Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 28: When Months Go By

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First time I have been able to do back-to-back chapters in a long time.  It helps quite a bit to know exactly what I want to write and to have the time to type it all up.


I hope you guys enjoy this chapter!


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         I do not know how long I stood watching Annabeth fly off to the west, but it was well past the point I could not see them anymore.  When I start heading back to the outpost, my legs seem a little stiff from standing still so long.

         I walk back to the Outpost and then the Stables to check on my dragon.  Fredrick is doing well but looks more depressed than he was before… before Annabeth left.  Noticing he would glance over at Anora’s empty stable occasionally indicated to me that he missed Anora more than he did Annabeth.  The thing is… they have only been gone for six hours.

         The rest of the day I spend not really doing anything.  Biggest thing I did was continue rummaging through the shipwrecks out still in our harbor.  There are only the typical supplies of a ship ready for battle and invading a land.  No clues to point to anything of an ulterior motive that Vixxen had to surprise attack us and then basically give up and retreat back to her island.  I still find it strange and try to figure out any other reason beyond just showing that she knows where my friends and I live.

         When supper came, I am not hungry, and barely eat anything.  Because I had a difficult time going to sleep the pervious night, I took the first night watch.  After that, I went to bed by way of passing by Annabeth’s hut.

         Waking up the next day, I say to myself, “I know you miss her and it has only been a day.  And if she could see you now, she would probably say, ‘Get off your yak rump and do something.  Stop moping around.’”

         I knew she would be right and decided to do something about that.  What I did for the next several days was study Harrek’s father’s notebook we received from Harrek.  The going over the clues we have amassed thus far and then jotting them down in my own journal that I keep on my adventures and the mysteries that me and my friends have solved.

         There is not a lot knew that did not already know, only additional information and details about the clue we found on Aberdeen island as well as Harrek’s father’s speculation about The Legend of Shadow Mountain.  Where is this shadow mountain and what is the legend about?  From what I have uncovered, the legend means different things to different people, especially if they have a clue that goes along with it.

         Now the new clue that we have, “So, you are crazy enough to pass the test.  Now you must head west to be my guest.  Because you have made it this far, nuts you must be to go to this nest,” continues to baffle me.  Sure, the clue gives a heading but is pretty vague as to where exactly we are supposed to go.  The previous two clues had some type of clue to the location’s weather or something like that to start looking.  Heading west accounts for quite a bit of the archipelago.  Most of the clue commends you for getting this far, but the fact that the word “nuts” is in the clue tells me that it is the lynch pin for how to find the next location.  But what does the clue mean by the word “nest”?  None of my friends can make anything out of it and neither can I.

         After several days of studying all the clues to the mystery and the legend, things start to run together as I cannot find the connections.  A bit frustrated, I start to work on other projects I have had in the back of my mind.  My ideas involve additional gadgets to attach to my grappling hook, additional bows to be used in different scenarios, different types of arrows, and different things to add to my saddle to help in infiltration, battle, and even racing.  My friends often try to cheer me up with the fact that the racing season is coming, but that is more than six months off and not enough to cheer me up.  It gives me something to do in the meantime, do not get me wrong, but it is not what I want.  As tough as the current situation is for me to deal with Annabeth gone, I look at it as an opportunity to grow into a stronger viking.  With this extra time off and only one distraction instead of several with the mystery which is now at a standstill, I can get a lot of things done.

         The ideas I have had are the following.

         I always question how I should shoot my bow.  I never shoot to kill only to slow down or disable.  If I am pushed between them and myself or my friends, I will go that far to defend.  But say if we are trying to infiltrate or escape needing to be stealthy as us sleuths need to do, when we come across an enemy we could take them out, but we are not like that.  To do it to where they would not make a sound is to be up close behind them either knock them out cold or grab their mouth and nose until they passed out.  Are there any other options that we could implement?

         The conclusion as to an idea to solve this came about when Garth was experimenting with a Dragon Root smoke bomb.  Let’s just say that Garth found out what Dragon Root will do to you when mixed with a little Zippleback gas.  Garth developed darts and a mechanism to shoot them to be attached to the back of mine and Annabeth’s grappling hook.  Now, when we need to disable an enemy with very little noise, these will do the trick now.  Also, we have a Zipple-Root smoke bomb out of the deal too.

         With the different types of bows idea that I have, each bow that I have and one that I am thinking of making, each could be used in different situations.  I still like using my original bow and my Gronckle Iron bow Mark I.  I had already started using my original wooden bow for hunting purposes.  Now the bow I made along with Annabeth’s ax is my main bow.  The only change I was thinking of making is changing how it folded to be slightly more efficient, thinner, and thus even lighter.  A lighter bow would sacrifice some power and distance on the arrow shot, but at close range would be just as good as any of my other bows.  Then with the development of our Dragon Root darts, doing the same with my own arrows, similar to how the Dragon Hunters are doing theirs, but our arrow tips would be much duller and would only result in a small gash that would more than likely heal back.  Other arrow types include fire, sticky, Gronckle Iron tipped for armor piercing, and the old-fashioned way of using a grappling hook: an arrow with a rope attached to, but now with a Gronckle Iron chain attacked to it.  So, in all, six arrow types including the regular arrowhead tipped arrow.

         Because I have a different saddle for flying and a different saddle for racing, I could also have another saddle for sleuthing.  Basically, combining the two, keeping the light in weight of a racing saddle but adding back the functionality of a flying saddle.  Saddlebags built into the saddle, secret compartments, places to attach all my gadgets, tools, and weapons.

         All of these ideas kept me busy for several weeks, then upwards to about a month.  With the help of Garth, Hyrith, and Explod, we finished all of these projects.  No signs of Vixxen anywhere to be found either.  We have even gone out on patrols too on ever increasing circles around Mystery.  Still nothing to be seen.  In this time though, one great thing come out of it.  Fredrick is fully healed and ready for action.  If only there was action to partake in.

         While we were getting low on supplies, a large portion of the contingency on Mystery flew back to Berk to restock and bring the supplies back.  The Olson sisters plus Hyrith stayed behind to not let Mystery stand unguarded.  The Olson sisters in particularly did not really want to go back, each of them had three reasons.  All three reasons are related and they call them… Gil, Eirick, and Arni.  The sisters’ triplet little brothers.

         Arriving back on Berk to welcome arms, specifically are families, we spend a few days back on Berk.  In that time, we also learn of the news about what Hiccup and the gang has been up to.  Viggo Grimborn has this special new top-secret project call, “Project Shellfire.”  My first reaction was thinking that this is what Viggo was talking about when he had something planned.  But the more I thought about it and what kind of “business man” Viggo is, I would not be a bit surprised if he had Project Shellfire plus something else up his sleeve.  He would be the kind of guy that would try to cover all the angles to all of his dealings with his “customers.”  Granted, Hiccup is probably his number one customer and will give Hiccup his full attention, my crew and I are probably on the waiting list to see Viggo next.

         One of the days we were back at Berk, Hiccup stopped by to talk with his father.  Seeing that I was there too, he invited me to come along too.  Turns out, Hiccup wants to shut down Project Shellfire.  The initial steps to the plan involve Hiccup’s gang lead the way and the A-Team come in for back-up and support.  Stoick also agrees with Hiccup and both tell me how important this is to stop Project Shellfire.

         Stock and Hiccup then ask the enlistment of my friends, here still on Berk, and me to coordinate the emergency back-up plus the projection of Berk while the A-Team is gone.  With Stoick and Spitelout gone, someone will need to help lead the emergency back-up axillary team on Berk.  I jokingly make a crack at putting “emergency,” “back-up,” and “axillary” in the same sentence to describe me and my friends as a team.  Stoick and Hiccup both laugh but mean nothing personal by using those terms.  That is just how the dominos have fallen to where who can be counted on to protect Berk.  If it truly came down to it, anyone able bodied with a dragon is willing and ready to be called on to defend Berk.  But it would be best to have some ready that know what they are doing and can coordinate defense and attack strategies.  With my work in solving mysteries and my skill in racing, I am the next best choice.

         I quip at the fact that still leaves me about sixth best behind Stoick, Hiccup, Astrid, Gobber, and Spitelout.  Stoick sighs as a father would when their son is trying to make sense of the matter.  Hiccup sighs in nearly the same fashion but knowing me and my jokes laughs with me.

         Hiccup thanks me for helping out and also suggested that if it would not be a bother for me to stay at Berk and train with the A-Team to learn their strategies and offer my own.  Hiccup knows I am busy with my own mysteries and things to do, but with Annabeth gone and my current mystery at a standstill, I welcomed a break.  I figured by taking a vacation from mystery solving for a while, I could come back to it later with a fresh set of eyes and look at the clues from a new perspective.

         Telling my friends this, who traveled with me from Berk, they understood the situation.  Those who remain of my friends going back to Mystery, I put Asvord in charge.  Asvord kind of wanted to stay behind and help me out, however, I reminded her that she is our best cook and Mystery could not do without her.  My sister thought that was kind of me to think of her of someone who could be thought as to lead the group, even though she commented that being third best to lead is still pretty good.  I chuckled.  Then before she and the others left, she snapped a comeback at me saying that if it was not for her cooking, would she be lower on the list.  I told her that I am glad I do not have to think about it.  A little confused and laughing at the same time, Asvord and my friends who came with me, flew off to return to mystery.

         Over the next couple of more months, I spend my time training with the A-Team.  Now with a purpose to do something while Annabeth is gone, I keep myself busy as time starts to fly by.  A lot of the tactics I learned while with the A-Team is a lot of the same tactics my friends and I incorporate with our fighting style, both offensively and defensively.  The formations and how to train for certain situations is new.  So, once I finished basic training, I took that to my friends on Berk to train them to be ready when the time came to be ready to defend Berk.  With all this training going on, three months zipped by.  All the while, one Berserker girl was on my mind practically every moment.