Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 26: Knife and Dagger

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         Carefully, Dawn, Annabeth, and I fly straight to Mystery to get my dragon, Fredrick, the care he needs.  Once back in our area, the three of us look to the west and see that the rest of the fleet of Vixxen was gone and some of my friends are salvaging the ships we disabled.  Arriving at the Stables, we find Asvord and some others.

         Cazi declares as everyone makes room for us to lay down my Thunderdrum, “What happened?”

         I jump down while Anora is still hovering and help roll Fredrick over, “Vixxen.  Snow Wraith burn from somewhat close range.”

         Asvord immediately went to work gathering the medical supplies; then Annabeth, Dawn, Cazi, Hyrith, and I turn my dragon over and help lead him inside.  I stay right by Fredrick’s side as Asvord administers the treatment.

         Fredrick’s eyes stay closed the entire time as he slightly hunches in a curled-up position with a steady groan with his breathing.  Asvord checked as I did before and agreed that no bones are broken.  So, all she can do is just apply soothing ointment with some healing herbs, then wrap his wing in a way where it will cushion the wing but constrict it so he would keep it still as possible to allow the wing to heal.

         Twenty minutes later, we exit the Stables.

         “Well,” Asvord sighs, putting both hands on her hips. “That is all that can be done for now.  We’ll just need to watch him, keep him still, and let him rest to heal fully.  He will probably sleep for the rest of the day.  It is a severe burn, but because a Snow Wraith is a winter weather dragon the fire is not as hot as other dragon fires.  However, the mixture of elements in the Snow Wraith fire will sting more initially and last longer.”

         I add, “And because Fredrick is a Tidal Class dragon, which these dragons are more used to living in the water though Fredrick’s scales are tougher than most, they are not as resistant to fire as other dragons.  Fredrick’s scales are thicker than other dragons, with his green to yellow mix color of scales, which allows him to stay out of the water for longer, Fredrick still has the draw back of being out of the water.  This still leaves him vulnerable to fire, as with any other Thunderdrum.”

         Garth was standing to the side and nodded his head, pretty sure he was impressed with Asvord's reasoning with the fire and why a burn like that happened.  With both dragons being out of their element, snow and water, the Snow Wraith’s fire was less potent but still packed a punch and Fredrick’s natural vulnerability to fire because of being a Tidal Class dragon.  These two things both lessened and compounded the problem at the same time.

         Asvord finished, “Fredrick is going to be sore for a while, but he will be fine.  You, on the other hand, you’re grounded.”

         Trying to put a positive spin on the situation, I reply, “Never thought I would be grounded again.  I thought I out grew that.”

         “Very funny,” Asvord rolls her eyes and then just walks away.

         Garth reports, “I came back to tell you that there are some supplies on the two wrecked ships, but it remains to be seen if we can use any of it, not to mention should we use any of it.”

         I concur, “I see your point,” Garth returns to his Tide Glider standing nearby.  I add as Garth mounts Riptide, “Let me know if you find anything interesting or useful.”

         “Will do,” he responded.

         Most everyone else dispersed to go about their day.  Dagur, Heather, Annabeth, and Dawn stay with me to talk more.  Cazi, although, did stay long enough to relay what happened after Vixxen bolted.

         “Vixxen darted pasts us while we then get bombarded with arrows.  It took quick reaction from us and our dragons even to fly out of firing range.  After that, we could not get close enough to take out their masts and disable their ships.  But they sure did not escape without a scrape or two.  We bothered and annoyed them for as long as we could before we could do nothing more.  We took out all their catapults from medium to long range, but those stupid archers kept us from getting any closer.  Reluctantly, we had to withdraw and return back to Mystery,” Cazi concluded and then stuck around to hear reactions.

         Dagur but in, “You mean we retreated!”

         Heather calmed her brother down, “It was a tactical retreat.  From what I have heard and seen in person, when I was undercover along with my sister, Vixxen will be back sooner or later.  You guys will get another crack at it.”

         “Oh, she makes me so annoyed,” Dagur grunts.  “Whoever heard of a woman Dragon Hunter, I mean how am I supposed to crack my knuckles and hit a woman?  I-.”

         Dagur was interrupted by a “soul-piercing” glare by both Heather and Annabeth; Dagur realized his mistake.

         “Oh,” Dagur chuckled.  “Sorry, I did not mean-… I… Uh-, oh, Jarl?  I need to speak with you.”

         Heather’s glare lasted longer than Annabeth’s as hers turned into a smile, “I always wanted to give that glare to a sibling.  Finally, able to do that know.”  At that, Heather could not hold hers either and broke the glare shaking her head.

         Heather also said, “I need to speak with you three,” pointing to Annabeth, Dawn, and Cazi.

         The two groups went their separate ways to get alone.  Dagur and I walk over and down the path to the southeastern part of the island while the girls walked back into the outpost.

         After a five-minute awkward silence, Dagur started to speak, “So…,” but stopped.

         When he stopped, I came in, “I think I know what you want to ask and or tell me.”

         Dagur halted and let out a sigh of relief, “Oh, I am glad.  Whew.  I wasn’t sure how to say as this is the first time I have ever had to go through this.”

         “Yeah,” I said, assuming we are talking about the same thing.  “It is the first time in a long while I remember something like this happening, let alone the fact that it is happening to me.”

         “Really?” Dagur seems surprised.  “Didn’t know Berkians were into that sort of thing.”

         Looking at him as if Dagur said something sane, “Uh… Yeah.”
         “Huh, oh well,” Dagur shrugged his shoulders.  “I guess one will never know what length a person will go to, to protect the ones they love.  Hope you said your goodbyes.”

         “What?!” I exclaimed startled.

         “Well, when I have to kill you for becoming part of the family,” Dagur continues while I raise my eyebrows and stand there in disbelief; we were thinking about the same thing, but not at the same time.

         “You have to kill me?!” I echo.

         Dagur turns to me and starts to walk my direction, I slowly back up as he says, “It is after all ‘The Right of the Dagger’ and anyone coming into the family must prove his or her worth by challenging the groom or bride-to-be’s sibling to a duel.  You have the right to defend yourself with your own chosen weapon, whether that be a sword, double swords, or a bow, it doesn’t matter.  But because you have to fight me, the details are all just a formality because you… Surviving in a duel against me?  I mean, come on, you’re great and all, but I’m Dagur… The Deranged!”

         I back right into a tree and Dagur stands right in front of me.  Dagur menacingly looks on, very angrily at me… then starts laughing hysterically.

         “Ooo… Ha… Haha… Oh… Oh, you should see the look on your face,” Dagur continues to laugh.  I start laughing just to make sure Dagur is serious or not, at this point I cannot tell.

         After a few minutes of uncontrollably laughing, Dagur then became deadly serious again by pinning me against the tree, taking out a dagger with his right hand, and holding it up to my throat, “But if you ever… ever… do anything to break your promise to my sister, Annabeth, or even worse do anything to do harm to her, I will personally come and kill you.”  Dagur pauses, “Any last words?”

         Going from startled scared to a smile, I say back to Dagur, “I was about to ask you the same question.”
         “Huh?” this time Dagur looked puzzled.

         “You may have a dagger to my throat,” I shrewdly point out.  “But when a foe attacks you, you should always have some tricks up your sleeves.”

         With my left hand, which has been free this whole time, I point down to my right hand.

         Dagur has a knife pointing right at his gut which I retracted out of my grappling gauntlet!

         As Dagur rushed me, a natural knee jerk reaction is to put up one’s hands to stop the object or person coming at them.  In doing this, it reminded me of something.  Dagur rushed me with his dagger, but simultaneously I flexed my right forearm muscle to retract the hidden blade I have in my bracer gauntlet.

         Dagur starts laughing again, but this time it sounds like a genuine laugh, although it is difficult to tell still.  What helps is he dropped his arm and took away the dagger from my throat.  Now, I can breathe normally again.

         Gently rubbing my throat, I say, “You gave me a bit of a scare, Dagur.  I know you are good now, but you are still Dagur the Deranged.”
         Dagur sighs after finishing his laughing and says, “Yes, that I am.  With how I have observed you two, you and Annabeth, over the years, I knew something was going on between you two.  This whole stunt was to see what you would do under pressure from something you would have no clue was coming.”

         “A Berserker test of sorts?” I ask.

         “Yes,” Dagur answered.  “Any Berserker has to know who they are dealing with, especially when it comes down to family and new family coming in and joining the Berserker nation.”

         Dagur hesitated for a moment as it looks like a thought came to mind, “You know what?  I think this would be the very first union between a Berserker and a Berkian.  This is history making.  Don’t screw this up.  No pressure.”

         Dagur held up his hands, I smirk and sarcastically remark, “No, now that you mention that, I feel zero pressure.  Zip, not-ta.”

         Dagur fully calms down and looks directly at me, “I know you are a great viking, probably one of the best there is.  The Berserker-ness and the Deranged-ness inside of me still had questions, though not necessarily doubts.  From my first encounter with you to now, I knew deep in my heart that you are what a true viking should be.  Just because of who I was, I was too dense too see the truth.  Like that stunt you and Annabeth pulled off against me several months ago, probably about a year now, with the whole-.”

         I interject, “Right of the Sword?  Yeah, I caught your reference there.”

         “Thought maybe I could get that past you, but who am I kidding?  You’re the Mystery Conqueror,” Dagur shakes his head, “I had no clue what you two were planning.  I thought maybe there was still something between you and Annabeth but was clueless see that the whole fight was staged.  I did not know you had it in you to punch a girl, let alone a Berserker, right in the face.”
         “Now wait,” I immediately jump in.  “Now wait just a yak eatin’ minute.  -I- did not voluntarily punch her.  She had to coax me to do it; she provoked me.  As much as that whole fight was for show, Annabeth was not holding back any punches.  I physically had to fend her off.  Granted, I was taking it easy on her a couple of times early, but she made it difficult for me to do that for the whole fight.  Thus, I had to literally defend myself against her.”

         “That’s a Berserker for you,” Dagur nodded in approval.

         I add, “Every time someone brings that up to me just off handily during the middle of the day or in passing at night, I did not want to punch Annabeth.  She insulted my mother’s cooking, for crying out loud.  As much as I know now she did not mean it, I got caught up in the moment and just reacted to protect my family’s name.”

         “And that is why I know you are the perfect man for Annabeth,” Dagur said grabbing both my shoulders.  “You will do anything for family, even if it is crazy, berserk, or deranged enough to be punching your own betrothed scare on the jaw.”

         I nod my head back and forth, “Yeah, you got a point there.”

         Out of nowhere, we hear yelling coming back up the path.”
         “Dagur!  Dagur!!  STOP!!!”

         Heather, Cazi, and Annabeth, especially, come running up and pull Dagur away from me.  Heather pulls Dagur away and Annabeth checks on me.

         “Jarl!” Annabeth declares.  “Are you hurt?  We came as soon as we found out.  We saw Dagur shaking you back and forth.”
         “What?!” I say flabbergasted.  “No, it was nothing of the sort.”

         “What?!” Annabeth repeats the first word that I just said.  “But Heather…”

         Annabeth trails off as Heather, with her hands on her hips, scolds her brother, “You told me you were going to have a chat with Jarl.  But you wouldn’t tell me what about.  I kind of knew what the topic would be about, but the more I started talking with Annabeth, Dawn, and Cazi, you never have chats like this, especially for a topic like this, without there being violence involved.”

         Dagur nearly yells back, but stops, lets out a few hums, and calmly replies, “Yes, this conversation would have been different a year ago, but I have changed.”

         “I know,” Heather assured.  “But you have to admit from their perspective it is still difficult to believe you that you truly meant no harm.”
         “Yeah,” Dagur agreed.  “Though I did pull a dagger on him to see how he would react, I let my guard down in the process.  Jarl could have cut me good if he wanted to even before I even got to him.  I thought I had the drop on him, but Jarl pulled a knife on me out of his bracer… do…
hicky… thing.”

         The three girls, Annabeth, Heather, and Cazi, looked stunned, puzzled, and mad all at once.

         Dawn came over to see what was going on, as she was trailing behind the other three girls, “Oh, everyone is okay.  Nobody dead?  No bodies lying around?  Okay, see you guys then.”

         Dawn turns right back around and walks back towards the outpost.

         “There goes Dawn,” I chuckle, then yell back to her.  “Thank you for your concern!”

         Without even turning, she throws her right arm into the air to give a wave, then continues right on.

         Cazi declares, now finally able to catch her breath, “You gave us a scare, Dagur.”

         “Yes, I probably did,” Dagur admits.  “Even though I have tried to show enough to prove that I have changed, I can still see why some may still have some disbelief, regardless of whether they have any doubts or not.”

         “Yeah,” I said, sticking up for Dagur.  “What makes you three thinks that Dagur would ever try to kill me.”

         What all three girls did next, I tried my most to keep from laughing and keeping a straight face; though I probably have a weird face on to keep from laughing.

         Annabeth, Cazi, and Heather all three at the same time put the hands on their hips and disgustingly look at me.

         Annabeth declares, “Jarl Brodd Mollerson!”

         Cazi then adds, with a touch of sarcasm, “Now, I see why Dawn left.  Of all the in grateful things.  Sorry, for caring about your safety.”

         “That is appreciated,” I said.  “But why in the world would Dagur ever want to kill his future brother?  I’ll stick up for my brother even to the likes of you three.”
         “I know,” Cazi quipped.  “But still… When do I ever get to say to you that I am ungrateful?”
         “Yeah,” I tilt my head and agree.

         “Wait,” Dagur interrupts.  “You… You called me brother.”  Dagur sniffs, though I smell a slight acting job on his part, “He called me brother.”

         Heather gives me a look, that Asvord often gives me, and says, “You’re going to regret saying that, you know?”

         Replying, I say, “I know.  But if I am going to be a part of the Deranged-ness family, I am going to have to get used to it; might as will start it now.”

         Dagur proceeds to give me a “hug.”  And by hug, I mean one squeeze from asphyxiation.  Yes, I am exaggerating quite a bit, but Dagur is a lot stronger than I give him credit for, even with those bulging biceps he has.

         Heather gasps and then says, “Don’t… Anyone… Move!”
         “What?  Where?!” Dagur exclaims.

         “Do not make any sudden moves,” Heather adds.  “There is a pack of wild Speed Stingers closing in on us!”

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Little by little I got this chapter written.  My Friday turned out to be a lot busier than I thought, so I spent most of the day, Saturday, trying to write the chapter.  Now, I finally have it done and ready to post.


I hope you guys enjoy the chapter!

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Roy, who gets strawberry?

Nice chapter!
But this happened: "Dagur halted and let out a sigh of relief, “censored, I am glad..."



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It was supposed to be H o as if Dagur was trying to say something but breath out/sigh/exhale at the same time, but don't know why it would censor that.  But I took care of it.

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And thanks.  With what is coming between Annabeth and Jarl in the near future, probably in the next book and if not the next book for sure the one after that, having this interaction between Jarl and Dagur will set the stage for some character development for my character as well as diving more into Dagur as a character and how he would deal with Jarl and Annabeth's relationship from a siblings perspective.