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I have a bone to pick with your suport service, to put it nicely it sucks and does not work.

I sent them a question about meberships a bit back and just over a WEEK later got a reponse that looked like the person who responded did not even look at my question. needless to say i tryed again and got the same responce (no help there).
Most of the proble I was asking about was the whole mebership automaticly ativats again even if you only wont one month. So I desied I would just send a email in on march seconed I sent a email in saying I wont my mebership to stop. I have logged in today (march 29th) to see that i have reseved new 500 gems mening my mebership renewed. since i did what the suport person and the FAQ said to do to cansel my mebership i see this as a cheep scame and theft of my money on your part.

(sorry for spelling errors)


Sorry for bad spelling.

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mmm yes


the customer support does suck. I sent an email over a month ago and nothing was sent beck except a auto reply saying " your email has been received. our customer support team will get back to you soon." PM Brynjolf; he'll respond and help you out.


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What's even worse is I got my

What's even worse is I got my one month membership on Sunday, and sent them an email about canceling the automatic renewal. I got a quick response saying they had- and then I logged on to see they'd canceled my actual membership, not the renewal. I'm still working with them on that one; they have sent me a response with directions on how to fix it... that didn't work. I asked today if the expiration of my membership would be pushed back for every day it wasn't working, but they haven't answered yet.

Still, I don't think all this is completely the support team's fault. They work very hard to keep up with the enormous amount of players and I think they do a great job.


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To be completely honest I've

To be completely honest I've never delt with the support team, so I have nothing bad or good to say about them. But in my opinion YOU should be the one to be able to cancel  YOUR OWN subscription. Not someone else. I've seen a lot of complaints about them not being canceled after sending an email, and their money is pretty much being stolen and nobody does anything about it ***that I've seen***


So in short I think it would be easier on everyone, staff and members, if players were able to be in control of their own subscription. Or maybe once their month is over, when they log back in there's a pop-up that says "You're subscription has run out! Would you like to re-new it? Yes or No?" and then if you click yes you just have to put in a parental control password or something and THEN the money is automatically taken. Because I think it's ridiculous that if someone in another country I'm not living in doesn't see my email on time 10 bucks gets docked from my paypal. :/ This is the sole reason I haven't gotten a membership.


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all the yes

thats realy is what needs to be done.

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Sorry for the delay...

Thank you all for contacting us! While we appreciate the feedback, please know that our team is working quickly to try and help each and every user that contacts us with issues that they are experiencing with the game. We apologize for any delay that you might have noticed in their response, and we will be following up with our support team directly to assure that we as a larger team are managing your questions and concerns in the most efficient way possible. That way, you are able to get the answers that you need quickly.

Also, in cases like this, remember that you are more than welcome to PM us your account information on the forum or call into our support team directly at (310) 533-3402, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST . That way we can make sure that your request is being properly processed.

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That's a bit strange. I sent an email directly to the support team requesting cancellation of my membership last Wednesday. They replied to me within a few hours and had terminated my membership within the same day. And now that I realise how many people on the forum have been complaining about the support service, I have to say that I'm really surprised and caught off-guard ._.

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