Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 31: Rotten Complication

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Been a bit more busy than anticipated these last two days, but I wanted to stay up and get this chapter done before another day had gone by.


Things are going to escalate gradually as we get closer to The Legend of Shadow Mountain with each chapter.  What is the Legend?  Where is this mountain?


Hope you guys enjoy this chapter!


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Chapter 31 - Rotten Complication

         Annabeth and I push our dragons as fast as we can.  We, however, stop at Mystery but only in passing.  Annabeth has Anora fire a shot into Fredrick’s soundwaves from a blast he shot.  The shot is performed near out outpost.  This grabs the attention of our friends down below.  I swoop down on Fredrick and hover above our main landing platform, down the ramp from the Clubhouse.  I quickly tell Cazi and Angie to grab their gear, mount their dragons, and meet us at Berserker Island.  At the mention of gear, Asvord run off.  I see Asvord run towards the Clubhouse.  She exits a minute later with my gear.

         Also, I say that the supplies are ready to be picked up at the Northern Markets, but the rest must stay behind to defend Mystery.  Even though it has been months since Vixxen has tried anything, if we let up for a second and think we can get by, that is the time Vixxen will strike.  As soon as Asvord hands me my gear, Annabeth and I continue on course to Berserker Island.

         Nothing is said during the trip.  Cazi and Angie are behind us, but we have about a ten-minute lead.  The reasons I picked just Cazi and Angie are one, they have Skrills and we are going to Berserker Island, and two, Hiccup and the gang are going to already be there as Dagur’s Berserker Apprenticeship Program will have its first “graduate” today.  And I do not express graduate in its fullest sense of the word.  Stoick contact Dagur about Gustav as the muttonhead was being a nuisance around Berk which drove Stoick to the brink of a place where few vikings have done so to Stoick.  Gustav just has a certain… bad… knack of doing that to vikings.  So, on suggestion of Gobber before Stoick ripped the lad in two, Stoick immediately Terror Mailed Berserker Island asking for Dagur’s help.

         From there, Dagur took over and made everything up just to keep Gustav busy for a while.  Dagur is doing this to help the kid and Stoick but is also good diplomacy as relations with the Berserkers are on the up swing since Dagur’s reformation from being deranged.  Today is the day that Gustav is supposed to graduate.  Of all the days to stage a coup, today would be that day because Gustav is involved even if not connect in any way just for the fact Gustav is there something is bound to go wrong.

         It takes most of the day to get to Berserker Island.  With air being lighter the further up one flies, we fly here to make up even more time than just flying fast.  The dragons do not have to work as much to fly just as fast and even faster than down only a couple hundred feet above the sea or even nearly on top of the sea.  The consensus is obviously that we hope Savage has not started yet, but because the day is nearly gone, we are not holding our breath Savage has delayed.  Though we have one thing going for us, Savage is not expecting us.  So, there is a better chance that Savage is only worried about Hiccup and the gang rather than lookouts to spot any incoming ships or other Dragon Riders.  Spotting Berserker Island on the horizon, we start our decent.  Cazi and Angie are now only a few minutes behind.  We slow up to decrease our speed on decent which allows the two Skrill riders to catch up.

         As we approach the island from directly above it, we notice Toothless’ dark figure on a high peak near the Berserker’s Dragon Stable.  On further inspection, we see Astrid, Heather, Fishlegs, and the twins along with each rider’s respective dragon.  Hiccup waves us down.  We land and dismount.

         “I wish I could have let you guys know not to land here,” Hiccup states.  “But I’m glad you’re here.”

         Hiccup and I shake hands as we all exchange brief greetings.

         I reply, “We can as quickly as we could once we found out.”

         Heather then asks, “How did you find out?”

         Annabeth answers, “While I stopped at the Northern Markets to follow up on a loose end of a lead about our father, I ran into Jarl.  What then transpired is a story for another day, but we found out from an unsuspecting viking that Savage is staging a coup.”

         “It has already started,” Astrid pointed out.

         “I was afraid of that,” I say.  “But we came to help anyway because there is more to this than just a coup.”

         Tuffnut voiced with his left hand in his mouth, “There’s more?”

         Both Twins proceeded to chuckle excitingly as they do when there are more problems added to a situation.

         I explain, “Savage did not work alone, Vixxen, the Viggo to me and my crew, put Savage up to this.”

         A few gasps from Astrid, Fishlegs, Cazi, and Angie are let out and Hiccup furrows his brow and adds, “This complicates matters.  Dagur, Snotlout, and Gustav are unaccounted for.  Dagur was captured by Savage and Snotlout and Gustav were tasked with getting a bead on where the two might be.  Our dragons are sick or allergic to something here on the island and we do not know what.  Fishlegs could take soil samples but there is no time, we need to act now while we still have the chance.  Your dragons are no doubt grounded to, so you will have to act without them.  We were about to go after Savage and to take back the island.  You, Annabeth, Cazi, and Angie can go see what the rest of Savage’s men are up to.  They are everywhere, be careful.  If Vixxen is half the villainess I have heard, then I have a hunch she is behind whatever is keeping our dragons grounded.”

         Heather interjects, “When Savage’s men first got here, he kept some of his men down near Gustav’s Wal-Market.  Best bet that is where you guys should start looking.”

         “Once we engage,” Hiccup continued.  “Our sounds of battle should draw in reinforcements which should even your crew’s odds.  We will take Savage head on.  When we Savage captured, we will circle back to help you guys out.”

         “With it being so close to darkness,” I further suggest.  “With the cover of night, your frontal attack will be more effective.  Judging by the looks of the sun’s distance from the horizon, I say we have an hour, two tops, before darkness comes.  Once it is completely dark, that is the time your team can take Savage on.  This will give my crew and I time to scout, investigate, and do some recon and maybe stealthily even the odds then.”

         Hiccup nods in agreement, “We will wait until dark.  But,” glancing at Astrid’s and Heather’s reaction, they are a bit disappointed but look resolved knowing the added complexity to our current situation.  Hiccup paused but went on, “The moment it is fully dark, we will make our move.  Good luck.”

         “I don’t need luck,” I respond.  “Besides not believing in luck, I’ve got an angry girl Berserkian on my side with two Skrill riders who cannot use their dragons.  What more do I need?”

         Annabeth smiles as Cazi takes out her daggers and Angie unfolds her Skrill-spine axe.  Heather should start The Folding Axe Club.

         “Well then, I wish you success,” Hiccup said instead.

         Not being able to use our dragons is probably a blessing in disguise because for this to work, we need to remain undetected.  For the dragons’ firepower, they lack subtlety when trying to infiltrate.  Same goes for Hiccup’s part of the plan.

         I let Annabeth take the point as she knows this island much better than I do.  She comments she may know it better than her brother and sister.

         “When we get the chance after this is done,” Annabeth offers.  “I need to take you into the Maze of Caves under the island.  It’s beautiful down there.”

         I take note of it as Annabeth leads the way down to Gustav’s Wal-Market, stupid name for a market especially for its looks.  The name will never catch on.

         We keep to the sides of the paths and roads to evade detection.  There are many patrols and guards going about searching and questioning the Berserkians for something.  Very curious.

         Nearing the edge of the Wal-Market, we hid behind a cutout of a large vegetable stand.

         Cazi asks, “So what’s the play?”

         Angie wonders, “What are we even looking for?”

         “First,” I relay a plan of action.  “We silently take out as many of Savage’s men as we can to lessen the strength of any reinforcements that will go after Hiccup and the gang once they engage.  Keep your eyes and ears open.  Wait to see if any of the men are talking, maybe we can find out why our dragons cannot fly away and what else is here that Vixxen wants.”

         Angie suggests, “If we split up we can cover more ground, knockout more vikings.”

         “Good idea,” I agree as Cazi and Angie leave, both going back north to the residential area.  “Annabeth,” I say, grabbing her right arm before she left.  “Take these.”

         “What are they?” Annabeth speaks as I lock them around her the backs of her bracers.  “They are just like mine, one of the projects I said I worked on.  Each bracelet has several Dragon Root extract darts, with Garth’s own flavor for added effectiveness.  The darts will knockout any viking without landing a punch on them.” I then show Annabeth on mine, pointing behind her, how to fire them; Annabeth looks at me. “Stretch out your arm, make a fist with that hand, and lower your fist.  Then unfoled the mini bow-caster and take one of the darts from the bracelet to load it into the launcher.  Works just like a crossbow, but with the help of a few gears, pulling back the Gronckle Iron chain will lock the dart in place, aim, and fire.  Best to aim for the neck as the tips are dull enough that they will not go through most fabric, thus resulting in only a small gash but enough for the tainted tips to get into the assailant’s bloodstream.”

         Annabeth suddenly raises up her right arm and does exactly what I just said with hers!

         “What the-?” I say turning around to see viking looking at us about to talk but then falls backwards as he lays unconscious.

         Annabeth remarks, “Like that.”

         Rolling my eyes, “Yes, like that.”

         Annabeth makes her way down to the docks on this side of the island and I work my way back up through the Wal-Market, going between each fake stall.  Now the sun is within an hour of setting.

         An unsuspecting patrol walks down the main path.  Two men.  They stop.  I stretch out my arm and aim for the guy’s neck on the right.  A moment before I fire, the guy on the left started to speak.

         “Does Savage know who paid him off to do this coup?” the left one said.

         The one on the right replies, “No.  That idiot does not even know his own left from his right.

         The left one continued, “Good.  We must keep it that way so that we can get the intel Vixxen needs.”

         “What is it again?” the other guy asks.

         “And this is why you are on this mission with me,” the guy on the left spoke a bit frustrated.  “For your lack of memory.  We are here to find out what they hype is about the Maze of Caves.  Vixxen says there is more down there than even these Berserkians know.  So far, all who we have talked to know nothing about what else is down there.  Vixxen does not even know, but what clues she has dug up says whatever down there is big.  And anything big, Vixxen can use to overpower her foes.  Who knows, maybe she’ll take on Viggo one day for revenge.”

         The both chuckle and continue walking north.  I fire a dart and hit the guy on my right.  They had walked out of ear shot, but the guy on the left did not know his friend had fallen.  I shoot him in the neck too.

         I want to know more about what these two are up to, for they are obviously some of Vixxen’s vikings among Savage’s men to make sure he did what he was supposed to, but also to find out whatever Vixxen is after.  But if I stop know, I will deviate from my purpose.  I need to keep moving.

         As soon as I turn around, I run into someone.

         “What are you?” one of Savage’s men question.

         “Uh… Look!  What’s that?!” I quickly point behind him.  He turns left to look, but I say, “Dramatic exit!” and proceed to throw a right cross, the guy staggers back, I launch a dart point blank at his chest, and the guy falls back limp to the ground.

         I comment, “I guess this close these darts can penetrate anything.  I better keep moving.”

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Are you seriously leaning on the Cauldron of Reality?

Great chapter!
So, is Wal-Market supposed to be a Wal-Mart reference?