Book 10 - The Shattered Axe - Chapter 15: Trouble Comes Calling

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It has been a hot minute since I posted a chapter, but I really do want to get back into a regular schedule of writing.  I missed this quite a bit over the last month, but this past month I have been working on going back through my story and taking notes on what I have set up and what I need to answer.  Because the breaks between chapters have been longer than I would like, I don't want to lose what I had previous had going and never answer certain questions.  Going back through this story allowed me to see things I forgot and remember to use now.  Doing all this, inspired me to get excited about this again.


Expect more chapters going forward.  May or may not be every week, but I do not want it to go three weeks without a chapter.


I hope this chapter was worth the wait.


And I hope you enjoy!


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The Shattered Axe


Chapter 15

Trouble Comes Calling


Jarl's Point of View


         After everything that has happened, I forgot I was even a Dragon Race today.  But after a quiet evening, comparatively, things started to hit me after supper in the severity of the situation.  No level of comfort eating supper with my family in the home I grew up in surrounded by some of the closest people I love could diminish the stress I suddenly felt.

         While my family went into the kitchen with the dishes, Annabeth immediately picked up on it.  No doubt because my demeanor drastically changed the moment our supper conversation about the race concluded.

         “Jarl?” my heart snaps me out of my gaze into an infinite abyss wondering how in the world I am going to find the answers.  Annabeth comforts, laying a hand on my shoulder, “We, can get through this.”

         I look down at the future my heart is carrying.  Such a simple statement brought so much comfort.  Smiling, I get up to walk with her to join the others cleaning up.

         As many times as I have said it, I was the one needing to be reminded.  I am not in this by myself.  I am not alone.  I may be the leader of the crew, the banner under which my family and friends follow, it is the support of your peers that makes a leader able to make any decision and have it followed through.  Without considering those around you, what they think, want, or believe, a leader would soon be alone and have none to lead but themselves.

         In my case, I thought, for a moment, I alone have to figure this mystery out.  I just needed a reminder of what I have done in every mystery before.  WE do what we do…  Together.

         When you do your best, you will have no regrets.

         Sometimes the hardest advice to follow, is your own.

         The night is uneventful.  Annabeth and I sleep at our old house and regale in memories we have had here.  Then we laugh because we act like that was ages ago when it has only been about a year.

         The next morning, I wake up at my normal time.  Sure, I will meet with Stormheart, but I am not her Table Boy.

         Vixxen and her squad have long since left.  Valkarik, Ali, and Michia are nowhere to be found, but that is typical for those three.

         “Wonder what trouble they will get into?”

         “Better yet,” Annabeth quips.  “I wonder what trouble you will get into?”

         I chuckle, “Touché.”

         We meet the crew in front of Gobber’s.  Hyrith, Aiyana, Meen, Explod, and I prepare to leave for Auction Island, each of us decked out in our heavy Dragon Armor.  The rest of the crew will return to Berserker Island.

         My armor of course is looks like Fredrick, but some choose to be stylish on their own apart from their dragon. However, the way the armor is built is to mimic their dragon’s shape and distinct features.  Yet others have invested in having multiple sets of Dragon Armor.  One might say that is all the girls, but to have multiple sets is to have back up pieces of armor to replace.

         Aiyana’s armor is mainly red and blue with gold highlights and trim.  Explod is wearing his yellow with orange bursts of color on top of a green base color; always one to share the look of an explosion.  Meen’s armor is light blue with gradients to white and back to light blue.  Her trim and highlights are a copper or rust like color.  Hyrith’s main color is a gold but with a worn look blending with yellow; his secondary color is maroon to match Sun Rose’s colors.

         Right before I get on Fredrick, I tilt my visor up and lean over to Annabeth.  I gently grasp chin and lift to kiss her.

         Elsa blurts out, “Quick, everyone!  Avert your eyes.”

         Annabeth was not expecting that remark and laughed mid-kiss.  “Don’t let Stormheart force you to do something you don’t want to do, merely because you owe her a favor.”

         “I won’t,” I answer and get on Fredrick.

         “Oh, and be mindful of the weather,” Annabeth calls to me before my dragon could fly away.  “Looks like there is a massive snowstorm to the north.”

         “We will.  See you later Annabeth.”

         With that a slew of dragons depart but my group heads north to Auction Island.  We see the snow front off in the distant horizon, but the towering cumulonimbus clouds climb so far into the sky they take up the majority of our view.  They feel like they are right on top of us.  Perspective is a strange thing.  The closer we get, the taller they become, yet they were already large before.  It is like the closer we get to them, they still seem far away.  These clouds are that big.

         “I hope Stormheart does not have any bright ideas to go into the heart of the storm.  But I have a feeling that is exactly where we are going.”

         After saying that, I look back to see nearly everyone facepalm.

         Aiyana questions, “How could you?”

         “To be completely frank,” I chuckle.  “I didn’t realize I was saying a pun until right before the punchline.  But since I always intend my puns, I confidently committed.”

         Explod says under his breath, “You keep this up, you will definitely be committed…  To a home,” he clears his throat.  “They just become so naturally to you.”

         I retort, “It is a blessing.”

         Aiyana jumps in, “And a curse.”

         “No matter how much you all coat it, I know you like them.”

         Hyrith counters, “Keep telling yourself that.”

         Banter has got to be the greatest enjoyment I have with my friends.  This continues to a point, the point of getting down to business when Auction Island appears on the horizon.  The few hours it took to travel north, the edge of the northeaster is nipping at the area.  This creates a light furry of snowflakes.  Little to no wind is present allowing the tension from the island to meet us first.

         Each time a Dragon Rider flies to Stormheart’s seat of power, they run the risk of losing their dragon.  Sure, she is in a treaty with Berk, Berserker Island, and Outcast Island, but nothing is in writing.  So, with a woman like Nikora, words are meaningless.  “What is in it for her” is what she lives by.  If you are in her way you better have a good reason, or else she will run you over – Maybe even run you through, but I have yet to see that – like you have been lifelong enemies even if you previously had a treaty or understanding.  She does not care about you, only herself, her heritage, and her legacy.

         As my crew lands, I warn them, “Whatever Stormheart wants can only benefit her.  However, on the other hand, if she has any information on Samantha or Gladstone, that is what we are here for.  In fact, if I can leverage what the Defenders of Khaos are doing, Stormheart will have to work with me.  Knowing her, she already knows of both factions before we did, but both do not bode well for her business of becoming the best broker of gold, knowledge, and power.”

         Everyone just stares at me…  Because of how I built that sentence to bolster what we are battling against.  My words are very Be-coming of using the same word many times, if not the same letter.

         Getting back to the task at hand, we make sure to keep our dragons close to us.  Stormheart may be in charge, but this is the same Auction Island that dragons were captured and sold on before she came to power.  I would not put it past these people if they were still doing it.

         Aiyana, Meen, Explod, and I lead the group up the circular path to Stormheart’s throne, followed by our dragons with Hyrith protecting the rear.

         When we finally see Stormheart, she greets us as we remove our helmets, “Welcome Jarl.  I see you did not come alone.  It was expected yet I am glad you anticipated and prepared for a battle.”

         “Well, you know me,” I respond.  “I study the tendencies of those I deal with to be prepared.”

         “Yet you who have your own pattern is breaking it by not bringing your usual crew.  Did you have a lot happen recently that you had to split up your troops more than you want?” Stormheart has an intentional, naive smile.

         I know she finds things out quicker than most, yet this time I get the distinct feeling she knows more than what she is letting on.  Furthermore, she sits on her throne with her elbows on the armrests and her fingertips resting upon the opposite hand’s fingertips.  It is like the last few days are happening according to an elaborate scheme.

         What game is she playing?

         I come back with, “No doubt your contact on Berk has told you.  There has been a murder on Berkian soil.  Not only that, it was the Chief of the Iron Conclave, an island to the far south.  So, to say a lot has happened recently is putting it mildly.  Enough of my troubles, your contact said you wanted to see me.  What favor do you whish me to pay you that I owe?”

         “Perceptive as always,” she still had her smile, but then it immediately left.  “I need you to pick up where my forces have miserably failed me,” Stormheart shoots a glance of disgust at one Harald Forkbeard.

         I saw him when we first came up here, I just do not acknowledge his existence.  Best case, I ignore him every opportunity I can get.

         Harald lets out a plea of defense, “They were too powerful.”

         I try to snap back but Stormheart confronts him instead, “You were a coward.  You have been faithful to this point, why choose now to run?”

         The infighting is a nice thing to see.  I never understood what Stormheart saw in Harald.  Makes me want to accept whatever Stormheart wants just to show up Harald.  Come to think of it…

         “As much as I would love to get back at Harald, you’re going to need to be a little more convincing than throwing Harald under the yak,” I cross my arms.

         Calling Stormheart’s bluff, she pauses before conceding, “It was worth a shot.”

         Explod speaks up, “Cut to the chase.  Do you want our help or not?”

         “I was going to have Jarl take a detachment of my men to the destination, but it looks like you brought your own.  That being said…  Your dragons will have to stay here.”

         My crew instantly protests, talking over each other.

         Aiyana comments, “So you can sell our dragons before we get back.”

         Meen threatens, “You’d have to go through me and my pans before you could even lay a finger on them.”

         Explod explodes, “You are out of your head if you think we’ll let that happen!”

         Hyrith yells from the back, “I thought you were smarter than angering five Dragon Riders who are standing with their dragons, especially when none of them like you!”

         Once my crew quiets down, I firmly sate, “No deal.  If you want to use my favor, our dragons come with us…  Or go jump in a lake.”

         Stormheart, frustrated yet unphased insists, “This mission is extremely delicate.  It calls for a certain level of décor and your dragons would only complicate things.”

         “So?  We work around that and use them as backup if something goes wrong,” I counter.  “You need me.  Are you willing to put up with my tactics?”

         Perturbed, Stormheart remains quiet.

         “Before we go any further,” I change the subject.  “What is the mission about?”

         She sighs, stands, and begins to pace, actually, “There is a massive dragon auction of exotic proportions near here.  Many powerful viking figures will be in attendance.  The only concrete intel I have found about it is the manifest of dragons.”

         Meen balks at her, “And you want us to escort you shopping at your local dragon auction?  No chance.”

         We all begin to walk away, then Stormheart blurts out, “Wait!  It is not what you think.”

         Aiyana laughs, “Well, what is it you are not telling us?”

         Stormheart turns away from us, not willing to look us in the eye.  If I did not distrust her so much, I would think she is desperately worried about something.

         Her tone of voice adds to the persuasiveness of me believing her, “I need your help to…,” her hesitation in asking the next thing nearly solidifies my decision.  She softly says, “To rescue my dragon, my Sea Shocker, Volt.  I know you have no reason to believe me, but I’m telling the truth.”

         “You’re right,” I answer and reach a decision.  “We have no reason to believe you.  Yet, you picked the subject matter we cannot turn down.”

         Aiyana grabs my arm to turn me, “You can’t be serious.  You have to know she is lying.”

         “She probably is.  I mean, she picks the sob story of losing a dragon she has personally trained, even named.  With her dragon being captured, that is the one thing we would send help in a heartbeat to anyone else in the crew.  She knows we would do it, so she does it to entice us further.”

         Aiyana’s gaze narrows, “Unless you figured something else out.”

         I nod, “If this is the same auction that has popped up before a couple of times thus far through our adventures, we have to go.  Not only is this an opportunity to free a large group of dragons, but it will disrupt the power figures there.  With this invitation from Stormheart, trying desperately to get us to go, she wants to see who these power players are.  If they are a threat to her seat of power, then she will know who to strike down.  Or she just wants to give them the same ultimatum she gave Hiccup and us.”

         Annoyed, Stormheart barks at me, “You think you have it all figured out.  I thought you of all vikings would jump at the opportunity to help dragons.  If you don’t want to believe me then just leave.”

         I think I may be starting to believe her, “Oh, we will go to rescue the dragons, if not for the other fact too.  The Defenders of Khaos and Realm of Khaos will be there.  And that is still not the special sauce on top of an already loaded potato.  Griselda the Grievous, one of the Warlords leading the Dragon Trappers, will be there.  She is a direct threat to Stormheart, and the biggest most recent clue connected to the Dragon Trappers we have found, who are the very thing Hiccup wants to defeat.  So, while Stormheart may have her own agenda, she knows we can’t turn this down.”

         Stormheart’s demeanor changes to amazement, “How did you know?”

         I grin, “I do now.”

         She shakes her head, “Your shrewdness proceeds you.”

         “Only the best for her majesty.”

         I bow, of course sarcastically.  She wants people to bow in her presence, but noting my sarcasm, I see her visually restrain herself.  She subtly lifts her head back and briefly clinches her firsts for my insolence.  While I do not recognize her power, I still respect her as a foe.

         “Now,” I request.  “Shall we discuss the details of the mission?”

         Since there is a mutual understanding of each group’s objectives, Stormheart tells us all the details of her plan so far.  Her main mission is actually to rescue her Sea Shocker, yet I am correct in her wanting to make a statement to the other power players by making herself known to them.  My crew also has a secondary objective.  First to stop Griselda and rescue the dragons…  Wait, that is two.  Griselda can be one and a half, then finding what the Khaos Vikings from both factions are up to, is two.”

         That is the “why”.

         Now for the “how”.

         Stormheart has her flagship anchored offshore where this auction is taking place.  And I guessed it, we will fly in through the cover of snowstorm and land on her ship.  From there, Stormheart has assured me that our dragon will be protect and not used as props or bait.

         “Excuse me if we don’t’ ever fully trust you,” I note out loud, remembering what Mala said about trusting anyone.  “Who wants to watch the dragons?” I ask my crew for a volunteer.

         “Me and my two pans will give anyone what for if they even give us a dirty look.”

         “Thank you, Meen.  Oh, and make sure your vikings know Stormheart.  If they try to gang up on her, we may not have any reinforcements if they don’t keep their distance.  We would be on our own if things go south.”

         “While you are making things difficult in how I planned, I will.  And in retrospect, I would expect nothing less.  But a girl can try.”

         Stormheart goes on to reveal the auction will not start until tomorrow afternoon.  One, to allow time for the snowstorm to blow through, but so that the buyers can size up the stock.  Precisely the reason why I want one of us waiting in the wings with our dragons hidden to make sure Stormheart does not get any bright ideas.

         “This is not a social visit!” Stormheart becomes irritated enough to now voice her frustrations.  “Most are there to buy what they wen there for and go.  However, there are also some who will take this opportunity to start or build alliances.  I am sure you are aware with the fall of Dragon Bludvist and his dragon army.  A huge hold is left in the Barbaric Archipelago’s power structure and beyond its borders.  There is no longer a deterrent to keep other groups out and stop them from trying to seize control to rule the land.  Hiccup has painted a giant bullseye on Berk.  If they fall, it is only a matter of time before those vying for control come for Berserker Island and others.  IF you aren’t preparing for what lies on the horizon, you run risk of being wiped off the face of the map.  You become a mere footnote in history.”

         Hearing her talk, it is like she is talking from previous experience, and this is personal.  Maybe her life before we met her, back when her people ruled Auction Island the first time?  That would be a mystery and a half to find out why Stormheart’s people were truly wiped from history to the point none of our allies ever knew her people even existed.  Not even a rumor or legend was known about them.  If you search in the right places, you can see clues about the Defenders of the Wing and the Wingmadiens, but nothing on Stormheart’s heritage.

         “Well,” I remark confidently.  “If the Berkian and Berserkian people stay united as well as our many allies, no one will succeed in wiping us out.  They may dare, but it has yet to work.”

         Stormheart steps back and looks me straight in the eye, questioning, “What will you do when your friends turn on you and your allies slink back to protect what little they have left after ‘helping’ you?”

         Such an out of the blue question, I hesitate for a moment before answering.  Thinking on the current mystery, I hate to think the lengths someone would go for family.  I believe someone else murdered Gladstone, yet Samantha must not believe everyone else will.  Essentially, this is her last chance at finding her family before she is caught and brought to trial.  So, with a viking who believes they have nothing to lose, will they go to lengths I never thought they would go?  I now think of the position Annabeth was in during the end of The Mist in the Darkness.

         Taking a deep breath, I reply as frankly as I can, honoring Stormheart’s purpose for using these words, “It is a question I know the answer to but want to do everything in my power to not let things get that far, which can be taken as at the same time as, I am avoiding the answer.  Now taking a moment to think just before I replied, I will keep fighting for the truth and the right.  If I die, so be it.  If I do my best, I will have no regrets.  And because of what I strive for being my best, my worst fear may never happen, and my family, friends, and allies will still be going strong.  When all is said and done, I cannot get caught up in what might happen, all I can do is prepare for my future and act in the present.”

         Stormheart is not satisfied with my response, but I think no one who fears the future would be.

         “Prepare for the worst so that if it starts, you can cut it off before the worst happens.  A positive, punny viking’s outlook.  Take it or leave it.”

         She reluctantly lets it go and gets back on topic with the mission.  People at the auction think she is staying on her flagship and her quarters until the auction is about to begin.  This gave her to cover to fly back and forth on a Changewing piloted by Harald.  With this snowstorm, it gives perfect coverage to her trip back to Auction Island to ask for my help.  But at the same time, did she ever leave?  Because for her to request my help the other day through her contact on Berk, the snowstorm did not show up until this morning.  Stormheart cannot stop but lie every other sentence.  This is precisely why we cannot trust her at any point during this mission.  I would like to go in this with more firepower, but it would take too long to get enough vikings here.  Besides, this is not the time to throw down with Stormheart and everyone else at the auction.  We would be sorely outnumbered.

         The mission is simple enough.  Scout the dragons, rescue as many as we can without getting captured ourselves and see what Khaos is up to and what they might have on Samantha if anything.

         With nothing left to say, we leave for the auction right then and there.  Stormheart asks me if she can ride double with me.  I politely decline.  Annabeth would have my hide if I accepted for more than the obvious reason.  I ask Stormheart about her Changewing, but her not answering is enough to tell she was lying before.  She is getting a bit sloppy in how she is handling this.  Maybe she really is distraught about not having her Sea Shocker.  Did not think Stormheart could care for anything or anyone other than herself.

         She doubles with Hyrith.

         The direction we take is essentially west.  But we do have to fly south some.  Yet the more we fly west, the thicker the snow coverage becomes.  The storm may have come down from the northeast, however, it is sitting still and churning before it will probably head back east.

         One could get lost a snowstorm like this, although Stormheart knows where she is going.  She leads us right to her ship.  The trip was only about an hour.  I was thinking it would be longer, but we were making good time.

         Once on Stormheart’s ship, we get news that with the snowstorm picking up in strength, no one is out and about on the island.  Supposedly the island is south of the location of the ship, but with this wind whipping this snow around, I can barely see the other side of the ship let alone the island nearby.

         We come all this way ready for a fight only to have to wait.  Aiyana and Explod really wanted to go out and scout and see if they can find out where Khaos and other might be, but I would not allow it.  If they were spotted, the groups would for sure be spooked and immediately leave.

         “Patience,” I tell them.  “While I want to rescue these dragons as much as you do, if we can learn where these groups are going back to, there may be even more dragons we can rescue.  Its sounds like these groups are stockpiling dragons and keeping them alive.  If there is another good thing that Hiccup by training Toothless, he has shown a trained dragon is better than a dead one.  And by Krogan’s example, a trained dragon is of more value than their hide or anything they would use dragons for.  Drago nearly took down Berk with trained dragons through a Bewilderbeast.  So, if people can make their own dragon armies, then they can wipe each other out.  I believe this is what you were alluding to, Stormheart.”

         Stormheart did not say a word.  She swished her cloak at us and stormed off.

         Always intend your puns, but still, I did not mean to say that pun until I thought of it.

         Aiyana, Meen, Explod, Hyrith, and I treated this trip as if we are behind enemy lines and take turns standing watch.  No matter how real Stormheart might be in her intentions, I still do not trust her, let alone her men under her.  A little invasion attempt on Berk might have something to do with the distrust level.

         The night goes off with no issues.  However, towards the time closer to sunrise, we are greeted with a sudden rush of vikings scrambling on the deck of the ship.  My gut feeling was to get off of this ship as soon as possible.  I just did not like the thought of Stormheart at any moment being able to strike at us.  Though I want to know more about Khaos, all of this truly feels like a trap.  Aiyana kept pushing for it as we talked at different times throughout the night, but I was trying to hold out hope.  But with all the snow, I would not be able to verify anything.  It felt too easy to go out and scout in the cover of the snow, like Stormheart intentionally left that open, or at least someone did.

         Whatever was happening, it had been happening for a while according to some of the vikings rushing by, although all the activity had happened on the island.  Sounds like someone fell into a trap, one that may have been set for us.  Stormheart saw we were mounting our dragons and tried to stop us from leaving.

         She kept saying, “You’ve got to believe me.  I had no choice.  They made me do it!”

         “Keep talking sister,” Aiyana tells her.  “We are leaving.”

         When we launch into the air, I see off to the west there is a squadron of ships coming our way.  Stormheart’s ship was moving to intercept those ships.  We on the other hand saw a swarm of dragons flying near the island, one of which was a Titan Whooly Howl which looks to have recently broken free by vikings on the island.

         Sure enough, there is no auction here, this whole thing was a set up only to be used as bait to draw my crew in.  While I might be a positive guy, I am also one to see a mystery in everything.

         “There has to be more to this,” I tell myself.  “Why else would Stormheart go to all this trouble, expecting a fight but then get caught off guard when it looks like she will get one with those ships coming in.”

         In the commotion of the dragons on the island, I see there is viking struggling to get free.  They finally do and start to fly up just as…

         A high-pitched whistling noise strikes the night air.  Whipping my head to the right I see a bright blue ball of fire heading out way…

         A Shellfire!

         The shot came with such velocity it came straight for my crew.  Taking evasive action, I flew right into the viking who had just escaped the Dragon Trappers.  We plummet to the group, dragon, and all.  Upon impact, we are thrown and tumble several times before coming to a rest and looking at each other.

         “Theo?!” I declare, completely shocked.

         There lies between us a notebook.  It was not mine, but Theo seems pretty interested in it and goes for it.  Scrambling to my feet and shove him out of the way, grab the book, and then jump on to an inbound Fredrick who had just swiped away a few Dragon Hunters with his wings.

         Not more than a moment goes by before I have to dodge another Shellfire shot.

         The though rings through my head, “Annabeth was right.  What did I get myself into this time?”

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Name in game: Seerannathebold (main Viking used).


Tidal- male Shockjaw level 50; TITAN

Rosepetal- female Deadly Nadder level 22; adult

Warfang- male Armourwing level 11; adult: Got from expansion

Icefang- female groncicle level 10; adult: got from expansion

Erupto- male Eruptodon; level 12; adult: Got from code Lavaeater

Thunderclap- male thunderdrum level 50; TITAN: Got from store.

Gas and Spark- male Zippleback level 15; adult: got from UDT egg

 Alphine: male Wooly Howl- level 50; TITAN, bought from store.

Venom- Speed Stinger- male- level 13; adult; bought from store

Groundshaker- male Whispering death- adult; got from a random chest at the School; level 15

Paradise- female whispering death- teen; got from Explore the Dark Depths; level 6

Wildfire- female Monsterous Nightmare- adult- again, got from a random chest at TG; level 12

Sweetsmell- male Snaptrapper- got from Thawfest chest at Lookout (how was that possible!?); adult; level 11

Seashock- male Seastormer- got from Thawfest Event (first hybrid); adult; level 21

Golden- female Deadly Nadder- got from a Thawfest Chest; teen; level 5

Treecutter- male Timberjack- bought from store; TITAN; level 24

Spruce- male Timberjack- bought from store; adult; level 11?

Shatter- male Screaming D.eath- bought from store- TITAN; level 21

Wildblaze- male Typhoomerang- got from Battle Event Chest- adult; level 11

Moijorg- male Skrill- bought from store- adult; level 13

Pouncer- male NL- got from Summarhildr Event- adult; level 15

Benshu- female Prickleboggle- bought from store; adult; level 22



Former dragons:

Toothless- 21.

Light Fury- 11?



Code: PM me.


FOUR NEW DRAGONS: (on my three other accounts in-game, not this one!)

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Eggroaster- Female Fireworm Queen- level 6ish; adult; got from battle event chest.

Skyheart- Female hobblegrunt- level 25; adult; got from store as well.

Earthquake- Male Eruptodon- level 1; baby; got from code Lavaeater too.



Nightscales- Male SandWraith- Level 22; Titan; got from beginning of game on other account.

Sunlight- Female M. Nightmare- level 6; baby; got from hatchery.


MORE TITANS (new dragons!):

Opal- Titan Razorwhip: female; level 20

Meleody- Titan Death Song: male: level 21

Flower- Titan Deadly Nadder: female: level 20


Number of Titans: Nine.




I was a former member of Supreme Nightriders, but I retired from it. My new Clan is. . .The NIghtlight Racers and I am one of the elders in the Clan.


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Emma (forgot her full name, probably left this account in the dust).

And tons more, I mostly abandoned most of them to be left in the ruins.


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Thank you for reading my

Thank you for reading my chapter, glad you like it


Here is a link to the rest of my books, I have 9 others:


They go in chronological order.


Again thank you for reading.

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Ooooh, I'll make sure to sneak a peek at it! Thx!

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No problem, you're welcome

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I'm look at them in a while httyyd, keep up the good work!

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Thank you very much! :D
I will do my best.

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    Hi, I'm Lack Lunason. I'm called that because I lack many things, and I'm a lunatic. I just put son on the end to make it sound more like a viking name. I'm also a Christ follower.


      Here are just a few more things about me:

  1. I am a procrastinator.
  2. I'm pretty nice (mostly).
  3. I am most definitely kind (don't listen to those that say otherwise).
  4. Adventurous.
  5. Lazy.
  6. A dreamer.
  7. And I'm slightly crazy.

     I've been around SoD for a long time. I think I was one of the first thousand to leave Berk and sail to the school. I'm happily part of the bold clan known as POTATO BROTHERS. I have over four-thousand trouphies, although, I don't like racing much. On the other hand, I'm a Master Farmer.  (Don't you dare ask me how fishing is going!  We don't speak of that!)


      On the ranking on the forum, I've completed/on the following: Jarl, Forager, Wilderness Explore, Viking Warrior, Dragon Trainer, Drott, Dragon Master, Chief, Berk's Power Player, and......



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BAT-MAN THE VAST (Also known as Bat-Stoick)

(By The Dragoness)


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Shrieks From The Shadows Series:


Once Bitten, Twice Shy

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The Terrifier

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5


What Lurks in Ebony Swamp

Chapter 1     Chapter 2     Chapter 3    Chapter 4   Chapter 5


Things I am a Fan of


How To Train Your Dragon







Quotes I love


"Once I set the sea alight with a single fiery breath....

Once I was so mighty that I thought my name was death....

Sing out loud until you're eaten, song of melancholy bliss....

For the mighty and the middling all shall come to THIS...."

The Green Death, How To Train Your Dragon: book 1. Cressida Cowell.



Stoick The Vast. How To Train Your Dragon: Book 5. Creessida Cowell.


"I sailed so far to be a King, but the time was never right.....

I lost my way on a stormy past, got wrecked in starless night....

But let my heart be wrecked by hurricanes and my ship by stormy weather....

I know I am a Hero...and a Hero is....FOREVER!

In another time, another place, I could have been a King....

But in my castle's ruined towers the lonely seabirds sing.....

I burned up my Tomorrows, I cannot go back ever....

But I am still a Hero....and a Hero is.......FOREVER!

Up with your sword and strike at the gale......

Ride the rough seas for those waves are your home......

Winters may freeze but our hearts do not fail.....


You are never alone if the sea is your friend......

Riding the waves of impossible quests.....

If it doesn't end well, then it isn't the end.....

A Hero.....Fights.....FOREVER!

The hero cares not for a wild winter's storm.....

For it carries him swift on the back of the wave.....

All may be lost and our hearts may be worn.....


Grimbeard the Ghastly's Last Song. How To Train Your Dragon: Book 11 and 12. Cressida Cowell.


      That's about it. I give full credit for...well, everything, to GOD. Have a good day.


Bye for now!































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When you finally eventually get caught back up, I expect essentially a novel length reply.  I always love talking to people who post on each chapter because I love see what readers are thinking as they read.  But for sure once you conclude The Mist in the Darkness, which btw, I believe Book 9 will be your favorite.  A lot to live up to considereing what came before, but a lot of your advice inspired me for all of Book 9.  I look forward to your rewiew of that and what I have so far with The Shattered Axe


Now we just need The Return of the Reviewer.  XD

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