Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 7: Dragon Basketball

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Sorry for the delay, but college.  Nuff said.


Hope you enjoy the chapter!


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         I slowly take the

         I slowly take the gem and say, “Thank you?”

         The gem itself is about two or three inches wide, a spherical shape, and white in the center while pink on the outside.  The gem is an already nicely cut and very beautiful; quite heavy too.  I went back to the cabinet to grab the case the gem was in previously.  I close the case over the gem and attach it to my belt, checking it a few times to make sure it is securely attached.

         The captain questions, “What will you do with me now?”

         As I am about to open my mouth, Cazi yells out from above, “Jarl-la-Beth, get up here.”

         Annabeth and I just look at each other.  One for what Cazi called us and two for, “What is wrong now?”

         The two of us run up to the deck only to nearly get blasted by…

         After shielding my eyes with my arms and being knocked to the ground, I then look back east, “Vixxen!”

         Vixxen and Ragnarok flew overhead and are coming back around.

         Annabeth declares as she calls Anora over, “At least it is just one dragon and rider, granted its Vixxen and her Snow Wraith.”

         I call Fredrick over as Cazi exclaims, “That is the least of our problems.”

         “What’s wrong now?” I question, frustrated.

         Cazi points in the near horizon a small fleet of Vixxen Vikings coming out from the cover of a sea stack, “We did not see them before.  These guys attacked us before we could sweep the area.”

         “Ahh!” I cried out in frustration.  “We can’t take them all on, we have to let them go.”

         “Where are we going to retreat?” Annabeth looked at me with the obvious unasked question.

         Quickly thinking of an idea, I said, “Go due west.”

         With that, we all launched into the air and head west.  Oddly enough, Vixxen did not care to let us escape.  Fighting a little bit on our way out, we retreated to the west.

         Beyond ear shot, Dawn states, “We cannot go back to Mystery yet, or they will see us going to the island and will probably investigate.”

         “You are right,” I reply.  “Reason why we are going due west.  We must keep going until we are totally out of sight.  Even then, we need to make sure we are not tailed and reveal we have an outpost.”

         We then fly for about an hour, probably a little less than that, but we believe we go far enough not to be seen to return to our Edge of Mystery.  Throughout the trip, we kept a keen eye out to see if we were tailed.  Being tailed by a ship would be quite difficult as we are flying fast, yet not at top speed.  The only possible way we could successfully be tailed is if someone did so by dragon.  With hardly any clouds today, tailing someone by dragon would be basically impossible.

         Turning back Mystery, we fly further south to come up on our outpost from the southeast.  This will insure that if Vixxen and her vikings are still there, then they will not know that we have returned to Mystery.  The entire trip took about two hours.

         As soon as we got back we check with the rest.

         Hyrith reports, “Vixxen and her small band of ships left and returned to wherever they came from about a half hour ago.  There are no more signs of them in the area.

         “Good,” I declared.  “Any one up for some fun for a change?”

         This perks everyone up, Elsa asks, “What do you have in mind?”

         “I was going to ask you guys that,” I say.

         Cazi grunts, “Well, where’s the fun in that?  You said if we were up for fun as if you had an idea.”

         “I have a few,” I reply.  “But I am curious if there is anything you guys want to do.”

         Hannah then punches her left palm with her right fist, “Crack a few knuckles over some Hunter heads?”

         Dawn chimed in, “Wrap a sword around their faces?”

         I chuckle, “Other than kicking Dragon Hunter butts, what do you want to do for fun?”

         Cazi questions, “There’s another type of fun?”

         I roll my eyes but cannot help but smile, “Yes, there is another type of fun.”

         Annabeth steps in, “I have a suggestion.”

         Hannah then asks with not too much anticipation, “What?”

         Annabeth simply declares, “Dragon Basketball.”

         Hannah opens her mouth to say something, but when Annabeth’s suggestion finally hit her, she stopped.

         “Please,” Annabeth says.  “Contain your excitement, one at a time.”

         We all chuckle.

         “Let me explain,” Annabeth states.

         Hannah adds, “Please do.”

         “Well,” begins Annabeth.  “Dragon Basketball.  Fairly self-explanatory.  It is a new game I thought of when thinking of how the Twins toss sheep around in their infamous dodge sheep.  Not to be confused with their dodge rock game.  A lot less violence in Dragon Basketball, though if your competitive, it may become… spirited rivalry amongst friends.”

         Cazi quips, “That just describes our everyday lives.”

         “I know, but moving on,” Annabeth continues.  “The objective of Dragon Basketball is simple: Score more points than the other team.”

         Dawn folds her arms and says, “Knowing you guys know, what are the rules?”

         “I’m getting to that,” Annabeth goes on to say.  “The rules of Dragon Basketball are the following:  No more than five riders and dragons on the field at all times; one rider and dragon counts as one.  Counting how many we have here at Mystery, we can have two teams of seven, with two substitutions.  There will always be a defensive team and an offensive team.  The offensive team is trying to score on the opponents’ team basket.  Obviously, the opponent is trying to defend their basket.  Each basket is worth one point.  Either the dragon or the rider can catch the basketball, but once one catches it, they can only have the ball for five seconds before they have to pass or shoot.  You cannot pass it to your dragon or the dragon to you to restart the counter.  Be honest about the counter, zero to five.  When someone scores, then the defending team gets to inbound the ball and then go to the other side and try and score.  If the ball misses, then everyone can go for the rebound to either score or fast break down to the other side, depending on what team gets the ball.  If the ball goes out of bounds, whichever team touches it last before going out of bounds, the other team gets the ball.”

         “Say if Snotlout were playing,” Hannah spoke.  “While in going for the ball, mind you, what would happen if I… oh… I don’t know… happened to take his helmet instead?”

         Annabeth nods as she says, “Glad you asked that though surprised you didn’t say, ‘head.’-”

         Hannah interrupts while saying under her breath, “I was going to, but thought that would be less violent-y.”

         Cazi raised her left eye brow and echoed, “Violent-y?”

         “Anyway,” Annabeth got our attention back to the question.  “There are fouls in this game in which the team being fouled gets to shoot one free shot from a certain distance from the basket.  Three players from each team; defending, offensive, defending and offensive, defending, offensive will be how they will line up; will then go for a rebound as soon as the foul shot is shot.  What are the fouls exactly?  Well, use your common sense to determine what is a foul.  Anything excessively aggressive or what Hannah just described, that would be a foul.  I know, what you cannot do in Dragon Racing, is the same here; it is just you are more stationary most of the time with bursts of movement.  If you basically run over someone or their dragon, then that is a foul and a turnover.  A turnover is when the offensive team turns to the ball over to the other team via knocking the ball out of bounds, an offensive foul, or throwing it to the other team.”

         I declare, “Sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into this.  Though I have to ask, how much of this did you think of before and how much did you just make up here on the spot.

         Annabeth grinned, “Some of it and the main idea I thought of before.  The rest I had kind of thought about but not really hashed out.  What I just said should really be common sense about any sport, just with specifics to that particular sport.”

         “I do have one comment I would like to add,” I said.

         “Shoot,” Annabeth stated.

         “Very punny,” I noted.  “To have a shot right underneath the basket be the same value of something further out, I think there should be a reward for the skill it would take to shoot from farther out.  Say, two points from beyond foul shot range while anything further in is still one point.”

         Nodding, Annabeth responds, “That sounds fair.  What does everyone think?  Do you agree with that and while we are here, do you agree with the rules?”

         Taking a few moments, everyone thought and then replied with a few yes’s, yup’s, and yeah’s.

         “Then let’s get our dragons and go out to the field that cleared out,” Annabeth said.  Then on our way over to the stable, she added, “Oh, and if you, your dragon, or both are getting or are tired, you can call for a substitution from the extra two on your team.”

         Within about ten minutes, after getting our dragons, we flew in nearer the middle of the island.  We came upon a rectangle like clearing that is surrounded by trees on all side.  On the rectangle are dug out lines for the out of bounds and foul shot.  The size of the clearing is about fifty yards long and thirty yards wide.  Upon landing, Annabeth quickly measured out an extended skill shot for the two points.  Once that was done, Annabeth shows off the baskets.

         “Here are the baskets,” Annabeth shows off, using her hands, the northern bucket in a tree a little over twenty feet off the ground.

         Dawn states, “How do you expect us to get the ball back after making a basket?”

         “Well,” Annabeth replies.  “The team that got scored on goes up and takes the ball.”

         Garth steps forward from behind the group, “And here is the ball.”

         Garth passes me the ball for testing.  The ball is about a foot and a half to two feet in diameter.

         The moment I caught the ball I noticed a few things, “Is it full of air?”

         Garth replies and explains, “Yes.  The ball is a leather ball interlined with tar.  There is a needle sized hole on one side to insert regular air, no need for compressed air.  Try bouncing it on the ground.”

         I did so and the ball came back up to me, “Wow, this is really cool.  Maybe there could one day be a sport with just vikings running around throwing this thing around.”

         “But doing it with dragons, is much more fun,” Annabeth said.

         I retort, “Doing anything with dragons makes it doubly fun, anyway.”

         “True,” Annabeth said.

         “Alright,” Cazi said rubbing her hands together.  “Who’s picking what teams?”

         Dawn folds her arms and says, “I think we already know which two vikings want to be on the same team.”

         “Who us?” Annabeth said genuinely surprised.  “Me be on Jarl’s team?  Why would I want to do that?”  Cazi looks confused.  “I want to beat his team.  How can I beat him if he is on my own team?”

         Eyeing Annabeth, I speak, “Okay, okay.  I see how it is.  You sa going down.”

         “Yeah,” Annabeth responds.  “Down right into the winning column.  Bam.”

         I smile and close my eyes, “I walked into that one.”

         Getting impatient, Hannah asks, “Are we going to pick teams or not.”

         Getting down to business, Annabeth and I are voted team captains.  We each picked one person to be on our team.  Annabeth picks Cazi first.  I then pick Asvord first.

         “Why would you pick me?” she asks, a bit disappointed.  “I would have wanted to beat you.”

         “Exactly,” I said while thinking about my next pick; Annabeth’s second pick is Dawn.  “Having Annabeth on the other team is bad enough.”

         “What did you say?” Annabeth asks.

         “Oh, just something you probably overheard anyway and just wanted to see if I actually meant it.  Because you already know the answer to the question,” I answer and then pick, “Elsa.”

         Annabeth then picks Hannah.

         As I pick Garth, I then remark, “I see we are keeping it all in the family for the start.”

         The rest of the team is filled out as follows: Annabeth’s final picks are Abbie, Hyrith, and Angie.  My final picks are Meen, Explod, and Ali.  We also pick team names.  Annabeth’s team name is, “Electric Firestorms.”  My team name is, “Thundering Sonics.”

         The positions are Point, Wings, Center, and Runner.

         Starting five for Annabeth: Annabeth takes Point, Cazi and Angie take the Wings which flank the Point on both sides, Hannah takes Runner, and Hyrith takes Center.

         Starting five for my team: I take Point mainly so I can defend Annabeth, Asvord and Explod take Wings, Garth takes Runner, and Meen takes center.

         After a few hours of playing, I would like to say it was a competitive game, but most of the time was spent trying to get used to the game, even for Annabeth.  We had to fine tune a few things as we played.  We also lost track of the score.  At point one point after I threw the ball in the direction of Asvord, who cut to the basket, Asvord twirled Spiker to slammed the ball into the basket causing the bottom to fall out.  We found this made retrieving the ball a lot easier.

         When we realized we had lost track of the score and we all were getting tired, Annabeth said the next shot a team makes, they win the game.  Playing tight defense on Annabeth and Anora, she outlet passes the ball to Angie.  I sag down a bit to help on that side of the defense as Angie had been driving to the basket the entire game.  However, Angie passed the ball back up to Annabeth.  Caught off guard, I chase the ball.  Annabeth has Anora run forward for a drive.  I maneuver Fredrick to defend the drive, but Annabeth had Anora flap her wings once to pull back for a jumper.  Fredrick instinctively extends his left wing in hopes of blocking the shot… Barely even touched the basket… However, it went through the basket.

         All that work and Annabeth still gets the shot off.

         I then declare, “Even in a sport she just created, she still beats me.”

         Asvord shakes her head, “Out of all the things you are good at and win, if Annabeth is your opponent, I am asking for a trade to the other team.”

         I could not help but chuckle.

         We all agreed that was fun and we need to do that more often.  Everyone likes Dragon Basketball so much that we decided to do another game tomorrow.      

         With the day winding down, we did our own things until supper was ready.  There, at one point, came an explosion from Garth’s Lab.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but Garth relays that a project he was working for the past couple of weeks just went up in smoke.  He will have to start from scratch.  A few hours later we all met at the Clubhouse when Asvord originally said supper would be ready.

         Ananbeth, Cazi, and Dawn are the last to arrive to supper.  They are arguing with each other.

         “Alright,” I said breaking up the noise.  “Who took out Snotlout’s head?”

         Cazi replies, “If only.”

         Annabeth sighs, “It is alright, I guess.  We really should be arguing.”

         “Yeah,” Dawn says.  “Because it wasn’t my fault.”

         “Well,” Cazi adds.  “It wasn’t my fault.”

         Annabeth chimes in again, “It wasn’t my fault, Dawn is the one who ran in to me.”

         “I was pushed by yours truly standing over there,” Dawn points at Cazi.

         “I did not do anything,” Cazi answers.  “Can I help it if your dragon gets spooked at static electric shock from a Skrill?”

         “Enough!” I demand.  “What happened?”

         “After whatever happen that these two muttonheads described,” Annabeth explains.  “I was nearly pushed off a sea stack.”

         I immediately ask, “Are you alright.”

         “I’m fine,” came her reply.  “My two swords… eh… not so much.”  Annabeth then whistled as she lowered her hands from a high point in the air down about two feet and then made a splashing sound.

         “They’re at the bottom of the ocean?” I question.

         “Yup,” Annabeth said.  “Nothing we can do about it now, I guess.  Let’s just eat supper.  At least that is one thing Asvord cannot mess up.”

         Asvord came in and said, “Well, she can.”

         “What?!” came everyone’s responses.  “She can forget to keep Smoky out of the kitchen before he eats everything that was cooking.  No supper tonight.”

         The whole crew started to grumble.  I tried to cheer them up with the thought of playing Dragon Basketball tomorrow.  But they all mulled off and went to their huts to eat some of their own snacks.

         As they walked off, I thought, “Why is everything all of a sudden going wrong?”

         It is getting late and we all decided to get ready for bed.  Turns out, I will not mention any names but their names rhymes with “A sword,” they forgot to fill the water for the water basin and drinking water, so we have nothing to clean up before bed.  Checking the rain barrels outside, they are surprisingly empty too.  Surprisingly because it just rained recently.

         We turned in anyway and got in the bed.

         For some reason I could not sleep, but I had worked out the entire day and felt tired.  I stayed awake until the moon came out.  When it reached overhead of the clubhouse, the moonlight from the above window shone through my room and a glare of light appears out of the corner of my eye.

         Getting out of bed to investigate, I see that it is the gem that we took from Vixxen’s Captain of the one ship.  Only part of the gem let off a glare.  Turning around to see it in better moonlight, I notice the glare moving from one side of the gem to the other side.  Repeating the process, I see that the glare is staying in one place almost as if it is pointing at something, regardless of how I turn the gem.  Then it dawned on me.

         “Is this gem pointing to something on Mystery?” I ask myself.  “I know we don’t know about everything there is on Mystery, but could this really be connected?”

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Tuff, don't you dare! Don't you dare! Don't yo- AHHHH!

      Hey, HTTYYD. I just wanted to post, saying this chapter is a jolt to me. Know why? Because this was the first chapter of any of your stories I read. I clicked on this chapter when it first came out and started reading over it, but then I decided I should probably start at the beginning....the very beginning. Since then, I've read through the many amazing adventures of Jarl and friends. Thanks for the grand adventures. Keep writing these legends.







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Thank you very much Lack. 

Thank you very much Lack.  :D  It does mean a lot to hear it and I appreciate very much.  Thank very much for reading and I will continue to write.  I haven't really thought of them as legends, but in the sense of what they have done, they are pretty much just that.  What took you a couple of months, was written in 3 years, almost non-stop posting a chapter a week.  Everyone once in a while, there were weeks where I didn't post if you look at the date stamp or taking a break between books, but I really haven't stopped writing since I started.  And I have no plans of stopping.  I am already thinking about Book 7 and I have been setting up Book 8 for a little while, here and there scattering subtle clues in this and the previous three books.  There are dots to connect to see what Book 8 will be about, but there are still some in this book too to connect as well.


If you ever have any suggestions or even want to submit a character of your own (your OC, random character, an ally for a book, villain, villainess, new dragon, specific dragon, style of mystery you'd like me to write, etc.), I am all ears.  Every suggestion I get I use at some point in my series, either some of the suggestion or all of it.  90% of my characters are submissions, even Vixxen.  Specific points in the franchise to reference or any relationships and or family ties to my characters or those in the franchise.

I hear and or use them all.  If I don't use them, they still make me think of other things I can do.


You've come a long way from starting here and going back.  You're still in for a ride in this book.


There are some questions I'd like to ask about certain points in my series, but if I remember correctly you said you were going to do a review of some sort when you get caught up.  I was just curious as to what you thought about certain moments and sections of my series and how I did them.


Thank you very much, again, for reading my stories!


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Has anyone seen my shield.

     Yes, I've really enjoyed the series. Is it hard for you to believe you've been doing this for three long years? And have there been any times where you thought you might end it? You mentioned your building up to book eight. If I remember right, you meantioned somewhere that it was like this serie's HTTYD2. I'm looking forward to it. 


   I'll definitely have a few suggestions when I finally catch up. I would put them forth now, but, since I'm not fully caught up, I'd hate to make a suggestion only to read the very next chapter and see it became a reality.


  You meantioned the term 'OC'. I have read it since I joined the Forum, but I still don't know what it stands for. Could you explain?


  Whoever suggested Vixxen to you, give them a high five. She's my second favorite villain in your story (that's original). 


  Yeah, once I catch up, I'll give a review (though, if you haven't finished this story when I catch up, I'll probably wait until your done to give my review). It will probably consist of my favorite book to least favorite, parts I liked, and maybe one or two other things. After that, with your permission, I'll PM you my suggestions.


 That's it for now. See you again wherever the answer is to the Mystery of Shadow Mountain. (Great title, by the way.)

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Where'd u leave it last? Or Who is my shield never heard of them

It is a hard thing to believe, seems like I just started yesterday.  Then at the same time with my plans for future books, I feel like am further along.  Actually from the start.  I was doing the first book as a 4-H project, so in that sense I forced myself to finish the first book.  Because of school, I hated writing and always dreaded it.  Though I loved to read books, I came to the conclusion that if I want to change how I view writing because I'll have a lot of it in college (which I actually do and I'm glad I like writing now because worry about Word Counts are a thing of the past :P ) I would have to write something that I would like to read and have fun reading as I do the Hardy Boys Books, the original series (which my writing style is based on).  But when it came to also posting the chapters on the forum, if I did not get a comment by after Chapter 10, I would stop posting, finish the book, and that would be that for the book.  However, thinking back now, even if I would have stopped and no one commented, I love good books and stories so much, I do believe that I would have continued the series but events may have played out differently or all the same.  Thinking about this, it is like the one episode from Rtte that they think what happened if Hiccup had not shot down Toothless.  As much as things would have been different, they probably would have turned out the same.  However, there is one thing that would be very different, the characters involved.  Like said, most of my characters are submitted by my readers, so a lot of the characters would have never been in my books and even plot points and backstories for characters that I incorporated into the mystery itself.  One odd thing that I often think about is if I lost all my work, could I rewrite it all?  One reason why I type this all up in Microsoft Word and then highlight the text and post to the forums.  I have two copies: My own and one on the internet that will be on there forever.  Anything put on the internet is permanent.  Even if the website stopped working, the data of my book would still be on the internet, it would just take a lot more work to find it.


I believe I got my first reply at Chapter 6 or 7 of Book 1.  I was getting a bit discouraged.  Then I think someone replied or pm'ed me wishing they could be in the story.  That sparked the idea of asking my friends for their input and their vikings from the game.  This also pushed me to continue because I had to live up to what they thought of their character and portray them that way in my book.  Giving myself a challenge sparked more ideas of what I could write.  On the other hand, even though I did not get a reply for a while, I was still getting reads.  Reads were a feature that was on the forums where every time you clicked on a thread, it registers on the original post as a read, in more general terms a hit.  For some reason, the forums don't have that feature anymore.  But the reads were a great way to gauge how many people at least clicked on my chapters.  I had between 70 - 100 reads on my early chapters by Chapter 6.  After I finished my first book, I counted up all the hits "reads" and had over 30,000 reads in one year's time.  My second book had 25,000 reads in just under ten months.  I used to average between 150 - 300 reads a week after I posted the chapter.  Beyond my books being really popular, this told me I have a lot of silent readers.  What that means is people who just want to read the book but don't want to comment either from not wanting to comment or not having an account.  I believe the latter still counted as a hit or read.  When I talked with someone else about silent readers, the educated me that even if you don't get replies, you will still have people reading your chapters.  They will either post every now and then or even just pm you instead of replying to the thread.


When I finished my first book, several of the friends that I had asked for their characters, kept asking if I was going to do a second book.  I said I was going to take a break and then come back... The break only lasted two weeks, probably less.  >.<  When I stopped and finished my first book, I missed it.  Knowing that I missed writing, I knew that I would continue no matter what at that point.  And here we are at Book 6.


Yes, Book 8 will be set during the time of Httyd 2 and answer the question, "If Jarl and his friends were so important to Berk as Mystery Conquerors, why did they not help Hiccup in his time of need?"  The answer, "Because Jarl and his friends had something equally as important and pressing that took all of his friends away and they did not even know what was going on with Hiccup."  Book 7 will be during the events of Season 5 and 6 of Rtte.  For this book, I am ending Book 6 between the episodes of 3 through 5 from Season 5 of Rtte.  As you can tell to this point, I have directly and indirectly referenced a lot of the episodes throughout the series.  I go so far as to count the night and day differences in the Rtte episodes and even the dialogue where they say a day, week, or months have passed to use the same timing in my book.  I do this as an extra reference to the franchise, but also because I want to eventually publish my books.  When I ask permission from DreamWorks and go through all the steps needed to publish Fan-Fictions, my books will fit directly in with the rest of the franchise and it would not deviate from the main story of the franchise, I just created my own and intertwined the two.


I am also working on a drawing that will act as a "teaser trailer" of sorts suggesting a lot of things with regards to what Book 8 will be about.


If you had any suggestions that had no bearing on the story or even if it did, I still welcome it.  But I can see why you would want to wait.  Because I have had suggestions of all types and if I don't think it is a good time to implement the suggestion, I will wait.  When the person, DragonsAreMyFriends, (now a great friend and one of my longest long-time reader) suggested Annabeth Everdeen as a character, she wanted her and Jarl to have a closer relationship.  She left it up to me if it would grow beyond that, but she suggested this way back the book after Annabeth was introduced.  I felt it was way too early in both characters' development and so purposely added things throughout the next two books that strengthen their connection and relationship that would naturally grow into something more than just a friendship.


So even if you don't think a suggestion would be added right away, suggest it anyway because you might forget it later.  I keep a separate document of all Jarl's friends, their details, and their dragon details along with any suggestion for future chapters and mysteries.  If you don't want to suggest it to me right away, then you could write it down and suggest it later.  There have been suggestions that I have turned down but sparked another idea that I did implement.  And without the suggestion I did not want, I may not have had the suggestion I ended up with.


OC stands for Original Character.  So, anytime you see OC, the person is talking about their character they created that is original.  Their character may have traits of characters from the franchise, but their OC in particular is unique and has their own personality, backstory, traits, dragons, etc.  Jarl and his family are my OC's based on my real family.  To make Jarl his own character, I made his family quite different from my own but at the same time their interaction amongst each other is much like my own.  (Because I know of parkour and archery and close combat, but I don't know how to actually do it.  However, I do know some archery.  I research a lot of this stuff as well as watch American Ninja Warrior for ideas of any parkour things to add to my stories.

Your backstory of Lack Launson would make Lack be your OC.  An OC is really any character you make up yourself.


DragonsAreMyFriends suggestion Vixxen.  She has also suggested Dawn and her whole backstory.  She has also helped more with Vixxen's backstory to fine tune it for my books.  So, if you either want to blame or congratulate about Vixxen then she gets all the credit.  The only little thing I did was Dawn's backstory started out as what Vixxen's backstory is now.  All I did was suggest Dragons that she switch the characters backstories.  Dragons was still working out the details of each and so when I suggested this back to her, that's when she made Vixxen ruthless, cunning, and doesn't let anybody stand in her way.  I like the idea of Vixxen being the villainess because there are not very many woman villains out there that are really good and reoccurring.  Jarl has had a few reoccurring villains, but I want someone for Jarl that would be on the same level as Viggo to Hiccup and would keep coming back.


I just posted Chapter 43 yesterday.  From what I have planned, I may only add 5 - 7.  This will be by far my longest book yet and the most words in it (I'm already past 125,000 words and counting, averaging more than 2,000 words per chapter and sometimes more than this.  2,000 is now my short chapter with 5,000 being my longer chapters.  XD  I know, crazy.  I started out at 650-word average.  >.< )  But in any case, however long this takes, I won't rush the story and just up and end it.  I will let it end itself but guide it to its end.

((Edit:  I'm actually over 140,000 words for Book 6.))


If you have any questions on how I did things, feel free to ask them too.


For sure you have my permission.  I look forward to your review and suggestions! :D


One of the cool reasons why I only post a chapter or a few at a time is because I love the feeling of basically finding out what happens next the same time my readers do.  Helps add to the mystery side of things because, when you get caught up and then ask what is going to happen next... Sometimes I don't even know... XD Lol.


Thanks.  One thing I do that I find different than most, with regards to writing stories, is I come up with an idea for a book and make the Title right away.  I kind of have to do that if post the chapters as I write them, but coming up with titles like these helps remind me where I want to go throughout the story and keeps me on track and not get me off too far on tangents while I write.  The first one, "The Clue of the Missing Socks" was also to bring readers in as they asked, "What kind of story is that?  That is a very unique title.  I have to see what that is about."  Also, it being a direct reference to what Gobber said in the first movie.


On one single, random quote, from a quip back at Stoick... My whole mystery series was started from.  Kind of awesome and scary to think about.  Had they not added that, I may not have had any of this.  But because of some random quote they didn't think much about, I turned into a whole mystery series.


By this reply alone... Do you think I like to write things now?  XD Lol.

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How are things going?

How are things going?

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A very late response.

    Sorry for the late response. I got caught up in the End of Summer stuff and (He he. -Rubs neck awkwardly-).


     Your story of how you fell in love with writing is awesome. I used to really, REALLY, hate writing. But then I took a creative writing class, wrote a long story, and can't stop writing now. To me, writing is like a video game, but you make the land, and the story, and the characters, and everything else. (Maybe more people would write if we told them it was a new style of video game...)


       It's a shame they took away that 'reads' function. It sounds like a really good idea for fan-fic writers. I bet they took it away because people would click on their own page a ton to make it look like it was really good when it wasn't good at all. 


   Your comment about "The case of the Missing Socks" is true. That's part of what first got me reading. You did a pretty good job transitioning that line into an actual story. 


    Thanks for explaining what an OC was. I figured the C meant Character, but I wasn't sure.


   Oh, While I'm thinking about it, I read chapter 33 today. But the link in your thread was acting up and wouldn't open it. I had to go through your history to find it. I admit, it could just be my tech acting up, but thought I'd give you a heads up in case it was the link itself.


    Good luck someday with publishing these stories. I would advise that, before you do, just reread your stories to fix any plot holes (like, in the original, you have a part where Alvin and Dagur work together, but it doesn't match the timeline.) It would be awesome to see a HTTYD fan-fic become canon.


   You know how The Lord of the Rings is broken into three smaller books with different names? I was curious what your Series Name was? We know the individual book names, but I don't remember if you gave the series a name yet.


    Before wrapping this post up, I have two questions. 1. Have you ever considered killing a character off? I know that's a weird question, but, considering you've faked killing both Annabeth and Asvord off, I'm just curious if it's ever crossed your mind?



   My second question is, could you clear up Annabeth's past for me? She's had so many twists and turns in her history that I honestly can't keep up. You probably explained it well, but I misunderstood something, or reading different parts after a few months have made me forget. Here's the order of events I think it went in.


 1. Set adrift by Dagur.

 2. Lands on another island where taken in (you made one statement once that made it sound like she was taken in by royalty. There was some comment when Annabeth and Dawn were catching up where you mentioned a castle, or something along the lines.)

3. Dawn leaves Alvin and somehow gets to the same place as Annabeth and is taken in by same family.

4. There's a gap of time here where Annabeth trains her Stormcutter and Anora, she Also meets Cazi and they become friends (Even though it's probably been stated, could you remind me how they became friends? Did they grow up on the same island?).

5. Village gets attacked by fake-Berserkers (who are really working for the villain of the third book). Dagur is there, though he didn't start the battle (could you also further explain how Dagur was there. Annabeth shows up in book two after fleeing from her island. The events of book two take place a month or two after the first story, and the first story takes place at the series final of Defender of Berk where Dagur was captured.)

6. Annabeth gets handed the necklace thing from the villain of the third book. Annabeth gives a piece of it to Anora. 

7. Annabeth is separated from her family, Anora gets captured, most of her family killed, Dawn escapes somehow. Then Annabeth escapes on her stormcutter and flees to Berk.

8. Everything after is known to us.


   Thank you if you explain this. Again, you've probably already explained all this before perfectly, but I missed something. 


     That's all I got for now. Talk soon hopefully and I should be all caught up in two-weeks max (hopefully being the key word here).

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Better Nate than lever - Google Longest Joke in the World

I did as well, now school is starting to ramp up.  Because I'm in college, I get to go back later than Public School, though I have a little less than two weeks to go before I go back.


Thanks.  A lot of times, you don't know you enjoy it until you try it.  When you have a purpose to write, a purpose that you like, writing is more enjoyable.  When you write a story you would read, then it gets fun.  Yeah, maybe they would.  If they ever want to take Game Studies as a major in college, (or Animation as my major) you will have writing classes and world building classes because knowing how to do a story will bring the characters and models alive.


Yeah, I really don't know why they did it.  Maybe, but who knows.  Well, I guess they do.  >.<


Thanks.  It was a challenge to start with, but once I got going, I felt good writing it.  Then it came time to end it, and I had some trouble again.  Now, I feel I am a lot better at both, though still difficult to do both.


You are welcome.  I was in your shoes once... Until I googled it.  XD


Thank you for noticing, I just fixed it.  I had put in the link a message to some of my readers that the chapter was up, not the link itself.  >.<  Oops.


Yeah.  In the near future, I want to go back through all my books to look for things like that and to also proofread.  But if there are any plot points I did not use, to bring them up now for future books.  The part where Alvin and Dagur "work together" was really just for show as they were using the other to get something that they wanted.  But that would be a good thing to go back through.


I know of that, but I don't know their names from The Lord of the Wings... That typo is just too good to delete.  Lol   XD  :P  The Lord of the Rings still sounds like it could be a meal at a fast-food place.  Anyway... The series is called, "The Jarl Mollerson Mystery Series."  Not the most original title for a series, but since the story is from his perspective anyway it still fits, though still a cliched title.


1.  Yes, I have actually.  Any of my characters that have been submitted by my friends reading the story, they have full rein on suggestions they want me to make to their character.  In the end, it is up to me, but I try my best to portray the characters how they would want.  So, for me to kill a character off, I would have to ask them because the majority of my characters are submitted characters.  But I have thought of it, but thought it was too early in the series.  (I have technically killed off one character.  I just never said who or what killed them.)  I don't know if you have noticed, but with the growth of the series, the things they uncover have gotten more serious and more dangerous over time.  People have gotten hurt but the room for error grows smaller with the growth of the series, more people will get hurt.  Based on how the characters develop and where I want to take it, or in better words, where the story takes me, the severity of the danger and what is done to prevent or combat it, only time will tell.


2.  Yeah, Annabeth had a very unique past that my friend who submitted her was not sure on her past to begin with.  So, with my creative thought, I started coming up with one.  As I went, it sparked more of what she wanted and flushed out a backstory.  As the books went, she wanted me to add different things which I had to work in correctly for her backstory that I had already put in would still make sense.


So you can see what I think of her backstory, I will do it in order of what I believe it to be:

1.  Annabeth is a Berserker


2.  Dawn is an Outcast.  Dawn's mother is not an Outcast, and married into the family.  Dawn's mother was Annabeth's mother as she grew up, the reason why Annabeth and Dawn view each other as step-sisters.


3.  Osvald saw there was an eventual revolt going to happen in the Berserker Nation that with the help of his wife, his wife left with Annabeth -as a baby or very young child- to go to the island where Annabeth thought she was from.


4.  Osvald had hoped that the new alliance would help him in the near future.


5.  Annabeth's mother was around while Annabeth grew up, but did not let Annabeth know it.  Kind of answering the question of where Dagur's and Heather's mother had gone and why Osvald was the only parent in the picture.


6.  Cazi's family lived on Annabeth's second home for several years.  In that time, Star Scream and Anora were trained.


7.  Cazi's family moved away to the island that Jarl found Cazi on in the first story.  They felt like sisters, but Cazi's parents moved away for some reason.  I don't think I ever said why, but I believe based on what the person that submitted Cazi wanted, Cazi's parents' moved away because they did not get along with the people of the island and could not support themselves.  The island Cazi's family moved to, they had cousins there too.


8.  Dawn's mother, Annabeth's step-mother, had already had a family of her own through the marriage of Alvin the Outcast.  That marriage was also political in nature, but Dawn's mother never treated it like that.  She truly loved Alvin.  But since it was political in nature, Dawn's mother had to stay away from Alvin as he ran the Outcasts.


9.  Because of all this stepmother and stepsister business and Annabeth was not quite understanding who exactly was her real family because Alvin was never there, she got confused when Truvor attacked.  Though Annabeth treated Dawn's mother as her actual mother, because her and Dawn were Outcasts, at an early age, Annabeth figured it out that she was not related to them as Annabeth complexion and traits were nothing like Dawn and her mother.  Osvald's wife, Annabeth's real mother, was portrayed as an Aunt or Cousin or something along those lines.  When she escaped and saw her whole island in ruin, the knee-jerk reaction is that no one survived and that she lost Anora, but she flew away.  Star Scream was all she had left.


10.  Truvor knew about the possible revolt in the Berserker Nation and wanted to speed things along.  So, he found out about Osvald's attempt at trying to strengthen relations with neighboring islands.


11.  I would have to go back and check Dawn and her mother's backstory, but if I remember correctly, Dawn was on Outcast Island when her mother went away, I believe back to Annabeth.  Because of the attack, Dawn's mother never returned to Outcast Island out of fear that Truvor would track anybody that had escaped.  Dawn blamed Alvin for her mother never coming back, but then grew to forgive him.  But between that and thinking he lost his wife, Alvin was just never the same after that.  Soon after that, Dawn ran away, fully cementing Alvin's bitterness personality.  Dawn's mother had something else that was important that she had to protect in addition to protecting Dawn by staying away.  That important thing has to deal with Dawn's mother not being an Outcast.


12.  Kind of at the same time of the attack on Annabeth's second home island, Osvald was lost to see and Dagur taking credit for his assumed death.  Annabeth's real mother, Osvald's wife, is presumed to have perished in the attack on Annabeth's second home island.


13.  Annabeth escapes on Star Scream and finds Jarl and his friends on Berk.


14.  The rest is history and also the present... For I haven't written their whole story.  ;)


Hope that clears some things up.  If you have any further questions, I love answering them about my story.  Going back over characters' backstories and origins remind me of who my characters are, what their motivations are, and what they are about.  I believe I got like 95% of the above backstory correct.  There might be a few details that I got wrong, but the general backstory is correct.


Alright.  Nice.  I look forward to your 6 book review.  XD :D

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A Legacy is a funny thing.

        Nice series name. It definitely fits the stories.  If you ever have your doubts about the title, just remember that there's a multimillion grossing series called Harry Potter.


     I know this sounds bad, but it's pretty cool that you've considered killing characters off. It must be tough though. You have to decided whether you want to, then decide on how, then ask the creature of the character if you can, then you'd have to write it, and then hope your readers don't go bereserk. That takes good effort. If you ever do kill someone off, I wish you luck on doing it (in the books, of course).


     You mentioned you've already killed one character off, but never said who or what killed them. Which character would this be? (Note: I just finished chapter 37 of this book, so no spoilers.) 


     Thank you for explaining Annabeth's backstory. This is something that has been plaguing me for a good while. Now it all makes sense. THE MYSTERIES OF THE CHOSMOS HAVE BEEN UNLOCKED! (Okay, maybe it's not that huge, but I'm still really greatful).


     Before I go on, I just want to say one thing. Since starting to talk to you here, I've found new respect for you and your series. You are trying to get through college and write a series at the same time. But not just any series, a fan-fic that you try to get out the same time each week. You are writing a mystery, but are also creating it as you go. You are trying to incorporate other people's charecters, have it make sense, and make the character's creatures happy. You are also trying to tie it to the HTTYD series, day by day! And your trying to make it funny! And throw in a romance! And battles! And morals! To say I'm not impressed would be a lie.


     Okay, I do have a few more questions:


   1. One of my favorite things in the series was Jarl's sword-staff-bow. It was a really cool idea and fun in fights. However, I could never imagine it right. Could you describe how it folds, how the string works, and how it can unattatch to make two swords. Does it fold around like Heather's axe, or does it fold in half like a briefcase? If you have a drawing, it would be happily welcomed. (Also, if you choose to describe it, please use very simple terms. I'm not good with using long, descriptive words. And please compare things too, like "it has a doorway-like hinge on...".)


   2. Another question that has been bugging me for a while is....what happened to Michah (I think that's how you spell his name)? When you introduced Dawn in "The Secret Symbol", you also introduced a charecter named Michah. He was a boy who got into nearly constant arguments with Dawn. Then, suddenly, *poof* he was gone without a trace, almost like he never existed. Did he fly into the sunset, or did the person who suggested him decide to take him back?


    I'm also going to make a quick suggestion for you to think about. This doesn't have to do with your story, but more as background info. You've introduced a lot of characters over time, each with different looks and backstories, and, for the slow paced reader like me, we tend to have trouble remembering everything. Would you consider making a side thread with character profiles? You know, hight, eye color, hair color, dragons, a brief history, and such stuff. This would be helpful because characters like Meen, who you probably descriped in the first book, we have kinda forgot what they look like by book six. Just something for you to consider.



     That's all I got for now. Talk soon.


     -Lack Lunason

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Drums R Round. Pi R Squared.

(I was away from home and no wifi, started replying, and chrome decided to remind me that I didn't have wifi… erasing what I had replied.  I was at the part of describing the sword-bow.)


Thank you.  That is true.  Sometimes the simplest thing is the best way to go.


From a writing perspective, it doesn't sound bad, though I will never do what the guy who made Game of Thrones and kill off practically everyone in the first few seasons (books).  Never watched the show, though watched the Telltale Series gameplay of Game of Thrones.  If I ever do, it will be several books down the road.  I'll wait until you really like the characters and may consider killing someone off.  Getting severely injured or sick is on the table as shown in Book 6 and when they were Dragon Racing.



Truvor/Trevor, my first reoccurring villain, I killed off in Thoughts of Guilt on The Golden Isles.


You are very welcome.  It was nice to go back over it so I got a few things straight myself.  Refreshing to go back over a character to make sure I remember what they are about.  (It is pretty big though because if a backstory clashes with what the character is doing now, that change needs to be explained, if not rectified.  You're welcome.)


Thank you for summing that up… When you put it that way, I guess I do have a lot that goes into my story.  Now, keeping track and straight which characters I have in my stories at any given time and portraying them correctly is a handful, but everything else I never thought of it that way.  I guess with writing stories the way that I do, by letting the story develop and not rush it, all these things come in stride.  It is like a painter's palette.  I have an assortment of colors (the different elements of a story you mentioned) and a blank canvas.  Most of the time I just use one color, but other times I mix them.  Rarely would or should I ever use all the colors all at once.  So having many elements to a complete story is a lot, but while writing a story I just have one to a few active.

I will be starting my Junior year of college tomorrow.  This semester is a wide variety of classes from Technical Writing and Digital Illustration to Physical Geology to Digital Light And Rendering Animation to Game Design.  The last one I think is going to be my favorite of them all because I will be learning how to use Unreal Engine 4, the game engine of Fortnite.


But thank you, that is very nice of you to say.


1. When I was writing this before, I was simple but may have been a bit wordy.

There are three bows all together.  The first one is a sword-bow the second, current one, is the sword-bow-staff combination.  (Jarl does have a plain regular Gronckle Iron bow too, no combination weapon)


Imagine Heather's weapon for a moment and imagine a slightly curved sword.  This sword is about two feet long, not including the handle.  The "blade" is round-dish about an inch to two inches wide with a wider base on the inside of the curve and the sharp end of the blade on the outside of the curve.  Now imagine the sword split in half just like Heather's weapon.  The sword-bow unfolds just like Heather's weapon from axe to staff, but the sword-bow has a universal joint at the bottom of the handle.  A universal joint is a joint that can rotate in any of 360 degrees of a sphere, so in three dimensional space.  The one side of the sword rotates down and will create the shape of a skinny "S".  Rotate one side of the sword to make a ( shape.  Now it looks like a bow.  Then what would have to be done is to tighten the line of the bow.  The line for the bow is in the sword itself.  So after unfolding it, take the string out of it and then the user would have to tighten the string up by using censored a gear that the string was attached to.  Now the string itself is a small Gronckle Iron chain.


Here is a picture of what Jarl might look like if he were a viking in space:

(I took a world building class a year ago, so I took my characters from my book and created a world at in space.  if you want to know more about this world, I can tell you.)


At first the bow was really good.   But to have to tighten the chain ever time Jarl would change from one to the other was the real issue.


The second bow is much like the first, just slight changes.  The change from sword to bow is much faster.  When I was trying to think of a better way to do the change, I looked at the way a bow is and went, "duh."  Instead of having to slide and twist, just flip it over.


Quote from The Secret Symbol, "

One of the last things I did last night was make me a new bow.  After the first prototype of anything, there are always things you can improve on the first one, especially after using it for a long time.  Some of the things that are improved on my Gronckle Iron Bow II are as follows, just to name a few: I am able to double and triple knock multiple arrows on my bow easier than I could before, instead of turning my bow over for my sword I now just flip it down from the side, when it is in the sword position the sides that lay against each other are completely flat so that it will look more like a sword, and the Gronckle Iron bow string can be securely housed in the underside of the sword while in any position, all that would be needed to put the sword back into bow position and ready to fire would be to bring out the bow string from the sword.


The bow strings wrap around the gears and continue to go in the sword until it meets the hand grip.  Near the hand grip, the bow string is spring loaded.  So, the bow will automatically go to where it needs to be for me to load my arrow.  There is still some give on the string because as I pull back to fire, the gear allows more string to be fed around the gears from the inside of the sword.  But because it is spring loaded, when I let go to fire, the string will act like any other bow string, yet will allow for a fraction more power to send the arrow on its way.  Using a spring-loaded bow string allows for quicker transition from sword to bow.  Before, I would have to manually tighten the gears to make sure the bow string would be taught enough to fire.  Now, my second bow is better in all areas.  By the way, this spring-loaded idea is Garth’s."


To make the bow into a staff, there are a two places the bow, about a foot up from the handle, that if the end of the bow is pulled out a little bit, it can be rotated up to fall in line with the rest of the middle of the bow.  It does not look like a pole, but it has the general shape of a straight line.


Have you ever watched American Ninja Warrior?  When someone does the salmon ladder, that is what inspired me to make a staff mode.  There is a bit further explanation of the staff mode in a later chapter.


2. Two things.  First, I did actually forget about him.  But second, maybe he went missing?  Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.  The owner of the character Michah, who also made Ali, wanted a certain thing to happen but I didn't think it was the right time.  I got caught up with the book at the time and never came back to him.  However, after I introduced him, and now thinking back, he was around, but very sparsely.  He doesn't like staying in one spot too long, so he often just sails around, going from one place to the next.


That would be a great idea.  Once I am finished with Book 6, I could do that as filler as I plan out Book 7 and then start it.  I usually take a week to three weeks break between books (a couple of times I took no time, hehe, because I wanted to keep it going) so in that time I can make a separate thread with all of my characters in my books that are not present in the current Httyd timeline.  I already have a document called Friends for Jarl, it would take a little bit of time to put that into a presentable, readable, and easy to understand format.  Right now, it is a bit all over the place, although organized.


And with so many characters it is difficult to give them all their time in the spotlight, so that is why each book I try to rotate them in and out, although Jarl, Asvord, Elsa, Annabeth, and Cazi are the core group of characters in my book (similar to that of Hiccup and the gang, it is just Jarl and the crew), Dawn could be considered a part of the group, seeing how Annabeth is her adopted sister.


Alright, talk to you later.




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That's Truth serium.

     Hello again, HTTYYD. Sorry for the lateness of this reply. Things came up and, seeing how I was so close to the end of book 6, I figured I'd go ahead and finish it first. So, yes, I am fully caught up. I plan on replying to your previous post here, then posting my overall thoughts and comments on the thread for the final chapter, then PMing you my suggestions (though it may take me a day or two to get all of this done). 


      So, let's get to this reply, shall we?


     First off, I'm glad that you won't go all Game Of Thrones on us. I haven't seen the show either, and I don't really want to. I think killing off one or two characters can actually be good for a story, but killing off dozens of people just isn't the way to go. 


     And, speaking of killing characters off, you actually (and sadly) have me kinda excited. Ever since you mentioned you have previously considered offing somebody, I've been trying to think who would be the most likely character, and in what ways it could happen. (Yeah, I'm a sick mind...)


     Thank you tons for explaining the bows to me. I can picture it a lot clearer now.  It seems like you put a lot of thought into it. I do find it kinda funny (in a good way) that you got the idea for it from American Ninja Warrior. 


     Thanks also for the drawing of Jarl. It helps me imagine him (you have no idea how long I believed him to be blond). The Deadly Nadder colors are cool. I do have two questions about the drawing. 1) Is Jarl really 25? I was under the impression he was 19-20. Have I been living a lie? 2) Why does Jarl have the Triforce from 'The Legend of Zelda' on his chest?


     Feel free to tell me about the World Building class you mentioned.


     Thanks for explaining about Michah. Now you got me wondering if he'll come back as a villain, or if he will have a key piece of some mystery. 


     I'm glad you liked my idea about a character info page. I think it would be a great way to help keep your fans informed, and also a way to interest and advertise to a new audience. Let me know when you start because I'll definitely want to check it out.


     Oh, a quick thing I want to mention. The link in your signature for the final chapter wouldn't load right for me. Again, it could just be my device, but I figured I should give you a heads up. 


     I have one final question before I head. I have things I've been writing and may eventually consider posting in Forum. When I do, I think I'll try to organize the links in my sig like yours. So my question is; how do you put links into your chapter titles. Whenever I put a link, it comes out as a jumble of letters, dashes, and numbers. How do you get it to say 'Chapter 9'? Is there some button that allows you to put a link inside of something you write, or what?


   Gosh, I hope I made the last paragraph clear and not the ramblings of a dimwit.


     Anyway! I'll be heading. I'll try to post my series review later today, but no promises. See you around!


     -Lack Lunason

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Just for a quick reply to one thing you said, I just uploaded a video that explains how to do a custom link on your signature:


I will get to the rest of your reply in another post.

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      This is just a quick

      This is just a quick little response.  I wanted to thank you for posting the video about the links.  I wasn't expecting it to be you doing the video, but that was a nice surprise.  It kinda felt like a behind the scenes of your signature/story.  I will probably be using this info in the next month or so because I'm something (insert dramatic music here). 


    Again, thank you for your help!



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You are welcome.  I want to do more with Forum stuff and make videos.  Also, record me writing a chapter.  Different stuff like this.


Because when you said about Jarl's bows how you like things to be explained, I thought it would be faster and easier to understand in a video.


You are quite welcome.



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Hey Lack.  No problem, this reply to your reply is later too because I replied to your other one about your summary first.


That is one of the reason why I won't watch the show either, but there are a few other reasons that the show does I will not watch it.


I want it to be after they are an established character.  However, I would be more likely to kill off a villain or my own character than any that was submitted.  Anything that deals with submitted characters I leave up to those who submitted.  I still have the final say, but I try my best to honor what they suggested.  If they say I can if they want, then I will eventually consider it.


You are quite welcome.  By the time Jarl and the crew got to Shadow Mountain and the first puzzle, I too was a little confused at how many bows Jarl had and which ones they were.  I try to put a lot of thought into everything relating to my stories.  Going through this is an example of how much depth of detail I am willing to go to.  The idea for the bows were my own, but their uses for other than weapons I did get from America Ninja Warrior.


You are welcome.  However, the above drawing is not Jarl Mollerson from my book series.  He is from my world building class.  Jarl in my books is basically the same age as Hiccup at every stage in my books.  And the symbol was a random symbol that I had drawn just so he had a symbol there to signify some sort of clan or logo.  Didn't even realize it looked like something from Zelda.


The world building class I took had us start from scratch and build a world from the ground up.


My world is set in the future some time somewhere in space where there are no planets but islands.  Islands that have the same characteristics as planets with atmospheres and everything, but they look like islands.  The underside of the islands is a mirrored image of the top side, just the "dark side" of the island and slightly smaller than the top.  The people of my world are many races, vikings, cowboys, space rangers, robots, aliens, Victorian age with gowns, etc.  They are tasked by the government to be self-sustaining and live off the land… in this case islands.  There are Atmos (said At-moes) that can be mined to use as fuel.  The main chunks are used for fuel while the excess is used as the currency in my world.

There is a massive space station that acts as the capital of the "land" but it is only apart of one solar system in a whole galaxy.


There are vehicles in my world, but they look like animals too and have a mind of their own.  So for the vikings, they do ride dragons, but they are rocket propelled.  There are birds, jets, butterflies, and similar flying "animals" that can be ridden and trained by anyone.  There are also lions and tigers and other animals too, but they are more pets than mounts.  But like a horse would be used for the cowboys while butterflies would be the mounts of the Victorian age.  But any mount is available to anybody.


To get from one side of the galaxy to the other or even just to the next solar system, there are portals that if traveled through enough of them would catapult you to the next solar system.


There are always groups of four for each race as they are to go out in squads to mine the atmos.  But the thing is, the government and those in charge of the expedition are very secretive and a lot of the squads are very "go with the flow" and not question anything.  Very much "yes sir/ma'am" people.


But one viking squad who the leader's name is Jarl Mollerson, notices this and wants to question it.  One member of the squad is on board, one is skeptical but does agree, and one is totally against it but trusts Jarl.


So the meat of the story I still don't know.


But the plot I do know.


The whole point of the story is actually a video game and people are kidnapped and trapped in VR to do what they tell them without knowing they are kidnapped and brainwashed.  But something was intentional done differently to Jarl's "brainwashing".  There is a person on the outside that will start contacting Jarl, but Jarl is already starting to figure out what the government is up to.  But they realize something is wrong too, so Jarl has to "pick his fights."


So between the VR portion and the real life portion, the characters have to figure it out before those trapped in VR will be permanently in VR.


I got the idea from a Kim Possible episode where Kim was stuck in a game that she did not understand but Ron and his cousin Larry are very skilled and versed in the game.


Could also compare the story mechanics to Assassin's Creed and its relation to present day and past and then Ready Player One.  Add this to the growing list of things that end up as an actual movie.  I had this idea for a story like this… Before I even knew Ready Player One was a movie coming out.




I will work him back into the story in some manner.


That will be the next thing I will work on.  But I am getting very close to a point to start Book 7 so expect a chapter within the next week or two.


Fixed it, thanks for noticing.


Did the video I made answer your question here?


I had the same problem when I first started out, but finally figured it out way back when.


Alright.  Thank very much for review, I really enjoy the chapter long replies and responses for them because in a text chat there isn't a whole lot that can be conveyed correctly.  But the longer the message, the more that can get across to the other person.  So, don't feel that the longer messages are bad.  They do take a while to respond to, so I do understand that, but I really enjoy getting messages and replies like this.  I enjoy every comment just the same too.