Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 50: Not Today

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Only one more chapter left in the story.  It is hard to believe.  I don't know if you know this or not, but we are coming up on the 1-year anniversary of me starting Mystery of Shadow Mountain.  Looking at the date stamp for my first chapter, you'll see the exact date.  I don't remember the exact date, but it is coming up in a few weeks.


The mystery itself was solved in Chapter 49 but I hope that this was a good way to end the story at Mystery of Shadow Mountain.  I still have a few things I want to do in another chapter, so 51 will be up sometime today, probably sometime tonight eastern standard time.


I hope you all enjoy the chapter!


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My first Chapter 50!

         After telling her what dragon this is, Vixxen knows exactly what this dragon is capable of.

         “We have got to get out of here,” Vixxen declares.

         The Purple Death starts to circle us.

         “You don’t say?  How are we supposed to do that?” I ask as the Purple Death stares us down.  “Hop onto a Foreverwing and fly out of here?”

         “Great idea,” Vixxen retorts.  “I’ll go first in case it doesn’t work.”

         “Nice sentiment,” I return.  “But you just want to get out of here.  You don’t care if I do or not.”

         “I’m not stopping you,” Vixxen says as she runs to the edge of the floor we are on and looks down to see where the Foreverwings went.  “If you are able to ride one of those things out of here, more power to you.”

         As the Purple Death completes a third lap around, the Foreverwings come back.  By the looks of it, the Purple Death is none too pleased by it.  Surprisingly, the Foreverwings are flying in formation, as in a “V” formation that is.  The Purple Death proceeds to roar as loud as it can!  Vixxen and I grab for our ears while at the same time are knocked off our feet and pushed on the ground!  Since we are so close to the edge, it is now or never… Vixxen and I go flying off the edge of the platform!

         Although caught off guard by being pushed off the platform, we are not out of control.  Vixxen and I both had the same idea.  We keep our bodies flat so we do not roll over in our free fall, extend our arms to slow our decent, and wait for the Foreverwings to fly under us.

         Thinking that we would have to fall onto the dragons ourselves, the Foreverwings actually come up to us and the two leading dragons pick us up!

         Vixxen and I land on the backs of the dragons and had to grab on to the tendrils coming off their heads to be sure we did not fall off.  I could barely put my arms around one tendril; each one is as big as a couple feet in width tree trunk.

         The Foreverwings start to fly up to the center of the cavern.  As we reach within ten yards of the ceiling, the Foreverwings fire.  The ceiling instantly explodes and makes an opening for the dragons to fly through.  The Purple Death voices its anger.

         We are still not out of the mountain yet, however, there is a spotlight above us… The highest peak of Shadow Mountain.  What we are in now seems like the central part the dormant volcano.  Looking below, the “cavern” we were in is merely a pocket of lava that had solidified.  Reason why I know this is because of the rock formed on the outside.  When lava cools off, the top of the cavern below has a similar look.

         The Foreverwings continue to fly us up to the light.  This is rather surreal because the Foreverwings seemed to be against us at first and then something changed.  Now they are saving us.  Then the quietness brought me back to reality.

         Thinking to myself, “What’s the Purple Death doing?”

         Minutes later we shoot through the opening.  Flying up into a cloud about another fifty yards above us, upon entering it we are thrown off the Foreverwings by the dragons twirling!

         Before I could finish the thought of free falling to oblivion, off in the distance I see Annabeth on Anora flying this way with my Thunderdrum Fredrick right behind them.

         I angle my body to fly in that direction with my arms at my sides and my legs together.  Though are distance between us is probably a few hundred yards, that gap is made up in about three minutes with my dragon flying full tilt at me and me falling at him.

         When I get within about twenty yards of my dragon, I use my right hand to gesture a circling motion.  This is a command for Fredrick to circle back around.  Fredrick flies past me, turns around, and comes right up under me, matching the speed I am falling.  I simply have to reach below me and grab Fredrick’s saddle.  I do and safely get my feet in the stirrups and grab hold of Fredrick’s reins.

         Leveling out, I then see Vixxen is still falling.  I think Annabeth said something about who was falling, but I did not stop to tell her.  I immediately went after Vixxen.

         Dive bombing after Vixxen, she looks back at me.  Vixxen further angles herself away from me, falling down at an angle away from me.  I am starting to catch up to Vixxen; but as I do, Vixxen lets out a rumble.  Knowing that Fredrick sees something that I do not, I look around.  Finally, I spot it.  Its Ragnarok.  Not the Purple Death, but Vixxen’s Snow Wraith!  He is flying up to meet Vixxen, but is flying at an angle that he would collide with me and Fredrick.  To avoid an in-air collision, I pull Fredrick back, level out, and stop to a hover.  Moments later, Vixxen is on her Snow Wraith heading back to the compound.

         Though I want to go after her, I wait for Annabeth to catch up to me.

         “All according to plan, eh?” Annabeth quips.

         I smirk, “It’s good to see you too.”

         “You know what I mean,” Annabeth comes back.  “Was that Vixxen?”

         “Yes,” I answer.  “We need to get out of here, off the island, and far away from here as possible.”

         I start to fly towards the compound as Annabeth pulls Anora up to my right; she speaks louds enough to be heard over the rushing wind, “I heard rumbles of what sounded like thunder coming from inside the mountain.  Assuming that was the crazy you were talking about, that you sorely mis-defined, I broke off our attack to come find you.  Thinking it had something to do with the dormant volcano, I started flying to the top.  That’s when I saw you flying on a dragon.  Where’d you find them and where’d they go.”

         “I’ll tell you that later,” I call over to her.  “Wait… Attack?  So, you got everyone’s dragons in the air?”

         Annabeth nods back and forth, “Eh, yes and no.  Yes, our dragons are in the air.  No, it was not me.  That diversion or something you wanted me to start to get to our dragons, none of us needed to start it.  Valkarik came back!  She and a Changewing created the diversion we needed.  She kept the Dragon Hunters attention while the rest of us freed our dragons.”

         I sigh in relief, but, “Our work is not done.  We’re going to have company soon.  We need to get all of our dragons in the air.  The Dragon Hunters are going to be the least of our worries right now.”

         “Company?” questioned Annabeth, starting worry.

         Before I could answer, an extremely loud thump did so for me.  It came from our left.  It happened again and I saw the side of mountain shake.  Chunks and boulders dislodge and roll down the mountain side.  Annabeth and I slow to watch.


         The side of the mountain splits in two and then shattered.  Huge chunks of the mountain side rip apart from the rest.  Then hole in the mountain appears after the dust settles.  Out of it comes a gigantic purple dragon.

         Annabeth cannot believe it, “What in the what is that?”

         Sarcastically down playing it, I say, “Oh that thing?  Just a Purple Death.  One of the rarest dragons known to vikings.  It is thought to be the Midgard Serpent to bring the end of the world with it.  Did I mention that it nearly wiped Berk of the face of the world?”
         Annabeth was left speechless, though finally said, “Maybe I need to study Berk’s history a little bit more.”

         We continue on our way to the compound.  A few minutes later we arrive.  Annabeth and I see our friends blocking Vixxen and her vikings from getting to their ships.  Our friends have destroyed all of their dragon defense weapons, which are looking pretty good about right now, considering the situation.

         I land at the docks and run past Explod and Garth, who are leading the blockade against Vixxen.

         Angie orders, “Vixxen, you are hereby ordered to surrender.”

         Closing my eyes for a moment, I step out between Vixxen and my friends, “Vixxen can go.”

         Shocked by my statement, Dawn pipes in as do others, specifically Angie and Cazi, with similar remarks, “What?!  Are you crazy?  You of all people should be wanting this to happen.”

         “Have you not seen or at least heard our new guest?” I say pointing to the enormous purple dragon still trying to get out of the mountain.  “Family, friends, clanmates, enemies, foes, and dragons alike… May I present to you the Purple Death.  The one dragon that could rival Red Death in every aspect.”

         Both from my friends and in the crowd of Vixxen’s Vikings there were gasps of shock and awe.

         Hyrith replies, “Though I’m not from Berk, every viking in the whole archipelago knows the tales of the end of the world and the agents that bring it about.  But going through the records, the Purple Death is just that.  It has never truly been defeated.”

         Annabeth adds, “That’s comforting.”

         Cazi demands, “But what has this got to do with Vixxen not getting captured by us?”

         “Coming to Shadow Mountain was never about capturing Vixxen,” I state.  “As much as I want to bring her in… This just isn’t the time.  If things had worked out differently, I would have taken that opportunity in a heartbeat.  But us fighting here, today, what would we be fighting for?  Vixxen would probably escape, either now or enroute to Outcast Island or someone would break her out… Anyway… she could just very well get away like she has the last several times and just go back to her home base and build up anew like she has done thus far.  If we fight amongst ourselves, the Purple Death could just pick us off one by one.  Even if we are on dragons, the Riders of Berk still could not truly defeat the Purple Death.  Much like the Red Death, the Purple Death could just very well go back and destroy anything in its path.  We cannot let that happen.  But we cannot capture Vixxen at the same time.  We need every dragon to help stop this thing.”

         In a more serious tone, I ask Vixxen, “Are all your vikings and hunters accounted for?”

         Vixxen replies, “Yes.  I called everyone back last night to be ready when you and I would go into the heart of Shadow Mountain.  All I need to do now is get everyone out of the compound and be on our merry way.”

         Then saying a bit rhetorically, I quip, “It has been a pleasure, but if you want to get out of here with all of your vikings, you need to leave now… Before I change my mind.  We’ll cover you.”

         “Thank you, Jarl,” Vixxen says and waves her vikings to get to her ships.  “You won’t regret this.”

         “Oh,” I cut in.  “I’m sure I will.”

         Vixxen comments from the back of her Snow Wraith, “Funny, I know Ragnarok hasn’t come because I am riding him right now.”  I roll my eyes.  Vixxen chuckles, “Oh, so this is how it feel, eh?”
         Cazi folds her arms, but does remark, “Believe me, it doesn’t happen very often.”

         Vixxen adds as readies to lift off, “See you soon, Jarl.”

         Vixxen and Ragnarok lift off.  She goes back over all the compound to make sure everyone is escaping while they can.

         Going back to Fredrick, I mount him and get everyone in the air.  Everyone is here including Fira and Valkarik.

         Who by the way, flies up to my left and remarks, “I am sorry for turning on you the way I did.  My whole life I have been out for myself and on my own.  No one ever did anything for me without wanting anything in return.  For the first time since I can remember, after turning you in for my safety and my dragon, I felt sick to my stomach.  I have done similar transactions with many Dragon Hunters and other vendors before, but with you are your friends here, it changed things.  Finally thinking of someone other than myself or Alpinny, my Flame Whipper, I decided to come back.  And for some reason that Changewing followed me.”

         Fira spoke up, “That would be my Changewing,” Fira said from the back of it.  “I have been training the dragon ever since before you guys came.  Just recently have I been able to ride Sapling, only a few weeks ago.  I have a few commands, but other than that, Sapling is only able to be ridden.”

         Sapling huffs and then Fira chuckles, “Though Sapling is completely blind, he is definitely not bad of hearing… Just Stubborn.”  Sapling then snorts.

         All of my friends and both my sisters fly up above and start to fly in a wide arcing circle around this area of Shadow Mountain.

         Hyrith suggests, “As I understand the Book of Dragon correctly, the Purple Death is a Tidal Class dragon.  So, whatever we do, we should probably keep it from getting into the water.”

         Just then we see the Purple Death diving into the ocean.

         Dawn, still perturbed from letting Vixxen go, “Aw, perfect.  Any other great ideas?”

         Hyrith grins in a way like he was sorry he mentioned what he just said, but he adds, “Anyone got a Plan B?”

         “Well,” Annabeth lets out a heavy sigh.  “If we are to cover for Vixxen as she escapes… Again… We need to keep the Purple Death’s attention off of her fleet until they have ample to time to get out of consideration of effort by the Purple Death to pursue them.”

         Hannah jump in, “So, you want us to annoy it, make it mad?”

         “Exactly,” I agree.

         Abbie raises her hand, “That’s my specialty.  Can I go in?”

         “Since when?” Cazi now puts her hands on her hips.

         Hannah counters, “Everyone knows I’m more irritating.”

         I but in, “Just do what I told you.”

         “Alright, alright,” Hannah says.

         Hannah and Abbie go off, but Cazi mentions, “I best go too… To make sure they do it right.

         “Garth, Ali,” I move on.  “See if you can go into the water and get it to resurface for the other three to keep above water.”

         Those two fly away as I then ask, “Dawn, Explod, Angie, and Hyrith.  Once the Olsons get its attention first, immediately try to get the Purple Death’s attention on you.  Compete with the girls over who can be the most irritating.”

         The four nod and fly away to follow my order.

         “The rest of us,” I say to Annabeth, my two sisters, Fira, and Valkarik.  “Will gauge if Vixxen is out of range yet and also vie to see if we can be the most irritating to the Purple Death.”

         “Jarl,” Annabeth asks before I could take off from Fredrick’s hover.  “That still isn’t a plan for how we are going to deal with this gigantic problem.  After we delay, what are we going to do?”

         Taking a deep breath, I respond, “I’m still thinking about that.  Let’s just do what we can for now.”

         Flying over to the northwestern part of Shadow Mountain, the Purple Death emerges from the water roaring its head of.  It leaps up into the air and brings its front two legs crash down to the land.  Though in the air, we feel the shockwave but we are able to keep control of our dragons.

         The Purple Death rears back its neck and I yell out, “Look out!!”

         I wave everyone off to take evasive maneuvers.  The Purple Death proceeds to lay waste to this part of the island.


         We all evade the Purple Death’s fire blasts it ejects.  By what Hiccup had described about the Red Death’s fire, the Purple Death’s fire streams are quite similar.

         Once the dragon stops its blast, we continued the fight.  Going a few minutes more with the dragon confused as to which group to fight, its floppy and skinny tendrils underneath its neck flailing through the air as it roars back and forth at us.  The Purple Death finally has enough and submerges once again.  This time, it stays underwater.

         Several minutes go by.

         Garth remarks from sea level up to us thirty yards or so in the air, “No sign of him.”

         It is eerily quiet right now.  No wind, no birds, no nothing.  This did give me a chance to see that Vixxen and her fleet, of more than ten ships, are well on their way back to the north.  Though there is no wind here, before we started with the Purple Death, there was a slight breeze coming from the south.  So, Vixxen probably caught another wind current to speed them along.

         Angie questions, “Do you think that the Purple Death is going after Vixxen.”

         “No, I don’t think so,” I reply.  “I don’t even think the Purple Death even noticed the ships sailing away.  It was too busy from getting out of Shadow Mountain to worry about anything else.”

         A few more moments came before a seaquake occurred.  Just as before when I witnessed a Purple Death before, the seaquake starts to irritated our dragons to the point where they were nearly uncontrollable.

         Garth and Ali are still the closet to the water surface, but I try to yell at them to get out of there; however, they cannot hear me due to the loud sound of the seaquake.  Here is another good reason why it is good to have a dragon that has bad hearing.  Though as a Thunderdrum Fredrick cannot hear well, he is still affected by the seaquake, but not to the amount of the other dragons.  I swoop Fredrick down to wave Ali and Garth to try and follow me as best they could, just so they could get out of the way.

         A minute later, out of the way just in time, the Purple Death emerges out of the water, firing its streams of fire every which way.  The streams float through the air and cause all of us to scatter.  The Purple Death dove up many hundred feet into the are before diving back down into the water.

         Once the fire finally dissipated, my friends and I regrouped.

         Annabeth remarks, “We can’t let it go underwater again.”

         “Alright,” I say with at least a plan to stop it from doing that again.  “Let’s all fly down to the ground and wait for the dragon to appear.  Once it does, let your dragons fire all they got onto the underside of the Purple Death.  That should knock it back into not wanting to do that again.”

         We fly to the ground and wait for the dragon to reappear.  It takes it twice as long as before and the seaquake is twice as large and loud.  As before, shortly after the seaquake takes place, the Purple Death emerges.

         Thinking that we were still in the air, we surprise it by firing all of our different types of blasts into the dragon’s belly.  Our dragons all have enough power that with the momentum the Purple Death is carrying, the giant dragon is knocked off course and goes crashing into the already cracked open Shadow Mountain.  This created an earthquake as loud as the seaquake from before.

         We all cheer but we know we are far from finished.  Stunned by our blasts, the Purple Death regains its footing and starts to charge us.

         A bit surprised at its agility for such a big dragon, my friends and I fly our dragons straight up into the air.

         Dawn calls down to the purple dragon, “Aw, the poor guy doesn’t have wings.  Can’t reach us up here, can you.”

         With a counter attack, the Purple Death fires a shockwave through the air.  Not so much sound like a Thunderdrum, but pure air blasts.  Even while we are over a hundred yards away from the dragon, the blasts are still able to reach us.

         “Something’s got to give!” Asvord informs me.

         Annabeth then quips, “I wish this thing would just go to sleep.”

         That suddenly gave me an idea from something I remembered but at the same time without knowing what I am thinking Fira randomly says, “Cover me!”

         “Cover y-,” I repeat the question but then call out to Fira as she dives bombs.  “What are you doing?”

         Only the couple of seconds it takes for Fredrick to point down and fly downward… Fira and Sapling disappear!

         The moment I think, “Where’d they go?” I realize the answer.

         Angie questions, “Where is Fira going?”

         “Somewhere that she doesn’t realize is exactly where she needs to be,” I remark but the others do not understand what I just said.  “Come on, let’s keep the Purple Death occupied for her and to not let it go back into the water.  Pick your spot!”

         That command means for everyone to spread out, similar to “pick your target.”  But seeing how there is only one target, come at the target from any direction you like and fire.”

         The Purple Death is pelted from every direction with flaming boulders from Gronckles, electric lightning bolts from the Skrills, shot with acid blasts from a Tide Glider, gassed by a not so Hideous Zippleback which is ignited by the magnesium fire of the Deadly Nadders and the orange blasts of a Triple Stryke with a touch of swirling fire from a Flame Whipper, and finally bombarded with the bright blasts of a Razorwhip exploded on impact and spread across a wide area by the blast waves of two Thunderdrums.  The Purple Death could only stumble back against Shadow Mountain and take it.

         About four minutes of this constant bombardment, the Purple Death had enough and very sporadically shoots its fire blasts into the air around it making the rest of us scatter again.

         Out of the blue, in front of the Purple Death’s head, Fira on her Changewing, Sapling reappear!

         The Purple Death stares the two down and at first tries to breath in to shoot them down, but slowly backs down and looks Fira and Sapling straight in the eyes.  The Purple Death calms down.  Fira is saying some things to the Purple Death in a language dialect that I do not understand.  But whatever it is, the Purple Death understands it.

         But what is more important…

         Angie observes, “Of course.  Everything we can through out at it by a dragon barely puts a scratch into the dragon’s hide.  But a hypnotism by a Changewing’s eyes to the Purple Death is a sure-fire way.  It better be because Hiccup did it before with Phantom, the Changewing he trained a few years ago when the first Purple Death the Berkians saw.

         Now, Fira duplicates how Hiccup did it by hypnotizing the Purple Death into a sleep!  Fira guides the Purple Death back into the decimated Shadow Mountain, but there is still a lot of the mountain still intact.

         Fira proceeds to lead him in and the Purple Death is fine.

         Problem solved!