Book 7 - The Crimson Storm - Chapter 12: Finally Met My Match

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Sorry for the delay in posting this chapter.  The biggest problem was writer's block.  I had the worst case I have had in a long time.  Even trying to write in my other books, still didn't help.  But the only way to truly get over writer's block is to write.  Which I did and here we are.


I have started another book for the National Novel Writing Month here in November.  I won't be doing it for the national contest, but for some "friendly" sibling competition.  XD  Testing the waters here to see if both of us can write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days.


As I get chapters done with it, I will post them.  I will still work on The Crimson Storm too, that will just be weekly, or at least try to be weekly.  I will post chapter links to my new book in my signature.  If anyone is interested in receiving chapter updates via pm for the new book, then I will be happy to send those out.  If anyone who has not contacted me about The Crimson Storm pm updates, I would be happy to send you a pm about updates for one or both books.


The writer's block may show because I don't like the chapter as much.  But, the more I think about it, the more this chapter is filler but does set some things up.


Regardless, I hope you enjoy the chapter!


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More of an everyday type chapter. Would you like to have more?

The Crimson Storm


Chapter 12

Finally Met My Match


         Well, I did want a competition but I thought I would be able to set it up.  At least it will be a challenge.  We all go to our island’s Dragon Cove.  We do not use it as often as say Hiccup does for dragons, but we use it for sparing purposes and protection in severe storms.

         We each will get a shot at training one of the Thunderwhips.  First to go is Cazi, Fira, Hannah, and I.  For my turn, I focus on what I will train them.

         Klout is yellow-green with black freckles spread across his body.  Holding him up under his armpits, or where our armpits would be, I say, “Alright.  What would you like to learn?”

         Klout turned his head to the right as if he wanted to learn something.  Elsa had an array of things we could use to train them with, toys they liked to play with.  Picking up a ball, I bring it back to Klout.  He is simply scratching his head with his back foot.  Waving the ball in front of him, he perks up.

         I then toss the ball a little bit from me, “Go get it.”

         Klout looks at the ball, looks back at me.  I know it is a ball they often play with, because I have seen them play.  Klout looks again at the ball, looks back at me… Then jumps out at me!

         Knocking me over, the young Thunderwhip is clamoring over me, not biting or anything, but licking me.  Peeling him off of me, I expect some banter from my sisters or Annabeth.  Looking up, I see that the rest are having trouble too.

         Then I think, “Looks like they all got a stubborn streak from Fredrick.  Fredrick has matured with age, but all Thunderdrums have a stubborn streak bigger than any other dragon we know of.  The Thunderwhips don’t show the same weakness of being hard of hearing, but the result is the same.  These hybrid dragons may hear us, but they just don’t listen.  Then again, they are baby dragons.  They don’t listen to anyone.”

         I take the next thirty minutes to try and train him.  I try to teach Klout fetchNo go.  I try to teach him to take away something, then he tries to fetch something.  I try to teach him to bring something to me.  He takes the ball away from my hand.  I try to teach him to roll over.  He sits and stairs at me.  I try to get him to shoot a target.  He rolls over.  I try to get him to fetch again… He shoots at me!

         Elsa declares, “Times up!”

         We come back together to show off what we trained them, or the lack there of.

         Annabeth quips, “Guess there are some things you can’t do.”

         “Ha-ha,” I sarcastically laugh.  “Let’s see what you can do.”

         “Alright,” Annabeth accepts.

         Next up is Annabeth, Valkarik, Dawn, and Asvord.  Thirty minutes later.  Same result.  All of my friends had a crack at trying to train the Thunderwhips to do something.  They used what we did for the first round, they used their dragons, they used farm animals, they used everything we could think of.  Some of the Thunderwhips actually chased Annabeth and Asvord around and shot a few times, nearly hitting them and some bystanders too.  Elsa is the last to go, but did not try because she has tried to train them since she started taking care of them and was hoping we could do something.

         If anything, what we tried to do made everything worse.  The Thunderwhips are louder and shooting a lot more.

         Elsa comments loudly to be heard, “I guess we are no Hiccup, which means we should do this more often.  It is one thing to have the same knowledge from the Book of Dragons and what Fishlegs has added, but it is another to put it into practice.”

         All of a sudden, the Thunderwhips stopped and sat down.  Surprised by the silence, we turn around to see Undyne swooping down and landing behind the Dragon Cove, as we call our dome.  Ali Clar and her party she took to go looking for our missing friend Michia has, the group has returned.  By their body language and the number in the group, they did not find Michia.  However, Ali’s Thunderdrum seems to be an authority figure to the Thunderwhips.  The baby dragons probably think they can get away with things with their parents, but Undyne is not related but is still a Thunderdrum.  If I had to bet, Undyne is like the cool Aunt that is lenient, but they do not want to get on her bad side.  So, if they are acting up, Undyne can step in and make them do it.  Baby dragons can be rebellious, so before long Anora and Fredrick will be able to take over.

         Elsa then says, “I will have to ask Hiccup what he would recommend, because we are not in a position to give them a Thornado to keep them in line.  Maybe there is something new we are missing.”

         Fredrick and Anora take the Thunderwhips away, though still being loud, they do end up listening enough to follow them to the pasture near the stable.  I think Anora just needed to relax and let us go through some trouble to see what she has to go through every time she comes home because she is much more assertive over her kids as they leave.

         Ali Clar, Meen, Explod, and Hyrith dismount their dragons and Ali Clar looked like she wants to talk, but then just shakes her head and walks away.

         Hyrith steps up to explain, “We flew out to Michia’s last known location and the place where he frequents to pick up supplies.  No sign of Michia, obviously, but no sign of anything there.  The place was picked clean.”

         Meen interjects, “Or at least that is what we think.  The three of us but Ali Clar thinks that someone either found the place and ransacked it to take advantage or worst-case scenario, captured Michia with the supplies.  For some reason, Ali Clar thinks that Michia left for good, meaning he packed up his gear and is not coming back.”

         Explod concludes, “There are some indicators of the opposite.  If Michia did leave, then why does it look like he just threw his things together and raced out.  If he was in trouble, he would have come to us for help.  I am thinking that someone found his place and Michia stayed away to not be found out.  I just don’t see Michia leaving unless it was for a good reason.  Regardless, he would have tried some how to get in contact with us.”

         Disappointed and understanding on Ali Clar’s feelings, “With no clues to where he went, I wouldn’t know where to start other than to ask around where ever we go.  There were no other clues you could find?”

         “No,” Hyrith came back in.  “The place was picked clean, other than the fact that the ground and the small shack was messy with the door open.  There was nothing.  The island is rather small, more or less an over grown sea stack that’s low to the sea level.”

         A thought ran through my mind.  It must have been apparent on my face because Annabeth asked me what I was thinking.  I then relayed, in brief, what went down on Annabeth’s and my trip.  When I told them about that one island being picked clean in a similar fashion, the thought of either Michia being captured or in trouble both thoroughly worried us.

         The way Hyrith, Meen, and Explod explained the scene they came to when going to the island, it sounded a lot like what Annabeth and I saw.  The correlation seemed too good just to be coincidental.  But with no leads on to where Michia might be, I would not know where to start.

         “Rest up guys,” I say.  “We will go to that tomb right after lunch.”

         The rest of my friends dispersed, except for Annabeth.  She stayed behind to help me clean up the mess in the Dragon Cove.

         After getting most of the mess cleaned up, Annabeth starts, “I hope Heather is okay.”

         “I’m sure she is,” I assured.  “Heather can take care of herself.”

         Annabeth stood up, “That’s what I am worried about.  Because she can take care of herself, she may not be looking around.  She may be so focused on what she wants, she may miss what she needs.”  Annabeth looks at me when she says that; I smile.

         I add, while walking over to her, “If Heather finds anything, she will come here looking for you to tell you want happened.  I’m just sorry that our lead did not turn out the way you had hoped.”

         Annabeth puts the last few toys back into the crate, closes the lid, and then sits on top of it.  The crate is long enough I sit by her; we look out over the outpost.

         Annabeth sighs, “I, at first, was focused on it possibly being my father.  Then thinking on what I might say if I meet him, what I might ask.  But after a while, after coming to the realization that it was not him and was a complete set up not even for us, I did not know if I wanted to meet him now.  I like how things are now,” Annabeth puts her left hand over to grab my right.  “I don’t want things to change.  I don’t want to put something first before… us.  At the same time, we have responsibilities.  My brother and sister… Our friends… You… The mysteries we go on and try to solve…”

         I joke, “Thanks for finally getting around to me… Why am I third, or even fourth for that matter?”

         “Oh,” she shoves me in the right side.  And by saying, “Oh,” she lets out a huge yawn, which I follow suit and yawn too.  “Though we have slept off an on for the last twenty-four hours, we should probably get some shuteye.  Only a few hours.  That would give us enough rest to leave again and go to the tomb island before dark.  What’s your plan beyond that?”

         I reply, “Take the rest of the day to find the island, then bed down for the night.  Once daylight comes, start searching the island and the tomb for clues as to why Viggo is so concerned with island enough to leave an obvious hint as to something important on it.”

         I stood up and gave Annabeth a hug before we left to go to our separate huts to take a nap.  We did get to walk together for a little bit as Annabeth’s hut is on the way to mine.  I bid her so long for now and then went the rest of the way to the Clubhouse and into my room.  Once there, I flopped into my bed and felt like I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.  That or I just knocked myself out from lack of regular sleep and the wooden bed beneath my pillow.


         Knock, knock, knock.

         I stir around on my bed and begin to wake up.

         Knock, knock, knock.

         “Jarl, you awake?” came a voice a recognize to be Asvord’s.

         Stretching, I respond as I sit up, “Yeah.”

         “We’re leaving in five minutes,” She adds and then I hear footsteps.

         “Leaving in five minutes, okay,” I tell myself.  I just sit there.  “Oh!”

         I quickly stand up, grab my helmet on the night stand, then walk out of my room, and go to outside.  Going down the pathways to our main landing area for dragons, I see that all my friends are ready to go.  Annabeth, Cazi, Meen, Explod, Garth, Angie, and Ali Clar; Annabeth is actually on Star Scream.

         “Where’s Anora?” I ask Annabeth.

         Annabeth answers, “I thought it would be good for them, including Fredrick, to spend some quality time together with Katie, Kyle, Klout, and Klap.  Plus, I still don’t think Anora is fully recovered from the ordeal she had to deal with.  I thought you would agree that Fredrick should stay behind to support Anora if nothing else… Because he isn’t helping right now with the kids.  This might also be because the babies aren’t listening.  Star Scream has been looking like he has been wanting to get in some action, just not battling action.  I thought you would not mind, after all, you’d be riding with me.”

         I smile, then Explod interjects, “It was either you having an excuse to hug Annabeth for a few hours, or hitch a ride on Hazor and hug him for the few hours.  Though, Sparko may get jealous.  Then again, they are not used to having someone on their necks, because they are not hideous and work well in tandem.  That said, they probably just throw you off.  So, I guess it would be best if you just ride with your girlfriend… Like that had anything to do with it.”

         He then flies off as I walk to Star Scream.  Star Scream is the largest dragon in our stables, so Annabeth has to lower her right hand to help me up even with Star Scream kneeling down.  All of my gear is packed on Star Scream with Annabeth’s gear.

         Explod flies back and hovers over head, “Where are we going again?  I forgot to ask.”

         Everyone laughs, I say, “After being all smart you forgot to ask where we are going, eh?”

         “Yeah, well,” Explod shrugs his shoulders.  “I expected more vikings to fly off with me… Or did you need more ice than what one viking could carry for the burn.”

         I roll my eyes, “Let’s just go.”

         For the next six hours, basically the rest of the daylight time, we take flying east to Drenchwood Island which is about three-fourths the way to Dragon’s Edge.  We arrive just after the sun sets and get ready to bed down for the night.

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Oh, by the way, I missed a plot point earlier on in the book.  I forgot to mention when Jarl and his crew were undercover at the Villain-Con, that the island that the Terbsten veins are on also had a tomb.  This tomb was later referenced as to why Jarl and his crew were going to the islands.  I found this while searching for where the tomb is at, which is the Drenchwood Forest Islands.

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  Nice chapter.  It was fun


Nice chapter.  It was fun seeing that even the Mystery Conquer couldn't Conquer baby dragons.  The romantic scene was fine, bug there was one thing that was omega better in this chapter...


....Explod's burn.  Gosh darn it, that was brilliant and definitely the highlight of the entire chapter.  And, what makes it more funny, is that you know everyone else was probably thinking something along those lines.  


Explod; we salute you!



On a slightly different topic, I would recommend you going back to that previous chapter and just adding Viggo's statement about the tomb.  That would help any new readers not being confused.


See you around.


P.S. I just learned to never set a gif to 1,234,567,890.  I nearly destroyed this reply and ripped the fabric of the universe apart.  







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Im hijacking the "Active Forum Topics" with all these replies XD

Thank you.  :)  And that even stays completely true to Hiccup's line, "They're babies.  They don't listen to anyone."


Thought you might like that.  >.<  Get ready for more Explod-ness in the next chapter!


I will do that... eventually.  But soon eventually meaning, in the next couple of days soon.


Man, this reply is super short... Compared to the few others I have written to you. XD


P.S. Nah, don't think that would be a good idea.  We don't want a crack to appear in the sky, now do we.  ;)  I have references for my references.

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nice story  it's a very cool

nice story  it's a very cool one i have been busy and i didnt read any thing  else of it but i'm going to have to say its a ok story can be better i'm going to write something to when i pick what it's going to be about.


No Siggy rn 

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Thank you very much for reading my chapter.


If you would like to start at the beginning of this story, links to The Crimson Storm's chapters are in my signature if you scroll down on it.


I do have 6 other books which you can read, links in my signature.  All of my books, except for Destiny in the Dark which is a new and non-httyd book I am writing, are in chronological order.  So, you may continue reading if you like, but some things may not make sense.


This chapter is more to show off Jarl's everyday activities.  The next chapter will quite literally have a deep dive into the mystery.  This chapter should be posted Friday Night, EST.


Nice.  When you get it done, I would like to read it.


Thanks again for reading my book.  :)

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the frozen moon

the frozen moon or ivy in the frozen north is my book i hope u read it ; )