Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 25: Rivalry Renewed

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With finals here and preparing for projects and exams, there are a few things that need to take precedent before my chapters.  However, I will do my best to find time to get the chapters posted when I have the time.  So, bear with me these next few weeks as I will get busier with each coming day.


Last week, I had a lot of homework due as well as an exam on Thursday and a final project due by Friday night.  Needless to say, I was kept busy throughout the week and did not have a whole lot of time to work on the chapter.  But when that happens, I usually get writer's block even if I already have an outline of what I want to write that chapter about.  The Friday before that I had already started to write this chapter and then fell asleep that night typing it up.  I continued to work on it in my notebook but never came back to it until the yesterday.  So, that is the reason I was not one for several days in a row.


But I'm here now and have the new chapter written.


I hope you enjoy!


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         Waiting for the ship to come into range with Annabeth and Anora are on my right but slightly elevated above me, I signal to Annabeth with my right hand.  Both her and her dragon are attentive looking at my gestures.  I signal to follow me after my first shot by holding my hand up, then swipe my hand in a slicing motion forward, and then give the okay sign.  They both nod and Anora pulls back faster than Annabeth could do so; even our dragons are starting to learn and react faster to our signals than we are.

         I look back to see all the archers reloading after Dagur did draw their fire.  Fredrick tenses up as I hunch down and squeeze my legs together slightly to tell my dragon to ready fire.  Reaching down with my right hand, I tap Fredrick’s head just above his central horn to fire.


         Fredrick’s blast nearly picks up the left ship off the water and onto the one next to it.  Granted these are merely land ships and are pretty light compared to a Thunderdrum’s blast, but still.  The ship slams into the ship to its right and it creates a whole domino effect where all five of the leading ships are knocked off course and battered.

         I break off to clear the way for Anora and Annabeth to cut in.  Annabeth has Anora throw a few warning spines at the sides of the deck.  Then continuing the motion of the throw back all the way around, Annabeth angles Anora across to strafe through and cut any binding lines of sails or the masts themselves as she flies across.  Annabeth loops straight up.  I am already in a one hundred eighty degree turn to come back around.  I fire again, but this time a wide spread shock blast as Annabeth flies Anora overhead who shoots three of her fire blasts across the spread of the ships.  Anora’s blasts, once they hit Fredrick’s shockwave, split into smaller balls of fire as they rain down on all the ships, causing all the Dragon Hunters to take cover.  Annabeth flew upside down to clear the shockwave, then loops around to come back to me.  By this time, all the ships have stopped their forward momentum because of the five ships blocking the three larger ships.  The ships are roughly a half mile out from the edge of the coast line below our outpost.

         Being one step ahead of me, Fredrick lets out a commanding, “ROAR!!” to signal everyone back on Mystery.

         Looking back Explod is already over halfway here, so, Dagur, Annabeth, and I all annoy and draw fire from the Dragon Hunters to keep them occupied.  Explod closes in and spreads a thick layer of Zippleback Gas over the entire invading force.  The few seconds it took to accomplish this is followed by a Dragon War Call preceding an ever-increasing size of a flying Gronckle with my little sister on it flying towards us.

         Operation Meatballs is a quick response plan for any attacking force against Mystery’s Edge.  It is supposed to quickly confuse, disorient, and throw off any of the enemy’s plans to attack the island before they get within firing range for catapults.

         The four of us are behind the ships waiting for Elsa and Meatballs.  Within about fifty feet, Elsa had Meatballs start fire and raining down… meatballs.  More specifically, flaming meatballs.

         Of any leftover or stale meatballs we have after a meal, we would keep them for our emergency stock; though we would add to it a few ingredients to make the meatballs able to catch fire and stay lit also to make them like rocks to last in battle and in preparation for battle.

         As soon as the flaming meatballs struck against the Zippleback Gas, the whole area ignites in flames.  The sound of the meatballs hitting the ships is like hail hitting a roof.  These are just flaming hail and edible too… as Fredrick snatches a meatball out of the air and swallows it.

         “Fredrick,” I remark and lean down towards him.  “Don’t eat the ammunition!”

         Fredrick gives a laughing hum as he licks his lips.

         After Elsa and Meatballs had passed and all the Zippleback Gas had dissipated, all eight ships can be seen beaten, battered, a couple of the land ships floundering in the water, the one Fredrick initially hit is sinking, several tether lines of sails diced, sails themselves flowing in the wind and sliced, and suffice to say that a proper remark here would be, “What invading force?”

         My friends are cheering and screaming, though the latter is all Dagur.  The fleet totally caught off guard and now all they could do is start the retreating process.  All of the landing parties are being called back to the three larger ships.  The Dragon Hunters are having to take out their oars to turn the rest of the ships around as the wind has died down.  This is the least favorable side of the harbor to sail into because with the large cliff on the left -if one were sailing into the harbor- blocks all wind flowing from the north.  Not to mention that the outpost does the same for the west and a very small portion of the south.

         By this time most of my friends joined me and the others out over the sea.  On our hovering dragons, we look on.

         Calling down to the Dragon hunters, I question, “Where’s Vixxen, ya’ll?”

         No answer at first but someone else answered my question while on their dragon from the hold of the middle command ship.

         “I underestimated you, Jarl,” said a Vixxen who is visually shaken though looking more caught off guard than anything.  “However, more so your tactics not you personally.”

         With a lack of emotion in a sarcastic way, I reply, “I’m thrilled.”

         “No really,” she continued.  “Now, if only I had a distraction for you, maybe I could have-.”

         Vixxen is interrupted by a few dragon reports of fire followed by an explosion.

         “You were saying?” I answer without flinching.  “I saw it coming.  Not literally, but I did have contingencies for it.”

         It’s been too long,” Vixxen changes the subject.  “You look well, how have you been?”

         “Fine,” I answer.  “Until you showed up.”

         “Sorry to hear that,” my too often too friendly foe replied.  “What would change your day for the better?”

         Thinking for a moment, I then answer in a list saying, “Um, capturing and taking you in, stopping your rein once and for all so I don’t have to hail you as an enemy anymore. But-.”

         Vixxen interjects, “Nice pun.

         Quickly saying, “Thank you,” I continue on with what I was saying, “But I don’t underestimate you as you would do all you could to prevent me or any of my friends from doing so.  In a few moments, my friends and I will attempt to take your ships and you will obviously resist.  To buy your forces more time, you fly past us to our island thus drawing at least me out.  Then hopefully losing me at some point to regroup with your fleet.  On the other hand, even if we would merely flinch at the moment, your archers would open fire.”

         “You really have this all figured out, don’t you?” Vixxen said.

         A moment of hesitation came before Vixxen bolted on Ragnorak, trying to go right through Fredrick and me.  The two of us had to roll to our right out of the way just to keep from being hit.  Fredrick and I fly after her. Even though Vixxen probably had not intention of running into me for that would have stopped her dead in her tracks, my dragon and I still dodged them as a knee jerk reaction.  Thinking of that now, maybe I should have let that happen because Vixxen left us the two choices, having a crash in mid air would have gone against her plan.  This irritates me more as I urge Fredrick to fly faster.

         The moment Vixxen bolted, Fredrick reacted faster to start the chase for her than I could turn him around after we rolled.  Annabeth and Dawn immediately followed us after Vixxen flew by.  The rest of my friends commence in trying to capture the rest of the ships.  As I glance back though, Vixxen has her own contingencies as I see twice the number of archers as before and all my friends can do at the moment is scramble to get out of firing range.  This makes catching Vixxen all the more prevalent because Vixxen looks like she meant for all this to happen.  Even though I was a step ahead of her with an “attack first” mentality and being ready for a small party to surprise attack from the opposite side of the island causing a distraction, we still played right into Vixxen’s hands.

         Vixxen led us over the outpost, across Mystery to the north, and further on.  I thought maybe she would stay around our island longer, but by merely racing over it, Vixxen seems disinterested in it.  Because if she would have stayed over our island more, she could have done some more reconnaissance to see how to attack our island next.  Now by doing what she is doing, Vixxen seems to have other things in mind.

         Annabeth and Dawn exchange volleys of shots at Vixxen, first Anora and then Fire Song.  Vixxen did not deviate from her northwestern direction once she headed that direction.  Remembering the island with sea stacks that are around here, Vixxen proceeded to use these as her chance to lose the three of us.

         In a slalom style, we bob and weave, in and out of the sea stacks.  Anora and Fire Song fires a few shots at Vixxen, but she is so slippery on her Snow Wraith that the shots just hit the sea stack causing debris for us to fly through.

         Anticipating the island, we are coming up on, I look back at Annabeth and Dawn and motion with my hand on their side to break off and circle around to try and cut Vixxen and Ragnorak off while I continue to chase down Vixxen.  The two of them break off, and I stay right on Vixxen’s tail.

         The island we are entering is an island to the northwest of Mystery and is about half the size but is rounder unlike Mystery which is longer and a tad skinnier than this island.  Yet, each island is smaller in diameter than Dragon’s Edge, but land mass is probably about the same.

         This island is littered with trees and thick forests, which gave Vixxen the bright idea to fly through the trees.  This is the perfect place to lose someone in a dragon chase, however, I wonder if Vixxen realizes that Fredrick basically blends in with the trees.  These trees are quite large and tall, similar to the trees found on a much larger island just to the southeast of Mystery, so flying through the trees is not as difficult as I would have thought.  Yet, it is still a challenge not to get scraped by a branch and for sure not to get knocked off your dragon by a much larger branch.  While Vixxen went into the thick of the trees, I made Fredrick fly up over the trees but stay as close to the top of the trees as he could.  This might give the thought to her that she did in fact start to lose me and so slow down for me to be right on top of her when she gets out of the trees.

         The stark white Snow Wraith stands out from the rest of the trees, although, the trees are quite thick and makes it difficult for me to see all of Ragnorak.  I look forward for a few seconds to see what is coming up.  A clearing which should allow me to fly down and be basically on to of Vixxen.  When I look back down to spot the Snow Wraith… it is no longer there!

         Fredrick is just as surprised as I am, and thus slows to a cursing glide as we enter the clearing.  Just as I wonder where Vixxen is, the pit of my stomach turned as I know where she went.  Fredrick did not know what is happening, I try to get him to nose dive by taking an evasive maneuver to the left… But a dragon blast fires behind me, hitting Fredrick on the right wing.  Next thing I know, I am nose diving on an out of control dragon on a collision course with the ground!

         Thankfully, we were carrying enough momentum from going over trees that we had already cleared the clearing and about to enter the other side.  Knowing I would have to jump off my dragon to have any hope of not injuring my self and letting my dragon roll to lessen the impact of the ground, I released my safety harness ties on my belt from my saddle and started to look for a place to jump.  In the very same moment, I had a bright idea.

         I swiftly look around for a nearby tree, quickly aim my grappling hook, and fire.  By still carrying quite a bit of speed, as Fredrick drifts to the left and the grappling hook embedded into a nearby tree, I let my body go limp as it gets lifted up after I let my grappling line go out as far as it can.  I then swing in a swooping clockwise motion, dodging a few branches in the process.

         Then swinging back around, I knock Vixxen clean off her own dragon!

         As a few branches break her fall, Vixxen falls twenty feet to the ground.  I find myself on the back of a very clueless and surprised Snow Wraith.  Suddenly, Ragnorak stops in mid-air, and turns his head to the left and with his left eye looks menacingly at me.

         “Hey.  How’s it goin’?” I say to the Snow Wraith in an attempt to calm myself down, as there is no way in a yak’s brain that I will be able to calm a dragon that is not my own, let alone the dragon of my rival.

         Next thing I now I am trying to hang on for dear life as Ragnorak tries everything in his power to buck me.  The Snow Wraith twists and turns, loops, and then dives straight to the ground.  We too crash, but intentionally by him.  Ragnorak landed square on his chest which gave me the opportunity to jump into a dive to the right off the angry dragon.  I roll into a somersault to absorb my landing on the ground.  As I stand back up, I look on as Ragnorak in the same motion of getting me off, picks up Vixxen and buries into ground.  Coming this close to getting Vixxen, I have to let her go as I have a more pressing matter to attend to.

         Rushing over to Fredrick, I check on my dragon.  Giving him a once over, I clearly see that his right wing is hurting as Fredrick has his eyes close and not even lifted up his wing; it is just lying there, limp.  Thankfully, no obvious bone breaks, but a clear scorch mark.

         “It’s okay, Fredrick,” calmly say to my dragon, bending down so he can clearly hear me.  “I know it hurts, but if you could call out to Anora and Fire Song, we can get you back to Mystery to get your wing taken care of.”

         To the best of his ability in his condition, Fredrick lets out a blast that is to sound to the others that we are in distress.  Fredrick even took the time to title his head away from me not to fire it in a way to blast my eardrums.  Thunderdrum shots and blasts are not that loud when you are behind them or riding on their backs because the sound waves are going forward, away from one’s ears.

         Within minutes, Annabeth and Dawn find me.

         Annabeth jumps off her dragon and comes running to me, “What happen?”

         “Vixxen,” I said in a tone of angry and frustration.

         Seeing what our foe did to my dragon, caused Dawn to start to go back after Vixxen.

         “Dawn, wait!” I exclaim.  “She is long gone by now, tunneled out who knows which way, but I need both you and Annabeth’s dragons help.”

         Dawn gave a begrudging sigh.  Letting someone get away with something, especially an attack on a dragon, Dawn does not take it sitting down, she reacts.

         Annabeth is one step ahead of me and already and starts to roll Fredrick over on to his left side and slightly onto his back.  Annabeth hops on Anora and I mount right behind Annabeth.  Annabeth maneuvers Anora to pick up Fredrick’s right front and back legs with Anora’s front and back, respectively.  Dawn followed suit and got Fire Song to pick up Fredrick’s left front and back legs with her dragon’s legs just like Anora did.  It might be an awkward way to carry a dragon, but there really is not a good way to have a dragon or two carry a Thunderdrum.

         Slowly but surely, we make our way back to Mystery.  As much as I want to get back at Vixxen right away, all I can think about is my dragon.