Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 20: New Beginnings

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Oh man has it been too long since I have written in my book.  School just sometimes gets in the way.  I know it is important, but I wish it would take up less time.  The two weeks and four days did get me time to think about what I wanted to do for the next few chapters, but had next to no time to just sit down and let my ideas get out.  Because I new exactly what I wanted to do, this has probably been the fastest I have ever written a chapter.  This chapter took less than 3 hours to write.  Usually, it takes 4+ and more than one day to do it.  If there is a good thing to come out of the hiatus is that I know exactly what I want to do for the next few chapters, so when I have the time to write, I can get back to doing a chapter a week.


Sorry for not posting for so long, I am trying to get back to doing at least a chapter a week.


Hope you guys enjoy the chapter.


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TMW you realized you missed something so much: Writing for fun.

         Seconds go by and still Aberdeen and I are looking at each other.  My plan is to end this quickly, not give him a chance to pull any tricks.  Aberdeen adjusts his grip on his sword- My gut is telling me he is going to…  He lunges his sword at me but I lift my right elbow to use my sword as a shield to deflect the attack past me to my right which leaves Aberdeen vulnerable.

         I go directly for a disarm.  So, as Aberdeen is outstretched, I swing down with my left hand onto Aberdeen’s right.  Because Aberdeen’s momentum is carrying him forward, the sudden blow I give to his hand causes him to stumble forward onto the ground.  He falls down to his back and in his stumble to the ground, the abrupt jerk of making contact with the ground causes him to let go of his sword; I watch it slide in the dirt for a few yards.  Before Aberdeen knew what hit him, I am standing over him with my sword.

         With taking a step in any direction, I have merely turned around looking at my opponent on the ground.

         “Go ahead,” Aberdeen said dejectedly.

         “Go ahead with what?” I ask, though knowing full well the answer.

         “You know,” Aberdeen replied frustrated.

         “Oh,” I say shaking my head.  “You are not getting out of this that easily.  I am not going to kill you.”  I then clip my sword on my belt and offer my hand to help him up.

         Aberdeen looks at me as if no one has ever helped him up before, “This isn’t how it is supposed to go.”

         “I know.  I have read your laws and your traditions on the matter,” I relate.  “By law in your land, when someone challenges the chieftain, one must be victorious while the other one, well… isn’t, if you get my drift.”

         Aberdeen ignores my hand and gets up by himself, “I know exactly what the law says.  So, why didn’t you?”

         I give a slight smile as I say, “Well, do you know what the long-standing tradition is?”  He does not answer me.  “Generations ago, basically all the vikings here in the archipelago were at each other’s throats not to mention the war with the dragons.  That is until the one fateful day which many chiefs of the archipelago came together to meet and try to find some form of peace so that they could focus on the dragons.  Long story short, your people who went saw the good there was in the other tribes and lands that peace with others should be sought after.  This is when your land became a wide-open port for any and all travelers to come.  Granted both good and bad came, but your land was a neutral site where feuding parties could come and settling things.  And because of this newfound peace, they basically amended their laws to welcome the new peace with other tribes.  One of which is when someone challenges the chieftain.  It states that either party who disarms the other of their weapon or weapons can choose not to kill and then talk out their differences.  It also did not take long for this to become a part of a new chieftain’s rite of passage to their new role, a ceremony of sorts.  Or have all of you forgotten that?”

         I look to those standing around us, some look down in shame but all look remorseful for not making a change sooner.

         I continue, “I read in your history books about the time in which a lot of your laws and traditions starting falling by the wayside is when your family took over.  The first-generation Aberdeen Chieftain was a wise and generous viking.  But it did not take long for the second-generation Aberdeen Chieftain to get greedy and strive for power and even rename your land after the family name.  Granted they named it for the first Aberdeen Chieftain, but the rest of the Aberdeens used it for high standing and power.  The first Aberdeen Chief was getting advanced in years and warned your family of their search for power and greed.  Your own parents stood with the Chief in his dying days, yet they were not much younger than we are.  They were the only Aberdeens that tried to keep their great-grandfather’s legacy alive.  Being only in the Honor Guard in service to your lands, there was only so much they could do.  They had finally had enough and went off in search of ‘The Legend of Shadow Mountain.’”

         I pause to shoot a glance at my friend’s reactions to what I just said.  They are all shocked and then perk up in an attentive manner to listen closer.

         “But as I am sure you know, Bard, that your parents never came back,” I conclude.  “A young Aberdeen came to power and was doing the best he could with all the pressures that comes with being a Chieftain.  But you too fell to darkness that almost your whole family have been in search of.  That ends today.  By the looks of everyone here, Aberdeen, it is probably best you leave until you are ready to come back to these lands and fix all the problems you have caused.  I don’t think anyone is wanting you to stay.”

         Aberdeen glance at those around him and sees the looks he is getting.  He does not even go for his sword but just turns to walk away back to his men.

         Right as he started though, he turns his head at me and gives me a menacing look stating, “This isn’t over.”

         As I watch him walk away, I thought, “I know it isn’t, but at least you are done and people know you for the person you are.”

         Annabeth walks up next to me and addresses all the people, “All of you should welcome this time to step up and take back what is yours.  You still have each other and with each other you stand the strongest.”

         Harrek Haukson, nearby in the crowd, spoke up, “But who will lead us?”

         Wondering that too but having no time to answer as someone from my right is making their way through the crowd.  A minute later I see a figure emerge: Mak Ingisson.

         “Jarl Mollerson,” he says very formal.  “I would like volunteer for position of Chieftain.”

         I turn to face him, “As winner of the challenge, I hereby pass all leadership to you, Mak Ingisson.  May your wisdom guide you as it once did your greatest leader.”

         With that, everyone cheered.

         “So, Chieftain Ingisson,” I smile.  “What is your first order of business?”

         Mak returns a smile, “I should be the one asking you if you need anything.  You have done so much for my family and for my neighbors that we should be repaying you.”

         “Well,” I say.  “There is something.”

         “Name it,” Mak replied.

         “I have been wanting to explore your mountain ever since we first got here,” I tell him.  “Actually, that was the whole purpose my friends and I came down her from the north.”

         “Harrek here,” Mak said waving to the keeper of the tavern to step forth.  “He knows this island like the back of his hand.  I’m sure he could talk your leg off with all the stories and tales he could… inform you of,” Mak chuckles.

         “Good thing I’m not a Haddock,” I say under my breath.

         “What?” Mak questions.

         I wave it off, “Nothing.  Just an inside joke only me and my friends would get.”

         “Alright,” Mak replies, chuckling once.  “Harrek would be the perfect guide for you.”

         “Thank you, both of you,” I show my appreciation with a handshake.  “Back to you, Mak.  What is your first order of business?”

         Chieftain Ingisson replies, “I think it would be in good order to be sure that Aberdeen leaves our island and doesn’t take anything of value with him.  I will personally accompany him to his ship to be sure he leaves.”

         “Sounds good,” I reply.  “Does anybody want to go with him just in case Aberdeen tries to pull something?”

         Mak adds, “I wouldn’t mind the back-up.”

         The two hands that immediately shot up were Hannah’s and Dawn’s

         I laugh a bit, “Hannah, I thought you’ve been wanting to do some mystery stuff.”

         “Yeah,” she replies.  “But if there is a change to kick some Dragon Hunter butt and get them back in line, then I am in.”

         “I don’t need to know what you want, Dawn,” I smile.  “I already know.”

         “Yep, and when the rest of you decide who will be coming along, I’ll be waiting and may even have it done all myself,” Dawn answers and then flies off.

         I roll my eyes and shake my head, “Cazi, why didn’t you raise your hand?  You’ve always loved punching vikings, as I can see where Hannah picks it up.  I would think you would love to keep an eye on Aberdeen.”

         “He’s no Snotlout, though,” she said gently punching her left hand with her right.  “It isn’t the same.”

         The thought of an evil Snotlout came to mind and it made me laugh as much as it did scare me, “Yeah, definitely not the same.”

         “I can go,” Ali offered.  “And we could even take the extra dragons that don’t have a rider and that would be extra back-up that would allow the rest of you guys to go help Jarl.”

         “Sounds like a plan,” Hannah said.  “You guys go have fun doing whatever it is you do, while I go do something I know I can do.”

         Hannah laughs as Mak mounts behind her and Ali fly off after Dawn.  By now, the crowds have dispersed to go about their day.

         Harrek then says, “I’ll just lead you guys there.”

         Harrek turns to start going towards the mountain.

         “Uh, Harrek?” Annabeth asks.

         “Yeah?” he turns back around.

         “Don’t you think-,” Annabeth starts but Harrek jumps in, “Ah, yes.  Dragons.  Would be a lot faster to fly there instead of walking.”

         “You can ride with me and Fredrick,” I say as I mount my dragon.

         I offer my left hand to help Harrek get on my Thunderdrum.

         “Take it easy, Fredrick, but uh Harrek, you might want to hold on,” I say.

         “Ah, it probably-,” Harrek cut off as Fredrick launched into the air.  “Oh, man, does that take your breath away.”

         “Never gets old,” I reply as we smoothly rise upward.  “Just wait until you feel a dragon at top speed.”

         Harrek comments, “As much as I would like to see… feel that, I think it be best to just stick to your normal pace.”

         Thinking to myself, “My normal pace is to go a bit faster than cursing speed, but should probably hold back even more.”

         Harrek and I on Fredrick take point with the rest behind me.  Annabeth to my right and Cazi to my left.  Hyrith and Garth, respectively, fly in behind them.

         Flying for about five minutes, Harrek guides us around the west side of the mountain and points out a flat yet small plain in front of what looks to be a large cave.  I aim Fredrick down closest to the entrance to leave room for the rest to come in and land.

         Jumping off my dragon, I take in a deep breath of fresh air and sigh, “Finally.”

         “Been waiting to get up, here have you?” Harrek questions.

         Annabeth points out, “Jarl lives for solving mysteries.”

         “Ah,” Harrek nods his head.

         Annabeth further points out, “But he is not in it for the sake of what is at the end of the trail of clues.  The journey itself is what he most enjoys.”

         “That and if there is something at the end of the trail of clues,” I state.  “I don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands.”

         “I see,” Harrek responded.  “I just wondered.”

         “Now,” I said.  “Coming to a strange land and getting a warning from my father about this place possibly being changed from what it once was, I knew I had to make friendships first and then ask about this mountain.  We barely if any had previous knowledge about your people, so we all knew we would had to have treaded carefully.  But one thing you should remember, I make friendships for life.  Once you know me and I know you, you are stuck with me.”

         Harrek laughed, “I do see your reasoning, and it is sound as you make a good point.  Now, you ready to see what this cave holds?”

         “No,” I said, but tried to hide a smile.

         “No?!” Harrek echoed and folded his arms as he gave a chuckle.

         I turn to look at Hyrith’s dragon, but ask Hyrith, “May I do the honors?”

         “By all means,” he replied.

         “Sun Rose,” I say to get his dragon’s attention; her spikes perk up as she tilts her head to the left to see me.

         I lower my right hand and the with my first finger raise my hand to point up.  Sun Rose proceeds to light a slow, burning fire in her mouth.

         “Now, I’m ready,” I say back to Harrek.

         All he could do was just shake his head, “Wow, just wow.  Never thought I would live to see the day when a viking could do that, let alone fly a dragon.”

         “Times are changing,” I add.  “And we are trying to make sure it is a good change.”

         “Yeah,” Harrek agrees but then said about something else.  “There are torches just inside, I was about to go and light some for you guys.”
         “Oh well,” I said playing it off as I “totally” knew that.  “You wouldn’t have been 
in awe at our awesome dragons.”

         Annabeth then quips, “And there’s the Jarl you will love to just roll your eyes at.  It’s downhill from here.”

         “Well, you’re coming with me, aren’t you?” I grin.

         She retorts back, “Someone has to keep you out of trouble.”

         Cazi does an obvious roll of the eyes, “Are we going to go in, or just talk out here.”

         “No,” I laugh.  “We’re going in.”

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Man has it been a long time.

Man has it been a long time. It's nice to read your work again, Just off on reading week (aka midterms are just around the corner) so I've got crazy amounts of studying to do. 


Keep up the good work!


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