Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 27: No Pun Like Home

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With my semester nearly completed (nearly as in only have a term paper due in a few days in an online class and that is it), I can finally start concentrating on stuff that I have let slip and not be as consistent on like posting chapters every week and on the same day.  I try to post on Fridays, but between class schedule and the time needed to get homework done, my priorities came first.


To make up for it, starting with this chapter for Thursday, I will be working to post a chapter a day for about a week.  (Technically it is Friday for me, so technically it could start today, but I will just physically post two chapters today.  Though, I may post the next chapter after midnight as I did this chapter.  >.< )


I am getting very excited for these next several chapters as the thick of the plot is coming to fruition and the character development my main characters is going to run deep.  With so many ideas for the next chapters that I want to do, I want to get them down as soon as I can but within reason of course.  A chapter a day is very doable, I just have to do it.  At certain points, this semester I was basically typing down in notes, discussions, and papers enough to do a couple chapters a week. (Took an Intro To Fiction class this semester in college to learn more about how regular fiction is written.  Also learned about writing fiction in general, which has helped in writing this book too.  This class had the majority of discussions and papers that I took.)


Without further ado, I hope you guys enjoy the chapter!


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A pun-omenal chapter, if I do say so myself. >.<

         For a moment I am worry stricken, but quickly come to my senses and know we are in no danger.

         Sighing, I say, “It’s only Speed Stingers.”

         “It’s only Speed Stingers?!” Dagur exclaims.  “You do know that they have stingers… that sting?!  They will also paralyze you.”

         Cazi and Annabeth also relax and Cazi declares, “Do you also know that most Speed Stingers only come out at night?  Right now, it is still day.”

         Dagur opens his mouth as if to say a comeback, but at this remark, Dagur is stopped in his tracks.

         Heather then replies, “Why, yes… Wait… Are these your ‘Night Terror’ natural defense and lookouts?”

         With a bow as the lead Speed Stinger comes up on my left side, I say, “May I introduce Borgar, Titan and King of the Speed Stingers of Mystery.”

         For once, Dagur is speechless.

         Heather went on, “I knew you guys had a natural defense on the island, but I never thought to ask what it was.  Everyone said it is just like Hiccup’s Night Terrors, but a little different.”

         I added, “Same concept, different dragon.”

         “So,” Dagur finally said.  “We have nothing to fear?”

         “They’re still Speed Stingers, brother,” Annabeth said.  “So, you need to treat them as such.  But if you treat them with the same devotion you treat Shattermaster with, you will be fine.  Yet at the same time, you have to be controlled with your demeanor around Speed Stingers because they still will react.  They are getting better, but they have more of the animal instinct to react than most other dragons.”

         Dagur proceeded to offer his hand to Borgar like Hiccup and we all have done to any dragon to show that we are not a threat to them.  But as we have seen from even our enemies, this can be done the same way yet for a completely opposite reason.  Seeing Dagur petting the dragon like Hiccup started doing, who at one point was our enemy, it just amazes me and gives me hope for the future.

         Once we petted the Speed Stingers and watch them run off, Dagur cleared his throat and question, “Do you all want to discuss the yak in the room?”

         The girls nodded and Annabeth answered, “Yes.”

         I step in and ask, “So, when do you guys leave?”

         Annabeth stops and just smiles and shakes her head at me, she confirms, “We will leave tomorrow morning.”

         “Sounds good,” I say.

         Cazi adds, “As much as I do not want Annabeth or Dawn to go, I understand why they have to go.  Empathizing to put myself in Annabeth’s shoes, I would probably do the same thing even if someone else did not want me to go.”

         “Thank you, Cazi,” Annabeth smiles while grabbing her long-time friend’s hands.

         “Well,” I suggest.  “In the meantime, you are all welcome to make yourselves at home and prepare for you long journey by stocking up on supplies.  Cazi, would you mind showing Dagur around?  Heather has seen Mystery, but I think you can both give a nice tour.”

         Cazi replies, “No, I don’t mind.”

         Heather nods and joins Cazi to take Dagur on the tour.

         Annabeth walks over to me and arm in arm we walk back to the Outpost.

         With my right arm around Annabeth, she asks me, “I know the answer, but are you alright with this?”

         Letting out a sigh, “Frankly, no.  But I understand.  When I first starting digging into what happened to my father and found out that my mother did not see what happened to my father, the question, ‘Can he really be alive?’ flooded my thoughts.  It was always in the back of my mind the more I found clues to what happened to my father.  I fully support you in your decision to go, but I will still miss you.  And so, because I will miss you, my heart does not want you to go.  Rivaling emotions, us, however, we each need to do what we must do to help our family.  That being said, I am willing to wait for you to comeback.”

         Annabeth lays her head on my right shoulder and says, “I will be back, there is not doubt about that.  And thank you.”

         “You’re welcome,” I simply reply.

         The rest of the day was just spent relaxing.  Well, compared to what me and my crew have doing the last several weeks, combing through the wreckage of Vixxen’s two ships and trying to salvaging something but question if we should save anything is pretty dull if you think about it.  Though, it did take most of the day and we were ready for supper soon after.

         Annabeth stopped a few hours before supper to go back and pack for the trip the next morning.  When she did that, everyone else knew without a word being spoken that she was in fact leaving.  Dawn was being Dawn and was nowhere to be seen.  We joked that we would not notice Dawn was gone once she leaves with Annabeth and the others.

         Only thing that is spoken about during supper is the attempted attack by Vixxen.  The questions asked are some of the following:  How did Vixxen find out about our base of operations being the outpost on Mystery?  How did she find this specific island?  How long has she known we are here?  Why attack without the forces needed to take the island?  What message is she trying give to us?  Is she trying to make us find something for her to take the credit?  We all try to theorize what all the answers are, but all we could think of are questions with no factual answers.  The speculation carried over past supper into our preparations for bed.

         Even though none of us mentioned that Annabeth and Dawn were leaving with Dagur and Heather in the morning, it was not brought up during supper.  Because Cazi and Dawn both knew and everyone knew what was asked of Annabeth and Dawn, the assumption was already made what was going to happen in the morning.  We tried to make Dawn’s and Annabeth’s last night on Mystery, for a while, was good, yet after going through so much action in a relative short time frame, all we really wanted to do was just relax, take care of our dragons, and go to bed.  By the way, Fredrick is doing well.  He is still grounded but feeling much better now.  He does not seem to be in any pain when he is not moving, if he forgets his wing is still injured, he remembers the pain when he moves it.

         My goodnight to Annabeth is a little longer than usual.  She and I sit with our legs off the edge of the walk way, staring at the moon.  Nothing is really said for it has already been said time and again today.  We just sit there, arm in arm, shoulder on shoulder, she on my right, I am on her left, and we hold each other until we better be off to bed to get any sleep.  We hug again, smile at each other, she goes into her hut, and I walk back to mine.  My two sisters are already in their own beds asleep, the whole outpost is quiet, there is no wind, and the waves of the ocean can be heard beating against the coast and crashing into the surf.

         Cazi, Hyrith, Explod, and Dawn have night watch which is no in effect for the time being to insure there is no surprise attack while we sleep.  Dawn has the first watch, then Explod, Hyrith, and Cazi each with three-hour increments.

         I offered Dagur, after supper, to sleep on the couch in the living room in the Clubhouse, but Dagur deferred to sleeping outside, near the dragons.  For two reasons, one he prefers to sleep outside anyway or on a ship and two, if Fredrick would need anything to be ready to help.  Now that Fredrick forgets at times he is injured, he needs to be kept still.  I thanked him and he said that he is trying to make up for his mistakes in any small or large way possible.

         Changing to comfortable clothes and then brushing my teeth, once those things are done, I climb into my bed.  I stare up out through my window to see the stars of the sky.  I lay there.  With everything that has gone on to this point with the mystery, Vixxen, Dagur surviving the ambush by Viggo, and the possibility of the band of Berserker siblings’ father being alive, I cannot go to sleep.  One might think my mind would be racing with so many different things to think about, however, my mind is frankly at peace.  Sure, I am still thinking about all the events, their meaning, and what to do next, but my mind is relaxed in knowing that everything will be fine.  The one thing that would only take one guess to find out what is keeping me up right now is the thing I am most worried about and content with at the moment.  I have a feeling Annabeth is dealing with the same thing at this exact moment, but then I soon fall asleep.


         The next morning, the moment the sun’s light shown through my window, I instantly get up.  I more times than not take forever to get up in the morning, but if something has me deep in thought when I go to sleep that I have to do the next morning or get ready for that day, I wake up on my own.  In fact, I knew I was dreaming and remember it should be morning by now, and so I wake myself up.  Annabeth, Dawn, Heather, and Dagur are leaving first thing this morning.  The rest of us all got up about the same time and helped the four of them get ready to go.

         It is bitter sweet because we know what Annabeth and Dawn are trying to do, but we will miss them -I will miss Annabeth… Dawn could care less, although she does but just does not often show she cares.

         Of all places to send off the four Berserkers, we send them on their way from the western cliff, northwest of the Outpost.

         Dagur and Heather mount their dragons and Dawn says goodbye to everyone, then mounts her dragon.  Annabeth now says goodbye to everyone and lastly to me.  I am by Anora, Ultra Violet, and Sirena who are also going with them; also, Fawn, Dawn’s Triple Stryke, is going with them as well.

         “So,” Annabeth gave a quick smile and said.  “This is it.”

         “Well,” I quip.  “You are a betrothed young woman, so you are going to have to come back.  If you don’t… This will be the last time I will ever speak to you again.”

         Annabeth rolls her eyes and shakes her head, “Usually if someone leaves someplace and does not come back, that time they left will be the last time they will speak to whomever they spoke to before they left.”  Annabeth lets out a sigh and seriously says, “I will be back, Jarl.”

         “I know,” I simply reply.  “Annabeth?”

         “Yes, Jarl?” she responds.

         With my right hand, I gently grab her chin and kiss Annabeth.

         After a couple seconds, I look into Annabeth’s eyes, “I love you.”

         She answers while looking into my eyes, “I love you too.”

         As I offer my right hand to help Annabeth mount her dragon, even though I know she does not need my help, being the gentleman that I am, I do the polite thing.  I bow, as I help her up.

         But as Annabeth bows back and takes my hand to mount Anora, she retorts back at me, “Well, I don’t love you -too- I love you… But not the ewe as in the sheep, but you as in you.  I love Jarl.  But saying ‘Jarl’ in that situation seems a little too formal, that a pronoun would suffice.  However, you had already said, ‘I love you,’ and were referring to me.  So, to clarify which you we were talking about, I said ‘too.’  But not ‘too’ to say that I love myself too, when using the you that you used to refer to the me you from your perspective.  But to use the ‘too’ to refer to the love that we share between us.”

         Now I rolled my eyes and shook my head, “So long for now, you crazy Berserkians.”

         “Hey, all that I learned from you,” Annabeth adds.

         “I taught you too well,” I say as I step from the dragon.  “The tadpole has grown up into the frog.”

         “Did you just call me a frog?” Annabeth jokingly huffs.  “Well…  What are you going to call me next, Lily?”

         “Oh,” I grunted stifling a chuckle.  “I thought I toad you otherwise.”

         Annabeth counters as she moves her dragon around to face me as the other three and the extra dragons take off, “If that pun was on paper, I would rip-it to shreds.”

         “Ah,” I smile.  “You are very pun-knee.”

         “Were we doing puns?” she asked -innocently-. “Did I jump too soon for you?”

         I return, “This pun-tastic display of puns is very ribbit-ing, but I think this should be continued.”

         Annabeth laughs, “I toad-ally agree.  I will never frog-get you, Jarl.”

         “I never forget you either,” I answer, waving to her with my friends doing the same as the four sibling Berserkians, even though technically Dawn is an adopted or half adopted sibling, fly off out of ear shot and in front of the dawn of the day.

         I then whisper to myself, “Stay safe, Annabeth.”