Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 3: A Critical Find

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This mystery is shaping up to be a fun one to write and I still don't know what to do as an over arching mystery.  All I know is I am going to try something different for this book.  I will let the story develop solely on its own and Jarl will find out what the mystery is basically at the same time as you guys and me.


Hope you guys enjoy this chapter!


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Mystery of Shadow

Mystery of Shadow Mountain


Chapter 3


A Critical Find


         “Wha-  What is that?” I ask.

         Father grabbed my left arm and pulled me back away from Annabeth.  I am too focused on what is wrong than my father pulling me away from Annabeth.

         “Everyone,” father raised his arms up.  “Stay back.  We don’t know what she has.”

         Cazi insists, “But we have to help her.”

         “Don’t worry,” father replies.  “I just want to be sure you guys don’t get sick.”

         Father gingerly knelt down to inspect Annabeth.  While he did so, he reported how she is as he went.  Annabeth is breathing heavily, her skin is quite pale, the bite mark broke skin and blood is coming through thankfully not fast, and she is unresponsive to any stimuli verbal or visual.  Father stood back up and came back over.  He started to discuss what to do about Annabeth.

         I cannot pay attention to what the others are saying.  I am in the group but my eyes are on Annabeth and if she will get up.  After a few minutes of debating, Annabeth’s body moves and I dart over to her.  However, father catches my right arm before I could get close enough to Annabeth to help her up.  I did not struggle against my father, because I know what he trying to do.

         “Annabeth?” I call out.

         No answer.  The way Annabeth is getting up is very strange.  It is like this is the first time she has ever gotten up and does not know how to stand.  Her posture is very poor and hunched over.

         Softer, I repeat, “Annabeth.”

         Still no response.

         Keeping my distance, I walk around to see Annabeth from the front.  I am horrified at what is going on and I do not know how to fix it… yet.  Annabeth has a blank look on and her body is barely able to keep itself upright.

         Suddenly… she and I made eye contact.

         “Annabeth!” I said.  “I’m here.”

         Again, no response.

         Mother stated, “I don’t think she is responding.  Something has control of her.”

         “We just made contact,” I assured.  “She’s in there.  She’s confused and disoriented.”

         Even though her body is not responding the way she wants it too, I see the look in her eyes that she is fully aware what is going on.  I also see worry in her eyes too.

         “Annabeth?” I ask.  Her head slightly tilts at the sound of my voice.  “Everything will be alright.”

         Cazi from behind questioned, “What are we going to do?”

         Father thought out loud, “We need to make sure it is not contagious.  This is the last thing we need while we wait for help to come.”

         A few seconds later, Annabeth started moving away from us.  Looking back and seeing her start to walk away, I quickly got in front of her by a few feet to stop her advancement.  She turned back around and went the other way.  Seeing the group behind her, she looked back at me, and then darted off further into the forest.

         “Annabeth!” I yelled.

         “Let her go,” said father.

         “I can’t let her go,” I responded as walked over to the direction Annabeth ran.

         Father asserted, “We need to figure out what is going on.  So, when we find an antidote, we can administrate it.”

         “But we can’t administrate it if we do not know where she is,” I added as I ran off to follow Annabeth.

         “Jarl!” yelled father.

         I heard mother interject, “Let him go, Sigvald.”

         Continuing to run through the forest, I track Annabeth.  After a few times of losing and picking up her footprints, I catch up to her.  Down a shallow ravine, she is on her knees.  Not wanting to scare her, I climb up the side of the hill to shadow her movements from above.

         I know she is aware of what is going on.  All she is trying to do is to protect us in case what she has is contagious.  But as it looks, whatever she has clouds one’s judgement and amplifies their thoughts.  So, if one thinks of something good, they will go above and beyond then even push it too far to do good.  If they think of something negative, they will go far beyond what they would intend had they have been normal.

         Annabeth is just kneeling on both her knees, sitting back on her heels, and staring at her hands.  She turns them over as if she does not know what they are and this is the first time she has ever seen them.

         I think to myself, “Oh, Annabeth…”

         I do not finish the thought as Annabeth immediately turned her head after I had said Annabeth to myself.  For certain, I know I did not make a sound.  All I did was think of her name and she turned her head as if I actually did call out to her.

         Annabeth looked behind her and saw me.  Regardless of what I would do, duck behind something or stay where I am, she would have for sure see me or hear me either way.  Annabeth did see me.  Therefore, she took off again, running further into the forest.

         As I ran after her, I think to myself.  If what she has heightens her emotions, would her senses be heightened as well?  Did she her rustling of grass under my feet?  The breathing through my nose?  The feeling of being watched?

         Following Annabeth along the ridge, I notice something.  It looks like she is trying to find something.  Is this something she wants her or her condition wants?  Annabeth now frequently stops and searches the area.  I follow her.

         Looking ahead, I see the ridge eventually levels down even with the ground Annabeth is on.  From there, a hill of some sort I believe is next after that as the trees stop.  The next set of trees in front are spaced far enough apart from this side to indicate there is more than a hill coming up.  Most likely, a cove is ahead.

         Annabeth slowly works her way over to the edge.  I stay right behind her.  Now, Annabeth is breathing very heavy; so heavy it is like she has run for several miles and cannot catch her breath.  Her posture has become very stooped over.  It is like her whole body is getting tired very fast.

         I call out to her from behind in a soft tone, “Annabeth.”

         She flings her head around to look at me.  It pains me so much to see her like this.  Standing in front of the girl you love and not being able to do anything is the worst helpless feeling I have ever felt.  Granted I felt this when I fought her in front of Vixxen.  But that was something I felt I could fix.  This… This is something else entirely.  It is something unnatural.

         Annabeth looks at me and through her eyes I knew she wants to stay with me, but she also wants to protect me.  What she did next confirms she is aware of what is going on, at least to the point where her thinking is still there and thinking about me.  Getting her thoughts to action is the problem.  That connection is being inhibited somehow.

         Annabeth forced her body to fall into the cove!

         “Annabeth,” I call out in alarm as I hear her hit the bottom of something.

         Rushing to the edge, my feet kick in some pebbles as I almost fall in myself.  It is indeed a small cove, thirty feet in diameter, a small pond of fresh water, and Annabeth sprawled out on the bottom.  She then used her forearms to prop herself up.  Again, Annabeth looks at me through her eyes.

         This time her look told me, “Jarl, I’m fine… for now… I made myself fall in here so in case this thing completely takes me over, you know where I am.”  It is like I could hear her voice in my head as if she said it herself.

         I then say to her, “I will be back.”

         Annabeth then rolled over on to her back.

         As I retraced my tracks through the forest, I marked trees with one of my arrows.  This will insure that not only I but anyone else can find Annabeth.

         The track back to the group at the month of the cave took fifteen minutes.  I arrive to see everyone nearly in a state of panic.

         “Now wat?” I question.

         Mother replies, “I’m glad you are back.  Your father is worried about this whole ordeal.  To make matters worse…”

         She trailed off as I then anticipate what she will say by saying myself, “Someone else came down with it.  Who?”

         Mother did not want to answer me.  Looking around, the only clue I need is Elsa crying.

         I started to lean back, “No,” and pace.  “No,” I shook my head.  “Not Asvord.  She couldn’t have.  How?”

         Mother tries to console me, but first Annabeth… Now Asvord, I cannot take… This cannot be happening.

         “I’ll figure this out,” I expressed with the intent of persevering.  “If this will be the last thing I do.  Where is Asvord?”

         “She ran off like Annabeth,” mother replied, then took me aside away from the group.  “Jarl, you have to figure this out.”

         “I know,” I interrupted.

         “That’s not exactly what I mean,” mother said.  “You need to figure this out as soon as possible, before we all panic and lose our heads.  I know how you care about Annabeth, even Asvord, though differently because she is your sister.  Your father is distraught right now because he is blaming himself for putting you all in this situation.  We all know the risks.  Things like this could happen even on Berk.  Knowing what to do when things like this happen and keeping a level, collect, and cool mind is the key to bring everyone through this.  There is a solution to this.  And I don’t know anyone else more capable of finding that solution in the shortest amount of time possible.”

         “Thank you, mom,” I gave a slight smile.

         Taking a deep breath to regain control of my emotions, I now go back to the group and start trying to solve this mystery.

         Everyone began asking several questions varying on the same question as, “What are we going to do?  What will happen to us?  Will we get this disease too?”

         “Alright,” I say to begin.  “We need to find out what Annabeth and Asvord have in common that they have done since we got here.  We find that, we narrow our search down.”

         At first no one could think of anything specific; they are just rambling.

         “Guys,” I got their attention.  “Calm down and just think for a moment.  Asvord told me Annabeth spent some time in the hot springs this morning and then went out exploring.  Does anybody know where?”

         Elsa, though still crying, spoke up and manages to say, “She went out with me to look for any fruit.  We did find some… Come to think of it I never touched the fruit.  We came back here as Dawn came back.  A little after you left, Asvord went down and then ran off as did Annabeth.”

         My little sister’s brave statement in view of our sibling predicament spurred a couple of others on to speak up as well.

         Abbie adds, “Asvord also spent some time in the hot springs.”

         I inquire, “Did anyone else spend time in the hot springs?”
         “We all did,” Hannah responded.

         “Well,” I restated.  “Did anyone go with Annabeth and Asvord this morning?  From the time they went this morning to now is a short amount of time.  If we are all affected, then we would have all gone down by now.  There is something different about this morning.  Did anyone go with them this morning?”

         Worried looks came over Cazi, Ali, and mother; mother says, “We three also went in with them.  However, we all did not get in the same pools.”

         “Garth?” I ask.

         “Yes, Jarl,” he replies.

         “Is there any way you could test the water and see what is in it without infecting yourself?” I wonder.

         Garth thought for a moment and answered, “Yes there is a way.  Good thing I went to recover some of my things from the wrecked ship, this morning.  I was hoping to do some in-field experiments.  Never wanted it to be this way.”

         I say, “Get started.”

         Garth offered another thing, “I’ll even test those berries.  Elsa?  Where did your sister put them?”

         Elsa walked off with urgency to show Garth where they would be.

         Mother then said, “Because we all were not in the same hot springs and Annabeth and Asvord going down at basically the same time, is there a chance that the three of us that did go in the other hot springs won’t come down with this condition?”

         “That’s what I am hoping,” I responded.  “That’s what I’m hoping.”

         My dad then returned from somewhere and told me he is glad to see me.  He started to say something, but I stopped him short saying that it is alright.

         “We’re all under duress right now,” I said.

         “Jarl,” father changed the subject.  “Though it has been ages since I have been to this island, there were temporary huts here at one point for traveling trappers and traders.  On the off chance that someone might be there, could you go see if someone is there?  I need to stay here.  Do you need anybody to go with you?”

         “I can make better time alone,” I stated.  “It will be better if you all stick together and keep close eyes on one another.  I set Garth to work on what is going on with the clues we have.  Work with him if you have any ideas.”

         Father pointed out to where the huts would be.  I also told father and the group I had made a trail to where Annabeth is.  I made a mental note of it and began my journey in a steady run.  My path will take be back past Annabeth, so I thought I would stop by.

         When I stopped, I tell Annabeth, “I am on the case.  We have some clues.  It should not be much more time before this is solved.”

         Annabeth acknowledged with a slight wave with her fingers of her right hand.  From here on out, I am in a dead run.

         Every moment is precious right now.  There are so many unknowns right now that it is legit scaring me right now.  My parents have not seen this nor has anyone else.  The thoughts if my head race as I run to the center of the island.

         About ten minutes later, I come into a very large clearing, more or less a grassy plain.  From this side, I look up and see on part of the mountain face that extends out to somewhat of a plateau.  On it, there are three huts.  Sprinting across the clearing, I time my strides, launch my grappling hook, and let it clear the top of the cliff face.  As soon as it landed and locked into place, I start my climb up.

         The cliff face offers many footholds to use and I made short work of the cliff face.  It is about fifty feet straight up, but with my ability and my hook, it only took seven minutes to get to the top.  Once up, I quickly unhook the chain from the hook, wind it up while I scan the area.  Not seeing anything, I then proceed to walk up to the first hut.  The other two huts are sitting in the side of the mountain.  Seems like at one point a space was carved out of the mountain to make room for buildings.  As with a lot of buildings, these look fairly new.

         Upon entering the first one, I look around.  The clues I am trying to find is any signs of being lived in.  It did not take me long to answer that question, “Yes.”  But not just yet, checking the fireplace…

         “Warm embers…,” I say in a hushed tone.  Then standing up, “Dirty dishes, fish bones… and the smell of herbs everywhere.  Someone is definitely here.”

         I exited the hut and searched the other two.  More of the same, but one of them are more of a supply hut and the other tools and a few weapons.

         Exiting the hut, I hear a yell!

         I do not recognize the yell, but I hurry and investigate anyway.  The yell came from behind the huts.   Entering a sparse forest area with trees not many in numbers, I spot a figure running away from a Changewing.

         Springing into action, I leap onto a boulder to get some elevation.  I draw my sword, flip it to bow configuration, and fire three arrows, scattering them around the dragon to get its attention off the viking.  Immediately following that, I throw a Zipple-Bomb at the Changewing, which it exploded on impact with the ground.  The gas dazed the dragon in which case scampered off.

         “What the herb spices?” yelled a young viking girl.  “Why’d you have to go and do that for?  Now you ruined everything!”

         “I ruined everything?” I echoed.

         “Yeah!” she demanded.  “I was trying to get him to follow me to my huts.  He isn’t eating for some reason and I wanted to look at him closer.”

         “Sorry,” I apologized as she continued to walk over.  “I heard a yell, investigated, and saw you in trouble.”

         When she came over to me, she swung a right cross at me.  I barely have enough time to duck.

         “Hold still so I can punch you,” she stated.

         “Why do you want to punch me?” I ask as she turned around to throw a left cross.

         Ducking again, she said, “You tried to hurt my dragon.”

         “Hurt your-,” I paused as she threw another right cross.  Thinking I was going to duck again, I instead grabbed her arm, spun her around, and pinned both of her arms behind her.  “I just tried to scare the dragon away.  I would never try to hurt a dragon intentionally.”

         “So, you would try to do it intentionally?” she asked, struggling to escape in the process.

         “What?  No,” I replied,” tightening my grip to keep her.  I add, “That’s not what I meant.  If I wanted to kill a dragon,” she began to really struggle but I quickly said, “But I don’t.  I would never, but I would not have wasted three arrows shot into the ground when they could have easily been shot into the Changewing.  Plus, why would I throw an insignificant bomb full of Zippleback gas and not spark it to make it go to flame to actually do some damage?”

         The girl stopped struggling and so I let her go.

         “Look,” I spoke.  “I don’t have time for this.  I need your help.”

         Very hesitantly, she asks, “What do you need?”

         Explaining the situation, the look on her face became very grim, “This is not good, we need to act fast?”

         “Is it that serious?” I question.

         “Yes,” she said as she ran into her house, I followed her.  She scrambled around her house collecting several different herbs and spices and explained, “What is basically a head cold for dragons, this particular virus is deadly to vikings.”

         My heard dropped at the sound of that, “What’s your name?” I ask trying to keep my mind on other things.

         “Fira,” the girl replies.

         “Fira what?” I question further.

         “Uh,” she paused for a moment before continuing on.  “I guess you could say Fira the Healer.”

         My heart at the sound of that felt like it started back beating, “I think I came to the right place.”

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Wow what another Fan

Wow what another Fan Fiction!?!?

I need to read this!




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