opportunity, ripped the crate and Asvord’s sword away, and then with Asvord’s sword and the crate.  Obviously, Asvord was not planning on that happening and was an easy target for Samantha and said that she could get the touches she needed, yet thought it would be best if Asvord yield because Samantha did not want to hurt her with the crate.  Much to Asvord’s not wanting to give up, she did.

         With my father, Annabeth, and myself moving on to the third round, Samantha and Cazi are still technically in the last round.  So, they both battle it out to see who will face me.

         Cazi took note of how well Samantha does without a weapon, so Cazi stayed more on the defensive to make sure Samantha kept her ax.  The matchup of daggers verses an ax turned out to be an actual mismatch but in the other direction.  While Cazi usually uses both her daggers at the same time, Cazi changed it up and used them independently of each other.  Cazi used one to block and the other to attack.  Samantha would block an attack, but then would get tagged by the other dagger.  Samantha put up a good fight, but ended up losing three to zero.

         Finally, we are down to the last four.  My father verses Annabeth and Cazi verses me.  In hindsight, this is who I saw coming and was glad the rankings worked out that I could meet Annabeth in the final.  I know we both have one more bout to go before that could even happen, but I am dying to get another crack at Annabeth.  Both in practice and for the real deal, Annabeth is winning the series.  I think I got it this time.  However, I got to get past Cazi first.