Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 40: That Escalated Quickly

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I was going to post on Saturday, but between chores and a case of writer's block, it just never came to me until now.  Today I just sat down to write it.  It is difficult to start writing when one has writer's block, but a sure fire way to overcome it is to simply make yourself sit down and right.  Most of the time with anything, not just writing, you will never fully feel like doing anything.  You might be in the majority and want to do something, but something will usually try to keep you from doing it.  Making yourself do your homework, write a chapter, or do your chores is one of the ways to overcome not wanting to do something but in the same breath want to do it.


Hope you enjoy this chapter.  I will also post again tomorrow night, for this week's chapter.  I am moving from posting weekly on Fridays to Wednesdays.  Since I will be starting a job Thursdays through Saturdays, this will allow me to have enough time to write and post it by Wednesdays and not have to think about on Fridays.


Reason for the extra chapter today in addition to posting again to tomorrow is that I asked a couple of my readers if they would want a chapter for last week and this week, even though I posted two chapters week before last, they said that they wanted me to post again.


Seeing where I am in my story, I can see why they and I'm sure you too would want me to post as soon as possible.


Again, hope you enjoy.  :D


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         When I got to the gate, I look around me.  The patrols had already left for their route, so I am all clear for entering the compound.  I see inside to the left of the gate a few barrels, both big and small.  Picking up a small one, I prop the barrel on my right shoulder, shielding my face from any would be Hunters who may recognize me.  Dragon Hunters do see me but pay little to no attention to me.  This further strengthens my idea of Aberdeen being here.

         Cautiously but as casually as I can, I walk through the compound taking the same path I saw Vixxen’s Vikings drag Valkarik off.  Coming to the western side of the compound, right next to Vixxen’s Headquarters, I shoot a peek to my left.  First thing I notice is that the incline of the ground going into the headquarters is going down.  As much as I want to go over and look in, that is taking an awfully big risk.  If the Hunters are just treating me like the captured help, then going important places are sure to get me in trouble.  Being the captured help is another thing… How am I going to get out of here without them really knowing I was even here?

         So, I continue on my path following the drag marks of Valkarik’s feet.  Thank my Auntie’s Ant farm for them, because crossing the middle of the compound, I have no idea where I am going.  From Annabeth’s and mine perspective from the tree, we could only see to the back edge of the headquarters.  Beyond that, the headquarters blocks the view.

         I just realize I still have my sword on my left side, attached on my belt.  Not only that, but my quiver with a full rack of arrow is sitting on my back.  Hopefully, they have like hunting parties or something that go out at any time to hunt small game; because, if the Hunters see their captured help with weapons, I think there is something wrong with that picture.  Maybe there are younger Dragon Hunters here.  It is dark out with some light from various torches and campfires, so maybe no one will see my face or my weapons.  I do not know.  I just need to hurry up and get out of here.

         The drag marks go off towards a building on the last row from the back and the first row if coming in from the shore, except for the firing line of catapults and bunkers.  The marks turn right to go in front of the building.  Now that I am here, I put the barrel down at the corner of the building.  There is a much larger barrel at the corner here too, but it is empty.  I start to creep towards the entrance of the building.  As I do so, I hear Vixxen’s voice!

         “For the last time,” said Vixxen, sounding quite irritating.  “How did you find Shadow Mountain?!”

         I came to the entrance at this point.  Taking my helmet off, so as to not have any unwanted glare off the gold plating, I peek only my left eye from the cover of the building wall.

         I see Valkarik reply, “Ya Mama told me where her little girl was gonna be.  Chasing some myth of a legend to a mystery some dude made up just to mess with people.”

         Vixxen has her hands behind her back.  Right after Valkarik’s snarky remark, Vixxen’s hands clinch for a brief moment before Vixxen relaxes again.

         Ignoring the remark, Vixxen says instead, “I will see you in the morning.  I hope you brought your working gloves, because you are going to need them.  In the meantime,” as soon as Vixxen said that, I knew she was done.  Of anybody, even in the dark, she would be the one to recognize me.  I quickly look around and think of the larger barrel.  “You can keep our host company.”

         Vixxen finishes as I swiftly return to the barrel, lean it down, and pull it over the top of me as well as scooting it back into place the few inches it moved while I got in it.  The exact moment after I moved the barrel, Vixxen exited the building.  She took the left turn and then stopped right next to my barrel.

         But she instead said under her breath, though still seeing how she is right next to me, I heard what she said, “Where are you Jarl?  I knew this mystery was a difficult one, but even for the great Mystery Conqueror?  I know you are close.”

         Vixxen paused and then I thought to myself, “Closer than you think.”

         “You’re probably closer than I think,” she continued, I shook my head because she echoed my thought.  “This mystery is bigger than the two of us.  For generations upon generations, this mystery has gone unsolved.  But I have plans for you and I to solve it together.  Destiny awaits, Jarl Mollerson,” Vixxen then walks past me.  “And I’m waiting.”

         I quip in my thoughts, “So am I.  Go away.”

         Through the spaces between the boards in barrel, I spot Vixxen walking back to her headquarters.  Just in case either she or any Dragon Hunter were to come back, exit the building, or walk by, I wait.

         While I wait, I here noises of chains clashing from inside the building.

         “I’ve already tried, these chains are made of a substance I have never seen before,” came Fira’s voice.  “It is lighter than most metals I’ve seen, but it is very strong.”

         “Who asked you?” Valkarik snaps at Fira.

         “Sorry,” Fira said.  “Just trying to help.”

         “Well just…,” she trailed off as I could hear her grunt and then start breathing heavy as if she was pulling or pushing on something.

         A minute went by before Fira asks, “Why did you come here?”

         Valkarik sighed as if she is tired of hearing the question, “I came here because Vixxen is here.  Nothing else.  Anywhere that Vixxen goes, I am close behind.  She’s a no-good Dragon hunter that needs to be stopped.  I am committed to stopping her.”

         Valkarik went on making several similar comments.  While she talked, I stood up and took the barrel off, setting it back in the place it had been.  Looking around, I see that there is a lot fewer Hunters walking around.

         “You can take this if you want,” Fira then suggested after a few moments.  “But maybe if you weren’t so brash and rush headlong into conflicts, you wouldn’t get caught.”

         The other girl was silent, as if admitting Fira is right.

         The silence continued.

         Now, I think to myself, “Should I reveal that me and my friends are here?  Knowing that I am here would encourage them to get through until we could rescue them.  But Valkarik was or still is working for Viggo.  Can she be trusted?  She did act as an enemy towards Koll and tried to do as much harm to him and his operation.  Is she out to get Vixxen through Viggo?  Regardless of her, I don’t want them to show they are confident that they will get out because Vixxen will catch on immediately and our element of surprise will be gone.  What do I do?”

         While I was thinking, I also looked around.  I found out what I was looking for and can come back for them at any time.  If I get caught, that will do no one any good.  It would be a bad thing to have the rescuer get caught too.  So, I decide to leave the compound as soon as possible.

         Grabbing my helmet and the small barrel I had carried over, I put my helmet on and then the barrel on my right shoulder to shield my face.  Though I walk directly across the entrance, neither girl reacted to seeing me, if they even saw me.

         I make my way to the northern gate.  Glancing up at the guard towers, I see that all their attention is outside the fort and not over the compound.  Getting to the gate would not be the problem, getting away from the compound is.  When I finally get to the gate, the thought occurs to me that if I follow the foot of the fort wall around back to the east wall, none of the guards will see me.  None of them will be looking for something straight beneath them, but out in front of them.  From the east side, I have the immediate cover of the forest to cover my retreat.  Following through with my idea, I also stop between two of the guard towers and then slowly go through the forest, stopping behind each tree for a few rows before taking off.

         Now, I need to be wary of the night patrols.  With that in mind, I stick solely to the forest, though I still follow the same general path that Annabeth and I took to get to Vixxen’s compound and then also the same general path Angie, Hyrith, Annabeth, and I took.

         Forty-five minutes later I find myself near where the four of us had started.  Now I need to find where my friends are at.  How difficult could it be to find twelve vikings and thirteen dragons?  Apparently, pretty difficult.  Fifteen minutes later, searching the forest, I cannot find them.  There are some caves near the foot of the mountain, but none of them look big enough to even fit one dragon through the entrance, let alone thirteen.

         I then back track slightly but go further north.  Very soon I find a cove large enough to have thirteen dragons in them, though looking down into, I see nothing but grass and shrubbery.  Sliding down a nearby embankment, that is shallow, I make my way safely down to the bottom.  The cove is about fifty feet high with several caves entrances surrounding the cove; I count seven.  Four on the north and east sides lead out to the ocean as I can see daylight… Well, the contrast between the night sky and the pitch blackness of the cave itself.  I then walk over to the cave closest to me.  Scanning the ground around me, I spot something.

         Tree branch brush marks!

         While I follow these marks, I kick the dirt to spread to further hide what the viking using the branch was trying to cover up.  The marks lead me to the cave in the center of the three cave entrances on this side.  It is the largest of the three.  About thirty feet across.  I enter cautiously.

         Walking about twenty feet, I spot a torch lit on the side of the wall.  Thinking that was strange, I also see a cave splitting off from this cave, going to the right.  Going past it, I look in and then look further down this cave.

         Out of the darkness, a hand wraps around my mouth and around my chest!

         This takes me by surprise, but as I look back to where I was, moments later three Dragon Hunters walk by, continuing to go out the way I came in.  I relax a bit as they continue, also because whoever grabbed me is merely just keeping me from saying a word.  Knowing that the person saved me, I observe the hand in front of my mouth as well as the hand and arm around my chest.  It is the most beautiful of hands.

         Waiting a few moments more, I comment, “Thank you, Annabeth.”

         Annabeth lets go of me and I turn to look at her, she replies, “You’re welcome.  Glad you made it out okay.”

         “Me too,” I agree.  “Where are the others?”

         Annabeth responds, “Follow me.”

         I follow Annabeth farther into this side cave for quite some time.  Seven minutes later, traveling through a few winding curves, inclines, and declines, Annabeth then ducks into nothingness to my left.  Hesitating, Annabeth must have noticed and then stuck her left hand back out.  Grabbing it with my right, Annabeth leads me through a single file cave which eventually brings us into a large cavern.

         Looking down, this cavern is thirty yards deep and more than forty or fifty yards in across, roughly in diameter of a circle all the way around.  I do see to my left another opening about the size of the entrance from the cove, but from this far up, this entrance is probably a little larger because from this distance up it looks the same as the other close up.  The cavern is lit with a few campfires.  Around these are my friends and dragons.  Anora reacts to hearing us above them and flies up to see us; Fredrick follows suit as soon as Anora lifts off.

         Taking our dragons down to the ground below, I then greet my friends and inform them of what I learned about the hostages and part of Vixxen’s motives.

         Dawn remarks, “Seems like Vixxen may believe in some ‘higher calling,’ for what she does.  Vixxen has gone after the mysteries, treasures, and things that most people would just leave alone for something more concrete like gold or dragons.  Vixxen will go after those too, but those are secondary.”

         “I knew about the latter,” I add.  “But you may be right about a ‘higher calling.’  I had not thought of it that way in that light.  Vixxen is not your average, ordinary Dragon Hunter.  Maybe another reason why Viggo and her did not see eye to eye.  When we clashed with Vixxen on her home island, she did say that what I thought was right another person would view as wrong.  Going further than that, Vixxen said what I believe to be evil, another might believe to be righteous or whatever she called it.”

         Cazi spoke up, “Enough about who said what, why, and when?  What are we going to do about our situation?”

         Changing the subject to answer her question, I said, “As much as I would want to mount a rescue for Fira and even Valkarik, as long as there is a mystery to be solved here, Vixxen is not leaving.  Because of who we are and what we believe, Vixxen will no doubt use Fira and Valkarik against us to make us play her game.”

         Angie counters, “Would that not make for the importance of rescuing the two girls first?  That way Vixxen has no tricks up her sleeve?”

         “I would normally agree with you there,” I return a rebuttal.  “But doing what we want to do against Vixxen, she has quickly changed her tactics to counter them.  We need to change it up to keep both Vixxen of guard and to keep her guess of what we would do given a typical situation.”

         “So, what you are saying,” Angie describes.  “Is that the more we change how we play the game, even if we would go after the girls first in another situation because we have already done that before and she knows we would do it again, we need to do what she won’t expect.”

         I nod, “Exactly.”

         Elsa speaks up, “Does that mean we are going to start solving those puzzles first?”

         “Yeah,” I state.  “If only we knew where the first one was.”

         Elsa jumps up and says, “Come on!” as she runs off towards the large cave, or really, large cavern entrance that I saw before.

         “How’d I know she was going to do that when she spoke up?” I look at Asvord.

         “Maybe you have gotten too used to have typical sisters,” Asvord declared as started to turn to run after Elsa.  “Maybe we need to start acting a little different to keep you off guard.”

         I retort, “You mean that you two were acting the same all these years?”

         Even though her back was turn, I saw my sister’s head shake; she no doubt rolled her eyes too.  I run after my two sisters and everyone else follow.

         We must finally be at the first puzzle to solving this mystery!