Book 7 - The Crimson Storm - Chapter 16: Family Trip

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Sorry for the delay in posting the chapter.  Between schoolwork, going back to work Friday and Saturday, falling sleep Sunday night, and needing to go to bed last night to be able to wake up for a final exam this morning, I am now posting the chapter right now.


I had planned on writing two chapters, but this chapter is long enough to be two chapters, however, I didn't want to split it up.  So, you get one long chapter instead of two short ones.  In the end, it is the same.


Winded Warden created the characters Ali Clar and Valkarik.  She has some artwork of the two characters.  If any of my readers would like to do any sketches or drawing of anything about my book, you may.  It is always interesting to see how other people interpret things differently how I see them.


Lots of flowers in the eyes to symbolize blindness. But flowers nonetheless:


Valk leading Ali while they walk together.  Obvious height difference, but Ali's hair is scorched on the tips of her bangs:

For some reason, the original drawing was rotated to the left.  So I had to download it and rotate it.


Winged Warden's image of what the baby Thunderwhips look like (and what their fire blast could be, of course):

It did the rotation thing again.  The first image was fine, maybe because it was landscape and not portrait?


How you all enjoy the chapter!


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The Crimson Storm


Chapter 16

Family Trip


         “Ali,” I declare.  “You did an amazing job finding that.”

         Ali down plays it, “Oh, I am sure you would have found it eventually.  You are thorough at looking over something.  I just,” she pauses, and I notice she is trying to hold back some tears.  “Have less distracting me now.”

         Our friend is trying to make light of her situation, but we all can tell she is still reeling from losing her sight.  This is going to take a long time to work through, let alone get used to.

         We all search the rest of the island one last time and find no more clues.  I pack up the barrel and secure it on Star Scream’s saddle.  Leading the crew back to Berk, we collect a few things to resupply and bring back to Mystery.  In addition to that, my parents and Dagmar all wanted to go with us and to help in any way they could whether it be at our outpost or even on our mystery we are trying to solve.  Once they were ready to go, we all left and returned to Mystery’s Edge, many hours later and into the late night.

         We arrived to everyone being asleep, so we decided to join.  After putting up our dragons, we then said, goodnight to everyone, and we parted ways.  Valkarik helped Ali get to her hut before going to her own.  I gave Annabeth a kiss on her forehead as I told her goodnight.  My parents, Dagmar, and I came with me to the Clubhouse where the three of them took the couches to bed down for the night.  They assured me that these would be fine to sleep in.  Giving them all a hug goodnight, I went into my own room, set the barrel of sulfur near my desk, got ready for bed, and fell asleep as I hit the pillow.


         The next morning, I woke up to Asvord yelling, “Who’s been in my kitchen?!”

         Waking up and getting my bearings, I dressed in my normal attire -my golden-brown boots, pants, and vest cloak with my golden yellow short sleeve shirt- and went out to appease my sister.

         She started accusing me but before I could say anything else, our mother came through the front door, carrying a bucket of apples.

         “Oh, I am sorry, dear,” mother replied.  “I was hoping to surprise you all with a good breakfast, but between getting up later as well as having to go for more water to wash the fruit and vegetables, things took longer than I expected to.”

         I do not think Asvord is awake as it has not dawned on her yet, I think she is still upset that something else was using her kitchen, “Mother!”

         She immediately goes over to her and gives her a hug, “When did you get here?”

         “I came back with your brother after he and his friends came back to Berk after finding some clues to your missing friend, Michia,” Mother stated as she handed her daughter an apple.  “I- We haven’t seen our children more than a day or two, we decided to come up and spend some time helping you all out.

         I quip, “Who cares about you being here, mother, just give her an apple and the opportunity to not do anything for breakfast, and she’ll be satisfied.”

         With apple in hand, Asvord swings back her right arm.  I duck as she realizes where her apple is, changes it to her left hand, and then arcs back her right arm.  Seeing I ducked, she bends down too and jabs me in the side.

         Both of us standing back up, Asvord further realizes, “Michia… What did you find out?”

         “In short, an important clue to finding Michia,” I respond.  “But so, I only have to tell the story once, I will tell it over breakfast.”

         Walking over to the table, Asvord sees two more plates placed than there are vikings here plus her mother, “There’s two extras.”

         Coming out of Elsa’s room, father comments with Elsa over his shoulders, both of her legs draping down beside his head, “What?!  Don’t a long traveled by old sailor get to have a place at the table with his family?”

         Mother interjects, “-Doesn’t-.”

         Surprised again, Asvord exclaims with a mouthful of apple, “Father!”

         Going over to give him a hug, though not putting down her apple.

         Upon hugging our father, he says, “Oh, tall man going down!”

         Father takes Elsa up over his head, letting Asvord tackle the both of them, and then grabs both his daughters, hugging them, and not letting them go.  Giggles and laughs to go around among them all.  I just stand, crossing my arms, looking on, leaning on my left leg.

         From behind me, mother agrees with what I am thinking, “Typical, eh?”

         Looking at her come over, she mimics my stance and looks on condescendingly at the girls and dad.

         They stop what they are doing, dad defends his position, “What can I say, I have wonderful women in my life.”

         Mother nods before walking away, “Uh-huh.”

         Father whispers, “We best behave ourselves or else we may not get breakfast now that your mother is here.”

         Mother calls back, “What was that?”

         Father counters, “I have beautiful women in my life.”

         Mother chuckles, “You used that line with my mother when she caught us kissing for the first time.  She saw right through it and gave you a kick in the rear like you’ll never forget.”

         “Don’t remind me,” he says, acting like he has lower back pain, and “limps” over to mother in the kitchen; us children look on.  “But come now, you didn’t slap me in the face like you did the first few times.”

         Mother spins around, pointing at him, “Those were accidents… Sorry I was trying save your life.  You never know what a fly might be carrying… That, and mother was watching then too.”

         Father comes back, “Well, the time your mother ‘sent me away’, you could have pushed me away when I kissed you, but you didn’t.  That led up to you saying, ‘Yes,’ when I asked.”

         Mother retorts, “Are you saying that I could have gotten out of all this but just pushing you away then?”

         From out of the blue, Annabeth asks from behind me, “Is this what I have to look forward to?”

         Turning to look at Annabeth coming next to me, on my left, I shrug my shoulders but am a bit embarrassed.

         Knocking her right arm into me, she responds, “I’m just messing with you.”

         Mother then speaks in a dignified tone, “Now Sigvald, we must not fight in front of the children.  They may get the wrong idea about marriage.”

         “Yeah,” father said.  “They may want to get married.”

         Disgusted, yet smiling, mother flings some water at father, while she washes her hands.

         Annabeth adds, “I see where the humor comes from.”

         Trying to keep back the laughter, father barely says, “We had you, Jarl, didn’t we?”

         Mother nods with nothing to say against what he just said.

         “Ooo,” Asvord and Elsa grimace.  Elsa adds, “I don’t think we have enough ice to help with that burrrrrnnnnnnn!”

         All I can do is stand there with a flat smile on and just stare at everyone.  That was so good, I have no come back for it.

         Annabeth states, “Sigvald one, Jarl, goose egg.”

         I finally say, “You may have won this battle, but the war is far from over.”

         The dinner horn sounded.  The door opens and Dagmar’s thick bright red hair appeared and she came in from outside, the horn stopped before she came in, so she must have sounded it.

         “Saved by the dinner horn,” Dagmar responds as Asvord and Elsa both go over to greet her.

         Shaking my head, I then announce, “Why do they call it a dinner horn?  I mean, we use it for every meal… Well, we are supposed to.  Most of the time -if not all the time- we, here on the outpost, forget to use it.  The smell of glorious food is all we need to come running.  Back to my random ancient wisdom for the day, should we not use a different horn for breakfast, lunch, and supper?  That’s another thing.  Why call it a dinner horn when there is breakfast, lunch, and supper?  Vikings may get confused when someone calls lunch, dinner, and then supper, dinner.  Why not just call it the meal horn?”

         Asvord shakes her head, “Stop it, you’re making too much sense.”

         I roll my eyes.

         Shortly thereafter, my friends come in and we all sit down at the table.  Asvord does help serve the food my mother has prepared.  For it just being breakfast, it looks like we are having a full course meal:  Scrambled eggs, boar bacon, sausage, bread and butter, fruit salad, apples on the side, fresh yak milk that is chilled.

         Explod questions, “Do we have any food left on the outpost?”

         Mother guaranteed that we did, as she used some of the food, she brought back with her.

         During the meal, I relay the events that happened while we were gone.  I did not say much about Ali, other than she is alright, considering the obvious.  I was wondering how even eating a meal would go, but after some expert advice from my mother, she described the plate of food to Ali.  But the way she explained it, she did to everyone.  To the minute details of saying exactly what food was where on the plate, how far away it was from the center of the plate, telling that everyone’s drink was about two feet from the edge of the table, fork and knife to the right of the plate, spoon to the left of the plate.  By including everyone on the explanation of the meal, it helped Ali tremendously while still making it about everyone.  Ali does not need to say it, but as long as we try to keep Ali an independent viking who can do things on her own while still helping her, Ali will feel more empowered to accomplish basic tasks to even tasks she did before the incident.  Ali had zero problems with the meal, though she is still practicing how to do things without being able to see.  However, Ali is adapting quickly.

         While I reported the events while we were gone, I made it a point to give Ali the credit for discovering the sulfur.  Mentioning to Garth, that the sulfur barrel is in my room ready for him to clarify that my deduction is correct about it being sulfur.  Garth has no update on the chest but believes he will have a breakthrough within the next day.

         Garth went to my room to get the barrel, while we all finished up breakfast with cleaning the dishes and the table.

         As Garth started going out the door, the Speed Stingers started sounding off, “Hey guys,” Garth said.  “Trader Johann is coming into port.  He looks rather distressed.  Let me guess… Ali?”

         Ali answered, “Yes, I had been training with them that when a ship comes into port, that they alert us by calling out three times.  I further tested it out, their call does not carry down to the port.  With keeping the Stingers up here on the land behind the Clubhouse, they can still alert us to any incoming ships, while not alerting the incoming ship that we know they are coming.  This way, if an enemy ship is on approach, we know they are coming yet they don’t know we know they are coming.”

         I commend, “Good work, Ali.”

         “Thanks,” she smiles, but then thinks.  “How am I going to train the Stingers now?”

         Valkarik speaks up, “Let’s just work on that when we get to it.  A lot of the Stingers already work independently.”

         Ali corrects, “They were independent before me.”

         “But with your influence and training,” Elsa reminds.  “They are more efficient in their independence and now a lot easier to be around all of us as well as they don’t cause problems hardly if at all anymore.”

         Ali appreciative for the remarks, she still seems reluctant to resume responsibility to training them.  But if Ali is how she is, she will take that back very soon.

         We all go down to greet Trader Johann at the docks.  Even though we ran, by the time we do get down there, Johann is already halfway up the pier.  He looks winded and frightened.

         “Master Jarl,” he breathes deeply, bending over his knees to catch his breath.

         My father comes up from behind, saying, “Take it easy, Johann.”

         Visually caught off guard at the site of my parents and Dagmar, he declares, “I did not expect to see you here.”

         Cazi echoes but returns the favor, “We did not expect to see you here either.  What’s up?”

         “Oh, it was dreadful,” Johann shivered with fear as he continued.  “I was picking up supplies at storehouse of mine when I was jumped by bandits.  If it wasn’t for a white Stormcutter swooping in to distract the bandits, I may not be here talking to you.”

         Ali pushed through and questions, worriedly, “White!  Did the Stormcutter have orange highlights?”

         Johann thought for a moment, then answered, “Why, yes.”

         “Jarl,” Ali said.

         She paused as I nodded, “I know.  That’s Michia’s dragon!”

         “We gotta go after them,” Ali demands.

         I ask Trader Johann, “Can you take us back to your island?”

         Hesitantly, he responds, “Yes, but I am not sure what we might find.”

         “If Michia is the viking I think he is,” I start.  “Michia would have drawn them away and sacrificed himself to secure your escape.”

         Johann marvels, “Why would the lad do such a thing?”

         “Michia’s smart,” I state.  “He knows you would go to the nearest place to get help.  If he had the chance, he would leave us a trail to go find him.”

         Ali adds, “When he had been missing for some time, I bet he knew that we would go looking for him.  Whether his one shack was unintentionally or intentionally messed up, that could be his way to put us on the trail.  But with the other clues about the mystery, seems like Michia is also mixed up with the vikings you have been telling us about.  Knowing that Michia went to the one small island with the sulfur barrel on it, that almost proves that Michia is in trouble.”

         I mumble, “But why would he not come and get us for help to begin with?” I then speak up.  “Let’s get our dragons and move.”

         Enroute to the Stables, father declares, “If you don’t mind, I am sure that your mother and I as well as Dagmar would like to tag along.”

         “Thanks,” I say.  “We could use the fresh dragons as a lot of us have been going at it rather hard lately.  There are several of us that need the rest.”

         While in the Stables, gearing up for a possible fight, mother relates, “I wanted to have a family trip, but not in this way.”

         Ali speaks up, “It’s okay, Mrs. Mollerson.  I am sure Michia’s alright, we just need to show him he is not alone.”

         “Ali,” I simply state.

         Looking at me, I ask without saying a word; I merely look at her.  She answers, “Michia’s my best friend.  I need to make sure he is alright.”

         “It wasn’t a matter of why you are going,” I tell her.  “But are you ready for a fight too?”

         She stops for a brief moment to confidently say, “Yes.”

         “Alright,” I state.  “Let’s go.”

         With it being a self-proclaimed “family trip”, all but Ali are family to me going on this trip:  Annabeth, Asvord, Elsa, my father, my mother, Dagmar, and Dawn.  Talking with Cazi, I told her to be ready to back us up if we are not back in two days.  She could split the rest of our forces in half, leaving some to protect Mystery.

         “As always,” I tell her.  “I hope you guys don’t have to come.  But it is always good to prepare.”

         The crew going on the trip goes down to pick up Johann; Ali assures Valkarik that she will be find.

         Johann doubles behind me as I lead the crew.  Bidding our friends, “So long,” we start out due east by the direction of Trader Johann.

         Our dragons are Fredrick, Anora, Spiker, Meatballs, and Fire Song.  Adding to our group is father’s female Monstrous Nightmare, Marigold; regular blue with orange highlights, stripes, and markings.  Mother’s male Monstrous Nightmare, Fintan; nearly all white with gold highlights.  Then Dagmar’s infamous male Snoggletog Wraith, Snowballs.

         With Dagmar training a Snoggletog Wraith, we know a little bit more about the dragon.  While the most apparent features of the dragon are its festive features, we find that the time it spends during the warmer months it does not have these recognizable features.  A Snoggletog Wraith purely has the coloring of a Snow Wraith but is closely related to the Woolly Howl, same body type of a Sand Wraith and similar to a Night Fury.  Dagmar never noticed a change in his appearance while training him in the years before the adventure my family had in discovering my father still being alive.  But when Dagmar started living with my parents on Berk, when the warmer months rolled around, Snowballs shed the scales that had the festive look to it.  The only thing Dagmar can think of is that the coloring that Snowball has for with the festive markings somehow makes his scales thicker for him to survive in the dead of winter.  But to not continually get hot in the spring and summer months, Snowballs sheds the thicker scales to reveal his scales underneath.  Dagmar deduces that this might be how the Snoggletog Wraith goes undetected during the other months.  The Snoggletog Wraith just looks like a white Woolly Howl.  Yet, when the winter months come around, as the temperature drops, Snowballs grows the thicker scales and thus bringing back its festive look.  Much like any furred animal grows a thicker coat for the coldest months, the Snoggletog Wraith does the same with its scales.  This also gives more meaning to seeing a Snoggletog Wraith in the winter to signify it being Snoggletog.  Maybe this is what our ancestors did when they saw the Snoggletog Wraith to celebrate winter being halfway over.

         Trader Johann directs us east then southeast, taking us on a three-hour trip until we reach an island chain of four distinct islands; two smaller in the middle of the chain and two islands about three times as big as the other two, yet still relatively small.  The two latter islands are to the northwest and southeast of the smaller islands in the middle.  But this whole chain takes up, I am guessing, around five miles of distance.  Each island is about a mile in width at each island’s widest point.  All of the islands are mostly rock with very little green growth.  With all the intricut formations of rock that are a few hundred feet tall on the two slightly bigger islands, I can see why Johann would uses these islands as a place to store some of his goods.  There looks to be a tone of catacombs of tunnels and caves.  The way the rock formed, they look like giant honeycombs similar to the honeybee, which both are similar to the Fireworm Queen’s hive.  I doubt there is a Fireworm Queen here, because this would then be the last place Johann would choose to store his supplies.  The two smaller islands are mainly just rock jutting up from beneath the surface of the water.  No real spot to land a dragon let alone walk to and stash something.

         The largest island of the chain is on the south side.  More to the south, one of the larger islands in the northwestern part of the archipelago is located.  For further reference, this large island is north of Sunstone Island.

         Johann says his stash of supplies is on the southern island.  Using my right hand, I give a circling motion before pointing down.  I lead my crew around the islands a few times to scout first, before we land on southern island.  Nothing came up on our quick search, and we then landed in a small flat area with rock faces towering over us along with several caves protruding in and out of the rock formations.  Other caves are on other levels of the formations.

         Once I dismounted my Thunderdrum, I immediately took off my shoulder my Mark III bow, Annabeth made me.  Annabeth readied her ax, Asvord unsheathed her sword, Elsa is ready to draw either of her mini crossbows or yak whip, and Dawn removed her sword from its sheath.  Ali has presently stopped using her bow and arrows due to her condition, but she still has her daggers to lean on.  Ali is standing near my mother.

         A good viking always packs his or her weapon, so we did not need to do anything extra for my parents or Dagmar.  Both my parents have swords, which are a bit longer than mine, also wider.  Their swords could be considered long swords, as they are kept at the hip -opposite the wielder’s dominant hand- because they are too long to be unsheathed from the back.  Dagmar has a mace if she needs it, but she has grown accustom to daggers.

         Johann notices and remarks, “Why all the weapons?”

         Knowing Johann is skittish around anything that shoots or is sharp, dragon and non-dragon, I answer, “The bandits could still be here, so any viking would be ready for a fight.”

         Not looking persuaded, Johann still nods in agreement that the bandits could still be here.

         Going once around the fifty foot in diameter clearing, I come back to the group, Johann is off to one side quivering in fear.

         I whisper, “I don’t like this.  It seems way too quiet.”

         “I agree,” my father notices.  “Either island is too well suited for an ambush.  I have a bad feeling about this.  Everyone spread out.”

         Before any of us did anything, I saw on the ground the shadow of a rock shift to the right.  Whipping around, I draw an arrow and fire!


         The arrow lands on the target, but the target moves up into the air revealing it to be a shield with a viking holding it!

         Suddenly from one of the caves, near where Trader Johann is, we all hear a slow clap.  Emerging from the cave is one Koll Valgardson!

         “Very good, very good,” Koll mocks.  “You followed all the clues right where I left them.”  Seeing that my father is here, he remarks pleasantly surprised, “Well, look what baggage they brought with them.  The extra trash will be no problem to get rid of.  Thank you, Jarl, you helped me save a lot work in trying draw your father out.”

         “No problem,” I rhetorically answer.  “What are you doing here?”

         “Why Jarl,” Koll sounds not-so-very-disappointed.  “After you crashing our meeting with the other Dragon Hunter leaders, I thought you might be looking forward to our seeing me again.  It has been a long time since we last saw each other.”

         “While not being long enough,” I remark.  “I am glad we have met so that I can bring you in.”

         Chuckling and shaking his head, “Jarl, your positivity amazes me.  But your confidence is getting too predictable.  It isn’t you who will bring me in.”

         Koll points up around us to see a band of vikings completely surrounding us, all camouflaged in the gray of the rock formations.

         “It is -I- that will bring you all in,” Koll smiles while he puts on a… Mask!  The same exact mask that the masked viking wore!

         Before any of us could react, projectiles were all thrown at us that exploded on impact releasing a red smoke cloud.  All of us start to cough and then collapse to the ground.  The red cloud is making me disoriented as to what is happening, but is not knocking me out as I am still aware of what is happening yet I can hardly move.

         Koll comes over and bends down next to me, talking through the mask, he says, “Time to answer for your deeds.”

         He proceeds to put a blindfold over my eyes.

         Koll must do that for everyone, because Ali remarks, “Oh, brilliant observation, whoever put my blindfold on.  You should get Dragon Hunter of the Month with your decision of putting a blindfold on a blind viking!”

         The next several minutes I could tell I am being carried somewhere, but I begin to fall asleep.  The effects of the red cloud must take a while.  I think about the stark difference between the red smoke and the crimson cloud as the latter knocked me out within a couple of minutes.  It has to be close to ten minutes before I see nothing but black!

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Btw, I updated the last two chapter links in my signature.


Also, fyi, I will be posting on Mondays* now.  Another reason for the longer chapter today (or two small chapters)


*Subject to change... XD  By the way things get in my way to post, if I say I post on Mondays, I may actually post on Fridays.  :P  But with the semester officially over for me next Monday, I will have a lot more time to work on other things over winter break.  Not to mention my sister and I are doing another 50,000 word contest for the month of December.  So, I decided to try and do 50,000 words for The Crimson Storm in December.  Until the week of Christmas, my sister can only work on her book on Mondays.  So, I will be able to work on Mondays too.  (Any work not on Mondays, until the week of Christmas, does not count towards the 50,000 words, though still counts to post for you guys.)  Once the week of Christmas comes until the end of the month, I will be able to work everyday on this book to reach the 50,000 words.


So, two normal weeks of posting at least one chapter per week and then probably one chapter a day the week of Christmass until the end of the year!\


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Welcome to the jungle!


YAY!  You're back.  Nice to see another chapter.  


Anyway, I really liked the drawings at the beginning.  It was kind of you to include fan drawings with your story.

Good Job Winded Warden!


This was a good chapter and I liked how calm it was at the start.  The part where we learn more about Jarl's parent's relationship was a sweet add on, even if you only meant it as a joke.


I do have a small question about the timeline and how it matches the show.  You've already written the episode where us viewers find out Johan is a villain.  I can't remember how much time passed in the show, but it didn't seem too long before Hiccup found out about Johan. My question is, how far off timeline wise is S6 E1 from where Jarl is now?


Also, good luck with your stories. Did you reach 50,000 words for November?  Also, if your sister ever publishes a book, let us know please.







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Love the gif XD


No problem, any time someone wants to do any kind of drawing, I will look at it and then post it.  Yes, Good job Winged Warden.


Kind of two chapters in one, though I did not seem any reason to split it up only to just have two chapters.  I believe it would flow better being one chapter instead of two.

Jarl didn't come up with his humor on his own, he got it from his parents, though it seems to skip a child as Asvord the oldest and Elsa the youngest don't have it as much as Jarl does.  The sister's humor is more of a defensive humor to Jarl's quips and wit.

Thanks.  I am working on using characters I have not used much and will bring them back.


It is about a day after Season 6, Episode 1 of Race to the Edge.  Dagur and Heather forgot to tell Annabeth and Jarl about Traitor Johann (See what I did there? XD) as they were too caught up with Annabeth getting peace about her past as she prepares for the future.  Plus, dealing with Ali.  Having a clue right away afterwards and going back to Mystery right away and then going off again right away, Jarl and them have been away without a news report about Traitor Johann.  Piecing together what I am doing -as well as the clues I have left behind in the chapters- and what everyone else knows in Race to the Edge, by the end of this chapter you should see where this is going.


I have told her and she says she wants to get it published first before anything else.  Then you could go buy the book.  ;P  But regardless of what happens, I will let you know.