Book 7 - The Crimson Storm - Chapter 14: Tough Thoughts

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This chapter is the chapter for this week.  With how the last chapter ended and me delaying last week's chapter until now, it works out so you all can find out what happens.


Things are about to pick up in the story as I am close to halfway through.  Though I am planning for this story to be around 25-30 chapters, it is still difficult to believe I am already to chapter 14.  Crazy.


My other book I am writing, I have been busy with school and hadn't had the time to write in it.  However, now that I have caught this book up to this week.  For the rest of this week and into next week, seeing how I am on fall break, I will be cranking out several chapters -hopefully- of that book to catch back up to where I should be in my word count.  I am way behind, yet with my word count average for my Httyd series, making up 25,000 words is about 8-10 chapters.  Really, not all that much, but still a lot to write.  I will be gone most of the day Saturday working on a group final project for school, but after that, I have the fall break to get a lot of stuff done.

Yeah, not what breaks from schools are supposed to be used for.  But I have had a lot of things I have wanted to get done, but could not due to school.  Now I can catch up without behind hindered by schoolwork.  But I may be hindered by pumpkin pie and whip cream.  ;)


Hope you guys enjoy the chapter.


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The Crimson Storm


Chapter 14

Tough Thoughts


         On the trip back to Mystery, I inspect the small chest.  It is still open and it is empty.  Thinking back to Angie’s description of the event, there was some type of explosion.  With nothing in the box, something had to have made the spark as Angie said.  Looking at the locking mechanism, I spot something irregular.

         There are tiny shards of Flint and Quartz on the inside of the part of the lid that fits into the lower half where a key can be inserted and lock the chest.  Around the area of the lock, there are black scorching splotches that fan out like an arrowhead away from the lock.  With the presence of Flint and Quartz, someone had rigged the chest to cause an explosion when the chest was opened.  From the lock, there is a thin, dark path of scorched wood leading into the chest.  The burnt path then spreads into an area about the size of my fist in the bottom of the chest.

         Thinking, “The power alone should not have caused Ali too much discomfort; merely a bright light appearing in front of her in a dark area.  Because she kept repeating the word ‘burning’ something else has to be here that I am not seeing.”

         I then speculate that whatever is causing Ali’s pain was on top of the powder that was ignited on lifting the lid.  When the powder ignited, the explosion blew whatever was on top into Ali’s face.  So, Ali’s eyes are reacting to foreign objects being on her eyes, whatever the foreign objects are made of, and the bright flash of light.

         Holding onto the chest, I sit in silence on the way home.  We can see those who left first are a few miles ahead of us.  Because we are racing home at the top speed of our dragons, the trip takes less than three hours; more than half what it took to reach Drenchwood Forest Island.  Arriving back at Mystery, we land and see Cazi and the group that went first, waiting for us as we land.

         Cazi address my concern, “Ali is in with Fira, in Fira’s hut.  Fira has been working for the past fifteen minutes.  Still no word.  With flying on Electic at full speed the whole way, I was able to get here in a little over two hours.”

         I then request Garth to start an in-depth examination on the small chest and to give me a full report on his findings when he has them.  Also, I add what I guess on for somewhere to start.  Garth nods and gets right to it by going to his Workshop to start the process.  The Workshop is on the third level on the west side of the outpost, opposite the Stables.

         After asking Garth, I then make my way to Fira’s hut, Garth’s old hut.  My friends and the dragons, that were on the trip, follow me.  It is on the southwest side of the outpost on the second level of three.

         Valkarik questions, “From what you told Garth, do you think this was an elaborate trap by Viggo?”

         I shake my head, “I don’t know.  Rigging a small chest to explode the moment it is opened does not seem like Viggo’s style.  Though, Viggo has done things that are outside his normal course of action if it cuts into his bottom line as a businessman.  The only encounters we have had with him is down on Aberdeen Island and recently with the villain conference.  Other than that, we should be no threat to Viggo, at least directly.”

         Angie further asks, “What about Vixxen or the others?”

         I shrug my shoulders, “I really don’t know what to make of this.  This has really taken me by surprise and I wish I had been more careful.”

         Annabeth echoes, “You be more careful?  What do you mean?”

         Arriving at Fira’s hut I then walk to the edge of the walkway, lay my arms on the railing, and look blankly out over the Outpost.

         Sighing, I respond, “I cannot help but think that… That chest was meant for me.  I should have been the one, not Ali.”

         Annabeth comes over and takes my right shoulder to turn me then she looks at me, “It is not your fault.  We all know the dangers of going into the unknown and looking around.  Whether we initially knew it or not, we all know that danger could be just around the corner while we solve mysteries.  Even being prepared for anything, something can still catch us off guard.”  Annabeth pauses before continuing, “You are being a good friend by wanting something to happen to you before something happens to any of us.”

         I let out a deep breath, look away, and then back at Annabeth.  Before anything else could happen, the door opens on the hut.  Fira and Ali emerge with Ali being led by Fira.  Ali has a bandage around her head like I had, but the bandage is new and wrapped better.

         “I’ve done all I can,” Fira announces.  “But I would highly suggest she go visit your clan or tribe’s healer, immediately.”

         Cazi had already prepared Sparklebolt for the flight back to Berk.  Right then, Cazi and Ali left for Berk with Undyne following behind them.  Fira and Valkarik asked if they could follow them.  I nodded and Annabeth asked if she could do the same.  I also wanted to go.  So, Fira, Valkarik, Annabeth, Angie, and I followed Cazi and Ali back to Berk.  The two on Sparklebolt went off on their own pace to get their as soon as they could.  Fira, Valkarik, and Angie use their own dragons while Annabeth and I stick with Star Scream.  Fira on Crystal, her Monstrous Nightmare; Valkarik on Alpinny the Flame Whipper; and Angie on Nina her Skrill.   Yes, this is a lot of flying for Star Scream, but he is the freshest dragon in our stables.  The rest of us followed at a rapid pace, but not at racing speed.

         Man, that was a long trip.  I had forgotten just how long it takes to get back to Berk, even on a dragon, while going at pretty much the top speed.  By the time we got to Berk, it is evening with the sun setting a few hours ago.

         We fly straight for Gothi’s hut.  We dismount our dragons and tell the dragons to flow down below to wait for there is no room for them up here.

         Cazi greets and tells us, “Gothi and Gobber are in there now tending to Ali.”

         Gobber came out shortly thereafter and said, “The poor lass.  Gothi will do all she can for her.”

         A few minutes later there came a knock on the door and so Gobber went back in.

         For the next hour, Gothi is in with Ali along with Gobber.  The rest of us outside wait.  No one said a word in the meantime.

         Finally, the door opens and Ali is led out by Gobber.  Gothi motions for Gobber to remove the bandage.

         Once it is removed, Ali then says a couple moments later, “You can remove the bandage when you are ready.”

         My friends and I look at each other, horrified and heartbroken.

         Valkarik steps forward, “But… Ali…”

         Ali stretches out her arms, asking, “Oh, Val.  Where are you?”

         Valkarik quickly goes to grab Ali’s arms.

         Ali states, “Gothi told Gobber in there that he was going to take my bandage off out here.  He can go ahead and do that.”

         “Ali,” Valkarik solemnly responds to a confused looking Ali.  “He… Gobber already did.  There is no bandage on her eyes.”

         Ali’s look on her faced changed to that of realization.

         She quietly replies, “Oh.  He did… Did he?”

         “Yes,” Valkarik adds.

         Gobber steps to Ali, putting his right hand on her left shoulder, “After Gothi told me, I did not know how to tell you but show you.”  Gobber takes a deep breath but Ali states it herself, “I am blind.  I’m blind, is that what you are trying to say.”

         “Yes, lass,” Gobber sighs.  “Gothi did all she could but she doesn’t know why you cannot see.”

         Fira consoles, “I am so sorry.  I-.”

         Gobber interrupts, “Now, Cazi told me and Gothi what you did, even what Jarl did when it initially happened.  Gothi says you all should be commended for your actions.  With faced with such a situation, Gothi said you all did the right things:  Applied treatment right away, kept Ali from rubbing her eyes and keep her eyes closed, you got Ali back to Mystery as quickly as possible.  Fira, you administered the same aid that Gothi would have done had she been in your boots.  You rinsed Ali’s eyes out to try and remove anything that might be in Ali’s eyes that are not supposed to be there.  You applied some soothing and pain-relieving herb mixtures.  You recommended that she come to her for additional treatment.  Gothi even says that you did some things that Gothi wouldn’t have even thought of.”

         Everyone could see Ali is fighting back tears while remaining still and looking forward.

         Obviously upset, Ali asks, “Will I ever see again?”

         Gobber looks at Gothi who shrugs and shakes her head; Gobber answers, “Gothi doesn’t know.  What she does know, and I agree, is that this is only a setback-.”

         Ali jumps in while a few tears streak down her face and get increasingly upset, “And I will be fine… I am still me… Not being able to see is not the worst thing in the world… I can still function as a viking… I will be fine.”  The tears finally pour through, “Do I look like I am fine?!”

         Valkarik proceeds to give Ali a hug as Ali starts to cry and lays her head on Valkarik’s right shoulder.

         “Come on,” Valkarik states as she starts to walk Ali forward.  “Could you call your Undyne up here?”

         Ali musters up the strength to call her Thunderdrum up.  Ali and Valkarik walk by us.

         I take a step forward, but Gobber who was following behind Ali, whispers to me, “Give them some space.”

         Both Ali and Valkarik mount Undyne and fly off; Alpinny follows.

         Gothi then points to Fira and Gobber remembers, “Oh, Fira.  Gothi would like to speak with you about what you used to treat Ali with.  She would like to learn from you and then possibly give you some of her own knowledge.”

         Fira hesitates at first but then goes with Gothi into her hut.

         Gobber whispers again to me, “By what we heard from the newcomer to your crew from you last mystery, Fira is having a hard time feeling apart of the crew.  Gothi thought it would be good to make sure Fira knows that she did exactly what she should have to help Ali.  And it is true, Gothi was pleasantly surprised to what Fira used for herbs.  I’ll go into help translate, but you all did the right thing.  Now, Ali just needs some time to process this.”

         He turns to walk away and gives me a couple of pats on the right arm with his hand.

         I feel as though all the energy in me has been drained.  Looking at my friends, no words need to be spoken but to say, “Goodnight.”  Even saying that after what happened, makes me think, “What good can come from this?”

         I may try to be the positive influence in the room, yet I am having trouble figuring out what good or positive thing can come from this.

         Our friends left on their dragons to go back to their homes here on Berk.  Annabeth and I took Star Scream out to the east cliff.  She and I dismounted and sat down near the edge.  For several minutes, we stare into the ever-reaching horizon as the ocean fades into the sky.

         The air is cool and a slight breeze is blowing.

         I finally say, “I can’t imagine.  I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to do…”

         “What is there to say?” Annabeth said.  “How were any of us supposed to know that there would be a chest waiting for us that was rigged to explode.  Which, by the way, did you find anything else down there?”

         Relaying what I saw about the imagery, Annabeth got slightly excited, “That totally has to have a connection to the masked vikings.”

         “My gut is also telling me they are responsible for the rigged chest,” I point out.  “None of our foes we have faced before ever tried to do such a thing.  They may have thought of it, but they never did it.  The rigged chest just does not fit any of the styles of any foe we know, even that of the foes Hiccup has.  Who else is left but the masked vikings?”

         Annabeth reminds, “There are the mercenaries.”

         “Yeah,” I state.  “But they seem like the hired help that got too useful for their own means and now whoever hired them is out to get them.”

         “This is true,” agreed Annabeth.  “Now,” Annabeth changes the subject.  “I don’t want you to keep blaming yourself for what happened to Ali.  Who knows.  Maybe it isn’t permanent.”

         “Based on what Gothi said, it isn’t,” I recall.

         “When did you become the negative one and I the positive one?” Annabeth teases.

         I chuckle, “Anything is possible.”

         Annabeth also says, “As much as it pains me to see Ali going through this, at the same time, I would hate to see you going through this if it happened to you.”

         “It’s a difficult thing to think about, that’s for sure,” I tell Annabeth.  “On one hand, I would much rather it happened to me than to anyone else.  Yet, I wouldn’t want it to happen to me either.”

         “We will just need to be super supportive, encourage Ali, but at the same time not treat her too differently now because of her loss of vision,” Annabeth concludes.  “The last thing Ali needs is our pity, but she definitely needs our help now.”

         I say, “Valkarik is going to be pretty important.  The two of them are good friends right now.  Hopefully, if any good can come of this, they can become best friends.  Valkarik can help Ali cope with this and Ali can help Valkarik open up a little bit more.”

         “There’s the positivity coming through,” Annabeth gives me a side arm hug while we sit down.

         “It is getting late,” I observe and then my stomach rumbles a bit.  “And I haven’t eaten anything all day.  Yet, I don’t feel hungry.”

         We both stand up, Annabeth offers, “I can drop you off at your parents house and I’ll go back and spend the night at the Olsons.”

         “Sounds good,” I declare.  Annabeth starts to walk away, but only taking a step, I call her back, “Annabeth.”

         She turns around and I gently grab her chin with my right hand to kiss her.

         “Things like this makes me think and puts things into perspective about the things I have, the things I appreciate,” I look into her eyes.  “The thing I love.”

         Annabeth gazes at me and says, “That is a lovely thing to say, except for one thing?”

         Curious as to what it is, I ask, “What would that be?”

         Annabeth still gazes at me, “You called me a ‘thing’,” then she jabs me in the left side.

         Taken by surprise, I slump a bit but stand back up, “I walked into that one.”

         “Yes, you did,” Annabeth nods.

         Annabeth and I go back to Star Scream, who is curled up and was watching us, to mount him.  We fly back to Berk and to my home on Berk.  Annabeth stops her Stormcutter to hover over my house.

         “What are you doing?” I question.

         “I said I’d drop you off at your house,” Annabeth simply says.  “Well, here yah go.”

         I facepalm, but I see what she trying to do.  Annabeth makes Star Scream get closer to the ground.  Before jumping down, I give Annabeth a quick hug.

         “Thank you,” I also kiss her on the right side of her forehead.  “And goodnight.”

         “No problem,” she smiles.  “I have learned from the best and hope I am getting better at thinking positively about things.  I mean, I am going to have to when I am married to you.”

         I roll my eyes, “Maybe you have learned a little too much too quickly.”

         Genuinely, she replies, “You get some sleep.  Goodnight, Jarl.”

         “Goodnight, Annabeth,” I return.

         After watching Annabeth fly away, I enter my house.  I notice I am the only one in the house.  I find that interesting, but kind of good at the same time.  With all that has transpired, I do not think I have processed it yet.  Still not feeling like eating, I go upstairs and get straight to work getting ready for bed.

         “I haven’t slept in this bed in ages,” I reminisce.  Rolling into my bed, “Still just as good if not better than I remember.”

         I close my eyes, but for the first time in a while, I cannot fall asleep right away.  All I can do is just stare up at the ceiling thinking, thinking about everything.  The moments turned into minutes, and the minutes turned into a very long time.  Finally, my eyes close and stay closed.

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I loved this chapter! I loved the emotions you wrote when Ali found out she was blind. It's a great character arc



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i loved it. XD

 loved it. it was realy good. I would not change it AT ALL .                                                                                  the best fan fic  i've  read on SOD XD. 


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All I can say

My subject sums up how I feel about this whole chapter. You are amazing, no doubt in my mind about that. Curse you httyyd, tugging at my heartstrings. (jk)


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