Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 29: Hello There

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I got this chapter done early this morning, just fell asleep and forgot to post it until now.


Hope you guys enjoy!


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         Well, me and my

         Well, me and my friends stood by to defend Berk while the Hiccup and his gang along with the A-Team went and attacked Project Shellfire.  Now a month after their attack against Viggo, turns out that Project Shellfire was a weaponized dragon.  The Shellfire dragon is massive with a giant ball like plasma shot.  Viggo got his way early, but Hiccup and the gang saved Defenders of the Wing Island, Outcast Island, and Berserker Island.  Hiccup and the riders continued to make a stand against Viggo at each island, driving the Dragon Hunters away from the time being.

         The next target was to be Dragon’s Edge.  Hiccup told me later had things gone poorly at Dragon’s Edge, my friends and I would have been the last line of defense for Berk.  We were one battle away from being called into action.  I may sound a bit disappointed, but I am totally glad Hiccup and everyone was able to defeat Viggo and his hunters.  With it being so quiet on Berk while I waited to hear news while everything was going on, I felt so helpless not being able to help.  But Gobber reminded me that I was helping by being able to defend Berk if it came down to it.  However, I wanted to be in the fight with Hiccup.  Standing around and just waiting drove me nuts.  Later when I found out the islands that Viggo and the Shellfire dragon attacked included Berserker Island, I was very angry.  I felt I could have done more to help, but Gobber was right.  Someone needed to stay behind to protect Berk.  As much as I wanted to help Hiccup, protecting Berk is something I do not take lightly.

         Viggo took Hiccup to the literal edge when he attacked Dragon’s Edge with the Shellfire dragon.  Once the Shellfire dragon was taken care of with help from its natural rival, the Submaripper, it came down to defeating Viggo.  The cunning Dragon Hunter was up to his old tricks as he tried to play the fall guy and the victim and got his way when Hiccup left him alone for only a few moments.  Viggo captured Astrid on Stormfly and cornered Hiccup at the top of the volcano on Dragon’s Edge.  Viggo disgustingly gave Hiccup a choice between Astrid or the Dragon Eye.  With only two options, Hiccup created a third.

         Where Hiccup was, Viggo, Stormfly, and Astrid were between Hiccup and the mouth of the volcano.  Hiccup’s third option was throwing the Dragon Eye over them all towards the volcano.  This distracted Viggo enough to allow Astrid and Stormfly to escape.  Viggo’s enthrallment of his need to have the Dragon Eye cost him dearly.  Viggo got the Dragon Eye but was on the edge of the mouth of the volcano which broke free and fell into the mouth.  Hiccup tried to save Viggo but was too late.

         One would think that would have been the end of it, but that was only the second to last thing.  The volcano on Dragon’s Edge erupted!  Now, the riders had to deal with the impending doom with the potential destruction of their outpost and their home.  Thankfully, the volcano stabilized and the Dragon Riders were able to save their home.

         After all this happened, I am now on my way to the Northern Markets to follow up on any clues as to why Viggo’s sword got in the Sandbuster’s cave.  But more importantly, who brought it there.  Also, with my return back to Mystery approved as the A-Team is now back on Berk to defend it, Mystery needs supplies.  The allotment that Berk has for Mystery is running low, I thought it would be good just to go get the supplies myself at the Northern Markets and then Terror Mail my friends on Mystery to come pick the supplies up.  It would save a trip for those at Berk to get a stock back for us when they go up to resupply.  Berk’s own supplies that they get from the food storage on Berk is running a bit low but will be restocked in the next couple of days with the fishing ships coming back and the farms collecting the food that is ready to harvest.

         One other thing I need to keep in mind while I am there at the Northern Markets is a gift for Annabeth.  Even though I have given Annabeth several gifts, I still need to get her the Ceremonial Betrothal Gift that each party must give to the other once six moon cycles of been passed.  Because Annabeth and mine relationship happened different than most as this will be the first union between a Berserker and a Berkian, when briefly talking with Stoick about this he said that it will be fine and do the best I can.  Because, when did our betrothal actually occur?  Sure, I asked her to marry me that one day on Berk that is the date I remember, but we were not officially betrothed on that day.

         Suffice it to say, I forgot the date when Annabeth and I were officially betrothed to each other.  It helped getting the approval from Stoick when he was busy dealing with Spitelout ranting on about needing supplies for his Storehouse.  When I came up to Stoick earlier this morning to ask him about all this, Gobber told me he was busy with Spitelout.  As Gobber heard what I was going to talk to him about, he told me to go on in as that is the perfect thing to talk to Stoick about when he is preoccupied.

         Fredrick and I arrived at the Northern Markets a lot sooner than what I projected.  Having no action for several months and a dragon ready for some conflated into flying a lot faster than just cruising speed.

         Once on the ground, I whispered to my Thunderdrum, “Whatever you do, make sure you keep your hands near your pockets because they will be picked if you are not careful.”

         Fredrick picks up his left wing to look under it and then snorts as if to say, “Pockets?  What you are talking about pockets?  I’m a dragon.  Dragons don’t have pockets.”

         “Yeah well,” I retort back to him.  “You know some opossums have pockets to carry their young.  Who’s to say a dragon type we haven’t seen has a similar pocket.”

         Fredrick made a grumbling growl as if agree with me but not want to admit it.

         Going from one trader to the next did not find much about any specific viking coming and either trading, selling, or losing a sword that fits the description of Viggo’s sword.  Each time I try mentioning the sword, each trader just shuts up tighter than someone not wanting to swallow a swig of yaknog.  They first try to sell me something, but when I say I am not buying anything, they too also clam up.  Which that is understandable as they are trying to make a living, but they are very rude about it.  Although, I am talking about the Northern Markets.  How I just described it is what the island is on a good day.

         It is getting on close to mid-afternoon and I have not eaten anything since I left.  Seeing that there is one more trader left to talk to, I thought after that I would get a bite to eat in the tavern and then head back to Trader Johann’s place and pick up the supplies to Mystery as well as sending a Terror Mail back to Mystery.

         This last trader did much the same as the others.  Someone came wanting to talk to him and then he had to leave.

         As he was going, he told me, “Try not to steal anything.”

         “Nice talking with you too,” I say back to him and then whisper to myself.  “Pleasant chap that viking.”

         Leaning against a support beam of the trader’s business, I take a second to check my pockets as well as my bracers.  What I am really doing is keeping an eye on the viking who came to talk to the trader I just got done with.  Out of all the ones I talked to, this is the only thing odd that has happened out of the ordinary.  The trader’s demeanor also told me that he did not want to be here.  The trader’s has a forked beard, his attire his rather ragged for a trader, and his husky build along with battle worn bracers, belt, and helmet tell me he is new to being a trader.

         Come to think about it, now observing his merchandise in his wares, he does not look much like a trader and his products add into that fact.  None of his things are really organized.  His weapons for sale look like they have been sitting out in the rain for weeks.  The bags of seed and grain are sitting out with some of the contents spilled out.  His business establishment looks more like something constructed in a hurry and is temporary.  If it is not supposed to be temporary, the way it is built sure looks like it is temporary.  When I stood up from leaning, the whole structure creaked.

         I could not hear the conversation that the other viking and the trader are having.  As I am thinking about leaving, I see out of the corner of my right eye the trader subtlety gesture in a point in my direction.  The viking the trader is speaking with glances at me with a look of purpose.  Looks like I made someone happy.

         I was going to start for the tavern but sticking around for a few minutes I study the two vikings some more.  The trader starts to move away, but the other viking grabs the trader’s right shoulder with his left hand and stops the trader.

         A bit curious as to why he did that as I saw the lips from the trader mouth, as I still could not hear the two speaking, “I thought you said you were done?”

         I thought occurs to me, so I turn and walk back away in the direction of the tavern.  Looking to my left to check out a pervious vendor’s jewelry, I rummage through the selection and shoot a glance over to the trader and the other viking.  It looks like the second I started to walk they also split their ways.  But when I stopped, the trader did not expect that as he stops mid-stride and starts walking to his right to talk to another trader.  It quickly becomes apparent that the trader did not know what to do and got on the nerve of the other trader for going over to his store.  Seems like the trader now trying to follow me is not on the best of terms with the other traders.

         Wanting to know more, I ask the broker of shop I am at, “Who’s owns the merchandise in the booth right next to you on my left?”

         “Oh him?” the broker huffs.  “He arrived here a few weeks ago.  Hasn’t been getting many customers coming his way.  But he isn’t doing himself any favors with the way he treats anyone coming his way as well as for the fact his booth is a mess.  Who would want to trade or buy anything from a trader who won’t make it inviting to come over.  Unlike myself, I have a wide range of jewelry.  See anything that you like?”

         “What?  Oh,” I remark.  As soon as the trader confirmed my suspicions, my mind started to wander what the implications are.  “Sorry, I was not paying attention to that last part.”

         “Do you want to buy anything or not?” the annoyed broker folded his arms.

         “Maybe after lunch,” I answer.

         “Hmph!” the broker complained as he started talking to a new customer walking up to his booth; his tone changed directly back to an “inviting” one as the customer started talking about chicken feed.

         With that fiasco finished, I walk to the tavern.  The door is open.  Upon entering, no one lifts their head except for the keeper.  Going over to order a mug of yakmilk, the keeper makes a crack about that.  At least he does not overcharge me as he asked a very reasonable price.

         Tossing down a copper piece in exchange for my drink, I take a swig of the milk.  As I look at the mug to take another drink, my right ear twitches to the sound of the front door being closed.  Taking a drink, I peek at the front door and the viking I saw talking to the trader who grabbed the guy’s arm just walked it.  This viking looked around the room and made eye contact with several other vikings.  If I saw it correctly, looks like he gave a slight nod.  Thereafter, six vikings moved around to different places in the room.  Each taking their time to do so, but where they end up clued me into what is about to happen.

         The trader, whom I spotted before, stays at the front door.  One goes to the back to door to “talk” to a friend.  A couple come up to buy some drinks.  One comes down and sits at a table near me.  The rest merely switch places from where they were originally located.  Instead of two standing off to the side and one sitting at another table, two are sitting with one standing off to the right of the entrance, my left.

         The two vikings who came up to buy drinks, come over to me and one says, “Hey, look here Zeke, the little pip squeak ordered milk.  Did you milk that yourself?”

         “Would you like some?” I offer.

         “Like some?” he echoed.  “I’d love some.”

         “Here, you can have mine,” I take my mug and splash it in the viking’s face.  “I didn’t much like it anyway, it was warm.”

         The viking standing just to my left looks like he is trying to keep his temper in check as he starts to breathe deep with his face dripping with yak milk.

         He stares at me but I quip back, “Hey, you said you would love some, so I thought I would give you some.”

         Zeke starts to say, “That’s what-.”  But then the dripping milk viking barked at him, “Shut up, Zeke!”

         “Oh, I am sorry,” I apologize.  “I sometimes take things literally.  I did not catch your name either.”
deep again, he simply replies, “Pete.”

         “By the way,” I state as I put my mug back on the counter.  “What are your friends doing here?”

         “Friends?” Pete says as if he does not know what I am referring to.

         “Your friends,” I repeat.  “The one by the front door, the one by the back, the few sitting and standing that simultaneously change places at the same time after receiving a nod from the guy at the front door.  I was wondering when I would get to meet them.”

         “Oh,” Pete then cracked all of his knuckles.  “You will meet them shortly.”

         “Well, I have to be leaving,” I say turning around to see his “friends” all standing up.  “Wish I could meet them all.”

         “Oh,” Pete adds.  “Please stay.  I want you to meet my many friends.”

         “Is that what ‘many’ looks like?” I ask.  “Because that means a lot.”  I add and point to a few of the vikings standing, “Are you names Past, Present, and Future?  If so, things are about to get tense in here.”

         I pause to get a reaction, I get none, “I didn’t think I was going to need a burial site just yet.  I thought that would be the last thing I need.”  The vikings start to close in on me.

         Pete says, “Too bad you are not unarmed.  This would make this a lot easier.”  Pete then throws a right cross of which I nimbly block.

         “Unarmed?” I echo.  “You mean good thing.  Because I was unharmed I couldn’t block your punch.”

         I toss a left sucker punch to Pete’s stomach and then launch an uppercut knocking Pete backwards.

         “You idiots!” exclaims the viking at the front door.  Looking at him I see him throw a small figure onto a table breaking the table in half.  “That was the dragon rider I was talking about.”

         Surprised to hear that, I repeat, “Dragon rider?”

         One thing in a fight, do not take your eye off your foe, especially when you are outnumbered.

         I left cross from Zeke sent me flying back, crashing into the already broken table which is now demolished.

         “Jarl!” calls out the figure picking themselves up from the table.

         Instantly recognizing the voice, I declared, “Annabeth?  What are you doing here?”

         “I was about to ask you the same thing?” Annabeth replied.  “But I guess why we are here can both wait.  We have some trash to take out.”

         “I haven’t fought garbage in a while,” I said stretching my neck.  “But I guess I’ll have to pick it up.”

         I do not know why Annabeth is here, but I am sure glad she is.  This fight just got a little bit more fun.