Book 7 - The Crimson Storm - Chapter 13: Not a Coincidence

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Sorry for the delay in posting a chapter last week.  Had a student showcase of this semester's and other projects' work to prepare for and then do the showcase last Saturday.


I worked on the chapter all throughout the week, but I will post another chapter tonight.  With how this chapter ends, you will probably no doubt want a second chapter to see what happens.


Hope you guys enjoy!


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The Crimson Storm


Chapter 13

Not a Coincidence


         After finding the entrance to the tomb on the southeast corner of the island, Explod comments, as we fix camp on the beach.  He wished that we could have explored the island during the night, “Because what good is a spooky tomb during the day?”

         Just in case though, we each took turns keeping watch during the night.  I took the first watch, as I am more awake when I am already awake because when I go to sleep, everyone knows what happens if I try to wake up.  Annabeth took the second watch after a couple of hours.  Once I crawl into my blanket, the moment I lay my head down on the ground, I fall sleep.


         The next morning, I wake up to a very cloudy morning.  A thick layer of dark gray clouds hangs over head.

         Cazi has fixed, with the aid of Meen’s pans, a light breakfast of boar bacon and biscuits.  We each got three pieces of bacon and two biscuits.

         “I’m telling you,” Meen says as she wipes out her pan when the meal has finished.  “An iron pan is the way to go.”  She then starts counting on her right hand, “It is a cooking utensil, a weapon, even a shield, I can play wonderful music on the heads of Dragon Hunters… What more could a viking ask for in a tool?”

         Explod adds, “Have two of them.”

         “Exactly,” Meen agrees as Explod hands her the second pan she owns.  She even has special holders for them over her shoulders so that she can pull them out quickly in any situation.

         Changing the subject, Explod asks the group, “Alright, who wants to be jump scared?”

         I interpret, “I think what Explod is trying to ask is, ‘Is everyone ready?’”

         We all agreed.  Annabeth broke out four torches for some of us to carry.

         “Too bad our dragons won’t be able to go with us,” Annabeth is describing the small entrance to the tomb.  “Our dragons can stand guard where we go in.  I doubt anyone would show up, but you never know.  I think Viggo was pointing towards this island as somewhere where we need to go, but it is almost too obvious to the point that it is a misdirection to what Viggo is really trying to do.”

         Garth suggests, “I can stay with the dragons.  I’m not much of a tomb explorer and I can at least alert you guys to any trouble, which there probably shouldn’t be any problems.”

         “Alright,” I accept the idea.  “The rest of you ready?”

         Explod question, “Does Gobber look like a yak?”

         Cazi walks past, smacking him behind his head, “What?  Have you gotten in the Dragon Nip?”

         “I’ve always been like this,” Explod answers.  “The last couple of mysteries has prevented me from me being me.”

         As we walk through the forest to the entrance of the tomb, I start hearing a noise.  Stopping, and looking behind me, it stops.  Continuing on, it also continues.  Repeating the last thing I did, I get the same result.  Moving forward, the sound starts again.  It is music.

         I then roll my eyes as a certain person starts self-narrating, “The close band of friends start to move towards the tomb of terror!  Garth has chosen to stay at the entrance of the tomb if no one comes back; a job that is much envied.”

         I laugh, and then ask Explod, “Are you saying you don’t want to come in with us?”

         Explod proceeds with his narration, “The leader speaks to one of his crew and asks, ‘Are you saying you don’t want to come with us?’  The crew member, the leader address, fears that he has been found out after humming some background music.  Thinking quickly, the crew member responds, ‘Nah, that’s fine.’  He then pauses for dramatic effect as he then jokes, ‘Someone has to save the day if something goes wrong.’”

         I shake my head and continue forward.

         “A few minutes later, the crew arrives at the entrance of the tomb,” Explod narrates.  “Annabeth requests her dragon, Star Scream, her deep blue Stormcutter. to light a torch when she holds up one.  Once one is lit, she hands them off.  Angie, Ali, Annabeth, and Cazi each take a torch.  Garth then wishes his beloved friends one final goodbye before they take the deep dive into the tomb of terror!”

         Meen then inquiries, “You going to do that the whole time?”

         “A pan-tastic question is put to yours truly and the lowly viking replies, ‘Maybe,’” Explod smiles.

         I state to the crew, “We are going to take this nice and easy.  We have no clue what to expect or plan for, because this is our clue.  I will go first, follow where I step as best you can.  Be mindful of your surroundings.  Calmly call out things you see unless any of us our in immediate danger than obviously warn us or pull us back or something.  Not exactly sure what we are looking for, but based on what we have seen thus far in the events that have taken place, look for some connection to those things.  Other than that, look for anything that is unique, specific, or out of place.”

         Everyone nods in acknowledgement.

         We all look at the tomb in front of us.  The entrance to it is a tall, rectangle, viking-made stone tomb sitting atop the ground.  As per expected, there are stairs leading down into the ground.  Before going in, however, we do investigate the tombstone itself first.

         Take several minutes to study it, I then conclude, “Without even looking at the tomb, it is safe to say that this place is very old.  Taking into account the weathering, foliage growth, and the lettering of an ancient lettering I have no clue of knowing how to read it, this tomb is more than just old.  It is extremely old.”

         Explod shakes his head, “They don’t make tombs like they used to.”

         “What,” I chuckle.  “Did I become the serious one today and Explod woke up the quip-ster?”

         Explod shrugs and raises his arms, “Maybe I finally have something to do besides being part of the background.”

         Garth adds with a smile, “Maybe you just found out the magnificent invention of opening your mouth.”

         “Ooo,” Explod face cringes.  “That was a burn.”

         I remark, “Do we need to stop and take a rest after that?  You sure look like you could already use it.”

         Meen needles, “That was more than a burn, Explod.  That came from Garth, who doesn’t normally give out burns himself.”

         Garth snickers, “Unless I explode a five-pound ball of pressurized Zippleback Gas in my face, which seems to happen every other day.  But only if I am there at Mystery long enough to be there back to back days.”

         Going to the entrance once again, we start to enter two by two; Annabeth on my left and me next to her, Cazi and Angie, Meen and Ali Clar, and Explod bringing up the rear with Garth staying topside.  The entrance to the stairwell and then into the first passage, they are all quite narrow.  Wide enough for two vikings to walk side by side with some elbow room, but no more than a foot on either side.  Annabeth lights my way as I concentrate on the floor in front of us.  Sure, it is just a tomb, but at this point, one can not be too sure.  Walking forward a few more feet, we find a tomb.

         “Well,” Explod announces.  “That was fast.”

         Meen comments, “What did you expect to find in a tomb?  It is just we found it so quickly.”

         The room is ten feet wide, fifteen feet long, and eight feet high.  Cobwebs are all over the place and a thick dusty air is present.  Not as cold as I would have thought, yet cool nonetheless.  I would not say a spooky feeling either, but at least an ominous feeling comes to me.  Obviously, the only light source we have is our torches, but seeing the room is small.  There are metal loops on the walls to where torches would go, so the four of those carrying one docks their torch in the holder.  We do not need too much light to see what stands in the middle:  An ornately adorned casket sitting on top of a platform draped in an old tapestry of what looks to be silk.

         Angie whistle, “Wow.  Whoever this is, by this burial site, they looked to be someone of great importance during their life.”

         Looking around the area, we see pots and vases scatter around the perimeter of the room.  Some of them are broken, some are mostly there, and a few are still intact.

         While I look around at the walls, I hear a loud squeaking noise.  Turning around I see Explod opening the casket.

         I start, “Explod, what are-!”

         He stops me before I can finish, “You said look for something that was out of place.  Well… A casket that is cracked open that is in a tomb, centuries old, seems well out of place.

         Sighing, I wave him to continue.  There are no hinges on the lid, so Explod requests the help of myself and Cazi to set the lid down on the ground.  There is a step around the bottom of the platform for someone to stand on.  Stepping up, we all peer into the casket.

         The dead bones of a great viking lay in front of us broken, some of it rotting, as well as giving of a fowl stench.

         Annabeth grimaces a bit at the sight, Cazi does not see the need to look any further and steps down to look around the room, Meen and Angie take their hand and put it over their own noses while struggling a bit to look at the contents, Ali Clar waves her hand in front of her nose but otherwise is unphased, Explod… Well… He picks up the guy’s right arm!

         Meen and Angie gasp and step away, having enough.  Cazi and Ali question him on his reasoning for doing such a thing.  Annabeth takes a step down but continues looking on.  And I wait for Explod to answer.

         “Now hold on everyone,” Explod extends the arm out to everyone while he talks with it as if it was one of his own hands; Meen and Angie take an additional step backwards.  “Jarl told me to look for something out of place.”

         Cazi puts her hands on her hips and corrects, “Look for something out of place, not cause something to be out of place.”

         “I did not cause it to be out of place,” Explod defends while pointing the boney arm at Cazi.  “It was already out of place.”

         Cazi rolls her eyes and walks away.

         I smile and comment, “That’s also disarming.”

         Annabeth facepalms while the rest, including Explod, grunt at my pun.

         “May I continue?” Explod asks.

         Annabeth says what we are all thinking, “A dead body’s bones hasn’t stopped you, might as well keep it up.”

         “Two things,” Explod points out.  “Okay, maybe three things, come to think of it.  Well-.”

         Losing patience, Cazi had walked behind Explod and then slaps him on the back, “Spit it out man!”

         “First, the casket is not sealed but open.  Second, the vases are empty,” Explod explains.  “Third, the guy’s body joints are all still intact, for the most part, except for this right arm.  It was completely separate and not in a place it would be had it just fallen from the shoulder joint.”

         “You know,” I fact check by looking in the casket again and comparing it to what I saw before.  “You are right.”

         Angie wonders out loud, “Are you saying that someone was here before us?”

         I confirm, “And there is something more to this tomb than meets the eye.”

         Going around the room again, I take a second look at everything.  Not much is different.  I wish that I could read what the side of the casket and platform says, but it is neither Berkian or Berserkian nor does it look like anything the Defenders of the Wing has either.  We may come back here with Hyrith to see if he can decipher something or anything, at this point.

         None of us could spot anything out of the ordinary, so I told the group the next course of action was to do nothing.

         Explod retorts, “What do you mean, ‘Not do anything?’”

         “Shh,” I put my finger up to my mouth.  “Listen.”

         After a few minutes of not hearing anything, Explod mouths the words, “What am I listening for?”

         Instead of standing still, I now walk around and closely inspecting the walls, starting with the wall on the right.

         Thinking, I ask myself, “If I were a secret door… Where would I be hiding?”

         Next is the wall opposite where we came in, I work up the wall in the front from the floor up, I rejoice, “Ah hah!”

         Annabeth questions, “What?”

         “It isn’t what we can hear,” I announce while. “It is what we can feel.”

         The reason why I had everyone become quiet is to hear the air rushing through cracks in the walls that would signify a secret door.  Air trapped on one side of a door would want to flow to the other room, especially if the air of one room is colder or warmer than the next with the fact that cold air sinks and warm air rises.  Often, the air traveling from one room to the next is associated with a whistle as the air is forced through a small opening.

         What I instead found out is that there is a cold draft at the bottom of the floor.  Where the wall meets the floor, the draft is there.  I follow the draft and it reaches around to the side walls six feet back.

         Explod suggests, “There may not be a secret door, but maybe a secret ramp?”

         I nod in agreement, “I think you’re right.  First time encountering a ramp instead of a door.  By the way, the cold draft was not noticeable before because it came from the floor.  The cold air was not enough to penetrate our boots, so we could not notice it unless we bent down.”

         Angie curiously asks, “How do we trigger the ramp?”

         Annabeth inquires, “Would the trigger be like an actual key or whatever the guy was holding in the casket?”

         “I hope not,” I reply.  “Then this trip would be for nothing.”

         Searching around this side of the room, I do not see anything out of place.  All I see are some vases broken and not broken.

         “Hold on,” I say as a hunch comes to me.  “When in doubt, break stuff, or at least move stuff around.”

         I start lifting up every vase I come to, starting near the right wall where the cold draft starts.  After moving about four vases, one vase cannot be picked up!  It is actually not a vase but made out of wood.  Although it cannot be picked up, it can be moved sideways.  The wooden vase is about a yard from the wall.  With a little resistance, I start pushing it towards the wall, I hear some gears grinding.  The moment the vase is next to the wall, the floor beneath us starts to rotate downward.

         Though we are kind of expecting something, it still startled all of us.  The ramp continued to rotate downward enough to where we could walk under the walls by crouching.  Annabeth, Cazi, Ali, and Angie got the torches and joined the rest of us in the secret room.

         Annabeth uses her torch to scan the floor for anything that could be an obstacle, the others with torches do the same.  Walking forward five yards or so, we come to a slightly larger room than before, but this time more square than last time; fifteen feet square to be exact.

         In this room, there are seven open doorways, no door.  They seem to be cut right out of the stone.  The feeling in here is eerily quiet, too quiet for my liking.  One could hear even the faintest of whispers.

         Striking the silence, a voice of one Explod rings out, “That’s funny.  The one door led-.”


         “Oh,” Meen gasps and covers mouth with her left hand.  “Sorry.”

         Meen is on the right side, in front of the second doorway.  Explod came out the second door way, scaring Meen into drawing a pan, and… Wham-mo!

         We rush to Explod’s side and I ask, “Are you okay, Explod?”

         With his voice cracking, he responds and leans up, “No, I would like mine on rye.  By the way, the girl looks very pretty, both of them.”  Then after saying that, falls back down

         “I’ll take that as a, ‘No,’” I answer back.  “Though, even dazed, I hear a hint of intentional exaggeration.”

         Seeing that Explod is fine, Meen asks, “Should I hit him again to snap him out of it?”

         “No, no,” Explod quickly replies and gets up.  He then grabs his jaw and moves it around.  “I’m fine.  It still works.  Nothing broken.”

         “Aw,” Cazi jokes.  “You did not hit him hard enough.”

         “Very funny,” Explod adds.

         Refocusing, I ask Explod calling back to what he said before being knocked down a notch, literally, “You said something about the doorway?”

         “Yeah,” Explod answers, giving his head one final shake so he could probably feel his face again.  “That first doorway just looped around to the second doorway.  When the first turned left, there was a longer room, which after turning left, had a wall of vines in front of me.  Though they impeded my vision, they look fake and put there on purpose to not be able to see where I was going.  I bet these other pathways are going to have similar features.”

         I decide, “Let’s split up and see if we can find anything.  Annabeth and me.  Cazi and Meen.  Explod.  Angie and Ali.”

         With there only being four torches, then having four groups made sense, even though there were more pathways to choose from.  Cazi and Meen took the next one from the right.  Angie and Ali took pathway in the middle.  Explod took the left one on the wall with three.  Then Annabeth and I took the first one on the left wall.

         Only taking a few steps into the room, I heard an echoing of music being hummed.  The path, for the moment, is linear, so even though there are vines blocking our view of what is in front of us, we only have one way to go.

         “Do you have a complete score in your head, or do you compose on the fly?” I question, speaking up so Explod could hear my echo too.

         After entering our next room, we continue to the left before looping up and around to our right.

         “Oh, you could hear that?” Explod seemed a bit disappointed but then hummed louder.  Though stopped briefly to say, “I haven’t tried composing on a fly before.  They are hard to catch anyway.  I’ll stick to composing with my humming.”

         We come to the first fork in the road.  One straight ahead and one to the left.  Taking the one to the right, within a few seconds we find ourselves back at the starting point for all the paths.

         I roll my eyes and add, “I walked into that one as quickly as Explod did walking into Meen’s pan.”

         Explod spoke up defending himself, “Let the record show that Meen hit me.  I didn’t mean to scare, and I was not expecting it or else I would have ducked.”

         Meen’s voice carried to where we were and we heard her reply, “Well, you are either quick or you are smacked.  And you were the latter.”

         “Duly noted,” Explod emphasized.

         Annabeth and I take the second-choice path we did not choose before.

         Annabeth comments, “This place reminds me of the maze the twins come up for every time the season changes, or at least part of it.”

         After entering the next room, we see Cazi and Meen, and then I duck.

         “They are five feet away from us,” says Annabeth.  “How could she hit you.”

         “I don’t know,” I tilt my head.  “With her trigger-happy pans in this situation, one can not be too careful.  Case and point:  Explod.”

         “I heard that,” announced Explod.

         Joining with Cazi and Meen, Annabeth and I continue following the next path, a doorway straight ahead from where Annabeth and I came in.   It is easy to lose direction of where we are because of the maze and the rooms looking so similar.  Following a few different paths more, we find ourselves back at the start, coming out the second path on the left.

         Cazi thinks out loud, “I guess some of these rooms and paths overlap.”

         Suddenly, a small explosion sound occurs immediately follow by a girl screaming out.

         “Guys!” yells Angie.  “Come quick!”

         We rush into the pathway that Angie and Ali took.

         “Which way?!” I quickly ask while faced with three paths to take.

         Angie responds, “Forward!”

         Going through that way, I ask again with a left and a right direction and Angie replies, “Left… No… Your right… Go right!”

         From there it is a linear path and seconds later we are greeted with the scene of Ali rolling on the floor with her hands covering her eyes and Angie trying to help.

         Asking fast, while Ali keeps repeating her face hurts, her eyes, and so on, “What happened?”

         “There is a box on a pedestal there that she picked up,” Angie reports as I kneel down to try and inspect Ali.  “Then after opening it, a spark appeared and then fire was thrown in Ali’s face followed by a puff smoke or something.”

         The rest of our group joined us as I said, “I can’t see.  We need to get topside.

         Without asking, Explod jumps in to grab Ali’s left arm and me her right arm.  Ali resists trying to keep her hands on her eyes.

         “Just keep your eyes closed!” I command.  “It will be alright.”

         Relaxing a bit, Ali let go and Explod and I fling that side’s arm around our necks.

         “It burns!” Ali declares.

         “Just hold on,” I try to comfort.

         Retracing our steps, I have to remember which way we went.  Thankfully, Angie led the way and me and Explod merely followed.  Once back to the start of the maze, Explod and I swiftly walk fast back up the ramp and then all the way back up to the top.

         Bursting out the entrance of the tomb, Garth is surprised to see us.

         “What happened?” he inquired.

         Ignoring him for more pressing matters, I race to Star Scream’s saddlebags where Annabeth packed my things.  Grabbing some medicinal herbs, ointments, and some bandages, -the medical kit Fira has prepared for the crew if injured away from home- I race back to Ali.  Enroute, I apply the herbs and ointments for a burn to the bandage.  I tell Annabeth to pull Ali’s hands away from her eyes.

         “Keep your eyes close,” I repeat.

         Annabeth does so, Ali keeps her eyes closed, and I wrap the treated bandage around Ali’s head.  Besides previously repeating about something “burning”, Ali did not say much anything.  However, it is quite obvious Ali is not comfortable at all.  Whatever happened, it is painful.

         “Don’t try to open your eyes,” I reinforce.  “Keep them closed until we say to open them.  Cazi?”

         “Yes?” she answers.

         “I need you to take Ali back to Mystery,” I request.  “You have the fastest dragon here.” I and Explod start helping Ali up to make her way to Electic, Cazi’s Skrill.  “Explod, Garth, and Angie go with her.  The rest of us will be right behind you.”

         Cazi takes over while Explod continues to help.  Two minutes later, the five of them took off on their dragons, except Ali.  Undyne stayed behind though looks confused.  Going over to the Thunderdrum, I comfort as I know where to pet a Thunderdrum to make them calm: Right on the snout in between the nostrils.

         “Okay,” I say after Undyne looks better.  “You three get on your dragons and be ready to take off.”

         I rush back into the tomb, go back through the maze, and come to the room.  Quickly looking around, I see the platform the small chest was before and markings on the wall behind the platform.  Angie’s torch had dropped on the floor; I pick it up to then study the markings.  They seem to depict some sort of ritual.  Several figures around in a circle with a single figure in the middle with his arms spread and a mask with fire coming out of it!

         I then grab the chest Ali had opened, close it, and then rush out to the dragons.  Hopping up to the back of Star Scream, Annabeth then tells her dragon to, “Come on, let’s go,” to get him in the air, racing back to Mystery’s Edge.

         All the while, of all the things to think about, I am thinking one thing, “Was that chest meant for me?”

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