Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 4: Racing to Help

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Alas does the life of a college student goes on...


Sorry for not posting last week, but that is what happens when your free time breaks down to only time that one should use to sleep.  XD


But after going through the first time for me a college level Physics Exam, I wanted to do something to get my mind off everything while releasing some tension in trying to get over some writer's block.


Little by little over the last week I typed, planned and then typed some more this chapter.  I also have a better understanding of what I want to have for an overall mystery.  Soon, will I be setting it up to kickoff.  I choose to defer for a few to several chapters before letting the characters receive the mystery to solve.  This will allow me to set some things up for the first half while capitalizing on them in the second half.

(Sounds more like a commentary for a football game.  >.<  Which I intended as both NFL and College are in full swing and I am excited for both.)


Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this chapter!


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Mystery of Shadow Mountain


Chapter 4


Racing to Help


         We ran out the door and I started for the cliff face.

         “Why are you going that way?” asks Fira.

         “I’m-,” I started but Fira interrupted.  “I’m not going that way,” she said as she starts for another path.

         “But-,” I tried to argue but a gain Fira interrupted.  “I’m not going to go that way-.”

         I then broke in, “Why?”

         “Look,” Fira answered.  “Do you want me to help you or not?”

         “Yeah,” I stated.

         “Well,” Fira came back.  “I will not go that way.  If you want me to help you, you will do what I tell you.”

         The path Fira wants to take is going to take us higher onto the side of the mountain.  From the ground level, it does not look there could be a path here; but there is.  It is a small, single lane path going up the side of the mountain and along a ridge about thirty yards up from the ground level.  This path wrapped around the mountain and back towards the direction of the cave.

         I told Fira where are camp is.  She knows exactly where that is.  While we ran, we went past where Annabeth is.  I wanted to help her too, but at the same time my sister is in trouble.  It is fortunate that I found her, but at the same time, Annabeth is the closest one.  However, I do not know her and she does not know us.  So, if there is something that we disagree with that she would be our enemy, I need to make sure that happens after everyone is healed.

         The path Fira led me on chopped the time it took me to reach the hut in half; and we are not even sprinting or running.  If we were, it would be a very tricky trek because it is still a rocky surface and one must be choosey where they place their feet.

         Once we returned to the camp, we noticed everyone is starting to feel odd.

         “This is bigger than I thought,” Fira said.

         I questioned, “Is that a problem?”

         “Yes and no,” she replies.  “Really, just means I have to work faster.”

         I offered, “Anything I can do?”

         “Just stay out of my way,” Fira responded as she went to work brewing up and mixing certain herbs and spices together with other medical plants.  “Excuse… Please, just stay out of my way.”

         I did not like her attitude, but I am in no place to be splitting hairs.

         Because it looks as if everyone is starting to come down with it, someone had already gone and brought Asvord back.  Fira instantly knew Asvord is the worst one off right now and started working on her first.

         Everyone else just seems like all the energy has been drained from them.  They are all sitting or lying on the ground, barely moving.

         “Hold this,” Fira said as she gave me bundled mush of herbs with some type of liquid.

         Fira administered the same type of mush to Asvord’s head.

         “Now,” she stood up.  “When she starts to come around from the herb’s strong scent, make her drink some of the herbs’ liquid.  I’ll get to work on the rest.”

         “What do you want me to do in the mean time?” I ask.

         Fira smiled, “You drink some yourself.”

         Reluctantly agreeing as she seems to know what she is dealing with and seeing everyone how they are, I complied.

         “Blah,” I declared after I tasted and swallowed.  “Come on, drink up.”

         “I thought you said wait for her to come around?” I reminded.

         Fira smiled as she is almost done with the rest of the group, “Oh she’s fine.  I already gave her some,” I was about to add something but Fira continued before I could think of something.  “But it will still be good to give her some more.  The more you drink the better.”

         Within just a couple of minutes, everyone else started becoming more alert of what is happening.

         “Holey Hiccup,” Cazi declared.  “What is this stuff?”

         Fira gave everyone a second dose of the mush and told us to drink.  We all complied but then Cazi stopped.

         “Why are we drinking this stuff again?” she asked.  “And gosh does this stuff have an odor.”

         Fira replied, “If you want to live, you will drink this stuff.  That ‘odor’ you speak of is what arouses you if you are unconscious.  In a sense, the scent will wake anyone up so they can take the herbs.  If I would have had more time to gather supplies, I would have mixed the herbs and made the tablet-like medicine you would have to eat.  But seeing the urgency of the matter, I did the next best thing.”

         “It does not smell bad, but it does not taste like it smells at all.  But the smell is not good either.  I don’t know,” Cazi added while she looked like she absolutely did not like the stuff, “Well, I would rather have yaknog.”

         “I don’t know if I would go so far as to say that,” came an Asvord who was coming around.

         “Asvord!” I exclaimed and knelt down next to her.  “Are you alright?”

         Asvord answered, “No…,” which gave me a scare… “…I still have my whole left side and my right side.  If I was all-right, where’d my left side go?”

         I gave her the look of what a brother would to their sister after such a remark, “Yeah, she’s al-, she’s fine.”

         Asvord then asked, “What about Annabeth?”

         “There’s another one?” Fira asked slightly annoyed but concerned at the same time.

         “Yeah,” I replied and refocused.  “I wanted to go to her first, but Fira here did not want to go.  I had to settle for Asvord.”

         “Thanks,” my sister said in trying to stand, but Fira stopped although helped her at least sit up.

         “You guys are going to be drained of energy and strength for several hours, especially you,” Fira pointed at Asvord.  “I did not know there was another one.  Where are they?”

         Getting a little irritated at having to explain again, “Annabeth is over there in the forest, about halfway back to your huts.  She started out back towards this way, but then ran out that way to protect us and not allow us to get infected.  I guess it was not much help.”

         “Actually,” Fira countered.  “It probably was.  Keeping those infected away from anyone else helped it at least not spread in the air.  But sorry to ask again, where exactly did she go?  What direction?”

         I pointed to the northwest, out some from the mountain but parallel to it.

         “I cannot go there,” simply stated Fira and shaking her head.

         Now frustrated, I demand, “You cannot go there?  You must!  One of ours is infected, probably the worst of all of us.”

         Mother stood up and held her left arm in front of me to stop my forward progress towards Fira.  Looking at my mother, I knew doing so is wrong.  I am just overreacting.

         Sighing, I apologized, “I’m sorry, Fira.  That is no way to treat the person saving us.  Let me rephrase:  Why can you not go there?”

         “It is against what I believe,” Fira said.

         That nearly triggered me again, but I controlled myself, “What kind of answer is that?”

         It still did not help much as Fira came back defensively in her statement, “Look, I’m sorry your friend is in there.  But I cannot bother the spirits in there.”

         Dawn, who is just annoyed at our lack of action, perked up and repeated one word from Fira, “Spirits?”

         “Yes,” Fira replied.  “There are troubled spirits there that if left alone can recover.”  Fira then noticed our supper that I gathered today.  “I see that you have not helped any.”

         I then wondered out loud, “You believe in that stuff?”

         Offended she started to defend, but I recounted my statement and reiterated the importance of going in there, “I’m sorry.  I just really need to get in there and save Annabeth.”

         Fira gave a heavy sigh and said, “Okay, look.  I cannot go in there.  I probably should not even make antidote…,” she paused as she saw everyone having a devastated look on.  “However…, I can tell you how to make it so you can save her.  As much as I have my beliefs, even the life of a person is just as important.”

         Fira quickly told me how to make the mush, mixing and mashing of herbs, and then said I needed to hurry.  The sooner I get to Annabeth to give her the antidote, the better.

         “You have already taken the antidote yourself,” Fira explained as I readied myself by putting the herbs in my pockets.  “The antidote is strong, but it only works when it is freshly made.  Once it sits for just ten minutes, then it is just a bunch of mushy herbs.”

         “Work quickly,” I started out.  “Got it.”

         Fira, with her right arm, grabbed my right arm, “Hope she will be alright.  Be careful.”

         I felt better, smiled, and gave her a slight nod.  Then I sprinted out in the direction of where Annabeth was… Or is… Hopefully, she has not moved any.

         Fira gave one more instruction as I ran out, “If she is the worst one off, she may want to go back to sleep once she has the antidote.  The antidote is a relaxant and may cause someone taking it to fall asleep.”

         Taking note, I swiftly run through the forest and work my way back to Annabeth’s cove.  I am not sprinting at full speed, because if I did, I may trip and knock myself out and that would not do Annabeth any good.  It did not take me long to find my marked trail and I returned to the same cove I left Annabeth in.  Annabeth has barely moved from the previous spot I had left her.  I slide down into the cove.  As soon as I touch the bottom, I immediately start working on making the mush for Annabeth.

         Within a few minutes, I then sit on the ground with my left leg straight out and my right folded under my left leg.  Taking Annabeth’s head with my left hand, I prop her head on my left leg.  Now, with my right hand and the mush, I bring it to Annabeth’s mouth to drink.  I wait a moment to let the odor’s scent to wake Annabeth up.

         She starts to groan and move as I say, “Annabeth.  Annabeth?  Drink this.”

         Annabeth is very disoriented, but obeys and drinks the mush.  She drinks it all up.  But I lay back on my back and just sigh in relief.  Not realizing how much exercise I have gone through in a very short amount of time as well as the added stress, I am quite worn out.

         It only took Annabeth a few minutes to fully wake up now.  I lean up and tell her it is all right.

         “What?” Annabeth says, leaning up herself.

         “Don’t try to stand up just yet,” I declare as I sit behind her and reach my left arm around her.

         Annabeth sees I am right with her and tries to pull away.  I bring her back to me.  How Fira said before, she is just as much drained of energy as everyone else was and some still are.  Annabeth did not put up much of a fight before she left me hold her.

         “D- Don’t come near me… or… or you might catch…,” Annabeth trailed off.

         “Believe me,” I tell her.  “I would never leave you.  If you go down, I do not mind going down with you,” I then pause and remark.  “Though, if it could be helped, I would be sure I would not catch it first and then come by your side…”

         Annabeth managed a small chuckle, “Are you sure you won’t catch it?”

         “I am sure,” I said.  “Not only that, you should be feeling much better soon too.”

         “Huh?” she moaned.

         I reply, “An antidote.  I found an antidote for the virus.  Well… At least someone who knew of an antidote.”

         Annabeth moaned in acknowledgement, but laid her head on my left shoulder as she closed her eyes.  I half worry that her going unconscious is a bad thing.  But checking her breathing and her pulse, plus remembering what Fira said, Annabeth is only asleep.

         I now have to contemplate how to get out of the cove.  It is completely closed in with no feasible way of climbing out of here and still have a hold of Annabeth.  One could climb out of here quite easily, but where does that leave Annabeth?  Still in the cove.

         “Too bad I could not climb a little bit at a time and set her down,” I think out loud.

         Then I snap my fingers, “Of course.  That should work,” I hesitantly chuckle.  “Heh, famous last words -should work-.”

         I gently, with both hands, grab Annabeth’s head and lay it on the ground.  Now in a kneeling position, I go to my right left knee only and put my arms underneath her to lift her up.  With my right arm under her knees and my left arm under her back, I pick up Annabeth.

         “Oh yowsers,” I grunt.  “Did not know Annabeth would be that heavy.”  I then walk over to the boulder that is in the cove, “Good thing Annabeth is asleep or else I would be paying for such a remark.”

         Reason why I walk over to the boulder is because I want to set Annabeth on the boulder, climb over her and onto top ground, and then reach back and pick her back up.  I do so and climb up to the ground again.


         I grimace and duck my head.  With my back turned to the cove, I slowly turn back around.  I see a face-planted-on-the-ground Annabeth.  Either I did not put her on the boulder far enough and she fell off, or I knocked or bumped into her causing her to roll off the edge.

         “Again,” I blow through my mouth, slightly getting frustrated.  “Glad she is not fully awake for this.”

         Sliding back down into cove, I repeat the process; all except for one step.  I left out one unintended step from the first attempt.  So, I this time made sure Annabeth would not roll off the boulder by putting her further into the middle of the top of the boulder, climb over her, reach back, and pick her up to bring her to the top.  Just by doing this, I am out of breath.

         “I can’t carry her all the way back to the campsite,” I declare.  “I need… I need to find something else to do,” I wonder out loud and lay back on the ground trying to think.  “Umm…  How… How about a stretcher of some sort?  I could… I could uh… bind some branches, leaves, and vines together…”

         I close my eyes as I think… but I too pass out from exhaustion.


         “Where-?” I jerk myself awake.

         “Jarl,” came a familiar voice.

         “What?” I ask as I try and take in what is around me.

         Getting my barring, I see mother kneeling down next to me, “It is alright son, you were just asleep and Annabeth is fine.  She’s resting right next to you.”

         “Oh,” I breathe a sigh of relief.  “She’s fine.”

         Mother offers, “I can stay here if you want.”

         “No.  No, that is fine,” I say and shake my hand in saying that my mother does not have to do that.  “I’ll stay here with her, if that is alright?”

         “Quite alright,” mother answered.

         I lay back down and stare blankly into the sky.

         By the time I notice it being dusk, I close my eyes again.  I have just enough strength before falling sleep again to roll to my right and see Annabeth.  My eyes close as my head rests on a pile of leaves bound in twine for a pillow.


         The next morning, someone else wakes me up, “Jarl?”

         “Hmm?” I stir and slowly open my eyes.

         This time it is Annabeth who wakes me up, she adds, “Rise and shine, sleepy head.”

         I open my eyes real big and then blink several times as I continue to wake up.

         Annabeth gives a short laugh, “That did a lot of help.  Your eyes are barely open.”

         Sitting up, I rub my eyes and stretch, “Well, you know, me sleeping in the other day just might of have saved us all.  I believe I had the most energy to go for help.”

         “That’s nice to know that about you,” Annabeth stands up, putting her hands on her hips, yet smiling.

         I ask, “What about me?”

         She responds, “That early in the morning… or rather… just-awake-from-sleep Jarl is more boastful and puffed up than wide-awake Jarl.”

         I grunting chuckle as I stand up too, I take a quick breath in and breathe out.

         Looking at Annabeth, “I was going to say something to you the other day but her fell sleep on my shoulder.”

         Annabeth smiles and asks, “What were you going to say?”

         “I don’t know what I would ever do without you,” I state.  “That is what I meant by I did not care if you got me sick, but insured I would not get sick, as that would dumb and not profitable for the both of us, seeing how neither of us would want to get the other sick even from a head cold, so I took the antidote as Fira made and administered it to everyone else.”

         Annabeth dropped her arms, shook her head, and laughed, “Ah, there’s wide-awake Jarl.  Even in the most thoughtful of moments, still wants to get a laugh.”

         I grin as I stretch my legs some, “And that was only a straight line.  If said a good joke there would be a punch line and get an even bigger laugh.”

         “Speaking of that,” rolling her eyes at my attempt to get another laugh, Annabeth then folds her arms.  “If you ever do that again, I’ll give you a punch line to remember.  One your side will never forget.”

         “What are you talking about?” I request as tilt my head back to the left.

         Annabeth slowly nods up in down, “You know what I am talking about.”

         Thinking back on what she could be mad about…

         “Ah, yeah,” I give a short chuckle.  “Sorry about that.”

         “Uh huh,” she nods again.  “Just like you are sorry for calling me, ‘heavy.’?”

         I furry my eyebrows in bewilderment, “How do you know that?”

         “Firstly, I am a woman,” Annabeth brings her right hand to her heart, puffs out and fake sticks her nose into the air, then continues on normally.  “Secondly, listening to your parents and your friends who described where we were when they found us asleep as well as telling what I did falling into that cove, I put two and two together.  I don’t hang around the Mystery Conqueror for nothing without picking up a thing or two.  Based on where I was and the one way you could get me out of the cove… There was only one way you could get me out and explain why I woke up earlier with a headache.”

         “Sorry,” I said as she walked over.

         Annabeth brought back her right arm to launch a punch my way.  I brace for impact, but she instead initiates a hug.

         I flinch.

         “Well,” Annabeth said flabbergasted and punched me… three times: right, left, right- anyway after our short hug.

         “What was that for?” I demanded, as I hold my right arm in “pain.”

         “Man, he has to have everything spelled out to him this early afternoon,” Annabeth declares.  “One for what you did yesterday and two for flinching.  Why flinch on a hug?”

         I shake my head, “Guess I’m out of practice.”

         That was like music to her ears as she then became excited to tell me, “Guess what we are doing today?”

         “Finding another virus that will actually make yaknog enjoyable to drink,” I fold my arms.

         “One could only wish… No, incorrect,” said Annabeth.  “Cazi, Dawn, me, and Asvord, laid out an obstacle course in the forest and we want you to join us in a little race.”

         “I haven’t even eaten breakfast,” I pointed out.

         She shook her head once again, “Excuses, excuses, excuses.”  I roll my eyes and could not help but smile.  Annabeth adds and starts to turn to walk away, “Well, if you are afraid you are going to lose to four girls.  Be my guest.  Feast on our most impressive feast of boar and whatever-else-you-got-the-other-day stew.”

         I had been focused on talking with Annabeth I did not fully notice the fire to my left about five paces until she exaggeratingly spread her arms as she pointed to the stew.  Also, mother is there tending to the stew with a stick.  I can tell she is trying not to just burst out laughing.  So, the smile she gave me as she waved is one of trying not to let the “dam” gush wide open.

         “No, no,” I held up my hand to Annabeth to stop.  “It isn’t that I am afraid I would lose to some viking girls,” I said and then played off my next remark nonchalantly as I could, “I just thought it would nice to give you girls a head start is all.”

         Mother then gave out an, “Ooo, burn.  But that also hurt me indirectly, because I am a girl too you know.”

         Annabeth stumbled over what to say as my remark probably did burn a little, she then waves her right first finger in the air, “Oh buddy, you are on.  Prepare to eat my dust and get second place.  Though, you did just take the lead in the comeback department.  That one is good.”

         “Thank you,” I then bow.  “The run may build up my appetite even more.  So please, by all means, lead on.”

         Annabeth really shakes her head and rolls her eyes, “Come on.”

         My girl led me about ten yards from the campfire into the woods and brought me to where Asvord, Cazi, and Dawn are at.

         Cazi quipped, “About time you showed up.  What did you do to pry him up from his sleep, a yak-bar?”

         I question, “Why not a crowbar?”

         “A crowbar is too light; besides it might fly away,” Cazi explained.  “One would need something a lot heavier to get you out of sleep.  Something like a yak or even a boar-bar.”

         “I walked into that one,” I said.

         Annabeth added, “Score one for Cazi.  I do know I’m gonna smoke you guys in the race, but I have some catching up to do in the comeback department.”

         Dawn then said, “If you guys are done cackling, may we get down to business here?”

         “What’s the course?” I ask.

         Asvord replies, “Besides kicking your butt in a foot race, the rules are simple:  Make it to the end of the forest line first.  You must run in a fairly straight line and go through, under, or over any obstacle in the quickest manner possible.  In case of a tie, the one with the least number of twigs, branches, or amount dust on them will be the winner.”

         “Sounds good,” I then rub my hands together.  “You guys ready?”

         “Yep,” they all three responded.  “Let’s go!”

         They all started to run.  I then ran too.

         “Hey?!” I exclaim.  “I thought there was going to be a countdown?”

         Annabeth retorted, “I thought you said you were ready?”

         Dawn laughed, “Hah, score one for Annabeth.  Guess it will be my turn for the next comeback.”

         We all made our own way through the at our top speed.  I also notice that the girls pick the most densely populated part of the forest with the most trees, branches, and boulders.  The proximity of all three of these is quite close.  There is variation, but not much.  I quite literally have to run over, under, and through several of the obstacles.

         After several minutes hurdling, dodging and bobbing as well as weaving in and out, I ask, “How much farther?”

         “Oh,” said Cazi.  “Only about fifty yards.”

         “Only,” I repeat as I wonder, “What have I got myself into?  Not to worry, I’ll just beat them to the edge and all will be well.”

         Now about halfway done, I am guess, we are all still basically neck and neck.

         Annabeth then announces, “Here comes the fun part.  More trees and boulders in once place than you can shake a stick at.”

         She are not kidding.  I had to quickly get creative on what route I took.  As two large boulders came in our path with next to no room in between to run, while the girls merely climb over, I use both boulders as “stepping stones” upward.  Bounding across them, left foot, right foot, left, right, and then continuing upward, taking two more steps but on two opposing trees, I jump up, grab with both hands a branch, and swing forward onto another branch on which I now start running literally through the trees.

         Dawn remarked, “Show off.”

         “Hey,” I say as I run from tree to tree, jumping from one end of a branch to the start of the next.  “Asvord said straight line.  All I’m trying to do is abide by it.”

         “Sure,” Dawn simply added.

         They call me out for getting creative, but not more than a couple seconds later did they start using branches as swings with their hands and boosts for their feet to vault over anything they could not slide under.

         I see within ten more feet the next tree branch is too low for me to jump on and it hold my weight.  Still, I am too high off the ground to merely jump down.  So, I, in stride, step down, grab a branch perpendicular to my path, and swing downward, propelling myself forward from the swing.  As my feet touched down with the ground, I then preformed a roll to not allow my legs to take the brunt of my fall.  Doing the roll dispersed the energy I received on impact to the rest of my body, thus making the landing not so tough.

         This sequence gave me a five-stride lead on the other three.

         “Oh no he didn’t,” called out Dawn.

         Annabeth replies in a tone of expecting just that, “Oh he surely did.”

         One minute later, we are in the home stretch.  Twenty yards to go.  Sliding under overturned trees, hurdling boulders, vaulting over overturned trees on boulders, we all continued to run.  As one would vault, another would slide, while someone would hurdle.  In, out, under, over, through…  It looks as if I will win.

         ROAR!!!  Came a loud dragon call followed by the sound of lightning.

         I stop dead in my tracks as we near the edge of the forest.  The girls catch up and stop net to me.

         “What was that?” Dawn questions.

         Annabeth then ran forward first, “Let’s find out.”

         The rest of us ran with her and she stopped just past the edge of the forest and started to peak over the top of another large boulder.  We join Annabeth in peaking over the side.

         To our amazement, we see a very large Skrill along with a Changewing.

         Beside my surprise to see a Skrill, my reaction to the Changewing I said under my breath, “I know that guy.”

         Annabeth whispers, “Let the record show I made it here first.”

         “Granted,” I said staring at the violet Skrill.  “And for your winning prize, you can be the first to go train that Skrill before it obliterates that Changewing!”

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I am Groot

Nice chapter! Only... Uh, who's Fira? (Sorry)
Also maybe in the next chapter when Annabeth trains the Skrill, Cazi could give her some pointers



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Subject need I dont. Remember I cant how this subject used to be

Fira is one of Fairyofdragons' OCs.


Yep, exactly what I was thinking.

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What kind of pointers would

What kind of pointers would you/Cazi like to give?

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Are you posting soon

Are you posting soon





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Does now work? XD

Does now work? XD