Book 7 - The Crimson Storm - Chapter 18: Who Do You Trust?

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Here is the next chapter of my book.  I am getting really excited as several things will start happening, several plot points are coming, the mystery intensifies... Hope you are ready!


Cutting to the chase... So I can get back to writing some more and get a couple more chapters posted today... :D


Hope you enjoy the chapter!


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The Crimson Storm


Chapter 18

Who Do You Trust?


         With it being dimly lit in here, we did not know it was a viking until Koll said to let Samantha tell us.  Though bound hands in front of her and gag in mouth; she is dazed from something, probably the same crimson cloud that got us.  Looking out in front, no guard is stationed outside the door, though quite possibly there could be one someplace else that is close.

         Given a few minutes, Samantha woke up, shaking her head.  Realizing she has a gag in her mouth, she proceeds to take out the piece of cloth.

         “Where am I?” Samantha asks as she stands up.

         Annabeth is the first to respond, “Some place in the northwestern part of the archipelago.”

         “What?” Samantha questions, still sounding a bit groggy.  “But…”

         Mother adds, “Take your time, dear.”

         Bending over, Samantha gets her head clear, stands up, and takes in a few deep breaths.

         Helping her out, I ask a different question, “What is the last thing you remember?”

         With a moment of thought, Samantha responds, “I was going after Throst after he escaped Outcast Island Prison.”

         Annabeth, being shocked at the news -though not the only one- gasps, “Are you kidding me?”

         Samantha shakes her head, “I am starting to think that getting caught was all according to plan.  Or at least, was planned that if he did get caught, he would have help getting out.  But, having a dragon that can hypnotize doesn’t hurt either.  Even though the Changewing was taken to a separate place than where Throst was, while talking with Alvin about how we captured him and filling him in on the details, there was a report of an escaped prisoner.  I was the quickest to respond to the call as I was right next to Stormstar.  I told Alvin that I would bring him back in… But…”

         Samantha paused as she looks down, Dawn pushes, “But what?”

         “But I flew right into a trap,” Samantha reluctantly reports.  “Some where off the coast of Outcast Island, on the western side, is a slew of sea stacks almost forming their own island but there is a complex network of rock formations creating many an obstacle course if you all get out.”

         Dawn perks up a bit, recognizing the landmark and reaffirms the complexity of the island, “Perfect place to set a trap.  Outcasts have used that island for years trying to capture… at the time… pillage any ship they pleased by boxing them into going that way.  Hardly if at all any ships ever made it out.  They either got stuck on extruding rock faces or sank.”

         “Well, Throst knew about it too,” declares Samantha. “I flew right into a dragon net.  Me and Stormstar get gassed with something.  Next thing I know, I am here with you guys.”

         With a change of subject, mother requests, “Samantha, come here.”

         Samantha walks over to my mother as she asks, “Can you reach up to my hair?”

         Surprised, Samantha wonders, “Why?”

         “It will help,” mother says.  “It is under my hair band.”

         Samantha reaches up, almost needing to stand on her toes, she is able to take something out from under mother’s hairband in her blonde hair.

         Samantha questions, “What is it?”

         Mother answers, with a smile, “A skeleton key.”

         Father grins, “I love you.”

         Mother looks up, like she is offended, “I thought you said you loved me?  What are you doing loving a key?”
         “No- Oh, never mind,” father can only shake his head.

         Samantha cannot reach up high enough to reach the socket holding mother’s right wrist, so she comes and unlocks me.  Handing me the key, we go back over to my mother.  Since I am the same height as my mother, it was no problem reaching up and unlocking the socket, making sure not to make too much noise if there are guards within ear shot.  Taking the key back, mother unlocks all her sockets.  The one on her wrist in front of her left sleeve of her long sleeve shirt and then both ankles.

         “Hold your hands out,” she points to Samantha.

         Samantha does so.  Mother stretches out her right arm… And my mother retracts out a blade!

         Looking up at her, I smile.

         Mother comments, “One of the pros to wearing long sleeves.  It is a very slim version of yours, for purposes just like this.”

         Father asks a question, “Do you always wear them?”

         “Not all the time, only when we go into conflict,” mother answers.

         I quip, “Then you must wear them all the time what with being around dad all the time,” I then quickly go on to unlock the rest of my friends, starting with Annabeth.  Father gruntingly sighs as my mother gets another key, and went unlocking the rest on the other side.

         Once all free, we look to see what we could do about the door.  Come to find out that it is not locked.  Father slowly opens the door, to make sure that it does not squeak, which it does not.  Moving to the other walkway, we all feel the ground begin to shake and then dirt falls down from the ceiling.

         There is not door ahead of us, just the walkway.  As we near the edge, father abruptly plasters mother and me to the wall with his right arm and motions the rest to step into the shadows next to the walls.  A few foot soldiers race past.

         Father peeks out and see no one else, then whispers, “We need to get to our weapons or else we are not going to get out of here.”

         “Also,” I add.  “We need to get to our dragons.”

         Another shake of the ground happens, but more violently than last time where we all have to catch our balance to stay upright.  I briefly notice that we are underground yet the ceiling is made out of wood out here, so we are very close to the top level.  We then started hearing cries of pain top side.  To our left looks to be some type of barracks and to our right a very large cavern.  Because the only way to move forward was through the cavern, we took a moment to study our new surroundings.

         There are multiple levels that have been built into the cavern.  The top level is the closet to the cavern wall while the rest of the levels are built down in a stair stepping motion.  By the looks of things, this has been an outpost for a long time.  This cavern is quite massive, probably a hundred feet and fifty feet or more across in both directions.  Not exactly sure which direction is which, so to our right is the mouth of a cave entrance, probably spanning fifty feet itself.

         My first thought I say out loud, “If there is this much attention put to one cave, are they looking for something?”

         Father replies, “Could be.”

         On the bottom level, we see the same two guys we saw before coming out of a room with an ax and a mace.  No word needed to be said, that has to be the armory.  Looking around, we notice that there is literally no one around but torches every so often to light the cavern.  That being said, there is a lot of trophies to light this big of a tavern.  However, there are some streaks of light shining through the ceiling, which is all rock.  But because it is so close to the surface and also due to weathering, eventually the ceiling may collapse, though not for a lengthy amount of time.

         Climbing down the four levels to the bottom, we come up to the place that the two vikings came out of.  Just in case, we check to see if there is any unsuspecting viking in there.  There is not, but we cannot take any chances until we get out of this cavern to see what is going on.

         All of our weapons are there, we grab them and put on some of our armor that was taken off of us after being captured.

         My father had taken note of which way the vikings had gone, so my father took the lead.  Following him around to the far side of the cavern, from where we started, we go across through the bottom level.

         While going across there, I spot something interesting.  If Traitor Johann and Koll are looking for something, then why would they have barrels and barrels of Perch fish?  Then there is a large assortment of tools for digging out a cave and enough lumber to start supporting the cave and digging further.  There are a few tables with papers on them, I stop very briefly to see what is on them.  I see several maps of the area, some large overviews and others detailed maps of the four islands.  This confirms that we were not taken off the islands that we came to before getting captured, so at least we now know where we are.

         Mother hurriedly said, “Come on, Jarl.”

         “I’ll be right behind you,” I answer.

         I have a few more papers to look through on another table, but to fulfill my statement, I quickly go through them.  Most of them are notes on the operation going on here, though trying to find out what they are doing here, none of the notes were any help.  Some notes gave advice on how to proceed digging deeper into the cave and how to best reinforce what they have dug out.  Others are just on personnel here.

         Annabeth then calls back, “Jarl.”

         Looking up, I see they are already to the far side of the cavern wall next to the cave.  I read the last little bit of the paper I am holding… And boy am I glad I did.

         This is Koll’s operation, with Traitor Johann being the outsider to the deal… Which Koll plans on double crossing!

         As a run over to catch back up, I think to myself, “Is that what is going on up there?”

         We climb up ladders to the top level.  In the cavern wall is a narrow hallway, which we see light at the other end.  Swiftly going through the hallway, the light is actually coming from above.  There is a natural ramp to the left, going up and around a hundred and eighty degrees, to the top about ten feet.  The light is coming from outside where we see that this is the same cave that Koll came out of in the first place, before capturing us.  The ceiling of the cavern is the ground of where we landed.

         Another quake happened, but this time violently enough to knock Annabeth, Dawn, and me over.  Annabeth and I help each other up while Dawn just gets up on her own.

         Seeing no one outside the cave, we exit.  Force of habit, I instantly look behind me and up.  I have heard a lot of stories and tales, even from my father about himself, where vikings, after emerging out of a cave or going through a dense forest, they never look up and that is how they get jumped on.  For me, no one was there.

         Suddenly, there is yet another quake, however, we all are knocked over after this one.

         Irritated, Dawn begs the question, “What in a Thorston’s brain is that coming from?”

         Father says what I am thinking, “Whatever it is, it is not natural.  I am very confident that these shocks are not coming from an earthquake.”

         Mother questions, “But what?”

         I put the suggestion to the group, “Whatever it is, even with our weapons, we could quickly be overwhelmed by Koll’s numbers.  By the looks of his personnel here and the type of operation with need of many vikings, Koll could amass a small army.  We need to find our dragons.”

         “If we get higher ground,” said my father.  “Then we can get a better lay of the land.”

         “Annabeth and I can go up and see what’s going on,” I say as Annabeth is already one step ahead of me as she aims her grappling hook.

         Aiming for the top of the rock face, we both fire at the same time, and are at the top within seconds.

         Looking around I see that the beach on the east side does wrap around and then could be easily climbed to get to our area.  Relaying that to the group, we meet everyone about twenty steps from the edge of the rock face.  Seeing them again, I notice their knees and below are wet.  They must have had to go into the water some to go around the first part of the cove before reaching the beach.

         There are obstructions blocking our view of the southern part of the island, so we go to investigate.  Though still high above the area around us, there is still rock faces and columns above us.  They all look like large stacks of coins, if stacked on top of each other.  The path we are taking is a fairly narrow pathway, with columns scattered around us, but there are sharp cliff faces on both sides.  To the west, there is an in-land large pool of water.

         Going for another five minutes, from out of nowhere comes, “Stop right there!”

         We stop our tracks and start to look around.  From behind us, are four masked vikings all with spears. 

         Then from above, a shadow flies over top, jumping down right on to the viking in front, knocking him out cold.  The figure picks up the spear.  It is a young man about my age with, of all colors, crimson red hair which is messy as if he just got out of bed.  He is dressed in dark brown leather from head to toe, even brown leather gloves with open fingers.  But a flash of bright green -nearly lime green- stands out.  It is a bandana around his neck.

         Using the blunt end of the handle, he swings it around, knocking into a second viking’s head.  The new player dodges back as another viking lunges forward at him.  He immediately lunges back at the viking, thrusting the blunt of the spear into the viking.  Wincing with pain, the viking grabs for his stomach.  But in doing so, left himself open for a reverse swing of the spear by the young man who hit the viking in the head.  That masked viking slumps down to the ground sideways, unconscious.  The last masked viking rushes the newcomer, yet he slides under the legs of the masked viking.  Not even bothering with us, the masked viking turns around goes for the new guy.  Recklessly, the masked viking tries to strike down on the unknown viking.  To the masked viking’s dismay, the young man dives down into the masked viking’s legs, knocking them out from under the viking.  The masked viking does recover by rolling into a somersault to the west side, but in doing so loses his spear.  Standing back up, he slightly loses his balance, and the new viking stands up can flat out punts the masked viking, in the chest, off the edge, and the masked viking screams all the way down!  Shocked at the move, my crew and I all look over the edge to see the viking free falling before splashing down into the pool before.

         The young man says, “Oh, he’ll be fine.  It was only fifty feet, plus I knew there was water there.”

         I question, “Who are you?”

         “Name’s Skygge,” he answers.  “But we can talk later.  We need to get you to your dragons.  Come on.”

         Baffled at who he is and why is he helping us, my crew and I follow him towards the southern part of the island.

         Ten minutes later, Skygge leads us on top of the formation that was previously blocking our view.  Peeking over the edge we see ships anchored off the coast… All holding our dragons in dragon proof cages!

         Skygge reports, “There are obviously four ships, each holding two dragons.  But I’ve counted at least ten more vikings that we will have to deal with.”

         I sigh, “I wish we had some type of distraction so we could go straight for our dragons.”

         As if someone heard my request, an extreme quake in the ground violently shook the ground beneath us and started to crack!  Since the island is nearly completely made of solid rock, especially on the surface, we are in no immediate danger.  But that is the least of our worries.

         Looking to the north, we see some of the far island collapsing in on itself.  Then….


         A massive dragon emerges out of the island!

         Being about a mile away, the dragon looks huge.  First guess, twice the size of Stormcutter.  But I bet I am nowhere near close.  While still big, the dragon is still smaller than the island, but the island is not small either.

         The first thing I notice about the dragon is its horns.  While most typical horns protrude out and point down the back of the dragon, this dragon’s horns start that way but immediately arch back at a sharp angle going over the top of its head.  It is a bright red with white underbelly.  Many scales of armor cover the dragon.  The wings look like that of a Monstrous Nightmare, while the leading edge of the wing has its natural armor plating on it going all the way to the tip of the wing.  Where the foot of Monstrous Nightmare would be, on this dragon is a large spear type horn.  The dragon has four legs and an extremely long tail with no extra features, just scales.

         “Well,” I chuckle but I am not laughing.  “That’ll work for a distraction.”



(This is for Lack, when you read the chapter.  When I introduced your character, Skygge, the way I did, I thought of the gif:  This... Is... Sparta!  XD  I have also been playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey, which has the Sparta Kick ability, which I spam every chance I get.  XD  Thought you might like the move added to your character.  :P  Emojis look sophisticated in this font.)

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Oh, and by the way...

The new dragon is one I came up with on my own.


I came up with the dragon first before looking at any pictures, then tried to find a picture that matched. This is actually pretty spot on to what I wanted. So, to give a better reference, I describe the dragon, like this picture. All I did was just google "dragons" and this is the second picture:



I haven't done much with creating my own stuff, as most of my own stuff comes from the characters in my story, the mysteries, and plot lines, when it comes to traditional things with Httyd with referencing the franchise as much as I do. So, I thought creating a new dragon would be something fresh to add to the story. You will find out about the dragon as Jarl and the crew does.


Hope you like it!