Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 51: Long Time Coming

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Here it is.  The final chapter of the Mystery of Shadow Mountain.  I have had a blast writing this book and I hope you have had fun reading it.


After this, I will take a break between this and Book 7, until I figure out what I want the plot to be.


However, I will take this time to organize all the profiles of all the characters in my book.  Lack suggested me to do this, I thought it was a great idea.  After 6 books and so many characters, it is a lot to remember.  I have a whole document in addition to the introductions I have done in my books.  So look forward to that coming soon.


While I work on that, I will tomorrow post my "teaser trailer" in the form of my drawing I did for Book 8.


Without further a due, I hope you guys enjoy the last chapter of Mystery of Shadow Mountain!


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Thank you all for reading. Leave a comment about what you think?

         Before we leave the Island of Shadow Mountain, we scour and search Vixxen’s compound, which is now half burnt to the ground.  Though Vixxen did leave in haste, she still had time enough to take pretty much everything of value with her.  Nothing relating to either the mystery or Vixxen could we find.  We are about ready to leave too.  And with half the island destroyed, Fira is without a home.

         “What will I do?” Fira wonders once it finally sets in.  “I’ve lived here my whole life.  I could start again, but after what you’ve discovered about this island… It just does not feel the same as it used to.  Things I thought to be true… Turns out to be the exact opposite.”

         Fira sits on Sapling and stares down at the ground.

         Elsa suggests, “You can come stay with us.”

         Looking up, Fira answers, “Would you guys take me?”

         “Of course, we would,” I respond.  “We’d be glad to have you.”

         Annabeth changes the subject, “So, is the mystery solved?  Because it sounds like you are ready to go home.”

         “In short,” I add.  “We are just getting started.  What we thought may be at the end of the mystery was anything but.  The so called “Legend” of Shadow Mountain turned out to be a literal legend, meaning what Vixxen and I saw in there was a map.  But the thing is, Vixxen saw the imagery in there but did not understand it.  With what I have seen to this point, I recognized it and kept it from Vixxen.  She noticed, so she knows something else up.  Because she wanted physical power to use to strengthen herself and her allies, but more for herself.  When she saw I understood something that she didn’t, Vixxen turned on me, like I knew she would.  All the time I was in there with her, she tried playing up to me to get on my good side to let my guard down.  I was hopeful it was real but did not let my guard down.  Before Vixxen and I could get started much with a sword fight, we were interrupted by the Foreverwings and Purple Death.”

         Hyrith echos, “Foreverwings?  But they’re just a myth.”

         I reply, “There was a lot of things today that we all thought were a myth but turned out to be true and what we thought to be true, a myth.  However, I am still not convinced that the dragons she and I saw were Foreverwings.  As I understand it, those dragons are gigantic dragons too, much the same size as the Purple Death.  Another reason why I am skeptical about them being Foreverwings is the liquid they produce from their noses.  It is supposed to be a calming sedative, yet is anything but.  That liquid is the ‘water’ that we came in contact with before and what tainted the other water streams too.”

         “Woah, woah, woah, wait a second,” Annabeth waves her arms back and forth.  “Are you telling me that I got sick… that we all got sick having a ‘nice, cool, relaxing’ time in a hot spring that was snot from these dragons??”

         All the girls that did get sick from the first time we came to Shadow mountain all shuddered at the thought of that.

         I smile, “Not just their snot, but we all literally got in their noses.”

         That statement made the girls shudder even more.

         “From what I found out in there,” I point towards the mountain.  “Some of the pools are actual pools but still tainted while other pools were holes that the Foreverwings could attach their noses to.  Why would they do such a thing, I do not know.”

         Garth theorizes, “Could be because they do not like to get outside but are more of a dragon that likes to stay home and not go anywhere.  From what little the Book of Dragons does have on the Foreverwings, these dragons would do something similar to what the Red Death did to control other dragons to feed itself.  The Foreverwing, on the other hand, is less offensive and more co-sustaining with the other dragons.  While the Foreverwing is huge and vulnerable, the dragons it is controlling are treated with respect that the smaller dragons return the favor by protecting the Foreverwing from any intruders.”

         “Makes sense,” I say.  “Changing the subject again and to get your minds of being in dragon snot at one time… What exactly happened while Vixxen and I were gone?”

         Annabeth started, with a rhetorical chuckle, “Well, after the earthquake figuratively pulled my heart out of my chest, I followed the plan.  The guards that were left with us did not know quite what to do.  The only capable one there was Klarp.  He ordered his men to prepare to leave because I guess that once Vixxen and you had started going into the mountain, Vixxen had given him an order to keep us from going in there with you and return us back to the compound and get ready to leave back to Vixxen’s home base.  Vixxen never planned to let us go, obviously.  Vixxen wanted it to be just her and you solving this mystery for some reason.”

         Cazi picked up, “But on our way out of the cavern, Klarp came fell back as Annabeth and I were bringing up the rear.  Notably, Annabeth wanted to stay behind so she was the slowest to leave.  Dawn and I stayed with Annabeth as Klarp came over and told us that he was going to help us escape.”

         I repeated, “Help you escape?”

         Dawn said, “His reasoning behind helping us escape is Vixxen’s uncontrollable rage she had been exhibiting.  Her plan was to keep us hostage while she bargained with Berk and sell us back.  Her second plan was to force Berk’s hand by also trying to sell us to Viggo, dragons and all.  She would have preferred to sell us to Berk, but would have leveraged us against Viggo to make Hiccup and the gang surrender with the caveat that Vixxen would be the new leader of the Dragon Hunters.  Klarp did not like the idea very much but in a way saw the benefits of bring down Viggo finally.  But after Vixxen’s change in attitude came, he feared Vixxen would change her mind for the worst.”

         Cazi continued, “Klarp seems like a pretty good guy, we just believe in different stuff.  He didn’t like us getting captured and liked having a foe that would always try to stop them.  So, he said he would think of something to create a distraction.”

         “I,” Annabeth took up the next part.  “informed him that we were thinking the same thing, looking for a way to create a diversion for me to go release the dragons.  He mentioned that I would need the key, but I stopped him before he was going to say a way to get the key by showing him… I had the key already.”

         Asvord came in, “But before we could commit to any sort of plan, upon exiting the underground, we come up to a compound that is already in disarray and confusion.”

         “That’s where I come in,” Valkarik states.  “Coming back, I immediately try to get the whole compound’s attention to allow the others to go get their dragons.  Within a few minutes, everyone else was on their dragons.  And I figured out why the Changewing was following me.  Since it was blind but did not want to leave Fira behind, it followed me.  Wondering why it stopped and landed on a sea stack when I did, it was one of the reasons what encouraged me to come back.”

         Annabeth concluded, “Though caught of guard, the compound responded quickly to the diversion and we barely got all our dragons up into the air before Vixxen’s Vikings responded.  It took the whole amount of time until the first rumble from the inside of the mountain to start to change the momentum of the battle in our favor and start taking out their defenses.  When the mountain started to literally crack open after it just sounded like it was, it was weird.  Both sides of the battle just stopped and looked at the mountain.  That’s when I saw some dragons fly out of the top of the mountain.  Fredrick was in the fight with us, but after seeing the dragons fly up out of the mountain, he went on a beeline to the top.  Shortly thereafter, you and Vixxen falling through the air.  I quickly followed suit and caught up to your Thunderdrum.  Everyone else was faster to react to continuing the fight than Vixxen’s Vikings were.  So, we turned the tides quickly in our favorite.  The rest you know.”

         Shaking my head, I remark, “Quite an adventure.”

         “Yeah,” agreed Hannah.  “We should do this more often.  I am glad I wanted to join.”

         “Join?” Abbie teases.  “You’re the one that wondered why we came here in the first place, especially for the fact that we did not have a mystery for quite some time and got stranded on this island for a time.”
         “Yeah… Well…,” Hannah tried to think of something.  “You… Shut up

         Abbie wittingly came back with, “I’m a birdbrain eh?  If so, you do know I am related to you.  And if I have a birdbrain and am the youngest, what kind of brain do you have?”
         “Ooo…,” I declare.  “Burn.”

         Cazi slowly turns her head to Abbie, “You do know what you indirectly just made me?”

         Abbie smiles innocently, “I keep forgetting I am related to you.”

         We accompany Fira up to want remains her of house.  That part of the mountain was obliterated by the Purple Death pushing its way out of the mountain.  There are remains of the house now on the ground level, no longer on the mountain.  With the help of our two Skrills, two Gronckles, Tide Glider, and Triple Stryke, we made short work of clearing the large debris.  Fira found some of her belongings and packed up what she wanted.  We also stop by her shack, which is remarkably still intact and unscathed.  Fira spends the most time here packing up quite a bit and loading some of onto her Changewing.  Garth, Explod, Hyrith, and I all offer to carry some of her belongings on the backs of our dragons so Fira can be sure to take all that she wants.

         “Angie,” I ask.  “I’m sorry I did not notice until now, but, you have a bandage on your nose.”

         “Oh, I’m fine,” Angie said.  “I’ll probably have a scar though.”

         “What is it with you girls and wanting to have a beauty mark all of a sudden?” I tease.

         “Very funny,” Angie answers.  “But I didn’t get it as epically as Annabeth did.”

         Annabeth counters, “I beg to differ.  Sure, I got mine from the main woman villainess herself protecting my boyfriend’s sister… But you… You still had an awesome move yourself.  The last arrow launcher catapult standing.  Rows and rows of archers in your way.  None of us could get close enough to even breath on the thing as it was the last thing we needed to start the blockade at their ships.  Dive bombing at an insane angle downward, she and Nina dodged all the arrows, and Nina fired an electric shock so powerful that for a split second, the catapult glowed a bright and light purple and exploded.  Angie and Nina flew through the debris like it was nothing.  But hold everything as she turns to see the destruction left behind, a few arrows were able to get through.  Nina shot down four, but one snuck past, striking Angie on the nose.  Angie tried to lean back to get out of the way, but the arrowhead sliced her nose bridge.  One might think that was the last of it.  But Angie had the final laugh.  With her quick reaction, she snatches the same arrow our of the air, that struck her nose, grabs her bow on her saddle, has Nina do a left banking turn, and Angie fires the arrow back towards its origin.  The arrow finds its mark by cutting the Dragon Hunter’s bow in half and surprising the socks right off the guy.”

         Abbie confirms, “And that’s what happened.”

         “What?” I trying to hold a grin.  “I you don’t think I would believe my own girlfriend?  Because if I didn’t, she’d let me know it.”

         A razor from Anora’s tail whips past my head although a few feet away from it.

         “Hey,” I exclaim.

         “Not my idea,” Annabeth smiles.  “But I approve.”

         “I believe you, I believe you,” I assure Annabeth.  “Just poking fun.  Although I do not believe one thing… I didn’t see any socks laying on the ground, so I don’t believe it was just a figure of speech.  No socks, not as impressive a move.”

         Annabeth rolls her eyes and Angie merely shakes her head.

         Twenty minutes later we are up in the air.  Just out of curiosity, I lead us over the area where when we first got here and were stranded on the island to look at the pools.  Sure enough, they are now holes.  There must be even more caves and tunnels that are networked throughout the rest of the island.  Even with half the mountain gone, there is still a vast amount of the island still standing and not on fire, not to mention just how deep and wide Shadow Mountain really is.  Once we did this, we said our “Goodbyes,” and “Good riddance,” to the place.  Even Fira was glad to go in a way.  She has been alone her whole life, she has not talked about her family and what happened, and she too admits that the island fought against her while she tried to live off of it.  Being free of it seems to have taken some burden off of her.

         I am guessing, but I wonder if this was the first island she came to after leaving or being separated from her family?  That is a question that I will ask her someday.  But for now, lets just go back to Mystery.  Let us go home.

         Dawn did mention that we could track Vixxen, but we would still be in the same situation as before but Vixxen would be on the water.  I would rather face Vixxen one-on-one with a sword on dry land than on her dragon or on the sea.  Plus, we know where her base is and she knows where we are.  But I have a feeling that she will not attack us, nor will we her… At least not right now.  I still have to figure out where exactly The Legend is point towards and Vixxen has to figure out what I know.  Who knows.  Maybe something will happen that will occupy her time and I will probably get another mystery to solve.  One thing is for sure, The Mystery of Shadow Mountain is solved, but it was only the first part of something much bigger than the island itself.  This was only the first step.  Until then, I welcome a break from an intense mystery like this.

         Taking the rest of the day and into evening, with a stop for lunch soon after we left Shadow Mountain and a stop for supper several hours later, we make our way back to our Edge of Mystery.  On the way home, I take out my journal from my saddlebag and use the last few pages to sketch the images I remember.  I may not have a flawless memory when it comes to certain things, but when it comes to drawing, just looking at something once, I can pretty much replicate it on paper.  On the other hand, there are still things have trouble drawing, but if it is something important, it just sticks in my mind.  I have enough paper to get all of what I can remember of the fiery map legend I saw on the ceiling of the cavern in Shadow Mountain.  Still, I am baffled as to what all this means.  I know we need to go somewhere else, but where is it?  Not only that, but from what I remembered while drawing, there are several other things that may still have a connection to help solve the legend but it would take time to figure out.  I am just glad that we made it out of there unharmed except for a few minor injuries and Vixxen did not get what she wanted.

         By night fall we find ourselves back home.  Though we already ate our supper, we spent the night with the rest of our friends telling them of our adventure to finishing off the Mystery of Shadow Mountain.


         The next morning, or barely morning because I slept in almost to midday, Asvord has the great idea of inviting all of our friends and family including Hiccup and the gang, Mala and Throk, and even Stoick, Gobber, and a few others to come to Mystery for a celebration and a time to relax and catch up.  After what we went through with this Mystery of Shadow Mountain and The Legend, there was so much to this that maybe someone else can shed some light on different areas that we may or may not know or have figured out yet.  Especially with the dragons I have seen and finding out most of Vixxen’s backstory and her motives, Hiccup would very much like to know of them.

         While eating my breakfast, Asvord informs me of her plans.  She tells me she has already Terror Mailed Dragon’s Edge, Berk, and the Defenders about coming.  Right after I finished breakfast, Smoky, my family’s Terrible Terror we have here at Mystery, returns with a response from Hiccup saying he and the rest would be glad to come.  They are all coming as the Auxiliary riders will watch The Edge while Hiccup and the gang are gone.  Shortly thereafter, the two Terrors sent to The Defenders and Berk, respectfully, return with similar answers.  They will arrive sometime this evening, but in the meantime, we spend the rest of the day relaxing and sleeping.


         I wake up around late afternoon to sounds of a busy kitchen coming through the walls.  As I get up out of bed, I check my nightstand and put a few things in my pockets.  Asvord and Cazi are busy at work getting food ready.  After everything, it looks like Cazi is growing a liking for cooking.  Most everyone is still around their huts cleaning up or working on stuff.  Garth offered his hut to Fira to stay in while Garth would stay in his workshop.  He stays there most of the time anyway, so it would not be much of a change for him.  We do have the couch where someone can sleep on, in the Clubhouse, but Valkarik is used to sleeping outside.  So, while she will keep her things in the Clubhouse in the living room, she will sleep outside on the ledge above the Clubhouse.

         Going to the Stables, I get Fredrick out who looks like is itching for a flight of some kind.  After being keyed up to be ready to fight these last few days, it is difficult to unwind and just relax.  Putting Fredrick’s light saddle on, I lead him out and reach into my left pocket and reveal some Dragon Nip.  Once I give him some, I mount up.  I thought about just getting on Fredrick without the saddle, but after some of the cases I have had even with a saddle on, it is best I always try to put a saddle on my dragon.

         Flying around the island a few times, going nowhere in particular.  I get to the point where I let Fredrick take me wherever he wants to go.  My Thunderdrum cruises around for a few minutes before heading to the western part of the island.  Soon after Fredrick starts heading that way, I realize what he is doing.

         “You know me well,” I tell my dragon.

         He takes me to the cliff where I often find myself when I am relaxing on Mystery.  But I also find myself there with Annabeth… Who by the way is there right now as Fredrick and I come up on the cliff.

         I quip at Fredrick, “Mr. Alterative Motive.  You care about Annabeth, but you want to see Anora.”

         Fredrick snorts as if to counter, “Yeah, well, you care about Anora, but you want to see Annabeth.”

         “Yeah, you’re right,” I reply back to Fredrick.

         Fredrick responds with a nod of his head.  I shake my head as my dragon descends to the cliff.  A minute later, he lands and I dismount and walk up to Annabeth.

         Without even turning around, Annabeth says, “Hey Jarl.”

         “Hi Annabeth,” I answer.

         I walk up to her left and immediately reach my right hand to grab her left hand.  We both look at the orange-ness of the sky and the slowly setting sun.  We stand here for several minutes.

         I turn to my right Annabeth and with my hands put them on her shoulders and turn her towards me.  Words are still not needed.  I grab both Annabeth’s hands on each side with my hand on that side.  We slightly lower our heads to touch our foreheads together and close our eyes.  We stand there for several minutes more, yet what seems like forever.

         Then I ask, “Annabeth?” though not looking up and still with my eyes closed.

         “Yes Jarl?” Annabeth inquires.

         “You know that I love you, Annabeth,” I state.

         “And I, you,” Annabeth answers.

         I then say, “You are my everything.  I would go so far as to lay my life down for you.  I love you so much.  And I have thought about this ever since the day I ask for you to be my betrothed.”

         Opening my eyes and using my right hand to lift Annabeth’s chin up, I then take both my hands, take her right hand, and kneel down on my right knee.

         “I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” I declare.  “Will you marry me?”

         Overcome with joy, Annabeth starts to cry.  However, leaves me hanging without an answer.

         Being myself, I quip, “My knee is falling asleep and that is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question.”

         Annabeth chuckles through the tears that she is shedding and answers my question with a nod followed by, “Yes… Yes, I will.”

         Reaching into my right pocket, I reveal a ring with a red ruby on it.  Adam made me the betrothal ring… In the spare time I had to think about a bunch of things when I was stuck on the mystery and Annabeth while was gone, I made this ring.  It took me a long time to decide on a design.  Through what Adam had taught me about gem cutting and setting, I made the ring for Annabeth I am now putting on Annabeth’s right ring finger.  I forgot Annabeth is still wearing the betrothal ring, so I take the wedding ring off, then take the first ring off, and put the wedding ring back on.

         The wedding ring is gold as before but is a simpler design yet has more meaning.  Around the band are four small, polished red ruby gems.  Each gem represents one year that I have known Annabeth.  We are not quite at four years of knowing each other, but we are very close; plus, I like even numbers.  The main rounded square setting are two larger red rubies next to each other, parallel to the band itself.  Circling the main setting in the rounded square are small gems of blue topaz, natural blue topaz which is quite rare, but not as rare as Annabeth.  The two red rubies represent Annabeth and I always being together forever.

         I take her last ring and loop a chain through it, I stand up, and attach the ring around her neck as a necklace.  Annabeth takes both her hands and wipes away her tears.  Taking a few deep breaths as I finished putting the necklace on her, we look into each other’s eyes and kiss.

         A few moments later, we hug and turn around.  Our dragons are nowhere to be found.

         Annabeth still breathing deeply to keep calm, states with a slight shakiness to her voice, “Where’d our dragons go?”

         “Who knows,” I answer.  “It just gives us an excuse to walk home.”

         With right arm around Annabeth at my side, her left around my side, we begin to walk back to the outpost.

         “Would a year be fine? I ask.

         Annabeth did not hear me, “Huh?”

         “A year,” I repeat.  “For our wedding date.”

         “Oh,” Annabeth says.  “As much as I knew it was eventually going to happen, to see you fully committing to this and talking about this…  Its finally happening.  Now having to actually talk about this and make plans… I just can’t think of anything like that right now.”

         “That’s why I think we should wait and not rush into this,” I reply.  “We’ve never rushed into anything thus far, so waiting a year will be good.  We now each other now, but talking through making serious plans, we will get a lot figured out.  Then, as you say, there are the plans to be made and planned out, but all that can wait.  Just know, that now more than ever before, this will happen.  I promise.”

         Annabeth lays her head on my left shoulder after I say that, “Sounds good to me.”

         I add, “We’ll wait a year, give or take a few days, couple weeks… month or two… or three… or more.”  Annabeth chuckles, I continue, “Give or take, but a lot more take than give.  I won’t wait much over a year from now.”

         Annabeth squeezes me for a brief hug and says, “I love you, Jarl.”

         “I love you, Annabeth,” I return.


         When we arrive back at the outpost, Hiccup and the gang are just arriving.

         Astrid asks, “How’s everything going?”

         Annabeth looks at me and I nod as she cannot hold it in.  Annabeth shows Astrid her new ring.

         Annabeth excitingly says, “He finally asked me!”

         “I’m so happy for you,” Astrid says as she and Annabeth hug.

         “Finally,” I fold my arms.  “You were gone for three months or so, but I do agree, long over do.  I kept thinking about it and thinking it through and I could find nothing to do bring up that I would delay me.  Although, the fact that I left the ring here while we went to Shadow Mountain, I had to at least come back here and do it.  I would have done it last night, but I wanted to sleep on it and wait for the right moment.  I put the ring in my pocket the moment I got up this morning, but Fredrick kind of sealed the deal.  I went out for a flight and at some point, let him take over.  He pretended to randomly be flying around, but I think he was really looking to see where Anora was.”

         “Funny you say that,” Annabeth states as Astrid looks at the ring on Annabeth’s finger.  “I was doing the same thing with Anora before.  I let her do the same and she immediately went to our spot.”

         “Well,” I declare.  “Looks like they were playing a little bit of match making.”

         As I finish, Mala and Throk arrive along with Stoick and Gobber.  Just in time, Asvord comes out to say that the food is ready.  Upon entering the Clubhouse, I got everyone’s attention to announce Annabeth’s and mine engagement.  Everyone is beyond happy for us and congratulations go all around.

         Asvord and Cazi cleaned out the front room and put out the long table for all to sit at.  As per expected of those coming, Asvord had a place for Stoick and Gobber to sit at the head of the table, followed by our guests of Mala and Throk, and then Jarl and Annabeth.  From there it was anyone that wanted to sit down could where they wanted to.

         The main course is filet salmon with green herbs that Fira prepared.  Drinks include yak milk and water.  Side dishes include corn, fresh apples, green beans, and cabbage.  There is bread and butter along with breadsticks.  And for desert it is buttercream parfait for everyone.

         Throughout the meal, my friends and I take turns recounting all of our adventures of the Mystery of Shadow Mountain.


         A few hours later, we are all relaxing and finishing off our parfaits.  Asvord and Cazi made enough for each of us to have at least two if not three.

         “Oh, I have not eaten that like that in a long time,” Stoick compliments my sister and Cazi for a job well done.  “A wonderful meal with a heroic and impressive story.  What more could you ask for?”

         The moment our chief said that, we all heard…


         Hiccup exclaims, “What’s that?”

         A worried Snotlout cries out, “We are under attack… We need to hide… I mean, where’s my dragon?”

         We all rush out Clubhouse and look all around us…

         There is nothing around us.  No ships, no rogue dragons, no nothing.


         Another explosion comes.

         Annabeth declares, “It is coming from the stables!”

         We all rush towards the stables before hearing another one.


         I call out, “It is coming from the grazing lands.”

         We rush out there we find…

         “Ooo…” Fishlegs says.  “Baby dragons!”

         Elsa speaks up, “But not just any baby dragons… Thunderdrum-Razorwhip baby dragons.”

         What we see is Fredrick and Anora huddled around three hybrid Thunderdrum and Razorwhip baby dragons.  The four dragons are varying blacks, yellow-greens, and yellows.  One dragon’s main color is black, the next yellow, the third yellow-green with black spots like freckles, and the fourth one that Elsa caught is yellow with green and wavy stripes and black frosted tips on the spines and edges of the wings.  The hybrid dragon looks more like a Razorwhip but has the spikes down the spine like a Thunderdrum, their bodies are not as small as a Razorwhip but more filled out, they have the armor of a Razorwhip, and have a combination fire type and sound waves.  The shot looks like an exploding firework coming out… Sounds like one too.

         Annabeth puts her hands on her hips, “So, that is what you two have been doing when you two run off together.”


         A fourth dragon egg explodes.

         Elsa runs up to the three and catches the fourth baby dragon as it falls to the ground, “Remember that favor you said you would do for me that you would think of later?”

         “Yeah,” I say already knowing the answer.

         “May I have them?” Elsa shouts for joy.  “May I have them all?”

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      Hello everyone. I'm Lack Lunason and, after nearly a year, I've finally fully read the "Jarl Mollerson Mystery Series". Now that I know the complete story (so far), I am going to give a review of my thoughts, opinions, and other such things. Without further ado, let's get started.


How'd I Discover And Start Reading This Series?


     I had heard a lot about fan-fiction, but never actually read any. So, I decided I'd change that and started searching the Forum. I came across one or two good short stories, but the majority that I came across just couldn't keep my interest. They would begin with either too much detail, too little detail, or just seem....odd.


      Then I saw under 'New Topics' the (approximate) words "Book 6: Mystery of Shadow Mountain: Chapter 7: Dragon Basketball". Being inquisitive, I tapped the link and started reading. It was the chapter where Jarl gets the first gem, then Vixxen comes, they go back to the Island, and Annabeth suggests they play Basketball. 


    I will admit I didn't make it through the chapter.....because I wanted to first see where it started. I went into HTTYYD's signature and saw "The Clue Of The Missing Socks" and just had to check it out. (Side notes: 1. Thank you HTTYYD for putting link's in your signature. I probably would never have read this if you didn't. 2. You made a good choice on a first title. Really makes one curious.)


    I started reading the first chapter and couldn't stop. It wasn't because it had perfect grammar, because there were a few mispellings. And it wasn't because it had a huge, shocking start. It was because of something much smaller: the characters of the first chapter. 


    Most fan-fics I started tried to immediately introduce the main character through some means (and some did it well, others didn't). But this one started out with Gobber and the Twins....and they were pretty close to being completely accurate in how they would act. 


     I just kept reading and reading and finished the first story in a month.


The books In Order From Favorite to Least Favorite With My Reasons:


    1. "The Clue of the Missing Socks": This is easily still my favorite because of how the story was. It was simple and had a good amount of heart. There weren't really any twisting back stories or huge, complex traps. It was just a group of friends trying to solve a mystery that was bigger than what they thought. There was joy (like when they were in the cave and Jarl was telling the story of a "scary" sea monster [same chapter as the introduction of Fredrick]), there were tears (when Jarl's mother told the story of when Jarl's dad disappeared), there was danger and blood (when Jarl's friends were attacked in the woods and beaten up), and there was a twisting mystery that was difficult enough to not tell what was coming, but easy enough it made sense (entire story). That's why this one will remain my favorite.


     2. "On The Edge Of Mystery": This is my second favorite because it was more centered around action. It was nice for them to move off Berk and see new things. The action was fun and daring with Annabeth being taken, Throst tricking them into trust, knife fights, and the end dual between Annabeth and Jarl (NEVER insult Jarl's mom's cooking!). 


    3. "The Mysterious Frozen Fire": This was a fun holiday themed adventure. Though the shortest adventure to date, it held many twists. Again, it was just a group of friends who had stumbled upon a mystery. It was fun seeing Icestorm Island and the multiple villains were a nice touch. The return of Jarl's dad was also nice. 


   4. "The Secret Symbol": This was a fairly good story. There was a little too much going on for my tastes, but still a good adventure (I also find it funny that HTTYYD pretty much wrote season 6 of Race to the Edge a year before it came out). The confirmation of Jarl and Annabeth being a couple was a good ending. And the seemingly main villain of the series being introduced was also really cool. 


    5. "Thoughts Of Guilt": This was a fairly good story. Way too much going on in my opinion, but still fun. The adventure on The Golden Isles was awesome with the treasure hunt and race against time. Hyrith was an incredible character in that story and I definitely want to see more of him in the future. There are still a few unanswered questions from this story (like Anora's necklace and who was Jarl's dad talking to in the the middle of the night off the coast of Berk [could Jarl's dad actually be evil?!]). And I'm still trying to figure out if the end was supposed to be magic or not (and if Jarl and Annabeth can communicate telepathically due to it). Overall, not too shabby.


    6. "The Legend of Shadow Mountain": I'm afraid this has to take the place of my least favorite. The story seemed all over the place, and there were a few things that seemed out of place. The adventure on Aberdeen Island was probably my favorite part of the book because they got separated from their dragons and their friends, so they had to work old school. However, the conclusion to the Aberdeen misadventure,the final conflict (where Jarl calls him out in the middle of town) felt kinda rushed and, in my soul opinion, Jarl played the situation a little dramatically.   However, this book also had some awesome parts like the midnight sun, Aberdeen Island, and the opening with them crashing on the island.


My Opinion on Different Charecters (besides Jarl)

(please note: I know most are suggested, so, if I say something you don't like about your suggested character, please don't be mad at me or HTTYYD. This is pure opinion.)


    Asvord- I like her role as an older sibling that Jarl is constantly arguing with or teasing. Her job for cooking for everyone is a much needed role and I'm glad it seems Cazi is lending a hand now.


    Elsa- I have to apologize. Ever since the beginning, I've always pictured her looking like Elsa from Frozen. As for the character herself, She definitely plays a good role of being slightly insecure and nervous. I hope to see her grow more into her role in future stories.


    Annabeth- Annabeth is fairly good. She has a very complexed back story (and I want to thank HTTYYD for clearing it up). I like that she's a good warrior, but hope to see her personality grow more in the future. She seems to cry.....a lot, and I'd like to see her rescue Jarl more instead of the opposite.


    Cazi- Cazi is certainly a fun character. I kinda want to see her and Snotlout have to work together to rescue the others and see if they could actually do it. Cazi has had some good character development and I look forward to what's ahead for her.


    Garth- I apologize to everyone else, but Garth is probably my favorite character besides Jarl. He doesn't say much, but, without him, half these mysteries wouldn't be solved. He sabotaged the air defenses on both Aberdeen Island and Vixxen's compound. Most of the weapons the characters have have either been built or modified by Garth. HTTYYD, this character is gold!


    Explod- This is my second favorite "background" character. Though he hasn't really ever accomplished anything major, he's just a fun and goofy character. I hope he steps out of the shadows more and has some importance in future stories.


     Hyrith- I really loved Hyrith's character in "Thoughts of Guilt". He was very mysterious, secretive, and intelligent. He kinda seemed like a ranger, coming and going where he pleased. I'm pretty sad that he fell into the "background" riders because I feel like he has so much potential. (P.S. This is personal opinion, but I think it would be cool if he sported a fireproof cloak....just sayin'.)


    Dawn- This is another amazing character. Her back story is great and her personality of sassyness is a nice touch to the story. I thought it was brilliant how she was introduced to the story, just popping up on Mystery and seeming to not care about anything (seriously, it was like a dream come true when you did that scene). I look forward to seeing more of this character.


List The Villains From Favorite To Least Favorite and Give Your Thoughts:


    1. Throst- Okay, I know Vixxen should be my favorite villain, but I like Throst more. For those who don't remember him, he was a side villain in "On the Edge of Mystery". I just loved this character because he lied to Jarl and the gang, tricked them, and manipulated them. Also, he obviously was a high ranking officer, which makes me wonder what types of things he did to gain so much respect at such a young age. I really hope he comes back someday.


     2. Vixxen- She's a fun villain and I find her actions interesting. I think she heavily underestimates Jarl and the crew, but that makes her no less dangerous. I look forward to the future encounters with her and seeing how she ups her game.


    3. Vemund- Okay, fine, I know he's a hero now, but, when he was a villain, he was pretty good. I like his backstory of treachery and then, later, coming back to his family. I do wonder though, is he truly a hero?..... He acted pretty suspiciously in book 4, staying up late at night, and we still don't know the identity of the masked person who tried to stab Jarl in the same book. 


    4. Koll- I honestly can't say too much on this villain. We know he's still out there, and he's currently the longest running villain, but he hasn't done or said too much. I hope he comes back soon.


     5. Trevor- So we know he won't be coming back, but he was still cool. He put up a few good fights. I still wonder if he had a magic sword or not. 


What Do You Think Of The Jarl/Annabeth relationship?


    The Jarl/Annabeth relationship is a tough subject. I could never like it as much as Hiccup/Astrid (Sorry HTTYYD). I like the relationship in a few ways. It had a brilliant build up from when Annabeth was first introduced and was much anticipated. There are numerous romantic scenes and it's nice seeing how far Jarl will go for Annabeth.


     On the flip side, I don't really think Annabeth is pulling her weight. Jarl has comforted her in hard times, followed her across seas, through enemy lands, fought for her, saved her from sickness, given her great gifts, and been a shoulder to cry on. However, Annabeth hasn't really done too much for Jarl. I can't think of more than once where she saved his life, Jarl's never really opened up to her with his concerns and problems she's never given him a gift showing their love, and she's never been a shoulder for him to cry on (though I don't think Jarl's actually cried in the entire series, maybe once). 


     I feel like once Annabeth returns the love with equal passion, it will be a better relationship. For Pete's sake! Their engaged! Annabeth needs to commit!


Closing Statements:


     "The Jarl Mollerson Mystery Series" has been a good read. I definitely look forward to where it will go and what lies ahead. What mysteries are still buried? What clues sit behind ancient cobwebs? What villains still lurk in the shadows? And will Jarl and the crew be brave enough, daring enough, and crazy enough to save the archipelago from certain doom? Only one way to find out.....


  -Lack Lunason








(I figure you've probably already figured that out, but I thought I'd play it safe.)


    Hi, I'm Lack Lunason. I'm called that because I lack many things, and I'm a lunatic. I just put son on the end to make it sound more like a viking name. I'm also a Christ follower.


      Here are just a few more things about me:

  1. I am a procrastinator.
  2. I'm pretty nice (mostly).
  3. I am most definitely kind (don't listen to those that say otherwise).
  4. Adventurous.
  5. Lazy.
  6. A dreamer.
  7. And I'm slightly crazy.

     I've been around SoD for a long time. I think I was one of the first thousand to leave Berk and sail to the school. I'm happily part of the bold clan known as POTATO BROTHERS. I have over four-thousand trouphies, although, I don't like racing much. On the other hand, I'm a Master Farmer.  (Don't you dare ask me how fishing is going!  We don't speak of that!)


      On the ranking on the forum, I've completed/on the following: Jarl, Forager, Wilderness Explore, Viking Warrior, Dragon Trainer, Drott, Dragon Master, Chief, Berk's Power Player, and......



(Respect my Authority!)

[because no one else will]


(Sorta) Current Trophy Count:



Now onto some random stuff. This part will grow over time.




BAT-MAN THE VAST (Also known as Bat-Stoick)

(By The Dragoness)


Fan-Fiction And Short Stories:


Shrieks From The Shadows Series:


Once Bitten, Twice Shy

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The Terrifier

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5


What Lurks in Ebony Swamp

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Things I am a Fan of


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Quotes I love


"Once I set the sea alight with a single fiery breath....

Once I was so mighty that I thought my name was death....

Sing out loud until you're eaten, song of melancholy bliss....

For the mighty and the middling all shall come to THIS...."

The Green Death, How To Train Your Dragon: book 1. Cressida Cowell.



Stoick The Vast. How To Train Your Dragon: Book 5. Creessida Cowell.


"I sailed so far to be a King, but the time was never right.....

I lost my way on a stormy past, got wrecked in starless night....

But let my heart be wrecked by hurricanes and my ship by stormy weather....

I know I am a Hero...and a Hero is....FOREVER!

In another time, another place, I could have been a King....

But in my castle's ruined towers the lonely seabirds sing.....

I burned up my Tomorrows, I cannot go back ever....

But I am still a Hero....and a Hero is.......FOREVER!

Up with your sword and strike at the gale......

Ride the rough seas for those waves are your home......

Winters may freeze but our hearts do not fail.....


You are never alone if the sea is your friend......

Riding the waves of impossible quests.....

If it doesn't end well, then it isn't the end.....

A Hero.....Fights.....FOREVER!

The hero cares not for a wild winter's storm.....

For it carries him swift on the back of the wave.....

All may be lost and our hearts may be worn.....


Grimbeard the Ghastly's Last Song. How To Train Your Dragon: Book 11 and 12. Cressida Cowell.


      That's about it. I give full credit for...well, everything, to GOD. Have a good day.


Bye for now!































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Since your post was a longer one, I thought I would reply to the thread instead of your post in case you want to go back and add or change something.


Where to start?  First of all, thank you very much for all of your comments.  You are a very dedicated reader and I applaud you for going back and reading the story from the beginning.


Thanks for the backstory of how you came across it and then started reading.  I am always curious how people come read my stories, but not so curious as to ask as they will tell me if they want.


I initially wanted to have links at the end of the chapter thread, but then got busy with real life and working on posting weekly that I just never did again.  Same with putting links in my signature.  If I got 20 chapters or so ahead of my signature, then I would think of putting the newer links in.  1.  You are quite welcome, glad I could help and thanks for reminding me.  >.<  Also, when a link didn't work.  2.  Thank you.  That is what I was going for.


The first book I wanted it to be similar in format as Httyd 1, but a completely different story.  "Getting my feet wet" with established characters helped me settle in with how to start off with Jarl.  Since I had watched the first movie many, many times and watched Riders and Defenders of Berk a couple of times, I knew Hiccup and the gang better than I did my own character.  At least at first, knowing how I wanted to do my character and seeing how to arrange it, I experimented with the first chapter with Hiccup in this fashion.  Then when I was done with that chapter, I had the ideas to run with on how to do Jarl's introduction to the story.


The Books in order of your Favorite to Least and my responses to your reasons:


1.  "The Clue of the Missing Socks" is also my favorite for a lot of the reasons why you like it.  But as much as Httyd 2 is a great movie, I still cannot put it over Httyd 1 because the first movie started it all and is why I fell in love with the story, characters, and franchise.  Without that movie, I would never have written these books.  Without The Clue of the Missing Socks and seeing I had support, that is what led me to today.

Once I got in the grove of writing the story, I looked at where I was going and knew I needed to build up to something i.e. lead to the climax.  Starting out small and adding one thing here and there I felt was the same as Httyd 1.  The problem I ran into is I kept building up to something that I forgot I also needed to wind down to the end of the story.  This was my first occurrence of trying to end a story without ending it suddenly and satisfying the reader and me as the writer.


I don't know if you caught onto it, but the whole story (or at least as best as I could to remember) is all written in past tense, while the rest of my series is written in present tense.  The Clue of Missing Socks had already physically happened even from the start.  Jarl was recounting his adventures in his journal he keeps to this day.  His journal is my subtle way as the writer to "prove" I have the "evidence" of the adventure happening because Jarl kept a journal and I am posting the stories that he is writing from the adventures he and his friends took.


Another thing, not sure how familiar you are with mystery books, but my favorite series (not my own) is the Original Hardy Boys books, of which I have 2/3 of the 54 books.  My writing style for the first book for sure is structured much like those books.  But as I continued, I developed my own style with that still as a basis.  A lot of the ways I write the plots is similar to how I think the Hardy Boys books did it, but I arrived at the start and conclusions of story arcs in my own way.  Then also from a writing standpoint, I do not want the paragraphs to be too long nor too short.  Having a nice middle ground I find keeps the reader engaged because that paragraph wants them to read the next paragraph and before you know it you've read 5 chapters still wanting more.  I also do not be too cliche with the cliffhanger endings in every chapter, but if you read any book from the Hardy Boys, every single chapter in all their books always has a cliffhanger.  Only the last chapter is not really a cliffhanger but even then, they feel like they are.


With this book picking up support as I went, I started asking my friends for their characters and then people started asking if their character could come in.  This challenged my writing at a very early stage and I think propelled me forward and made my stories better sooner than had I not challenged myself.


Then with Jarl not having his dad felt a bit like a rehash of Hiccup with trying to be original with the dad gone not the mother.  So, I tried to work that in different and have more mystery to it but something Jarl thought he could solve.


Overall, there was so much I learned in this book, so much new, and challenges and with my friends along for the ride, the book has a special place in my heart.  Once I finished I was like, "Alright that is done... It's done?  It can't be done.  You've always wanted to know what happens between movies or tv shows, this is your opportunity.  Who says you have to stop?  Keep it going."  And thus The Jarl Mollerson Mystery series was born.


2.  (I am only just now to your #2 ranked book XD)

Books 1 - 3 are a rough story arc that I had envisioned after finishing Book 1.  "On the Edge of Mystery" signified me moving on and starting a new story arc, Books 4 - 6.  I had a more worked out story arc I wanted to do over the three books, but it was ever changing with reader input and suggestions with new characters being added.  With the characters being older and taking on new responsibility of moving away from Berk, plus Race to the Edge coming out, the awesome writing of that series made me want to step outside too and extend the boundaries of what Jarl and his friends are capable of.

A lot of the story elements with Annabeth and Jarl were suggested by DragonsAreMyFriends, my friend responsible for creating Annabeth Everdeen.  I did put my own spin on it, but I would say 90% of what I did was what Dragons wanted just written out in my detailed oriented writing style.


3.  (I guess with The Clue of the Missing Socks being the first books, there is just so much to unbox that went into that book and that came out of that book that it deserves to be longer.)

After the "feature length" film of a book that I thought was only going to be 20 chapters, I wanted to do a shorter story where I could work on trying to keep the story moving and end it quicker.  Because ending the story took a good 10-15 chapters for me in the first book.  Although, the last three chapters could have probably been 6 chapters in total.  This was the first time I had to break my word count limit.  Then I was trying to average around 1,800 words per chapter.  Because if I let myself go, I would just keep writing without and end and I know that is not good.  After this, I knew that the detail I wanted to put in needed to be at least 2,000 words.  By Book 6, I am averaging 2,500 rough guess.  I am putting a cap at 3,000, if I go over, then I make the chapter a two parter.  With this in mind, I had the same problem with Mystery of Shadow Mountain.  The last several chapters could probably take me closer to 60 chapters than 51.  I'll talk more about this later.


4.  "The Secret Symbol" is my attempt at doing a different kind of mystery like "searching for buried treasure."  This book especially was highly influenced by Race to the Edge.  The Outpost gave me the idea to start for On the Edge of Mystery, which I directly referenced in that book when Jarl came to the name of the outpost he and his friends were building.  (I have a habit of doing that because I after I watched Cars from Pixar, I had the idea for a sequel and started thinking of ideas of what it could be


>>>Side note<<<  I have always been one to think of stories and tell them to my parents, my siblings, and my friends.  If I had a really good dream and remembered it, I would tell anyone who would listen.  At a very early age, the story of anything really intrigued me.  I just didn't like writing.  Now that I like writing, my passion for good stories now as a tool to be used to funnel that energy to make my own stories.


Back on topic...

(...ideas of what it could be.  Low and behold, Cars 2 comes out in 2011.  From there, I started to actually write Cars 3 a couple of weeks after watching Cars 2... Low and behold they make a Cars 3.  I need to start patenting my ideas.  XD  I even have a Cars parody of the Christmas Carol short story that I have yet to write, though do have an outline.  It would be called "The Christmas Car-oil"  *wink* *wink*, *nudge* *nudge.  See what I did there?  Just ask any of my friends at college and they will tell you I have a pun for just about everything and anything.)

Vixxen is also Dragons' creation.


The end was something I had been building up to for 2 Books... and something Dragons wanted right away.  I thought the two of them were a good fit, but to suddenly do it would not be good.  So to make it more meaningful, I would build up to it and intentionally work character development for their relationship into the plot itself.  So, that when it finally did come, it would feel justified.


5.  "Thoughts Of Guilt" I would be the first to admit that I rushed a lot of this story.  It is my attempt at a "murder mystery."  But in hindsight, I know I could do better.  Hyrith, the character that the story is made after, is the saving grace of the whole book.  When I helped another writer here on the forums who was at the position I was starting out on The Clue of the Missing Socks that if I didn't get a comment by Chapter 10, I wouldn't post.  Me and a few others got interested.  I will admit, I wasn't expecting much going in, but he blew me away with how good the story was.  When he submitted his character to be in my story, I forget who said it where but someone said they wished that my series and his were in the same universe.  While his is more fantasy and mine is realistic, I still wanted them to be in the same universe and hint at that his story could actually take place in my story, just a long time down the road.


Fun fact:  Trollhunters on Netflix is in the same universe as How to Train Your Dragon.  One of the easter eggs in Jim Lake Jr.'s basement is the same game board model that was used between Hiccup and Viggo for many episodes.  It was theorized that they were, but then the creators more or less confirmed it from being asked about it.  I'd have to re-research this to make sure I have it right.  But with Trollhunters in mind, goldenfury's, the one who created Hyrith, his story is not so far-fetched for the realism of How to Train Your Dragon if the fantasy of Trollhunters is in the same universe.


Not to be too sour, but while I was writing this story, my family, specifically my older sister went through a bad situation.  In a nutshell, guy promised to marry her (at the time she was just out of college to give a reference for age) but when suddenly dumped her and went back on his word merely because he said my sister changed.  When in fact it was because something happened to his mother that made her dislike my sister, so he chose his mother over my sister.  This nearly broke my sister, so to write a story title "Thoughts of Guilt" while this was going on, was hard to do.  So for the middle part of the book, I was distracted.  My sister is much better now, however, unfortunately a relationship break up such as this happened two more times with the most recent one happening only last month.  Same way.  Guy promises my sister.  The parent doesn't like their child moving away, makes them choose between them or my sister, guy chooses parent after they promise to marry my sister.  In every case, there was now blatent sign that they or their family was bad or anything.  Each one started out great, but cares of the world got in the way.


Not to be a downer of saying that, but it does give context as to me being distracted and not fully committed on the majority of the story.  The only thing I was committed on was Hyrith and The Golden Isles.


6. Halfway through this story, granted that would be about chapter 25, I suddenly realized I basically rewrote The Secret Symbol just with a different driving factor.  The "x marks the spot" or "search for buried treasure" type of mystery, Book 5 is much like Book 6.  Having so much going on kind of distracted from this, but I fully believe I did a duplicate of the plot.  Now the story arcs while the plot was going on are the best parts of the story.  I was trying to go back for a bigger story, I think I went a little too big and could have had done a few things differently.  I try to use The Clue of the Missing Socks as the maximum length for a Book I will go... I went 6 chapters over.  Then with the same problem as the final 3 chapters of Book 2, those "6" chapters are physically 12 chapters.  Most of the final chapters over 3,000 words and some close to 6.000.  For the sake of number of chapters, I made the chapters longer.


None the less, I still did not want to rush the ending no matter how long the story took in number of chapters.


Now as a summary of missing plot points and holes, I intentionally do not answer some questions or just totally abandon some things so I make myself go back and read my previous stories.  Problem is, I haven't reread any of my stories, though except for The Clue of the Missing Socks, but even then, I have sat down and read word for word any of my stories.  I have written 6 books in 4 years, averaging a chapter per week.  Because I don't do a chapter a week sometimes, I double and rarely triple up chapters to post in one week.  But taking a break from writing, I miss it so much that I just keep going.  With a college schedule, it would take forever for me to go back through all my stories.


That being said, doing the profiles are a great, fast, and easy way to do this.  Then I had a "duh" moment.  Since each book is its own Word document, I can use the Find feature to quickly search any plot point or hole I have and answer in a current book.


Also, intentionally having a plot hole in my books makes for future ideas for story arcs in future books.  Doing this I feel helps with the continuity of my series.  However, I have forgotten some of the plot holes that you have pointed out.  Which I am extremely glad that you have... I don't have to go back over them and find them... No, just kidding, but it still helps me that I can use that effort I would have used to do something else with my series.


If you have any plot holes I have yet to answer or completely abandon in the middle of a story, please, don't hesitate to share them.  Everything I miss, I eventually add back.  Much the same as any suggestion I get.  I add them all eventually, but only when it feels right with the story.  Prime example, Dragons wanted Annabeth to kiss Jarl right away.  I felt it was too soon in their relationship as they were just best friends at the time.  The development of the characters and the story went to close friends and beyond.


Your opinion on different characters (besides Jarl) and my responses


About your note:


XD  First thing I thought of when you said that.  >.<  But I understand your statement.  Any of my friends at college are always wary of saying such a statement to me because there could be a pun right around the corner.  Even if they have a pun comeback themselves, they efforts have always failed.  XD  Though, I will say, I am training them well because I am increasingly needing to up my game because they are getting good too.


Anyway... XD


The whole Mollerson family is based on my actual family, except for a few things such as the dad being gone and the birth order.  I'm the youngest.  Since I didn't have a younger sibling, I wanted to know what it was like having a sibling.  The sister who Elsa is portrayed as thanked me very much for that... Note sarcasm.  XD


Asvord is portrayed as my oldest sister in a lot of ways, but with every member of the family I wanted them to start out like my family but develop into their own stand-alone characters.  Asvord is the oldest... And makes sure Jarl remembers it. - Sums up Asvord in one sentence.


Fun fact about Elsa.  If you go back and check the date stamp of my first chapter of The Clue of the Missing Socks and the date when the first trailer for Frozen dropped... My Elsa came first by several months.  This is back when studios were more tight lip about upcoming movies.  I knew nothing about Frozen coming.  I looked up norse names and Elsa was among them.  With Elsa being the younger and more insecure sibbling, I felt Elsa played to those character traits.  Also note that I was planning this story a couple months before the date of the first chapter.  I had about 4 chapters written when I started posting.  So, about three months before I knew Elsa was a thing in a now popular Disney movie, I used Elsa.  When that came out, I was like, "What is with Disney or Pixar taking my ideas with either them or myself knowing they are doing it?  Maybe I really should patent my ideas.  XD"  After that, I also thought Elsa of similar qualities and looks of the Elsa in Frozen.


Having a variety of characters and not just a Mary Sue or Gary Stu (which I never the male version until now when I just looked it up XD) is important to a story.  So while I never mentioned that Elsa was insecure, it is indirectly understood.  Then seeing that in her character, I committed to directly referencing she is.  These types of problems with not the flawless character makes for better stories because the problems help write the story and make it a stronger development when the character grows to embrace or overcome it.


Cazi the Conquerer who made Cazi Olson, specifically said to have her not like Snotlout in this way.  I took that suggestion and ran with it and may have gone too far than what my friend had originally thought, but then she took off with it.  XD  That would be a fun thing to write.  XD


Garth is made by my friend Garth, (His username is Garth XD), is stride for stride the same as Garth in real life, according to him.  Everything I have portrayed him to be using what Garth has told me, he is that character.  The designs that the character Garth has come up with, Garth in real life has designed and suggested them to me.  While the Multi-Purpose weapons are mine, his ideas inspired me to make Multi-Purpose weapons.  A lot of times even in real life, the quiet ones are the ones to watch because you might be working for them one day.  The bloom that takes the longest to grow and is the smallest is a lot of time the biggest and best bloom of them all.  Prime example: Hiccup.  While I wanted to have similar personalities to Hiccup and the gang, having characters like Garth really sets Jarl and the crew apart to make them similar but original.  Hiccup does invent, but not to the scale and detail that Garth does, in my opinion.


Explod is like the average, run of the mill viking.  However, he is also anything but average or run of the mill for he is always dependable and will do anything and everything you ask him to do... With his own flare of course.  :P  Being average is his flare and thus makes him anything but average.  A bit contradicting to say, but that's Explod.


Fell into the background eh... Maybe there was a reason???  Just saying.  Keep this mind for any "background riders."  *httyyd says with a mischievously evil laugh as he just gave you, even more, to think about*


;) :D XD


Hyrith is Jarl's "language" and "ancient" arts specialist.  So, while he is also secretive and maybe the quietest of all my characters, that is also Hyrith's style.  You don't notice Hyrith sometimes.  By the time you do, he's already done what he came to do.  Perfect for stealth missions.


Dawn... Another character created by Dragons...  I tell you, she has a knack for making awesome characters.  While I do admit she has taken a bit of a backseat in the last couple of stories... Believe me when I tell you that she will make it known in the next story that she has.  She had been recovering after finding out about her mother and father, so that made her become quiet.  But in the next couple of books, she will be anything but.  XD.  While she still doesn't care about anything, Jarl and his friends have shown her she does care, but she just needs a reason to care.


For all characters that I did not create, all the credit goes to those who submitted them  While I do write them into my story, without their input and want to put their character in my story, their characters would not be as great as they are.  Much like a driver for a racing team.  All the hard work goes on in the shop to engineer the car, the driver is just there to bring back the car in one piece and win the race.  Both sides has their own skills, but one without the other, the end result falls flat or short.  But I give all the credit to those who submitted their characters, I just write what I think they meant when they give me the details of their character.


List of the villains from favorite to least favorite and your thoughts with my responses


1. Remember me saying earlier about forgetting about certain things in my stories?  This is one of them.  I am like, "Did I write that?  I mean.... Yeah... I totally wrote that.  Forgetting it was all part of the plan..."



Prime example of sharing my plot holes in my stories.  I am the kind of person that wants to fill in the hole and if I see a hole or someone else sees a whole, I want to fill it in right away.  Not to say that I don't want any holes in my story to make it a flawless story because even the shirt you are wearing has four holes in it.  (How do I know without even seeing your shirt?  Well, how did you get your shirt on in the first place? ;) :P)  Some holes are needed and should be there.  But most holes don't and need to be filled in.


Now you have me intrigued at something I wrote that I want to go back and read something similar to how most feel after reading one of my chapters.  This is very weird and intriguing to think about.


2. Vixxen... Another character by Dragons... See what I mean by Dragons creating characters?  While Dawn and Vixxen did initially have the other's backstory just with the good staying with Dawn and the evil with Vixxen, talking through it with Dragons and me giving her suggestions, she reworked her backstory for both into what they are today.  Your statement, "She heavily underestimates Jarl and the crew."  Is not want I am striving for... On the other hand and thinking about it is exactly what I am going for as the character as developed into that.  While Vixxen has always been one step ahead of Jarl, Jarl has always come on top to this point.  When it counts, Jarl is one maybe a few steps ahead of her.  But this is the challenge I have tried to create for Jarl, he has to work very hard to be one step of Vixxen.  When he does, he is usually a few steps ahead.  And Vixxen thinking she is always one step ahead of Jarl will, in fact, cause her to be the exact opposite.


3. Vemund might now be a Dagur kind of character, in the sense was once bad but now good, at the time Dagur was still bad as Race to the Edge had just started or was close to starting.


Deja Vu again... Plot point I forgot about and want to go back and check.  These are things I try to look for to work into the current book to drive my story along if I get stuck.  Now I want to know who tried to stab me... Jarl.  xD


4. I have thought about Koll off an on, but thought that a bad guy Jarl just never quite caught is a good thing for the story and for Jarl.  I too want him to come back, I just want it to be right for the story and for the character.


5. Truvor/Trevor.  Remember what I said about Trollhunters and keep in mind Hyrith.  If you go read Goldenfury's Alpha and the Shadow you might understand Hyrith a little bit better in comparison to my story.  Because his story dealt with more or less superpowers, sci-fi, and fantasy elements and it is in contrast to my realism, I still wanted to hint at both stories being in the same universe with the final scene in Thoughts of Guilt.


Alpha and the Shadow:


What do you think of Jarl/Annabeth relationship and my response


Interesting fact, I had intended Jarl to be paired with someone else, but in my mind was not sold on it and didn't know how to do it.  With Dragon's brilliant character creation of Annabeth, it was exactly what I was looking for.  I may had not known it was at first and maybe didn't do the very beginning as well as it could have been.  Once I got past the intial hint at their relationship start, everything was fine after that.


While some might see too many romantic moments between the two, a lot more than Hiccup and Astrid, the dynamic between Jarl and Annabeth is different.  Because they are great at action, battles, and mysteries, their dynamic will be different.


Most importantly, I want to portray what I would do for and treat a girl if I ever meet one in real life.  Every action that Jarl is taking with Annabeth is something I would do in real life with the girl that I would marry.  While I have never had a relationship like this, I am portraying this of me being myself and doing what is right.  So while this is good in all, your observation of Annabeth I do see.  Has nothing to do with Dragons, but all to do with what I am trying to show.  I do admit I have been focusing more on what Jarl's side is and not Annabeth's side is.  All that you say Jarl has done for Annabeth, in my mind, Annabeth has done.  Because I write in first person and it is from Jarl's perspective, it will be inherently heavily towards Jarl's side of the relationship.  But still, you make a great point and I will keep this in mind for the future.


Of any character I created based on a real-life person I know, Jarl is 95% me.  The other 5% is Jarl's athletism.  With training I know I could make that 100%, but right now I cannot do most of the things Jarl does in battle or parkour.  But with watching America Ninja Warrior, the more I watch and write my books, the more I want to actually train to do that.  I am good with a bow, I just don't have a bow of my own.  Going to gun ranges is as close as I have gotten.  I do have a lever action Winchester rifle with a scope and I believe I am good with it, isn't the same as a sword or bow.


As I have said at the end of Book 6 that Jarl and them will be talking about more things seriously, this will be a great opportunity for Annabeth to shine more through in my writing.  I will try my best to do this.  Although not having a relationship like this to help me, I still believe I can write it and make it justified.


Thank you for pointing this out, I would not have seen this otherwise.


By the way, is Pete related to Bob... Who you need for a Bobsled team?  ;)


My closing statement to your closing statement about the closing of your statements to my series stating your opinions closing out your reply...


(I love doing that.  Repeating the same word over again in the same paragraph or sentence and using different tenses of the word for fun.)


I don't know if I can say this enough, but I very much appreciate all of your input thus far and would welcome any more in the future.  I have big plans for book 8, but 7 does come after 6... because 6 is afraid of 7 because 7 8 9.  Pun intended.


One other mechanic I like to my writing style is posting one chapter a week and getting it written in that week.  This might not be the best way to do because I might get busy and miss doing it weekly.  But what I love about doing this is you as the reader is finding out where the story is going basically at the same time I am.  While I know the plan for the book, the details of the chapter I finding out the same as you and asking the same questions.


When I start the next book, I can send you pm updates like I do the rest of my readers.  I have also thought of making one pm thread separate from their update pm threads just so the rest of you can meet each other.  It would be mainly just for a meetup.  The update threads are for suggestions that you want to suggest but may not want others to see them.  So I want to keep that.


By the way, if you want to make any suggestions, feel free any time, especially characters.


Again, thank you so much for all of you input, Lack!  I hope we can start a friendship too!  And I make friends for life even through to offline.  I have stubborn issues when it comes to my friends.


You are now stuck with me for life!  :D


When I make a friend, I consider you a friend for life!

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My last subject was referencing your third story.

Hey, HTTYYD. I will get back to this post and PM you my suggestions. I was about halfway through my suggestions when the Forum randomly deleted it all. So, it may be a little longer now before you get it, but IT SHALL COME!


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Is the gif from Teen Titans? The guy looks familiar.

I remember that now, XD, about the subject.


I hate when that happens.  When you go back to replying, instead of scrolling up and down, duplicate the tab and put them side by side so you can type the reply in one while reading and keeping your place in the reply in the other window.


Sounds like me when I try to get something done.  It gets done... Eventually.  XD  But just get it done when you can, no problem.

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I'm currently writing my

I'm currently writing my suggestions.

It will be done soon-ish.

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Alright, sound good.  Just

Alright, sound good.  Just checking in.

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Lack Lunason
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Just sent over my

Just sent over my suggestions. Hope you like them and at least consider them.

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Your gif - Any homework to any person in school.

Still reading and writing my reply to your reply about a couple replies we have done back and forth...


A lot of your suggestions are awesome and I want to add them now.  But I'm not currently writing a book, so I have to wait.  Speaking of which though... Chapter 1 of my next book I will be working on today and tomorrow to be posted by Friday.


I decided on a title:  The Crimson Storm


What do I mean by that?  Don't ask me.  I don't even know.  But i thought it was a cool title.  XD  I write stories to fit titles of books.

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Finally caught up, A very

Finally caught up, A very interesting way to end the book. now we have to see what will go on with the map that was uncovered


also forgive me for my short comments I tend to write them the morning after I finish since I usually only have time to read these late at night. 


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