Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 11: Foreign Lands

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It feels good to get more than one chapter out in the span of a few days.  Also, to get back into the story and think about the plot.  I was getting a little bogged down with where to go with the mystery.  I have a pretty good idea where I want to go, but how to get there is what I was having trouble with.  So, sometimes it is good to "blow up a volcano" and see how your characters will respond.

Blow up a volcano... ;)


I had been thinking about doing such a "side quest" as what I am doing now, with the characters, but I was not going to use it until later.  Then I thought I could help complicate things to make the story seem harder for the characters and actually make it tough.  Things were going so well, a little too well if you ask me.  And that is coming both as a writer and as an observer.  Because Jarl is basically me, he would be thinking things were going so well that something unexpected is sure to happen soon.  So, I just hurried things along.  >.<


Anywho, I hope you guys enjoy the chapter!


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Mystery of Shadow Mountain


Chapter 11

Foreign Lands


         When I awake, I slowly open my eyes to see a roof over top of me.

         I quietly call out, “Annabeth?”

         I lift up my left hand.  No more than a second does it go before it is filled with a soft touch

         “I’m here Jarl,” answers Annabeth.

         I try to sit up, but Annabeth puts her hands on my shoulders to keep me from doing so, “Just lie and rest, they’ll be plenty of time to explore and figure this out.”

         “Saying that,” I spoke.  “I guess I’m not dead and not in Valhalla.”

         Annabeth chuckles.

         I wanted to look around the room, so I settle for looking around from my current position.  I see I am in a small room with only a few candles to light it, a few chairs, a table, and the bed I am laying on, of course.

         As I look up at Annabeth, a tear rolls down her right cheek while she firmly grips my left hand with both of hers.

         Summarizing what I think about my surroundings, “Now I know I am not dead; because if this is Valhalla.  Other than the fact that you are here with me, which is Valhalla to me, I want a refund.”

         Annabeth laughs and replies, “Now -I- know you are fine.  Because if you are making jokes, all is well.  The time you stop making jokes-.”

         I interject, “-Is the time my student becomes the master.”

         “Sigh, of stop it,” Annabeth rolls her eyes, “You know what I meant.”

         “Yeah,” I smile.  “But I know you don’t want me to stop.”

         “True,” Annabeth says.

         I try to get up again.

         “No,” she orders.  “You are not getting up.  You need more rest.”

         “What happen?”  I ask.  “All I remember is getting wet as we entered that storm.”

         “You were trying to fly over a massive wall of water barreling towards you.  But at the worst possible moment, did Fredrick become startled and be unable to fly over the wave.  Then as you braced for impact, your noggin’ had a close and personal meeting with Fredrick’s head,” Annabeth responds.  “Otherwise known as, you got hit really hard in the head.”

         “This was going to be my next question as I wondered if there was a Gronckle sitting on my head.  Good thing I had my helmet and I have a thick skull,” I say as I try to sit up again, but nothing doing.

         “You are telling me,” she says as she keeps me down.  “More like a thick head.”

         “Where’s Fredrick, by the way?” I wonder.

         “I do not know,” Annabeth says as her tone changes.

         Getting worried, I ask again, “Where are the others?”

         “I don’t know that either,” Annabeth answers.  “In short, I rescued you from the waters and was able to swim to shore with you in tow.  After diving off of Ultra Violet and into the ocean to go after you, I heard saw flashes of lightning reflecting off the ocean as well as several muffled claps of thunder.  Upon resurfacing, Fredrick and UV were nowhere to be seen.  I believe all the dragons became spooked from the lightning and flew to seek shelter.”

         I became quiet and stare up, Annabeth continues, “I am sure they are alright.  They are still animals and even the best of them can still get spooked.  They know that as long as we have each other, we will be fine.”

         Switching my gaze back onto Annabeth, “You got that right.”

         “Enough of the questions,” Annabeth then says and kisses me on the forehead.  “You get some rest.”

         Sighing, I reply, “Alright.”

         I reluctantly comply.  But as it stands, or in my case, lying down, it took a lot to keep my eyes open to talk to Annabeth.  Once I closed my eyes for more than just a blink, I felt myself fall asleep within minutes.

         Next thing I know I am awake.  This time, I felt much stronger.  Now it only felt like a Terrible Terror is sitting on my head.  To avoid Annabeth keeping me down, I sat up on my own.  I grimace slightly as my headache got a bit worse as I sat up.  Annabeth leaps up from a sitting on a nearby chair tries to push me back down.  But once I was sitting up for a few seconds I felt fine.

         “You need to rest,” demanded Annabeth.

         “How long was I resting this time?” I ask.

         Annabeth sighed, “All night.”

         “Alright then,” I said.  “You going to help me stand up?”

         “Fine,” Annabeth reluctantly agreed.

         The bed is about a foot off the ground.  Initially, I put most of my weight on Annabeth who has me around my right arm.

         “How do you feel?” she asks.

         I answer, “Seems like all my soreness was laying in idle.  But when I stood up, it all seeped down into where my muscles were sore and realized, ‘Oh, I need to be sore.’”

         “Alright then-,” Annabeth started.

          Interrupting, I assured, “Annabeth, I’m fine.”

         Sighing, she added, “I’m just being a worry-wart.”

         “No,” I correct.  “You are just being a great partner.”

         Annabeth looks at me somewhat strange, so, I include, “You thought I was going to say, ‘Friends,” weren’t you?  Well, we are well past that, don’t ya think?”

         Annabeth smiles and then asks, “Can you walk on your own now?”

         Annabeth lets me go to see if I could take a few steps on my own.

         “Beside still being sore,” I said.  “I’m fine.”  Bringing my attention to the situation at hand, I question, “Where are we?”

         Letting out a frustration sigh, Annabeth replies, “That I don’t know.  No one will talk to me.  After getting you to shore, I was barely able to secure this room.  Besides going out to get some supplies to care for you, I never left your side.”

         I smile, “Why thank you.”

         “It was not that so much as the vikings on this island are just so… so… argh!” Annabeth flung her arms up and down in frustration.  “They paid no attention to the fact that you nearly drowned.  All they cared about is the next game of checkers and the next round of root beer.  The keeper of this establishment finally let me have this room.  Probably gave it to me just so I would shut up and leave him alone.”

         I just stared at Annabeth.

         “What?” She replied, then tried not to smile.

         “Uh huh, sure, that is the only reason why stayed by my side,” I said.  “You are learning well, my young tadpole.  Your sarcasm is getting better.”

         Then we both laughed.

         Becoming thirsty, I suggest that we go and get us some yak milk to start the day.  Because we are in an unknown territory, I also suggest that we keep our weapons handy.  Annabeth gave me my quiver, belt, and sword-bow, which I clipped on my belt and my quiver on the back of my shoulder strap, and Annabeth put on her shield which she used to keep her old swords in.  Now, she only has one of Asvord’s older swords, but Annabeth still has her shield.  Before leaving the room, I reached over to the table and grab my helmet.  I put it on as Annabeth opens the door.

         Funny how you do not notice sounds until you actually see the commotion going on.  Annabeth opens the door to a lively scene of vikings stuffing their mouths with food and spinning yarns of their adventures.  Annabeth led the way over to the keeper of the establishment.

         “Two yak milks, cold if you can,” I order.

         The keeper looks at me as if he could see right through me, with a booming, gruff voice, he asked, “You want what?”

         “Yak milk,” I simply repeated.  “Now, I know a fine establishment of this has got to have his own private stash of yak milk on hand for very special guests.”

         The keeper gave a hardy laugh, “Oh, yes, sure,” he then bowed.  “Please, excuse me as I go get the milk right away.”

         When he left, Annabeth leans on the high table in front of us, to my left, and says, “See what I mean?”

         I nod as the keeper returns, “That will be two pieces.”

         “Ah, no thanks,” I shake my head.  “I don’t need bread with this.”

         “Ha!” He laughed and then instantly changes his face to a very serious look.  “I meant two pieces of bronze… each.”

         Reaching into my money pouch on my belt, I take out four bits of bronze and put it down on the table.

         The keeper totally changed his tone and seems quite angry, even though he thanked me for the money.  Annabeth and I stand there and drink our milk in peace.  I do notice a woman viking, to our right, coming in and asking for yak milk, herself.  The keeper pulls out from under the table a flask of milk, about three to four large mugs worth… any only charges her two bits of bronze for the whole thing.

         Annabeth whispers, “Did you see-?”

         I subtly raise my left hand to quiet her down, I quietly respond, “Yes, I saw.  Kind of figured he would do such a thing.  This milk isn’t that great.  Still fine, but not the best milk in the world.”

         Annabeth softly asks a question, “Is sarcasm the way to go with these so called vikings?”

         Answering, I say, “Well, for the time being, I think it is.  If I get a laugh, at least someone is happy.  If all they think I am worth is a laugh, they will leave us alone, for now.”

         Just then a very raucous laughter came from behind us and to the left.  A group of vikings got up from their seats and turned around.

         “Well,” one of them said as they notice Annabeth and me.  “Look what the tide washed in… literally.”  This viking is probably about ten or so years older than us, yet looks about or younger than us.

         The group heartily laughs at the statement of their friend.  I gave slight nod because that was not half bad, not half good either though.

         “Ooo, look what he’s drinkin’ boys,” said a woman’s voice in the group.  She steps out to be seen and puts her hands on her hips, “He’s drinking milk.”

         The same viking as before started again, “What’s the matter little boy?  Does the little boy need his milk?”

         They all again laugh.  Some of the viking surrounding us join in on the laughter.  The group is most likely intentionally drawing attention to Annabeth and me to make us look bad.  I could feel Annabeth getting tense next to me.  The main viking made another remark about us losing our way and wondering if someone needs to hold our hand back to our home.  That triggered something in Annabeth.  She starts the turn, but I immediately grab her right hand with my left and pin it on the table.

         Annabeth looks at me as if to ask why I am not defending myself; I just shake my head no as the guy again mocks me Annabeth, “That’s right little boy, don’t let a girl fight your battles for you.  She wouldn’t beat me anyway with even my left hook tied behind my back!”

         The group laughed as well as half the tavern.  Annabeth fought my hand to charge the viking, but I overpowered Annabeth’s urge to retaliate by keeping her hand on the table.

         When she finally stopped to ignore them, I turn to the guy and said, “Nice hook.”

         That remark caught him off guard and silenced the crowd; not knowing how to react, he simply replies slowly, “Thank you.”

         I then randomly say, “You got a nice group with you, you should take this show on the road.  Tell you what,” I point at him.  “I could be your opening act for you,” I then hurriedly say, “Okay, okay, okay.”  I say trying to think of a joke.  “How do you get a one-armed viking out of a tree?”  Waiting for a response, though getting none, I reply, “You wave.”

         Annabeth laughed but only a few others gave a chuckle or two.

         “Not good enough for ya?” I excitingly ask.  “Alright.  Why did the picture go to jail?”
         Annabeth asks, “Why?”

         “Because it was framed,” I chuckle as Annabeth rolls her eyes, “Oh no, here we go.”

         “Oh, oh, oh, next one,” I could tell my jokes broke all the mocking vikings momentum of their “fun.”  So, I continue, “I head there was a robbery last night did you hear about it?  Did you?” I ask a nearby viking.  He shakes his head and I report, “A belt just held up a pair of pants.”  The viking laughed, as did a few others.  But the faces on the vikings in front of Annabeth and me are anything but joy of laughter.

         “Here’s another,” I banter on.  “Why couldn’t the pirate play cards?”  I pause, “He was sitting on the deck.”

         I did not get much laughs, but a lot more of the surrounding crowd chuckled.  The vikings in the group started to leave.

         “Aw don’t go,” I plead -not-.  “I’ve got more.”  They all continued to start for the door.  “Alright, alright, you a… you think it over, and you get back to me on this.  But how about one for the road?  Huh?”  They only ignore me, although I reply anyway, “Did you hear about the boot storehouse burning down?  Three thousand soles were lost.”

         That joke in particular got the biggest laugh and for sure drove the vikings away.  Looking at Annabeth, she just smiles, shakes her head, and then rolled her eyes.

         The main mocking viking went through the open door first, but ran into a viking that had been running at full speed, nearly knocking him down.

         “You’ve gotta come and help us,” the older viking said.  “Please.”

         “Get out of my way!” the older viking had gotten close to the younger viking and he push the older one down.

         Thinking that the older viking would scold the younger one, the older viking instead said, “My apologies, Young Aberdeen.”

         Annabeth and I look at each other as we jump to the aid of the older viking; we both look at each other as we went and know we are thinking the same thing, “It all makes sense now.  He’s got the name but not much else.”

         Annabeth and I help the older viking up as he quickly said, “Thank you.  The Champion of Fire is wreaking havoc on my farm the surrounding areas.  Someone needs to come rescues my family!  They are trapped!”

         Without hesitation, I responded, “We will be glad to help.”

         Young Aberdeen rubs his hands together, “This ought to be good.  I was wondering what I was going to do with the rest of my day.”

         Under my breath, I said, “Oh fine,” I then told Aberdeen out loud, “Try to keep him.  I don’t have time to hold your hand.”

         Those in Aberdeen’s crowd o’ed and awed and he gave a demanding, “Shut up.”

         Annabeth and I had already started following the older viking when Aberdeen said that.  He actually did have to catch up and had a difficult time doing so.  The older viking relays his name in-route to the farm.  His name is Mak Ingisson.

         In practically a dead sprint, the older viking led us towards the center of the island through a thick forest.  The further we went, the louder the sounds of blasts and roars could be heard.  Annabeth and I both had a sinking feeling we already know what “monster” is waiting for us.

         The noise from a dragon fight could be heard.  The blasts are of a shot I have never heard before.  Finally, we came out of the forest and came to the foot of a hill.  Even before climbing it, we look up into the air to see a new dragon.  This dragon has a unique tail, two grabbers for front legs, and two hind legs.  It roared and dove bomb onto something.  I then ran up the hill to see what is happening.  The others follow.

         Rounding the top, my shoulders drop and I reply, “Well this just got… interesting.”

         “What?” Annabeth asks as she comes up behind me on my right.  She then sees what I see, her shoulders drop as well, “Oh, aw what the yak…”

         Aberdeen eagerly asks, “What is it?”

         I exclaim, “Duck!” as the new dragon fires at us.

         The three of us, including the viking who asked for help ducks… Aberdeen… meh… not so much.  He did see the blast coming but his right cloth bracer caught fire and he began to fling his arm back and forth and demanded the others put out the fire.  He could have instead just rolled on the ground to get it out.

         “Well,” Annabeth sighed, but relieved.  “You wondered where are dragons went, well there’s two of them now.”

         Ultra Violet and Sirena are fighting the new dragon.

         Sirena is on the far side and shoots at the new dragon.  The new dragon nimbly dodges the blast.  The amber shoot flies over Annabeth’s head, who exclaims, “Hey, watch it Miss Deathsong.”

         Guess what, or should I say, who the blast hit?  Let’s just say Aberdeen will not be bother me or Annabeth anytime soon.

         “What are you going to do about The Champion of Fire and those other two monsters?” Mr. Ingisson questioned.

         Annabeth is about to defend her dragons, but I step in first and say, “Study the dra- monsters first.  See what they are going to do and we’ll formulate a plan to scare them off.”

         “Normally I would say we should do more than just scare them off,” Mr. Ingisson said.  “But I need to get to my family before those monsters do.”

         I am a little offended by the term “monster” to call that of a dragon.  But knowing we are in a foreign land with a different way of life that may not know that dragons are or can be our friends now, we need to tread carefully and not turn the locals against us when we have no way of retreating.  If they turn against us, we would be outnumbered in no time.  We have to be careful.

         Watching the new dragon try to take out Annabeth’s dragons is difficult for me to watch, probably double for Annabeth.

         Thinking to myself, the only thing that is coming to mind at the moment is, “What are we going to do?”