Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 15: Darkness Falls

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Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Snoggletog!


Hope everyone is having a great winter holiday!


I wanted to get this chapter posted earlier Monday, but with my family and Christmas we play it by ear when we actually have our Christmas.  Sometimes we have it on Christmas Eve, others the day afterwards when Christmas day we spend with other family members, and then occasionally we open some present on Christmas and wait to have more on New Year's Day.


In any case, I was delayed in working on my chapter going through the festivities with my family.  So, with an idea already for the chapter, I stayed up on to get the next chapter done.  I am getting excited about where the story is taking me, and I hope you are too.


Hope you enjoy the chapter!


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Page turners they were not. Exciting this story is however yes.

         When we got back to the Ingissons, we had some lunch.  The lunch is good, but neither Annabeth or I are very hungry.  Mak and Thorhild asks us why, but we did not tell them exactly why.  Yet, we just left out the details of our friends being captured.

         “We will be going back tonight,” I did say.  “There is something going down there and I bet that it is nothing good.  If we could find out what it is, then we could start the power shift back to the people.”

         While cleaning up the table, Mak and Thorhild kept repeating for us to be safe that putting ourselves in danger is not worth saving their village.  I am thinking whether or not we should tell them about our friends, but my gut is saying to just wait.  But I tell them that Annabeth and I cannot do nothing about what is going on.  We have to do something.

         I ask Mak for a room upstairs in their house that Annabeth and I can further plan out how we are going to infiltrate the compound.  Mak leads us to the attic where he leaves us to ourselves.

         “When are you going to tell them?” Annabeth asked in a hushed tone enough time after to be sure we are alone.

         While setting objects on a table to represent the mining compound, I reply, “Even though they seem like a very good family, we still don’t know if they will defend or try to kill our dragons.  Because, when we rescue them tonight, we will have to rescue our dragons too.”

         “This is going to take a lot,” Annabeth said, putting her hands on her hips as I am almost finished recreating the mining compound.  “With just you and me, very little resources, against outnumbering odds… Piece of cake,” she quips.

         I chuckle, “I still feel I am going to have to make the choice to trust them with us and our dragons, but let’s rescue our friends and our dragons first.  Then I will make that choice.”

         I stand back as I look at what I recreated, but then Annabeth looks at me and asks, “What’s wrong?”

         “Worried about how we are going to pull this off,” I answer.

         “I am too, but that is not all you are thinking about,” Annabeth counters.

         “Yes,” I state.

         I pause, Annabeth asks more, “What is it?”

         I answer, “When we rescue both our friends and our dragons, where will we go?  We cannot go back even to the Ingissons because they look at dragons in a different light then we do-.”

         Annabeth interrupted, “What about the Terrible Terror?”

         I sigh, knowing Annabeth is right, but all I could do is just stare downwards at nothing in particular, “Yes… There is that.  But if the rest of the island were to know that we ride dragons… I’m… I’m just afraid of what might happen to the dragons.  And… you.”

         Annabeth smiles, walking over to my left, grabbing my left shoulder with her right hand, “Look at me, Jarl,” I turn my head up to her.  “I would like to say, ‘Who cares what this island thinks about dragons,’ but you know I know we all care what this island thinks about dragons.  We want them to see dragons the way we see dragons, but you can’t let that stop you from being yourself.  I know you will do the right thing when the time comes.”

         I smile and nod, “Now,” to get down to business.  “How are we going to get into the compound?”

         Annabeth joins me in studying the model I created of the mining camp and its compound.

         “Well,” Annabeth began and points out.  “The dragons are here… Our friends are here on the other side of the wall, or at least that is the last we saw of them… And the meeting will more than likely take place in the same building.  There is a second floor to the building, however, there could be additional areas and rooms underneath and leading into the mountain.  Our best bet will probably be to split up: One of us infiltrating the meeting while the other infiltrates and frees the dragons.”

         I chuckle as if to say, “As if we are going to split up,” but I know for this to work, sometimes what you want is not what needs to be accomplished.  So, I reply, “As much as I think that would be the worst thing to have happen, each of us going individual, will give us more of a chance to sneak in unnoticed.  Although it is nice to have someone watch your back-.”

         I hesitate but Annabeth jumps in, “But… If one of us gets is spotted or captured that can help the other one escape into the night.”

         “I don’t want to even think about that possibility,” I said.  “Even though I am planning for it anyway.”

         With anything, I always plan on every possible scenario whether one is good or bad.  If one plans for anything to happen, one will be ready when anything happens.  Now, I usually have one plan in mind, with a back-up and a back-up’s back-up, but with any intangibles and variables that might arise, they are in the main plans as add-ons should the need arise to react to such problems.  And that is the thing.  When you are able to react to a problem instead of acting on one, the time needed to fix said problem is cut down.  Though, plans sometimes do not go to plan and one has to ad-lib, but to go through what one might do in that situation, one can handle that situation much better.

         Annabeth suggests, “I’ll take the dragons and our friends, you take the meeting.”

         I counter, “Slight change.  We both reach our friends and then split up there so that you have riders for the dragons.  This way you can escape much faster that way.”

         “How will you escape?” Annabeth questions.

         “Hopefully,” I respond.  “In all the confusion when they notice their captives are gone and the dragons too, I will escape in the chaos and they won’t even know I was there.”

         “Sounds like a plan once we are in there and then escaping,” Annabeth went on.  “But how are we going to actually get into the place?”

         “That will probably be the second most difficult part to this whole thing, first being not getting captured,” I explained then detailed.  “We could go straight up the wall with our grappling hooks or from our perch before, zipline down to the edge, go over the top, and then drop down below.”

         “We would have to watch out for the guards patrolling,” Annabeth makes mention of.  “Although they do have a pattern, we would have to be quick to do it as the window will be small.”

         I add, “Not to mention we don’t know what is under the walk way.  There could be workers or even guards down below.”

         “We don’t know much about the other side of the camp,” Annabeth says, walking around the table to point to the part of the model that I did not put up for this very reason.  “So that side is out of the question unless you want to scout that area first before going in.  The only other option is to through the main gate.”

         I answer back, “That would be the last place they would expect an intruder to come in.  On the other hand, that is the heaviest guarded and busiest place in the whole camp, besides whatever work they are doing.”

         Suddenly a couple knocks on the door are heard.  Annabeth and I both flinch in sync.

         “We’re not in there yet,” I laugh.

         Going over to the door, I open it and see both Mak and Thorhild standing at the door.

         Before Annabeth or I could say anything, Mak said to me, “I believe we can help with that.”

         Surprised to see them there as well as him offering to help, I tell him and his wife to come in; he continues, “We could not help but overhear how you were talking about how to get into the camp.  We might be able to help with that.”

         “You might-,” Annabeth started to echo but also welcomed the help.  “What are you guys thinking?”

         Thorhild spoke up, “Mak here takes supplies in for the village workers every other night.  He takes a yak cart over there… large enough for the two of you to fit in, covered up by a tarp and the supplies.”

         I then open my mouth to tell them they do not have to go to this length, but Mak spoke first, “I know this kind of help is rather sudden, but I remember the time before young Aberdeen took over this island.  Times where neighbor could help neighbor without worrying about who to trust and not.  Times when neighbor help each other, protected each other from the beasts, and care for one another.  A time when all we care about was our families.  Now we worry for our families and their futures.  The common consensus of the village of Aberdeen is that the family has now over stepped their bounds and taken our traditions too far to the point we don’t know who we are any more.  Young Aberdeen and his men as turned what was once a prosperous trading port, where we saw many traders, travelers, and sailors to now where any good for nothing viking can go to trade or earn a quick payout.  We all want these vikings to never again step foot on our lands, but we let the Aberdeens take over everything.  We waited too long.  No one had enough courage to stand up and take back what is there’s… Until you two arrive.”

         Thorhild added, “Two strangers who knew nothing about us, shows more courage in one day to stand up to the vikings everyone else was too afraid and never willing to do,” Mak went on, being pretty adamant about the whole thing.  “You two, Jarl and Annabeth, made Thorhild… And me… Remember… What it is like to be a viking.  What you did to Aberdeen earlier is exactly what our whole village should have done when young Aberdeen started to take over.  Just because someone has the name of a family that died in line of duty protecting our island from invaders, does not give the surviving family a right to do whatever they want and us just sit idlily by.”

         “We are ready to help in anyway,” finished Mak.

         “Thank you,” I state.  “What’s this about a yak cart?”

         Mak goes on to explain Annabeth and I can hide in his cart.  Instead of taking the risk of the off chance we successfully infiltrate the compound without being seen… Why not just “waltz” right through the front gate?  Mak says he will be able to take Annabeth and I right into the compound, undetected, and be able to get out of the cart without any fears of being spotted.

         “I will be able to take you to the stables where I will drop off the supplies,” Mak said.  “I know those who work in the stables and if I know them the way I do, they will be glad to know that we are finally taking a stand.  They would probably be willing to help too.”

         Annabeth inputs, “Just getting us into the compound and keeping us, unseen would be help enough.  It would be too dangerous to get them involved.”

         I agree, “I concur.  You two are getting involved enough as it is.  I wouldn’t want you to-.”

         “Now,” Mak interrupts.  “Let’s not have any of that talk.  We are helping you guys, and that’s that.”

         After finding the last piece to the plan, Annabeth and I make sure we are ready for anything once we go over there.  We ask Mak when he usually heads over and he said about nightfall.  Saying that is perfect, we all wait until then.

         All day, I could not think about anything else other than tonight.  I kept going over and over the plan.  Thinking and fine tuning the plan.  The hours seemed to drag on longer than Snotlout getting Hookfang to listen to him.  But, as soon as I got my mind off of tonight, the hours flew by.  Annabeth got me to play with her and Dot with her Terrible Terror, Scruffles.

         Dot made note of how we treated her small dragon, “You really know your way around dragons.  Scruffles is not afraid of you guys like he is around anyone else, besides my family.”

         What seemed like just moments gone by, Mak came in to tell his wife he is leaving.  Annabeth and I got up from playing with Dot and Scruffles.  Dot questioned why we are leaving.  But Thorhild told her daughter that with the help of Annabeth and I, her father could carry more supplies than usual.  Dot disappointingly complied.

         “Be safe going over there,” Dot waved to us as we exit out the door.  “I never liked those vikings who my dad works with.  But be back soon?”

         “Alright,” I call back.

         Dot is more correct than she realizes.  What we are about to do is probably the most dangerous thing we have done in a while.  But we are ready to do it anyway.

         Annabeth and I help Mak load the cart while leaving a space for us to hunker down in.  The supplies in the cart include foot, tools, blankets, and towels.

         “Will you two be alright riding under the tarp all the way there?” Mak asks.

         Annabeth assures, “We’ll be fine.”

         Mak and I Offering a hand, his right my left, to help Annabeth climb into the cart from the side.  I follow in behind Annabeth as Mark climbs up onto the cart.

         “You ready back there?” Mak calls out.

         Annabeth and I both reply, “Ready.”

         It got a little hot sitting under the tarp, but nothing unbearable.  Going under cover of night is somewhat comforting while we ride.  We cannot see anything, for even the tarp is blocking out any of the night light.  All Annabeth and I have is each other.  Not a word is spoken on the entire trip.  Annabeth and I hold each other as travel in the cart.

         My mind is racing with thoughts of the plan, but twenty minutes later, Mak’s voice pierces through the stillness and says, “We’re almost there.”

         A few minutes later we stop.

         Mak informs, “There is a longer line into the camp than usual.  There is extra security.  They are checking all carts-.”

         Before Mak could say anything else, I tell him, “Just stick to the plan.”

         As much as I told that to Mak to calm himself, I needed to hear just the same.

         With three moves and stops, the sounds of the camp and voices became louder.

         “Hey Mak,” a viking greeted kind of nicely, but then said.  “Nice to see you finally show up.  You’re late.”

         “Sorry,” replies Mak.  “I had to load the extra supplies for the shipment tonight.”

         “Yeah, no doubt,” the viking agrees.  “Could you step down and show us what you are bringing.”

         Mak began to stutter and then confidently questions, “Why do you need to see the supplies?  It is just supplies.  Aberdeen wanted me to bring extra supplies.”

         Slightly irritated, the viking answers as I hear footsteps walk to the back of the cart, “I know Mak, but even if this was a regular shipment, I would still ask to see what is in the cart.  We’ve got visitors tonight and…”

         As the viking explains and Mak continuing to protest, I know I have to do something.  Thinking quick, I feel the boards beneath us in the cart.  They are loose!  There is quite a bit of noise of the camp’s operations, so I did not have to be so quiet, just swift with no jolting movements.

         The boards are perpendicular to the rest of the cart.  I pry a board up and then shift over another.  Pointing down, Annabeth quickly crawls underneath the cart, I soon follow.  Annabeth takes the end of her braided hair and sticks it in her mouth, so it does not drag on the ground.  I shift my quiver around so that it is in front of me.  I climb down behind Annabeth.  We are keeping ourselves up off the ground by grasping other boards with our hands and extending out legs and holding them off the ground.  While holding myself up my right hand, I manage to move the boards back somewhat in place to cover my hands as to not be seen.  Annabeth is safe as her hands are under some of the blankets.  The reason why we are doing all this is because we have not cover but the tarp over our heads.  If the tarp would be removed prematurely, we would surely be found.

         Just as I move the last board in place, the tarp flings off the cart.

         “Ha!” the viking laughed.  “You were beginning to worry me, Mak.  Thought you were trying to hide something.”

         “I was just-,” Mak began but the viking interrupted.  “Oh, just hurry up and get on with it.  Our visitors will be here soon and Aberdeen does not want any eyesores to be in the way.”

         Mak got back on the cart and encouraged the yak to get moving, the viking added but his voice continually got drained out by the other noise as we move away from him, “Aberdeen put Eagle-Eyed Ed hideto watch the front gate.  With the important visitors comin’, we don’t need anything going wrong.  I… I mean we want to make a good impression.  After all-.”

         One minute later, Mak goes to our right and enters into a building.

         As soon as the cart stopped, Mak quietly sounds out, “Annabeth-.”

         At the sound of him calling our names, Annabeth and I drop our legs to the ground then extend our arms to let our backs near the ground; we then drop the short few inches to the ground.  We take a few seconds to rest our muscles from the grueling hold we just did.

         Upon hearing the slight thud of Annabeth and I hitting the ground, Mak looks under the cart and says, “I wondered where you guys could have gone.  Was really worried everything was over then.”

         “So was I,” I said rolling out from under the cart.

         Mak helped brush the dirt off our backs.  We got most of it off, but there actually is not a whole lot seeing how it just rained only two days ago.  The ground is a dry mud.  Dusty on the top, but once the dust is brushed away, the damp dirt can be seen.

         The stablemen came over to see what is going on.  There is only three of them.  Mak quickly explained to them what is going on.  They did not want any part of it and went back to doing their work.  They at least said they would not turn us in.

         “Will you guys be alright?” Mak questioned us.

         Annabeth answers, “We’re fine.  Just get back on your cart before that viking notices you’re taking too long.”

         Mak hops back on his cart and silently says, “Good luck.”

         “I don’t believe in luck,” I answer back quietly and then quip.  “I don’t need luck.  Why do you think I brought Annabeth with me?”

         Mak did not answer me, but Annabeth did with a slight jab in the side with her left hand.  I instinctively knew she was going to do that, so tried to block her jab.  No such success.

         Peering out the stable’s doors, I see that we are located to the actually left of the main gates.  Annabeth points to a window above a nearby stall.  We go there to look out instead of the main door, to make sure we can get to cover quickly if the need arises.

         I whisper to Annabeth as we stand on the hay trough for the current yak’s stall that we are in, “Look at the guards.”

         Annabeth took note, “Extra security for the meeting tonight.  They doubled the guard.  Trying to infiltrate any other place would have been near impossible.”

         “Good thing we had Mak or none of this would have been possible,” I added.

         Not more than five minutes later did someone yell, “Ahoy!!  Ship ahoy!”

         The camp went almost into a frenzy with vikings running towards the harbor.

         “Must be the visitors,” Annabeth said.  “Should we use this to get to another spot?”

         “No,” I replied.  “Once the meeting starts, things should be even quieter then.”

         The stable is right up against the west wall of the compound, so with the main gate being right on the edge of the same wall, we have a clear view all the way down to the harbor.  Trouble is, we cannot see the large ship coming into port.  The moon has not come up yet.  Seeing how it is early night and the moon in its waning phase, even with the moon up, not much light would be cast below it.  Also, because the moon is in its waning phase, the moon will now come up later in the night because the sun just went down not too long ago.

         A cart is dispatched down to the docks to quickly bring the visitors up to the compound.  The docking of the ship started, but its travelers departed as soon as it anchored in port.  The is waved off and returns back to the compound.  The visitors follow the cart back up as Aberdeen and his vikings lead the way up to the main part of the mining camp.

         At first Annabeth and I thought the cart would come into the stables, but they park it just outside in front of the entrance.  This drew our attention away from the main precession up to the camp.

         Upon looking back, I hear a painfully familiar voice, “I look forward to doing business with you.  This partnership will be most beneficial for both sides.  Shall we get discuss the details?”

         “Right this way,” with a left underhand wave, Aberdeen points to the building opposite our position.  “Mr. Grimborn.”

         “The formal salutations are unnecessary, Bard,” the visitor replies.  “You may use my name Viggo.”