Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 12: A New "Foe"

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My semester is finally over!!


At least two B's and two A's, and the other class is at least a B if not an A!


Now I get to do nothing for a month!


Well, nothing there is in context.  Compared to what I have been constantly busy at doing, so busy I have not had time to procrastinate on anything, what I want to do over the next few weeks would be hardly anything, next to nothing at all.


Hope you guys enjoy the chapter.  I have really been missing writing the story, so I plan on getting a lot of chapters out over the next 4 weeks I am off.


Again, I hope you enjoy the chapter!


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         Thinking to myself, as Annabeth and I access the situation, “How are we going to ‘fight’ our dragons while we defend them against the new dragon but then still try to make it look like we are trying to kill them, or something?”

         If I had said it out loud, I could just hear Annabeth and know she would say as if she heard me, “Why are we trying or acting like we want to kill them?  Why do we care what those guys think?”

         Answering my own thought, “Without a quick way of escape ourselves if they turn on us, we need to stay on everyone’s good side… or else.”  My thought trails off as I see the new dragon again try to go after UV.  But Sirena is right at her side defending each attack while UV tries to stay on the offensive.

         Sirena and UV are handling their own against this new dragon, but Annabeth and I both knew that we would need to step in a break it up before the new dragon got any ideas.  However, more specifically, we would have to step in before the vikings that came with us got any ideas because it does not look from the outside that they hunt dragons, yet they are no way friends of the dragons either.

         Once we get closer to the action, leaving the group behind and going in on alone, Annabeth asks, “Any ideas, Jarl?”

         “I’m open to suggestions on the dragon situation,” I answer.  “But I do know that I will try to draw the attention of the new dragon while you go into the house, find the family, get them to safety, come back, and then draw your dragons attention away while we both separate them.”

         “Sounds like I got the easy part,” Annabeth smiles, but then seriously said as she put her right hand on my left shoulder, “Be careful.”

         I briefly grab her hand with my right and say, “I will.”

         Annabeth adds as she starts to walk away, “You be careful now.  I know you are a tough viking, but you are no doubt sore even if you have no glaring injuries.  Don’t be Heroic Jarl, just be Get-The-Job-Done Jarl.”

         I chuckle, “Alright, thanks for reminding me.  By the way could I borrow your shield?”

         Annabeth nods.  She takes her sword out of the shield first before handing it to me.  Also, had Annabeth not reminded me, I may have gone all out to put on a great show to get the dragon’s attention a play to those who are watching.  Not to say that I am one to play to the crowd on in a selfish manner, but to keep those watching from suspecting we are friends to dragons until we know what the situation is here.  This would also go back to my father’s warning about this place.

         To put on just a good show, I draw my sword, flip it to bow configuration, and load an arrow onto the bow string.  I then run with my bow towards the new dragon, aim over the head of the new dragon, and fire.

         “Yo, dragon!” I call out.  “Pick on someone your own size!”

         The dragon looks at me like, “You gotta be kidding me?  You?!”

         My statement stunned the dragon as why would a viking be doing this, and Aberdeen made sure to mock me for it, “Oh great job.  That’s one way to distract the dragons… have it chase you!”

         In the basic sense of the phrase, that is what I am doing… but I do not intend to be eaten.

         The dragon realizes he had stopped fighting Sirena and UV so then starts to go back for them.  Keeping its attention off the dragons, especially as Annabeth gets the family out of the house, I fire another arrow; this time at the dragon’s feet.  That got its attention.

         The dragon is slowly coming after me as if saying, “Oh, buddy you have done it now.”

         A couple of seconds later, I hear a ratcheting sound.  The dragon dips its head and I see its tail swipe up and over.  I dodge roll to the left just in time as its tail splits into three and the spine at the tip of each one impales into the ground.  As soon as I complete the roll, my body immediately regrets it.

         “Ooo,” I grab for my back.  “I’m gonna feel that tomorrow.  Well, I feel it right now.  What am I saying?”

         I then turn my attention to the dragon and speak up, “Do you know what I am saying?  Why would I say that?  Why would I say I am going to feel it tomorrow when I just felt it?”

         The dragon comes at me again and I get ready to dodge.  I am slowly walking to my left, but am ready to dodge roll to the right.  Instead, Sirena swoops in and blindsides the dragon, catching it totally off guard.

         “Thank you, Deathsong,” I say, not wanting to mention names but at least acknowledge Sirena.  To me it looks like she smiles, but anyone that sees all dragons as a threat would think it was a roar in my direction.  I continue, “At least someone agrees with me.”

         I cannot hear what Aberdeen is saying, but I am sure he thinks I am nuts talking to a dragon like this.

         The dragon then looks back at Sirena wanting to fire back, but I again fire an arrow in front of the dragon’s head intentionally narrowly missing it.  I think it will be safe to say that I have the full attention of the new dragon now because… it is now charging me.

         I then runaway in a tactical regroup… retreat… and run towards where Aberdeen and the other vikings are at.

         “Why are you coming this way leading the dragon over here?!” Aberdeen demands as the rest of the group flees to cover.

         My gut is telling me the dragon is about to fire.  I am nearing a large downed tree and will use it as cover.  But then I hear the ratcheting sound again.  So, I dive over the tree, plaster myself back against the tree, and watch the dragon’s blast (Describe the blast from the RTTE episode) go over my head… and hit Aberdeen in his amber cocoon.  The amber shatters and absorbs all of the blast’s magnitude.  Well, not quite all.  Aberdeen’s arm catches fire and he freaks out but then tries to down play it once it is out.

         “What are you trying to do?!” he demanded.  “Kill me?”

         Kind of sarcastically and very rhetorically, I respond as I reach for a gas bomb on my belt, “Why would anyone want to kill you?”

         I throw the gas bomb at the charging dragon.  The bomb bursts on impact upon which UV fires an electric shock, igniting the gas instantly.


         The new dragon stumbles back and to the ground.  Quickly wanting to know how Annabeth is doing, I see her off to the left guiding a viking woman and girl to the side to meet their father.  When he had retreated after the new dragon fired at the area he was at, he must have continued out as he probably saw Annabeth and his family escaping the house.

         Aberdeen stood up and walks over, “Did that dragon just help you?  It is like you knew that was going to happen.”

         “Oh, you think I did that on purpose now did ya?  Come on…,” I shake my head.  “The Skrill probably just wanted to get a piece of the action.  I threw that gas bomb to disorient the dragon.  How was I supposed to know the Skrill would fire and so by ignite the gas?  More power to it.”

         We look on as the new dragon had enough of the situation and flies back further into the forest.  But then Sirena comes over to us.

         “Incoming!” yells one of Aberdeen’s friends.

         As they scatter, I stand my ground as Sirena jumps on me.  She roars in my face and then starts to playfully paw at me.  Aberdeen and his friends watch in horror and then runaway.

         “Yes, yes, Sirena,” I quietly say, just in case.  “I’m happy to see you to.  Now, go find Annabeth.  Go on.  Go find her.”

         At the sound of Annabeth, Sirena perks up and starts a search for Annabeth.  This gave me the excuse to “escape” as well.

         I run off to the side in the forest to meet up with Annabeth and the rescued family.  While on the way over, I flip my bow over my shoulder so I can use rather quickly again if need be.

         Upon meeting the family, the father grabs my right hand and shakes it fervently, “I don’t know how much to thank you two.  I don’t know what I would have done.  Those idiots were never going to help.  Why I went there in the first place, I don’t know.  I was just desperate.”

         Annabeth adds as she strokes the daughter’s hair, “You were just trying to protect your family.”

         The mother then spoke, “I wish there was some way dragons would not be so angry.  They’re just protecting their home.”

         “How do you mean?” I ask.

         “This village and farmland has been here for many generations,” the mother went on.  “But we have never had this much trouble with dragons as we have had in the last several months.  We always respected them and they left us alone.”

         The father jumped in rather angrily, not at her just at the topic being discussed, “We had nothing to do with it.  It is The Champion of Fire.  It is the one that is responsible for this whole mess?”

         Annabeth questions, “That two-legged dragon with the triple tail?”

         “Yes,” the father answered.  “That dragon first appeared around the time we started having trouble.”

         The mother then interjected at her husband, “Why would that dragon be any different then any of the other dragons that we have seen over the years come and go?  I tell you, it is the new mining operation.”  She then directed her attention towards Annabeth and I, “That mining operation started about the same time we start having trouble.  I would say that was pretty coincidental.  Mining the hills is just a major waste of time anyway.”

         The father changed his tone to now almost a worried tone, “I wish you would stop saying things like that.  What if the Aberdeens found out?”

         “Who cares if they found out?” the mother threw her hands in the air.  “That family has always been ten kinds of trouble.  They always will be.”

         “Bite your tongue,” the father almost shouted.  Then he sighed, “I’m sorry.”  He then went on to explain to Annabeth and I that the Aberdeens have been running the villages for generations.  “Some say they even found the island and started the port.  Then when news about some tribe further north making peace with the dragons, things did start to change.  Who we traded with changed.  What we made to trade changed.  Basically, our whole lively hood changed.  I do admit, there is something strange about the Aberdeens.  But we are in no place to challenge them on anything.  No one would dare challenge the Aberdeens, especially young Aberdeen.  If an Aberdeen tells you to do it, you jump, even if there is a cliff.”

         The mother came back in, “That’s what I don’t like about it.  The Aberdeens protected us from the dragons when they did fight us.  The Aberdeens protected us from invaders who wanted to take what was not theirs.  But when the news spread about a tribe at peace with the dragons, the dragons in general seemed to have changed.  Attacks are not as often, or at least they were until that new dragon showed up.  But what I am saying, is if there is a chance at making peace, we have to try.”

         The father countered, “But where do we start?  We know nothing about dragons.  The Aberdeens know, or at least did, know how to defend us and do what was best for the village.”

         I then suggest, “What about Annabeth and me?  We would be glad to help.”  I pause waiting for one of them to stop us, but they are speechless as if they had never been helped by strangers before.  “I mean, we are strangers to your land.  We can be objective and we have not interest in the land, other than helping our fellow vikings.  We can get to the bottom of this mystery.  It isn’t the first time we have done this.”

         Annabeth smiles and adds, “And it won’t be the last.”

         The father found the words to say, “Thank you.  Just… Just be careful how you treat the Aberdeens.  They won’t take no for an answer and if you try to cross them or go against or even side against them, they will make you pay.”

         The daughter, who could not be any more than five years old, said, “You tell those vikings that we have had enough.  I want to keep my Terrible Terror.  They can’t have my Scruffles.”

         The daughter tightly grabbed her mother’s left leg.  Annabeth and I could not help but smile.

         Annabeth responds, “No one will take Scruffles away.”

         “They better not,” the little girl replied.  “It took my father three weeks to help Scruffles feel better.  It couldn’t fly away, you know.”
         I shot a look at the father.  His face looks embraced but is standing in such a way that he would do what he did again in a heartbeat.  Annabeth and I both knew what is going on.

         “Well,” Annabeth knelt down to be at eye level with the girl.  “We will just take care about the Aberdeens.  We will fix it so that you can have as many friends for Scruffles as you want.”

         Her father kind of rolled his eyes as if to say, “That’s all I need.”

         I suggest to the family they should return to the village and stay for the night.

         “Annabeth and I will stay and make sure the dragons leave your farm and be safe for your return tomorrow,” I say.

         “Again,” the father shook my hand.  “Thank you.  I didn’t catch your name before.  What is it?”

         “Jarl,” I simply said.  “Jarl Mollerson, Mystery Conqueror, at your service.”

         “Oh, shut up Jarl,” Annabeth rolls her eyes.  “Do you have to make it and say it so flamboyantly?  Can’t you just say we solve mysteries?”

         “Yeah,” I reply.  “But what’s the fun in that?”

         She and I both along with the family laugh as we part ways.