Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 17: Biding Our Time

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This part of the story is finally coming together as I got going with the chapter.  It is a longer chapter.  I was thinking about splitting it up into two chapters, which it is essentially, but I didn't see a good place to do that and have both chapters even in word count.  So, I just left it as one large chapter.


Hope you enjoy!


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TMW The temperature gets up to 32° and it feels like a heat wave

         Viggo walks over to us, shaking his head, “Pity.  I was hoping our first meeting would have been under a more competitive setting.”

         Getting pulled up from the ground by a guard, I tell Viggo, “Stick around.  Maybe this is just the beginning of the show.”

         Viggo chuckles, “I may just do that.  I don’t have anything else to do, I could use a little entertainment.”

         Viggo and Aberdeen walk over to the empty dragon cages as Aberdeen’s guards lead us back to the room where Annabeth had gone to get our friends previously.  The guards bound our wrists and ankles in locks.  The locks on our feet has a chain connecting to someone else’s locks on their feet; also, there is a chain linking our wrist locks to our feet.  Aberdeen’s guards lock the door on their way out and we can hear them walking away.  Annabeth with me walks over, at first nearly dragging me along with her, to the door to make sure they have gone; which they have.

         There is enough chain for each of us to move around in the room.  However, it is very noisy and cumbersome to do so.  Garth mentions that it is better if we just pick a spot and just stay there.

         After sitting down near the window on the opposite side of the door, with Annabeth sitting to my right, Dawn asks as she finds a spot next to Annabeth, “What were you two trying to do again?”

         With a tone of optimism mixed with regret, I reply, “Rescue you guys.”

         I pull my legs up and lean my arms on my knees.  Annabeth then wraps her arms around my left arm, or at least tries too.  Because of the locks on her wrists, all she could manage is to put her hands around my arm.

         “How do you think that is going?” Dawn questions.

         “Well,” I sigh, then trying to stay positive.  “At least we found you guys.”

         Dawn says, “Yeah.  It is glad to know that you guys are alright.”

         Dawn lays her head against her sister’s head, Annabeth.

         Cazi speaks up, “Not to be a downer on knowing you guys are alright, but why did we come down here?  I did not come all this way to be some guy’s servant.”

         I remind Cazi and the rest, even myself, “We came down here to search their land for the next key to the ‘Mystery of the Shadow Legend.’  Our last clue told us to go south, so we did.”

         “When did vikings ever start listening to what others told us to do?” Hannah inquires.

         “Well,” I explain.  “That’s how mysteries work.  When you find a clue or a lead, you follow it until you find another one or it solves the mystery.  You never know what is going to come around the next sea stack until you go there.  Solving mysteries, you are looking for the truth.  When you are looking for the truth, there are things that try to keep you from uncovering the truth.  Then once you find the truth, there are things that will try and stop you from sharing that truth.”

         Cazi looks as though she knows I am right and remembers why we came down here, she is just impatient about how we have to go about it.

         I finish, “Not to mention what Annabeth and I have learned.  For starters, Aberdeen wants to take over his people’s land and take it all for himself.  I know he has selfish desires to do so, but Aberdeen, even if he does not show or act like it all the time, is smart.  There is something else that he wants possession of.  Secondly, Viggo is here for Aberdeen’s Terbsten.”

         At the mention of that, Garth immediately echoed, “Terbsten?  That stuff is the hardest know element, at least right now.  Depending on how you combine other elements with that, you could make something so tough not even a Night Fury could break through it.”

         I add, “And what do we know, currently, that is dragon proof?”

         Everyone else besides Annabeth and I realized what I am referencing, “That’s right,” I answer.  “The metal used for Viggo’s Dragon Hunter cages, tools, and weapons.”

         Garth has a bit more of a worried look than the rest of us do; he states, “We can’t let Viggo get a hold of this stuff, let alone use it.  I have only heard about where to get Terbsten, but never actually tried to make metal with it.  Besides what metal is already used in the Dragon Cages, Terbsten could rival that of Gronckle Iron.”

         “I don’t intend to let Viggo waltz out of here with anything more than what he came here with,” I make a point of.

         Hyrith makes mention of, “Well, it’s not like we are going anywhere anytime soon.”  He shakes his locks on his wrists, “We are figuratively and literally tied up at the moment.”

         “To be more correct,” I grin.  “We are chained up at the moment.”

         Cazi rolls her eyes, “Regardless of it is rope or metal, we aren’t going to be escaping anytime soon.”

         “Oh really?” I call on Cazi, but with a smile.  “You’ve been here, what two days, and you haven’t come up with an escape plan yet?”

         Playing it off as if it is all part of her plan, she folds her arms to explain, “We had to get used to our jobs to see where we stand.  We obviously cannot escape when we are done for the day.  We will have to escape during the middle of the day.  We are all free then… free to do whatever the yak Aberdeen tells us to do.  We understand what we have to do, but we just don’t know how we can all work together while we are separate from each other during the day.  To make any of this work, we will have to coordinate.”

         Cazi goes on to relay what each of them do.  Cazi is Aberdeen’s personal message deliverer.  She says Aberdeen’s too lazy to do it himself.  All Aberdeen does is walk around making sure everyone knows he is in charge without doing any of the work.  Garth works in the forge to help get the Terbsten nuggets out of the ore which comes out of the mine.  Hyrith helps with transport from the mine to the forge or to the forge to the docks or really any place that Aberdeen wants.  Ali works down at the docks helping sort, take inventory, and load boxes and crates when a ship comes.  Hannah works in the mess hall to feed the workers and vikings in the camp.  Hannah made note that it truly is a mess hall.  Dawn tends to the dragons including that of the Triple Stryke, Fawn.

         “Triple Stryke?” I repeat.  “So, that is what they are calling that dragon.  Didn’t quite know what to call it when Annabeth and I fought it the other day.”

         The others inquired further what I meant.

         Upon telling them what had happened, Dawn inputs, “We were wondering where Annabeth’s dragons went.  Everyone’s dragons were captured along with us.  Still irks me how they got the drop on us.”

         Annabeth tried reaching her left arm around Dawn, but because of the locks and chains ended up putting both arms around Dawn, “How were you guys supposed to know these vikings were this hostile?”

         Dawn shook her head, “That’s why you people keep me around.  I’m the only one that is always looking for the danger to keep you all safe.  I was just so glad to be alright, to see us safe, and our dragons safe, that I let my guard down.”

         I chuckle, “You are fine Dawn.  I know you are paranoid, but I hope we have shown that being paranoid about everything is not good.”

         “You are right,” Dawn did admit.  “But in that moment, I was a little too relaxed.”

         “Well,” Annabeth spoke over her sister to put that conversation to rest.  “That is in the past now.  We can’t go back over what we should have done.  We can only move forward and learn from the past to use what we will do in the future.”

         Dawn quips, “That sounded like Jarl.”

         Annabeth then laughs as well as all of us.

         To bring the topic back on focus, I look at Dawn, “So, you are in charge of the dragons and the Triple Stryke, huh?  You already named the dragon too.”

         “Yes,” Dawn spoke, a bit embarrassed though she did not care even if her blush said otherwise.  “If you must know, Fawn is a sweetheart of a dragon.  It is just that she has been so used to following whatever Aberdeen wants her to do that she is seeing the choice between our way and his ways.  But because she has been trained by that so called viking, Fawn acts on instinct.”

         I jump in with a few words, “But can you train her to fight Aberdeen instead?”

         A bit surprised by what I said, Dawn hesitates for a second and then replies confidently, “Yeah.  Fawn doesn’t like Aberdeen anymore than we do, but her natural instinct to protect will be the deciding factor between helping Aberdeen who doesn’t care about her or helping us who do care about her.”

         Thinking on that for a moment, Dawn adds on a little bit more, “Tomorrow I will have a lot more time with Fawn because the rest of our dragons at least escaped tonight.”

         “Yeah, that is right,” I say.  “But I am a bit worried.  I know they can rely on their natural instincts to protect themselves and each other, but with the effects of the sedation that Aberdeen used, I don’t know if they can hold off being recaptured.”

         “By the way,” Dawn again adds.  “That sedation does have Dragon Root it in, but it also has other ingredients in it that makes it less potent.  Not to mention that the Dragon Root in this area is mild compared to ours up north.”

         Annabeth suggests, “It could be the difference in climate.”

         Garth agrees, “That would explain it.”

         “So,” Cazi brought the conversation to a head.  “When are we getting out of here.”

         I reply, “I have some ideas, but I want to see for myself how Aberdeen runs things, especially with Viggo here.  Who knows, maybe with Viggo here, Aberdeen will slip up in trying to impress him that Aberdeen makes for us an opening to escape.  I have some ideas for each of us what we could do and Dawn, you and Fawn are going to be the key to getting us out of here.  It is imperative that you get Fawn on our side.  Do the best you can tomorrow.”

         With Annabeth and I caught back up to speed on what has been going on with the others as well as our escape plan, Annabeth and I better explain all that transpired while we were away from the group.  They all thoroughly enjoyed Aberdeen getting shot at as well as stood up to in the tavern.  Dawn remarked again saying, “See what I mean, Annabeth?  You’re starting to sound like him.”  Annabeth told Dawn she did not mind.  Dawn could only roll her eyes as Annabeth smiled at me.

         Shortly thereafter the moon arose and shown across the midnight sky.  As best we could, we try to get comfortable and get some sleep.  With all of our feet and wrists locked up, chained, and linked together, we all slept in an oddly shaped circle.

         When Aberdeen’s guards were chaining us up, I intentionally kept Annabeth by my side so I could be by her; which is why I could sit next to her.  As all of us stretch out to find what little comfort we could find to go to sleep, I roll on my left side to see Annabeth.  She rolls on her right to see me.  I reach out my hands to grab her hands.  I did not think I am sleepy until I closed my eyes.  We both look at each other and smile.  As we close our eyes again and fall asleep.


         The next morning, I wake to the loud noises of chains being moved around.  I am always slow at getting up from being asleep, even now with chains.  As I open my eyes I see something which wakes me very quick.

         “Get your hands off her!” I exclaim.

         “Ah, shut your trap,” the viking rudely says.

         The viking is unlocking her chains but in a way which is hurting Annabeth; Annabeth cannot stand up straight and her arms are stretched up over her head where the guy is unlocking the locks on her wrists.

         “I said,” I speak as I bull rush the guy.  “Don’t.  Touch.  Her!”

         I shove the guy, he loses his balance, and Annabeth drops to the floor.  The guy retaliates buy backhanding me with his left arm which knocks me up in the air and back to the floor.  The hit I took is not as painful as it may have looked.

         “Jarl.” Annabeth states.  She tries to come to my aid, but the guy stops her from doing so.

         Before the guy would react to whatever Annabeth would think of doing when someone is restraining her, I answer, “I’m fine, Annabeth.  Though I just slept a night on the floor, I feel much better.”  Another guard unlocks my wrists and ankles as I stretch my back out, “I think he actually got rid of the kink in my back from sleeping on the floor.  So, thanks.”

         “Bah,” the guy could only reply.

         The second guard said, “Come on.”

         He led us to Aberdeen which he had Annabeth and I shadow him and Viggo for the entire day.  We went to each of the places my friends are at.  I am thinking this is intentional to see how I would react.  I try to show as little emotion as possible.  My friends seem to being doing fine considering.  What I do notice is that the workers that are there from the village he treats basically the same but pays less attention to them until they get out of line.  There was only one case of that and it was the guy who unlocked Annabeth.  That impressed Viggo as it showed he will discipline his own men if they step out of line, not just those who are his prisoners.

         Throughout the day, he sent Cazi on seemingly wild goose chases for things that are nothing important other than to irritate Cazi.  She showed the most self-control I think I have ever seen her show.  Each time she came back to Aberdeen, Cazi would clinch her fists to not try and punch Aberdeen.  Cazi would “smile” every time she would be around Aberdeen.  But as soon as she left, I could hear her mumble.

         Aberdeen led Viggo, Annabeth, and I on a tour of his mining camp.  It is much bigger than I had realized as he says this is one of three mining camps in the lands, one on each island.  This mining camp, however, produces the most Terbsten.  Aberdeen took us down into the mines a short distance, but I get the feeling he is hiding something.  I glance at Viggo and he stares into the depths of the caves too.  I bet he is thinking the same thing.  When Aberdeen turns to move on to the next thing, Viggo waits for a moment still staring into the cave.  After Aberdeen asks Viggo if he is coming, Viggo walks from being bring up the rear with his hands behind his back.

         The rest of the day, Aberdeen put Annabeth and I in the stables tending to their livestock.  Doing that work did not bother me.  I kept stewing in how to plan an escape.  Annabeth throughout the day did some mumbling of her own.  We did not talk about much as it got to the point where Annabeth noticed I am thinking about an escape plan.

         As dusk began to settle over the land, Annabeth and I are “invited” by Aberdeen to have supper with him and Viggo.  Annabeth and I had no choice in the matter as we are supposedly Aberdeen’s guests.

         The meeting room where I saw the previous night is the room where we had supper.  There is a larger room further down the hall where all Aberdeen’s men and workers are eating at.  For this one night, Aberdeen had all of my friends eat with us.  Cazi mentions to me that this did not happen the last two days.  Aberdeen sits across from Viggo at the head of the table.  Aberdeen makes me sit next to him while Viggo offers the seat next to him for Annabeth.

         Aberdeen pays very little attention to the rest of us, but Viggo is intrigued by meeting us.  He as far as pulling the chair out for Annabeth as she sat down.  She looks as though she wants to say, “Thank you,” but because it is Viggo Grimborn, she is more weirded out by it than anything.  Viggo is freakily, in his own odd way, a gentleman.  His manners are good, yet he is a Dragon Hunter.  I would believe anyone would get that vibe being around such a viking.

         As we eat, Aberdeen is still only concerned with things other than myself and the others.  Hannah walks in, hair messed up, food on her clothes, and just annoyed altogether.  Hannah says it is a stew she cooked all day just for this.

         Hannah dishes it out on our plates and then starts to walk out, “Enjoy,” she says with a smile but it disappears as quick as she showed it.

         Annabeth does not start eating her food.  Dawn, however, starts chowing down on the food.  Annabeth looks at her.  Dawn stops mid-bite looking around as if she is doing something wrong.  Annabeth turns her head back straight and looks at me.  I subtly nod to her and start eating the stew myself.  Annabeth reluctantly starts eating too.  The stew is actually good.  Not the greatest, but it was still good.  Same style of stew my mother makes, but a stew is a stew.  Yet, it still depends on the cook.

         I thought Aberdeen or surely Viggo would ask one of something, but they talked more about the deal they had.  Actually, Viggo did not want to talk all that much.  He looks preoccupied with something.  If I had to guess, Viggo is wondering about what Aberdeen is hiding; that or Viggo has other plans for Aberdeen.

         When the meal was done, Viggo stood up, “That was a wonderful meal.  Thank you, Miss Olson,” he told Hannah; she did not know quite what to do with an enemy thanking for something that most enemies would consider trivial.

         Aberdeen stands up and mentions what he wants to do tomorrow with Viggo; Viggo holds his right hand up and responds in such a way that even he is getting annoyed at Aberdeen’s antics, “I would like to apologize, but it some business of mine has come up that I will have to take care of.  It will keep me busy in the morning and most of the afternoon.”  Viggo starts to walk away, but stops, “However, I would like to have word with Mollerson.  Your name is Jarl, correct?  May I call you that?”

         I reply, “So, we are on a first name basis now?  That was quick.”

         Viggo ignores my remark and further tells Viggo, “Once my business has been handled tomorrow, I will need a suitable meeting space.  This room shall suffice.  Goodnight, Aberdeen.”  Viggo then turns to me and gives a slight respectful bow to me, “Goodnight Miss Everdeen.”  He gives Annabeth a slight nod and then address the rest, “Goodnight.”

         Aberdeen’s guards then lead my friends and I back up to the same room where they chain us up again.  I take note that the second guard from this morning is the same while there is a new guard in replace of the other.  When they finish, they leave, and close the door.  The friend closest to the door, Ali, puts an ear to the door to make sure they did in fact leave.  When she is satisfied after knocking on the door and even calling for someone and no one answering, she gives the all clear.

         Cazi then asks, “Please tell me you have an escape plan.”

         I smile, “I do, actually.  But first, how did today go with you and Fawn, Dawn?”

         Dawn replies, “I believe she trusts me now.  With the other dragons gone, I spent the whole day with Fawn.  After the guards saw that I would not get eaten, they could care less if about what I did with Fawn.  All they did was have their own little Maces and Talons tournament.  That kept their focus all day while I did all the training I could do with Fawn.  I can pet her.  She lets me pet her.  I can feed her fish by hand.  She responds to command.  When I gave a hand signal to fire, one of the guards took notice.  I told the viking the truth that I was making sure she responded to command, the guard did not think much of it as he thought it was good.  It is just she responds to my command now, not… well… at least hopefully not anyone else’s.  I do warn that Fawn may be conflicted at first who to command, but I believe that will give us time to escape but also give time for Fawn to choose.”

         Hannah gives a hesitant chuckle, “For all of our sakes, I hope she chooses us.”

         Dawn looks a bit worried but still confidently agrees, “I hope so too.”

         “Before I tell you my ideas,” I go on.  “I know you guys have been ‘working,’” I air quote the previous word.  “For Aberdeen where he tells you.  But tell me what you really have been doing.”

         Dawn jabs Hyrith in the side with her left elbow, “Told you he would figure.”

         “Hey,” Hyrith said in defense.  “I just thought we were going to tell him first before he came up with the plan.”

         Hannah spoke up first, folding her arms, explaining proudly, “I cooked up something special for Aberdeen’s men that will incapacitate them for an unforeseen amount of time.  That I’ll show them to insult my cooking.”

         Cazi quips, “I didn’t know you could cook.”

         “I didn’t know either,” Hannah laughs.  “I do actually know how to a little, but just the one recipe Jarl’s mom makes.”

         I add, “I thought that it tasted familiar but a bit off.”

         Going on, Garth relays, “While Aberdeen thought I was improving his arsenal and repairing… let’s just say Aberdeen and his men have a surprise waiting for them if they try to use any of their catapults, net launchers, or try to even fire their arrows.”

         Ali spoke next, “While I was supposed to load the one ships the first day with cargo from the mines, I checked what I was carrying and switched it with the worthless ore pieces that the Terbsten came out of.  I even loaded Viggo’s ship with the stuff.  Viggo may not leave empty handed, but he isn’t going to like what he gets.  Hyrith helped me on this.”

         “While I was carrying one of the first loads down, she asked me if I thought it was a good idea to try and switch their cargo to something that was worthless instead of the precious Terbsten,” Hyrith responded.  “So, I switched crates on the opposite carts.  While I took some of the worthless ore deposits down to the docks, Aberdeen’s own men took the Terbsten to the forge where Garth used it for his surprise.”

         Garth added with a slight grin, “Any metal I found I did the best I could replacing it with the Terbsten.  Seeing how Terbsten needs an enormous amount of heat to be shaped at all, I wrapped the Terbsten with a lighter, less fire-resistant metal to ‘upgrade’ and ‘repair’ Aberdeen’s weapons.  If they try to fire anything, it will break or snap under all the weight.  If they try to lift any of their weapons, they will think that they had no muscles to lift anything.”

         “I think this one takes the cake of any of our shenanigans,” Cazi smiles ear to ear.  “When Aberdeen thought he was being annoying with sending me on errands that had little meaning to him, I told Aberdeen’s vikings incorrect details about where to go when an escape happened, what to do when he gave an order, and who to go after when there will be an escape.  Aberdeen will never know what hit him.”

         I shake my head back and forth but in approval, “You guys never cease to amaze me.  See Hannah, see what fun we get to have?  And you thought with a mystery there was only suspense, waiting, and the occasional battle.  There can be fun in mysteries especially when you get to play them on your enemies.  As long as we do it right, we will get the last laugh.”

         I take a deep breath in, “Alright.  The escape plan.  Dawn, you will get Fawn riled up but actuality you are just telling her your commands.  I want you to create chaos, a distraction.  I don’t care how you do it, just so it gets done.  Whatever you choose is find with me.  Think you can do it?”

         Dawn responds with a look of excitement and says, “You bet I can.”

         “Alright, when chaos breaks out, Cazi,” I look at her.  “I want you to start yelling that the Triple Stryke has gotten lose and we all need to run for safety.”  Cazi nods, also in excitement.  “When you guys here Cazi yelling, that will be your key to run towards the direction of Dawn and Fawn, hopefully with the rest of any of Aberdeen’s men.  When you guys reach Dawn, I need you and Fawn to lay down covering fire while we escape.  Then you and Fawn need to cover our tracks while we escape into the forest.”

         Annabeth questions, “The plan is all fine and dandy, but how are we going to fully escape if we don’t have our dragons.”

         I sigh, “I was thinking about worry about that until we got there.  I hope to be able to track our dragons in the forest.  There are only so many places a dragon can hide in a forest.  But I am mainly hoping that once they see us running by, they will come out to help us.”

         “But the key is to get that far,” reminded Dawn.  “With the help of Fawn and I, I’m sure we will.  But I need to ask, what time do you want me to start?”

         I reply, “As soon as I get done with the meeting with Viggo, that’s when we should start.”

         “Alright,” Dawn acknowledged.

         “Try to get some rest tonight,” I tell everyone as I yawn.  “Don’t know about sleep, but if you can get any, you’re gonna need it.”

         With all of that settled, we all lay down to try and get some sleep.  This room is not meant to be slept in.  With no beds but blankets we have to use as a pillow, we at least rest.  I sleep on my left side again to see Annabeth before I close my eyes.  We hold hands again as we fall asleep.

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