Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 34: Dragon Symbols

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With the Memorial Day Monday and the things that go on last weekend and the start of this week, I was busy enough that I did not have time to type up the chapter.  Then when Monday came, I came down with an allergy head cold that did not thoroughly hit me until Tuesday.  Wednesday was just as bad.  Started to feel better Thursday, but then injured my right hand between my thumb and first finger that makes it difficult to grab and stretch my hand.  I can still type, obviously, as I am doing that right now.  I'll be fine, it will just be sore for quite a while.  Although, I had a piano competition to go to on Tuesday, but now I can't do that because of my injury.  That's getting taken care of, so that is fine.


I will still work on another chapter to post tonight.  This chapter is for last week.


As I have said before, when I do miss a week, you will get two chapters the next.  While you won't have one chapter to read one week, you'll have back to back chapters to read which is a lot better than just one.


Without any further adue, I hope you enjoy this chapter!


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         Angie’s look on her face is that of shock and awe, same for the rest of us.

         Mala adds, “These bracers are worn with age, but I would recognize that material anywhere.”

         “I-,” Angie stutters.  “I don’t know what to say.  I mean… does that mean my parents are from here?”

         “Not only that,” Mala confirmed.  “But you are too.  When a new born comes into our lives, we offer gifts to the family in celebration.  Also, the parents of the child will also make some collection of items for the child to use, once they are of age.  When did you get these bracers?”

         Angie answered, “When I turned twelve.  I received a helmet, shoulder pads, and battle bracers in addition to these bracers.  But we were on Berk at the time.  Come to think about it, the earliest I can remember is my little brother’s first birthday.  I think I was like five or so at the time.  I gave him a frog as a present.  When asked why my box had holes in it, I replied, ‘Well, it has to breathe too.’”  Everyone chuckled and laughed a bit; Angie went on, “My parents did not say much about their past history, what did they do, and things like that.  Questions about how they met and certain other questions they answered in general terms and not too many details about who, where, and when, just how and why.  The main purpose they emphasized to us growing up, which is instilled in my siblings today, that family is the most important thing a viking can possible have.  One must be willing to do what they can to protect their family and make the difficult choices to do what is best for the family.”

         Anticipating a question, Mala declared, “There have been occasionally been times where a few individuals wanted to leave our Wing and move away.  Other times it was because of some unfortunate that they had to leave our island.”

         “You mean exile?” a worried look came across Angie.

         Mala backtracked a bit by staying positive, “It could have very well been something different.  Though it happens very rarely, even families do leave when there are complications in birth and the mother becomes ill.  If her health does not come back to what it was before the birth of the child, then they are allowed to leave our Wing for medical purposes to travel south to a warmer climate.  Certain instances allow for the invitation to be welcomed back into the fold, if they so choose to come back.  But in our way of life, anytime both good and bad, someone has to leave our Wing, the tradition of our people is to look down upon those vikings.  Not in my time, has anybody ever come back.  If something like this happened to your parents, I am sure they did not come back to protect you and your siblings.”

         “Yeah,” Angie agreed.  “This is just a little much for me to handle and take in now.  Not to change the subject to deflect what you just told me, but while I think on this stunning development, what have you found Jarl about Mala’s notebook?”

         “Well,” I took in a breath and let it out.  “Not a whole lot more than what we already know, however, there are a few interesting things.  The majority of the notes go over in detail his travels over the clues and leads we have discovered so far.  In a way, he summarizes the mystery to this point as he himself does not have much beyond what we have discovered.”

         Asvord butt in, “Hurry up and get to the ‘However’ part.”

         I roll my eyes and continue, “However… It seems as though Osvald, on his next trip back The Wing, wanted to investigate a certain set of ruins on the island.  Says they bear similar markings found in all the other places that clues have been found:  Edge of Mystery -our island-, Aberdeen Island, Berserker Island, and here on The Defenders of the Wing Island.  I get the sense that Osvald also thinks that there is at least one more clue, maybe two before we can reach where the Shadow Mountain is at.  There are some other off-topic notes of certain things that are interesting.  Mala?”
         “Yes, Jarl?” she replies.

         I ask, “May I keep this notebook for the time being?”

         “Now knowing that this notebook is Annabeth’s father’s note book, the once great Osvald the Agreeable that we have heard so much about even this far north,” Mala described.  “I can see why you would want to keep it.  You may.  I would like to know how this turns out, but while you are here on The Wing, I would like to help you in any capacity that I can.”

         “Thank you, Mala,” I say and give a slight bow of the head out of respect for the Queen’s graciousness and hospitality.

         Mala inquires, “Where does Osvald say the ruins are located at?”

         I double check with his notes and respond, “The far eastern part of the island; mentions a cave he wanted to visit.”

         Drawing her right hand to her chin, Mala answers, “I believe I know of what cave he speaks of.  If you will wait here, I will join you shortly and we can proceed.”

         I nod to Mala as she excuses herself.

         Annabeth motions to see her father’s notebook to look at it.  I give it to her, although, she merely holds it for the moment as we all go over to support Angie in this oddly astonishing time.

         Annabeth comforts Angie, “Are you alright?”

         “I think so,” she replies.  “I always had this odd feeling that I was not a Berkian, but I never really questioned it because I grew up on Berk.  The older I have gotten, I noticed that the clothing and gear my family wears is slightly different to the normal clothing most Berkians wear.  Now, I guess I have my own little mystery.”

         Angie smiled and chuckled; I then reassured, “If there is anything you need us for, we are here for you.”

         “Yeah, no doubt,” Angie emphatically said.  “You guys have always been there.  Now I want to be here for you guys too, get more active, help out more, be more involved.  Beyond asking my parents and talking with them, I am not sure what the next step is.”

         Annabeth turns her attention to me, “Is there anything out of the ordinary or unusual in or about my father’s notebook?”

         I motion with my right hand if she would open the book for me; I then turn the pages to one of the last entries in the book, “There is a description of two islands in the two last entries before the final notes in the book.  The first description relates that Osvald started looking for the island of the Shadow Mountain itself instead of following the clues to the last one to get the whole picture.  The clues seem to state that the island is somewhere here in the archipelago.  But where?  Of all the island Osvald visited, he said there are two that may fit.  The first island does have a massive mountain in the middle of it, but Osvald had only scouted the island out.  The second is an island he did not include a picture with as it only has some notes based on what the Defenders told him:  An island where only dragons have seen and no viking has ever stepped foot on it.  He says he would like to visit it someday, but because of the war with the dragons and Mala being a friend of the dragons, Osvald was in no position to negotiate a trip over there because Mala said it is forbidden for any viking to step foot on the island.  He did not press for any more details because he did not want to turn his friends to foes as he was here all alone.  Plus, with the Eruptadon protecting the island, I get the sense that Osvald was starting to have conflicting views on the war with the dragons.”

         “There are only a few pages left to be written on,” I conclude.  “So, I don’t know what your father did about either finishing a book or just getting a new notebook with fresh pages to continue writing on.  The possibility of a second notebook is present but know the circumstances of why Osvald did not return, I doubt there is one.  The two islands in mention are some things we need to scout out ourselves.  We can for sure find the first island in question as Osvald left some instructions as to where to find the island.  Once we get done here on The Wing, I say we go try and find this island.”

         A few minutes later, Mala returned prepared and ready to take the trip over to the far side of the island.  She no longer had her formal embellishments on her clothing and is dressed for active engagement with whatever comes our way.  No longer does she have her skirt-like-dress on but pants and her shirt as before.

         I then ask, “Do you want to fly out there by dragon or walk?  Hiccup told me that you had believed that flight on a dragon was forbidden, but that you had may have changed your mind on that subject.”

         Mala responds, “Hiccup has changed my view on a great many subjects, though I still stand firm on others, riding dragons because you have forged a bond through love and training as we do even our warriors, this is something I believe me and my people had wrong and are willing to change.  Even still, we don’t feel it is right just to go out and train dragons now that we can.  If someone wants to do, they can, but most are content with living how we have lived for generations.”

         “You can ride with me, if you like, Mala,” I offered.

         “Thank you, Jarl,” Mala accepted.

         Exiting the structure, we find Throk waiting outside with our dragons.

         “While I was on my way back,” Mala added.  “I asked Throk to bring your dragons.”

         After thanking the viking, my friends and I mounted our dragons and flew by the direction of Mala on where to go.  About ten minutes later, we arrive at our destination.

         The cave is in the middle of pond of water that looks more like a cove that was filled in from the edge of the ocean.  There is a small rock formation barely showing above the top of the water.  Seems like when the tide is high, the cove will fill up with water.  Although the rock formation is low enough the tide does not have to be very high and the water will flow into the cove.  The water in the cove is crystal clear as one can see all to the bottom, however, the bottom is only about ten to fifteen feet deep right around the cave entrance.

         We land at the edge of the path on the western edge of the cove with the cave to our left and the ocean to our right.

         “My people have known about this cave for some time,” said Mala as I dismounted first to help her off my dragon, though Fredrick is not much of a tall step off; getting over to the ground is the trickiest part.  “But did not think much more of it than a cave with a water cove.  However, I would often come here to make sense of the secrets that this cave has to offer.  There are many signs and symbols that are familiar yet foreign to me.  No words written, just the pictures.”

         Mala points out a pathway of rocks leading from one edge of the cove to the other that is in an arc around to the other side.  The rocks are close enough to the surface of the water that only an inch or two of water is covering the pathway.  It is wide enough to walk on in single file formation.  Mala leads the way as we follow her out over the cove and points out a similar path way leading to the cave.

         The cave itself is merely a cubby hole as it is only ten feet in circumference and seven feet tall.  No torches were brought, yet considering the size of the cave, the reflection of the sun off the water creates a unique light source with the attractive water patterns reflected onto the walls and ceiling.  It is a weird, ominous, yet beautiful feeling in here.

         Mala points out the different pictures and symbols in the cave and also points out pillars in the cove itself that share the same symbol on top of the pillars.

         “These signs do not make any sense of me, except for the first one,” Mala states.  “Or at least the sign on the left side.  The sign reminds me of the tail of a Speed Stinger.”

         With that thought in mind, I look at the symbol and instantly see the resemblance.

         “Even without the reference of the head or body,” Angie observes.  “The curve of the engraving on the wall looks nearly identical to the same curve at which the Speed Stinger holds its tail when it is about to strike.”

         With a dragon-like symbol in mind, I look at the other ones.  There are five symbols lined up on the wall opposite the entrance.  The one on the far right looks like three tails spread out one to the left, one straight up, and one off to the right.  On the tails, there are oval shapes making up the tail, like seeds lined up one after another.  The symbol in the middle is pretty symbol.  It has two shapes that look like horns.  For example, the look like a snout similar to that of a Thunderdrum’s nose with the horn coming off of it.  Looking at the symbol, the horns are much wider and lined up next to each other as if they are coming down from something.  I do not think the horns are a portrayal of a part from a Thunderdrum, they just remind me of them.  The second from the left is an arrangement of circles with a triangle coming out of the largest circle in the middle.  The second from the right is a triangle with circle inside of it.

         Trying to make sense of the symbols, my friends and I stand studying these markings for several minutes.