Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 24: Unexpected Guests

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I am getting excited about the next few chapters as the story will be ramping up as we get closer to the climax of the mystery.  Not necessarily the story, but we are well over halfway done.  But the way I write chapters, it could be 20 more chapters before we are done here.  >.<


I hope you guys enjoy this chapter!


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         What a week!  Two weeks, to be more specific.  Although the first week is not as bad and a lot of work can get accomplished, it is the second week where it is best just to stay in one place and do not do anything.  One of the few times of the year that sitting around doing nothing is encouraged for a viking’s safety and the rest of those around you.

         What am I talking about?  The Midnight Sun.

         The majority of Berkians experience by the second week sleepless days and “nights.”  For me, it is the exact opposite.  It is difficult enough to tell when it is technically night, but I will always sleep more than be awake.  I think I have lost a few pounds from just sleeping so much and not being hungry.  That and Asvord was in no condition to cook.  Her and knives and forgetting she purposely left her breadbox in a cave with Speed Stingers, then when I found it for her was totally oblvious to what had just occurred.  I still say my dream was a lot cooler than what reality was; did not make sense but was still cool.  But for the fact that I am so good at solving mysteries, I can do them in my sleep… literally.

         Elsa with throwing water on everyone, thinking everything was on fire.  But the thing is, she thought it was all a funny and hilarious thing to dump water on.  So, part of me is thinking the sleep deprived part of her was trying to help by not letting the outpost burn down -which is commendable- but the other part of her to actually take advantage of this opportunity to prank us all when we could not fight back.  I am leaning towards the latter because Elsa does admit she did realize what she was doing but did it anyway.  At least it was a small bucket, so if one were aware enough, they could dodge it.  However, Elsa was really sneaky and caught a lot of us off guard.

         The most aware of things happening was Annabeth, who I got all these details from.  Her only problem was she could not do the simplest of things right… walking.  All coordination of any kind for anything is thrown out the window, down a cliff, and into the sea.  Thankfully, she mainly stayed on the lower levels, so if she did fall off a ramp, she did not have far to go.  Annabeth says she only fell off three times.  One time she said she did catch the edge of the ramp and screamed because she thought she was going to fall, her grip slipped… yet only fell three inches to the ground.

         Cazi’s problem was as simple as Annabeth’s but was more I involved.  It involved Cazi searching the “ends of the earth” for Snotlout, but she thought the whole earth only existed on Mystery and did not even realize where Snotlout is actually is that maybe using a dragon could get her there.  However, if anyone would to dare mention the name of Snotlout, Cazi would freak out.

         “There’s that name, that name… Slowly I turn.  Step by step, inch by inch.  I come up on Snotlout and I beat him over the head with a mace,” Annabeth told me what Cazi did.  Cazi upon hearing this felt satisfied, however, was sorry that she had to beat up Hyrith over it.  Cazi finished with, “Oh, I am sorry.  You are the one with the kind face that stopped to talk to me about my troubles.”

         Hyrith took the mace away, then accidentally said Snotlout’s name again, and that sent off Cazi again, “There’s the name again!  Slowly I turn.  Step by step, inch by inch.  I reach for a mace… I can’t find one… So… So, I reach broom and start slapping him with it.”

         This happened a third time even after Hyrith took the mace and broom away.  Garth was walking by with a water bottle he had been working on, Cazi grabbed it, and sprayed Hyrith in the face with the water bottle.  From there, Cazi walked on by.  Hyrith did not know quite what happened and went on his way.  Hyrith was more of the quite one, though he was not seen by Annabeth that much so, she did not know exactly what his problem was.

         Speaking of Garth, turns out he is works better when he is sleep deprived then when he has all his rest.  Though, to stipulate, Garth is sometimes sleep deprived when it is not The Midnight Sun anyway.  However, reason why this is different is because like the rest of us, he does not have all his wits about him.  Throw a little craziness in there mingled with lack of sleep and a touch of twenty-four-hour sunlight, Garth works well with his experiments.  In fact, Annabeth relayed to him that he did not have any mistakes, mishaps, or explosions the whole two weeks.  For Garth, that is rare.  Probably also the reason why Elsa was ready with her bucket as that is part of her job on Mystery; to start the water brigade if anything catches fire.

         Cazi’s sisters, Hannah and Abbie, Annabeth reported that those two just commented on all that was going on with the rest of us.  Hannah and Abbie were doing the, if you will, play-by-play of the action -or lack thereof- on Mystery.  That would have been something I would have loved to hear.  Maybe now with those two here, we have our Twins that are not twins.  After thinking that, maybe I should have had a couple more hours of sleep this morning because that last part did not quite make sense.

         Explod was mainly on his dragon, Hazor and Sparko the whole time.  All three of them were sad or depressed the whole time because nothing was exploding.

         Explod was saying, “If only there was something I could use to cause an explosion.  If only there was something to spread gas all around and then have something else to spark the gas to ignite it.”  Annabeth said he gave a sigh and just sat on his dragon with his chin in his right hand, leaning on his dragon.  Explod now could only shake his head in disbelief, commenting sarcastically, “I have something that can do that.  Oh, my yaknog, look!  A dragon that does both of that!”

         Ali Clar knew all too well what was going on with everybody and portrayed it as such a great tragedy and she playing the part of someone trying to help her fellow viking, but nothing could be done.  Ali acted as if she was in a stage play at Berk’s anniversary, which was very recently celebrated by the way and she was in a play about the founding of Berk.

         Angie’s problem was slightly funny.  When we first were able to finally get the rest we so desperately needed, we all wondered why Angie changed her hair style.  It is all poufy and very frizzy.  We all agreed that it had to be during the last two weeks.  Turns out that she spent a little too much time on Nina… her Skrill.  Once we new from Annabeth where she had been the whole time, Garth immediately relayed it was the static electricity that Nina was using to let off her built up electric charge.  Skrills cannot go long without letting off their electricity.  But doing so while Nina was on her, Angie’s dragon did not want to hurt her.  So, Nina simply let off a very low power but steady stream of electricity.  With the level so low, it created the static charge with anything that has fur or hair it would stick up in the air.  Angie is going to go with this hairdo for a little while… or at least until she can get her hair to lay flat.

         Dawn was not really anywhere to be found for the entire time, but Annabeth suspects it had to do something with daydreaming about Dagur.  At the mention of Dagur, Dawn shrugs her shoulders, but had a hint of a blush on her cheeks with an added look away from us.  All signs that she likes Dagur.  All this Annabeth explained over breakfast.

         After cleaning up the dishes and everyone going back to their real normal activities, I step out of the Clubhouse and take in a deep breath of air.  I see everyone going about, all except for Annabeth.  Having a notion where she might be, I go saddle my Thunderdrum, and take Fredrick up to the cliff where Annabeth likes to go to think.

         Flying over there, I am right.  Landing a few feet away, I walk up to her and sit on her left side.

         “Took you long enough,” Annabeth says.

         “What?” I ask surprised.

         Annabeth smiles, “Oh, who else are you going to be spending time with when there isn’t much to do?  Besides, knowing you, you know I am feeling down so you came to support and cheer me up.”

         “You know me too well,” I put my right arm around her and she leans her head on my right shoulder.  “You know.”

         She chuckles as we sit there for a few minutes.

         Annabeth sighs and then says, “As good as it would be to sit here for a while, we have been resting for a good two days coming off The Midnight Sun, want to go do some sparing?”

         “Sure,” I agree.

         I stand up and help Annabeth up.  We start to walk back to our dragons, but Annabeth just stopped, turns, and just hugs me.

         Not a word is said, but no words need to be spoken.

         I close my eyes, but then open them to try and think of something to say.  I happen to look up and see something that shocks a shiver down my spine.

         Annabeth still has her arms around me, but I grab both her shoulders, and gently push her to the length of my outstretched arms, “Man, I would not want to be you right now.  You have lived a very, tough life so far.  I mean, you think you have no family, but then find out you have a sister in Dawn.  You also find out that you are a Berserker, at the time a sworn enemy of Berk.  Not only that, but you are an heir to the chieftain of the whole Berserker nation.  That is a lot of pressure to have.”

         Annabeth just looks at me and remarks, “Wow, I should ask you for encouragement more often.  You are super at this.”

         “Don’t mention it,” I say, trying my most to not smile.

         Trying to think of something else to say, I turn a very confused and slightly angry Annabeth around to see Heather… and Dagur!

         Speechless as to what she is seeing, only an embrace by the brother and sister could suffice.  Annabeth slowly walks over to Dagur as if she thought Dagur is not real.  Dagur quickly explains what happened and why he stayed away for so long because of what Viggo has been doing.  Annabeth started to argue with him for staying away but could not hold it for very long as she was over joyed to see him.

         There then came a silence which I wait a few moments to break, “So, what brings you all the way over on this side of the archipelago, besides the news of you still being alive, Dagur?”

         Dagur turns to Annabeth, holding both of her hands, and says to her, “We’ve come to ask for your help in searching for Osvald… for our father.”

         Annabeth’s eyes widen with the realization of what that could mean for her and her siblings, if Osvald is still alive that is.

         “I… I…,” Annabeth stutters.  “I don’t know what to say.”

         “I understand,” Dagur says, holding his hands up.  “It was difficult for Heather to take it in too, but she told me to give you a day to think it over… It if were up to me, I would just tell you to come along, but Heather told me not to.”

         “What?” I chuckle folding my arms.  “Did you try to do that to Heather and she was as stubborn in her ways as you are in yours?”

         “Eh…,” Dagur with his left hand rubs the back of his head.  “She’s here, now isn’t she?  We ask that you and Dawn both come with us?”

         I cut in, as Dagur was the last to talk with me, “Why would I come with you?  Wouldn’t it be better to ask Annabeth?”

         “Haha… ha,” Dagur started to laugh but then kind of stopped abruptly.  “He’s uh… joking right?  Right?”

         “Aw come on Dagur,” Annabeth said.  “I’m not so sure of what to say, but let’s just savor the moment of you giving me the best surprise I have had a while.  I mean, I assume you have traveled all they from Dragon’s Edge to pick up Heather, let alone what you had to go through with Viggo’s shenanigans.  Why don’t you two stay for the night, stock up on supplies, and then I’ll give you my answer in the morning.”

         Heather declares before Dagur could object, “That would be fine.  Knowing that we would stop here at Mystery, we did not take much with us.  Hoping that we could supply here when we stopped, I think waiting the night is the best idea.  Don’t you agree Dagur, brother?”

         A little miffed that this did not go the way that he wanted, he reluctantly agreed, “One question though,” Dagur asks while walking over towards me.

         “Yes, Dagur?” I answer.

         “Who else knows where Mystery is?” Dagur inquires.

         A little puzzled why he would ask such a random question after what we have talked about, “Um… Berk, The Edge, my friends, and you two.  Why would you ask that?”

         Dagur goes on, “Are you expecting any visitors?”

         “Uh… No,” I say.

         Noticing that Dagur has not really looked at me the whole time but out over looking the cliff, it finally occurred to me.

         Whipping around as Dagur said, “Because I think we are going to have some uninvited guests.”

         Looking at the incoming ships… Annabeth and I both knew exactly who that is.

         “Vixxen!” we both declare in unison.

         “I know that formation,” Dagur adds.  “That isn’t just an attack formation… That’s an invading force.  Jarl, those Dragon Hunters are moving into a wave formation.  There going to storm the island!”

         Shocked for a split second, I quickly regain my sense and immediately go into action, “Sorry to break up this family reunion, but would you two like to help us out with kicking some Dragon Hunter behinds?”

         “I think the proper term you are looking for is butts,” Annabeth added.

         “Heather,” I become serious and start the plan of action.  “Go back to the outpost, warn the others, and set Defensive Plan: Meatballs into motion.”

         “Right,” Heather nods and flies off back to the main part of Mystery.

         Dagur looks a bit confused, “How does Heather know your defensive plans?  She’s been working with Hiccup?”

         “We’re Dragon Riders,” I simply respond.  “Hiccup thought it would be a good idea if we knew how to defend each other’s outpost, if the need were to arise at any point we would be visiting and there would be an attack.”

         “So,” Dagur asks.  “What is this defense plan of yours?  We try to take out the first wave while the rest of the Dragon Riders defend the outpost?”

         “Nope,” I reply.  “Frontal assault, overwhelm the first wave, draw out their leader.”

         Dagur taken aback by my plan, “I didn’t know if I would like you or not, now finally getting to know you for who you really are…”

         I interrupt, “You mean not trying to kill us?”

         “That too,” Dagur said.  “But going from Hiccup’s strategy to this, I like your style a lot better.”

         I nod, “Thank you.  And would you be so kind as to draw their first wave of archers and catapults?  Can you and your Gronckle handle that?  By the way, did not know you learned how to fly a dragon.”

         Dagur chuckles with a few Dagur-esk laughs in disbelief as he mounts the Gronckle, Dagur flew in on, “Hiccup taught me and was that even a question?  Shattermaster and I can handle… What?  Eight… Ten ships?  We took on a full-scale ambush by Dagur and took down practically his whole squadron there.  This, pfft, no problem.”

         Dagur starts to fly off after the coming fleet of Vixxen’s Vikings, I call out to him, “Don’t try to take them all out at once.  Leave some for the rest of us.”

         “I don’t know,” Dagur cried out and gave a Berserker yell.  “There may not be any left by the time I am through with them.  Try to keep up!”

         Annabeth and I know stand looking out over the cliff, seeing Vixxen’s squadron of ships coming towards us:  Five leading ships with a shore party to storm the beaches and archers to protect the four medium sized ships with an armament of catapults and an array of net launchers.

         Annabeth lets out a sigh, reading herself for action, but I change the subject and tell her, “You know your answer right now.”
         Annabeth’s shoulders droop slightly, “I know, but…,” I jump in.  “You have to go find the truth about your father.  You’d never forgive yourself if you did not try.  After what I learned about my father, for the fact that no one actually saw him die, I always had hope.  Just like I had hope for Dagur.  Little is known what happened to Osvald after going on that trip.  Who knows?”

         “But,” Annabeth turns to look at me.  “I have a family… You.”

         I smile, “From the first time I met you, I knew you were special… Not to mention your good looks.  I saw you and I was like…” I let out a whistle and nod my head.  Annabeth could only roll her eyes.  “But when I found out more about your story and how your whole life has been spent on trying to find out what happen to your family, I wanted to try and help you do that.  But there are some things that we need to do on our own and with our blood family that remains.  If my father or mother or cousin or uncle asked for help, I would be there in a heartbeat.  Because of losing my father -though I got him back- we don’t know what we do might be the difference in their lives to keep them in ours.  You need to go, Annabeth.  I’ll be here waiting for you… Well, not here-here, but here as in… You get what I mean.”

         “Yeah, I do,” She laughs.  “It isn’t like we have anything else important to do right now.  Race you?”

         “First one to sink a ship doesn’t have to clean the stables for a month,” I declare.

         “You’re on!” Annabeth says as we both start running towards the cliff.

         We both jump up into the air and dive down off the cliff.  Our dragons do the same behind us and catch up to us, we latch into our saddles, and pull up about twenty yards before the water, and instantly get up to full dragon speed going directly for the rear left flanking ship!

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Awesome chappie bro 





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Viking Personality: (at least three sentences)Annabeth is the daughter of Alvin the Treacherous and is just like him, maybe worse. She can get the job done no matter how hard the task is. incredibly spooky and stealthy she can sneak up on you when you least expect it. She has trust issues so don't expect her to trust you when you first meet her. Anabeth really only trust her Razorwhip Anora since she saved her from a berserker attack.
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Backstory on how Viking Name found/trained Dragon Name: Anna and Anora found each other on Dragon Island or really Anora found Annabeth.Anora found Annabeth On Dragon Island with her family she studied Annabeth's family really closely and took a shine to her. When Ana was one she started to slowly reveal herself like coming in at night, when her mom saw the dragon she screamed causing her to accidently scratch her cheek. Alvin then came in seeing that his wife was about to k.ill the dragon he stopped her and told her to look what Anna was doing which was gently petting Anora's horn. On her second birthday Alvin said that they could keep her.  A year afterward they were attacked by Berserkers and Alvin told Anora to do what ever it took to take care of her. (This was before Riders or Berk)  






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I am Groot

This chapter was hilarious! Though I think there was one time where you called Hannah and Abbie twins



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Thanks.  xD  Because the story is from the perspective of Jarl, I had to solely do The Midnight Sun from his perspective and what he would have gone through.  But because Annabeth is the sister of Heather and Heather had a lack of coordination, it only made sense and also to make the connection to have Annabeth have the same problem.  When I watched the RTTE episode The Midnight Sun, it looked to me Heather was fully aware of what was going on, she just couldn't put one foot in front of the other safely without finding herself on the ground.  This gave me the inroad to tell about all that happened to the rest of Jarl's friends, then making it fun.

The bit I did with Cazi and "Slowly I turn" is a famous bit by a number of famous comedians.  Here is a link to a video of one:

I said they were like the Twins (capital T) but not twins, referring to the fact that Hannah and Abbie are often found together or not far from the other, as they see themselves as the "outsiders" coming in with Cazi and the rest of them.  Because and the two of them will in some cases act like the Twins but with a more sane approach.

I compared them to the Twins, especially during The Midnight Sun, but stipulated that they are not twins.

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Ah, that makes sense now.