Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 19: Stand Up for The Truth

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Again with the delays... sorry.


Writer's block combined with wanting to get a portion of this chapter just right as I thought it was important to do so.


But, anyway, I hope you enjoy the chapter!


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         Upon flying back over the island, we all followed Annabeth where she had her dragons hid her dragons.  We found UV and Sirena safe and sound in a small cove just off the shore.  It looks to be a very secluded place with a massive number of large trees surrounding the place.

         Annabeth is a little surprised that they stayed there seeing how it is not often that Sirena stays in one place anyway.  Annabeth mentioned that with UV around and wanting to do what Annabeth tells her to do, Sirena must do what those above her will do too.  UV is still in her first stages of training; however, it seems as though if you tell UV something, she will do as long as you emphasize what you want her to do.  Or should I say what Annabeth wants her to do because UV does not listen much to the rest of us.

         Annabeth switched to UV and let Fire Song follow on her own.  Both Annabeth and Dawn thought it wise to ride on the dragon that is the least trained so if the dragon becomes scared at any action, an experienced rider is there to keep them in check.  While Sirena is more of a free-spirited dragon anyway, Fire Song has gotten used to the rest of us, so she can respond to our commands.

         Before we lift off into the air again, I speak to my friends, “Now I don’t know how the people are going to react, let alone what Aberdeen will do.  So, be ready for anything.”

         Annabeth asks, “What is the plan?”

         “I want to land outside of the village and out of sight,” I relay.  “Then I want to contact Harrek and tell him to alert those on the island to come to the village for an important meeting with Aberdeen, also to make sure Aberdeen is there.  As soon as we see everyone is there, I will confront Aberdeen.”

         Cazi tries to correct, “Don’t you mean we will confront Aberdeen?”

         “Well,” I rephrase.  “I will speak for all of us to the village and to Aberdeen, you guys are there for support in that moment.  But if things were to go south with the village and or Aberdeen tries to pull something, that’s when you guys have full range.  But just on Aberdeen, leave the villagers out of it.  Even if they don’t agree now, they’ll at least see Aberdeen for who he is.  Then, maybe the people will come around with time.”

         “We’re with you, Jarl,” Annabeth nods as well as stretching her arms out gesturing to all of my friends.  “Are we not?”

         They all agree, except Dawn, “Meh, I’m just here to see some action and beat up the occasional Dragon Hunter.”  But we all could see Dawn start to have a sly smile as she lifted off on Fawn.

         I just shook my head, chuckled, and then nudged Fredrick into the air.  Going to point, I lead my friends make towards the main village.  Spotting a place where we could remain hidden until it was time, we landed to the west of the village about twenty-five yards.

         Dismounting my Thunderdrum, I swiftly made my way back to the Tavern using the side pathways.  Although I do enter in the main entrance, as that is the only entrance I am aware of, I walk straight over Harrek and ask him about having a village meeting.  He answers me saying that they do have a way to call in everyone from the island to the village.  He wonders what I want.  All I reveal is that he will see along with the rest of the village.

         “Make sure only Aberdeen knows that I want to see him,” I finish.  “Once everyone is at, in, or around the village to see, Aberdeen can call me out.”

         Harrek answers, “I don’t know what you are planning, but by the sound of it, I sure hope it works because you having Aberdeen call you out like that-.”

         “I know what it means,” I interrupt but echo his sentiments. “I hope it works too.”

         I return to my friends and just wait.

         After five minutes or so, we all hear a loud yet distinct and sort of soothing horn.  It sounds for a few seconds steady, then dissipates.  Then the horn is immediately repeated the same way a second time.  It stops and that is all we heard.

         “Their alert to the villagers?” asks Cazi.

         Replying, I return, “I guess so.”

         Between the next fifteen minutes to a half hour, an influx of vikings make their way to the village.  They went by our hiding spot, but the paths are quite wide so they do not even know where we are.  The vikings outline the main street, stand on side paths, and look out of their buildings and houses.  From our vantage point, we could see basically straight down the main street to the other side of the village.  Compared to Berk, the village is small, but the sheer number of vikings coming in surprises me.

         I wonder to myself, “Must be more of a rural and farming island than Berk.  Looks to be same number of vikings, maybe slightly less, but still.”

         Now nearly the half hour gone by when from a hundred yards to the other side of the village Aberdeen and all of his men could be seen taking their places with Aberdeen out front. 

         Walking to the edge of the village from that side, Aberdeen stops.  There is an uneasy tension feeling the air.  The breeze dies down completely, only distant birds can be heard, and all activity in the village stops as it waits.

         Aberdeen the calls out with a questioning, loud voice, “Jarl Mollerson?  Jarl Mollerson!”

         The village begins to murmur about who he is talking about.

         I tell my friends, “This is it.  Annabeth flank my right.  Cazi, my left.  The rest of you file in behind.”

         I lead my friends out while sitting on the backs of our dragons.  When we start heading to our side of the village edge, the villagers notice us.  Like a wave of the sea rolling into the shore, gasps could be heard as they saw what we are riding.

         As we walk our dragons to the edge of the village, I hold up my hand to halt my group.  Saying back, I tell my friends to form a line along the edge of the village as Aberdeen’s men have done.

         “You guys, stay here,” I speak softly but enough to be heard.  “Annabeth and Cazi, stay with me.  Wait until I go.”  They both nod.

         Looking straight across to the other side, I answer, “Bard, Bard Aberdeen.”

         Sitting up in my saddle, using my right hand I reach down to my sword.  Grabbing it and the standing up on my saddle, I point my sword directly at Aberdeen. Without saying a word, I hop off Fredrick.  Using both hands on my sword, swing my it downward to strike the ground with the point end and then go into a kneeling position.  As I completed that, everyone gasps again.  Looking up, I see some took a step backwards even some of Aberdeen’s men take a step backwards.  The villagers look curious, worried, and stand in amazement all in one.

         “Jarl,” Cazi says.  “I don’t like this.”

         I assure her with a whisper and without turning my head, “Stand your ground.”

         “What is going on?” Annabeth then questions.

         “According to law and tradition,” I explain as I stand up, picking up my sword, and mounting Fredrick again.  “Any one viking that strikes his weapon to the ground, in the manner I did, in front of the Chieftain, that one viking is questioning said Chieftain’s authority.  Basically, without any words, besides the recognition of names exchanged, the viking is saying that he no longer acknowledges the Chieftain’s authority.  I’m calling Aberdeen out.”

         I gently nudge with my feet for Fredrick to start walking.  Annabeth and Cazi follow close behind me but still on my flanks.  Aberdeen walks towards me in a similar fashion with two of his men behind him on his flanks.

         We continue to walk towards each other until we are nearly at the center of the village.  Because dragons take longer strides than a viking, we got there first.  Although, I do leave space for me to walk Fredrick up a bit further.  Aberdeen catches up and stops about the same distance I am from the middle.

         “Cazi.  Annabeth,” I say looking back at them.  “Stay here.  You’ll know what to do when you see it.  Otherwise, stand your ground.”

         They both nod again as Fredrick walks me up the rest of the way.  Aberdeen holds up his right arm to tell his men to wait and then meets me in the middle.  The moment Aberdeen is within five feet of Fredrick, my dragon starts growling at him.

         “Easy, boy,” I pat and rub my dragon.  “It is alright.”

         The growling stopped, but Fredrick still feels tense ready to pounce at a moment’s notice.

         Anything we say can clearly be heard by the whole villagers.  Even more so as the ones on the far end started walking in unison together, surrounding both Aberdeen and his two men and then the two girls and myself; they gave about a ten-foot gap all the way around between us and them.

         “What is happening?” Cazi asks again.

         I state, “This is to signify that from this point, we must settle our differences until a decision is made.  A decision about, ‘Who is Chieftain?’.”

         Aberdeen folds his arms, “You are pretty bold making a move like this, parading your dragons down main street for us to pick off.  What do you hope to gain by calling out the Chieftain?  I’ll have you know that an Aberdeen has been a Chieftain for these lands for many a generation.”

         “My friends I have come to put an end to your reign,” I speak; the looks on the villagers made me a bit uneasy as they seemed to be getting angry.  “Your reign of tyranny!”

         Aberdeen’s eyes widen, but maintains his stance, “How dare you dishonor my family’s name-!”

         I interrupt, “Me dishonor your family’s name?  I think you’ve done a pretty good job of that yourself.  I and my friends have found you out.”

         “My friends and I,” I begin by address Aberdeen and the whole village from standing on my dragon to be seen and heard.  “Have been kidnapped by Aberdeen and forced to work in his Mining Camp.  The same Mining Camp that is trying to supply known Dragon Hunters.”

         Aberdeen chuckles, “You do know that we are all against dragons?  Why shouldn’t we be helping those that get rid of those beasts?!”

         “I know you all are against dragons, but I hope to change that right here, right now,” I continue.  “Well, maybe not right, right now, I’ll get to that in a second.”  I pause.  “My friends and I know full well what is going on here.  When my friends got caught out by the storm a few days ago, we came seeking shelter and help.  What did we get?  My friends were captured and help hostage, forced to work against their will unless they wanted their dragons to be killed.  Annabeth and I seek refuge in your village, what do we get from your Chieftain?  I get mocked out your village to find a place to rest outside.  I am sure you all know by now that it was Annabeth and myself that took on your ‘Champion of fire’ and in Aberdeen’s eyes defeated it.  But look for yourself.  We have trained your once feared dragon.  More specifically, Dawn Evergreen trained the Triple Stryke.  That alone should say something about us.”

         “Yeah,” Aberdeen quipped.  “You are training dragons to fight us!”

         Aberdeen’s men rallied behind him by cheering.

         A few moments later, they calmed down and I reply, “Let me ask you this:  If we are trying to fight you with our dragons, wouldn’t we have done something by now?”

         “You’re challenging me right now, aren’t you?” Aberdeen became irritated.

         “If my friends and I came to fight you and your village,” I responded.  “Why in a yak’s brain would I stop to read your laws and traditions and follow it to the letter?  If any viking of Aberdeen had cause to fight the current Chieftain, would they not do what we are doing right now?”  Aberdeen did not answer; he did not have to.  “You all know just how powerful one dragon can be and the destruction it can cause, but my friends and I are here to tell you are wrong.  You are all wrong.  Dragons are not inherently evil and bent on destroying all vikings.  Their animals… with animal instincts.  Their instinct is to protect what is theirs.  The vikings ages ago who settle your lands -who settled our lands- impeded on the dragons’ homes.  The dragons did what they thought was right.  The dragons saw us as a threat.”

         “But that has changed,” I went on.  “When one of our very own brave vikings, one that no one would have thought would have been the one to bring peace to the dragons and the vikings.  Vikings stood in his way… even his own father.  But when met with the danger of one Red Death.”  The crowd inhaled and are frighten at the mention of such a feared dragon.  “This brave viking put everything on the line to save his family and the dragons.  When all odds were against him, he and his dragon working together as one, prevailed.”

         I could hear some muffles from the crowd, “So, it is true.”

         “The Dragon Conqueror is real.”

         “Can it be possible to have peace with the dragons?”

         “Now,” I said, starting to wrap up.  “I am not trying to compare myself to Hiccup Haddock the Third.  No sir.  But there comes a time where actions speak louder than words.”

         “Actions?!  What actions?” Aberdeen mocked.  “You are the foreigner here!”

         Mr. Ingisson steps forward from the nearby crowd, “A foreigner that helped my family escape the rogue Triple Stryke.  Young Everdeen saved my wife and child while Young Mollerson risked life and limb to take on the Triple Stryke, the Death Song, and the Skrill all by himself while still being injuried.  Young Mollerson even rescued you, Aberdeen, from the Death Song’s amber cocoon.  What thanks does he get?”

         Aberdeen changes the subject, “I told you people that the Dragon Conqueror was a lie.  Just stories drummed up to strike fear into the eyes of those in the archipelago.”

         Harrek steps forward, “Lies?  Then how come Mollerson’s mount is that of a dragon, let alone a Thunderdrum?  Even his friends, how are they able to ride dragons if the dragons are not how you say they are?   Or are the lies like the ones you have been telling about Mining Camp?”

         The crowd is beginning to agree with Mak and Harrek.

         “But the Aberdeens have served this land for generations,” Aberdeen saw that the tides are turning and so tries to defend his actions.  “Protected you from all harm.”

         “Served?” echoes a woman villager from the crowd.  “Like how you serve your goons, take all our produce for yourself, and leave us with hardly anything to feed our families?”

         The crowd answers in a resounding, “Yeah!”

         Another villager man speaks up, “And like you have protect us from anything.  Other than the sightings of ‘The Champion of Fire,’ we have not had to fight anything or anyone… until you took over as Chieftain… for ages under your parents’ leadership.”

         “Yeah!!” the crowd cried out.

         “And what are you really doing at that mining camp?” another villager asks.

         From back on Aberdeen’s side, the edge of the village he came over from, a male worker from the camp steps forward, “I’ll tell you have he is doing.  He is taking our must valuable resource and selling it pirates who will in turn help him take over our lands!”

         With that remark, a nearby guard elbows the man in the back of the head.  As the viking slumps to the ground, the crowd is outraged and start to turn on Aberdeen’s men.  The men, however, pull out their weapons to “defend” themselves.  The man who was knocked down, ran forward along with most of the crowd.

         The man pushes through the crowd and states confidently, “This young boy and the girl to his right risked being captured themselves to save their friends who were kidnapped by Aberdeen and his men.  The boy and the girl were captured by Aberdeen, but their friends had already strategically began to plot an escape.  This escaped happened today.  It was so well planned that myself and other workers of the mining camp were able to escape in the chaos.”

         The crowd began to argue what they should do with Aberdeen.  Fredrick then roared and quieted the crowd.

         “So,” I simply say as I look onto an Aberdeen that knows he is licked.  “The evidence has been brought forth from more than two witnesses.  The evidence is saying that you have broken many laws of your own people.  What say the people of Aberdeen?”

         “Treason!” They all exclaimed.

         I show a sly smile, “So, its treason.”

         “So, it is,” Aberdeen sighs, lowers his arms… but draws his sword immediately, pointing it at me.

         This quiets the crowd in an instant as the step back and watch Aberdeen admit, “This is not the way I wanted this to go.”

         “The truth too much for you to handle?” I question him.

         “Alright,” Aberdeen irritatingly speaks.  “You such a know it all when it comes to our laws and traditions, do you know what it means for a Chieftain to draw his weapon on a viking?”

         “Enlighten me,” I answer.

         He says, “Whomever the Chieftain points his weapon at after the evidence has been brought forth, that is who judgement and punishment will be handed down to.”

         “But,” I say as I reach for my sword and hold it up next to his.  “The ‘accused’ has a right to defend himself, if the accused deems themselves innocent.  So, I would start defending yourself if I were you.”

         Using his own law against him, I ready myself for Aberdeen’s first move!