Book 7 - The Crimson Storm - Chapter 19: Heat is Rising

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Oh, I am having so much fun writing this book.  So many plot points are coming together with new ones coming in with new characters.  This is one of the reasons why it is difficult for me to say no to any character submissions, which by the way I have never said no to one.  Each time someone gives me someone to add to the book, reading their backstories I get a ton of ideas as to what to write next, how to introduce them, and what their importance to the story is.


Hope you all enjoy the chapter, and thank you all very much for reading them!


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The Crimson Storm


Chapter 19

Heat is Rising


         The shaking has stopped as we watch someone come into the docks from the western side of the island, running on the beach.  We cannot make out what he is saying but the words “dragon,” “escaping,” and “need help.”  After whatever he said is relayed to everyone, every single masked viking leaves what they are doing and follows the viking pleading for help.  These vikings look like the mercenaries, not the masked vikings.

         Even while the mercenaries were not all around the end of the island and out of sight, Skygge says, “Let’s go,” and climbs over the edge and starts down.

         We are eager as well to get to our dragons, so we all follow suit.

         Ali, however, hesitated, but before she could say anything, father said, “Hold on to me around my neck and you can hold on to me on the way down.”

         Ali remained silent, but the relief on her face said all she we needed to know.  That is another thing, the emotions that Ali will show on her face are going to be telling to what she is missing from seeing.  We should be sure to pay attention to that.

         About fifteen minutes later, we reach the bottom of the fifty-foot cliff face and race to the ships.  Once on there we each went to our own dragon, using our Gronckle Iron weapons, we cut right through the locks of the Dragon Proof metal.  Our dragons are happy to see us though visually stressed due to the threat of the new dragon.  Mounting our dragons, my crew forms up behind me.

         “I’ll wait down here,” Skygge says.  “Not much of a dragon rider and I have no intention of… Getting off the ground with that thing in the sky.  You all will be much better off if I wait for you all.  Meet me in the clearing after you’re done.”

         I nod to Skygge and have Fredrick launch into the air.

         For right now, we keep our distance to analyze the situation.

         “What do you make of it, Sigvald?” inquires mother.

         “From the look of it,” he responds.  “It looks to be a Titan Wing dragon, but looks like nothing I have ever seen in person or in the Book of Dragons, even the updated version.”

         With its large body and no tail wings to stabilize, it constantly has to keep its wings moving to stay in the air.

         “My best guess,” father states.  “Stoker Class.  Beyond that, I do not know.”

         The dragon starts to rise in the air, having enough of the ground combat, it spots us and has other ideas.

         “Break formation!” I announce as the new dragon flies straight for us.

         We all maneuver our dragons out of the way, while the dragon blows by it has a difficult time turning as it flies into a wide right banking turn.  It comes around and flies through us again, but this time climbs into the air above us.  Getting to a certain height, it levels off several hundred feet above us.  It opens its mouth and then begins to fire… A crimson cloud of dust everywhere, flying around and spreading it around over us!

         “Dive!” I yell out.

         We all dive down as the cloud quickly falls down after us.  The dragon laid a layer of the crimson cloud over us, but only in the immediate area.  The opening to get out from under it is to the west.  We all go down as close as we could to the water surface and fly to the west a bit, flying out from under the cloud in enough time.  Everyone makes it out.  Just as we do, the large dragon then ignites the cloud with a spark from its mouth and the cloud explodes!  A shockwave is created from the cloud and pushes us back several yards before we are able to recover.

         The dragon turns down and starts to dive bomb after us.  It picks up a tremendous amount of speed.  Since all of our dragons had all of their momentum stopped from the shockwave, all we could do is dodge off to the side, out of the way as the dragon nearly ran into Anora, Fredrick, and Fintan.

         From this feat with the sand cloud, we all are probably thinking that is dragon may have some Mystery or Fear Class in it.  Regardless of what class it is, the dragon sure is a mystery, can strike fear, and has the fire power of the Stoker Class.

         The dragon banks left this time and comes around for another pass, this time trying to fire and run into us at the same time.  I just notice, before I turn to fly away, right as the dragon breathes in to fire, there are six ports, three on each side, that extinguish excess sand, similar to how a Screaming Death does the same with excess fire from its shot type.  But this dragon only does this when it breathes in just before it fires.

         The dragon comes after us again, this time firing continually while chasing.  I do not know if it had a target in mind, but it ended up coming after me.  Once it had started flying back up, it arced up at me.  I pulled back on my reins to have Fredrick loop around.  Looking upside down, I notice the gas is going to overlap my flight path.  Nudging and holding my left foot against Fredrick’s side, he responds with turning to the left making a twist in the loop, making a two-hundred and seventy-degree loop.  This sharp of a turn is too much for the dragon to handle, that it makes a simple loop, but turns back up right to go back the opposite way.  As I come around, Fredrick dives and I duck as the cloud narrowly misses us.  The dragon’s speed carries him into the water and the dragon resurfaces moments later.  The water does not seem to bother him either.

         Thinking to myself, I question, “How many elements of different classes does this dragon have?”

         Each member of the crew took their own route to escape the shockwave radius of the cloud.  I am the only one that took the high road, or flight path, to get above the cloud instead of just away from it.  The dragon comes back, fires an extra stream back into the cloud already there, sparks it, and ignites the cloud for another big and loud explosion.

         The dragon is not looking up and I do not think sees me.  Therefore, I dive bomb on him.  At the very last moment, I give the two taps on Fredrick to fire.


         The sonic blast slams into the dragon and it screams out in pain.  Fredrick instinctively rolls left slightly, to not run into the dragon as it regains its balance.  Fredrick levels out, I quickly look back to see the dragon did not see that coming and did not see me leave.  This gave the opportunity for everyone to do a fly by shot.  That made it angry.  And this time, it did have a target… Me.

         “Alright, big guy,” I say under my breath.  “You’ve got wings.  How ‘bout you give them a work out?”

         I start flying directly up, the dragon follows me about sixty yards behind me.  It has to take fewer strokes with its wings to stay with me while Fredrick has to work for every stroke.

         “Come on Fredrick!” I encourage.  “Keep going!”

         “Jarl!” comes Annabeth’s voice from below.  Looking down, I barely see a glimpse of Anora behind the big dragon.  “It’s about to fire!”

         Looking to the dragon’s neck again, the ports or shoot out small amounts of the crimson sand.  This pattern is for sure a good way to predict and dodge his blast… But I want to keep going.  To make it more difficult to fire at me, I tap Fredrick’s right side three time with my foot.  Fredrick remembers the command and rolls right, slightly off center.  Fredrick and I are in a tight spiral loop upward.

         The dragon fires but Fredrick and I are little bit a head of the sand, not by much though.

         A few minutes of this, we have got to be nearly a mile or more in the air.  From behind us, I start to hear what sounds like a coughing whimper.  Because I am flying upward, I am bent over my dragon.  I look under my left arm to see the dragon start to shake its head and then stop firing.  The moment it did that, the cloud is ignited but not by it… By a Razorwhip blast!

         We continue to fly upward, but the dragon stops firing the cloud and starts to lean back.

         “I knew it, big guy,” I announce, “We have reached the limit on this flight.  Anyone want to get off?”

         The dragon leaned back right into the trailing explosion of the crimson cloud.  As if stumbling back on the ground, the explosion causes the dragon to be knocked off its feet.  It tries to regain its balance, but being disoriented at this height and lack of air, it reaches its peak and slowly embarks on its way back to the ground before picking up speed.

         Slowing Fredrick up and then diving down, I am lifted up out of my saddle, but thank Hiccup for stirrups because without them, I would be like the new dragon is now.  I fly straight for the new dragon, passing Anora on the way down.  Briefly looking back, Annabeth and Anora follow behind me.

         I nudge Fredrick on to run into the dragon and push it faster, “Going down,” I say.  “Keep arms, legs, and wings in at tall times.”

         Letting off a bit, I have fire again and create some distance from the dragon.  For good measure, Anora fires from behind with the blast coming underneath Fredrick, reacting with his blast, and exploding near the new dragon.  Now, spinning totally out of control, it impacts with the water, creating a gigantic wave of water as if a large dragon just catapulted into the water at point blank range.

         I catch up to Annabeth, who caught up with the crew.  We watch in silence as the dragon has yet to emerge.  With baited breath, we wait.

         Launching out of the water, the dragon shoots out.  Although we were many, many yards away from where the dragon impacted the water, the large dragon can make up a small distance in a short amount of time.  We all dodge out of the way, but this time, the dragon flings its arms out knocking my parents and Dagmar and their dragons out of the way, though they stayed on their dragons.  However, I did not expect the dragon to learn that quickly and the wing knocked me back off my Thunderdrum.  Anora and Annabeth were right beside me.  This is the one time, I do not want Annabeth by my side as she is falling a few yards to my left.

         The water is only about a hundred feet away with no time to get over to Annabeth…


         I now find myself between the arms of one certain Triple Stryke.

         “Brother,” comes the voice of Dagur.  “You do know that it is much easier to fly through the air while on the back of a dragon.”

         “Very funny,” I say then look around for Annabeth.

         She is on my left, being carried by her sister’s dragon, Windshear.

         Annabeth comments rhetorically, “Oh, so you react to the quip, but not to worry about me?”

         I roll my eyes as I see Anora and Fredrick swoop down under our friends’, soon to be family, dragons.  Sleuther plops me down onto Fredrick and Windshear sets Annabeth back on Anora.

         “Am I glad to see you two,” I say, appreciatively.

         Heather flies over on her dragon to ask, “What is that dragon?”

         Shrugging, I answer, “Your guess is as good as mine, but I think I may know what the masked vikings are after.”

         Dagur adds, “It is not just the two of us.”

         Looking back, we see some more of our friends from Mystery doing some battle with the new dragon.  Flying back over into action, the new dragon abruptly and intentionally dives back into the water.  Now on guard, we wait for it to emerge.  It never does after five minutes.  Waiting another five minutes, still nothing.  Content that the dragon did in fact escape, we all circle back to the islands where we left Skygge.  My additional friends who came with Heather and Dagur are Valkarik, Fira, Angie, and Hyrith.

         Landing in the clearing as before, Valkarik is the first to say, “Glad everyone is alright.”

         “For sure,” Hyrith said.  “When Dagur and Heather came to Mystery, they were surprised that we actually went with Trader Johann.  Did you know…”

         “…That he is a traitor?” I laugh.  “We do now.  We found out the difficult way.”

         “Oh,” Hyrith said.  “Guess Johann knew about that too.”

         Heather explains, “When we realized we had not told you yet about Johann being the traitor that he has always been, we sent word via a Terror Mail.  Johann must have seen the Terror Mail and changed what the note said.”

         Hyrith went on, “All it said was that you two would be arriving soon and not to make any special preparations.”

         Heather adds, “You will probably also find that the hand writing is that off Johann’s, not me or my brother’s.”

         “I hadn’t thought about that,” Hyrith folded his arms.  “Though, had I known what either of your writing style looks like, I am sure I would have recognized it; Johann’s writing.  I wouldn’t know whose was who’s unless I sat down and studied them.”

         Dagur starts leaning on my right shoulder, “Turns out we got here just in time,” acting as if it were nothing that he and his sister came.

         “Thank you, Dagur,” I tell him.

         Standing up, he waves his hand, “Oh, it wasn’t anything… Only that I saved a marriage is all.”

         Heather puts her hands on her hips, “You mean, ‘Only that we prevented severe injury and maybe worse.’”

         “That too,” Dagur points out.  “But to save the marriage, I have to save them too.”  He then looks right at me with a serious look, “Just know that I could have let you fall or even could have dropped you.”  He cannot hold it in and starts laughing, “Kidding… I’m only kidding.”

         “I’m glad you are,” I state.

         Mother steps up to both Berserkers, “Well, I am very grateful that you did show up when you did.”

         Heather acknowledges, “You are very welcome, Mrs. Mollerson.”

         “Call me, Svana,” mother blushes a tad at the formal name.  “We’re all family and friends here.”

         Heather chuckles and apologizes, “Alright.”

         Annabeth then asks her sister, “Wait… You said you already knew Johann was a turn coat?”

         Heather pauses and admits, “Yes, we did.  After the whole ordeal with my Dragon Eye lens that I never knew I had on my belt practically my whole life and nearly losing Windshear and then Johann leading Hiccup into a trap, there was a lot going on.  Then when we were able to sit with you, Annabeth, while you read our father’s letter, the emotions were so high after doing so many things, that it completely slipped my mind.”

         Dawn comments, “Dagur I can understand.  You Heather?  Though if you never noticed you had a Dragon Eye lens before, then this wouldn’t surprise me.

         My parents and Dagmar are a little upset at what Dawn said.

         Samantha calls out Dawn, “That was a little uncalled for.”

         “No, she’s right,” Heather accepts.  “Sometimes, emotions can get the best of me, even in the best and worst of situations.  It just never occurred to me.  But once I did realize, we sent a Terror Mail to Mystery’s Edge to warn you guys while we looked at Berk for Jarl, Annabeth, and the rest that were there.  Then when you weren’t there, we came as fast as we could to reach Mystery.  Then again when you weren’t there, we came after you here, after figuring out why they didn’t get our Terror Mail and then where you guys went.”

         Dagur grunts, “Seems like we have been playing catch up with you guys.  I don’t think I have done some much riding all at once ever.”

         Fira adds, “Here the sounds of that massive dragon helped.  We could hear her several miles away.”

         I question, “Her?”

         Fira nods, “Yes, the dragon is a girl.  And by the looks of it, a very angry mother.”

         I echo, “Mother?!”

         “Yes,” Fira relays.  “If that quake is anything to do with the dragon, we are impeding on her home where she is laying her eggs.”

         My mother confirms, “The dragon came out of the far island and decimated any ground mercenary forces, which by the way, we should probably round up.”

         Fira suggests, “If you guys had any kind of a fight with a mother dragon, she will be back for more to rid us off her territory.  Even though an unknown dragon, a mother dragon will do everything it takes to protect her eggs from any and all intruders.”

         “Then we should get out of here as quickly as we can,” I suggest.

         “Tell you what,” father relates.  “Your mother and I with a few of your friends can round up any stragglers from Koll’s men, and use their ships to ship them to Outcast Island.”

         Dagur puts up his hands in front of him, “There is no need for that.  We have a Berserker patrol in this area.  All we would need to do is to meet with them and then they could take them to Outcast Prison.”

         I question, “You have a patrol of ships in this area.”

         Thinking nothing of it, he confirms while looking at me, “I always have a patrol in this area.”  Understanding what he just implied, he cleared his throat and then insisted that he help with the search.

         I look at Annabeth and we both shake our head, Heather merely rolls her eyes.

         It is decided that my parents, Dagmar, Heather, Dagur, Dawn, and Fira will search for and escort the mercenaries back to the Berserker patrol where Heather and Dagur will insure that they get to Outcast Island and stay there.

         Heeding Fira’s advice, we search for Skygge so that we can get out of here.  However, Ali and Valkarik stay with the dragons, for they are too large to fit in the cave.  Skygge said he would meet us here in the clearing, but he is not here yet.  I also wanted to go over the cavern down below to see if there was anything else or if I missed something.  Knowing that the mother dragon is here, I don’t think the mercenaries, the masked vikings, Koll, Johann, or even Throst will be back here any time soon for we know they have an interest in this place.  Not to mention, the mother dragon.  They probably won’t be back unless they are well prepared to take on an angry dragon.

         The rest of my crew, went down with me to the cavern.  Walking into it, we see down at the bottom, Skygge bending over something.  Retracing the escape route that we did take before, we came up to Skygge.  He stood up and greeted us… He was standing over a body!  Turning it over… It is Koll Valgardson!!

         Skygge informs, “He’s dead.  Stab wound in the back.”

         Looking over the body, no apparent signs of a fight, but the knife is to the side.  Skygge picking the knife up, shows it to me.  A little put off by his lack of respect for the scene, I do look at the knife.

         I recognize it, “That’s one of Traitor Johann’s knives he has for trade.”

         Asvord wonders out loud, “Did Koll try to double cross Johann?  Koll has double crossed us and even Truvor, no doubt countless others.  With what we just today found out about Johann, did they have a disagreement on what the next step was?”

         “By the looks of it,” I state.  “Looks like it was more than just a disagreement.”

         As soon as I finished, another quake happened.

         Elsa wanted to remind me, “We should get out of here.  We can come back here.”

         “Alright,” I tell them.  “Go ahead, I’ll be right there.”

         The rest leave while I quickly look through all the rooms here in the cavern, starting with the bottom level.  Five minutes later, I am to the last couple of rooms on the top level.  Most of the rooms turned out to be storage rooms or hallways to cave tunnels.  Going into the second to last room, I see something plain as day: A large bag of pearls, diamonds, and a few other gems.  Knowing that the vikings here will not be needing it, I grab the bag and secure the top, then I secure it to my belt.  The bag is about six inches in diameter and seven inches high.  I make my way out of the cavern, back to the top side, mount my dragon, and leave with the rest of my friends.  Skygge may be a bit different than the rest of us, but I think he has earned a trip to our outpost.  Some of my friends started out this way, but have turned out fine.

         A few hours later, we find ourselves back home.  Seems like there has been a lot of things happening lately in a very short amount of time.  Add fighting a massive Titan Wing dragon, who happens to be a dragon that we know hardly know nothing.

         I am just ready for a nice, quiet evening.

         After getting settle back in, I have the idea of taking Annabeth out on a picnic.  I pack a few fish sandwiches, some apples, and some fresh water to drink.  Taking the basket with the food over to Annabeth’s hut, I knock on her door.

         “Would you like to have a picnic?” I ask, as she answers the door.

         A big smile appears on her face, and replies, “Something special happening?”

         “Yeah,” I state.  “I’m spending some time with you.”

         Annabeth takes a moment to put away something she was doing, then joins and walks with me.  Taking no dragons with us, for one thing, they definitely need the rest, we walk all the way out to the spot.  Though it takes us twenty minutes to walk out there, it is the best twenty minutes I have had in a while.  The spot I had in mind is a small cove near a spring surrounded by trees.

         We have a quiet time eating our salmon sandwiches and the rest of our food.  We then lay down next to each other looking up at the light coming through the trees.

         After several minutes, Annabeth says, “Jarl?”

         “Hmm?” I respond.

         “You asleep yet?” Annabeth jokes.

         Chuckling, I say, “No, but it is restful here with you.”

         “Thank you for bringing me out here,” Annabeth replies, sitting up.  “This was a lot of fun.”

         “Glad it was,” I add.

         “Well, I must be getting back to the Outpost,” Annabeth declares.

         She gives me a kiss on the cheek and then leaves.

         It seems a bit rushed, but then remembering something my dad has always said, “The moment you try to figure out what a woman is doing, when you try to understand why they do what they do, could you let me know what you figure out because I’ve been trying for years without success.”

         I pack up the food and then take the pitcher of water to the stream to fill it back up.

         Talking to myself, “Annabeth wanted me to pick all this stuff up I bet.”

         Bending down to refill the pitcher, I then hear very soft footsteps coming from behind me.

         Without turning, I question, “Did you forget someth-…”

         I am interrupted by being grabbed around my neck, dragged back, and a knife put at my throat!

         “What the-!” completely caught off guard, I call out.  “Who are you?”

         The viking answers in a girl’s voice, saying, “This is for Kaimana!”

         “Hold it right there!” suddenly demands Annabeth’s voice.  “Don’t turn around.  You’ve got an arrow pointed at your back!”

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Winter Is Here.


These last two chapters were epic on so many levels (and I'm just saying that because you introduced my character).


First off, I liked the way that Jarl and crew escaped their chains.  The skeleton key in the hair band was genius and I liked the joke about Jarl's dad and the key.  


The new dragon you created was pretty cool (and thanks for adding a picture).  I'll admit, at first I was kinda skeptical.  It sounded huge and bad at maneuvering.  But then it had exploding mist and could survive at long periods of time underwater.  It seemed to have no shot limit and a head made for ramming.  So it definitely was cool and enjoyable.  Certainly should be a worthy foe of the Crew.


(On that topic, could you give us some size measurements please?  Like head to tail, wing to wing.  Thanks.)


I just want to say that I may have cheered when I heard Throst had escaped.


Next, of course, the introduction of Skygge.  That was a pretty dang epic entry on his part.  The Sparta kick was a lovely touch.  I love how calm and unconcerned he seems about everything, like the stabbed super villain on the ground.  Though you never confirmed it, I kinda wonder if the escaped dragon had anything to do with the arrival of Skygge (Coincidence?  I think not!).  You definitely got this character's personality.  Keep up the great work!


I cannot believe that you finally de-alived Koll!  And his end came from Johan no less.  I admit, I did not see that one coming.  (And, to be fair, it compliments Johan from the show.  I honestly thought that he did too much talking and not enough doing in the show, so good for you for balancing it out.). Does this mean Throst inherited Koll's changewing?  I look forward to seeing the repercussions of these events in the future chapters.


Finally, I look forward to seeing who the mystery girl is from the end of this chapter.  Is it somebody new?  Is it Samantha? Is it some long forgotten character?  I so look forward to seeing what happens next.


In wrapping this message up: this was an epic two chapters.  So many things happened, yet so many questions have arisen.  I look forward to your next post to see what will happen.  


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Thank you very much, I did put more effort (not that I don't put effort any other time, it was that the story is to a point where a lot of stuff is happening and will happen, that I concentrated more on my writing and making sure things got across in the way that I wanted) into the last two chapters.  (Of course XD)


With having Jarl's parents along, I am also trying to show a difference between Jarl's level of knowledge, wit, and expertise in a situation compared to his parents who have more experience than he does.  It is like Jarl is at Level 25 of 50 and his parents are at Level 45 of 50.  So, in most situations, his parents will be prepared more than he will be.  Jarl may have a leg up on reaction and knowledge of the mystery or enemy itself, but how to deal with it, his parents have the advantage.

And since not much is known beyond what I have discussed... Like five books ago... About Jarl's parents, I thought it would be a nice touch to get to know more about Svana and Sigvald's relationship when they were kids, then courting, then early marriage before kids.


So was Jarl, and look what it nearly cost him.  Being both large and a Titan, turning rate is not going to be its best stat.  But because it is so low in that category, and therefore using SoD stats logic, other categories such as knowledge, firepower, shot limit, speed, and adaptability will be much higher.  Jarl and his crew are definitely going to see it again.


The new dragon:

The Body is 10 yards wide, 25 yards long without counting the tail.  With the tail, the body is 40 yards long (15-yard tail)

A Fifty-yard wingspan (20 yards per wing, 10 yards for body width)


So the dragon is big to the other dragons, but not too much bigger.  Its presence makes it much bigger than it is, though it is still big... If you understand what I just said.


Thank you, glad you liked it.  I will do my best!


De-alived?  That's one way to say it.  >.<  I had been going back and forth on whether or not to kill him off or save him for something else.  However, regardless of my decision, I wanted something to happen to him that would stop him from being a villain.  The main reason I have not confirmed it is because I am still undecided.  But you bring up a great point about Johann and indirectly that is what I wanted to have happen because Johann is a threat but never truly showed it in the show.  Thank you, though I did it indirectly with to balance out Johann indirectly.  Based on what he showed in the show, I wondered if Johann doing this would?  In your opinion it has, so I guess I did what I wanted to do in the end.

Jarl's parents' report on them rounding up Koll's men should answer a few questions about who is captured... and who isn't.


Some interesting events are going to take place in the next couple of chapters.  A lot of testing is going to go on and come from different directions, some unexpected.


I hope to answer some of the questions, though not all... As I will be asking more questions... :D  Hehe... Sometimes being in the position of the writer, I feel like the one in the shadows that no one is looking at because I control very thing.  *Insert mysterious laugh that isn't evil*




Thanks for replying!