Book 7 - The Crimson Storm - Chapter 24: Bond and Connection

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Here we are for another chapter.


Let's get straight to the point.


I hope you all enjoy the chapter!


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The Crimson Storm


Chapter 24

Bond and Connection


         “JARL!  Jarl!  No, no, no, no.  I knew this was a bad idea.”

         Heather declares, “Wait, Annabeth.”

         “I had a feeling this was going to happen,” I declare as I race to Jarl’s side.  “Come on, Anora!”

         Swooping down, I jump off Anora, roll on the ground, and run to Jarl.  I see an arrow sticking out of his back.  Not knowing what to do exactly, I reach to pick up Jarl’s right arm.  As I do, Valkarik reaches down for his left arm.

         “Thanks,” I declare.

         “Don’t mention it,” Valkarik replies.

         Heather and Windshear fly over top to extinguish some flying arrows and return fire to where they came from.

         With Val’s help, I take Jarl over to Anora and lay him across her neck.  Jarl is breathing, but his body is as cold as a dead corpse, which worries me greatly.  Sounds of dragon fire and shouts from the other side of the island start coming to my ears.

         Val shouts as she mounts Alpinny, “We got this!”

         Svana and Fintan, as well as the rest of the crew, comes down to me, “Valkarik is right.  You get Jarl to safety.  Take him back to Wingmaiden Island.  We’ll take care of business here.”

         Sigvald jumps off and inspects Jarl’s wound, then grabs my left wrist, and orders me, “Don’t take the arrow out until the they are ready to treat the wound.”

         I nod and exclaim as I get Anora in the air, “I’ll take care of him!”

         Once in the air, I tell my girl, “Get us back to Wingmaiden island!”  I point back south and Anora gives me a nod.

         I switch my position in the saddle to hold on to Jarl and make sure he does not slip off.  Now, I start to cry.

         The trip takes about three hours and these are the longest three hours of my life.

         Coming up on the shores of the island, I have Anora fly closer to the middle of their village and I yell, “Atali, Atali!”

         Just as Anora lands, Atali runs up and asks, “Why have you returned so soon?”

         “It is Jarl,” I explain as pick up Jarl’s left arm.  “He received an arrow to the side but there is something wrong.  He’s body is freezing cold and the only thing that is responsive is his breathing, but even that has become shallow.”

         Atali looks to her Wingmaidens, “Minden, Nadia.  Take Jarl to the medical hut.”

         I do not want to let go of Jarl, but Atali assures, “We will take care of him.”

         Minden and Nadia each take an arm over their shoulder and carry Jarl to the nearby hut, as they go, I inform them, “Lilah told you guys the brief plan, but that plan flew out the window when someone shot Jarl in the back.  It was only supposed to be a Flightmare arrow, but instead something more is causing Jarl to be unconscious.  His dad inspected the wound and told me to tell you not to take the arrow out until you are ready to treat the wound.”

         Minden replies, “Thank you.  We will take care of Jarl.”

         I feel a bit comforted, but I am extremely worried.  I want to go in with them, but Atali asks me not to and let the young women work.

         “Come with me,” Atali invites.

         Atali also sends a few of the Wingmaidens to take care of Anora for me.

         I follow Atali to her tent.

         “Would you like to sit down?” Atali asks.

         I shake my head and stand with my arms folded and I start pacing.

         Atali questions me to go over what happened exactly and I tell her.

         Atali remarks, “Sounds like Jarl put too much faith in one person.  However, something could have happened to cause Aiyana to change her plans.  Not to mention, it was also important to Lilah that Jarl go through with it to give the distraction she would need to get the information she was seeking.  I hope for everyone’s sake it was worth it.  When someone you love dearly is in danger, it is a test to see how far we would be willing to go.”  Atali pauses then changes the subject, “You like Jarl, very much.”

         “I love him,” I immediately respond.  “I don’t know what I would do without him.  He has been with me day one since I came to Berk.  He saw I needed help and he helped me when I thought no one would.  He helped me come to peace with my past and helped me see a future with him.”

         Atali goes on, “I may be an outsider to the situation, but you and Aiyana are in the same position.  Put yourself in Aiyana’s boots.  If you were supposed to take someone out in protection of Jarl’s life, would you do it?”

         I sigh, “It would be easy to say that I would do everything in my power to save Jarl.  But at the cost of another life?  If Jarl was standing right here, he would probably want me to answer that if it was the choice between saving him and me doing something wrong, he would rather not be here than see me do something I would probably regret later.”

         “Not only that,” Atali adds.  “If you were to follow through with it but somehow Jarl were to survive, your relationship would not be the same.”  Seeing my worried look, Atali changes the subject, “I am sure that Jarl will be okay.  Remember that I said I wanted to talk to you about your black Razorwhip.”

         I nod and she continues, “Sit here.”  She points to the foot of her bed as she goes over to her locker.

         Opening it up, she reaches in for something on the bottom.  Atali pulls out a small box that she removes the cover from it.  She brings it with her back over to me and sits next to me.

         “Does this look familiar to you?” Atali shows me a piece of a Dragon Egg shell that is black.

         I do recognize it, “It is part of a Razorwhip egg.  I have not seen an egg shell like this Anora hatched.”

         Atali admits, “I didn’t think I would see another Black Razorwhip again.”  Asking why, Atali responds, “The first time I had seen a Razorwhip bond with a viking was watching my mother lead the Wingmaidens.  A Black Razorwhip is probably as rare as Toothless is, but for a different reason.  A Black Razorwhip would be the one in a bunch that would excel in all categories a Razorwhip should, far from the black sheep of a group.”

         “I believe I know where this is going,” I anticipate.  “Your mother is no longer here, is she?”

         “No,” Atali says remorseful.  “Being the daughter of the Chieftess of the Wingmaidens, I was the next to lead our tribe, so I was trained from a very early age.  I never wanted to be a leader.  I always wanted to just be a care taker for the Razorwhips and make sure they would be strong enough to survive in the wild.  When mother’s Razorwhip had grown to the point where she could survive on her own, the dragon did not want to leave.  Every effort my mother could do to encourage her to leave, she kept coming back.  Giving in to the dragon, she let the young Razorwhip stay.  Then it came time for the Black Razorwhip to lay her eggs.  Mother went with the Razorwhip to an island somewhere southwest of here.  For some reason, the girl did not want to lay her eggs on Wingmaiden Island, but somewhere else.  She was extremely close to laying the eggs, so my mother went with her to where she wanted to go.”

         “Waiting for them both to return, neither of them did nor any of the baby Razorwhips.  My mother said she might be several months to make sure the newborns could live on their own.” said Atali.  “Who instead returned was Lilah the Treacherous.  She said that my mother and the Black Razorwhip had landed near her home and laid her eggs.  Lilah also brought back with her the news of my mother’s passing in a battle she got caught in with the Berserkers attacking another island.”

         Trying to comfort her, I say, “I’m sorry for your loss.”

         “Thank you,” Atali returns with a smile.  “But reason I bring this up is because your Anora is the spitting image of my mother’s Black Razorwhip.”

         Once Atali discloses that, my eyes become wide with amazement, I conclude, “That would mean that one of the Razorwhip Eggs from your mother’s Black Razorwhip’s litter is the egg I found?”

         Atali confirms, “Yes, it is.  Lilah later said that the other baby Razorwhips were able to fly into the wild to safety.  Lilah also said that mother’s Razorwhip had flown off late one night before returning.  This was during the time she had been laying her eggs.  We come to find out the next day that the child that Lilah had helped take care of found this egg and begged to keep it.  Lilah was the only one that knew about my mother and the Black Razorwhip, but my mother told Lilah that the little girl could keep it.  Annabeth, Anora is the right age to be from that litter.”

         With this newfound information, Atali and I go into a lengthy conversation on how to raise RazorwhipsAtail told me how the Wingmaidens do it and I told her how I did it.  It was a similar way to how they do it because Lilah had told me a few things that could help me raise Anora.  Atali led the conversation into my backstory, but all this time my mind is still on Jarl.  We talk for about an hour.

         Atali is about to change the subject again before Minden comes into report.

         I jump up and ask, “Is Jarl alright?”

         “He is fine and resting, for now,” Minden replies.

         “For now?” I repeat.  “Is there something wrong?”

         Atali stands up behind me as Minden says her report, “The good news is that the arrow wound is only a flesh wound because the arrowhead was a blunt point tip.  It was enough to go through Jarl’s gear but just barely enough to penetrate the skin.  If someone was trying to injury him with the wound, they did a poor job.  The wound is not deep, but that’s not the problem and maybe the whole point.  With Annabeth’s information about the arrowhead itself, we have yet to identify what is causing the shallow breathing.”

         I thank Minden for her help and I thank Atali for the conversation, but my priority is Jarl.  Minden leads the way to the medical hut.  I want to go to Jarl’s side, but Minden recommendation is that I do not get too close just in case whatever is the matter with Jarl is not contagious and I do not get it.

         Jarl is lying on a bed that has room on both sides.  I go to Jarl’s right side and pull up a chair.  With Jarl like this, I cannot bear to see him like this, so I spend most of the time with my forehead in my hands just thinking of what happened.  I could have stood up and stopped this from happening.

         A couple of hours pass and I hear dragons approaching.  Exiting the hut, I see that my friends have returned.

         Jarl’s mother jumps off Fintan, even before he lands, and runs up.

         Catching her in her path, I stop her and say, “Jarl is resting, but…”

         “But what?” she answers frantically.

         Minden informs Svana of the situation and tells Mrs. Mollerson that they have no way of knowing what to treat for if they do not know what they are dealing with.

         Svana then angrily states, “Then maybe she can tell us.”

         I look behind them and Heather and Dawn are dragging one Aiyana Thorgard between them before setting her down.  With determination in mind and anger in my heart, I walk towards the three of them.

         “No, Annabeth,” Heather reaches out with her arms.  “Stop.”

         I flip Heathers arms out of the way and come right up to Aiyana, who starts backing up, before tripping and putting up her hands in defense.

         Screaming at her, I yell, “Why did you do it, huh?!  WHY?!

         Aiyana backs up a little bit more while quickly saying, “Look, I had no choice.”

         I echo loudly, “Had no choice?  You shot Jarl in the back, of all places.”

         “When I reported back to my superiors, they were very displeased that I did not finish the job as well as unsatisfied that I leaked information on where to find their outpost,” Aiyana continues to plead her innocence.  “But when I said we could lay a trap for you guys, they said it was a nice consolation prize, but were still disappointed in me.  After threatening me with something happening to Kaimana, the made someone go with me to get into position for when you guys came.  They gave me my bow and arrows to use.  Also, they wanted me to do more than just a flesh wound back severely injury Jarl, they wanted me to shoot him in the back.  So, I used one of my training arrows with a blunt tip that could penetrate clothes and light armor but still do a flesh wound like we had planned.  Jarl is alright, isn’t he?”

         “No, he is not,” I call her out.  “You did more than just shoot Jarl in the back.  His body his cold to the touch and he has shallow breathing, neither of which are symptoms of having been paralyzed by Flightmare mist.”  I reach down and pick Aiyana up by her shoulder pads.  “YOU POISONED HIM!”

         “I what?!” Aiyana declared, seeming surprised.

         Heather comes over to me and peels me off Aiyana, who then drops to the ground, “Annabeth, that’s enough.”

         “Why do you care what happens to her?” I talk back to my sister.  Then I realize what I did, “I’m sorry, Heather.”

         “I know you are,” Heather says.  “We need Aiyana for the intel she could provide.”

         Aiyana chimes in, “Yes.  And to show that I am on your side, I can tell you where you could start looking for an antidote.”

         Calmer, though still frustrated, I counter, “Why should we trust anything you say?”

         Annoyed at the distrust, Aiyana retorts, “I was the one that did not follow through with my orders before when I was supposed to knock off Jarl.  I intentionally did a bad job so that I would have to tell you guys what’s going on.  I didn’t know what else to do to get out of this situation.  What would you do if you were going to lose your dragon?”

         Sigvald steps in and demands, “Alright, that is enough, both of you!”  He pauses and then turns to Aiyana, “Do you know anything that could help us help my son?”

         Aiyana answers, “The poisons I use mainly knock my targets out who might have symptoms of a cold or stomach ache afterwards, but never have I used any lethal poison.”

         Sigvald verbally pushes for more information, “That doesn’t help much.  Is there anything else?”

         Aiyana thinks and then replies, “While I was getting ready to move out to my position, I did over hear some of my superiors talking about a Buffalo dragon.”

         I correct, “A Buffalord dragon?”

         “Yeah,” Aiyana nods her head.

         Svana gasps, nearly faints, and has to be steadied by her husband, she remarks, “The Scourge of Odin.”

         Even Aiyana reacts in worried way, though she may be faking it.  I then let out a Razorwhip call to bring in Anora.  Without a moment to lose, Heather, Dawn, Dagur, and Lilah get on their dragons.

         While my dragon flies back to me, Aiyana pleads again, “I did not poison him, you gotta believe me.  They must have switched arrows on me, knowing that I might use one of my weaker arrows, and put something else on it that would cause Jarl to be like this.”

         Anora lands and I mount her.

         As I do, Aiyana runs to the left side of Anora, “I did not mean for this to happen.”

         I tell her, “You just better pray that Jarl lives.  Or else you are going to wish you never saw me.”

         Anora launches into the air and I fly off with the heading of Odin’s Respite, home to the lumbering Buffalord dragons.  The island is fairly close, so if we can get what we need, we could be back shortly after sunrise.

         All the while, I am praying that Jarl makes it through this.  Though I know Jarl is unconscious right now and back on Wingmaiden Island, I can feel my bond I have with Jarl.  It feels heavy with the pressure of the situation but at the same time, a comfort and encouragement that I along with my family and friends we can come through this situation.  I pray we can.




Author Note: 

This is the first time since the very beginning of this series in the second chapter that I have completely changed how I write a chapter.  There I wrote in 3rd person and here I write still in 1st person, but from someone else's perspective.  The Point of View for this chapter is from Annabeth's.


The reason why I completely change the point of view is to further indicate the severity of the situation as well as show just how strong Annabeth's and Jarl's Bond and Connection are, hence the title of this chapter.  Ever since Thoughts of Guilt on The Golden Isles, Annabeth and Jarl shared a different kind of bond and connection.  I have subtly referenced throughout the series since then, but this is the first time I have referenced it to this degree.


With this changing of the point of view, how do you like it?  Would you like me to do more chapters like this in the future?  Maybe not to this degree of having it "live" telling of the story, but have chapters where one character recounts part of the story that Jarl was not a witness to?