Book 7 - The Crimson Storm - Chapter 27: End Goal

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It is decided that instead of posting weekly at a certain time, I will just post when I get a chapter done.  With my Junior year of college and the workload getting more intense with the same amount of classes, my free time may be considerably less.  That said, I don't want to say I would post one day and it ends up I don't post at all.  So with that and mind and some input from some friends, I will just post when I get a chapter done.  In the end, I still aim to get a chapter done a week.  So, if I do get one done earlier in the week, then I may not do another one the rest of the week.  It all depends on how my school work goes.


Without further delay, here is the chapter.


I hope you enjoy!


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The Crimson Storm


Chapter 27

End Goal


         On the couple of hours’ trip back to Wingmaiden Island, Dagur was off in the horizon.  When we got back, I immediately went into the medical tent, I gave the Willow Bark to the maidens tending to Jarl and tell them all that they might need to know about it not being the Scourge.  Then, all I can do is wait.  I pace outside the tent.

         And wait.

         And wait some more.

         Each minute feels like an hour, so when I felt like I had waited years, they finally came out.  They nodded and I raced in.  Going right to Jarl’s side, on the right side of the bed, I kneel down and grab his hand.

         Jarl’s eyes are still closed but I whisper to him, “It will be alright.  I am here.”  I repeat this several times.

         I overhear Minden outside talking with Jarl’s parents, “Jarl should make a full recovery.  With Annabeth’s knowledge of what we are dealing with, even if she just described it, we knew exactly how to treat him.  The Willow Bark was a huge help.  Our reserves are quite low and may have not been enough.  What Annabeth brought with her gave us enough to treat Jarl while still leaving enough in our stock.”

         Svana asks, “What does Jarl have?”

         Minden replies, “It isn’t the Scourge.  It is sort of a walking pneumonia but without the walking because the victim is paralyzed.  When I first saw him, I didn’t think that it was, but some of the symptoms were there.  With Flightmare gel gets into the blood stream, it paralyzes the body much quicker than just being on the outside of the body to then absorb to take effect.  Having this secondary poison present was something of an unknown, but taking immediate action to clean the wound, snap the arrow shaft off, and then removing the arrowhead allowed for no more spreading of the poison.  Taking care of the wound to let the poison drain, took the longest.  However, the Flightmare gel did make it easier to spot the poison.  In addition to that, Jarl did have a reaction to both the gel and the poison but only that our treatments had to use more resources and took longer to administer as well as take effect.  Everything looks fine and Jarl will have a day or two of recovery.”

         Atali jumps in, “Which he can stay to take the time he needs to recover.”

         Svana adds with gratitude, “Thank you.”

         Minden finishes, “Whoever created the poison knew what to combine with Flightmare gel to create a chemical reaction to the two things that would look like the Scourge yet would not be the Scourge.  The reaction could also cause some other complications, but with any poison, draining it, cleaning the wound, and making sure infection does not set in.”

         “Whoever it was,” Svana states.  “They are going to regret ever coming after my family.”

         Normally, I would probably say something like, “Get in line,” but all I can do is just think about Jarl.

         After a while, the fires and torches dwindle in intensity and eventually go out.  And so, I fall asleep too.


         I feel something start to wake me up.  I seem to have fallen asleep with my head on my right arm with my hand still grasped around Jarl’s right hand.  Then I realize…

         Jarl’s grip is what woke me up!

         Bolting up, I look at Jarl.  Clearly not looking like he is ready for action, he does look at me and smile.  Holding back some tears, I proceed to hug him.  After I do and look at him again, Jarl lifts his hand up to my chin.  I bend down again to kiss him on the lips.  Jarl smiles again before closing his eyes.  As he does, he grabs my right hand with both of his and gives mine a hug.

         “Rest well, Jarl,” I tell him.  “I’ll be back.”

         Going outside, I see that sun has risen but it is still early morning.  I also smell food, which I follow the scent.  It leads me to the place where the Wingmaidens entertain their guests.  I find my friends sitting down to a meal of chicken and salad.  I sit down and a plate of the same food is set before me.

         Svana asks, “How’s Jarl?”

         “He’s fine,” I declare.  “He woke up for a brief moment before going back to sleep.”

         “That’s good,” Svana sighs, really everyone collectively gives a sigh of relief.

         I then chuckle, “It wouldn’t be Jarl if it did not take him longer than anyone else to get over this, not to mention the fact he is probably getting some nice, restful sleep right now.”

         Everyone laughs a bit and all agree with that statement.

         Going on, I quip, “I’ll have to get on to Jarl for wanting to get hit by an arrow and miss the awesome fight you guys must have had.  Obviously, you guys made it back with some… Extra baggage… But how did it go and Lilah, did you find out what you wanted?”

         Cazi, though eager to tell about the fight insists that Lilah tell the important part.

         Lilah reports, “First off, I am glad Jarl is alright.  I got what I needed but not in the way that I wanted.  Jarl was courageous to take one for the team, but the opportunity did not go unused.  We found out a very narrowed down place of where the Masked Viking’s home base of operations is located.”

         “That’s great news,” I reply.  “But I notice some hesitation.”

         Lilah nods, “While we did go there for this information, as I was tipped off from some of my contacts, in this business of espionage, sabotage, and delay tactics, one can never be sure of anything if the intel or information is accurate or can be trusted if it is accurate.  With the help of you, Jarl, and your friends, I believe that we can shut down their operations for good in this region.  This would send a blow to the main operations back on Izar, but if we were to take out Einar Verodfellar, that would be a major blow.  However, sources tell me that the Dragon Hunters have a new leader in the absence of Verodfellar, but no one knows who they are.  They have never set foot on Izar, to any of my contacts knowledge.  But still shutting down any of the Dragon Hunters allies would be of huge help to our cause.”

         I inquire, “Where is this area at?”

         “It is actually close to this current location,” Lilah states.  “But further to the north, closer to Dragon Hunter Island.”

         Sitting up straighter, I give a description in my own mind of where this area would be with the specific islands crossed off that I saw on Viggo’s map.  Lilah is surprised to know that I knew the location too.  Asking how I found out about that, I quickly go over my adventure to the Northern Markets about Viggo, the Buffalords, and the prophecy.

         I conclude, “Viggo seems pretty adamant on not letting the Masked Vikings finish whatever they have started.  With his interests, Viggo could also be looking into it.  But knowing that we are now on the case, he probably will turn his attention else where while we take care of it.”

         Dawn comments, “He’s so generous.”

         “If only,” I retort.  “He had the confidence to tell me that he knows we could take care of it.  But it still begs the question, ‘Is Viggo telling us everything?’  Which would then make me question, ‘How did Viggo find out about this in the first place?’”

         Lilah contends, “While that is curious, this so-called prophecy has me worried.  The Masked Vikings are a bold group, but this is the first time I have heard anything about a prophecy.”

         Hyrith asks, “Could the prophecy be made up by this Einar guy to elicit the help of the Masked Vikings to get what he wants?”

         “Knowing Einar as the enemy he is,” Lilah answers.  “I would not put it past him to do something like that.  While Einar Verodfellar would not let anything stand in his way, I have never known him to delve into the realm of prophecies and superstitions.  But he could also be getting desperate with the fact that he could have found out that he has been replaced.  He might be showing the fact that he still has relevance and should be the one leading the Dragon Hunters.  This makes it all the more imperative that we take out their base as soon as possible.  However, we need to have a plan of action and know what we are going up against.  I’ll see what I can do on my end, but I am sure you guys, especially Jarl, will also come up with something to do and figure out this mystery of this prophecy.  If we know their intentions, we can better understand how to stop them.”

         All this time, Cazi has been itching to tell about the fight.  So, I finally call on her to recount the events after me leaving with Jarl.

         “Alright,” Cazi rubs her hands together.  “Where to start?  After seeing Jarl go down like that, this made all of us go twice as hard at the Dragon Hunters, Masked Vikings, or whoever we were up against.  To me, at the time, it did not matter who I was going up against, only that they fired at a friend of mine and they dare get on my bad side.”

         Cazi breaths in, “Probably one of the quickest times we have kicked butt.  Once Heather flew into cover you and Val, she had Windshear light up where the arrows came from.  And let’s just say that those were not shouts of joys that we heard.  Explod flew Hazor and Sparko over to lay down a wall of gas while Heather got back into position.  Both Jarl’s parents flew overhead to light our way as their Nightmares lit themselves on fire.  Several ground troops came into to fire arrows at everyone, but Angie on Nina swooped in and gave them a result that was not shocking to us, though to them it was.  Once we saw that you and Jarl were well on your way back, we held our ground to cause as much mayhem as possible to distract while Lilah could do what she wanted to do.  After shocking them, Angie flew out of the way to then let Hyrith and Sun Rose do their spinning move of death.  Do you have a name for that move?”

         Hyrith chuckles, “No, but that would strike fear.  It really is to cause confusion while a counter attack can come.”

         Cazi continues, “Well, Hyrith and Sun Rose do several barrel roll spins while Sun Rose launches multiple spines out every which way.  By the sounds of some higher pitched yelps, a few of them landed.  Val and Alpinny got back in the action and ran through the reinforcements coming from the north side of the island.  Then Lilah, Dawn, and Dagur come back over and bring with them their own party.  The forces that were over their had flamethrowers.”

         I echo, “Flamethrowers?!”

         “I couldn’t get a good look at them,” Lilah jumps in.  “But if I had to guess, it was a dragon, but they were locked in a contraption that the Dragon Hunters would force them to breath their fire at any target that they ordered.  The Hunters knew we were coming, so they were ready to either drive us away or take us out.”

         “Yeah,” Cazi said a bit disappointed.  “While it was the quickest butt whooping that we have done, their overall response to reinforce their own side as a whole was just too much.  They overwhelmed us and we had to pull back.”

         Dawn folds her arms in disapproval, “I still say that we could have regrouped and took them out.”

         “While that may be true, my darling,” Lilah tells her daughter.  “We did go there to capture them all, we went there for the information.  Letting them go and returning back to their home base would allow them to tell their commanders about us.  This will mean that they will be ready for us the next time that we meet, but this will also mean that they will have to move up their plans if they are as close as it seems as they are.  Hopefully, this will cause them to be careless and make a mistake where which we can pounce and take them out.”  Lilah finishes with a slam of her fist on the table.

         While I want them to pay for what they did to Jarl, Lilah seems very self-motivated to do more than just capture our foes.  Lilah’s tone sounds like this is all very personal to her.  From what we have learned in this brief amount of time these last few days, I can understand why.  But at what length are we willing to go to solve this mystery and stop these guys?  I want them to pay, yes, but not like what I think Lilah has in mind.  Although, she is the wife of Alvin the Treacherous, and some of that is spilling into her words and actions.

         Cazi concludes, “We did retreat, but we continued going on to fly back to Wingmaiden Island to see about Jarl too.”

         Explod spoke up, “I’m a little confused.  Are we fighting Dragon Hunters or these Masked Vikings?”

         “Yes,” Lilah chuckles and replies.  “These Dragon Hunters are the same ones you have seen, but are not at the same time.  These Dragon Hunters look to have aligned themselves with the Masked Vikings who are an enemy of my homeland of Izar.  Remember, the Dragon Hunters you know and the ones I know started out as a whole clan that was a part of my home until the war came.  Then the Dragon Hunters split into two groups.  The one Viggo Girmborn commands and the one that Thorgunna Vixxen commands.  However, after all of this time, the lines of the Dragon Hunters have blurred into multiple shades of gray where there are Hunters on both sides that play both sides.  There are ones that have even tried to be independent of either side of Dragon Hunters, those who are more properly called pirates or the mercenaries you and your friends have encountered.  With the Masked Vikings and their plans, they have no doubt promised many things to their followers, but it is up to us to stop all those involved from all of their plans.”

         Cazi comments, “I don’t care whether it is them or Snotlout, I’ll just punch my way through.”

         Dawn lifts her drink, “Here, here.”

         A couple of minutes go by as we finish our meal, I notice that Atali is not entirely focused.

         “Anything wrong?” I ask.

         “It is Nadia,” Atali responds.  “I have not seen her at all this morning.”

         “What are her duties?” I inquire.

         Atail answers, “I tasked her with keeping an eye on your captor Aiyana.”

         Fearing the worst, I jump up and exclaim, “Where were you holding Aiyana?”

         Minden quickly answers by jumping up and leading the way, “Same place where we first brought Snotlout to.”

         All those who were in the room, follow us out.  Moments later we come upon a scene where several Wingmaidens are laying on the ground, not moving, and extremely cold to the touch.  Atail immediately knelt down to check on her sisters.  Upon touching their arms, the Wingmaidens in a sense “thawed” and were able to move.  There were four “frozen” on the ground in front of the tent, two more on each side, and two in the back.  So, ten Windmaidens all together each with the same effect when touched.  I race into the tent and find that no one is there.

         Aiyana has escaped!

         There is a note on the floor that I pick up and begin to read.

         As I exit the tent, Nadia is helped by Atali to stand and explains, “I do not know what came over me, but even while lying on the ground I caught a glimpse of the young girl escaping.”

         “Well,” Atali looks relieved to know her Wingmaidens are alright.  “You are all unharmed.”

         Heather noticing me reading the note, “What did you find, Annabeth?”

         “I really don’t know what to think of this,” confused, angry, and puzzled, I state and then read the letter.  “‘To whom it may concern:  I am so sorry for all that has happened.  This is all my fault and I will make it my aim to rectify my mistakes.  I hope Jarl is okay, I did not mean to shoot him in the back how I did.  When I got back to report to my superiors, they were displeased.  They were slightly in a better mood when I told them I planned a trap for them, but they said I had to earn their trust back.  So, they had someone look over my shoulder as shot Jarl in the back.  To make it seem more realistic that I was following orders, I had to make it more convincing.  I did use the weakest arrowhead tip I had, so in the end, it still should have just been a flesh wound.  Everything else went according to plan, except for you guys capturing me again.  I wasn’t expecting that but could actually work in my favor.  The way you guys treated Jarl and reacted to me, the wound was much serious than it was supposed to be.  Sounds like he will pull through, but I did not mean any permanent harm.  I would bet my Kaimana that I did nothing wrong.  If you love your dragons as much as I love mine, then you should know that I do not put my dragons in danger like that.”

         I pause because as much as I do not want to, I kind of believe her, “Someone had to have switched my gear, but I was scared to question anything they did because I was already in enough trouble.  To show that I am on your side but in a bad spot with my dragon, I will give you the location to their home base.  While I waited for you guys to come up, I carefully snooped around and found out where their home base is.  Come to think of it, if someone saw me and I didn’t see them, they could have sabotaged me to make me look like the bad guy to all of you.  But I am going to run the risk that if I tell you guys where their home base is, I pray that you can help me save my dragon.”

         I then lift up the note and on the third page is a map pointing out where the Masked Vikings home base of operation is in this region.  And guess where it is?

         Right smack dab in the middle of the region where Viggo has been searching and what Lilah found out.

         We have our end goal!