Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 21: What a Play

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A bit late due to school stuff and writer's block, but it is here now.


But I hope you guys enjoy this next chapter!


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         Upon lighting three

         Upon lighting three torches, we all enter into the cave entrance.  With Harrek, Cazi, and Garth each holding a torch, the light spreads across a fairly large tunnel.  It is wide enough for two dragons to stand side by side -which is about fifty feet wide- and tall enough that they do not have to bend down any -twenty feet high.  We continue on as Harrek leads us further into the cave.

         “Wow,” I remark.  “Is this a natural cave or a carved out one?”

         Harrek replies, “This is a carved-out cave that our people have widened.  I always had a feeling that Aberdeen was up to no good when he was so called mining this mountain.  He had to be looking for something and that would have to be the Legend of Shadow Mountain.”

         Again, we all react with a sense of intrigue, I question, “So, what do you know about the Legend of Shadow Mountain?”

         “Well,” Harrek sighs.  “Anyone who tries to solve it becomes crazy.”

         I slowly reply, “Okay.  Why would that be?”

         Harrek answers, “There is an inscription above a wall that reads, ‘From upon the third light you have come, you must use this door to continue the quest.  Beyond this door is a test with which you must do your best.  Lest you be crazy, sit down and you will at rest.’”

         Cazi declares, “That’s an odd clue, but it isn’t the first.”

         “Not the first?” Harrek laughs.  “Have you had other clues this crazy?”

         “Yep,” Cazi responded.  “We usually get the crazy clues, especially on this mystery.”

         “This mystery?” Harrek echoed.  “You have gotten other clues as crazy as this?”

         I reply, “Maybe not this crazy, but at least a clue with a sense of humor.  But what makes you think this clue is crazy, besides it mentioning crazy in the clue?”

         Harrek just shakes his head, “Well, anyone who has tried to go past the ‘door’ went either mad or crazy themselves over trying to solve the Legend of Shadow Mountain.  First, how do you come upon a light which is something you cannot get on.  Secondly, this is solid rock and not a door.  Why is it talking about this wall when there is no way to go through it?  And there were plenty of vikings that wanted to rest after trying to figure this out.  But it made them too crazy to rest that they became restless and kept at it some more.”

         “We always assumed that the mountain the legend is referring to our mountain.  But I have been through this mountain countless times ever since I was a lad and never stumbled upon anything that was remotely connected with a legend or mystery.  Only things I found was just certain ores, minerals, and stones.  Everyone still thinks it is our mountain, but I am putting my boars on the side that Shadow Mountain is some pace else,” Harrek assuredly said.

         Annabeth further asks, “Is there anything else about the mystery that you know about?”

         Before Harrek could answer, he brings us up to a dead end; Harrek then says, “Only that my whole family tree has been a joke to the island since forever.  Every single one of my family has tried to solve this mystery, especially this so called ‘door’ we are now standing in front of.  Some were smart enough to stop when they knew they could not go anywhere with it, but my father was the worst one.  I had to grow up with a father who was afraid to show his face to the village.  Because of this, he spent more and more time trying to solve this mystery than he did anything else.  He was ashamed that I had to live a disgraced Haukson name.  That pushed him even more to solve the legend to ‘clear’ our family name… so that I could have a father I was proud of having.  Because of this, I wanted no part of the mystery and spent my time elsewhere.”

         Harrek continues, “My mother died when I was young and I had no siblings, my father was all I had left… Until he left.  That made me hate this mystery even more.  But as I grew older, I made peace with what happen and still think that he is still chasing the legend somewhere and will clear the family name.  Since then, I have actually been doing the same.  However, for the last several years, I did not know what else to do because everything was a dead end leading back to here.  Why would the clue say there is a door here?  It is just a wall with no way of passing through.  No cracks.  No nothing.  I had all but given up hope that his legend would never be solved.  Then you guys come along and then turn this island around for the better in just a few days.  Something we could not have done in years.  But maybe there was something we could have done.”

         Harrek trails off but then starts right back up, “But enough about my sob story, let’s get on with it shall we?”

         The three holding the torches came over next to the wall and I started studying the wall.

         As I am looking at the wall, Harrek mentioned, “My father kept a journal of everything he found and went over.  I still have it.  Would you like to look over it sometime?  Not sure what will help, I never really understood anything he said.  I am not the mystery solving, legend chasing type.  Maybe that is why I never got farther than this?”

         Annabeth answered while I continued studying and feeling the wall for something, “We would love to look at your father’s journal.  There is probably some useful information in there.”

         “You can have it if you want,” Harrek returned.

         “Oh,” Annabeth replied.  “We wouldn’t want to take something like that.”

         “You can have it,” Harrek insisted.  “It never did me much good, maybe not even my father.  But maybe with you guys it can help you where it did not us.”

         Garth asks me, “What are you looking for?”

         “A hole,” I simply answer.

         “I told you,” Harrek repeated.  “I have looked over this entire wall and the surrounding walls.  There is nothing of note.”

         Now starting to agree with Harrek, I step back.  Accidentally bumping into Garth holding a torch, Garth drops the torch while regaining his balance.  The torch falls to the ground and I apologize to Garth.  I stoop down to pick the torch up for him, but I stay there and spot something on the floor.

         “Hello,” I say excitingly.

         Garth answers, “Hello?”

         “No, not hello,” I answer while wiping away dirt on the floor of the cave.  “Hello.”

         “Okay,” Cazi flings her arms up in the air.  “Jarl’s gone mad.  I’m calling it now.”

         I retort, “Why are you calling it ‘now,’ when you just said it was mad.  And why would I go mad?  That’s a terrible name.  If it is all the same to you, I’ll stick with Jarl.”

         “Eh no,” Annabeth smiles but shakes her head and probably rolls her eyes too, though difficult to see in this light.  She then quips, “Jarl’s not mad.  He’s just pun-derful.”

         “Ah, you sah very punny,” I counter.

         Harrek, sounding lost, asks, “Could someone tell me what is so funny?”

         “Oh,” I chuckled.  “Just our usually banter when one of us finds something.”

         Annabeth added, “You mean our banter when we do anything, then yes.”

         Cazi hurriedly asks, “What’d you find?”

         “The ‘door,’” I said, reaching with my right hand to a pouch on my belt.  “And here is the key.”

         I pull out the same pellet we found on Mystery that led us here with the second clue.

         I explain, “The clue on the wall thinks that we will be crazy for going through a wall that is not a door.  We would be crazy to think that we could go right through solid rock.  The clue is talking about a door and refers back to the door.  It does not mention that the wall the clue is inscribed on is the ‘door’ it is talking about.  The assumption that the wall is the door would be an easy one to make.  But breaking down the clue and taking for what it actually says, the clue to the door is in the clue itself.  Sit down and rest?  If you sit down in front of the wall, you are sitting on the door itself.  Once you find the door you can be ‘at rest’ knowing that you found the door.  Just like before, these pellets are keys to find the next one.”

         Right by Garth’s torch is the door the clue is referring to.  Wiping away the dirt reveals some carved out circular indentations on the ground that are expanding in ever increasing circles around this specific point.  And it in the center is a hole just big enough that the pellet can fit into.

         “Should we knock?” I jest as I insert the pellet into the hole.

         After doing so, several seconds of silence pass.

         Harrek declares in a hushed tone, “Nothing’s happening.”

         I return in a whisper, “Nothing usually happens, which I was expecting.  What you think might happens at a moment like this never happens when you think it should.  It always catches you by surprise.”

         Cazi questions in a hush tone herself, “Why are we whispering?”

         Hyrith responds in a hoarse whisper, “When one is waiting for something, one whisper to not startled it from appearing.”

         “What are you a wise old saying’s master?” Cazi replies in her normal voice.

         I look back down and see if there is something else around the pellet.  To my shock, the pellet is gone!

         Cazi then answers in a loud voice, “What happens when I talk loud like this?  Will the thing we are waiting for to happen, just happen already?”

         “Guys,” I speak up very worried.

         Cazi continues, “I think we have just been Loki’ed by the mystery!  Why you good for nothing-…”

         I interrupt, “Guys!  Something is not right here, it is too quiet.”

         “Quiet?” Annabeth echoes with a chuckle.  “Do you hear the ranting viking, or have you actually gone mad?”

         “You here that, mystery?!” Cazi speaks up to the point of it echoing through the caves.  “You are making my friend hear things that are not there or notice things that are not there either.  I think it is scared to actually happen.  And why am I talking to something that does not exist, huh?!  Now see, what you have done mystery!  I wish you were Snotlout right now so I could punch you in your weak… paper… jaw!”

         Suddenly without warning the floor drops out from under us.

         The moment after we start falling, Cazi immediately yells out, “I take it all back!!”

         Our dragons too are falling with us.  I can kind of see that we are entering an enormous cavern, but my immediate concern is staying alive.

         The dragons are recovering quicker than we are and found their riders; Harrek was right next to me so when Fredrick flew up to catch me, he caught Harrek too.

         “Sorry, if I uh, caused that,” Cazi sheepishly replied.

         “I don’t think you had anything to do with it,” Garth answered.

         There are still small chunks of the floor above us coming apart and falling down.  Garth reached out to grab one.  He turned it a couple of times in his hand and then threw it down below.

         “Just as I thought the moment we fell through,” Garth stated.

         Hyrith wondered, “What?”

         “Shale,” Garth answered.  “The floor that was there that we were standing on is shale.  Fine grained, sedimentary rock that will break if enough weight or force is applied to it.  By the looks of the chunks, the floor itself was thin to begin with.  After inserting that pellet into the floor, it must have started a chain reaction with the support that was holding up the floor.  Once the support was gone, very little or no movement would have been needed to shatter the shale.  All of our weight especially our dragons caused the floor to collapse.”

         “I feel better now,” Cazi said.

         Getting my bearings back, I scan the surrounding area.  The most prominent thing is nothing that I can see at the moment but what I can hear.  Looking down, there is a giant pool of water underneath us about another forty or fifty feet.

         Harrek declares, “That is our main river that flows through our island from the top of the mountain.”

         I add, “I guess we did not have to have our dragons save us like that.  The pool… or river below us looks deep enough for us to have dove… or fallen into and still survive.”

         Annabeth asks the question, “Who would go to all this trouble, setting up these elaborate puzzles to solve and clues to follow?”

         “I don’t know,” I answer.  “But we are not stopping yet.”

         Hyrith requests, “What are we going to do now?”

         “Well, we already have a way of escape,” I said.  “Because we can come in the way we came as we made a big enough hole to do so.  But we go forward.”

         Flying down closer to the bottom floor, we see that there is a labyrinth of rock formations just past the river, bridging a gap between the two sides of the cavern.

         “That would have been fun to cross,” I stated.  “To go through that maze would have taken quite a bit of time.  So, whoever created this legend did not bank on the ones that are going to solve it having dragons.”

         We continue on and fly over the gap and see just how difficult it would have been to cross.  The gap between the two sides of the cavern is an unknown depth.  Garth makes the comment that this looks like a dormant volcano and the part we are in currently is the “belly of the beast.”

         “This volcano has more than likely seen its last day of blowing its top,” Garth added.  “No matter how much someone tries.”

         “You just said…,” Cazi could only sigh in frustration.

         Getting closer to the other side, we are able to make out a tower of stone blocks stair stepping their way up the side of the cavern to a small ledge halfway up the side.  On this small ledge is an actual wooden table with a wooden bowl on it.

         Not taking a risk again, I alone dismount my dragon and hop onto the ledge and take the two steps to the table.  Peering over to see inside the bowl…

         “May I present to you,” I speak.  “Key… number four.”

         It is the same crystal gem as the previous time with a small pellet rattling around inside the gem.

         I mutter, “And that captain thought we were going to have poor fortune.”

         “What’s that?” Harrek said hearing me saying something.

         “Nothing,” I respond.  “Besides making new friends and hopefully, new allies, I am just glad that this trip was not a waste.”

         Turning the gem over a few times, I notice a small hole in the top.  Instead of epically shattering the gem on the floor I am standing to reveal the pellet, I simply turn the gem upside down with my right hand and let the pellet pop out.  When it rolled into my left hand, I noticed and felt something different about the pellet.

         “It’s just a rock,” I sigh disappointed.  “We’ve been played!”

         My friends gasped in shock or disbelief.  Harrek did not know the importance of this as he did not react.

         Now angry Annabeth asks, “How?!  Just how?”

         In a fit of frustration, I hurl the rock out towards the middle of the cavern.  Upon impact with one of the rock formations, the stack of rocks toppled over with the slight adjustment by the small rock.  In my mind, that got my attention, although I am still reeling about being played.  Pacing a couple of steps, I turn back to the table and lift the bowl hoping that the pellet is somewhere.

         Instead, I find a note and it simply reads, “I told you our paths would cross again.”

         The note is not signed; however, it did not have to be.

         “Viggo!” I said crinkling up the paper.

         “Viggo?” echoed my friends.  Annabeth asked, “But… But how… Why… Who… Why?”

         Sighing heavily knowing there is nothing I can do now, “When I met with Viggo, he told me he had no more business with me and would probably be the last time I saw him.  Not until I mentioned Vixxen did Viggo change his mind.  ‘Cross paths’ were two of his exact words he used.  Viggo definitely came here for other reasons.  Aberdeen was just the distraction and the excuse to come here.”

         Standing for a moment, I regroup my thoughts.  I stare at the table and see letters engraved on the leading edge of the table.

         “Give me some light, please?” I randomly ask.

         Hyrith obliged with Sun Rose.

         There is just enough light to read what is carved, “So, you are crazy enough to pass the test.  Now you must head west to be my guest.  Because you have made it this far, nuts you must be to go to this nest.”

         Cazi replied, “Guess this is the ‘must make it rhyme’ clue.”

         “Well,” I grunt getting back on Fredrick.  “We can’t do much anything else right now.”

         “Jarl,” Harrek stopped my train of thought as I got back on my dragon.  “To even come this far is farther than anyone in our history has gotten.  You have proven to me that this legend will be no mystery for much longer.”

         “I hope so,” I answer.  “But I wasn’t the first one to get this far.  I don’t like playing second yak to the likes of Viggo Grimborn.”

         I sigh as Annabeth suggests, “We will just go about how we did it before.  We figure out what the clue is trying saying and then we go and find where it is referring to.  We just won’t have a key, but crazy things could happen that we won’t need it?”

         I could not help but smile, “Thanks for the positivity.  I am usually the one that thinks like that, but you are right.  We are not done, just set back.  We will pick up your father’s notebook and be on our way.  The rest of our friends and my sisters are probably worried about us.  We should be getting back as soon as we can.”

         On that cheery note, we all exit.  While we flew out of the cavern, we spotted a smaller cave opening.  Having a feeling where it goes, we change our exit route and take this cave and see where it leads.  Because it is smaller, we could not fly through the tunnel, but merely walk through it.  The whole way I am stewing about what has transpired.  It only took about five minutes to see where we were at.  This point in the tunnel is the exact spot that Aberdeen stopped Viggo from going any farther into the tunnel the other day.  Another five minutes later and we are out flying back to the village.

         Stopping by The Tavern, we picked up Harrek’s father’s notebook.  The rest of my friends are all ready to leave.

         Before we left, however, Harrek addressed me, “On behalf of all Aberdeen… we should really change that name now… I want to thank you for all that you have done for us.  I am sure by now, everyone thinks the same way that you are welcomed back anytime.”

         “Thank you Harrek,” I reply.  “We will come back sometime soon I am sure.”

         On the long trip back home, I look through the notebook Harrek’s father gave me.  There is some interesting stuff in here, but my mind is fixated on what Viggo is planning and how much does he know already.