Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 42: And The Battle Begins

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This is probably one of my favorite chapters I have written of all time.  Thanks for being patient with me as I have not been posting as regularly as I want and you guys probably expect.


I hope you guys enjoy the action... And the ending of this chapter.


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And the Awesomeness Begins!

        We still have somewhat the element of surprise, but it is not the traditional way of thinking about it.  No doubt the night patrols are reporting the cave-in to Vixxen, as we speak.  Vixxen has been expecting us, so she will also no doubt say we caused the cave-in and prepare a defense.  What my friends and I still have is Vixxen not knowing where we will attack from.  Vixxen knows that we know she knows we will always try to change our tactics, so she knows we know that.  Now what she does not know we know is I knew she would know and we will do what is rarely attempted.  Vixxen will never know what hit her.

        With that in mind, I take point and guide my friends up and over the mountain, in arrow formation behind me.  Couple of minutes later, my friends and I scale the mountain, but we continue to climb.

        Two minutes later, I hold up my right arm and then slow my dragon down to a hover, I relay my attack plan to my friends, “Split into three groups.  Annabeth, Asvord, and I will lead.  Annabeth and Asvord, attack the large weaponry.  My group will cover you two.  We will also keep as many ground troops occupied as we can.  We will complete this by bombing runs.  We’re up here now, we will dive, make a run, and then climb again.  The large weaponry is setup for an attack on the same plain, from the outside coming at them.  If we stay over top the compound, they will have a difficult time defending against us.  If they fire, they’re just as likely to hit their own compound as they are us, maybe more so their compound because we are moving targets and we do not plan on getting shot tonight.”

        “Hopefully this will confuse them enough so I can break away to go after the girls,” I continue.  “One dragon breaking away will be less noticeable then more than one.  I’m betting Vixxen will only bring out Ragnarok as a last resort.  I don’t want to take the compound, I just want to rescue the girls.  Vixxen knows this, probably why she captured them.  Then we will come back for Vixxen and then the mystery.”

        Cazi exclaimed, “Finally, we get to kick some Dragon Hunter butt.  Been too long.”

        I ask, “What about Berser-… Never mind… Let’s go!”

        We start in diamond formation, Fredrick and I at point, Annabeth and Asvord at my right and left.  By now the moon is starting to rise to help light our way.  Also, we are seeing large lamps being lit and raised, quite similar to the ones on Berk when we used to fight dragons.  Those lamps, we still use, just for different purposes.

        When I see that we are about a quarter mile from the compound, I signal to split up by stretching out to the sides my arms.  Annabeth and Asvord break off slightly to separate.  I nudge with both my legs and pull slightly back on the reins to have Fredrick open his wings a little bit to slow down.  Pulling back to form my group, the others also move up to for the other two groups.  My group has the dragons that have weaker fire blasts or have a non-fire type shot.  Cazi, Garth, Angie, and Ali form up behind me.  Abbie, Hannah, and Hyrith go with Asvord and Dawn, Explod, and Elsa form up with Annabeth.  With three smaller groups, we are now in Mosquito Formation.

        Annabeth’s group took the eastern defenses, Asvord’s team took the western defenses, and I led a bombardment of the barracks.  Using my right hand, I tab Fredrick a couple of times but gently so he knows to do an easy, drawn out blast just to shake the buildings and make the Hunters second guess their actions to get them off balance.  Just after my Thunderdrum fires, I hear a dragon roar to my right; then I remember:  The girls’ dragons!

        As my group flies up, the other two returns for a second run.  I bank left and complete a large two-hundred-seventy-degree swooping turn back east.  My group stays with me.  We come up on two guard towers, still intact for the most part, all ready knowing what to do, Cazi has Electic fire a blast into the left tower while Angie has Nina fire a similar blast into the right tower.  The Dragon Hunters still in the towers have a shocking revelation and scramble out of the tower while a couple fall out and run for cover once they hit the ground.  Ali has Undyne knock the top off the tower, shattering the wood and Garth has Riptide literally melt off the top of the other with her acid spray.

        As we go forward, Fredrick dips up and over the headquarters.  The turn we did took enough time for Annabeth’s team to group with Asvord’s, as they are done with the east defenses.  I nudge twice with both of my feet to have Fredrick let out a simple roar.  Getting the attention of my friends flying perpendicular to me and my group, I raise my right arm, then whirl my right hand, and finally point forward.  Annabeth nods and replies by raising her left arm and pumping down once with her forearm.

        There is a combination giant bow and catapult launcher in front of me and my group.  I look behind me, using my first two fingers of both hands, I turn to the left and right, using that side’s hand, to signal my friends to break off.  Annabeth and they continue to barrage the smaller catapults, net launchers, and dragons.  Annabeth and I are on a dragon collision course, yet we both push on.  Annabeth signals to everyone else near her with an overhand wave pointing forward using her right hand.  Everyone but her fly a bit up and start going on a trajectory to fly around the large catapult to continue the barrage.  She and I look at each other, probably checking the other’s speed so we would be matching.

        Annabeth and I are now both within one hundred fifty feet of our target.  Digging down into my saddle, I lean forward and bend down to tap Fredric’s “special” spine.  Note, I just have to grab for the base of the spine, no longer do I need to touch the broken part that has never grown back.  Fredrick fires his most powerful sonic blast.  Split second after, Annabeth has Anora twirl into a tight barrel roll, firing three consecutive Razorwhip blasts.  The two shot types combine to obliterate the launcher into a million pieces.  Knowing Annabeth and Anora are still on a collision course, the moment as Anora fires, I swiftly maneuver Fredrick to roll, to the left, upside down and arc him towards the ground.  I duck my head to protect against Anora’s explosion she created once it struck Fredrick’s sonic soundwaves, also, ducking to protect against any splintered wood and flying debris.  I look down, technically, but physically it is up, I see Annabeth and Anora twirl up and then snap to a stop, flinging Anora’s spines back to the east.  Seeing her line, she took through the explosion and what line I took, we could only have missed each other’s dragons by mere inches.  As I think why she had Anora throw her spines, I catch myself not paying attention as I bask in Annabeth’s awesomeness… I forget I am heading towards the sand on the beach!

        Fredrick completes the left side roll and levels out, reacting a couple of moments before I could.

But as he completes the barrel roll, I duck my head again and my back rubs against the sand on the beach for a few seconds.  Once level, Fredrick fully extends his green-yellow wings, lifts up into a loop, and when he is pointing east again, he performs another half roll to the left to level out again.

        For the next part of the plan, I catch up to Cazi and Angie.  I relay to them to go after Fira’s and Valkarik’s dragons as I go for the girl riders themselves.  Cazi and Angie immediately peel off to start their rescue of the dragons.  I picked those two because Cazi has trained multiple Skrills and Angie with the Speed Stingers as well as her own Skrill, Nina, these two vikings are the most qualified to keep Fira’s and Valkarik’s dragons calm and rescued to safety quickly.

        Now about the rest of my friends, I lean down and simultaneously use both right hand and foot to tap and nudge Fredrick twice.  He gives two fast roars as he rolls two times.  This tells my friends to scatter and pick their own targets.  Going from a formation to scattering, made the sight look like Berk’s houses all exploding at once the one time the Astrid used the dragon eggs as presents a couple Snoggletogs ago.  With the chaos of dragons flying “erratically” but on purpose, the Dragon Hunters are utterly bewildered, not knowing where to fire.  Vixxen’s Vikings are more apt and smarter than your average ordinary Dragon Hunter; and even they are unable to combat our dragon strength verses all of Vixxen’s preparations and planning.  In all of this craziness, it is the prime opportunity to sneak off and rescue the girls.  Every Hunter is going to be more worried about not getting shot than paying attention and seeing a dragon rider breaking off the attack.

         I have Fredrick fly down and low until we arrive at the building I saw Vixxen try to interrogate Valkarik.  When I landed, I immediately jump off and start looking around for anybody that could have spotted me.  It almost feels too quiet, with no one around.  Sure, there is still the noise of battle in the sky, but that seems to be more concentrated over the other side of the compound.  The sounds of battle seem more like echoes here.  I have my hand on my sword bow on my belt, but I feel safe enough just to go in.

         Rushing in, Fira declares, “Jarl Mollerson?!  What in the archipelago are you doing back here?”

         “Long story,” I reply.

         The girls have their wrists and ankles in sockets chained to a wall.  The metal that they are made out of is Dragon Proof metal, my Gronckle Iron sword bow would not be able to cut this.

         Valkarik replies and points to a nearby table, “There are a set of keys over there.”

         Turning to my right, I see the table and get the keys.  Seconds later, I begin to unlock the sockets.  There are a number of keys on here, but I find that Fira’s sockets are a different lock than Valkarik’s.

         I open Fira’s left wrist and ankle before she says, “Give me the key, I’ll get the last two, get started on the other girl’s.”

         Without hesitation, I give her the key while I start opening the sockets on Valkarik.

         I reach for the last socket, Valkarik’s left wrist.  As soon as I open it… She punches me!

         Totally taken by surprise, I fall back, lose my balance, and crash to the floor.

         Fira exclaims, “What the-?!  What are you doing?”

         Valkarik says nothing as she comes at me again, even before I can get to my feet.  Instead, I rush her, tackling her legs and driving her to the ground.

         I declare, “I’m here to rescue you.”  I struggle to keep her pinned on the ground; she stronger than she lets on to be.  “What are you doing?”

         Still no response.  I keep her arms pinned, but before I could think about getting to her legs, she using her legs and rolls backwards to vault me off of her.  I go flying upside down, knocking into a shelf with my back.  The contents of the shelves are different blacksmithing tools and metal, so that goes to the floor creating a massive crashing sound.  Valkarik and I both scramble to our feet.

         Going on the offensive, I run up to her.  Valkarik throws a left cross, but I block with my right, send a haymaker to her stomach with my left hand, she is dazed as she grabs her for her stomach, and then I send right cross to her jaw.  She stumbles back to the ground, but catches herself, and goes to one knee, her right.

         My punch landed enough of a blow that caused Valkarik’s left side of lip to start bleeding; she brings her left hand to her mouth and rubs the blood, looks her hand, and then stands up to finally say something, “Never knew a guy to strike a girl that way.”

         Frustrated at her, because I am trying to do the right thing here, I irritatingly respond, “I’m defending myself!  You punched me first!  I’m trying to rescue you two.  What are you doing?”

         Valkarik folds her arms and answers, “Insuring my ride off this rock.”

         I am at a loss for words until someone else responds, “No, she is quite right.”

         My heart drops, “Vixxen,” I declare as the thought comes to mind that I played right into her hands.

         “Well done Jarl, well done indeed,” Vixxen states as she enters the building from the right side.  She must have been on the other side of the building waiting for me.  “You took all of my men by surprise and your battle tactics were very well executed.  I did not expect you to attack as you did.  I had some backup plans, as you are seeing now, some things you just couldn’t resist:  Rescuing prisoners.”

         With angry burning inside of me, I let it go and charge Vixxen.  She comes at me to with a flying right kick of which I slide under by my knees and then sweep with my right foot taking out Vixxen’s other foot.  She falls to the ground, but then two arms grab from behind me and wrap around my neck!

         I begin to struggle, but then a knife appears from my right side and comes at my neck, “Don’t even think about it,” declares Valkarik.

         Vixxen stands up and reaches to grab my right arm, Valkarik flinches slightly and barks back, “Do we have a deal, Vixxen?”

         Vixxen sighs as if she forgot about something, “Yes.  You and your dragon are free to go.  But the next time we meet it will be as it has always been, enemies.”

         “What are you-,” I start to question but Valkarik orders me.  “Shut up.  After being captured, I later told Vixxen that you and your friends were here.  And in exchange for not harming my dragon and myself, I gave her my word that I would help her capture you and your friends.”

         Fira had just opened her last socket, as she had stopped for a few moments when Valkarik and I started fighting and when Vixxen came in; Fira said under her breath, “Why you little-.”

         She started to rush Valkarik, Valkarik turns me to the side to use me as a shield, but I see that Fira was interrupted by Dragon Hunters coming out from the behind the back of the wall, grabbing her, putting a gag in her mouth, and locking her back into the sockets.  Fira struggles for a few moments, spouting off some muffled remarks, before she stops, and sees that resistance now is futile.

         “Please give me Jarl,” asks Vixxen.  Valkarik very hesitantly gives up her hold of me.  I now notice Valkarik shaking very nervously.  “You are free to go.”

         “Ah thank you,” I reply.

         I start to walk into a run, but Vixxen grabs my left shoulder with her right hand with the grip of a wild boar, Vixxen replies confused why I said that, “Not you, her.”

         With that, Valkarik looks at me for a brief moment.  I see her eyes and I see terror and regret.  Valkarik bolts off and does not look back.

         I curiously ask Vixxen as she has one of her men put my hands behind my back and ties them, “You going to actually let her go.”

         “Yes,” she answers.  “I am a woman of my word, you of all people should know that by now.  Speaking of which, we have a mystery to solve.”

         Vixxen proceeds to shove me forward.  She leads me out into an open area to the southwest of her headquarters.  From out of nowhere, a loud dragon horn is sounded out, nearly as deafening as a Thunderdrum blast, loud enough that the soundwaves vibrated through the air and made me cringe as my ears ear the noise.  The sounds of battle cease after this massive dragon horn call.  I try to look around to see where the sound is coming from but cannot spot anything; it just sounds like it is coming from all directions.

         It is now extremely quiet and Vixxen yells out, “Annabeth Everdeen!”

         I look up to see Annabeth’s head whirl around to see me and Vixxen below her.

         Vixxen continues, “If you know what is best for your friends, you will be surrendering yourselves and your dragons and be my prisoners.”

         Annabeth calls back, “And why would I do that?”

         She must not have been able to see who is with Vixxen, so Vixxen shoves me into the light from the large lamp post, forces me down on my knees, and I hear metal sliding out against something… Something like a sheath!

         I then get a cold shiver on my left side as I see the blade of a sword going down the top of my shoulder to out in front of me.

         “You will do as I say,” orders Vixxen.  “You do not want to test me.  I will get what I want with or without your help.  I’d prefer your help, but I will not hesitate if I am called or tested.  Do you understand?”

         Silence came and Vixxen proceeded to slide her sword closer to my neck.

         “Alright… Alright!” Annabeth answered.  “You win.  Please don’t do it.”

         “Then do as I ask,” Vixxen states.

         Annabeth then maneuvers Anora down to the ground and everyone else does the same.  All of my friends land their dragons and step forward.  Some Dragon Hunters raise their bows, but Vixxen puts her right hand on a Hunter next to her and lowers his bow for him.

         “The bows are not necessary,” Vixxen says.  “Are they Jarl?”

         “No,” I respond in a dejected manner.  “They are not.”

         Annabeth walks up to me and I look at her, then she tells Vixxen in a low voice, “If do anything to Jarl, I will-.”

         Vixxen interrupts as she lifts her sword, returns it to its sheath, and grabs under my left arm and helps me up, Vixxen adds, “I would never do anything to stop this ship from its current course.  You two have come a long way.  I will not stand between you two.  This ship still has a few more stops to make before it comes into port.  But if you keep me from my cargo, your ship will sink to the bottom of the ocean, never to be heard from again!”

         Vixxen then address the whole group, “Put your dragons in the stables, secure them, and go with my men to the brig.  My Hunters will be sure you do as I say.  Any defiance will have strict consequences.”

         Vixxen cuts the rope binding my hands and her Hunters lead my friends and our dragons to the stables.

         I look back as we walk in defeat to see Vixxen crossing her arms, smug smile on her face, and she lifts her head into the air before walking away and putting her hands behind her back.

         All I feel like doing now is looking at the ground as we walk.